The Beach Ch. 1

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It was my tenth day on the island and I was already having doubts as to whether I could stand the next six months alone. I was so horny all the time and I was bored with doing it myself.

I was laying beneath a palm tree with my feet in the ocean masturbating for the second time that day when I saw the plane circling above. Too high to see who was flying but it become obvious that whoever was in there could see me and I became more and more aroused. Chuckling to myself I spread my legs wider and took my vibrator (my one luxury from home!) and pushed it hard into my wet pussy stretching my lips wide, the plane circled again and flew up the beach as low as it dare. It disappeared out of sight as it prepared to circle again and it was then I heard it.

A deafening sound filled the remote island as the plane had obviously come down. I ran as fast as I could to the other end of the beach, my heart pounding faster and faster. Gripped with fear I turned the corner to see the plane its nose buried in the sand its tail high in the air. On first inspection I couldn’t see the pilot and had to dig furiously to find the door and it was then I saw him.

The pilot was slumped over the controls which were battered to pieces, he was obviously unconscious and had a small gash over his right eye. I checked his breathing and the injuries didn’t look serious, flying so low I think he had probably skidded to a halt rather than crash landed. I rushed back to my tiny cabin and fetched a sheet and with all my strength I pulled him from the wreckage and once on the sheet I dragged him to my cabin and rolled him onto my mattress.

Standing back for the first time I was able to look at him properly. My god he was so handsome, a badge on his shirt told me his name was john. He was tall and tanned with a strong jaw and toned body. He was completely edible! pendik escort He was covered in sand and as I sponged him clean I removed his clothes which were torn and bloody from the cut to his head. Each part of his flesh that I exposed sent shivers cruising to all the right places.

He was still unconscious when night fell, I lit a small fire and sat in a chair and watched him. He was moving now and again I was desperate to see his eyes. A smile crossed my face as I wondered about removing the last of his clothes, I wanted to see this man naked. I pulled back the sheet and my eyes were drawn to his long muscular thighs and I could not resist removing his underwear. He lay before me naked and oh so male.

My heart was beating fast as I ran my hands along his thighs ever so gently, up over his hips to his chest and back again. Touching him was divine, his skin taut and warm to my touch. I bent to kiss his chest and my tongue rolled over each nipple then over his tummy, his hips and his thighs. I felt his cock against my hair and jumped afraid he had awoken but he was till fast asleep but his cock had responded to my touch. He was standing tall and erect.

I took his cock in one hand and gently stroked it up and down before placing it to my wet lips and pushing forward to taste him. He slip into my mouth with ease and I sucked his head between my lips, pulling gently and circling my head, in his sleep he moaned. I pushed forward some more and took him deeper into my mouth, his cock was pulsating against my tongue and I could taste his pre cum. He tasted so good. The rest of his body was seemingly lifeless but his cock was responding to my touch, he grew so big in my mouth it pulsated wildly as I pushed forward taking his as deep as I could. I sucked him hard, circling my tongue wildly. Another moan escaped his lips and with a maltepe escort force never experienced he began to cum in my mouth, hot, long spurts of tasty cum. It oozed from my lips as I struggled to swallow it all. I continued to hold him in my mouth as his cock went soft and shut my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep, a smile still on my face knowing I would dream on John.

My first recollection of my dream was a feeling of someone’s eyes on my body. I was laying on the bed and I was naked. The eyes traveled over me and paused at my breasts, the curves of my hips and the mound of my pussy. My legs were gently parted and I felt finger tips moving up and down my inner thighs, my pussy was wet and glistening invitingly in the light from the small log fire. I could smell my arousal, I was on fire! My nipples were hard and I could feel lips sucking them, pulling them, sucking them. I instinctively went to touch my aching pussy but I couldn’t move my arms, I was trapped in this mans embrace and he tongue was moving across my stomach.

He reached my pussy, I could feel his breath as my legs were forced wide open. Then I felt his tongue moving up and down my lips softly barely parting them. I t felt amazing! When he took my clit between his lips I know I screamed aloud, it sent tremors through my body and my clit became swollen and tender. My legs had been pushed wider now, and with lightening speed at he pushed two fingers deep into my wet aching pussy and his thumb rubbed my clit. I arched my hips as he fucked me with his fingers, deep penetrating strokes reaching deeper and deeper, harder, faster till I could not take anymore. I moaned loudly as I fucked against his hands and began to cum, hard and long. My pussy spasmed around his fingers holding them tight and he rubbed hard and fast on my clit pushing me higher and higher, kartal escort I could hear my cum oozing through his fingers and could feel it trickle from my pussy and lubricate my thighs and ass. He still pumped my pussy but softer now as I recovered from my almost violent climax.

His hands were on my body again, this time pushing me onto my front my head turned to one side. He kissed me passionately, exploring my mouth with his tongue. Pushing a cushion underneath my belly he raised my hips high into the air. I could feel his hard throbbing cock against my thighs as he lent over my hips and squeezed my nipples firmly, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. One hand now was rubbing my clit again, feeling my juices still flowing from my pussy, I was still so wet. With two hands he opened up my pussy lips and I could feel the head of his hard cock press against my clit. I thought I would go mad with need as he teased me into insanity. Instinctively I moaned loudly and awoke myself to my own screams of, John, John!

I was not dreaming.

The handsome man whose cock I had sucked was awake and about to fuck me from behind. I panicked momentarily but when he cock began to part my lips I surrendered to his touch completely.

“John, fuck me,” I moaned.

“fuck me John.”

He responded.

His hard cock penetrated me deep, long and hard. His balls were bashing against my thighs his hands grabbing my ass as he pulled me deeper and deeper onto his throbbing cock. I was losing control, my pussy was stretched over his cock and I wanted to cum again. He grabbed my shoulder and fucked me as hard and deep as he could, his breathing was shallow and he moaned loudly. With one hand between my legs a quick hard rub on my clit sent me to heaven. As I cum he withdrew his cock and placed it in the crack of my ass and cum hard, long hot spurts covered my ass and back as he stroked his cock up and down. We cum together for a long time and collapsed exhausted onto the mattress, both scared to turn and face the other but burning with desire for each other.

to be continued…

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The Beginning. . . .

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It all started at a late summer board meeting. She had come, from out of town, to visit my chairman on the wrong night, jet black hair, wonderful Celtic Blue eyes, and a figure to kill for. She flashed a dazzling smile as we shook hands. Electricity flowed. We went out to dinner with the rest of the board. It was utterly boring, except that, by chance, I was placed beside her, our legs touched, then continued to play games. There was instant chemistry. We had difficulty getting through the meal. I said I would escort her back to her hotel.

We held hands as we walked towards my hotel, made a detour to see a house that she had once owned, and kissed. I was right, the electricity continued, my left hand undid the top three buttons of her dress, and I held a breast. A long nipple hardened into my hand, and our kisses became more intense. She felt wonderful, alive and feline, like nothing that I had ever experienced before. We broke free and walked on towards my hotel, stopping under each street lamp to kiss again. Our conversation was whether she would come to my room to stay the night. We finally decided that breakfast would be difficult, so I taxied her to her own hotel. We agreed to meet for tea the next afternoon.

Tea could not come too quickly. I walked into the lobby of a very famous hotel, and there she was, a picture, in a pretty summer dress, with tight waist and a flared skirt. Earl Grey, and stale sandwiches were hilarious, we could hardly stop pendik escort laughing. Every other table was occupied by an old man with his young mistress. We learned quickly, about others, and ourselves! All too soon we were out of time, I drove back to her hotel, and we agreed to meet within a week.

Day after day I could think of nothing but a wonderful body that I had only touched, stroked and fondled, of the deep kisses, and reactions to my touches. It was an entirely new experience to be with somebody whose body language spoke volumes. Six days later I was only twenty miles from her home, with time to spare before my next meeting. I ‘phoned tentatively, worried what the reaction might be after six days of silence. She was just finishing a game of Bridge, the players were going, and twenty miles would take less than half an hour. It did.

She met me at the door with those flashing blue eyes, and an instant deep kiss. Within minutes we were on a couch continuing our explorations. I kissed, suckled, and pulled on nipples that I had only felt, drawing them from her breasts and pulling both from her body. She loved it. There were deep gurgles, and contented murmurs of appreciation. We both continued exploring.

Modern girls can be well protected, a “body” was unclipped, a new experience for me, tights slid down, and then there were panties. I love a full bush, the scent, the feel, the breakdown of a barrier, the final frontier, with the maltepe escort sense of adventure as you explore beneath. Hers was amazing, it curled out everywhere from the sides her tight, damp panties. It was full of erotic pleasure. I nuzzled her cleft, and pulled on individual silky black curls. She was in ecstasy as some came away, it was time for bed. We were slightly hobbled, clothing partly off, restricting movement, but we managed the stairs together, as though we were in a three legged race, and reached the bedroom without leaving too big a trail.

Strangely neither of us had ever completely undressed another before, so a new adventure began, each taking off an article of clothing, in turn, so that we were bare together. Now I am one for foreplay, for helping a girl to the point of orgasm, need, ecstasy, and entry, but this was not to be. We tore into bed. I started to fondle and caress, but we had been waiting six days. I gently eased myself to the entrance of a glorious deep, wet cunt, there was a single thrust, and we fucked with abandon. She was below me, offering her breasts with both hands. Breasts are my “turn on”. They were accepted, nipples were pulled, and sucked, and for my first time this was reciprocated. Mine had never been chewed, pulled, or sucked, before, and they connected directly to my cock. I do not think I had ever been so big. We reached an earth shattering climax together, and lay exhausted.

Later the adventure kartal escort continued with her on top so that I could revel in that beautiful body. Her nipples were huge, like the teats on a babies bottle, completely hard, sticking straight out from her glorious firm breasts. They continued to be suckled by a big baby, little did I know that they would soon give milk, without pregnancy, but that adventure will come later. Our explorations and body language showed that her teats were wired directly to her cunt. We continued to another orgasm, then off the bed, and continued on the floor.

This led to the next discovery, and to the knowledge that we both loved to bathe. She had never been eaten out, and had to learn to suck to orgasm. We lay six nine, cunt juice and cum dribbling down my chin, as I sucked and chewed her erect labia. She began gentle, exploratory fellatio, but we had taken each other to orgasm three times in two hours.

We bathed for the first time before I left, exploring every intimate cavity, each kneeling bedside the bath so that one could clean the other, before sharing. Then we were close, spooned, like we were riding a motorcycle, her in front, with those glorious nipples still being caressed and pulled, as my arms encircled her body. It was to become a familiar position. Then we were facing, continuing to explore, but we were spent. I was out of time, but would be near her home in seven days, so we agreed to meet for dinner in a week.

This time there were ‘phone calls every day, intimate, gentle calls, usually lasting just a few seconds. They told more than either believed possible, then suddenly it was time for our next meeting……………….

I was falling in love.

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The Bartender’s Pinkie

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Big Tits

After her second cosmopolitan, Harper glances around the bar. She is surrounded by couples and tight clusters of laughing friends. Nearest she can tell, she’s the only one who is drinking alone.

She wishes the bartender wasn’t so busy; otherwise, she’d strike up a conversation. He’s young with a short-cropped, almost military-style hair cut and lips she thinks she’d like to get to know. Her mind wonders for a moment as she absently twists her wedding band in her lap. When she realizes what she’s doing, Harper stops and lets out a low, frustrated sigh.

“Are you alright?”

It’s the bartender, and he’s smiling at her, but she can see the concern in his eyes. Suddenly, Harper doesn’t know what to say, and she offers him a “Yeah, just…” But the rest doesn’t come. For a moment, there is a traffic jam of words inside of her.

“Could I have another Cosmo?” She finally manages. The bartender studies her for a moment before finally nodding. A moment later, he is sliding Harper another drink, only now he’s looking at her with a mixture of concern and pity thinly masked by a smile. She needs to say something to rid that look from his face.

“I didn’t expect it to be so crowded.” This is a lie. However, the bartender buys it. He looks around the bar like an explorer surveying a new land.

“Yeah,” he starts and absently scratches his nose. “It’s good, though. It keeps me busy.”

“I guess,” Harper answers. “It’s just sorta’ weird to me. I mean, where are all the singles at?” and from that though, another one crops up. “Do singles still go to the bar?”

“Singles?” that look of pity falls from his face, and instead, the bartender looks surprised. He leans on the counter on his elbows and offers her a smile that’s a little more than professional. Harper thinks he’s good looking, in that rough around the edges sort of way.

“Are you on the prowl tonight?”

Now Harper’s nervous smile burst into a nervous laugh, and she sees that he’s all brown eyes and cheekbones. Under the counter, she begins to twist off her wedding band.

“A-And?” She starts, but the words are still stubborn in her mouth. “What if I am?” They finally pull free of her as she drops her wedding band into her purse.

The bartender chuckles. “Well, what exactly are you looking for? Maybe I can point you in the right direction.”

What Harper is looking for is a warm body and a hard cock, and she likes what she sees. She’s disappointed that he hasn’t caught on yet. She answers, “Tall and handsome, and if they were wearing glasses, I wouldn’t mind.” He catches her description, then adjusts his glasses on his face, and stands up straight. He’s at least a foot taller than Harper.

Before they can continue, someone on the other side of the bar hails him, and he tells her he’ll be right back. Harper takes a moment to finish her drink in two massive gulps. Her stomach feels warm, and the alcohol softens the corners of her mind as she begins to wonder.

Harper wonders if she can trace his hairline on the back of his neck. She thinks, “He can probably fuck like candles burn.” She wonders how it would feel to have his hands all over her. She wonders what face he’ll make when he cums.

When he returns, she realizes she hasn’t introduced herself. “I’m sorry,” She says and holds out her hand. “I’m Harper.”

“I’m Eric,” He says and they shake, only he holds it for a moment that is a little longer than polite. He finally lets it go to wave to a crowd as they leave. He wishes them well, tells them to get home safe, then turns back to Harper.

“Next to the bathrooms, there’s a door for employees only. It’s the office. Why don’t you head back? I’ll be with you in a little bit.”

Harper feels herself blushing. Something about his forwardness is both arousing and embarrassing. Below her pleated skirt, she rubs her thighs together, as if that will ward off the broken faucet between her legs.

She stands, shoulders her purse, and eyes him once over. “Don’t keep me waiting long.” Harper doesn’t wait for a response. Instead, she makes her way towards the back and realizes that half the bar has emptied out.

When she reaches the door labeled ’employees only,’ she takes a cautionary glance pendik escort around, but no one seems to notice her. She turns the knob, pushes in, and is greeted by a small, but well-kept office. It’s not quite broom-closet size, but if there were four people in here, they’d all be rubbing elbows.

She focuses on the desk facing, and the chair half pulled out. Harper imagines Eric sitting with his back to her. She runs a hand along the rest of the chair, and in the fantasy, he looks up from whatever he’s doing, surprised to see her. Eric turns mouth poised to say something, but she leans down and kisses him, ceasing the words between their tongues.

Her fantasy lurches forward, and Harper is sitting on his desk, legs splayed open. Eric is still in his chair, except he’s leaning down with his cheeks brushing the inside of her thighs. He eats her pussy well, taking his time to both bathe her in affection, and attention, which is more than her husband has done in the past two years.

She wants the mindless fucking of two strangers, but Harper also wants to be praised and to feel wanted. She wonders if this little fling will check those two boxes.

The door shut, and the sound pulls Harper from the question. She turns and is surprised at how close Eric is. They stand nearly chest to chest, and distantly, Harper wonders if this really was a broom closet before.

“Your boss gonna’ be upset that we’re in their office?” She’s trying to sound funny, but Harper can feel nervous energy clinging to her like static.

Eric smiles. “I am the boss.”

