Craving for My Mother

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This is my second mother son story. This happened only because of the overwhelming response from all you readers. I’m indebted to it. Thank you for the personal Emails because of which I could meet a lot of interesting people.

As my previous story, this too is an attempt at writing a detailed yet concise story. Hope you guys enjoy this new tale, of which I’m certain.

Feel free to submit your valuable and worthy comments as it gives me, as a writer, immense pleasure receiving feedback.


It was almost midnight. Sitting in the back of the cab that I just took from the airport, my mind was shuffling through a disorganised bundle of thoughts. Yes I was nervous. There was complete uncertainty in the way I wanted things to unfold. It wasn’t just because I was coming home after a long time. It’s been exactly 10 months. For that, I couldn’t have been happier. The jitters were there because I had made elaborate plans. This time, I was hoping to leave my hometown in a very special way. I intend take my mother along with me.

I knew it was almost an impossible task. But I had decided to go ahead no matter what. Right from my childhood, I learned that I was a bit stubborn. When I wanted something, it played out in my mind over and over again until I literally got charged up and made a move. I like to think that I always got what I wanted. Stepping out to the real world at a very young age only reaffirmed my strong will. Some call me arrogant but they can think all they want from their pathetic little lives. I knew I was a dickhead to almost everyone else other than her. To me, she was my queen.

This particular wish of mine was rather absurd and yet, I can’t imagine living without it. To make matters worse, the margin of error was so high. My mother was the one person in the whole world whom I never want to experience another screw up in her life. As the car drove into our seaside neighbourhood, I felt like a cunning predator. A guilty feeling washed all over me since I had never lied to this woman. I hated doing that. The part which I was ashamed was the fact that I madly lusted over her. My mother, my guardian angel, Mary Almeida…

As a sought after photographer working for a globally popular travel magazine, hopping flights was part of my job. As a 25 year old young man who was brought up in a middle class environment, I wasn’t complaining at all. I loved my job and the money was good. I was climbing up the professional ladder faster than any of my colleagues. The only drawback was that in the last six years since I started working, I had to be away for at least five to seven months a year. This time around, it was the longest. I couldn’t wait to get back home yet again. Just then, my phone rang. It was none other than my mom.

“Have you reached?” Her voice was eager. I could sense the excuse in her excited voice to check up on me just for the sake of it. I had already called her when I was waiting at the baggage counter. She just had to ring me up and hear me say that I was home.

“Yes, mom!” I smiled. “You can put the phone away now.” And I cut the call.

The place that I call home is the beautiful seaside state of Goa, which itself is a global destination. It is one of the must visit places for tourists who are planning their trip to India. Beautiful beaches, impressive forts, quaint shacks and the rave parties welcome the tourists all year round. It was those very photographs of these places that caught the attention of the company that I’m working in now. The people here are known for their warmth and hospitality. But thinking about my mother, it made me a bit sad that she was primarily alone in such a beautiful place.

I looked over at our home in the distance. It was perched up on a small hill in our beachside neighbourhood. I remember our cosy bungalow as spacious, warm and welcoming. It was my mother’s ancestral home.

As the car stopped in front of our house, I got out to open its large gates. The road escalated through the small garden which took up a good area of our sizable compound. Even though my mother was staying alone now, we never had a fear for security in our tightly knit community. Everyone knew each other around here and everyone looked after each other. Moreover, the Almeida residence had a special sympathy from the common folk.

A long time ago, there came a night that became the reason for people to have sympathy for the single mother living in the house on top of the hill. It happened when people crowded in on the same house that I was going to enter now. My mother was a nubile 20 years old then. After courting her for almost two months and impregnating her, the eldest son of a very prominent landlord ditched her. He called me, a growing child in her belly then, a silly mistake. Word got around how the young man and his family was treating the whole situation. Hostility towards them was the townsfolk’s initial reaction. Fearing for the safety of their son, his parents made him drop college and smuggled him out to a place far away where he joined another institution. That was the bahis firmaları last I heard of him from the various sources that tried to tell me about my parentage. I was raised by her ageing parents until I was four. They met with a horrible accident and mom suffered another tragic loss. She eventually evolved into the strong and calm woman that she is now…

The sound of the engine humming closer must have made her throw her mushy romance novel away and jump out of her favourite chair by now. She had been an avid reader of exciting fiction as long as I can remember. I always believe that mom lived those racy stories more deeply than most of the other readers. The books were a sort of an act of escapism since true love was a tragedy to her personally.

The porch came into my view and I was right. I saw her figure appearing on the veranda. The moment I got out of the car, my mom came hopping towards me with the unmistakable sound of her flips flops. She loved wearing sundresses. She had different ones for all occasions. What she was wearing now was one of my favourite ones, the one that truly showed off her amazing anatomy. It was a beige sleeveless one which had large floral prints on it. The sea breeze here was the perfect companion for the light material as it made little waves on the dress that seemed to dance on her beautiful curves.

“Helloo, my darling boy-yie!” I don’t remember when it started but I think it was during the early years of my college. From time to time, mom greeted me in her childish voice. Perhaps she missed those days from my childhood when mom used to talk to me like that. It was cute to see her act that way so I always played along. I hugged her tightly as I lifted her petite frame on her tip toes before I put her down. The cab left and we were standing in the porch looking at each other smiling.

“Hello mommmmy!” I replied in the same babyish tone.

“It’s so good to see you again. And you look so famished, mister!” Mom always commented on how tired I looked whenever she hasn’t seen me in a long while. But this time, she was right. I really needed a break from all the hectic travels.

“I think I really need a refreshing break now, mom.”

I couldn’t help feel a bit nauseated with the conspiracies that I was hatching in the back of my mind. She was right in front of me now and I was scheming to literally uproot her from the place she lived all her life. If it was anyone else in my place, they would have been content fantasizing about their seemingly unrealistic fantasies. But not me. For this, I was clinging onto my optimism that it will turn out just fine, even at the cost of breaking her temporarily. Somewhere in my distorted thought processes, I saw a very bright future for my most forbidden dream.

“And you look exactly the way you were, mom.” I grinned.

I meant that with all my heart. I held both the sides of her arms and studied her. My 6’0 foot athletic body completely dwarfed her 5’6 frame. I took in a long wallow of her features. She looked all of 45 years. Her shoulder length wavy hair bordered her radiant oval face. Her fairer complexion made her look more of a light skinned Latina than the typical Indian woman. Faint wrinkles outlined her liveliest dark brown eyes. Her lips were full but looked way more defined for its volume. It looked naturally outlined like the proud work of a great make-up artist. And that sparkling smile simply lit the air around her.

“Welcome home, son.” She sighed.

It was a quick glance on her figure as I fixed my eyes on her face again. She was always of a medium built but age graciously filled her features to make a bit more curvaceous. My eyes glided down from her feminine neck towards her chest. A great pair of tits hung on them. On her slim body, her C cups looked more like DD’s. She had the kind of sexy tits that jutted outwards onto her inner arms. And it had the perfect amount of that wholesome sag which made it look fuller.

“Come on. Spin around for me.” I was always an animated guy when it came to expressing myself but I don’t think I ever tried to tell her do stuff. I wanted her to know that there’s something different about me. Moreover, seeing her after a long time like this was a perfect setting to mask the excesses of flirtations.

I took her hand and twirled her around. The airy material hugged loosely on her beautiful body. Her slim belly flared away into her sensual love handles. When her body moved, you could make out how soft and firm they were from the vaguely visible impressions that her panty lines made on them. It swooped down to join her widening hips. They were mesmerizing to me. It was a bit thick for her body but it wasn’t disproportionate. It was perfect. The age in her made it look even more desirable as the two mature globes stirred seductively. You know when a woman has her sex intact by the way her hips gyrated when she moved. And her hips easily gave away the fact that it was still very much attractive to the male hormones.

“Someone’s pretty excited! You left me alone for such a long time and now, you’re kaçak iddaa behaving like you can’t live without me.” She chirped.

What I loved about her was that she never got stale. She was strong but she never shoved that attribute onto other people’s faces. The happy smile that she once decided to force on her lips gradually became genuine. I was a keen observer of things and I slowly understood that mom trained herself to be happy with the smallest of things. It worked well as she is the most positive minded person I can think of. She simply radiated tranquillity and happiness.

“I don’t want to leave my mommy now.” I beamed at her.

I walked inside with my luggage on one side and my mom’s arms on the other. Maybe I wouldn’t have to leave you here alone mom, I spoke to myself. I kept the luggage away and dropped down onto our large comfy sofa. The living room looked exactly the same. It felt good to be back home.

“How are things, mom? Shop’s still the same?” There wasn’t much to catch up. We were very much in contact throughout my travels. There wouldn’t have been a week or two that has passed by without us speaking over the phone.

“Same old place. New faces every day. And same old work.”

She ran what I would call a touristy place that sold almost everything a traveller could ask for. From T-shirts to local beaded necklaces to smoking pipes to fancy bags and apparels, you could find everything there. What really made the business tick all these years was the positive word of mouth. It has slowly become a must visit spot for shopping at the beachside. For me, my childhood was filled with memories of popping in and out that place whenever I wasn’t out with my friends.

“Glad to hear that, mom. I sometimes search the internet about our shop when I miss the good old days.” I told her.

She smiled at me for those sweet words. “You should go freshen up. And then we’ll have dinner. I made all your favourite dishes.” She paused. “Oh. And I cleaned your room and changed the bed sheets only yesterday.”

“Ok mom. Be right back.” I took my luggage and entered my old room. It felt good to be back in my private chamber but I wanted to be with her the most now. I quickly freshened up and returned to our dining table that was already perfectly set.

Throughout the sumptuous dinner, we talked about my life on the go. She was all ears and eagerly questioned me about all the tiny details which I may have missed telling her. She wanted to know everything about it and I talked and talked till she was satisfied. I asked her about our relatives and a few others who were close to us. I was glad to know that our little neighbourhood still had that close familial bond with each other. When dinner was over, we settled down in our living room and mom brought the both of us dessert. It was my favourite, custard pudding. That was when mom asked me about something.

“Son. I was thinking about the business of ours. I was waiting for you to come and ask you personally.” She paused. “I’m beginning to think it’s time we move on.”

“I didn’t get you, mom.” I was mildly taken aback when she uttered the words it’s time to move on. It poked the same corner of my mind where my own plans of making her move out rested.

“It’s just a thought that I had. Perhaps… we can invest in something more.” She continued.

“What are you saying, mom?” The manipulator in me was eager to know.

“You know Peter uncle…” She looked down to her dessert bowl. “He made an offer to buy the place for a really good price. We could use that money to buy a bigger shop or do something.”

I knew peter uncle. Everyone knew peter uncle. He ran a popular restaurant right in the busiest part of the town, on the west side. He was a really good man who has always been there to help us. It is an open secret that a long time ago, he liked my mom a lot. I have heard that the mistake that lead to mom being pregnant with me broke the ties that their families were looking forward to establish. Time flew by and Peter uncle married another wonderful lady. They both have been very close to us. All these years, he rightfully kept up his image of that of a gentleman.

“I spoke about doing something more to Jenny aunty. Casually. That’s it.” She spoke slowly. “She must have told him. It seems he finds our place perfect for opening another restaurant.”

Jenny aunty was one of my mom’s distant relative. A fisherwoman would be the basic definition for her profession, but I would rather call her as the most desired caterer of all culinary needs. It was from her large cold storage chain that most of the hotels and establishments in this part of town bought their fresh seafood from. She was also the go-to person for all things around here. She was the social butterfly of our middle class community.

