Surprise Honey Ch. 06

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Our stay in Juneau was just over night. I took everyone out to dinner and a few drinks. Carl had repaired our pump and had done some critical parts shopping in preparation for our open water cruise. Jan had filled our freezers and shelves with food, since we would be out away from civilization for an extended time too.

Anne and Julie had been working hard on the boat too. I even pitched in and helped polish some brass fittings and ‘swabbed the deck’. I felt more and more like a buddy rather than the ‘boss’. This was a feeling that I enjoyed. It brought back memories of times gone by when I hadn’t been wealthy.

Surprisingly, we went the whole day and night without sex. We were pretty busy of course, but one would have thought we would have kept on with the debauchery. I, for one had needed the break. I felt like my cock was going to fall off after the last few days, and I am sure Carl was feeling the same way.

During the afternoon Julie and I had a long talk. We were discovering things about each other, learning about past times and generally making up for lost time. It was still hard for me to believe that Julie was my daughter, probably exacerbated by the fact we had been having sex. Was my mind trying to separate daughter/father in order to preserve the status quo?

May and I took a couple of long walks. Seeing the Mendenhall Glacier was one of our side trips that we took alone. Everyone else went in the afternoon while May and I went in the morning.

Feeling the cold air waft off of ages old ice was invigorating to say the least. May was radiantly glowing, especially with our conversation. We were talking over what we would do after the trip. I was pressing for a permanent and legal marriage, while May was keeping me at bay with talk of just trying out living together first. Her way of protecting herself was a ‘no strings attached’ method of being.

I was sure that May had been severely disappointed at some time in her life or else I would have figured she would have been open about marrying me. I guess the knight in shining armor wasn’t going to get his way…yet.

Anne had been giving me the eye from time to time. I think she was still carrying a banner for me in her heart. I felt bad since she was a great person and a beautiful lady too. I had no regrets about wanting May though. May and I had melded in ways that I could never have imagined.

Julie told me not to worry about Anne, that she would be all right. I took her at her word and kept on treating Anne like I had been all along. Julie had expressed interest in going to a certain college, and I overheard her and Anne talking about it. Anne was distressed since she evidently couldn’t afford to go there too. She felt she would lose Julie as a friend.

“Julie, what will I do for friends? You are my best friend. Now that your father has picked May I will have no one to go to. I need you to stay in our current school.”

“Anne, this other school has the best opportunity for both of us. I am sure we can figure out a way to get you there with me.”

“That school costs way too much. Sure, you have a rich dad who will probably fund your whole tuition and housing, but I have no one who would or could do that.”

“I don’t plan on asking my dad for money Anne. It’s different now. He isn’t…he’s not what I thought he was in any way. I could no more ask him for money than I would you.”

“Then how do you think you will afford this new school? You don’t have the money to make it there on your own.”

“Anne, what have we been doing on this trip? I’ll tell you what we’ve been doing. Proving that we know how to fuck with the best of them. I will ‘work’ my way through school.”

Anne looked a bit pale when Julie said that. I turned and went to my cabin, afraid of what I had been about to do. They had been having a private talk and I had almost burst in on them demanding the old parental, ‘what are you talking about…are you crazy?’ I was shocked at what Julie had hinted at doing.

I picked up my phone and put in a call to my financial advisor. I made arrangements for both girls to go to that school, full ride, all expenses paid. Then I also told her that I needed to redo my will. I had changes to make that I had not planned on having to do at the start of this fateful trip.

That evening at supper there was a strained conversation between Anne, Julie and myself. May picked up on the tension. I was trying to figure out a way to let the girls know that their way to school was taken care of.

May drug me out of the room as soon as desert was finished. Her direction took us to the bridge where we were alone.

“Ok Bill. What the hell is going on with you guys? You are not looking at each other, you all have this guilt thing going on, what happened?”

I told May about the conversation I had overheard and what I had done after it. May stood there for a bit. Her hands went out to mine and she drew me into her arms. Hugging, she kissed me.

“You know that you could set them both bahis firmaları up with money to spare. They would never have to work again. It would be just pocket change for you too.”

“Yes I could. I do believe that people should be contributors to society too. For that to happen, they would need to learn how to do something constructive. A degree in some field would give them far more than me just giving them a bunch of money.”