“Oh yeah? You own this place?” She’s watching his mouth, liking how he’s smiling and licking his lips. And when he nods, Harper fixes him with a smile that is both sarcastic and unbelieving.

“Well,” He relents. Eric takes off his glasses, polishes them to a shine on his shirt, then puts them back on. “Half of it is anyway.” He takes her by the hand and pulls Harper into his arms. His eyes have softened, and there is something playful in his lips.

“I hope you didn’t come back here thinking we were going to talk? Misses I’m on the prowl.” He says this last part in a mocking tone, and Harper can’t help but laugh to cover her embarrassment.

“Well, what else are we going to do?” She asks, and the insinuation behind the question is so thick, it nearly suffocates Harper.

Eric leans down and kisses her, and as far as answers go, Harper thinks this is the right one. He pulls her into him greedily as if he’s afraid she’ll get away, and Harper thinks, “Honey, I’m not going anywhere.”

She kneels and begins to tug at Eric’s jeans, feeling her excitement swell at the slow reveal of his erection until the head of his cock catches on the waistband. She tugs one final time before his cock pulls free and bobs like a spring-loaded toy, inches from her face.

Harper’s eyes widen. By no means was it the first cock she’d seen, but it’s been a while since her last one, “It’s-” She fumbles for the right words.

“Small,” Eric finishes for her. “I know. It’s like a pinkie.”

He shoots her a mock frown before pulling off his shirt, and Harper allows herself to reach up and gently run her nails down his chest. He’s a little hairy and in good shape, say for the apple roundness of his stomach, a stark contrast to her husband’s flabby body.

“Pinkie, huh?” She works her fingers around his cock and strokes him, loving the long drawn out sigh that escapes him. “Biggest pinkie I’ve ever seen.”

Eric Chuckles. “You should get out more.”

He reaches down and holds his actual pinkie out next to his cock, as if they were comparable.

“See?” He says. “They’re just about the same.”

Harper decides to humor him. She licks the tip of his pinkie before taking it all the way down to the knuckle. Then, she spits on his cock before tracing her tongue along the tip of his head.

“Oh shit,” Eric Gasps. Harper likes the way he sounds, and so she takes her time with him, sucking on just his head until she feels Eric’s hips flex, pushing his cock a little deeper into her throat. She braces her palms against Eric’s thighs as she feels his hand caress the back of her head, and Eric forces another inch down her throat.

Harper maltepe escort feels his body tensed against her and is dimly aware of Eric’s wiry pubic hair tickling her nose. She struggles to take his entire “pinkie.” When she finally does, Harper feels it twitch against her tongue, and a silvery strand of spit escapes the corner of her mouth.

At last, Harper withdraws slowly, making a show for him. She wipes her eyes before peering up at him and smacking her lips as if she’d just sampled a fine dish.

“Mmmm.” A purr satisfaction escapes Harper before she shakes her head as if coming to a final decision. “Nope.” The word slips out from between her lips as she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. “I don’t think they’re the same.”

Eric smiles before reaching down and pulling Harper to her feet. “Turn around, pretty lady.”

Harper turns away from him and bends over the desk chair. She lifts her skirt and hears Eric suck in air through his teeth. “Damn girl,” There is a hunger to his words that she likes, following that, there is the warmth of his grip. “Your ass is amazing,” Eric says as he spreads her open.

Harper tosses a smile over her shoulder as one of Eric’s fingers gently traces her asshole. She imagines his tongue instead of Eric’s finger, then chides herself for wanting such a disgusting thing, but the thought lingers like morning fog in her mind.

Eric kneels and spits violently between her cheeks, then Harper feels his tongue playing at her puckers knot, and her mouth falls open. She’s never had a man eat her asshole, and the sensation made her knees tremble. She expects him to stand up after a moment, not spending too much time back there, but Eric surprises her. His tongue delves out a twisted pleasure she thought only existed in her inky dark fantasies.

His hands run up and down Harper’s thighs as his tongue works, and she feels her whole body begin to loosen like a muscle that’s been clenched for too long. She reaches down, finding her the jewel of her clit, and begins to tease her fingers around it.

She’s trying to keep her voice under control, afraid that someone will hear them so close to the bathrooms, but now with Eric’s tongue in her ass and her fingers polishing her clit, she gives in and allows her moans to fill the little office. With her other hand, Harper reaches back and runs a hand over Eric’s head. She wishes he had longer hair.

“I want you inside of me.” She says, then smiles. “I want your pinkie inside of me.”

She feels Eric pull free and puff out a laugh against her ass and pussy. When he stands, his cock brushes between her cheeks, and Harper squirms into him, feeling tiger stripes of anticipation all over her body.

“I don’t think it’s big enough for a woman like you.”

Harper opens her mouth to ask what a ‘woman like her’ means when Eric pushes into her pussy. Her eyes widen for one blinding second before as her mouth freezes in a curious ‘oh.

Eric grabs a fistful of her dress and slides all the way into her as a cacophony of laughter burst out from outside of the office. Harper wonders if they’re laughing at them, or at her. She wonders how many women he’s pulled into this whole-in-the-wall office and fucked. Maybe she is the first.

He fuckers her like a nail-driver, rocking her body fiercely until Harper is draped over the backrest of the office chair. She feels Eric spread her apart again and tease her asshole with a slick finger. Then, Harper sighs as the pucker of her asshole relaxes and welcomes his finger inside of her.

She lets out a strangled noise, then covers her mouth. “It’s alright,” Eric whispers. “You make all the noise you want.” He fucks her ass and pussy in an alternate rhythm, finger in-cock out, then finger out-cock in. He’s like a machine, slowly warming Harper up as her hand swirls around her clit.

The feeling of her asshole being plundered, even if it’s only by a finger, leaves a perverse glow in her mind. What kind of man eats your asshole until you pussy ached for him? What kind of man fingers your asshole while his cock fills you from wall to wall?

A calm voice spoke up in her mind, holding the tone of someone who speaks with absolute kartal escort finality. “The kind of man you need right now.”

When Harper climaxes, the force of her orgasm nearly topples her over. Eric let go of her dress and held her in place by the neck. He isn’t so much choking her as just holding her steady.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She didn’t answer, at least not with her mouth.

Harper comes again, and this time her body goes wild. Her chest hitches before she calls out in a high breathless voice. Her hands roil with raw energy, and she flails around, knocking over a stack of papers from the desk and her purse.

Eric laughs in surprise and pulls out of her, and Harper squirts a torrent of hot nectar as if he’s uncorked something inside of her. She can feel her thighs losing strength as her orgasm thrashes her body.

She turns to kiss Eric, wanting her mouth on his, but stops when she sees his eyes cast down. She follows his gaze and sees her purse, and its spilled contents. Glinting under the dim lights of the office, Harper sees her wedding band, and suddenly tastes something greasy in the back of her throat.

“What’s that,” Eric asks. “Are you married?”

Eric lets go of her and steps back. Harper doesn’t know what to say. She’s still feeling the aftershock of her climax, and words aren’t coming to her quickly right now.

“W-What do you care if I’m married?” She manages to get out.

She turns to face Eric, and her eyes take in his glossy cock, before looking at him. To her surprise, it isn’t malice or disgust she sees, but dark humor. Eric’s lips twist into a sly grin as he explains, “I don’t care, if you don’t care.”

He pulls Harper to her feet, then with his hands under her arms, lifting her with ease. She lets out a surprised sound before wrapping her legs around Eric. She has time to register the little office smells like them, a scent of reckless fucking and infidelity. It smells sweet to her.

“A married woman who is looking for single men in a bar…” Eric finishes by shaking his head. He turns and takes a couple of steps before pinning her against the back of the office door. “Doesn’t really matter, does it? Single. Married. You just wanted a different pinkie than your husband’s, isn’t that right?”

Harper nods. She doesn’t really care what Eric is saying, just as long as he makes her cum again. She closes her eyes as he pounds into her, and her body thwacks into the door as if Eric is trying to fuck her right through the goddamn thing.

She wants to talk dirty to him, but she’s never been good at it. Instead, she licks his neck, kisses his ear, and whispers, “Yes,” over and over again, until Eric’s whole body grows tense.

She hears him grunt as his cock plunges one final time before Eric finally cums. She feels his warmth gush into her, painting her insides until she is full to burst. It’s more than the poultry amount Harper is used to from her husband. She’s never had so much cum inside of her, and the idea that one man could fill her up so exquisitely pushes Harper over the edge.

She feels the floor drop out from under them as she cums on Eric’s not-so-small pinkie. Her voice rises and fills the little office until she is light-headed, and all at once, Harper feels her entire body slacken.

She feels Eric’s cock pulse one last time inside of her. Then it slides out of her, and Harper feels all of his precious cum warm inside of her.

He’s praising her and cursing under his breath, but he sounds far away from Harper. She swallows and slowly begins to come back to herself when Eric asks her if she can stand. She isn’t sure but nods anyway, and he lets her down slowly, feeling what’s left of his cum trickle down her leg.

Eric steps back and practically falls into the office chair. Harper likes the film of sweat that covers his body. She likes the rapid rise and fall of his chest as if he’s just finished an exercise. She likes how he is just as spent as she is.

Her legs wobble for a moment, and she decides to slide down the door, landing in a puddle of either his cum, or her fluid, or both. She knows her dress is dirty and disheveled and doesn’t care. She thinks she could use a cigarette and a drink. She knows she’ll be sore tomorrow.

Eric wipes his forehead and smiles at her. “God, that was good,” and Harper nods in agreement. “Come back anytime you want a pinkie to play with.”

She smiles and thinks that’s a great idea.

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The Bank Raid

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We sat in the car watching the banks front entrance, people were shuffling in and out few at a time, it was early and business was slow.

“are we gonna do this then?”

It was Robbie, he had his gun in his hand and looked nervous.

“Yeah let’s go, put that thing away until we get in there, you can’t flash it around you know.”

Robbie put the gun away and we left the car and crossed the street. We walked into the bank and were surprised how empty it was, there was about five employee’s and maybe three customers at most. The employees looked pretty relaxed, there was a security guard next to the doorway, he was old and wrinkled and looked as if he was falling asleep. There was the manager who was raking through a filing cabinet looking for a document that one of the customers was talking to him about. there was a young man who looked as if he had just left school and a man and a woman talking together, these two caught my attention. They were about the same age, maybe late twenties, and they were laughing and joking with each other. From the body language they were putting out they were either married or fucking each others brains out during their breaks. The man was broad and strong looking and he was tanned with slick black hair. The woman was stunning!

She looked as if she could have been a model, she had long blonde hair tied in a plait in that came down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. She had beautiful legs, these were particularly striking as she was not wearing and stockings or tights and her skin looked as smooth as silk.

As my eyes traced up from her legs I caught a glimpse of her breasts. Her shirt was tight and the first few buttons had been undone, maybe for comfort but probably to show the others in the bank what she was packing. Her shirt outlined her breasts perfectly showing the smooth curve of her bra and her tit inside.

I could feel myself getting hard, but I knew I had to shake that feeling as we had a job to do.

Robbie leaned over and whispered in my ear “Ill get the security guard, you make sure they don’t trip the alarms”

I nodded and walked further into the bank trying to get the manager, the employee’s and the customers into my path.

Robbie stood at the door next to the guard, as two of the customers left, I couldn’t believe my luck! there were six people in the bank and all of them were in my line of fire if any decided to try their luck.

I withdrew my gun, with out removing the safety, and nodded in Robbie’s direction, he withdrew his gun and held it to the guards head clapping his hand over his mouth at the same time. I kept an eye on the others as Robbie quietly made the guard lock the door and walk towards the others.

“Everyone keep your hands where I can see ’em!!” I shouted, waving the gun in the air.

Everyone looked at me, shocked and confused, then they saw Robbie holding the guard at gun point.

Everyone’s hands went up and I enjoyed the feeling of power it gave me to control these people. Then I got an idea…

“Everyone move to the space in the middle!”

they all started filing towards the big open space in the middle of the large bank, my attention was drawn to the blonde woman again.

She was staying close to the man and looked scared, he was trying to comfort her by whispering things in her ear.

“You two” I shouted, pointing my gun at them “No talking! and split up”

The woman almost panicked at this and shouted, “No, Please No! Let me stay with my husband” she pleaded.

I looked at them, my mind was telling me to just leave them and get out of here as quick as possible but my cock was telling me a different story.

“SPLIT UP!!!” I roared.

The man kissed the woman and whispered something to her, she then slid across the floor away from him.

“No one will be hurt if you just do what me and my associate tell you too, understood?”

They all nodded some looking unsure and as if they were gonna try something.

The guard took Robbie to the vault as I watched over the crowd we had gathered in the main hall.

“What’s your name?” I asked the blonde woman.

“Tina,” she replied, her voice shaky.

“Are you scared Tina?” I asked.

She looked at me as if I was the world biggest idiot, all I saw was her deep blue eyes.

“Yes, I’m very scared” she hissed. pendik escort She was obviously humiliated.

We sat quietly for a while, I was so turned on by this woman and I was in a position to do something about it, but did I have the balls?

Robbie came back with the security guard and all our bags packed with money.

“We should get out of here” he said, laying the bags on the managers desk.

It was now or never, if I wanted to do something with Tina I’d have to do it now.

I motioned Robbie over and told him to take everyone away except Tina and her husband, Robbie did so, locking them all in a cupboard and then shifting a filing cabinet in front of it so they couldn’t kick it down.

He came back over and looked at me.

“What are we gonna do with these two?” he asked.

“Just watch for now, go and restrain the guy” I whispered

He nodded and walked to the desk behind the guy, sitting on it.

I sat on the floor and looked at Tina, she was nervous and kept looking at the floor trying to avoid my gaze.

“Tina, come over here.” I said, waving the gun in my direction.

She looked nervously at her husband, who looked back at me just as nervously, I smiled at him as she crawled along the floor to me.

I stroked her face with my fingers, her skin was so soft to my touch, she flinched a bit at first then let me continue. The rage in her husbands face was rising as he saw what I had on my mind.

I ran my fingers over her cheek, moving onto her lush red lips, she didn’t seem to be to against it. I gently parted her lips with my finger and moved it into her mouth, her tongue didn’t respond and she just sat there looking at the floor, then I reminded her subtly of the gun and she suddenly started to suck my finger as if it was her husbands cock.

Her husband meanwhile was getting more and more worked up, his face had turned a shade of dark red as he watched his gorgeous wife suck my finger.

I removed my finger from her mouth, and looked deep into her eyes. I wanted her so badly.

and all her finger sucking had made my cock stand to its full length at eight thick inches.

I slowly took Tina’s hand and moved it onto my crotch, letting her feel what affect she had on me.

She looked me in the eyes, tears running down her cheeks.

“Take it out baby.” I whispered

“No………please don’t make me do this,” she pleaded “I don’t want to cheat on my husband.”

“Tina, take my cock out.” I said firmly, waving the gun in her face.

Her hand moved up to my zipper, and with a light hug she started to slowly unzip my pants. When my zipper was down fully she slipped her small hand inside my pants, her sobs turning to a gasp as she wrapped her hand round my throbbing prick.

She carefully removed it from my zipper, bringing my cock out into the open she kept her hand wrapped around it.

Her husband watched in disbelief as his young wife reached into my pants and took out my massive cock. His anger and humiliation reached boiling point and he tried to jump up, Robbie pulled him down and put the muzzle of his gun to the back of his head.

“You’re gonna sit and watch this buddy.” said Robbie with a wide grin on his face.

Tina’s eyes were on the floor as she held my cock, her face was flushed and she was trying to avoid looking at my swollen prick.

“Tina, I want you to suck my cock’ I whispered, I laid the gun against her ear ‘If I feel teeth, you feel this. You got me?”