“Are you bored of doing the same thing all these years?” I smiled. I knew she loved her little shop but I could empathise with her. Loneliness and monotony can be a forceful eye opener for wanting to do different things.

“It’s been a while. I think kaçak bahis I should do more. You know, generally…” She paused mid-sentence.

“I think it’s a good idea, mom. Maybe we can start something different…”

“Only if you are ok with it, son. As I said, I’m not really sure of it.”

“Nonsense. It is a great idea. In fact, this is actually the best time. I’m very much settled in life and I’m making good money. There’s no risk involved. I think you should do it.”

“Speaking of well settled, you have also become a celebrity in our small town.” She gleamed. “Did you see your flux on Dennis road??”

“I did, mom. Haha. Just a slightly bigger fish in this small pond.”

While coming home tonight, I had seen a small billboard that had my face on it. It read ‘Congratulations on winning the best travel photographer in South East Asia award, Joshua. Proud of you!’ Calling me a celebrity seemed bit of a stretch though, but the people of my town were really simple. They took every opportunity to broadcast if any one of us made it big in some way or the other.

“You’re not just a slightly bigger fish. People know you. And I’m proud of you.” She asserted. “I sometimes search the internet to see my son too, you know…”

This is what made talking to her exciting. My mom had a razor sharp wit. For compliments as well as sarcasm, she easily dished out clever replies. It made her a sweet challenge to talk to. It was never boring.

“What are your plans for your stay, son? How long are you going to be here?”

“Maybe a week.” Although I have to return soon, it was a one way ticket that I booked. But I couldn’t tell her why. A feeling of uneasiness surged throughout my body. Lying to her always made me feel this way.

“That’s too less! This is the longest time you have been away from your home. You couldn’t ask them for a month at least?” She spoke quickly.

“Mom…” I laughed throughout my reply. “If I ask or a month, they’ll start looking for my replacement.” She clearly didn’t know how competitive my field of work was. She raised her eyebrows and gave me a silly pout.

“I have to make a few calls to my boss for that. Maybe I can do something about it.” I avoided eye contact for the second lie in a row.

“Ok, son. And once you finish that,” she pointed at my dessert that was almost finished. “You should get some sleep now. It’s almost midnight.”

“Yes mom.”

“Ok then. Get a good night’s sleep.”

“Can I sleep in your room for today, mom?”

In our house, sharing a bed with my mom wasn’t a big deal. Mom never had any man step into the house as long as I remember. And I was free to roam around. When I grew up, things obviously changed and I shifted to my room. But her room was always free to enter unless she had closed the door while changing or taking a bath. The bed in her room was an old king size bed and three people could easily sleep comfortably on it.

“You want to? Ok, then…”

“Just like old times.” I smiled at her. “But only if you’re comfortable.”

“What do you mean if you’re comfortable? You’ll always be my little boy!” She leaned towards me, pinched one of my cheeks and fell back onto the back rest again. “You couldn’t sleep without hugging me till you were 10.”

“Sheesh…” I faked an embarrassed smile.

“Don’t you think you can act “I’m a big man now’ in front of me.” She took the empty pudding bowl from my hands.

“Ok mommy.” I mimicked the weary groan of that ten year old.

“I’m going to get ready for bed. You can change and come over.”

My mind strayed towards what mom had asked me about the shop. I counted this as one of the very few freebies that I have received in my life. I thanked my lucky stars for this one. Making her leave the shop was one of my biggest worries. Maybe my long bouts absence during the last few years must have made her realise that there’s so much more time for herself.

“Yes mom. I’ll join you after that.”

With that, she went to the kitchen to do the final round of cleaning. I took my time to unpack all my stuff and changed into my shorts and tees. I made my way into mom’s bedroom. She was on her side facing the wall. I walked around to my side and sank into the mattress. Sensing the weight, she turned her towards me.

“Good night, son.”

“Good night, mom. ”

I sat up in the bed and she turned her back towards me again. She always slept on her side as long as I can remember. The ceiling fan right above the bed was swinging at moderate speed, and it was more than enough for this pleasant seaside weather. I switched off the only bed lamp that was lit and let the moonlight shine through.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, the figure of my mom became clearer. Like every other boy who was growing up, I had that unforgettable phase of discovering myself. Pictures of Skimpy naked girls from magazines excited me and I was masturbating four times a day. But back then, I was ashamed that my fantasies always shifted towards the woman who was lying next to me. Our group of friends would talk about all the Milf’s we would fuck but discussing about our own moms was too taboo to talk about. Nobody openly discussed fantasising about their own mothers even if they did jerk off to them.

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I Wanted Her To Do It

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This story happened in the early 1990’s. My wife Rachel and I married young. We’d known each other our entire life. We didn’t attend the same school, but our parents were members of the same church and took it seriously. Our social life seemed to revolve around the congregation, so Rachel and I grew up together. She was good looking and she intrigued me, but we were teenagers and so did many other girls.

I went to college a few hours away while Rachel stayed in our hometown playing volleyball for our hometown university. She was a year behind me. We reconnected the summer between my Junior and Senior year. She was one of those girls whose “hotness” went off the charts after high school. She became a woman, in every sense of the word. Beautiful hair, sultry eyes that seemed almost mysterious, and an an athletic body to die for with wide hips and powerful legs. She was a little shorter than me, but taller than your average girls at around 5 foot 10, and I’m guessing because of her muscle and height she weighed about 140 or so but I didn’t dare ask. She tanned easily and was partial to gold necklaces and earrings.

On our first real date I’d returned her home from a long day at the zoo. We kissed in her bedroom, and I caressed her breasts. Her bosom was soft and inviting. Terrified her parents would discover us, we fled for a car-based makeout session, parking by the train tracks on an old dirt road in the country. A freight train came through and the next thing I know her shirt and bra are in the backseat, my lips nibbling her sweet, large nipples.

Rachel’s legs rested at crazy angles on the dashboard, the seatback pushed all the way down. I still remember the little details, how we unzipped her jeans and wiggled them down just far enough to give me access. She breathed heavily as my hand slid under her panties, combing through her pubic hair until I touched her labia which rolled between my fingertips. I remember how I tried to massage her clit, not knowing exactly where it was, and how absolutely warm and slick my middle finger felt as it slid into her. She buckled and yelped as I thrust my fingers in, my hand exhausted by the time she came. I was naive, kept going, until she gently pulled my hand away from her.

The radio on, Rachel jacked me off in the dark to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I surreptitiously smelled the fingers that had been in her. It smelled like pussy, sweaty and dank, not pungent, but not roses either. I grunted and came, cum splashing on my jeans.

I was in love.

That last year of school was tough. I was able to attend a couple of her volleyball games. I admired Rachel, proud to have such an athletic and talented girlfriend. She prowled the floor in her tight uniform, her nipples fairly obvious, the curve of her shorts hugging her ass and crotch.

But our long distance relationship suffered. These were the days before email and cell phones. We exchanged mail like pen pals and I called once a month. In March I got a heartfelt letter that she’d been seeing somebody named Chad, a fellow student, and wanted me to know before I heard it on the grapevine. I was stunned and picked up the phone, but nobody answered.

That night I lay in bed thinking about Rachel. I pulled out a Hustler magazine I kept stashed against the wall by my bed and tried to rub one out. I had mixed emotions. How could she betray me? But another side of me imagined her being kissed and caressed by this son of a bitch Chad.

I lay back, just me in a tee-shirt stroking myself in bed, and closed my eyes. I pictured Rachel on all fours in her childhood bedroom getting railed. I felt my orgasm start and drove it home. When I came, a powerful spurt of hot white sperm roped high above me and seemed to hang in the air before falling and splashing on an open page in the magazine. I rarely came that hard while masturbating. I wiped the page, amazed at the quality of my arousal.

I lay back more frustrated than ever, angry at Rachel. I spent hours planning a long distance phone call to her, plotted clever speeches designed to humiliate and shame her into choosing me. I knew it was futile. My mind wandered in erotic directions and I ended up masturbating three more times. The rim of my cock head hurt when I came the last time. I fell asleep around 2 in the morning.

I woke up nervous at 7:30, barely eating. It was too early to call, so I gathered my school supplies and went to class. Throughout the lecture I couldn’t focus. The professor wrote a list of items on an overhead and I just gave up, endeavoring to at least concentrate on his words. Never was I so thankful when class ended.

I rushed back to my apartment. My hands shook as I dialed. My voice cracked as I said hello. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The conversation started awkwardly. I’d resolved to play the cool and aloof guy but I knew it sounded fake. Rachel wanted to see him. I told her that was fine, I hope she didn’t mind if I saw other people. In reality there was nobody serious lined up. She apologized, güvenilir bahis told me she didn’t mean to hurt me.

The gist of it was this wasn’t a one night stand. She still wanted to see me but was confused. It was all so very typical and I almost hung up on her in frustration.

Almost as an afterthought I asked her, “Did you sleep with him?”

“Why do you want to know that?” she answered. She didn’t deny it.

“Just curious is all, no big deal” I answered as nonchalantly as possible. She’d confessed to me last summer she was still a virgin, and wanted to save herself for marriage. My penis stirred, waiting for the answer.

Rachel paused a moment, “Yes.”

My cock throbbed in my pants. The traitorous bastard.

We said our goodbyes. I felt horrible. I’d lost my Rachel. She was special and some cocksman had taken her. I cried in my apartment. Raw rage permeated my soul but there was something else. I had this new erotic component that didn’t exist prior. I was the victim of a cuckold mindfuck, my sexual brain rewiring itself to dull the pain.

I took a shower and had to fight myself to keep from whacking off. I deliberately applied shampoo, soaped, and rinsed. My erect dick clowned me, sticking out like a salami as I dressed. I fought it, stuffed it down my pants, and walked to the university library, precum on my leg as I sat down to study. I finally gave up and jacked off in a school bathroom. Immature and naive, I prayed some homo wouldn’t come in, discover me and get the wrong idea.

The weeks passed, and I did my best to fight off the urges but my masturbation focused on her infidelity as the center of the fantasy. It seemed like it wasn’t even my choice, although I considered putting it out of my head. I just couldn’t.

And with that I did my best to soldier on with my studies. Imagine my relief when I got a call from Rachel two months later, confirming that she’d broken up with Chad, or as I called him, Stud McStuds. I invited her to my graduation, and she happily accepted. She came with my parents, who were pleased as punch that I was interested in such a seemingly quality girfriend. My mom took me to the side and said I needed to hold on to her. She was a family friend, a churchgoer with good morals. She even taught bible class to the first and second graders. I was sort of embarrassed at the speech, but silently laughed at the ironies involved. Miss perfect, sure.

Truly our relationship was fantastic. I moved back to my hometown, got a decent job in accounting. Rachel still lived at her parent’s house. I also got an apartment and although her parents didn’t want us shacking up, they tolerated the occasional sleepover at my place. We were adults, not teenagers.

The first night she spent at my place was the first time we had sex. Up late after watching television we curled up in bed and I’d asked Rachel to tell me how she had been seduced. It was a question bursting to be asked. She hemmed and hawed, but I prodded until she opened up.

She’d gone to a birthday party of a teammate. There was some drinking, which she didn’t normally do. Late in the evening the stragglers gathered around to watch a movie in the basement. It was a pretty big house with a “finished basement” for entertainment. It had a kitchenette, an entertainment room with a pool table, couches and a widescreen TV, as well as a couple of bedrooms.