“Why don’t you let your news wait until the end of our Alaska adventure? We can work it all out then.”

“Aye, aye captain.”

“You goof! Mark my words then ‘matey’. I am the captain after all.”

We slept together in my cabin that night. May and I held each other all night. There was no sex, just holding and caressing. I felt a feeling of peace and fullness that I hadn’t had in so long.

The next morning we pulled out of Juneau and headed for Glacier Bay. I radioed ahead to the ranger station at the park entrance. I cleared our boat for a permit and passage through the park. We would have to run in to the island the station was on to pick up the permit when we got there.

As we moved along Icy Straights, headed for the park I soon found out that Anne and Julie were a bit horny. I found myself being drug into their cabin. I protested that May needed to give an ok first. My thoughts were that May would get me out of this.

I should have known better. May said that I should be kept busy until we anchored up for the night. This, along with the fact that they had already stripped me of my clothes made my thoughts on the matter moot.

Anne had a hold of my cock the whole time Julie was on the commlink with May. When Julie turned away from the link Anne had gone to her knees and was sucking on my cock, which had grown hard as hell.

“Still feel strange about fucking your daughter Bill?”

“Heh…well Julie, I should, but I have come to accept the fact that we are pretty good together. I also have grown to like fucking you.”

“See? I told you I would grow on you eventually.”

Anne was busy still sucking away on my cock as Julie stripped in front of me. Her breasts were firm and nipples hard. I licked my lips as she offered me her breasts for kisses.

I felt a finger pushing into my ass. Julie was fingering me as Anne deep-throated my hardness. I nipped at Julie’s nipples, giving them a firm bite that drew a moan from her. I then sucked in on her breast and rolled the nipple of her other breast between my fingers.

Anne’s technique on my cock had me ready to cum in no time at all and coupled with Julie’s fingering I didn’t last long at all. As I shot off a large load, Anne held my cock out in front of her face. I shot my load of cum all over her. As it dripped off of her eyebrows and nose she took my cock and rubbed it all around her face, picking up my load. She then transferred it to her mouth.

I could see more cum in her mouth as her tongue came out to lick on my cock. Her eyes were on mine as she proceeded to clean up her face with my cock. Licking it clean between rounds of her face.

Julie, mesmerized by the sight of her friend doing that with my cock went to her knees and began to lick Anne’s face clean. I started to get hard all over again with this Sapphic sight before my eyes.

As I watched them I sat down on the edge of the bed. Julie was pressing Anne to the floor, her hands on her breasts and fingers in her pussy. Anne was fingering Julie as they kissed.

Anne put both hands on Julies butt cheeks and spread them, giving me a view of Julie’s asshole and pussy. My cock started to throb. I could see Julie’s little asshole winking at me and her pussy was running a stream of moisture down her legs.

Unable to help myself, I went to my knees behind them and began to lick and tongue Julies exposed holes. Her hips rolled hard as my tongue first contacted her little brown bud, and when my tongue hit her pussy she pushed back hard into my face.

Anne was holding Julie’s pussy lips wide open for my tongue. As I penetrated that wet hot pussy, I felt Anne moving around. Suddenly I felt a tongue on the backside of my balls and moving up around my to my ass.

Anne was licking me as I licked Julie. I followed Anne’s lead and as she would lick my asshole I would lick Julie’s asshole. When Anne moved to my balls I would move to Julie’s pussy. When Anne took my cock into her mouth I circled Julie’s clit and sucked on it.

Julie had maneuvered around a bit and was licking Anne’s pussy. I had one hand on Julie’s breast and one on Anne’s. My fingers were rolling nipples as tongues explored different bodies.

I had my tongue buried in Julie’s asshole when Anne began to cum. I felt her throat muscles on my cock as she gasped around it. Her actions started me to cum too. I was afraid for a minute that I would drown Anne with my load. Her breathing was raspy, but she never took her head away from my cock.

Julie started to cum right after I settled down from my orgasm, kaçak iddaa so I fingered her pussy deeply with two fingers and her tiny little asshole with two other fingers, my tongue playing with her clit as she came.

After this we all leaned against the bed, on the floor and hugged together. Naked and relaxed from our exertions we lightly slept for a bit. After a bit I felt Anne get up and go to the bathroom. When she was done, Julie followed. I got up and slipped into my cabin. I was in my shower, cleaning up when I felt the door open and a cool breeze brush across my back.