She nodded, then slowly leaned down.

I felt the head of my cock encased by her hot, wet mouth.

I groaned as she started to suck softly at the head of my prick, her tongue massaging my fore-skin back and licking all round my head , flicking at the eye.

I looked down at her, my member in her mouth. She seemed to be getting more and more relaxed, holding my cock and licking the head like a lollipop. Her eyes caught my gaze and there was no fear in them anymore, just lust.

My back was against a desk with my legs lain out in front of me, Tina then surprised me as she moved from my left to in front of me straddling my legs, my cock still in her mouth.

My breathing quickened as she started to bob her head on my cock, her tongue licking my cock while her mouth fucked it. The feeling was amazing she was putting up no resisitance maltepe escort and I suspected she was enjoying it.

Robbie held on to her husbands collar with his gun at his temple, making sure he was watching as his wife sucked my cock quite willingly, tears streamed down his face and he tried to look away, Robbie keeping his view firmly on his wife in front of him.

Tina’s efforts were increasing the pleasure from my groin. She had picked up the pace and was furiously bobbing her head on my cock, slurping noisily. I could feel her warm saliva running down my shaft as she gave me a great sloppy blow job.

Soft moans escaped her very full mouth, she took my cock out of her mouth and pulled my balls out of my pants, she leaned back down and started licking up and down the length of my shaft, laying a soft kiss on my swollen head whenever she go to the top and licking back down.

Her husband’s sobs distracted me from the sucking his wife was giving me. Robbie slapped him and he quieted down and continued to watch the suck-fest in front of him.

Tina licked down my shaft and moved onto my balls, kissing them nibbling softly on my sack.

“OHHHHHHH baby that feels so good!” I shouted

Tina looked up at me and smiled and then took my balls into her mouth, sucking and licking my sack sensuously.

The tension in my balls increased as she kissed her way back up my shaft and again engulfed my cock in her mouth.

My moans and groans increasing as she raked her teeth down my shaft. I had let go of my gun and hand my hands on the back of her head, digging deeply into the soft blonde pleat, my hands bobbing up and down as she again deep-throated my shaft.

“I’m gonna cum!” I almost screamed, my breath coming in ragged pleasured gasps.

Tina moaned in pleasure at hearing that and started to nibble and suck on my head.

I couldn’t hold back any longer as my cum exploded into her mouth, It felt as if I had exploded half a gallon of hot cum into her mouth, she sucked it all up and swallowed most if it, but I had exploded too much and some was dribbling down her chin.

She removed my cock from her mouth gasping, and then ran my head over her chin, mopping it up and then licking it off.

I was gasping for breath, my head spinning from the orgasm and the kissing Tina was now giving my cock.

Her husband looked on as Tina unbuttoned my pants, I stood up and she slid them off. I took of my T-shirt and her hands caressed my chest kissing my nipples and lightly biting them. Tina was on fire and I kissed her deeply on the lips tasting the salty taste of my own cum. I gripped her shirt and ripped it open, her breast filled bra bulging out now released from their its polyester prison.

I kisses her neck lightly biting the skin and licking it softly, she gasped and moaned at my pleasurable treatment.

“Please…..fuck me.” she moaned.

I pulled the left cup of her bra off her tit and took a good look at the large orb.

It was as tanned as the rest of her and the nipple stood out a dark pink color to her tanned flesh. Her nipple was hard and when I squeezed it between my fingers she moaned softly, leading me to deduce her nipple were very sensitive.

I leaned my head down and took her nipple between my teeth, breathing around it. She moaned as my hot breath cushioned her nipple. her hands came up to the side of my head and she held it there gently as I began to lick her nipple, rolling it around on my tongue and flicking at it. I then applied a bit of pressure with my teeth and I felt Tina’s body stiffen as the pleasure became too much for her. I eased off and gently sucked her nipple taking the bra cup off her other breast, cupping it with my hand and grinding her nipple into my palm.

I stopped sucking her nipple and kissed down her flat firm stomach, I came to her skirt and reached down to her knee’s taking a hold of the hem of her skirt and lifting it higher till it was wrapped round her waist.

Her husband who had been quiet up until now suddenly started to get really worked up.

“No… Tina what are you doing?? Stop him!” He screamed

Robbie quickly punched him in the face and he once again quieted down.

Meanwhile Tina had been chewing my neck, which had once again got me hard as my cock started to stiffen.

I moved my hands kartal escort to Tina’s small lace panties, running my hands down between her legs I discovered she was wet, the crotch of her panties was soaked.

“You’re so wet.” I said shocked

“I’m wet for you, fuck me hard!” she retorted, I got the feeling that it wasn’t her that was saying it, like she had been overcome with lust and pleasure and was not acting of her own accord.

She spread her legs enough to let me slide her panties off , which I obligingly did. Her pussy was beautiful, a neat trimmed triangle of hair highlighted her soft pink lips.

My cock shot up at the sight of this and Tina noticed, wrapping her hand around my hard cock.

“Please put it in me… I need your hard cock, my husbands is only four inches long at its maximum” she pleaded

Robbie laughed so hard at that, poking her husband with the gun and laughing at him,

“You hear that? Your cock is tiny! Not enough for a girl like that. Pinky dick!!”

I was not interested in his humiliation, I was more concerned with fucking his wife.

“What one is your husband’s desk?” I asked Tina.

She pointed to a desk in the corner and we went over to it, Robbie followed close with her husband sitting him on the floor while he took a chair to enjoy the show.

I shoved all the stuff from the desk onto the floor and Tina jumped up on it, hanging her legs off the side, open slightly letting me see her pussy, which glistened in the light from her husbands desk lamp.

I moved between her legs and guided my cock head to the opening of her pussy, I rubbed it round her lips, teasing her, before shoving deep into her pussy.

She moaned and I gasped as my cock slid into her, she was dripping wet and I slid in easily. what I really noticed was her tightness, her pussy muscles were so tight around my cock and I loved it.

I ground my hips into her causing her to moan and groan in pleasure.

“OH YES… OH fuck me, I want you to fuck me like my husband never could,” she screamed.

I pumped deeper and deeper into her, reaching areas her husband never did with his maggot. It felt divine.

“Oh baby, your so tight!” I shouted

Her husband was wailing but he was hardly audible over the sound of his wife screaming in pleasure and the obscene slapping sound of my balls hitting her pussy lips as I rammed my cock deep into his wife.

Tina wrapped her legs round my ass and pulled me into her deeper. Moaning loudly, and biting her bottom lip.

The tension started to build up in my balls again, and I could feel Tina’s Body stiffen as I pumped my cock in and out of her tight pussy faster and faster working up to a mind blowing simultaneous orgasm.

“YES… HARDER… I’m going to cum!!” she screamed

This was music to my ears, her husband was sobbing uncontrollably as I fucked his wife willingly on his desk. And she was loving every second of it.

I felt pre-cum oozing out of my cock head and being lost in a flood of her juices.

“MMMMMM baby im cumming!” I moaned.

I pumped deeper into her and stopped suddenly my cock exploded another load deep into Tina’s hot wet pussy, my prick throbbed as it shot load after load deeper into her.

She was moaning and screaming as her own orgasm arrived in a tidal wave of cum, engulfing my cock in her hot juices.

I gasped and couldn’t take breath for half a minute as her pussy muscles, tight as ever, worked around my cock.

I pulled out of her and let her suck me clean, taking her own juices off my deflating prick

“That was amazing babe.” I said with a smile

She smiled back and then motioned to Robbie to come over to her.

I got dressed quickly and guarded her husband as she sucked off Robbie and let him fuck her. I had to shut the husband up a few times but he was generally good.

He almost blew his top when Robbie took Tina up the ass.

When we were both satisfied we got dressed and tied up Tina’s husband, we handed Tina the keys to the cupboard and we took the one for the door.

we picked up the bags of money and our guns and went towards the door.

“Oh, wait a minute” I shouted running to the back of the bank.

“Where did you go?” Robbie asked when I got back.

“Couldn’t leave this now could I?” I said shaking the cassette from the CCTV camera

Robbie laughed and we went to the door.

“Wait up!” Tina shouted

I turned around and Tina French-kissed me, sliding something into my trouser pocket.

As we left I checked what she had given me. It was her number.

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The Babysitter Experience

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It still feels like a dream.

My wife had to fly to her sister’s house for the weekend to help with her sister’s house remodeling. I didn’t mind since I had no plans for the weekend and I figured I would spend time at the pool with the kids enjoying the weather. I had just dropped my wife off at the airport when I got a call from work. My boss had called an important meeting for Saturday afternoon. Since I had the kids, I needed to call Christie to baby-sit the kids. Twenty-year-old Christie had been the kids’ babysitter for the past few years and did a great job with them. I called Christie and she was happy to baby-sit since she had no plans for Saturday.

Christie is a very young looking. Born to a Hawaiian mother and American father she had the innocent looks of her parents. She is about 5′ and all of 90 lbs. As with women from the South Pacific, her chest was rather tiny; but her smile was extremely large for her face.

I picked her up on Saturday about 2:00 pm and took her back home. She had a little bag with her and she was dressed in shorts and tank top with her bathing suit underneath. We got back to the house and she took the kids out to the pool while I finished getting dressed for the meeting. As I looked out of the window at Christie and the kids and admired how cute Christie looked in her bikini. Even though she seemed almost flat-chested, she had a sexy appeal to her. “What am I thinking?” I asked myself. Thoughts of the young babysitter were just not right. I shook those thoughts out and headed to the meeting.

The meeting was boring and a complete waste of time. During one of the breaks I checked my voice mail on my cell phone and had a message from Christie’s mom asking if Christie could spend the night since they were going out and going to be home very late. I called her back and told her that there would be no problem.

I got home about 8 and walked in the house. Christie was asleep on the sofa with the TV on. I went in to check on the kids. Seeing the kids were fine I went through the living room on the way to my bedroom and looked over at Christie sleeping. She was wearing a one-piece nightie that was bunched up around her waist showing her panties. She was wearing a cute pair of pink panties that looked too big for her tiny ass. She looked so innocent and sexy. I had to get the thoughts out of my head so I headed for the bedroom and then right into the bathroom for a shower.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard, “Is that you, Mr. Niles?”

It was Christie standing there in her nightie staring at me. Not realizing that I was standing there naked I answer her that I just got home and needed a shower. Finally noticing my appearance I grabbed a towel and covered myself. Excusing myself, Christie left the bathroom and went out to the living room. It was awkward for both of us, but I know she was looking at my semi-hard cock.

I put on a pair of shorts and went out to meet her in the living room. She was sitting on the sofa watching some movie. “Christie, … I’m sorry I didn’t wake you when I got home.” I started to say. “I thought I could get a quick shower before you woke.”

“That’s okay, Mr. Niles” Christie said with a semi smile. “I hope you didn’t mind me looking for you in the bathroom?”

Not sure how to answer that, I tried to sound nonchalant, “Oh, not at all. I hope I didn’t scare you taking a shower.”

“You didn’t scare me. Although…”

I coaxed her on, “Yes…” Not knowing where she was going.

“Well, … my girlfriend was telling my about the sex encounter she had with her boyfriend and… I… wanted to know if all men are as big as you?”

I was stunned by her boldness. This was a side of her that I never knew. Now, I’m not that big; maybe 7″ fully hard. But she asked and I have always had such a friendly relaxed relationship with her. “Men’s penises are all different sizes, Christie. Mine is average size although you only saw it about half the size.”

“Really!!!” Christie screamed a little louder than she wanted. “You get bigger?”

This was heading down the wrong road. “Yes, I do. It can grow to about 7 inches.” Feeling a little bolder, I asked, “Christie, what do you know about sex?”

She seemed happy that I asked her that. After a second of thinking, she said, “Well, I heard from my girlfriend that she let’s her boyfriend slide his thing into her and it makes her feel so good. She even told me that he sticks it in her mouth.”

Now she was getting a little red from embarrassment. It was obvious that she has never had any type of sexual experience. She did seem a little hesitant to say any more, but after a few seconds of being quiet and me not saying anything, she continued, “Once, my girlfriend stayed over my house. While she was over, she showed me her privates and pointed out where her ‘button’ was. I was so entranced by it I actually touched it and she moaned. I thought I did pendik escort something bad, but she asked me to do it again and just rub. I did it for a few minutes and she moaned louder. Finally, she let out a little scream and her button area got real wet.” “After a few minutes, she told me that she had just cum and it felt great. I didn’t know what I did, but she seemed to like it and asked me if I wanted her to do it to me. I was too afraid that it would hurt and told her no, maybe next time.”

I could see that she was really flustered by telling me this and it didn’t help that I had a serious hard-on in my shorts. I was sitting just right so she could not see it. I thought to myself that I need to stop it here and now, but my dick was aching and begging for something, I asked Christie, “Haven’t you ever had an orgasm?… Haven’t you ever cum?”

“I don’t think so.” She said.

“Do you want to?” I asked and continued, “How would you like to feel the excitement that your friend felt?”

She nodded and I asked her if she wanted me to help her with that orgasm. She just smiled. I was going over the edge.

I told her that she needed to be naked and before I finished telling her, she was standing in front of me in her birthday suit. Her smile was bigger than ever and I was finally getting to see her beautiful body. It was so innocent looking and her skin was a very soft white with a hint of color. Her small tits with little nipples accented her body and her pussy was covered with very sparse hair. She looked like a little angel. I asked her to turn around and I admired her pert little ass. For a little young woman, her ass had the perfect curves to it. Why did she wear bathing suits that were too big?

Not knowing where I was going from here, she asked; “Can you take off your shorts too??” Her innocence was present in her voice.

I nodded and led her to my bedroom where I took off my shorts. Her eyes were transfixed on the sight of my hard cock sticking out at her. I led her to the bed and laid her on her back. As she got comfortable on the bed I told her to just relax and watch what I did. She propped up a couple of pillows on her head as she watched me spread her legs open. I let my hand slowly caress over her mound and she smiled. With both hands, I spread her pussy lips open and found her clit. Her lips were already wet and her clit was big for her body size. “This is your button.” I told her as I pointed it out. “It is also known as a clit. It is very sensitive and if you rub it right, it will make you cum. Here… watch…”

I proceeded to caress her clit and she started to moan with a little excitement. I started rubbing a little faster and she was breathing harder. After a minute or so, she claimed, “Oh, I think… I’m gonna….pee…”

As soon as she said that I rubbed her clit fast and she let out a little scream of excitement. I waited a few minutes to let her come down. When she was breathing somewhat normal again, I told her that she had just experienced her first little orgasm.

“Little?” she said. “That felt so great and so much! Wow, now I know why Kim likes it so much.”

“How would you like to feel it again?” I asked. “I can do it a little different way if you want?”

“Yes…Can you do it again? Please!!!”

I told her to close her eyes and just enjoy it. When she was relaxed, I started rubbing her clit again like before, but when she hit her labored breathing again, I stuck my tongue in her pussy and her eyes shot wide open. I let my tongue roll up and down her lips. She tasted so sweet, almost like honey candy. Her breathing was getting so hard and she was definitely on the point of a much larger orgasm. I left my tongue roll up at then I hit her clit and I sucked it in my mouth. She screamed!


I sucked her clit into my mouth over and over and she was cumming over and over. Finally, I had to stop because I thought she was going to stop breathing. I let her come down a little and when she could talk she said, “Mr. Niles, I have never felt anything like that before. It felt like my whole body was in a frenzy and went limp. That was the greatest feeling…” She put her head back on the pillow and I went to the kitchen to get a drink since it had been a long time since I ate a pussy like that. I also wanted to clear my head a little because I was living a true fantasy.