She had chatted with Chad and he seemed interesting. He played baseball for her school, so as student athletes they had much in common.

There weren’t enough sofas and chairs for everybody, so she and Chad sat on the floor with blankets and a couple of pillows. They watched a videotape of “Platoon”, which is hardly conducive to romance, but it was dark, the feeling of human touch stirred them and they bonded, holding hands. Near the end of the movie he reached down and rubbed her privates beneath the blanket.

Chad nuzzled her neck and she knew. They picked a bedroom, shut the door and locked it. On the bed she pulled off her pants and his hand went between her legs. She made a point of telling me he had big hands and his fingers felt good. It was too much to resist.

He pushed her down and unbuckled his pants. She saw him naked and she gave in. He deflowered her. She bled and it shamed and scared her, so much so that she smuggled the offending sheets out of the house the next morning and tossed them in a dumpster. No she hadn’t used a condom. That had been stupid.

He called her the next week and before she knew it, they were seriously dating.

As she finished telling me her story, I attacked her. I told her I wanted to be her new Chad and she laughed and gave me permission.

“Does that story really make you so excited?” she asked, amazed, “I thought you’d hate it.”

“So did I until it didn’t. I had to know. You can always tell me stories like that,” I answered.

“Well I doubt there will be any more stories like that,” she said.

I peeled off her clothes and pulled a brand new türkçe bahis box of condoms out of the bedstand. Now it was my turn. She helped roll one onto me, she now had experience with it. We groped each other until I put it into her. It was exquisite. She was snug and said it hurt so I put KY on it. I made love to the woman I loved so dearly, the mother of my future children.

Two weeks later Rachel spent the night again. Again I brought up Chad and she told me doggy style was his favorite position. My cock buzzed. Again, she helped roll the condom on, then assumed the position. I cannot overemphasize how turned on I was.

Rachel arched her back, sleek as a panther in heat. Her pronounced labia puffed out among a mass of dark blonde pubic hair. “Did he fuck you like this?” I said, intending to plunge my cock into her like a champion. It was comical. My latex covered cock head rubbed up and down her pussy slit searching for the weak point. I accidently thrust it against her anus and she yelped, reaching back to place it in the right spot and told me to push.

I entered her. “Finally,” Rachel moaned. She cried out in erotic pain. “Fuck me. Fuck me like Chad.”

That was probably the wrong thing to say. I came in under a minute.

Rachel was bewildered and frustrated, but patient with me. I took off the wet condom, she bent over and took my limp cum covered cock in her mouth. Five minutes later it was hard again. We rolled on another condom, she bent over and we made love. I had no problems staying hard, and she was loosened up, telling me to fuck her harder and deeper. I did my best and afterward we cuddled and kissed. “Did you cum?” I asked.

“I think so,” she said, and that hurt because I wanted to impress her. Nobody thinks they’ll be a sexual flop. I wanted to be the stud. I decided to try oral sex.

Rachel smiled as I made my way down, kissing her shoulders, her breast, her stomach. I caressed her body as my lips and tongue traced circles in her pubic hair. She pressed her clit into my lips as I ate her out. “Yes,” she cried out, breathing sharply. I didn’t stop until she convulsed in obvious joy. My jaw and tongue ached.

I was proud. She made me wash out my mouth before she let me kiss her, then we cuddled and talked. I asked her if Chad had made her cum when he fucked her. “Yes,” she mentioned. “He was a little deeper. But you are great honey.”

I had my doubts. By my scorecard Chad was the better fucker. Heck, he was the better finger-fucker if that’s even a word. But I was good at giving oral sex. Did he have to even bother?

Now, I’m probably painting a sexually bleak picture. Let me make clear this isn’t really the case. I’m detailing how seeds were sown that would later bear fruit.

This was only the beginning of our journey of discovery. Rachel and I lusted after each other. We explored each other’s bodies. We fucked and sucked and got better at it. We did it in new and interesting places, including both our parent’s bedrooms, the church’s administrative office, in a spare room at my work, and in a rented motorboat while on vacation at a family friend’s lake house. We were sexual rebels.

By the end of that summer, I’d asked her to marry me. She cried with joy. We decided to wait until she graduated and have a ceremony in July of the coming year. Our life plan was simple; get married, she get her real estate license, have a bunch of babies, go to church, grow old happy, the end.

Rachel started her senior year and I attended all her home games. I now had money to spend on her. I bought her gifts, clothes and jewelry. We had a level of freedom untasted before.

Just for fun we returned to the scene of two crimes. I fucked her in back of my new SUV parked by the railroad tracks where we spent our first real date. That was nostalgic. I also fucked her in the bed where Chad had first fucked her the year prior. That changed our lives.

It was almost exactly a year after she first cheated on me. Rachel was again invited back to celebrate the same girl’s birthday! Imagine how I felt when I finally met Chad in the kitchen. Rachel introduced me. We knew he might attend but I told Rachel I didn’t mind.

Seeing them interact, that was tricky. He hugged her. He sat up close to her on the couch. The two of them chatted and I sat back just observing, examining my mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was glad I got the girl. On the other hand, my mind played scenarios where she would sneak off with him and tell me about it later. It was an epiphany. I realized I wanted it to happen. I accepted it.

I played a dangerous game. Rachel would occasionally seek me out and acknowledge me. She asked if I minded her speaking with him, and I said no. Imagine my angst as he hogged her attention. I didn’t know if I should step in. I had no desire to be humiliated or provoked into a fight.

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pulled Rachel to the side and asked her to come downstairs. She followed and we found the bedroom where the güvenilir bahis siteleri deed was done. I held her hand and pulled her inside. I kissed her and pushed her onto the bed. I told her to take off her panties and hike up her skirt. I didn’t bother with a condom. She lay spread eagle and as I penetrated her that I pictured her as she’d been a few minutes earlier, upstairs talking with Chad.

“Seeing you with him turned me on,” I said.

She just closed her eyes, breathing heavily. “Really?”

“I can’t help it,” I said.

We finished in under two minutes, worried somebody would come downstairs and discover us. This lovemaking session was more meaningful than a regular quickie. I’d confessed a feeling I’d bottled up for almost a year. I pulled out and came in her panties. I tucked them into my coat pocket.

As I wiped my cock clean, a black cloud descended upon me. I had second thoughts about voicing my confession. I loved Rachel, and at that moment I didn’t want to share her with anybody. She scurried out of the room to clean up and I waited for her. I resolved to tell her I was sorry. She didn’t come back after a few minutes. I went upstairs and she was chatting with Chad again.

At first I was angry, but Rachel just winked at me when we made eye contact. I left them alone and mingled. She found me chatting with some other teammates a half hour later. She whispered in my ear that he invited her to leave the party with him. I gulped as I heard that.

I replied, “Are you just telling me or asking for permission?”

“I’m so ready. You need to take me home now,” she said.

We drove a few blocks in silence, her fondling my hard cock through my jeans as I drove. I reached over and she pulled her dress up so I could rub her bare crotch. It was incredibly warm and a little damp. I opened my big mouth and said, “If you ever want to have sex with him again, you can.”

“Why?” she answered. “That’s crazy.”

“I dunno. You seemed to really enjoy it with him. I think we both know he fucked you better. I kinda enjoy the thought, in a kinky sort of way.”

“WOW” She exclaimed. We drove in silence as I pulled up to her parent’s home. Even I couldn’t believe I’d opened that can of worms. I was about to apologize and she leaned over and started kissing me, reaching down to massage my hard cock that struggled inside my jeans. I scooted back and unzipped my pants.

“You will be such a great hubby,” she whispered in my ear and she went down to suck me off.

I gasped as she mouthfucked the tip. I said, “But nobody else, no fucking way, only Chad.” She didn’t respond except to continue sucking me, this time going deep.

I stopped her and insisted we kiss, tasting myself on her lips. I pushed her back onto her seat. The windows were already fogging.

I fingered her and she panted.

“Imagine this is Chad,” I said.

“I can’t, I love you.” She was breathing heavily.

“But you want to?”‘

She paused, “Yes.”

“Imagine you left the party with him, with my permission.”

Rachel’s breathing quickened as I finger fucked her. She squeezed her legs together around my hand. She blurted out, “Shut up, just shut up,” and she grabbed my hand holding it tight to her groin as a powerful orgasm enveloped her body.

When she recovered she reached out for my cock again. This time I sat back, and she took me in her mouth. I imagined it was Chad’s cock she sucked. It didn’t take long before I squirted down her throat. Immediately I had regrets, and felt the black cloud return. My desire to share her disappeared as soon as I came.

We said we loved each other, and she exited the car. Feeling ambivalent, I dwelled on how easily I’d asked her to cheat and her pleasurable response.

That night I tossed and turned, a rollercoaster of emotion. Around 3 am I jacked myself off to relieve that mental stress. I desperately wanted to be with her, to talk to her, but I couldn’t call her because it would wake her parents.

The next day was a Saturday, and I didn’t hear from her. I called and her parents said she’d told them she was studying with friends on campus. That happened occasionally, but usually on weekdays. By the time I turned in that evening, I’d still heard nothing from her and was worried. Worried and excited.

The next morning I dressed, and as usual for Sundays, met Rachel at Church. I was incredibly relieved to see her. She smiled and snuck a kiss. I didn’t dare bring up current events as we milled about with family and friends before the service.

The pastor gave a sermon on “Thinking Like Christ.” The themes were general, but I felt like he was staring at me, lecturing me. I told myself that either I was being paranoid, or God was calling me that day. She reached out and held my hand, tightly, as the preacher spoke. This wasn’t normal. My mind assumed it had to be bad.

After the service, I went to adult bible study and Rachel taught the kids. I agonized. When that finished, I offered to drive her to lunch, but she insisted we go to my apartment. As we pulled out of the church parking lot, I commented on the sermon, how I felt like he was speaking directly to us. She just reached out and took my hand again.

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One To Remember

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It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 10 years since that wonderful day. It was likely the most important day of my life, and most definitely the funnest (if that is even a word). It was the start of my senior year, the home stretch. I was 18. And even though prom was several months away, I was already nervous about asking that special girl. Who was that special girl you ask? Well let me tell you about her. Every day she sat beside me in the back row. I never thought she knew it, but she had been my fantasy since 8th grade. I couldn’t count how many nights I had awaken to drenched bed sheets because of her. I was always nervous around her, mostly because whenever I saw her, my pants decided it was a good time to pitch a tent.

That day I was especially nervous. She was wearing the pink skirt, the pink skirt that would usually begin my fantasies. It was short, so short that if she were to pick something up from the ground, you would be able to see every bit of what some would call her “unmentionables”. I had gone through several days of praying both for her to drop something, and for her not too. This day one of those prayers was answered. Sure enough her pencil rolled off the desk. It seemed like slow motion, and for every roll it made, I thanked god for making Mr. Gruthers forget to fix the table leg. As she bent over to pick it up. I started to sneak a peak, but looked away as I realized that the slightest glance would start a chain reaction in my pants that would not fair too well if I were called to the board. But the pencil rolled even further away, making her strain bahis firmaları to reach it, and making it impossible not to take a look. In view of my eyes was the most beautiful sight known to man. Every inch of her pussy was in sight. She wasn’t wearing her usual matching pink thong, god knows that part of the story, but never the less, she wasn’t wearing ANY underwear… I tried to hold it back, I tried to hold IT down but there was no stopping the huge erection that ensued. She sat back up in her seat after successfully retrieving her fallen pencil.