Turning I saw both Anne and Julie entering the shower stall with me. Crowded though we were, I soon had hands all over my body and lips followed. We showered together until it was just impractical to continue. Toweling off I had lips on my cock and around behind me on my asscheeks. I led the way to my bed and flopped down in the center of it.

Watching those nubile hard-bodied young things get on my bed, their breasts jutting out and shaved wet pussies within reach of my hands caused me to grow extra hard. I had hands on my cock and balls. Lips caressing wherever hands weren’t. I just laid back and let them do whatever they wanted with me.

Julie moved up and offered me her breasts. As I licked and sucked them Anne slipped over me and gently lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. Her heat engulfed my shaft and caused it to jerk involuntarily.

Julie moved up over my head and slid across my face. She moaned as her wet and simmering pussy rubbing my nose and tongue in long lingering motions.

Anne had started to rock her hips and bounce on my cock harder and faster. Her motions had me moving around under Julie, who was now moaning constantly. Julie began to cum first followed shortly by me. Anne was still going at it after I came, my cum running out of her tight pussy and gathering on my crotch.

Soon Anne came hard. Her breasts were jiggling all around as she plunged up and down on me. Julie moved around and put her head down to where we were joined and began to lick up the juices on my belly.

Anne rolled off of me, and then after a bit of rest, she began to lick and suck on my cock, taking turns with Julie. Together they kept me hard and soon had me close to cumming again.

Just as Julie started to move, I think to straddle me, Jan walked into the cabin. She was naked, and her pussy was clean-shaven. Julie and Anne moved aside and let Jan crawl up between my legs. Her eyes never left mine as she paused to suck and lick my cock and balls.

She moved up after a few minutes of oral pleasure and grabbing my cock with one hand, positioned the head of it on the lips of her pussy. Moaning a bit, she settled down, taking my cock into her depths. I could feel her muscles holding me firmly in their grip.

She let my cock sit in her pussy fully buried, getting used to my size. Her hips started to rock and her grip on my cock became even firmer. Her breasts swayed as I watched her begin to fuck me with slow determination.

I could feel her lips grasping my cock as her pussy traveled up and down. Her heat was incredible. She leaned forward a bit and I was able to get my mouth on one of her nipples. As I sucked and lightly tugged on it she took my hand in hers and put it on her other breast.

Her hands went to my head and pushed me down on the bed. She kept a hand on my chest, as I wondered why she didn’t want me to kiss and suck her breasts. I soon found out why.

I felt the bed move and pretty soon I had the wonderful sight of May’s pussy coming down over my head. Her juices were literally running out of her pussy and dripping. I moved my mouth to catch those precious liquid nectar drops, and was rewarded with her pussy dropping onto my mouth.

I inserted my tongue and began to lick her and explore her sweetness. Her hands were on my chest playing with my nipples. I could sense that something else was happening…the bed was moving again.

Suddenly I felt something brushing my head. It proceeded to May’s tight little brown bud and began to demand entrance. Carl had slipped onto the bed and was busy inserting his cock into May’s ass. Right before my eyes, just inches, hell, fractions of inches away from me.

May moaned as Carl’s cock made it’s way inside her. I watched as he pushed and shoved and soon had all of his cock in her ass. His balls would brush over my forehead as he stroked in and out of her tightness. I continued to suck and lick her pussy.

Pretty soon I felt Jan begin to orgasm. Her pussy flooded my crotch and my cock was held in a velvety glove. Her shaking and moaning was a trigger effect and Carl shot off in May’s ass. He fell away from her, his cock coming out of her ass with a faint popping sound.

I looked up to see her hole was spread open a bit, about the size of a half dollar, and holding. I licked around her pussy and my nose contacted that opening for a second when she shifted her hips. Not thinking much about it, kaçak bahis I moved my tongue up to that inviting asshole and began to lick and suck on it.

This caused May to cum very hard. Her pussy was rubbing on my chin, and her ass began to pulse open and closed. This motion caused a large drop of cum to run out of her ass and into my mouth. I swallowed, not having much choice, and found the taste to not be anything like I thought it would be like.

After May collapsed beside me, Julie slipped in and straddled my cock. Her hips dropped and she began to slam up and down very energetically. Her taut breasts were bouncing and flailing around like small cantaloupes gone wild.