I came back and she was relaxed on the bed. I was about to tell her that she can have the guest room tonight since her parents wanted her to stay over, when she asked me, “Mr. Niles, can I do that thing to you Kim does to her boyfriend?”

Not sure what she was referring to and not really caring since my cock was so rock hard and ready to burst. I said, “Sure, if you like. But what do you want to do?”

“I want to try to put your thing in my mouth.”

“Oh, you want to suck my cock?” I asked to confirm my suspicion. With maltepe escort her nodding I sat back on the bed and set her between my legs and positioned her so I could watch her take my cock in her mouth. “Since you never did this, I will show you how you need to do it. Have you ever eaten a Popsicle? Or a lollipop?”

“Oh, sure. I love Popsicles. I eat them all the time.”

“Okay”, I said. “What you want to do is lick my cock like you lick the sides of a Popsicle. And then every so often you want to take the top of my cock and suck the whole thing in like a lollipop.”

She looked at me and smiled as she grabbed a hold of my cock. Not knowing what to expect, she held on to it pretty good. As she let her tongue lick it, she started out too fast and I told her to lick it slowly. She did it. She did it for a little while and I thought to myself that for a first time cock licking, she was doing pretty good.

“Why don’t you try taking it into your mouth?” I asked.

“Okay” and with that she took the head of my cock in her mouth and gagged a little. But she was determined to do it, so she continued taking a little more each time. Further and further she was going down on my cock. When all of a sudden she was about half way down on my cock and I felt her teeth bite into me and my eyes exploded with a little pain and a lot of lust. It felt great as she used her teeth. I’ve never felt that before and this first time cocksucker was bringing me to cum very quickly. Needing to stop her soon or she was going to get a big surprise, I asked her if she would like to try more.

“Am I not doing good?” She asked. “Kim’s boyfriend tells her to keep going until he creams in her mouth. That’s what I’m suppose to do? Right?”

Wanting to cum in her mouth, but wanting to take her virginity had me in a tough spot. So I told her, “You are doing great and if you keep this up much longer, I will cum in your mouth and it will be a lot of cum. However, I was going to ask you if you wanted to try anything more?”

“Will you fuck me?” Christie exclaimed as if she hit the lottery. “Will you take my virginity? Please!!!”

Not wanting to disappoint her, I smiled and set her on the bed and spread her legs open so I could position myself at the entrance to her virgin womanhood. Her smile was beautiful and the excitement on her face was priceless. I explained to her that it might hurt a little at first, then she would have waves of pleasure. She nodded me to continue. I positioned my very hard cock at the entrance of her very wet pussy. I rubbed my fingers all around her pussy lips and clit and she moaned to my fingers working her pussy. Taking her pussy juice and rubbing it on my cock, I brought my head to her lips and rubbed up and down slowly. She started her labored breathing and I pressed in a little. She was extremely tight. Tighter than any pussy I had visited. I barely got the tip of my cock in and she was screaming with pain. I pulled out and pushed in again not getting in much further. Her cry was getting to me and I thought about stopping; but I wanted her virginity bad. I pulled out again and this time I pushed in hard and got my head past her pussy lips and she let out a scream that I thought was going to wake the kids. I thought I could feel her hymen stretching as I pushed. I couldn’t get in further, so I pulled out again and whispered to her, “Here it comes, honey. Be ready.”

Then I slammed it into her as hard as I could breaking through her virginity but only getting three quarters of my cock into her. Her scream shook the house. “Oooooowwwwwwww…”

Then the tears poured from her eyes. I didn’t move for a few minutes as Christie gathered herself and seem to be relaxing. Finally I started slow in and out fucking her pussy she seemed to be taking it well. I started giving her longer strokes and she was getting into it.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“It really hurt first, but it feels warm and nice right now.” She said smiling. “Keep going…I like this feeling.”

I fucked her with long strokes. Although I could only get three quarters of my cock into her she was really getting excited. Each stroke I pushed in her further hoping to get it all into her. She was gripping my cock like a vise and I was on the verge of cumming. I was just about to shoot my load so I started to pull out of her completely to shoot my cum on her tits when she let out a wail.

“Ohhhhhhh…myyyyyyy. It’s cummmmminnnggg aaaagain!!!!”

I couldn’t stop now, so I slammed into her hard and fast. She continued to scream as she was cumming hard on my cock. Just as she was peaking, I let out a scream of my own as my hot boiling cum shot into her virgin pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh….. my cummmmm!!!!” Was all I could say.

I fucked her so fast with my cum shooting in her that her own orgasm was still going strong. Finally I slowed down and she was coming down from her high. kartal escort I left my cock planted in her while it shrank.

She hugged my with tears in her eyes and we stayed that way for quite some time. Then, she looked in my eyes and said with her own innocent look, “Thank you Mr. Niles. Thank you, thank you. That was better than I thought it could ever be. I never thought it could feel so good.”

“You’re welcome Christie. I’m glad I could be a part of your life.” I slid all the way out of her and looked at the mess on the bed. It was soaked with cum and a little blood from her pussy. The enjoyment, the excitement and the shear satisfaction were incredible and I was feeling all of it. Until a slight feeling of guilt was hitting me for the fact that I had just fucked the young babysitter. Before I could get to far on that thought, Christie spoke up.

“Can we take a shower together?”

Smiling, I took her hand and lead her to the shower. She hopped right into the warm shower. I followed her in and before I knew what she was doing, she grabbed my cock and was rubbing it to bring it back to life. I had never come back to life that fast as it grew in her hands. When it was almost there, she got up and gave me a hug. From there I picked her up and planted her right on my cock. It went into her much easier this time, but she was still tight. As the water cascaded down our bodies, I pressed her on the side of the shower and began fucking her with strong upward thrusts. It seemed that she started cumming on the first thrust as her moan in my ear was sweet music. I was thrusting up in her as I had my arms around her waist and on her soft ass pressing down on my cock. I finally was in her pussy all the way. With her back pressed on the shower wall, my cock all the way in her tight pussy; I let my finger slide over her pucker hole on her ass and caressed it slowly. Christie was still on a high, I thought she was still cumming as I slid a finger in her ass. It went in very easy. Liking this feeling I decided to finger her ass and fuck her hard and fast. Since she was so light, I was able to bounce her easy to my fucking motions. It wasn’t long until I came in her for a second time. Although, there wasn’t as much cum shooting in her, the feeling was still incredible.

I was finally spent. Cumming twice in the same night hadn’t happen since my college years. Christie was in ecstasy. She was feeling great and her smile was larger than I have ever seen from her before. We washed up in the shower and went to the bed. While I went to get us a quick drink, Christie changed the sheets. We jumped into bed together and hugged each other as Christie fell asleep. My mind was in a pure fantasy fog as I thought how much of a dream this felt like. I was so exhausted as my eyes closed and I drifted into slumber from the most incredible night.

Thinking I was dreaming. I opened my eyes to a beautiful sight of Christie sucking on my cock. Still a little clumsy, she sucked away. When I realized I wasn’t asleep I looked up at her and she looked at me with her eyes transfixed on me. It felt soooo good. No matter how bad she was doing my cock, I was enjoying Christie. It didn’t take to long when I moaned to her.

“I’m gonna cum, honey. You keep sucking hard like that and I will let it all go.”

She just looked at me with those eyes and she sucked harder and rubbing her teeth on my cock.

I let it go. “Ahhhh….. I’m cummmming!!!” As spurts of my hot cum shot in her mouth.

I heard her gag a little and it went in her mouth but she didn’t give up. Sucking away. She couldn’t take all of it as a little cum dribbled down her chin but she had her taste. She let my limp cock go and came up to me and said, “That was different. Salty, yet… something. I think I liked it.” She hugged me and we faded to sleep again.

In the morning we got up before the kids. Although I had thoughts of taking her again, I knew the kids would be getting up very soon. We met in the kitchen and she was dressed to go home. Smiling she gave me a big hug and said, “God!!! My legs hurt. I’m so sore, but it felt great!”

“Thank you for everything, Mr. Niles.”

“You’re welcome, Christie. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” No guilt in my voice and feeling like I accomplished something. Her glowing face made me feel good.

We packed the kids in the car and took Christie home. When she was getting out she turned to me and gave me a quick hug. Smiling, she said, “Wait till I tell Kim about last night.”

Stunned and afraid to let anyone know what we did. I said to her, “Do you think we should tell anyone about what we did?”

“Oh, that will be our little secret. But, Kim is my best friend and she won’t tell a soul. I trust her. It will be just between the three of us.”

Still a little hesitant about it. “Okay, if you think that is best.” I knew Christie would be quiet about it.

“You never know, Mr. Niles; Kim may be so excited about it she may want to join us the next time I have to baby-sit again.” And she closed the car door and hopped up to her house. Leaving me there to wonder…

My cock started to grow again at the potential thoughts.

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The Airman and the Farm-Girl Ch. 02

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The coach carrying the services reunion tour trundled through the forestry as Roger gazed out of the window. The concrete road was endlessly long and he could not recognise any features of the countryside which was flat and monotonous with the occasional village and farm. The rhythmic thumping of the tyres against the joins in the road surface struck a chord and he started humming a tune in time to the beat. The daylight faded and then he could see little of the land.

Behind him there was a low babble of chatter which quietened as the vehicle entered a town square and slowed to a stop. The men rose and shuffled in their brightly polished shoes to the door; all were wearing smart blazer jackets with medal ribbons. They collected suitcases from the side of the vehicle before making their way to the front door of a nearby hotel. Flags hung limply from poles above the entrance, Roger recognised the banner of the Royal Air Force and the national flag of the country, others were of a variety of crests that he didn’t recognise.

The local mayor was waiting resplendent with a gold chain over his stout belly but with dusty shoes, he noticed. Some speeches were made to welcome the heroes who had fought for the country and liberated it from the occupying forces, but soon Roger was able to enter the hotel and locate his allocated room. An evening meal was served in the dining room and due to the late hour he adjourned to bed.

The next day he was able to explore the tiny village and try to recognise the landmarks. After a couple of hours he found himself climbing a low hill with an area of woodland to the side. He strode more confidently as he saw a tumble of fallen stones at the side of a field, then an old farm in the distance. It was the place he was sure, he now recognised the whole scene as he looked all around. There before him was the farmhouse where he had stayed with two women for several months risking inevitable capture.

As he neared the buildings a dog barked and a woman stood in a doorway and stared with hostility. He approached her and spoke hesitantly. “Good day, do you live here?”

The woman replied, but in the local language that he could barely understand when he had lived there. Now, after the years of disuse it was unintelligible.

He tried again, asking if the woman remembered a girl and old lady who used to live there. However the woman was not helpful, she spoke no English and eventually he politely thanked her for her time and returned to the village.

Back in the hotel, he rejoined his companions for luncheon. The men were to stay in the hotel for another night; in the afternoon a visit was organised to a nearby wartime camp, a highlight of the trip. The camp was notorious; the place where many people had met their end in horrific circumstances.

As he sat in the dining room and waited whilst cold meats were served by waitresses in white blouses and frilly aprons with their hair tied back in severe buns. Roger found himself idly watching the backside of one of them enclosed in a tight black skirt as it moved amongst the tables. The firm buttocks swivelled beneath the thin material, showing the tantalising lines of underwear. Then the waitress turned to him and stood still.

He looked up at her wondering if she had a question – or had noticed him checking out her ass. But she was stationary, staring into his eyes. Then he saw the face that he had sought; a little older, more care-worn, but the girl from the farmhouse in that bygone era was standing before him looking as if she had seen a ghost. Slowly the plate that she was holding tipped over until the slice of processed ham fell silently to the floor.

* * *

She sat quickly on a vacant chair facing him. “It is you, come back,” she said, tears welling in her eyes.

“Yes,” he replied. “I came to see you again.”

Suddenly she moved and was in his arms. There were no words between them but he became aware of a voice shouting behind. It was the owner of the hotel, the mayor who had welcomed the party earlier.

The woman jumped away and picked up the fallen piece of meat. She ran off with it to the kitchen and the hotelier quietened.

Roger sat at his table and waited, and soon she returned with a fresh plate. “I see you afterwards. I can’t speak now.” She scurried away and he ate his scanty meal silently, nervously anticipating the continuation of the reunion so briefly interrupted.

After the food was eaten he rose and left the room, then he found that she was following him up the stairs. He turned and faced the girl; she spoke first. “I have waited for you to return, I was afraid it would never happen.”

He took her hand and led her into his room. They sat on the bed holding hands and he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I’m so happy, I thought I’d never see you again,” she whispered.

“I was sent to a prison camp hundreds of miles away after I was captured, and since I was repatriated home I’ve been running the pendik escort shop in my village. I never married; never met anyone to compare with you. I’ve been trying to get back to this area to find you again, now here I am,” he explained. “What happened to you?”

“My Grandmother and I were taken by the Gestapo, she saved me by saying that it was just her that looked after you in the farm. She disappeared, I never saw her again. Afterwards I had to live with friends in the village, I had nowhere to live. The farm was taken from us, I could not go back there.”

Roger raised his hand and stroked her greying hair, suddenly she was in his arms embracing him and he could feel her wet cheeks against his face. She pushed him backwards on the bed so that he was looking up at her ample breasts and he heard two light thumps as her shoes fell to the floor.

“Are we allowed to know each other’s names now?” he smiled. Previously they had decided that it would be safer for all if they never knew each other’s identity.

“We are safer now, so I expect we may; I am Justine.”

“Finally after all this time, I can tell you that I am Roger.” He traced his fingers around her face and wiped away her tears, then continued slowly downwards over her neck and shoulders. “Justine. A pretty name, a pity that I never knew it before.”

“They were dangerous times, it was necessary.” She hitched her knees up so that she was kneeling over him and placed her palms on his ribs, stroking him up to his shoulders and down his arms, feeling his muscles.

She reached up and unpinned her hair. The locks fell free around her face as she leaned forwards and unbuttoned his shirt so that she could run her fingernails down his body, leaving faint red lines on his pale skin. She took his head in her hands and kissed him deeply, gripping her knees around his hips. “Such a long time, I thought you would never return. But it is you.”

Roger lifted his hands and supported her breasts, feeling her brassiere. He slowly unfastened her blouse and she shrugged it away. Then she pressed herself to him so that he was able to unclasp the rear of the bra which fell loose as she sat upright again. Her breasts fell to his hands naturally, as she pressed her groin against the rising hardness beneath her.

He felt the soft flesh in his palms, heavier but almost as firm as he remembered. The nipples were darker and larger but then she leaned over him, her body was against his face and her scent was in his nostrils transporting his memory back to those distant, heady months before their sudden separation.

He felt her hands loosening his trousers and grasping his cock as he came to be fully erect. Then she eased herself up and he felt himself being enveloped inside her soft warm moistness. He could feel the tight edge of her underwear against him and he realised that she had eased her panties to one side rather than waste time removing them. She sank slowly down to feel him deep inside before moving quickly, grinding and humping. When she arched her back and threw herself backwards to feel him more firmly, she came explosively and then fucked him furiously, trying to maintain the orgasm endlessly. Then he came, spurting a steady flow into her.

Afterwards he lay still catching his breath whilst she still moved her hips against his softening penis, trying to prolong the moment. She kept him inside as she bent down to embrace him, her breasts crushed against his chest.

Eventually he slipped from her and they separated. Still lying facing each other, she adjusted her panties and skirt to cover herself but leaving her top comfortably exposed. He lay with his trousers undone to his knees, his cock flaccid but still enlarged.

“So, Justine. Tell me what happened. Why did you lose the farm?”

“That was always what happened. It was wartime, we were betrayed. The collaborator was rewarded with the property of the person caught, that was all.”

“Who lives there now?”