She glanced over at me, her marble green eyes met mine, and I felt her hand on my leg. Somehow she knew, her fingers slowly making their way to my rock hard cock. She then began rubbing slowly on the head. She took her other hand and guided my hand to her warm and wet pussy. Then she smiled at me, her usual innocent smile, pulled in close to me and whispered

“Meet me in the restroom at the start of next hour”. I nodded in acceptance to her offer, there seemed very little else I could do. My next challenge was making it to my next class without the whole school knowing that Apollo 8 was in my pants and ready for take off.

As soon as I got into the room I asked Mrs. Dotes for a restroom pass. As always she complied without question. I ran to the restroom as fast as I could, she was already there, and she was certainly ready. She pulled me into the stall with lightning speed and threw me onto the seat. She knew there was plenty of time, 5th hour was always the slowest for restroom breaks. She sat on my lap and began kaçak iddaa licking my neck. Her hands were gentle, like angel hands, and her lips were like velvet on mine. She could tell I was nervous.

“Relax, you’ve had your eye on me for a long time…” she said as she guided my fingers once more onto her warm satin pussy “and I’ve been waiting for it for just as long.”

When she felt my cock throb through the fabric of my pants… she stood and unbuttoned me. She was right; she could barely stand waiting for it as much as I could. She then sat slowly onto my throbbing penis, making my eyes and head roll back. When I rose back up I realized that her fate was the same. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, all my fantasies for 4 years all coming true in one day. Her head rolled forward once more. As we met eyes again, she began slowly bouncing upon my lap, creating a feeling that I had only dreamed about. Our eyes were still locked onto each other as she leaned in and slipped her tongue into my mouth… I began rubbing her soft ass with my hand… I could feel myself being dragged into the heat of the moment. I placed my other hand under her blouse to feel her firm boobs bouncing in synchronization with her bouncing hips. I knew she was also getting pulled into the heat of it all, her hands found their places one on the back of my head holding our lips together despite the gyration of our bodies. And the other under my shirt gently rubbing my chest… she was using everything she had in her to suppress her screams into a nearly silent moan as her cum began bellowing kaçak bahis out over my cock and down my legs… she was persistent. She wanted more.

“Oh god, harder!” she whispered breathlessly into my ear… I knew she wanted it, and so did I. I began thrusting my hips along with hers creating a clapping sound with our thighs, a sound I thought only existed in the porno movies my brother had. She once again nearly screamed making a now more audible moan than before. She leaned in close to kiss me once more.

“I’m gonna cum…” the only words I had spoken to her the entire day, and she couldn’t have been more happy with them. She slowly lifted off of my then completely drenched groin and kneeled on the ground in front of me. She placed her fingers around my cock and quickly began stroking. I moaned almost as loud as she did as a first surge of cum shot across the stall hitting the door behind her. She aimed the second spurt in her face making it partly enter her mouth… the third spurt was not as strong landing on her neck and chin. Even though it was clear that I was done for this round, she proceeded to suck out every last bit of cum that was in my cock, even licking what was on her face.

When she was done, I stood up and lifted her to her feet. Her tongue slipped into my mouth once more and we kissed for several seconds longer, allowing me to taste both my cum and hers in her mouth. “Call me tonight…” She said while slipping a piece of paper with her phone number into my hand. “I’m not done with you yet….” She added before kissing me once more and walking out of the restroom…

For a moment I laughed to myself, thinking that asking her to prom might not be as hard as I originally thought.

But more importantly, that day I knew that my senior year would be one to remember.

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Jamie – The Journey Begins Ch. 12 – Under the Stars…

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After saying our goodbyes in the predawn light, it was time to head off on our road trip. Josh had gotten a call at about 1 am from his workplace – they were called to help the US Forest service as they were mobilizing a large group of firefighters with some big fires that were burning in the Sequoia National forest and their logistical support guys needed help.

So, our goodbye was cut a little – well a lot – short as we had to hurriedly say goodbye. With a plan to catch up on the return leg up the east coast – Josh was going to be in NYC in about six weeks’ time for a family thing – a date to see the NY Yankees play was our plan. I’m such a sucker for baseball and NFL – well NHL too really – who am I kidding? I love to watch sport.

I’d been up for hours and packed the truck with the stuff we’d prepared to take. Luckily Tommy’s garage was large, but I managed to make it look like a bomb had gone off the other day with stuff everywhere. At least now it had returned to normal after all my packing, with our care packages ready to be collected and shipped back home.

With the truck packed, Lucas showered and dressed, finally, I’d had enough time to cook breakfast for Tom, Lucas, and Ryan, who had stayed over too. Gotta give Ryan points – he’s a trier, but I don’t think he’s getting anywhere with Lucas. At least they’re having fun. My domestic skills continued making lunches for us all plus some snacks to eat along the way. Guess it will be the last home cooked meal we get till we meet up with the family in Austin, TX.

Tommy was going to send off the two care packages that I’d left behind. The freight company was coming to the fire station today sometime to collect them, so at least there will be some nice gifts for all while I’m away. Shit! I’ve got to skype the boys see how Ty, Gav, and Sam are all going.


The roads they were pretty much empty in US standards this morning as we headed out of Castaic towards the Joshua Tree national park. Lucas had decided that because I was up early and packed etc, – thanks Josh would have preferred to be snuggled up in bed with a nice warm bod for a while longer, but it wasn’t his fault really – that he’d take the first shift driving. I was just about to drift off to sleep when I felt the truck slow down.

“Jamie, look at that.”

I sat up and stared out the windshield, my eye adjusting to the morning light from the most specular sunrise I’d seen for a while: looking out across the valley out into the distance, the beautiful soft blue with shades of pink, red, and orange painted across the sky. Then I saw it – a hand-drawn sign stuck to a power pole just off to the side: “Have a fantastic trip Jamie, am sorry I had to go, Josh” with a smiley face and what I think was a really bad drawing of a kangaroo.

“Lucas, hold up a sec,” I slipped my chucks back on and climbed out of the truck, walking up to the sign, taking a selfie. I was walking back to the truck when Lucas called out the window.

“Jamie, take it down and bring it with us. It’s a memento, buddy.” And I did.

I rolled the large sheet of poster material up into a tube and used a random hair tie that someone had left on the floor of my truck to keep it safely rolled up.

“Okay driver,” I said as I climbed back in, slipping my chucks off and tucking my feet half under my butt. “Let’s go!” Lucas steered us back on the highway and out of the county in what seemed to be only minutes.

I was looking out the side window watching the countryside come to life slowly as the sun broke across the ground. If the rest of my trip is going to be anything like the past few days, I’m going to need a break when I get back to get over it. I could feel the smile warm my face.

Lucas had caught sight of my smile. “Jamie, Josh was a nice guy, hey?”

He looked at me with both a question and answer written on his face.

“Yeah, he was. Probably too nice for me though, Lucas.”

“I call bullshit,” Lucas responded. “But I think you need time to understand what you want in life, cuz. Maybe you need to start closing some of those open doors you have in your head – you know with Sean, your ex, Adam, even Sam.”

I shot him a look of death. “Sean? Really, Lucas, you had to bring Sean up.” I could feel my eyes start to sting. Folding my arms across my chest in anger and trying to comfort myself, it just hurt too much. “I’m not going there, Lucas, that’s… just leave it alone.”

“I’m sorry, Jamie. I liked Sean too. It wasn’t your fault either – you know that, right? You need to stop blaming yourself. Remember, I was there too. You couldn’t do anything.” Lucas reached over and rubbed my arm with a genuine look of compassion on his face.

A tear slipped from my eye. I quickly wiped it away and tried to hide it. “Yeah, I know, I just-” I stretched a little and rubbed my eyes again with my hands “- I don’t like conflict or the finality of ending things, you know.”

“Yeah, you’ve been like that since we were kids. You’ve always bahis firmaları struggled with closing off feelings and moving along. I guess it’s just who you are.”

“Wow, this is going to be a long trip if we’re going to psychoanalyze my behaviors since childhood,” I exclaimed, looking at Lucas. We both burst into laughter.

“Well, maybe not that long. It’s the same theme replayed over and over, isn’t it Jamie?”

“Ouch, nice burn, buddy. Okay, somewhat true, but, wow, a bit early for kicking my butt yet.”

Lucas hit play on the playlist and music started to fill the car. “Oh cool! I like Sam Hunt.”

“Yeah, I know exactly what you like about Sam Hunt, Jamie.” Lucas cocked his head and raised his eyebrows.

“Wha- he can use me as that back road any day. I’m from the south side.”

“No, you’re from the southern hemisphere, you idiot. What – don’t they teach you anything in College other than Kangaroo taming?”

“Fuck off! I kicked your ass that year I was in high school with you, Lucas.” The laughter started up again. We were always so relaxed, honest with each other. I couldn’t stay angry at Lucas for more than half a day. The worst was when I was a kid because he stole my Hershey’s and my aunt, his mom, wouldn’t let me buy another one.

I flipped him the bird and got back to messaging Josh.

‘Thank you, Josh. That was sweet.’ I sent my selfie with the sign and a ton of smiley faces and one blowing a kiss. “Nice,” slipped out of my mouth to Josh who could not possibly hear me, but what the hell – I laughed at myself, putting the cell down in the center console.


We finally arrived at our first stop, the visitor center at Joshua Tree National Park, checking in and booking a site at the big rock campground for the night. We climbed back into the truck with some maps in hand, like a pair of school kids on an exciting trip. I guess on some level we were behaving like school kids, maybe seniors.

“Hey, Lucas.”


Putting on my best winey childlike voice, I asked, “Can we head over to the ‘Desert Queen Mine’? From the pictures, this place looks like they had modelled their ‘Wild West Water rides on theme parks around the world. Pleasseee?”

Lucas just looked at me like I was an idiot. His face warmed into a smile and gave in, nodding in agreement. “Jesus, okay! Damn – that trick is so effective, especially when you put on the sad face with it. Jamie, you’ve got to teach me the ways of the man-child,” he smirked, putting on a childlike voice on his own.

Smiling, I replied, “Sure. No problems, buddy. That was a pretty decent start right then.” Lucas just winked at me yeah ‘He remembers,’ I thought to myself. ‘He is more like my brother than my brother.’

As we approached the township, the view was eerily familiar, but also not – seeing this stuff in the flesh so to speak, knowing that these were actual buildings and not a mine at an amusement park or theme park. No sooner had the truck stopped moving, we both looked at each other and jumped out, slamming the doors a little hard in our excitement to explore.

After wandering around for a while and shooting some video for our diary, we headed off to skull rock, then, big rock and some other rock.

“Jamie, this is amazing: the scenery, it’s breathtaking. Mate, the place looks like all those scenes from the 1960’s Star Trek TV series.”

“I know, right!” Lucas was just as wide-eyed as me. “Everywhere we look, it’s like this,” I pointed out into the distance. “Lucas – Beam me up, Scotty.”

Lucas held up his hand and did the Vulcan hand signal V thing, “Live long and don’t be an idiot,” he intoned in a deep put-on voice.

“It’s ‘prosper’, not ‘idiot’-you idiot, Lucas.”

“Nope, for us it’s ‘don’t be an idiot’, so we have a chance of living long and prospering, Jamie.”

Yeah, he was right, I guess. I just shrugged my shoulders and climbed up some other rocky outcrop.