Her actions caused my cock to twitch and shake. My orgasm snuck up on me and before I knew it I was shooting off into her very tight pussy. Her breathing was harsh and her moans were loud. She started to cum and I reached out to rub her clit. As I did that she climaxed hard and exploded.

I was drenched in sweat as I lay there on the bed. Everyone was being quiet, catching his or her breath. I got up, shakily and made my way into the bathroom. There I stepped into the shower and cleaned up.

When I came out all had left with the exception of May. She was on the bed, naked and waiting.

“You aren’t mad are you Bill?”

“Mad? Whatever would make you think I was mad?”

“Because of Carl fucking my ass like he did. You know…you being there, close in, licking me…”

“Oh…well I wouldn’t have thought it would be something I would willingly do May, but at the time it was good. I learned that it was different, but not bad. No…I am definitely not mad.”

“Are you sure?”

“May, if it had bothered me I would have stopped the whole thing right there. I wasn’t prepared for what happened, but it was kind of…well…sexy. I didn’t want to suck his cock or anything, but to lick you after a cock was just…there. That was kinda hot.”

“Do you want to fuck my asshole too?”

“Do you want me too?”

May answered by rolling over and going up on her knees. Her head on the pillow, her hands on her cheeks, spreading her self for me. Her asshole was winking at me, still opened a bit.

I got on my knees behind her and inserted my cock into her once tight ass. It fell right in, the path having been opened up by Carl. As I fucked her ass she pushed up onto her hands and turned her head back and over. I was able to kiss her as I fucked her ass. My hands were on her breasts, rubbing and grasping her nipples.

We fucked like that until I came. She came just as I finished up. Pulling out I moved to lick her ass. As I did she moved around and sucked my cock clean.

Later, as she slept next to me, I just watched her face. Her beauty and softness was enthralling to me. I watched her until I too fell sound asleep.

Waking in the morning, I found May gone. I felt the boat moving through the water with a slight rolling motion. Evidently May had gotten up early and we were underway.

We slipped into a small private little bay late that afternoon. After anchoring up Carl broke out the zodiac and we all went to the beach at the head end of the bay. I built a nice bonfire and noticed that Carl, Julie and Jan had disappeared. May came up to me and put her arm around my waist, holding me tightly. Anne came up on my other side and slipped her hand into the pocket of my jeans.

We stood and watched the fire silently for a moment. Anne started to squirm a bit and pretty soon I felt her stroking my cock through my pants pocket. May started to unbutton her top, and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, I saw her hard little nipples sticking out from time to time.

Anne had moved in front of me and was undoing my button-fly jeans one button at a time, slowly and very erotically. May moved behind me and proceeded to un-button my shirt in time with Anne’s motions.

I felt my pants being pulled down my legs as my shirt was pulled off of my shoulders. Cool air danced around my body as warm hands caressed me. Whisper light strokes on my cock cause me to look down to see Anne licking me lightly.

May’s pointy breasts were rubbing my back and her hands playing with my nipples. I put a hand behind me and was a bit surprised to discover a warm wet pussy in my grasp. May was totally nude, standing on the beach. Of course, so was I. Anne had engulfed my cock and was busily deep throating me. Her lips were tightly around my shaft as her tongue danced on my cock on each stroke.

Fingers on my balls, and toying with my asshole were driving me quickly to an orgasm. Just as I thought I was going over, Anne and May both backed away from me. Standing with my pants around my ankles on the beach, I watched as Anne slowly began to do one hell of a strip tease.

Her hands went out and danced in the air around her as she glided from side to side. As a hand would pass over her blouse, a button would come undone. Pretty soon I could see her lacy bra fully in the divided cloth.

Her blouse slid off of her shoulders and down her back, her hands and arms covering her bra-encased breasts as the blouse puddle at her feet. Her arms went out again and I could see her breasts trying to get free from the confines of that black lace.