“The same man, with his family. He became rich and powerful in the war, he owns the hotel, everything.”

“The fat man? The mayor?”

“Yes that is the one,” replied Justine. “He was able to purchase even the mayor’s office by corruption and favours to his friends.”

“Why do you stay here, working for him?”

“Where else can I go? I have no means, nowhere to go. If I did not work at the hotel I would starve in the forest. Besides, I have been waiting for your return.”

Roger sat up. “I will kill him, I will return your farm to you. The bastard, he won’t get away with this.”

Justine laughed bitterly. “All you will achieve is to go to prison, Anyway I don’t want the farm. It was hard work and I don’t have the strength for it now. The hotel is much easier, even if I have to put up with him feeling my bottom every time I am bending over. He is a pig, he makes all the staff wear tight clothes so that he can look at us. His wife must be stupid.”

She swept her hair back with her maltepe escort fingers and inserted some pins to fix the bun again, glancing in the bedside mirror. She stood, collecting her bra and blouse which she held in her hand. “I have to go, I’m a sticky mess.”

Standing, her breasts were a little lower than when she was young when those fine tits had been high and tight, her stomach had lost the tautness of youth and hung ever so slightly over the waistband of her skirt with its apron still fastened. But she still looked good, the fire still burned in her eyes and she held his gaze.

“If you wish to bathe, you can use the bathroom here,” he offered.

“I would not do that.” Her eyes burned into his. “I will keep what is from you. It is with me for a purpose.”

“What do you mean? I am confused.” Roger leaned forwards.

“When I was imprisoned they interrogated me and I was beaten of course. I had little to tell so the beatings continued. I lost the baby that I was carrying. Since then I have always wished to carry your child once more.” Justine revealed the news without blinking.

Roger was stunned to silence. After a long pause he spoke up “That’s what you were telling me when you were rubbing your stomach as the guards took you away.”

“Yes,” she replied. “I was so pleased to be carrying your child, I could not bear for you not to know. One day I will carry again and give a son or daughter to you. Perhaps soon.”

She quietly dressed, replacing the bra, blouse and shoes. Then she left the room and closed the door behind her.

* * *

Roger walked downstairs to the lobby. The rest of his party had left without him to continue with the itinerary of the day so he was left to his own devices. That would teach him to get laid at lunchtime on a guided tour, he thought. The TV was on but the volume was turned down and in any case he would have been unable to understand it, so he ordered a coffee at the bar and sat outside at a table under a tree to watch the world pass by.

A while later he found himself being joined by Justine, who had changed out of her uniform and was now wearing a flimsy flowing skirt and loose top, with high heels. She sat next to him at the table and spoke. “Roger, can you take me with you?”

“What do you mean, where to?”

“To England. I want to leave this place, there is nothing for me here.”

He was surprised. “I don’t know. I’ll have to think how it can be done.”

“I hate this place, I have friends but I need to get away, but I have no money and on my wages it is impossible to save.”

He thought briefly. “I’ll make some arrangements if you really want to. Pack your bags, we leave in the morning.”

“I have nothing. I share a room in the staff quarters, I can go now, I don’t care. One more night here in this town is too many.” She was trembling.

“What is it that you’re not telling me? There’s something else.”

“It is the mayor, the pig. He makes me shudder. I always have to make the soup for his supper, he will put his hand up my skirt in the kitchen and touch me. I have to touch him back, if I refuse he will fire me and there is no other work. Always he find fault with the soup, too hot, too cold, not enough salt, Then he will demand that I touch him again to make him happy. I am a slave here, there is no escape”

Roger sat silently. Then he spoke again “I’ll sort it out, you can stay in my room tonight, then tomorrow we’ll get you on the coach.”

She stood. “I’ll hide in your room now, it is quiet and there is no-one to see.”

They walked through the lobby and up to the room again. When the door was closed Justine kicked off her shoes and lay down on the bed, arms outstretched and looking at the ceiling. “Thank you, I feel safe with you.” She paused. “These are my only clothes now, I must look after them.”

She sat up and with swift movements stripped off the blouse and skirt before lying back down, suddenly naked; there was no sign of any underwear. Her luxuriant bush of dark pubic hair contrasted with her alabaster skin with her full breasts still managing to point their nipples skyward. Her legs were parted revealing glimpses of her labia and her arms were outspread, showing dark curls of hair underneath.

Roger looked at her. “Is that all you’re wearing? It will be a long journey.”

“I’ll manage, I only have worn-out underclothes and uniform, it is all the boss will give me. I don’t wish to take anything that he has provided. I would die first.”

“So you want to live in England? There will be differences.”

“Such as?”

“It is usual and fashionable for women to remove the hair under their arms, for a start.” Roger smiled. “Do you have a passport, otherwise you’ll have to be smuggled across.”

“I will be English lady. I have no passport but I can take away the hair.” Justine jumped to her feet and strode to the bathroom.

Roger followed her to the doorway as she picked up his razor from the sink. kartal escort She started to scrape away under her armpits and Roger stopped her. He showed her how to lather up shaving foam and shave smoothly without cutting herself. When she was done she put her arms around his neck and kissed. Resting her head on his chest, she sighed. “Please make it happen, I want to come with you to England. I cannot stay two more nights here.”

He led her back to the bed and lay her down, covering her nakedness with the sheet. However when she moved slightly the sheet fell down, showing her breasts once more. She was entirely unconcerned at the exposure so he sat beside her and gently stroked the soft flesh as the nipple rose to his touch.

Eventually she closed her eyes at the soothing movement and then he realised that she was asleep.

He continued with the caresses, enjoying the feel of her warm skin until his arm tired. When he stilled however, she woke immediately. “What happened?”

“Nothing,” he relied. “But it’s getting late, dinner will be served downstairs and if I don’t appear they might send a search party.”

“You must go,” she sighed. “If you can bring back a piece of fruit for me that will be good.”

She moved the sheet away from her body and then took his hand, placing it in the soft hairy curls below her belly. “Make sure that you are ready for me when you return,” she murmured.

* * *

Roger entered the room silently and watched her for a moment. Justine was sleeping under the thin sheet, the outline of her body clearly visible and her ribs rising and falling with every breath.

He undressed and went to the bathroom for a shower, when he returned with a towel wrapped around his waist she was leaning on her side watching him. He combed his damp hair and sat next to her, reaching for the banana that he had brought. She took the fruit and with a salacious smile slid it gently between her labia, spreading her thighs widely. She positioned herself so that he had a clear view, then inserted the tip just a fraction into her opening. Then she stopped, teasing him. She stripped back the peel and ate it hungrily, throwing the waste into the bin before lying back down.

Roger started to idly comb her pubic hair so that it was fluffed up and glossy. When he found a small tangle in the hair deep between her legs she winced at the tug, then he gently managed to free the curls.

She removed his towel from his waist and fondled his testicles with a feather-light touch until he felt ready to burst. She pulled back the skin of his cock to reveal his glans, then held him steady. “What are the plans for tomorrow?”

“I called a meeting with the boys downstairs, we’ve got it all covered. They’re all well up for a job, it’ll be like the old times. We’ll get you onto the coach, the driver is all part of it and we’ll get you across the channel without any problem. You’ll never see the mayor again.”

“That is good news, I will be happy again wherever we go.”

She stroked his cock and placed his hand to cup her pussy. When she had spread her legs comfortably, she took his middle finger and pressed it into her vagina so that he slid into her deeply. She sighed and wriggled her hips against his touch, then by reaching behind herself she adjusted his other fingers into the cleft between her buttocks. He could feel the muscular ridges of her other opening and she did not object when he commenced to move against it.

They kissed passionately and at length until she pulled him close and replaced his hand with his cock. They made love gently for a while, then she twisted around for him to enter from behind, and he could see her pussy lips wrapped around him, stretching around his penis with every thrust.

She made sure that his finger was able to enter her most sensitive opening and he was able to feel himself through the membrane separating the two passages. Eventually as she pushed back against him for maximum penetration, he came and expelled himself deeply inside her body.

He softened quickly and withdrew. Exhausted by his exertions, Roger slumped back and shortly fell asleep as she knelt, watching his peaceful face.

* * *

When he woke, it was dark and he was alone. He patted the mattress around him but could not feel her presence. After a long wait, he heard the door open gently and then her body was next to him once more, strangely chilled to his touch.

They embraced and slept in each others arms.

* * *

In the morning Roger awoke again with the sun streaming through the thin curtains. They both showered, soaping each other’s crevices. Later, he left for breakfast, returning with a toast and marmalade sandwich concealed inside his shirt for her.

He packed his small suitcase while she dressed in her meagre outfit and quietly they left the room. She found that a group of men were waiting to surround her as she left the premises and she was able to board the coach which waited directly outside. Soon the party was all aboard and they departed, on a long journey to a ferry-port. There was a space concealed under the floor, which held a bed for a spare driver where she was able to hide during brief customs and immigration checks.

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The Associate

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I stood at the register in Wal-Mart. The cashier handed me ‘the register closed sign’ to put on the end of the belt. She was an older woman, probably about fifty. That was fine since I was fifty-four. Her hair was full and red, that I liked.

“Done for the day.” I said.

“I get off in fifteen minutes. I really need to find someone to get in trouble with.” She said smiling at me.

I had heard that line before. I pulled out a pen and paper and wrote my address down. I handed it to her.

“What’s this?” She asks looking at it.

“My address, I could use some trouble too. I live alone and it gets boring sitting home alone all-day.” I said.

“Interesting it takes balls to invite a strange woman to your home.” She said.

“No guts, no glory.” I stated.

“Ok, I’ll see you in about twenty minutes, be ready for some hardcore fun.” She said.

“Woman, My wife died over a year ago. It has been a long year.” I smiled at her. I loaded my groceries into the cart and wheeled them out to the car. I loaded them and drove home. I had just finished putting them away when the doorbell rang. I opened the door, she stood there waiting. I invited her in.

“I brought the booze.” She said.

I got two glasses from the cupboard; she opened the bottle of Jack and poured us a drink. I closed all the blinds and locked the front door. Three drinks later, she was removing clothing. She stood the in her bra and panties. She looked damn good for a woman of fifty. Large tits, slim waist and full hips, her ass looked firm.

“You need to lose the cloths. You are not going to shock me. Shit, man we are old. I know I look good for my age. But you seem to be in good shape also.” She said.

“I walk a lot, breaks the boredom.” I said removing my shirt and pants. I stood there in my boxers. She knelt in front of me and pulled them down.

“Wow, that thing is not pendik escort small, it’s not massive but shit.” She said then wrapped her lips around my cock. I moaned, “Shit, it’s been awhile since anyone has touched me.” I said. I ran my fingers into her hair. I held her as I slowly pumped my cock into her mouth. She pushed her lips down my shaft taking the whole thing into her mouth. She pulled from my cock and lifted it up. She took one ball into her mouth and sucked on it. She popped it out and did the other one. I moaned again.

She said, “So you know, I was a street walker for several years. Don’t worry I am clean. I passed my HIV test. So I know how to fuck a man.”

“Fine, woman, back to it then that feels damn good.” I said.

“Jackie, my name is Jackie Sanders.” She said.

“Nice to meet you Jackie, I’m Robert Mead. I’m a fucking machine, my wife used to call me the marathon fuck.” I said.

She ran her tongue over the head of my cock, my knees about buckled.

“Let’s move to the couch, I can’t stand here and enjoy this. I just might fall from the sensations.” I said.

She released me and stood. I kissed her and pulled her to the couch. I sat on one end and she lay across the couch. Her head in my lap, she pulled my cock back to her mouth and sucked on it. I got my right hand on those large tits. I pull them out of her bra and pinched her nipples. She shrieked I pulled on her tits grabbing a handful. She moaned on my cock. I leaned to the right and slid my hand into her panties, she was wet. I found her clit and flicked it a while. Her legs parted and I pushed two fingers into her pussy. I drove my fingers in and out while she sucked my dick. She started humping her ass to meet my fingers. This kept up for a while finally she pulled from my cock.

“Gawd, fuck me now.” She cried.

I stood and moved to the other end of the couch. maltepe escort She squirmed up a little and removed her bra and panties. I crawled between her legs and fingered her some more. I then guided my cock to her cunt; she had her legs spread wide. My dick found her wet hole and slid in. She was tight, wet and hot. I pushed deep into her. She screamed, “Holy fucking shit, fill my cunt with that meat.”

I drove my cock until it couldn’t go deeper. I started to fuck her, pulling out and pushing my cock back in. She clawed at my back it felt good but hurt like hell too. I fucked her hard, keeping a steady pace. My cock tore at the walls of her cunt, she spasmed shortly as she came. I drove my cock into her harder.

“Fuck me, please make me cum more. Fuck me all night long.” She begged.

I kissed her, I bit at her neck. I sucked on her tits leaving marks.

“No, no marks, my husband might see them.” She said.

“Your married?” I ask.

“Yeah, he’s in a nursing home dying of brain cancer, most of the time he doesn’t know who I am. Forget that, fuck me silly.” She cried.

I returned to fucking her, slow and easy, deep and hard. She was sounding off like an alarm. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, on and on she sang that tune. Her mind was gone. My cock was driving her mindless. I pumped her for over an hour.

“I need a position change, my back is getting sore.” I said.

“I’ll ride you a while.” She said. So I pulled out, she rolled off the couch and I turned and lay down, she quickly straddled my hips driving my hard cock back into her cunt. She bounced on my body, jamming my cock deep into her twat. She was rubbing her clit at the same time. She started cumming, she returned to her tune of, “Oh, Oh, Oh.” Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed and her mind in ecstasy. She stayed that way for some time. She finally increased her rate of bouncing kartal escort on my cock. She screamed and fell over onto my chest. Her breathing was hard and shallow, she whimpered. She brought her right hand up to my mouth and pushed her fingers into my mouth. They tasted of her cunt, sweet and thick.

“Thank you, I have not been fucked like that in over a decade.” She said.

“My turn, get on your knees on the couch, your butt hanging out over the edge of the couch.” I said.

“What are……Oh, shit, you want my ass.” She realized.

“The tightest hole a woman has to offer.” I said.

“Go easy, it’s been a long time since anyone has fucked my ass. My husband wouldn’t do it.” She said.

“I will remind you what it feels like.” I said.

She knelt on the couch, her head in the cushions. I squirted some gel on her asshole and some on my cock. I fingered her ass first, loosening it up some. I spread her wide open. Slowly I pushed my hard cock into her tight asshole. She cried, “Fuck, slowly give me time to adjust.”

I moved slowly, easing in a little at a time. Her rectum opened for me, the head popped in. She sucked air with the feeling. I pushed until my hips were against her buttcheeks. I waited for her to adjust to the meat in her ass.

“Do it, start fucking my bunghole.” She said.

I pulled back, and then pushed in, in and out slowly at first. As my speed increased she started to sing again. She was going to enjoy this as much as I was. Soon I was pounding her into the couch, she was thrusting back to meet my cock. She came. She lowered her head and cried as she came. Her shriek was high and piercing, she continued for several minutes. I filled her ass full of hot cum. She moaned at the warmth in her bowels. I pulled from her and sagged to the couch and sighed. I sat on the end of the couch smiling.

“Feel better.” She asks.

“Much” I said, “You, how did you enjoy it?”

She got up and dressed, “Enough that I will call you I promise, we will do this again.”

“I sure hope so.” I said.

She went out the door. I sat there smiling knowing she would call and soon.

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The Arrangement

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Big Dick

“So, Jen, just how long has it been since you’ve been seeing someone? Nicole is concerned about you. She’s started ‘interviewing’ all of my friends for the position of Jen’s New Boyfriend. Watch yourself or you’re going to get yourself setup on a blind date with one of the Neanderthals I drink beer with.”