“Lucas, I just can’t get over it – the whole place is like the movie portrayal of the Wild West desert, you know – with huge Cactus and Joshua trees, boulders and rock outcrops, with sparse arid ground cover.” Laughing to myself, I continued, “Lucas, all you need is tumbleweed and the music from the ‘Good-the-Bad and-the-Ugly’ and we would be set.”

“No, you’re an idiot,” Lucas yelled back from another outcrop.

“Jeez, with friends like that, who needs enemies?” I took out the truck key and waved it at him, teasing a bit, “Oi Lucas, see ya,” and I scrambled down off my high up perch.

Lucas appeared thirty seconds later, a little out of breath after running to catch up with me.

“I’m not your friend, I’m family.”

“Exactly! And just remember, we both have enough dirt on each other – don’t forget it.” I smiled back at him. I put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him into a side hug. There are not many people that I totally and unreservedly trust or love, but Lucas was one.

It had always been the same kaçak iddaa way with Lucas: we brought different aspects of our personalities out. With me, I always was at ease around Lucas. I felt more in control of myself and my world, plus I didn’t feel like I was being judged or treated like a child. Whereas Lucas was visibly more relaxed around me and able to just go with the flow. I so missed that year I spent over here at school with him and my cousins. It’s weird, but I felt like a grew as a person a whole lot in that twelve months, but slipped back into the rhythm of the way things happened in our family when I got back home.

Just before dusk, we decided that it was time to head back to ‘Jumbo Rocks’ camping ground and set up for the night before all the spots were gone, or we’d end up near the latrine building and we didn’t want that, right?

“Come on buddy,” I said as I directed Lucas into our small reserved space to park the truck. Once we were parked, it was simply just unloading a few of the storage crates that were in the tub of the truck in order to make way for our camping swags to be rolled out so we could sleep off the ground.

After fifteen minutes of stacking and cracking open a ‘Dr. Pepper’, we were all done. Our idea around the storage crates and large locker in the tub was simple and easy, plus keeping our stuff safe and secure from people and animals.

We’d finished unpacking some snacks into our eagerly awaiting tummies, so it was time to set a small fire at the back of the campsite although it had been a warm day- can’t go camping and not have a fire – that would be just sitting outside in the dark, and that’s just sad.

“Jamie, do you want to get the fire going, or me? The cold air of night in the desert will be coming down pretty quickly, and you’re always crapping on about how Firefighters light the best fires.”

“Sure, I’ll do it,” and headed off to the wood storage we’d packed in the tub locker for camping, in case we struck rain or no wood to burn etc.

While I was getting the fire set and started, Lucas set up the site with some fold-out chairs, portable light lamp and music, of course. “Calvin Harris getting a run tonight so far nice-choice Lucas, nice.” I was standing back admiring my handy work, well both really, as Lucas had decided to help me light the fire after he’d finished his stuff. After fifteen-twenty minutes we had it cracking away just nicely.

Soon enough, we were joined by the neighbors from a few of the surrounding campsites in short order. Apparently, my Aussie accent was drawing them in. Before we knew it, there were about 15 people sitting around the fire pit, with some kids not much older than my niece and nephew toasting marshmallow and making s’mores, watching the skyline slowly darken and hue of color change. It was nice, extremely relaxing.

Everyone was engaged in conversations when my cell started to buzz. Pulling it from my pocket I could see it was a skype call from home. Gav, Ty and almost all of the gang were calling me from what looked like my parents’ place, wah?

I quickly answered the call and excused myself from the crowd around the fire. Lucas looked up and I smiled and waved him off – I think he was concerned that is was bad news or something. “Hold on guys. Let me switch the call to my tablet so I can see y’all,” I almost yelled into the cell as I quickly crossed the ground to the cabin of the truck, retrieving my tablet and powering it up.

Plugging in my headphones and switching the call over, I climbed up onto the side of the truck, sitting atop the toolbox locker across the rear bulkhead and managing not to drop the cell phone, tablet or my drink – awesome effort, if I do say so myself!

In seconds I was transported away from the US and back to my friends in OZ. Hearing all their voices and excitement in talking over each other was intoxicating and made me tear up a little. Our accents stood out so much in a large concertation of competing voices – it was weird. Did I sound like that?

Everyone was at the ‘rents’ place, as they’d been helping Julie clean out and paint her old place getting it ready to sell. There had been a couple of offers made on the place in record time, which I think Adam might have had something to do with. Noticing him and Jules chatting away in the background, it made me smile. I hope they get it on – it would be awesome – two of my best friends together. Julie deserves a great guy and you couldn’t go past Adam.

Lucas came looking for me after a little while, climbing up into the tub of the truck and sitting next to me, s’more in hand and mouth – hope he bought me one as well.

“Umm-Umm,” with hand gestures was all I got from Lucas as he waved the delicious chocolatey treat at me. Clearly, it was waiting to meet its maker. Once we had exchanged hand gestures, I needed to stuff that delicious looking thing in my mouth. Lucas who had sat back next to me became excited – his face lit up like Fourth of July seeing everyone on the screen.

The kaçak bahis gang, seeing him appear, let out a cheer. Mom and Dad appeared in the background of the screen and let out aloud, “Yes, there’s our boy!”

“Hey, I’m their boy, he’s just a ring in,” I laughed, at my parents’ joy in seeing their nephew.

“Hey guys,” Lucas reached over, unplugging my earbuds when no one responded to him. They all were cheering when they heard Lucas speak.

“My god – it’s the part-time Aussie,” Gav shouted, “How are you mate? You keeping that crazy cousin under control or do you need controlling like last time you were, where Lucas? Oh, thanks for the pics too, by the way. That was awesome stuff” Gav roared with laughter.

“What pictures did you send to the guys, Lucas?” I snapped at him with a look that would stop a clock.

“Um… nothing,” he replied, looking all coy at me.

“Bullshit!” Ty shouted back.

There was a slapping sound of camera. I could hear Mom giving Ty a motherly serve for swearing in the house. It ended with a “Sorry Ma’am,” from Ty.

“Hey Jamie, there are loads of pictures of you on the back of a nice looking truck with your hands down some guys pants.” Ty was smirking into the screen.

I could see Gav in the background trying to look invisible and not doing a good job of it either.

Jeez, these guys are just trying to get me fried with the ‘rents or what? Swiping my face with my hand, “I’m gonna…” Mom let out a yelp off-screen somewhere.

“He did what?” echoed across the room.

Ty looked closely into the camera, “Oops – my bad. Sorry, buddy,” he said sheepishly, pulling a sad face. His eyes were distracted to movement off screen and twisted around – I think he was going to make a dash for the backyard to finish our conversation when I spotted my Mom closing in at speed behind him.

The screen shook for a moment and I could see we were on the move – the camera was pointing sideways at what looked to be knee height from this angle.

“Crap, I’m gonna get an ass kicking now,” I quietly said to myself, rocking back a little, leaning against the rear of the truck cabin. Lucas had seen it all and gave me one of those comical ‘oops-you’re-stuffed’ looks.

I replied with looking to the heavens for divine interference or something, with my hand holding the side of my face like it was about to fall off.

“Okay Jamie, time to be proactive… Mom!”

Nothing – we were still walking.

“Mom,” a little louder this time holding the tablet at almost point-blank range from my mouth, the walking stopped.

She was lifting the cell. Obviously I was loud enough to be heard – either that or the house had just suffered a silent earthquake and the place was turning 90 degrees right side up at speed.

“Yes James,” Mom looked into the screen far too close. It was one of those scary closeup shots where everything is out of proportion.

I couldn’t help myself – a smile broke across my face. “Oh, what a big nose you have grandma, and big teeth too.”

Lucas looked at me with a horrified look on his face. In a hushed voice, he proceeded to explain possible lack of foresight with that last comment.

“What the fuck! What the fuck are you doing Jamie? Your Momma is going to kill you, and most likely me too, you dumb ass.”

Then I heard Steph’s voice, coming closer. “Mom what are you doing?”

I looked at Lucas, “Oh shit! Here we go… this is going to-”

Lucas hit the mute button on the screen. “Shh,” holding his finger to his lips in the age-old ‘quiet’ signal. “This is going to be good. I love it when Steph and your Mom um-talk about you. It’s always been so full-on. I wanna hear this plus don’t want the background noises cutting us out at a key moment and miss a zinger launched by Stephanie. Jamie, this is going to be either quick or catastrophic.”

“Mom, he’s a grown man, having a holiday. What – you’re going to tell him off for having some fun?”

“Well, Stephanie, I don’t think sending photos around with his hands down other people’s pants is fun.”

Stephanie replied, “Hey, Mom! You know that doesn’t intimidate me like it does my brothers or sister. Really Mom, don’t be such a Grandma.”

Lucas and I just looked at each other in stunned silence, checking that the mute was still turned on. We were both in total sync, wriggling a bit closer, shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip, leaning in closer to the screen.

We were both grinning like idiots. “These showdowns don’t happen too often, hey Lucas?” and we weren’t going to miss a second of it. My mom and eldest sister going at it was always entertaining, even better when it took the heat off me.

Lucas’ finger was lifted to the lips again. “Shhh, Jamie.”

“Jamie didn’t take the photos, did he Mom? Clearly, his hands were busy, And with some guy with a, wow! Really hot ass in ‘Levi’s’.”

We could see Steph had a smirk on her face – clearly she could see the fun part of it – but I was more hoping she’d be trying not to unnecessarily poke the bear. Maybe she was not so much trying the full frontal attack with Mom – sometimes it worked between Mom and Steph, but never anyone else, not even Dad.

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Indecent Proposal Ch. 06

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We had a relaxing morning snorkelling and sunbathing at the resort before having a relaxing slow lunch at the bar washed down with a couple of beers before heading off to be pampered with a relaxing massage. Are you getting the theme here?… A nice relaxing day, yes pure relaxation.

I had been sneaky and arranged for the massage tables to be set in an open T shape. This meant I could lie on the table looking forward at Annabel’s lovely body laid out on the table across in front of me so I could see her whole body slide ways on. I must admit I admired the curve of her ass rising under the white fluffy towel like rolling hills covered in snow. Her fine legs stretched out and the curve of her calves forming small foot hills in silhouette. We had booked a 90 minute hot stone deep skin massage. Initially the massage was firm but gentle on my back but when the lady started on my legs I nearly cried out in pain as her strong fingers seemed to curve under the muscles in the back of my legs. Her fingers felt like they were inside my leg. It was hard to letch at Annabel when my eyes & face were screwed up in pain.

But I soon got used to it as I watched the other lady run her hands over Annabel’s body. Once she was massaging Annabel’s naked ass I developed a good hard on that made it uncomfortable lying face down on the table. I wiggled my hips to make my old man more comfortable underneath me. The lady doing my massage laughed and said something in her native tongue and then both laughed. The other lady poured some warm oil on Annabel’s ass and rubbed it in; I hardened some more. I wiggled some more to get comfortable just as the lady poured warm oil on my own ass. My wiggling must have spoilt her aim as I soon felt a stream of warm oil flow into the crack of my ass.

“I’m very sorry Sir!” she exclaimed as her finger suddenly reached into the cleft of my ass as she started to wipe the oil downwards. In doing this her finger pressed down and briefly indented into my ring making my ass to involuntarily thrust upwards.