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Lessons of Lust

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Big Tits

It had been three weeks since having left London and the incident with MacRiordan, yet Anton could not let the issue subside. The captain finally decided to put into port for “refitting and some much deserved shore leave.” The French bosun knew it was more a leave for the ship from him, than for everyone to leave the ship. He had spent the waking hours of the trip pacing the decks, barking orders to the swabs and drilling the marines until those that could bleed bled. Even the normally jovial Jalid or his ever-present second, Gianni, could do nothing to change his dark mood for the better. As the Venetian islands came into view, Turlough announced that the Honor’s Folly would berth for two weeks, enough time to roll over the cargo onboard, refit the sail and trim, and check the hull for any damage or needed repairs. In that time, the crew were to enjoy themselves ashore, but he pointedly ordered “no run-ins with the local law or what passes for law in this place.” Anton knew this last bit was directed at him, but he did not care. All that mattered was he was half a world away from his quest for vengeance and it would be months, perhaps years, until he could return to Avalon. And by then the trail would be colder than he had found it.

“Will ye be goin’ ashore, then?” Jaime asked as the two of them checked the sail stowage and ratlines.

“Oui, as soon as this drudgery is over, mon petit,” Anton answered, slamming shut the locker and turning the key in the heavy lock. “Perhaps I can find something to distract me from this awful mood that has driven le capitan to port in such a place. You know his feelings toward politics and double-dealing.”

“It’s not just you that cap’n is worried about. Seems there some bad things rumbling from further south. We might be needed t’ fulfill part o’ our contract sooner’n he thought.”

Anton made a dismissive wave and pointed off towards the lower holds. “We had best make sure Auguste has locked the stores, or else Jalid will be off with some of the items to ‘turn a profit.'”

* / * * * \ *

“I still do ney understand what th’ skirt is for, ‘Ton,” Jaime complained for the fifth time that morning. She and Anton had been up with dawn, upon his insistence, to do some training of sorts. They had ridden out from the chateau the Frenchman purchased for the two weeks the Honor’s Folly was to be in port, apparently enough time for him to follow up on a new development in his private vendetta.

“You would not let the matter rest, you insisted on joining me on this, how did capitan put it… ‘fool’s errand?’ So if you want to be of help, you will look and act the part. The femmes here, they do not wear trousers,” Anton stated, reigning in his horse. They had arrived at a cluster of fallen columns, ruins of ancient Rome not doubt. The aged marble was arranged in a circle, surrounding large stairs which led to a lower circle. To Jaime it looked like a version of the player’s stages back in Avalon, but overgrown with flowering vines and thick moss in places. If it wasn’t for the notoriety of Venice, the site would be almost serene.

Anton dismounted and pulled a large bundle from the back of his horse. Jaime slid as best she could from her mount, not used to riding side-saddle in a skirt. She could have sworn the horse sniggered at her unfamiliarity as she landed quite unladylike on the ground. Anton glanced over and shook his head. This was going to be, most likely, the longest and hardest lesson he would give his protégé.

Jaime stood quickly and adjusted the skirt, noticing she had tore a slight rip in the hem when she fell from the saddle. There was nothing for it now, she’d just have one of the maidservants back at the chateau look at it. The house was fully staffed and supplied, something of a habit for Anton whenever he had an extended period in a port. The Frenchman was never without his creature comforts. And that was not necessarily a bad thing, as Jaime has spent the last three nights lounging in nigh-scalding baths and sleeping on the softest pillow bed she had the pleasure of sprawling across. Definitely an improvement over her quarters on the ship, she thought happily.

She followed Anton down one set of stairs, noticing how the tiers were arranged in shrinking circles, seats for the past Numans to watch a tragedy or here the rhetoric of a philosopher. Jalid would have enjoyed the place, he was always digging around ruins, though mostly for something to sell.

As they reached the bottom, Anton unrolled the bundle, revealing a set of three rapiers and two main gauche. He gestured for Jaime to approach and choose a single rapier.

“Ye woke me up at first light and had me put on a bloody skirt to drag me out in the wilds t’ teach me t’ fight? Lad, I can already do that, very well you might know.”

“No, as I’ve said, if you wish to aid me in what I must do, then you must look the part. Not only look it, but BE it,” he emphasized, catching her eyes canlı bahis with a piercing glare. The old Anton, the rambunctious, flirtatious, oft-annoying one, was not the man who stood before her now. This Anton was driven, bordering almost on maniacal. Whatever had happened in Charouse, whatever was eating him up inside, it was starting to show in his mannerisms. He had become coldly efficient, exacting nothing but perfection in the rapier drills onboard ship, letting nothing excuse poor technique.