“So I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell lately. Tell your wife that it doesn’t exactly make me a spinster cat lady!”

Her laughter seemed to overflow from the cozy booth in the hotel bar. It had an infectious quality about it — just hearing it brought a smile to my face. I refilled our wine glasses during the brief pause in the conversation.

“Although… If I don’t find someone soon I may end up with a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome!”

Why is it that every conversation between a man and a woman inevitably finds its way around to sex? Talking about sex with a beautiful woman in an intimate booth in a crowded bar is a dangerous thing when that woman is your wife’s best friend.

“Is that so?”

“Hey! A girl can have needs, too! Don’t go all prudish on me here. I don’t usually talk about stuff like this with guys. Hell, I don’t usually talk about stuff like this with girls either!”

“Oh, I’m not going to turn prude on you. I thought the raised eyebrow would convey less ‘shocked’ and more ‘curious.’ Go on…”

She held her hand up delicately covering the hint of cleavage peeking out of her white blouse, pretending to be far more demure than I knew she was. “Go on?”

“Oh yes… I have a policy never to discourage a woman that wants to tell me about her sex life. I usually have an exception for coworkers, but since you’re also a close family friend I’ll waive it.”

The wine had been flowing freely all evening, first at the work reception and now together in the bar. When Jen and I were both asked to cover the sales event I thought it would be a fun week for the three of us, but my wife Nicole wasn’t able to get the time off from work. Instead, it had been a bit of a bonding experience — Jen and I had put in two long days together and had probably spent more time together in the last few days than in the whole 5 years since she and Nicole became friends.

She took a long pull from her wine glass for courage and leaned across the table looking furtively around the bar to make sure no one was listening. Her blouse fell open a bit more and I could see the generous swell of her breasts. Despite the flirtatious atmosphere I looked away. This was supposed to be just fun — nothing more.

“Well… Gary and I broke up almost 6 months ago now and before that we were trying to do the long distance thing for almost a year. We had the occasional conjugal visits every other month or so, but it just wasn’t enough. My poor fingers are almost worn to the bone. Everywhere I go – the gym, the grocery store, work, I’ve started studying each man I see and considering whether I’d sleep with him. I may not need a man in my life, but I need somebody and soon! I just don’t get the same charge when I’m by myself.”

I couldn’t help myself now. Hearing her talk about her supercharged libido was really getting me going and the alcohol was going to my head, too. I was studying her more than I’d ever allowed myself — her hair flowing onto her shoulders, the light from the table candle flickering in her eyes, and her lips — god they must be so soft.

“Truth be told, when I first heard about the sales event I didn’t know we’d be here together. I had kinda psyched myself up to find someone here and take the edge off. I’m glad you’re here, though. I think I would have regretted having a one-night-stand with some complete stranger.”

I made the raised eyebrow face again, “As opposed to what? A one-night-stand with a close family friend?”

Luckily, she laughed it off as a joke. “Don’t think the idea hasn’t crossed my mind! Nicole better watch her back.”

She sipped her wine. I drained mine and refilled both of our glasses. My hand was shaking and to steady it I took another long drink of my wine. My mind was racing; I think I was starting to sweat. We’d crossed a line somewhere here but it was so far gone now that I couldn’t even pinpoint the moment we gleefully jumped over it. Silence hung in the booth despite the noisy clatter of other patrons in the bar. This was a romantic moment. Everything about it was perfect — the light, the conversation, the music, the beautiful woman sitting across from me.

Oh, well.. technically that part of it wasn’t right. I was after all, happily married to her best friend.

“Jen? Do you like oral sex?”

I’d said it without really meaning to, at least that is what I was telling myself as she stared at me with an expression I couldn’t quite read.

No response. Just silence — the mood was gone, the moment had changed. We never broke eye contact, just stared into each other’s eyes. I was trying to read her and I didn’t know what she was trying to say to me.

When I thought I couldn’t stand her gaze any more she slowly leaned back into pendik escort her seat and with lightning speed her hand flew across the table. She slapped me with such force that tears formed in my eyes. The crack of her palm lighting up my cheek was audible to everyone around us. The whole bar seemed to pause for a moment to see what was going to happen. When nothing did, they slowly went back to their own conversations. Some looked concerned, others disappointed.

A minute that felt like an hour passed between us in total silence. And then the tears started… I could see them flowing down her cheeks but her gaze was still just an icy stare.

“What? You think that I loosen up and share a few stories with you and suddenly I’m going to drop and give you a blowjob?” Almost under her breath, she hissed, “You pig…”

“That isn’t what I meant at all. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m truly sorry.”

“Then what the hell did you mean? Explain that to me!” She was almost yelling at me, but using her ‘inside voice.’

“No… I think that we should both just call it a night. We’ve both had long days, lots to drink, and I took things too far.”

“No. I want an explanation. What the hell was that supposed to mean?”

I took a deep breath. I’d created this mess by not knowing when to keep my mouth shut.

“What I was really asking was ‘do you like guys to go down on you?'” The tears were still slowly flowing down her cheeks but her expression had gone from icy to completely shocked. I reached across with a clean napkin and gently blotted the tears on each side. She moved her hand up quickly, I think at first to stop me but she ended up just loosely holding my hand. The contact sent lightning down my spine. I pressed the napkin into her hand and pulled back slowly.

“Nicole and I have an awesome marriage and a great sex life. We always seem to have fun and even after 8 years it still seems fresh. But there is one thing that Nicole absolutely hates — she refuses to let me go down on her. She doesn’t think it is ‘clean’ — she read somewhere that it increases your risk for something or other and doesn’t want me anywhere near there with my tongue.

Here’s the problem, though… I love licking pussy. It is one of my favorite things. I love the taste of it. I love the smell of a wet pussy. I love the feel of those soft folds on my tongue. I love the sounds a woman makes when you’re doing it just right. I love to lick and lick and lick until my face is slick and shiny with her cum.

Nicole just isn’t interested or turned on by that. It is the one thing that I’m missing in our marriage. I guess I was thinking that we could help each other out. It was a stupid thought — I’m really sorry that I’ve spoiled the evening.”

She had stopped crying and, instead, was staring at me like I had a third arm growing out of my head. Her eyes were a little red and her makeup had started to streak down her cheek but I thought I detected a hint of amusement in there somewhere. A few minutes passed as she seemed to be considering all that I had said.

“I need to freshen up. I’m sure I look like hell after crying like that.” She stood to leave for the ladies room but turned before going. “Don’t go. I’m not ditching you. I’ll be right back, ok?”

I nodded and watched her go. Her blouse was just sheer enough that as she walked under the light I could see her lacy white bra. Her hips filled out the grey skirt from her business suit. The curves of her ass were seductively swaying to and fro as she walked, drawing the subtle gaze of several men along her path. The click clack of her shiny black heels on the wood floor drawing their attention like bells for Pavlov’s dogs. The weather was warm and she wore no hose — she didn’t need to really. I’d seen her in jogging shorts many times when she went out running with Nicole. Her legs were practically flawless except for a tiny faded scar on the inside of one knee. From the first time I’d seen it I wanted to know the story of how it ended up there — it was just so cute. With less alcohol coursing through my veins I hadn’t let my curiosity get the better of me and I never acknowledged it.

Thinking it best to wind down the intensity of the conversation a bit I flagged down our waitress and asked for our check and a couple glasses of water. I was just handing the leather folder back to the waitress when Jen arrived back at the table. I hadn’t really registered it, but she had been gone a long time. She seemed to have composed herself and looked happy again.

“Giving up on me and heading back upstairs?” She tried to feign offense as if I were deserting her.

“No, no… Nothing like that. I figured that we both might be better off without another round and a couple of these instead.” I motioned to the two water glasses on the table. The playful tone was a welcome return from the brink we’d been on a few minutes ago. I valiantly maintained eye contact instead of gawking at her body as she slid back into the booth across from me.

“I’m maltepe escort sorry I freaked out on you a bit. It isn’t every day that…”

I interrupted immediately, “No reason for you to apologize. I’m the one that owes you an apology for crossing the line.”

“How about we just call it a truce, shall we?”

“Deal.” We clinked our water glasses in a toast and smiled at one another.

With a nervous laugh she stumbled, “Um… well… what did you have in mind?”


My brain exploded. A minute ago I was thanking my lucky stars that this hadn’t turned into all out war. Now, she was actually considering my proposal. My cock strained uncomfortably against my pants and I shifted in my seat. The room was suddenly too warm; my face flushed hot with a rush.

“Are you serious?” The logical part of my brain was screaming that this was some sort of trap. The other part of my brain had already left the Do Not Disturb sign on the door of Jen’s hotel room.

“Completely.” She reached into her purse and pulled out something white, setting it on the table between us. My brain, only operating with the pittance of blood left to it by my now rock hard cock, slowly emerged from the fog and matched the lacy fabric on the table in front of me to the bra I’d been sneaking peeks at all night. While I stared dumbfounded at her panties on the table in front of me I felt a pointy-toed shoe snake its way up my pant leg and rub against my calf. She leaned closer to me across the table and I noticed that another button on her blouse seemed to have mysteriously come undone. As she leaned forward her breasts swung lower and her entire lace covered left breast was visible through the gap in her blouse. “Go ahead. Touch them.”

For a brief moment I thought she meant her breasts but I realized she was looking down at the panties in front of her. I picked them up slowly, unfolding them, and turning them over in my hands. The pattern of the lace would have revealed as much of her pussy as it would have concealed. The frilly fabric along the sides sloped down into what must have been a deep V across the top of her ass. The thong back was narrow, not quite a string, but still the same lace pattern. It would have slipped deliciously into the crack of her ass, highlighting the nakedness of the round globes of her ass on either side.

As I continued running my fingers across the lace studying them I detected the unmistakable scent of her pussy. I immediately ran my finger along the crotch of the thong and it was soaked completely through with her wetness. I started to raise them to my face to drink in her scent but I was suddenly conscious of the fact that we were sitting in the middle of a crowded bar. My cock pulsed in my boxer briefs — I didn’t think I could get any harder. I stopped and set them down on the table and scanned the bar around us. Here we were, sitting surrounded by strangers, Jen was wearing a short skirt with no panties. No panties because they were laying on the table in between us soaked in her juices.

The waitress took that moment to return to our table with a pitcher of water. As she leaned over to refill our water glasses there was no way not to notice Jen’s frilly white thong sitting on the nearly empty table. She made an audible gasp when she saw it, finished pouring our water, and rushed away.

I expected Jen to be embarrassed and either stuff the panties back into her purse or run from the bar in a shade of crimson. Instead, she seemed to be flushed with the excitement of the exhibition. “So, what did you have in mind?” she repeated.

I hadn’t really thought this whole thing out very well, but I figured I would make it up as I went along. “Well, I guess the deal would be that I’m willing to help you out with your little problem and, doing so, you would be helping me out as well. I want to lick your pussy — nothing more, no sex, no kissing, nothing. I’ll keep my clothes on and you’ll guide me with what you like. I’ll keep going as long as you want and then I’ll go back to my room. That’s it.

I’m obviously on shaky moral ground here justifying that this is ok when you are my wife’s best friend. When we were first married I used to try to talk her into letting me go down on her when we were making love. At first she relented but it was obvious she wasn’t into it and it didn’t feel right to me. We talked about how it made me feel and how much I wanted to share that with her. She used to joke that she needed a ‘stunt pussy’ to stand in for her so that I could get what I wanted without spoiling her excitement. I guess in my head, I’m belatedly taking her up on that as if it were a real offer. Are you ok with this?”

“Nicole and I have been friends for years and I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t! I can’t get the image out of my head though. I know it is wrong but my body had made up my mind before my mind got a chance to say no. It obviously isn’t the dream relationship I’ve fantasized about, but I have to say that it is just kartal escort twisted enough that I’m getting off on how kinky it is. I’m picturing you selflessly fulfilling my needs and acting on my every demand. That picture, oh, and having my panties on display on the table and knowing that half of the men at the bar are watching me is getting me all revved up.” I glanced over and, sure enough, the waitress must have told the bartender who had subsequently shared it with a group of men seated at the bar. They looked hungry –there was no other way to put it — Jen was exuding pure sex and they were happy to just be witnessing it. I hadn’t noticed but her left hand had slipped below the table while I was talking. I detected that she was gently rocking her hips back and forth as she was watching me and talking about the men at the bar. “I’ll be right back. One more trip to the ladies room for me.”

She stood and gathered up her purse and her suit coat. I assumed she was going to the ladies room to put her panties back on but she turned on her heels and click clacked across the bar confidently. Every male at the bar covertly checked her out as she strode past smiling at them. When she was gone they looked over at me and raised their glasses as if in a toast. I raised my water glass and then returned my attention to the lacy panties on the table. I ran my fingers along the wet crotch feeling it slick with moisture. Every fiber of my being wanted to bury my face in them and smell her pussy. I could smell them just sitting on the table but how much of that was my imagination I can’t say.

I was so engrossed with studying Jen’s underwear that I didn’t even hear her return until she was standing right next to me. “You’re dying to smell them, aren’t you?”

I blushed, caught apparently being too obvious in my fascination with her wet panties. “Here, this should tide you over.”

She leaned closer to me so that she couldn’t be seen by anyone outside the booth and snaked a hand up under her skirt. Her eyelids became heavy and she let out a little ‘oh’ sound as her fingers made contact with her wet sex. She appeared to run her finger along the length of her slit slowly collecting some of her wetness. Satisfied, she brought her hand to my lips and slipped her middle finger into my mouth while running her index finger under my nose. Her taste and scent overpowered my senses. She fucked my mouth with her finger as I sucked gently on it loving the tangy flavor. She rubbed some of her juices on my upper lip and pulled her hand slowly away. The musky scent remained and I resisted the urge to lick my lips.

Leaning back she extended her hand to me. “Let’s go.” There was an urgency in her voice all of a sudden. As I stepped out of the booth, allowing her to take my hand, I noticed the change in her appearance. She was wearing her grey blazer again, completing the smart looking business suit. The skirt looked like it was several inches shorter than it had been earlier and I guessed that she had folded over the waist and hiked it up. What started out as a few inches above the knee was now only a few inches away from showing off her bare ass. Even more shocking, however, was that under the blazer the white blouse was now gone (probably stuffed into her purse) and the deep V of her lapels revealed most of her lace covered breasts.

I stood up, slightly wobbly, and attempted in vain to push my obvious erection down one pant leg. She laughed and gave it a squeeze through my suit pants. I turned to retrieve her panties from the table but she reached out and hooked her arm through mine. “Leave them. It will make me even hotter wondering which one of the men at the bar will have the balls to go take them. I’m sure that someone other than me will come all over them for a change later tonight.”

And with that, she guided me past the row of men at the bar who didn’t even bother to contain their stares as we walked past. Every eye was on her lacy tits and she knew it. When we reached the end of the bar, she turned over one shoulder looking back at the panties on the table and then at her group of admirers.

As she cooed, “Good evening boys…” every last one of them stole a glance at the panties on the table before returning to gaze in awe at her. Pausing for effect one more time, she turned away and we walked out of that bar. arm in arm. We walked past the main entrance to the hotel and onto the escalator to the main lobby. About half way up the escalator I looked over my shoulder to see two of the men from the bar riding up behind us.

“Two of those guys from the bar are behind us and I bet they can see right up your skirt on this escalator.” I whispered into her ear.

“Really?” The huskiness in her voice made it obvious she was loving this attention. Instead of lowering her skirt or turning to the side, she took a step up onto the next step with one foot spreading her legs and causing her skirt to hike up even higher!