“I’m sorry Sir,” seemed to be a half laugh and insincere as her finger seemed to stay pressed against my ring making me harden even more. By now the displaced oil was flowing on to my balls. Her hand quickly tried to rub it off but all she seemed to do was spread it over my balls as she then seemed to cup my balls in my hand. I saw the other lady smiling as she herself was rubbing warm oil into the inside of Annabel’s thighs. I got the impression this was part of their perks, and I wasn’t going to object.

I saw the lady working the oil into the top of Annabel’s thighs and I could she Annabel starting to grind her ass into the bed so I gathered she was receiving some very attentive strokes close to or on her pussy. I in turn eased my hips up in the air and the lady got the message and slid her hand under my balls so her oily hand rubbed up and down the sensitive underside of my rock hard cock. Her other hand massaged & cupped my ass, occasionally pressing a fingertip hard against my lubricated ring. I nearly came on the table.

Finally Annabel was asked to turn over and I could see her breasts heaving as Annabel was breathing fairly hard; her nipples projecting upwards like two organ stops. She was certainly turned on and struggling to lie still as the lady started to massage her lower stomach; slowly working her oiled hands upwards until they very lightly brushed the under curve of her breasts.

As each section of our bodies was coated in oil the masseur’s then gently rubbed warm rounded river pebbles over our oiled skin; Geez, that felt tremendously relaxing. So imagine receiving such heavenly relaxing feelings and then add to this the erotic fingering of your erogenous zones… now you can probably understand why Annabel & I were so turned on and in need of release. The lady made no effort to replace my towel over my midriff after it had been dislodged by my bursting hard on. She seemed to allow her forearms to brush across the head of my cock as she rubbed my chest & stomach.

Oil, hot stones, and then her strong fingers rubbing my nipples sent pulses of electrical energy pulses to my cock which twitched in response, so close to shooting a wad over my stomach.

The other lady was doing the same to Annabel’s breasts & nipples, and was justly rewarded with a long low groan from Annabel as her hips & legs shook their way through an orgasm.

“Are you OK Madam” the lady asked in mock concern, fully aware of what her hands had achieved.

“Oh God, yes,” breathed Annabel somewhat huskily and breathlessly.

I could just smell her musk over the scent of the oils; Annabel had creamed herself.

They ladies penultimate actions were a very sensual head massage that had both of us just about asleep.

The finishing touch was a rub down from head to foot to release any lingering tensions & toxins. But this rub down was slightly different from bahis firmaları a standard massage as she cupped my balls and firmly gripped the base of my cock as her other hand gave the head of my cock several slow wanks. The pressure of her fingers ensuring that I didn’t cum.

Once they reached our feet they covered us in warm towels for ten minutes or so to snooze.

We were awoken with glasses of fresh cold fruit juice and warm terry robes to sit in. Annabel and I sat in easy chairs for about twenty minutes grinning like Cheshire Cats, thoroughly enjoying the memories & sensations that we have just received.

Eventually we walked back hand in hand to our chalet thoroughly relaxed. Whilst my balls still felt fit to burst and would have loved to have tenderly made love to Annabel for the rest of the afternoon; but really we both needed a couple of hours kip before the festivities I had planned for the evening, unbeknown to Annabel.

The late afternoon nap had done us both good and would stand us in good stead for what I had planned for the evening.

We both showered individually otherwise we would have been pleasuring each other then and then. Whilst Annabel was showering I got her next set of presents out of my suitcase and left them on the bed for her.

I got dressed in comfortable chinos, button up shirt, and slip on shoes before moving out onto the verandah with a glass of fruit juice to watch the sun start to head down toward the horizon for the night.

About half an hour later I heard the door open and turned my head to see this vision appear from the chalet exactly as I had fantasied she would look. I started my appraisal from the deck upwards. Annabel was wearing some strap up high heeled shoes with long straps that criss-crossed up her lower legs up to just below her knees. The straps really emphasized the shape of her calves, easily aided by the shiny black nylons of her tights. Stockings would have been preferable as I love that couple of inches of bare upper thigh above stocking tops; but tonight stockings would have been inappropriate as they would have made her look slutty when compared with her next item of apparel, a short black leather skirt. Yes, a short black leather skirt can look slutty when combined with a low top showing cleavage and stockings showing the tops of bare thigh when moving but I reckoned I could entice her to be slutty later, in private, with the right encouragement.

As I’ve said Annabel is the mother of two lovely daughters and is in her early thirties so her thighs are of a shape & size that meet these criteria and lead to a pair of lovely shaped calves. As you can imagine these are not going to be stick thin, but lovely firm flesh that have not yet got a trace of flab or cellulite. Her legs & thighs looked fucking stunning. I so wanted to run my hand slowly up from her ankles until my hands disappeared under the hem of her skirt to discover and explore the wonders concealed above the hem.

Continuing to lift my eyes upwards towards heaven I took in the way the skirt sat snuggly to her hips & thighs, and I felt a stirring in my chinos in open appreciation.

Above the waist band of the leather skirt was a white satin button up blouse. It seemed perfectly tailored for her; the underside of her breasts started to fill out the material as my eyes continued upwards on to the bulge of her breasts which I knew were held snugly in place by a front fastening pop up bra that lifted her breasts to their natural position as God & Adam intended them to be before age & gravity affected them. Lastly came her long hair cascading until her shoulders, framing her slightly nervous, but smiling face.

I eased myself slowly out of my chair and turned to face her from a couple of metres away; she was the vision of beauty itself. If I was thirty years younger, less experienced, and less patient, I would have fucked her there and then. But being fifty plus and appreciating the finer points of life I held out my hands towards her, palms upwards, “Annabel, you are a vision of beauty,” I praised her as I slowly stepped forward taking in her beauty; knowing I wouldn’t have been in this position, right here, right now if she and her husband hadn’t accepted my $50,000 indecent proposal. But I wasn’t going to put a price on my evening; I was just going to thoroughly enjoy myself as the week was starting to run out of remaining days unfortunately.

I took her hands gently in mine and took half a step backwards to increase the distance between us as I openly admired the beauty in front of me. Annabel has a natural beauty, a warm fun loving personality, a killer body, and now a stunning outfit that was giving me a hard on to bear as delayed gratification for the next few hours. “Beautiful… simply beautiful,” I huskily praised. I gently released one of her hands and then stepped forward slightly to lift her other hand on my lips to gently kaçak iddaa kiss the back of her warm perfumed skin. Her scent lit up my senses; she was a lady, and 100% woman.

I stepped forward until my chest almost brushed against her; and then I raised my hand gently under her chin to tilt her heads upwards as I slowly brought my lips down to hers and very lightly kissed her. My lips brushed hers in a light kiss and easing my head back just a touch to break the contact. I was immensely pleased when she leaned forward to resume the kiss. We kissed lightly for a minute then her tongue ran along my sealed lips; ‘YES’ my mind screamed, she has accepted being dressed how I wished.

Her tongue pushed on my lips and I eased mine apart without a hint of resistance as my arms curled around Annabel’s warm body to take this hot woman in my arms. It was definitely taking all of my experience; patience and self-control not to shag her now like some rampaging Viking with the spoils of war in my arms. Instead we kissed, gently at first as if our tongues were exploring each other for the first time ever. As we kissed one arm slid around her waist resting my fingertips on the waist band of the leather skirt; and my other hand slid very, very slowly over the curve of her hips, feeling the warm leather brush across my skin as my hand travelled onto her ass. Our lips meshed tightly together as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I gently pulled her against me, our breasts pressed against my chest and my hand on pressed firmly against her mound as we stared intensely into each other’s eyes.

Our mouths devoured each other as we hung tightly onto each other, and we snogged like a couple of school kids behind the bike sheds at break time. Finally we had to break for air.

“I think we have both worked up an appetite,” I simply stated, “I think we should have a few drinks and dinner.”

I think Annabel might have been disappointed. I don’t think women in their early thirties have started to grasp the concept of Delayed Gratification yet at that age. Well this week was going to be very educational for young Annabel in more ways than one.

As we strolled to the bar I quickly looked over my shoulder to ensure no other guests were behind us before slipping my hand down onto a leather clad cheek as we walked, pulling Annabel close in beside me. I felt on top of the world, a beautiful young woman erotically dressed by my side; my hand resting gently of the curve of her ass; about to have a few drinks with a night of new adventures planned in front of us.

We enjoyed a couple of cocktails as the sun slid down, followed by a nice dinner with wine. Again we sat in comfy chairs letting our dinner settle down, helpfully washed down with a post dinner drink as the band started to play in the corner. The ambient light died with the sun and was replaced with the dim lighting in the bar & restaurant which made it cosy & intimate.

As most of the diners had finished their dinners that seemed to be the trigger for the band to up the tempo of the music and start to play dance music. Annabel let the first dance slide; but as the second tune started up I wasn’t given any choice but to get up and dance. For a poor dancer such as myself Island music is ideal as they have a very loose well that is how I viewed my performance, I don’t know that Annabel & the rest of those dancing would agree.

To be honest, I wasn’t bothered how my dancing looked to others; I was just extremely content to be standing in front of Annabel watching her lithe body movements. Her nylon encased legs looked magical riding atop of the high heels. Her upper thighs moving below the hem of her black leather skirt transfixed my eyes; it was such a wonderful & beholding sight.

After a couple of minutes my eyes headed north to watch the shape of her white lacy bra moving beneath her blouse, I was starting to get hard. Finally I looked into her smiling eyes knowing that she had enjoyed me admiring her body, knowing that she was still a very attractive woman, and knowing that she could flaunt it while she was away on holiday where no one knew her. Put simply & very crudely, she was fucking beautiful!

Her long hair bouncing around her head & shoulders completed the sense of fluidity in her lithe body dancing in front of me.

We stopped and had a drink & a break for ten minutes before Annabel grabbed my hand to pull me up onto the dance floor again saying “Well you do want to admire me don’t you?” As I stood she lightly brushed the back of her hand slowly across my bulge. That and her shapely ass in the skirt had my rock solid attention in more than one way.

The evening had turned into late night without us noticing and many of the diners had departed when Asoese & Emere joined us and my flagging energy level lifted. They danced and ground against both of us, but focusing more on Annabel, rubbing against her, kaçak bahis running their hands over her hips & ass, obviously enjoying the feel of the leather skirt. A couple of dances later they were brushing against her breasts and lifting Annabel’s hands onto their bodies. The band finished with a few slow dances giving me the opportunity to dance, kiss, and run my hands over all three ladies. Asoese & Emere were very intimate with Annabel when they danced with a few kisses exchanged as they ground their bodies hard against each other. My hard on accordingly was ground hard into my dance partner in open appreciation of what I was seeing and experiencing.

Finally the music stopped; Asoese picked up some bottles of wine from the bar and Emere picked up a couple of CDs from the band before they took each of us in hand and led us back to our chalet.

Once inside Emere put one of the CDs into the music system as Asoese poured me a glass of wine and showed me to the sofa and told me to make myself comfortable. Some punchy Fijian dance music filled the room and Asoese & Emere started dancing around Annabel who quickly got into the swing of our own party. Asoese & Emere rubbed themselves up and down against Annabel enjoying the feel of her nyloned legs and feeling her breasts through the satin blouse & lacy bra. Sitting there, sipping my wine, I was as hard as. I was hoping for a marathon night of sex and being the age I am I popped a little blue pill with my wine to ensure I stayed hard to keep up with these fillies for the night.

As the three of them got more intimate with each other the dancing slowed and the kissing & caressing increased. Emere eased her hand up under Annabel’s skirt and shortly after Annabel gave out a loud groan. I had been hoping for a bit more of a girly show before it got serious, but passion was involved so I need to step in.

“Excuse me Ladies, I’d like to squeeze in here,” as I eased my body straight in front of Annabel. I took her chin in my hand and open mouth kissed her, our tongues soon dancing together. My other hand slid onto her hip to hold her in place as my right hand started its journey south off her chin to her soft, warm, tender neck. Her warm skin and loose hair felt wonderfully soft to my rough builder’s fingers. Satin is such an erotic material on its own; and when wrapped around a woman like Annabel it makes any mans’ senses tingle. My hand continued south to cup her breast and we continued to passionately kiss.

Emere had worked her way behind Annabel and was grinding her pelvis hard against Annabel’s neck whilst she kissed the back & side of Annabel’s neck. Asoese was squeezed tight against the back of Emere and was on her knees with both hands under Emere’s dress doing whatever she wanted to do to Emere.

This was becoming one hot foursome in one long line as the music played around us.

My hand drifted down slowly, the palm of my hand flat on Annabel’s stomach below crossing over the waist band onto the tight leather stretched tight across her thighs; and then I was onto her nyloned thighs below the hem of her skirt. I was in exactly the position I have dreamt about so many times to be in with many women – wanting to reach under their skirts to explore their thighs and the pleasures in between them. My hand slid to the inside of her thigh and then reached under the hem of her skirt. The nylon thigh felt so, so good to my firm touch that we kissed for several minutes as my hand roamed over both of her inner thighs; and I was rock hard, almost wishing for Asoese to come and suck me.

Annabel thrust her hips forward to communicate her need for more; message received as I lightly brushed my fingers over her satin bikini bottom that covered her hot pussy. She groaned heavily into my mouth each time she received that brushing of her pussy as my hand went from one thigh to the other via her satin crotch.

“Pleeeaassee,” she begged into my mouth, so I placed my hand over her crotch and cupped her mons in my hand.

“God, yes,” she breathed thankfully.

I rubbed my fingers over her mound & pressed against her pussy lips through the satin. I could feel the furnace heat of her wrapped, damp pussy on my fingertips

Her crotch ground down hard on my hand as she begged “PPlleeaassee.” Her need for release now tormenting her in addition to whatever stimulation Emere was also providing to her.

Easing my hand back towards me up the under slope of her mound brought my fingertips directly over her pussy lips and then I applied pressure, curling my middle finger upwards pushing the damp gusset of her satin bikini into the folds of her pussy. Her lips peeled apart and my finger went as deep as the material allowed. I ploughed my finger up and down her furrow making the gusset sodden with her now flowing juices.

“Please Daddy, no more teasing,” she groaned into my mouth as we were both nearly devouring each other with increased passion.

I brought my finger backwards and pressed firmly on her clit. Her knees sagged and she shivered through a mini orgasm.

She broke the kiss and looked straight into my eyes; “Please,” she demanded.

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Nothing’s Wrong

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For many Japan is a place of wonder. From the cities that never sleep, lighting the night skies like artificial suns to the gorgeous forest. The people of Japan take great care no matter what their task. But away from mainland Japan things are not as clean and alluring and certain businesses must turn to other means to gain business.

On Okinawa a group of people are segregated, but despite this they are the largest source of income for the small island state. The men and women of the United States Marine Corps are viewed as less than second-class citizens. The largest population of single Marines can be found inside Camp Hansen, which is tucked inside the city of Kin. Outside the gates of Camp Hansen are a tangle of bars and rather shady establishments know to the Marines as “Buy Me Drink Me Bars”. Most don’t even rate to be called holes in the wall.

Watered down drinks and almost no American women makes for a very unpleasant experiences. The atmosphere in Kin most weekends is explosive. The few American women that are there are fought over and are often regarded as whores. But the true whores lurk in the Buy Me Drink Me Bars. Most keep everything strictly to special massages or hand-jobs; occasionally for a little more money some lucky Marine could manage a blowjob. Some of the girls would even sleep with one every now and then for a few thousand yen.

Now is a good time to quash and image that is likely forming, the tenants of these shady little places are not natives to Japan. By far most of the women that work in the shadowy corners pleasuring men for their cut of thirty or forty dollars are Filipina women. For what ever socio economic reason they are the “Mama-san’s” (the would be madams of the Buy Me Drink Me Bars) top chose for Buy Me Drink Me Girls

For the few female Marines stationed on Hansen, the one or two places that could be called bars weren’t much better. Often three or for men would be fighting over them without even having spoken to them. To be a woman living in this place is hell. There are those that manage very well and even find love and for some, they find themselves.

Lois and Tanya were both enlisted with the same unit and had been in Okinawa for about six months. Lois was the older of the two being twenty-three. She had done a turn in the National Guard before the Marines and was a lot more experienced then most. Tanya was twenty; she had dropped out of collage after two semesters of partying had ended her scholarship. The two were, on the outside, complete opposites. One the mature woman with long term goals the other a shortsighted party girl.

In on of the many barracks on board Camp Hansen Lois and Tanya shared a small room on the third deck. The room was small, about the size of a dorm. It was complete with a bathroom, sinks and furniture. The bathroom was immediately to the right after entering the room. A double sink was off to the left of the bathroom door in the room itself. Opposite the bathroom and the sinks were the wardrobes, three in all.

Just like with the wardrobes there was three of everything in the room. Two of the three beds in the room came in the form of a bunk bed that was against the far wall. It almost framed the room’s only window, which looked out over an open grass field behind the building.

On the floor a blue area rug offered to two roommates some relief from the cold tiles that were typically uncovered.

Loneliness in the end brought them together. They enjoyed hearing each other’s opinions and kept themselves away from the infantry units and the young hungry Marines from their units. Most Friday or Saturday nights the two of them would walk the two blocks to the E-Club, the only reputable bar, have a few drinks then take off on a walk. Most of the time they would just walk around town, neither of them had ever wandered down the little area where the “Buy Me Drink Me Bars” were.

One particular weekend this all changed. It was a three-day weekend; Tanya had gone to mail call for Lois, who was also her roommate. The take wasn’t much, the months Internet bill was there along with the phone bill and a few personal letters. Tanya handed her roommate, three envelopes, one of them was from a dear friend from the National Guard who had been on active duty for a year.

Ally and Lois had been good friends and for the most part had kept in touch. She opened it and started to read. She let a squeak escape her mouth as she read over the letter surprised. Wide eyed she set down the letter and seemed in a daze. Tanya walked over and asked to see the letter. It started off very up beat, Ally telling Lois how she had never been happier in her life. For the last few months Lois had known that Ally was seeing someone. She’d talked about how the sex was great and that they wanted to be together forever.

As it turned out Lois knew who this mystery lover was, Jerry, was the name Ally had given over the phone, but on paper it was Jeri. Jeri was someone that Lois only knew bahis firmaları in passing but she was a she.

Reading on through the letter Ally went on to tell how they had been making love and somehow someone found out and squealed to her command. End of story, she was out of the Army. But the most shocking part for Lois was that she and Ally had been together since Army boot camp, they had gone chasing boys on the weekends and even fought over one or two, but she never knew Ally was gay.

“Wow, that’s kinda…” Tanya could understand Lois’ reaction; she was a very devout Christian and other than one or two guys after boot camp other than that she hadn’t been with anyone. Through high school there was no time for boyfriends, in college she had goals and in the Army and the Marines most were just looking to use her so she kept her distance.

“I just can’t believe that she never told me.”

“She told you her name right?”

“Jerry, J-E-R-R-Y not J-E-R-I. I mean come on.”

The three years she had spent in the guard all the drill weekends where she would share a shower with Ally and half a dozen other women, the night in the field in the back of the Humvee lying next to each other.

“Okay get changed we’re going to go get drunk.” Tanya’s solution to any and all problems.

“No, I need to call her.”

“It’s almost Midnight on Wednesday on the east coast, call her in the morning, let’s go relax and forget that we even read that.”

An hour later the two of them were walking the streets of Kin. The objective in Tanya’s head, when she had been sober, was to find a hot and horny Marine to screw the hell out of her friend, helping her forget about her best friend who was now playing for the home team.

Tanya had a special relationship with alcohol, she drank it and in return it removed all of her controls. Things had a tendency to get mixed around and in her stupor she and Lois wandered into a place called Shangri-La. It was directly out the front gate of Camp Hansen. The path to get there had been involved, they had woven their way there rather then walking straight there. They walked down the stairs ordered their drinks and then were let in. The three girls that were already down there went back to talking when they saw that it was two women and not the usual guys. As a mater of fact there was no one else in the bar. Lois and Tanya sat themselves down near the working girls.

Lois got talkative when drunk and was now opening up to Tanya. It was a little more than Tanya wanted to hear.

“I can’t see how she could do that… It’s just so wrong.”

“Come on she’s happy right?”

“But how can you… with a girl… come on…. would you?”

There was a pause as Tanya blushed slightly but not enough to show through the darkness of the room. It was her expression and lack of response that shocked Lois before her roommate even spoke.

“It’s not that bad.” To say that Lois was stunned was like saying rain is wet.

“Oh, my god you’re a-“

“No, I messed around in college with a friend; we were both drunk and one thing lead to another. It’s no big deal.”

“It is I mean I find out that my best friend is a lesbian and now my roommate a person I tell everything to and even share cloths with is… what bi.”

“It was one time. What is the big deal? Come on don’t tell me you’ve never kissed another woman.”

Lois raised a hand in disgust and shook her head.

“Look I just want to not even think about it.”

At the table behind them the three girls all got up and moved off to the door to see who was coming. Two guys walked in and Tanya had an idea. She immediately waved at one of them. Both men ignored the three whores and walked over to where Lois and Tanya were sitting.

Their names were Andy and James. The girls knew immediately that the men weren’t in the Marine Corps their hair was far too long. Lois’ best guess was Air Force. The conversation got going and soon Tanya was rubbing Andy’s crotch. She smiled at Lois and motioned her to the restroom.

It was a cramped space that smelled of stale sex. The walls of the bathroom were covered with countless coats of paint as well as notes and poems written for anyone to read. Tanya smiled at Lois once the two of them were inside the restroom.

“How much money do you have?”


“Look just give it to me.”

Lois went through her purse. All she could think of was Tanya was going to get a hotel room and take advantage of the guy she was sitting with.

“Here’s forty.”

“Go back over and sit with and James I’ll be over in a second.” She winked at Lois before she left. Lois sat next to James who was growing braver putting his hand on her knee. She watched as her roommate walked over to an old Japanese lady sitting on a barstool. There was a little talk and then she motioned to two of the girls that were now keeping their distance from the quartet. The two girls came over and Tanya spoke kaçak iddaa for a moment with them before producing the money that Lois had given her.

By now James’ hand was on the inside of Lois’ thigh as Tanya walked over with the two girls in tow.

“Andy, James this is Peach and Honey and they were wondering if you’d like some attention.”

She winked at all three of them. Lois had no clue what her friend was up to but stood up along with the two guys. All six of them moved to the far corner of the bar. In the shadows the whores used the only English they knew to excite the guy. Neither of the men needed any encouragement. They were about to receive hand-jobs. Hand-jobs paid for by two women that were going to watch them sit down and have there dicks stroked.