I leaned back into her ear and said, “If they could see your naked ass before I bet they can see your dripping pussy lips wide open now.” She just moaned and rushed me to the elevator bay as quickly as possible. Once the doors of an elevator closed behind us and we knew we were no longer being followed she let out another husky sigh.

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The Adventures of a Nerd Ch. 02

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Annastasia Price, or “Anna” as her friends call her, always looked forward to Pledge Day. As faculty advisor to the sorority, she took pride in watching the new crops of pledges grow into successful young women. As a former sister, Anna also looked forward to catching up with old friends: former sisters, like herself, that returned every year for Pledge Day to welcome the new members. This year, Pledge Day was especially important to Anna. She had just gotten through a messy divorce and needed a chance to unwind.

Anna could remember it all like it was yesterday. She had just found out that she had been granted tenure at the university. It felt exhilarating, the culmination of her life’s work. Unable to contain herself after hearing the news, she ran straight from the Literature department’s office to the History department to tell her husband, Sean. It had been raining, but Anna was too excited to grab an umbrella before sprinting across the quadrangle. She was soaked by the time she reached the building and the sloshing of her shoes echoed down the hallway as she sprinted to his office, but she was too excited to care.

“Sean, you’re never going to believe…..,” she said, as she opened the door.

Anna froze. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. One of Sean’s graduate students, a blond that was maybe a decade younger than Anna, was bent over Sean’s desk. Meanwhile, Sean, the love of her life, was standing there, pantsless and pounding the blond from behind. The asshole didn’t even bother to stop after seeing Anna in the doorway.

“Well, I guess you were bound to find out, sooner or later,” was all he said.

In retrospect, Anna wasn’t completely surprised that Sean would have an affair. They had been having problems for years. The turning point had been when Anna had found out that she was sterile. Sean had always wanted children and didn’t want to adopt. Ever since then, he had been increasingly distant. He threw himself into his research and rarely made it home for dinner. Still, it was a shitty way to find out that it was over, Anna thought to herself.

As the Pledge Day ceremony ended, she promised herself that she was going to have a good time. Her divorce from Sean wasn’t an ending; it was a chance at a new beginning. After all, she was only thirty five; she was still young. She pictured herself as a phoenix rising from the ashes, as she grabbed her first drink and strolled onto the patio to mingle.

“Anna! Hey, Anna! Is that you?” she heard from across the lawn. Anna looked over to see her old roommate, Donna, walking towards her.

“Donna! I didn’t know you were coming. You should have told me,” Anna said, as she hugged Donna.

“Well, I wasn’t sure if it was a good time to bother you,” Donna said. “I heard about what happened with Sean. Honey, I’m so very sorry.”

“I guess it just wasn’t meant to be,” Anna replied. “At least it gives me the chance to have some fun again. Sean was so boring.”

Donna laughed. “It wasn’t my place to say so, but yeah, he came off as a pompous asshole,” Donna said. “Does he still wear those tweed jackets?”

It was Anna’s turn to laugh. “Yeah, he does,” she said. “He was still wearing one when I walked in on him with that whore. He didn’t even take it off!”

The two women couldn’t control their laughter. It felt good to laugh again, Anna thought to herself. Donna always had a way of cheering her up. The two had been nearly inseparable until graduation, when Donna moved overseas for a job.

As the night wore on, the two women caught up on old times. Donna, always a partier, brought Anna a new glass of champagne whenever her glass was empty. Anna couldn’t even remember the last time that she had touched alcohol. Sean didn’t like having alcohol in the house; he called it was a “legalized poison.” Screw him, Anna thought to herself, as she took another sip.

By the time it was to showcase the pictures from the sorority’s yearly challenge, both Anna and Donna were fairly drunk. Truth be told, most of the women present were drunk by then, and cheers erupted for each photograph. Anna and Donna nudged each other when their respective photographs were shown. Anna’s target had been Tom, she recalled. He was on the hockey team and had a reputation as being wild. Donna, always the more outgoing one, had actually been the one to set it up. She dragged Anna right up to him and bluntly asked if they could take a naked picture of him. Sure enough, he agreed and Anna was later able to join the sorority.

One of the pictures from this year’s class drew the most attention. A pledge named pendik escort Sarah was able to land a monster. Both new and former sisters hooted at the picture. The entire sorority was in an uproar. Kevin Harrington, Anna thought to herself, why does that name sound familiar? It was hard to concentrate with Donna cheering next to her.

“Now that is one sure way to get over Sean,” Donna said, laughing.

Just then, Anna realized where she had seen Kevin. He was one of the students in her introductory poetry course. He attended the first lecture and then mysteriously disappeared. Anna had thought he had dropped the class until he reappeared for the first exam. She hated when students did that.

“Oh my God,” Anna said. “Donna, I think he’s one of my students.” The champagne was taking its toll and Anna and Donna laughed uncontrollably.

“Well, then that makes it much easier,” Donna said, after the laughter subsided. “It’d be just like the old days. Besides, I was the one that landed Tom for you, if you recall. You owe it to the sorority, and to yourself, to do this on your own.”

“Sure, Donna, that’s a great idea,” Anna replied. “Sleeping with one of my students is against the university’s rules. I could lose my job for doing something like that.”

“Isn’t that exactly what Sean did?” Donna said, putting her arm around Anna. “I think you need to relax a bit, dear.”

Anna held back her anger at being reminded about Sean. It was true: the administration didn’t seem to care, even when Anna had tried to get him fired. Maybe Donna was right, she thought. Maybe I just need to throw caution to the wind and have some fun.

“OK, I’ll do it,” Anna proclaimed.

“That’s my girl!” Donna said. “I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to make it happen. It’s really good to see the old Anna again.”

Pledge Day finally wore to a close and Anna and Donna eventually parted ways. They promised to keep in better touch, now that Donna had moved back to the city. The sorority was a mess from the party, but Anna was too drunk and too tired to care; the girls could handle it in the morning.


Anna went straight home from the party and went straight to bed. As she lay there, the picture of Kevin and his amazing cock popped into her head. She closed her eyes and imagined his hands caressing her body, as she ran her hand along her side and across her breasts. Already, she could feel herself getting aroused.

Anna slid her hand down her stomach and under her panties. She imagined Kevin’s head moving slowly down her body, as if caught by the gravity of her pussy. Her hand brushed past her pubic hair and touched the hood of her clitoris. She moved her fingers in small circles, imagining Kevin’s tongue on her. A shiver of delight passed through her body.

Anna’s slid her hand further down to the lips of her pussy. A few drops of moisture had accumulated between her folds. She was surprised that she was already this wet, but continued to probe with her finger. She thought of Kevin’s tongue and slid her finger into her dripping canal, her pussy eager to devour something, anything.

Anna reached over to her nightstand and grabbed her vibrator with her other hand. She had bought it after Sean moved out. He was always too insecure to allow her to have toys. It was too bad, too; nothing could bring Anna to climax faster than her vibrator. One twist of the knob and the whole device quaked as she pulled it under the sheets and held it to her clit.

The vibrations seemed to reverberate throughout Anna’s entire body. She pictured Kevin on top of her, the young stallion pounding her over and over with his gigantic member. She drew closer and closer to orgasm. She pictured Kevin tensing up as his cock exploded inside of her. It was enough to draw her over the edge. Anna arched her back and let out a moan as an orgasm washed over her.

I should do that more often, Anna thought to herself. Anna always felt more alive after an orgasm. She put her vibrator back on her nightstand and tried to go to sleep. I’ll see you soon, Kevin, she thought to herself, before finally drifting off to sleep.


A few days after Pledge Day, Anna heard a knock at her office door.

“Come in,” she said. “It’s open.”

“Um, Mrs. Price, you wanted to see me?” Kevin asked, as he entered the office.

Anna took the time to size up her soon-to-be stud. He was nothing like what she was expecting. He was nerdier and less confident than he was in her imagination. She thought maltepe escort back to the exam and remembered that he looked the same way then, too. In fact, he had been wearing the same outfit. Second thoughts started cropping up in her head, but then Anna thought of Donna. So what if he isn’t Romeo, she imagined Donna saying. He’s hung like a horse and you need a good lay. Live a little.

“Yes. Have a seat, Mr. Harrington. Oh, and it’s Ms. Price,” Anna said. “I’m divorced.”

Kevin sat down, a sheepish look on his face. Anna stood up from behind her desk and scowled down at him.

“I wanted to first tell you that you did quite well on the midterm exam,” Anna said. Kevin relaxed, no longer looking sheepish. “Unfortunately, you’ve already failed my class.”

Kevin recoiled. “H…how? You just said that I did fine on the exam,” he stammered.

“That’s true,” she said. “Unfortunately for you, exam scores are only a part of my grading scheme.” Anna walked around her desk and sat on the front of it, looking down at Kevin. “Attendance and class participation also play vital roles and you’ve already missed enough classes to fail the course,” she added.

“That isn’t fair!” Kevin exclaimed. “The syllabus said nothing about attendance being required.”

Anna forced a frown. “Did my syllabus give a breakdown of my grading criteria?”

Kevin shook his head. The poor kid, Anna thought to herself. I’d better not rattle him too much.

“Then you assumed, incorrectly I might add, that attendance was optional,” Anna scolded. She leaned forward, looking Kevin in the eyes.

“P…please,” he begged. “I only took your class to fulfill a requirement for graduation. I’m already doing coursework towards my graduate degree. That’s why I’m so busy. I need your class to graduate. I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Anna asked. “Well, maybe we can work something out. I’d be willing to give you some extra credit if you’d agree to meet me weekly for some private tutoring.”

Kevin looked as if he had won the lottery. “Oh, thank you,” he said. “I’ll write extra reports. I’ll read extra books. Whatever you need me to do. I just need to graduate this semester.”

Anna smiled at Kevin and looked him up and down. “I’m glad to see your enthusiasm for my class, again,” Anna said. “While you’re here, shall we hold a tutoring session right now?”

“Um, I’m not, um, completely up to speed on this week’s reading assignment,” Kevin stammered.

“In that case, I have a few other ideas,” Anna said. She slipped off one of her shoes and gently placed her foot between Kevin’s legs. Kevin jumped out of his seat.

“You’re crazy!” he exclaimed.

“Do you want to pass or not, Mr. Harrington?” Anna asked, calmly. “If you do, then I suggest that you remove your pants.”

Kevin stared at Anna for what seemed to be hours. He didn’t know what to do. Maybe I can report her, he thought to himself. It’d be my word against hers, though. The thought of failing made Kevin even more desperate. He thought to himself, what’s the big deal if I go through with it. She is pretty hot for an older woman.

It was true: Anna was still in the prime of her life. She was an avid yoga practitioner and her toned body was noticeable, even under her conservative outfit. Her dark, shoulder-length hair shone in the light and provided a sharp contrast to her deep blue eyes. Without another word, Kevin unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled down both his pants and underwear in a single motion.

Anna watched as Kevin undressed himself. His enormous cock hung flaccidly between his legs, just a foot in front of Anna. She reached out and held it with one hand, partially to see if it was real. She could feel the it throbbing in her hand, blood pumping through its numerous veins.

Anna slid off the desk and knelt in front of Kevin, still gripping his cock. Face to face with the monster, it looked even bigger up close. She glanced up at Kevin and pressed her lips around the head. Kevin let out a slight gasp. She knew that there was no way that she could take the whole thing in her mouth, so she concentrated on just sucking the head. She squeezed his shaft with one hand, while kneading his balls with the other.

Kevin reacted immediately. Anna felt his cock stiffen in her hand and in her mouth, as she continued to suck. She had always loved that feeling. His cock was soon an iron rod and, to Anna’s amazement, even larger than before.

Anna removed her mouth from Kevin’s cock and stood up. She noticed that she was still holding onto him with her hand, as if kartal escort her hand refused to let go. Anna hiked up her skirt to reveal her pussy, cleanly shaven that morning. Shaving your pussy is the new trend, she had read somewhere. “I want you to fuck me,” she said.

“I, uh, don’t have a condom,” Kevin said. “Do you have one?” Anna had been married for so long that she had completely forgotten about using protection. She considered stopping things for a split second, but realized that she wanted it too much. The look of Kevin’s rock-hard cock, pulsating in her hand, was enough to break the debate in her head.

“Don’t worry about that. I can’t get pregnant and I was tested for STDs after I got divorced. I’m clean,” Anna said. It was true: the one saving grace of Sean’s infidelity was that he hadn’t given her any diseases.

Anna let go of Kevin’s cock and turned around, bending over her desk. “Well?” she asked.

Kevin awkwardly felt between her legs until his fingers ran across her slit. He used his other hand to guide his cock to the entrance of her pussy, pressing the head of it into her, to make sure that he was aligned correctly. He wasn’t quite sure what to do; his only sexual encounter had been with Sarah, and she had done all of the work. He decided to just do what felt natural. He gripped her hips and thrusted forward, Anna’s pussy swallowing most of his cock in the first thrust.

Anna felt Kevin probe around for her entrance and she started to get frustrated. Don’t tell me he’s a virgin, she thought to herself. Put it in, already. Just then, she felt the head of his shaft enter into her. It felt even better than in her imagination. Suddenly, she felt him grab her hips and plunge his cock deep into her.

Kevin was in ecstasy. It was even better than with Sarah, he thought to himself. Anna was naturally wet and really seemed to know what she was doing. Sex without a condom also felt different; it added just a hint of friction that felt amazing on his cock.

Anna couldn’t believe what she was feeling. Kevin’s cock filled her completely. She had missed the feel of a cock inside of her and this went beyond anything she had experienced before. This was exactly what she needed.

They soon got into a rhythm, with Kevin doing the majority of the work. He furiously pounded away, sliding his cock in and out of Anna’s pussy. Each thrust brought even more pleasure to the two than the last.

Anna was tingling. Her body welcomed its invader and she let herself get swept away by the feeling. She flailed her arms around as Kevin pounded her from behind. Unwittingly, she reached out and grabbed her stapler. The realization of what was happening brought her back to reality. She was in her office, bent over her desk, having sex with one of her students. It was just like that time she walked in on Sean. At that moment, she realized that she no longer cared about Sean.

Just then, a shiver came over Anna and she knew she was about to climax. “Cum with me,” she commanded.

“Are you sure you want me to?” Kevin asked, panting. “Inside you, that is.”

“Do iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt!” Anna screamed. Her entire body quaked as she orgasmed. She wondered if anyone in the neighboring offices could hear her. The truth was: she didn’t care. Let them hear, she thought.

The feel of Anna’s pussy as she orgasmed was too much for Kevin. He couldn’t hold the pressure back back any longer. Suddenly, his cock erupted inside of her, his cock twitching with each squirt. Her pussy contracted, as if trying to milk every last drop from his cock.

Kevin stayed inside of Anna, long after their orgasms subsided. It was Anna that finally broke their coupling. She would have stayed with Kevin all day, but had to teach a class soon.

“That was fantastic,” Anna said. “I needed that.”

“Yeah, that was great,” Kevin said.

“Kevin, do you mind if I ask you a question?” Anna asked, as she hiked her skirt back down her legs. She took one last look at Kevin’s cock, still semi-hard and glistening with her juices. “You can put your pants on, if you want.”

“Uh, sure,” Kevin said, as he began dressing.

“Was that your first time?” Anna asked. “You don’t need to be ashamed if it was.”

“It was my second, actually,” Kevin replied. He paused and then said, “I’m sorry if it wasn’t very good. I’ve never done it that position before.”

“Oh, you were amazing,” Anna said, smiling slyly at him. “You’re a natural. You just don’t seem very confident with women is all.” She threw her arms around him and kissed him. “That’s OK, stud. There’s all kinds of things that I can teach you, next time.”

“Next time?” Kevin asked.

“You didn’t think one tutoring session would be enough to pass my class, did you?” Anna asked. “Now, what time works for you each week?”