Peach, Andy and Tanya went to one end of the shadowy area while Honey, James and Lois went to the other. Even in the dark Lois could see Tanya, she wasn’t shocked when she saw her friend undo the front of her pants. She just turned to the pair in front of her. Honey a very skinny Japanese girl with long black hair, had James’ shirt up above his head licking at his chest while her other hand was rubbing the bulge in his pants. She was busy telling him how sexy he was and how gorgeous his cock must be. Lois sat feeling her panties getting wet and she became more excited. Finally Honey undid his belt and opened his pants. Honey moved enough so that Lois could see her rubbing her hand up and down his dick.

James was moaning, after all the girl was a professional. She wiped the drops of precum leaking from his dick all around it to lube him. Honey smiled while she stroked James. Lois glanced over at the other three. Tanya had her shirt up over her beast and was openly fingering herself. Lois couldn’t help but watch. There was something about her friend leaning back in the shadows. Tanya was different then Lois had ever seen her. She was alive. The younger of the two American women continued working her hand in the front of her pants as she watched Andy getting his hand-job. Tanya caught Lois looking at her and winked.

Lois turned back to James and Honey. Honey was now on her knees, she had worked James pants down slightly but only enough so she could roll his balls in her other hand. Something inside Lois snapped and her hand started to rub the crouch of her pants. She could feel the heat and the moisture from her pussy. It felt good. Her other hand found its way under her shirt and up to her breast. She bit her lip as she pinched down on her nipple. Slowly she worked her other hand into her panties as James moaned. Her finger slid through the curly brown tuff of hair over her pussy. Her clit welcomed the attention sending waves through her body. She put it between two of her fingertips and worked it slowly. She could feel the juices of her pussy starting to run down her butt. Closing her eyes she slid her hand down and inserted a finger into her pussy. She moaned out loud, it was the first time in a long time she had pleasured herself and she liked it.

She opened her eyes and looked over at Tanya but she was no longer seated across from Peach and Andy. Peach was in fact standing looking down at Tanya who was on her knees one hand still in her pants the other around Andy’s dick. Lois watched as her roommate ran her hand up and down this man cock then it disappeared into her mouth. Lois turned to Honey who was now looking back at her. After seeing her roommate openly masturbate and suck and mans dick, she didn’t care, Lois didn’t care anymore .

Once on her knees Lois traded places with Honey. The skinny Filipina girl let go of James’ dick only when Lois took hold of it. She thought it was beautiful, it was slightly longer then the ones she had had before but it was wider, much wider. She started sliding her hand up and down him. He looked down at her for a moment until she sped up the rhythm.

Lois had never had a steady boyfriend and so she was nervous. A final time she glanced at Tanya who was now looking at her. Her friend smiled and licked the under side of her lover’s dick, making a show of it. She leaned forward and wrapped her tits around Andy’s dick and slowly tit fucked herself, the entire time smiling at her friend.

So Lois did like her friend; she started licking then moved to sucking, her hand moving from his dick to his balls. Her heart was racing and her pussy was swollen as she worked herself along with him. The feel of it in her mouth was exiting and welcome, as welcome as his moans. It didn’t take long and she was close to cumming herself and could tell by the moans that James was close. She came first and James a moment later. She had just gotten her mouth off in time for Honey to come up with a napkin and catch his cum.

Tanya was done and standing saying good-bye to Andy and Peach. Lois straightened her clothes while James did up his pants. He stood up took both of her hands and said thank you before he leaned in and kissed her. Tanya came over and kaçak bahis took Lois by the hand and the two left.

Neither of the girls said much as they walked back to their barracks. It was as Tanya was changing into her sleeping clothes that Lois finally spoke up.

“Thank you for that.” she smiled.

“My pleasure sweetie.” Tanya continued to pull off her pants looking up and smiling at Lois.

“I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.” With that Lois slipped into the bathroom. She stripped down to her bra and panties. She undid her bra and then slipped of her panties. She looked at them, they were soaked and she had even managed to soak through her jeans. She left the pile of clothes and moved into the shower and started it letting the water run. Once it was the right temperature she stepped under the stream. The water felt good running over her skin, it felt amazing running between her legs.

Again her hand slid between her legs. Before long she was on one knee her fingers working her pussy feverishly until she came. Out of breath she rinsed off and wrapped herself in a towel. She collected her clothes and went back into the main room. Tanya was lying in bed with her journal. Lois went to the dresser that was between her mattress and bed frame pulled out pair of panties and slipped them on under the towel then pulled on a large teddy bear shirt over the towel before dropping it into a puddle on the floor.

She said good night and Tanya said the same. But she didn’t sleep all she could think of was her roommate, a woman less than eight feet from her. She had seen her do things she would never have imagined. And even when Tanya turned off her lamp she lay there looking up at the ceiling.

“Lo…” Tanya asked softly. “You awake?”

“Yeah.” Lois replied sounding tired.

There was a moment of stark silence in the room then the sound of bedsprings whining. She could here light footsteps on the rug. Lois could feel something pressing on her pillow.

“You want to talk?”

Lois looked over and her roommate who had crossed the dark room and rested her face next to hers.

“I don’t know. I really enjoyed it.”

“It looked like it. Did you cum?” Lois just nodded in the dark. “Did you like watching me?” Tanya very gently slid on to the bed next to Lois.

Lois was off guard and she opened her mouth to protest but couldn’t Tanya had leaned forward and kissed her. She didn’t pull back she let her friend kiss her, her soft lips and warm breath, between her legs her pussy was again taking control.

When Tanya finally broke the kiss she smiled.

“I saw you looking at me while I was playing with myself, I saw you watching me while I went down on Andy.”


“So; you didn’t pull away just now did you?” She leaned in again and kissed Lois. It lasted longer and towards the end she could feel Lois kissing back.

“So tell me what’s wrong with this?” Tanya asked and again she kissed her, her hand sliding up to her friend’s bare leg. Her fingers traced up to the warmth from Lois’ pussy. With her fingernails she lifted and moved the fabric of her friends panties. Gently she slipped her fingertips into Lois who moaned into her friend’s mouth.

Tanya pulled back. She opened her eyes and looked at her friend who was breathless. She smiled to herself and searched with her thumb for Lois’ clit; leaning in and kissing Lois again.

Two weeks later

Lois went out in the hall and collected the mail for her and Tanya. It was the same a few bills a post card from a friend, letters from home and one box from her dear friend Ally. Lois walked into the room locked the door and opened the box. On top of the contents was a letter that she happily read then set aside.

Tanya had gotten in the shower while mail was being handed out so she and Lois could get ready to go out on the town. She was rinsing out her hair when she hear something. She turned her face out of the stream and saw a figure standing outside the curtain. Lois stepped through the curtain behind her. They kissed. Tanya put a hand on one of Lois’ breasts and gently massaged it while they kissed. Lois did the same then let her hands move behind Tanya’s head.

Lois broke and smiled at her lover.

“It came.” she said grinning.

“Is it nice?”

Tanya asked. Lois reached up and took one of Tanya’s hands from her shoulders and slid it down to her crotch.

Tanya’s hand wrapped around something solid. When she looked down she saw what looked like a ten-inch, long, clear penis growing out of Lois’ clean-shaven pussy. She rubbed all the way up to Lois’ clit. It had been a week since Tanya had started to shave her lover bald. Both of them loved it.

“Turn around and let me try it out.” Lois purred.

Tanya didn’t hesitate; she turned around and stuck out her ass. Lois lifted the end of her new double-ended dildo and slipped it into her lover, roommate and best friend. Both women moaned gently as Lois started to pump. Her friend leaned against the wall in front of her as Lois built the rhythm. Her hands reaching around her lover taking hold of her breasts and pussy. Tanya turned her head and Lois leaned forward and kissed her.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Anal Plug

Selam arkadaslar sizlere bir hikayemi daha anlatmak istiyorum. öncedende dediğim gibi yeğenlerle tattıgım gay ilişkiyi daha da geliştirdim.yazda yaza gelen alt komsumuzun oğluyla cok samimiydik. bir gün asansole eve cıkarken asansöz kalabalık muhabbetine sikine elimi surtuyordum. ilk basta anlamamıstı sanırım. ama daha sonra siki klakmaya başlayınca ben dahada fazla sürtmeye başladım ki o sırada bizim kata gelmiştik. evde birseyler yedik ve asağı inecektik. asansore binince biraz önce yaptiğin cok hosuma gitti kartal escort gene oksana dedi. bende bu fırsat sikini avucladim ve daha fazlasınıda yapabiliriz istersen dedim ve ok sasırd ve ya biri görürse dedi. ben orasını bana bırak dedim ve onu odunluğa indirdim. birden dudaklarıma sarıldı ve elini götüme attı. bense direk pantolonunun içine elime daldırdım ve sikini oksamaya basladım. aniden pantolonunu indirdim ve sikini emmeye baslamıstım. siki baya kalındı ve emerken dişlerim sikini acıtıyordu. ataşehir escort ne oldugunu anlamadan azıma bosalı verdi. ilkkez o zaman o mukemmel tada varmıstım. bende seninkini azıma almak isyiyorum dedi. delice fıskırıdımacıkcası biraz cekindim. çünkü benimki biraz küçüktü. ama genede bu anı yazamak istiyordum ve azına verdim. öyle bir somurduki bir an tasakkarım yerinden cıkacak sandım. ve delice fıskırıdım. ayaga kalktıgında siki gene kalkmıstı ve seni sikmek istiyorum dedi. bende tama maltepe escort demi ama sende beni sikeceksin diye sart kostu bende hiç düşünmeden kabul ettim. ve deliğime tukurdu ve yavas yavas girmeye basladı. canım cok yanıyordu ama sesimin duyulması korkusu ile bagıramıyordum. tamamı girdiğinde havalara ucacaktım. gittikce hızkanarak gidip gelmeye basladı ve bir anda cıkartıp yere bosaldı. sıra bana gelmisti. deliğini dilimle yalayarak islattım ve girmeye basladım. bir anda soktum ve kendini tutamadan bagırdı. bense aldırıs etmeden gidip geliyordum. ve bir adilik yapıp içine bosaldım. ikimizinde cok hosuna gimişti. o gunden sonra fırsat buldukca onu oksuyor, kalın sikini emiyordum.aslında onunla daha cok maceramız oldu. eger isterseniz bir ara ouda anlatırım.Gönderen: absent_minded

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Köpeklerini Bana Bıraktılar

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Apartmanda karşı komşumuz Sadık Bey ve eşi bir akşam bize oturmaya gelerek, kendilerinin Kayseri?ye Sadık?ın annesini görmeye gideceklerini, Köpeklerine 3-4 gün bakıp bakamayacağımızı sordular. Kırmayarak kabul ettik. Ertesi sabah Sadık Bey köpeklerini mamaları ve kaplarıyla birlikte bize getirdi. Bu Denua cinsi oldukça iri köpekti. Onu banyoya kapatarak, yiyecek kabını ve su kabını koyduk. Sadık Bey defalarca teşekkür ederek, çıktı ve gitti. Karım Özlem banyoya girip çıktıkça söylenip kızıyordu. Bana ” Yaa sen ne salaksın niçin başkasının köpeğini eve aldın? Götürüp köpek bakım evine bıraksalardı.” Diyordu. Neyse akşama doğru karımda bu iri köpeğe alıştı ve Banyonun kapısını açarak onu serbest bıraktı. Zavallı köpek sevinçten bir odadan başka bir odaya sevinçle koşarak tur attı. Akşam yemeğimizi yerken mutfakta Özlemin ayak dibine uzanarak bana sürekli baktı.Hınzır attığım yemekleri yemiyordu. Belliki mama dışında başka bir şeye alıştırılmamıştı. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32