(to be continued)

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The Affair

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The word still stings.

I had an affair.


I don’t do affairs.

It’s what other people do.

I have always had high moral standards.

I have a strong religious faith.

I had never ever considered having an affair.

Yet, I did.

And I can’t say that I’m sorry.

I feel no remorse.
For a short time, I experienced the ultimate emotional, intellectual, and physical bonding a man and woman are capable of. For a short time, I experienced love in all of its aspects. For a short time, I found that real love, unconditional love, is possible and attainable. It was a, giving, emotionally fulfilling, intellectually satisfying, physically completing love. It met every need I had ever had, ever dreamed of, ever hoped for. I thought it impossible that I would ever feel in my mind, my heart, and my body what I felt with her. I experienced love in all its splendor, love how God meant it to be.

How can I be sorry for that?

Catherine is her name.

It started so innocently. Back in early January, I sent a comment to her after reading a story she posted on Literotica. I simply wrote how much I liked the story and how well-written it was.

I often write positive comments to people I think have written a great story. Sometimes I get a thank you in reply. Most often, I get no response. Of course, I don’t expect a response anyway. I just like to write words of praise and encouragement to writers for their talent.

I didn’t hear from back from her, and didn’t think any more about her.

One day, January 26 at 9:29 AM to be exact, I found an email from her in my inbox. She said she had overlooked my email and was just now writing a thank you. For some reason, I wrote back a “You’re welcome” email. She responded a few hours later and before I knew it, we were writing several times a week.

We “talked” about writing in general at first, then writing erotica specifically. She was intelligent, incisive, and easy to talk with. She had a sense of humor and a way with words. And it turned out we both had an ornery streak.

I found myself looking forward to exchanging emails with her. Eventually, a day didn’t go by in which we did not email each other several times. We shared about our families and our lives. We both have been married for nearly 30 years. She has three children, the youngest of which will be entering college in the fall. I have four children, the older two from a previous marriage. My youngest son will graduate from high school and attend college in the fall. My youngest daughter will be entering her junior year in high school. I am a retired teacher who occasionally teaches introductory computer classes to senior citizens. She is a registered nurse. She works part time as a school nurse and dabbles in real estate. We discovered that we lived in the same state, she in the central part and myself in the southwestern part. She is in her mid-40’s, putting around two decades of age difference between us.

It seemed natural that we eventually began sharing the state of our current sex lives. Our spouses had lost interest in sex. In my case, my wife never broached the subject of sex and only reluctantly was willing to “do me,” as she put it. I usually masturbated but on occasion, when needing a human touch, I would ask her for some relief. She would touch me and fondle me while I masturbated and every now and then let me come in her mouth. Then she would to go the bathroom, spit out my semen, and rinse her mouth out. In Joan’s case, she too mostly masturbated. When she needed the human touch, she would ask husband for sex. He would comply most of the time. It was missionary position and when he came, he stopped whether or not she had an orgasm. Like my wife, he would go and clean up after sex.

Of course, our moral and religious values entered into our discussions. We both shared the same ideas about right and wrong, moral and immoral. We were at the same place in our faith and served in our respective churches. Though frustrated sexually, neither of us had ever contemplated an affair. Both of us had thought about divorce at one time or another but we had family obligations and didn’t want to hurt those close to us. That, along with our moral and religious objections, seemed to make our relationship a long-distance one. It seemed were destined to live, no matter how much we bantered and hinted, with unfulfilled needs. But our need for fulfillment began to over-ride the moral and faith issues we shared. The longer we talked the less important moral and faith issues became to us.

We shared our sexual frustrations and continued to rely mostly on masturbation to meet our sexual needs. Our emails became increasingly graphic about how, in a perfect relationship, we would like to share sex with our partner. On one occasion I told her that for two people who aren’t getting any we sure talk big about it. That led to some bantering that if we ever had sex together we would certainly fulfill each other’s sexual needs. We had pendik escort added naughtiness to our orneriness.

Before long, we were bantering back and forth about sex in nearly every email describing our sexual fantasies. It turned out we shared many of the same sexual preferences. The two of us became each other’s fantasy. We had some serious discussions about sex and found that agreed that there is so much more to it than the physical. Sex is physical, we agreed, making love involves the mind and emotions. We talked frankly about our mental and emotional needs and how sex played a part in meeting them. We stopped using the word sex and replaced it with making love. Our emails became more personal, the bantering more emotional. Because of our teasing, we came up with what we called “t” words: tease, tempt, tantalize, titillate, torment, and torture. We accused each other of deliberately “t-ing” each other, which we were of course. We also began using “s” words describing what our reactions would be if we were making love with each other: shiver, squirm, squeak, squeal, screech, shriek, scream, and shout. We were turning each other on so much with our words that often we would have to stop in the middle of reading or writing an email to masturbate. We admitted that we were meeting the needs of each other’s minds and emotions. But our physical needs continued to be unmet.

Honesty became important to us. Whatever we thought, whatever we felt, we were to express to each other. We agree there would be no holding back anything. The relationship we were building was to be totally open and free from judging.
We continued sharing our frustrations and what we would do to relieve them in each other if we ever had the opportunity. It got pretty graphic. We covered every possible nuance of making love. To us, making love was not a sprint, though an occasional quickie had appeal. We agreed it was a marathon. Making love was not jumping all over each other. And it wasn’t just intercourse. Foreplay was important. We talked about kissing, how we liked it, how we would share it. We shared the need we had to simply to hold and to be held. We described how we would caress each other’s faces, massage necks, backs and shoulders, whisper words of endearment. We wrote of stroking fingers over each other’s bodies and running lips and tongues from head to toe. We shared with abandon what we would do with each other if we would we would ever meet and let our passions take over. We shared our “hot spots,” what we’ve always wanted to do with-for-to another, what we’ve never tried but would like to. A deep attraction developed between us. It came to the point that we were depending on each other to feel needed and wanted and desired.

Things changed in one email in February. On Monday, she wrote that she was going a nursing seminar at a college in my part of the state the next weekend. She mentioned the name of the college. I wrote back that if she took the obvious route from her part of the state to the college, she’d pass within a mile or so of my house. We began giving each other clues about the towns we lived in and eventually identified the towns where we lived. That of course, led to more bantering and innuendo and complaining that it was unfair that two people who seemed so compatible and had such similar needs couldn’t get together.

We began hinting about the possibility of meeting. Then we began to talk about the possibility of meeting for lunch on her way to the seminar. I suggested a restaurant in a town close to the college and about 20 minutes from where I live. So we made a “date.” She did warn me that she just might embarrass me with a huge passionate kiss in the parking lot. I warned her if she did that I might just have to drag her into the van and have my way with her. But in our more realistic moments, we said we knew in our heads it was wrong, but our hearts were saying yes.

Several days before we were to meet, the weather forecast for Friday was not good. Snow flurries and possible freezing rain were predicted. We went back and forth about whether or not to cancel, but decided on keeping our date weather permitting.
I had previously found out that she owned a small apartment complex. One of the units was vacant and she was in the process of renovating it. It was located in a city a little over an hour from her and about 35 minutes from me. I’m not sure exactly how it started, but we began hinting about meeting at her property. I’m not sure exactly which of us finally came out and suggested it, but we quickly agreed.

Our plan was that she would leave early in the morning with the excuse of dropping some things off at the property and meeting with a plumber before going to the seminar. We shared cell phone numbers. She was to call me when she arrived, let it ring three times, and hang up. I would call right back and allow three rings so she would know that I was leaving and that I’d be there in a half hour or so.

We got really excited on Thursday because the forecast had maltepe escort changed and there would be no weather problems. Of course, we didn’t change our plans back to simply meeting for lunch. Without question it was the apartment.

I decided I should tell her about myself so that she wouldn’t expect much. I’m really an average, you might even say non-descript, person. I’m about 5′ 8″ tall, older, wear glasses, and have grey hair. I’m not heavy. I work out three times a week at the local Y, but still have that slight paunch we males tend to develop. She wrote that she was about the same height, had curly light auburn hair, and had lost 70 pounds in the last year. One time when we were discussing making love, we had agreed that it really didn’t matter what a person looked like, or what they had, it was what they did with what they had that mattered. But, because of our honesty, we agreed that if either one of us was not comfortable with the other, we’d simply find a place to eat, go on our way, and see where our email relationship might go after that.

On that Friday, February 24, I anxiously awaited her phone call. When it came, I returned the call and put my tool box in the trunk of my car. I had suggested bringing my tool box so that if her tenants noticed my arrival, I would appear to be someone who was involved in the renovation. Then I was on my way.

On my drive, I started having second thoughts. I asked myself, ‘What are we doing?’ I’d never done anything like this before. Neither had she. We were married. We had spouses, children, friends. But we didn’t care. We had needs that we knew in our hearts would be met in the other.

All my reservations went away when I arrived and saw her step out on the porch. Two thoughts immediately went through my mind: ‘So you are Catherine,’ and, ‘You are gorgeous.’

She smiled as I got my tool box and said that at last we were meeting.

I followed her inside and set my tool box down. When I stood up, she put her arms around my shoulders, tilted her head, and put her lips on mine. No, it wasn’t “a” kiss. It was “THE” kiss. The kiss we had often talked about. It was a full-body kiss. It was a hungry kiss. It was a kiss beyond any kiss I had ever experienced before. I put my arms around her waist and drew her tightly against me.

I can’t tell you how long we kissed. It seemed like forever. I had neither kissed nor been kissed like that before. Our bodies moved against each other. Our lips pressed together. Our lips parted. Our tongues played back and forth. We sucked on each other’s tongues. I darted my tongue in and out of her mouth. My tongue was making love with her. We would break the kiss for a moment for a breath then continue. The kiss became the most arousing kiss I had ever imagined. Our lips moved to cheeks and chins and ears and necks. We sucked on each other’s earlobes. Our lips met again, several quick kisses, then our tongues were playing again, exploring the depths of our mouths. Our hands began massaging each other’s back. We grabbed buttocks and pressed our pelvises together. Our breathing quickened, became heavy, panting. I felt my penis harden. She felt it. She pressed against it. She rotated her hips.

She broke the kiss, took a deep breath, looked into my eyes, and suggested we move to the bedroom. Taking my hand, she led me up the stairs.

There was nothing in the bedroom but an air bed she had inflated before I got there and a space heater she started because the furnace was turned off.

Throwing the covers back, she lay down and held her arms wide to me. I was amazed at how comfortable and natural we felt with each other. We had never seen each other before. We had said few words to each other so far. We did have the history of emails and the feelings they generated in us toward each other. It was as if we were of one mind and soul and body.

I lay down beside her. We faced each other and I cupped her face in my hands. I placed light kisses over her lips, her cheeks, her chin, every part of her face I could reach. She moved to cup my face and kissed every part of mine. We took turns kissing, licking, and gently sucking on each others neck and shoulders. Never, even in my fantasies, had I ever hoped to kiss and be kissed like that.

When I began licking her ear, she squirmed and her breathing rate increased. I ran my tongue in and around her ear and sucked on her ear lobe. She did the same to me.
No words passed between us. No words were necessary. We were transferring our feelings and our needs to each other through “the” kisses.

Our lips would meet from their wanderings and we shared kisses of increasing passion. Before long we had intertwined our legs and arms and were pressing ourselves against each other. Passion grew greater. Need grew greater. Before long we were thrashing together on the bed. We’d roll one way then another with our lips locked. She rolled on top of me. I rolled on top of her.

At one point, with me on top, I nearly rolled off the bed. She kartal escort caught my arm and, giggling, pulled me back. We looked at each other and both started giggling. We were like two horny teenagers. Our giggles turned to laughter.

We stopped, looked into each other’s eyes, and started the passionate kissing again. It was tongues darting in and out, sucking on tongues, running tongues around the inside of each other’s mouths. My penis was stiffening.

She was on her back with me leaning over her. While locked in a kiss, I ran my fingers across her right breast. She caught her breath and shuddered. I felt a nipple underneath her blouse and began playing with it, using my thumb and index finger. I moved to the other nipple. I could feel it was erect. While continuing our passionate kissing, I moved from one nipple to the other with my fingers. Her body began to writhe. She bucked her hips. She rotated her pelvis.

With an impatient groan, she sat up and pulled off her blouse. With her back to me, I tried unhooking her bra. I couldn’t get it undone. I kept trying with no success and we began giggling again. Soon we were both laughing. Finally, I got her bra unhooked and pulled it over her shoulders

She reached over and unbuttoned my shirt and helped me off with it.

She lay back and pulled me down so that our bare chests were tight against each other. We resumed our kissing. She began moving her breasts across mine.

I broke our kissing, leaned on my elbow and looked into her eyes. I tilted her head to one side and began kissing and licking, making love to her neck and shoulder. She turned her head the other way so I could make love to the other side.

I began moving my mouth across her collar bone and downward. When my lips brushed across her right nipple, her body trembled and she took a sharp breath. I took her breast in my hands and began making love to it with my mouth. I moved my lips back and forth across it. She strained her nipple upward and I took it between my lips. She groaned and pulled my head against her breast. I gently sucked her nipple in and out of my mouth while running my tongue around and across it.

She pushed my head toward her other breast. I teased its nipple with my lips and tongue until she forced me to take it into my mouth. He body shook and she cried out as I did. Again, she held my face tightly against her.

Her body began to move. With my mouth still sucking on her nipple, I traced my fingers down her ribcage and across her abdomen. She shivered. I reached her jeans and unbuttoned them. I pulled down the zipper. She tried to wiggle them off but couldn’t do it. In frustration, she sat up, pulled off her jeans and panties, grabbed my neck and pulled my face back down to her nipple.

She moved my face from nipple to nipple and moaned whenever my fingers touched her somewhere different. I ran my fingers up and down her inner thighs, occasionally brushing across her bare vulva as I moved from one thigh to the other.
She had told me in an email that she had shaved herself. I had never felt a shaved woman before. Her bare skin against my fingers was arousing me.

Still attending to her nipples, I started fingering around her outer lips. They were swelled and moisture was seeping out. I occasionally pulled on her lips with a thumb and index finger then continued stroking around her vulva. She moaned. She groaned.
She shuddered when I parted her outer lips and ran my finger up and down her opening. I loved the smoothness of her inner lips. I flicked her clitoris. She twitched. I continued up and down her lips, occasionally touching her clitoris. She bucked her hips so I started concentrating on her clitoris. At one point, I slid my finger between her inner lips and moved it in and out. As I was doing that, I was stimulating her clitoris with the side of my thumb. Her moans turned to short “un’s.” The sounds were almost like grunts rather than moans or groans. Over and over, un, un. I could sense she was nearing an orgasm so I moved my finger and thumb faster. She shouted a long “un” and her body shook. I waited for her to end her orgasm, but she pushed her pelvis up and down and put her hand over mine so I wouldn’t take my finger out. She started making the short “un” sounds again. Each time she would have another, I guess you would call them mini-orgasms, she squeezed my finger with her vaginal muscles. Finally, she gave a sigh, relaxed her body, put an arm across her forehead, and lie still.

I moved up beside her and gathered her in my arms. We held each other tightly for a few moments facing each other. I lay on my back, she scooted close to me, I put an arm under her neck and she put her head on my shoulder.

Then we started talking. Up to this point we had hardly said a word to each other since we had arrived. I have a tendency to analyze, though most people say I over-analyze. I asked about her reactions to our lovemaking. We had once talked about multiple orgasms for women. She didn’t have multiples, she had a continuous orgasm, reaching peaks but never ending. We decided that she is fortunate in that she can orgasm that way. She didn’t need to stop for a short recovery. I told her she was like the energizer bunny, she kept going and going and going.

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