“So… what am I t’ learn, maître?” Jaime asked, lowering her eyes in a mock bow and opening her stance with her rapier held to the right.

“Here, in this country, these principalities, there are only two kinds of women: wives and courtesans. No, a courtesan is not one of your country’s Jennies, though they do share some… ‘talents’ and activities, cher. As you are obviously not of sorcerous blood, you can not pass as a wife. Their strega, fate witches, would know that the moment you step into the palazzo. No, for you the façade will be as a courtesan, a free woman accompanying me at the ball.”

Jaime suddenly understood. When they had docked, she watched as drab women, dressed in black or dark shades, took stock of the incoming merchants from balconies high above. And there were other women, more boldly dressed, wearing masks and walking freely in public on the arm of a merchant or trailed by several young men each vying in some way for their attention.

“To be the part, you must be able to not only conversant on a number of topics, but you must be able to defend yourself if need be. And not in your usual manner of black powder and shot, belle. No, you must learn something of their blade style here, and you must learn to be ruthless. The Venetian are as passionate as my countrymen or the Spaniards, but where we French are tempered with grace (don’t snicker, cher, it is rude…) and the Spanish with passion, the Venetian are pitiless. They will seek any and every advantage to overcome you, to pull you into their Game. You must be as equally remorseless and quick-witted. Now, assume your defense, single blade, s’il vous plait?”

Jaime lifted her rapier in a salute, then settled into a broad defensive stance. Anton returned the salute, but then switched his sword to his left hand and took a high guard. Jaime’s confusion shown upon her face.

“The duelists of this country fight almost in the entirety left-handed. To counter, assume a lower guard, but point your blade towards my raised forearm. Parfait! If your opponent were to attack from this position, simply step back to your right and thrust into the wrist or elbow, like so.” With that, Anton suddenly stepped forward, thrusting the point of his rapier at Jaime’s throat. Reacting, she rotated away and struck back into his wrist. Anton dropped his attack to a lower line and snapped his blade up in a solid parry, the tip of Jaime’s blade just grazing his cuff.

“Bravo, little one! I see the drills onboard have helped your reactions!” He was grinning a bit, and those cold eyes warmed some. Anton had always be proud of how Jaime took to the art of the rapier. “Now, you assume the attack and I will show you another, deadlier, defense.”

She switched hands and raised her blade to the high guard he had just used, making sure her hand was positioned like he had been, the point aiming for his neck. Anton maintained the left hand, but stood with an open guard, an almost mocking, inviting, stance. They circled each other for a moment, Jaime gauging what the defense would be. Then she lunged forward, taking her shot when they were in midstep. Anton’s right hand snaked out, swatting aside her thrust as his left hand lifted his rapier up over hers and then slashed the tip towards her exposed upper arm. Jaime tried to twist out of the way, but her foot tangled in her skirt, ripping the hem and seam on the right side, and caused her to stumble. There was a lance of chill, then pain flashed up her arm. She spun away, lashing out instinctively with the knuckle bow of her sword, and felt it crack against something as Anton swore.

They were three paces apart by the end of the exchange, and it had taken less than a few seconds. Jaime looked at her arm and saw the thin slice through the cloth of her shirt. Blood was starting to slip from the cut, nothing extreme, but she had been blooded all the same. She rounded on Anton.

“WHAT THE BLEEDING PIT D’ YE THINK YE’RE DOIN’?! That fecking hurt!” she screamed, dropping the rapier and clutching at her wound. It was small, almost superficial, but it stung like she had been hit with a claymore.

Anton was grinning more now, and the bit of blood from his cracked nose only made it look more psychotic. Jaime stepped back as he began to laugh. He pulled a handkerchief from his boot cuff and dabbed his nose. Already the puffiness and bruising were subsiding. A benefit of the geas upon the Honor’s Folly. He offered the cloth to Jaime, bahis siteleri but she shook her head and reached down to tear a strip from her torn skirt. Anton made a tsking sound as she pulled a bit harder then intended and tore the right seam further up her leg, almost to her hip.

“Cher, I paid several hard-won guilders for that skirt, the least you could do would be to keep it in some state the servants could repair,” he jested, tossing the bloodied kerchief to the side. He stepped forward, moving to help Jaime apply the cloth strip as a makeshift bandage, but she batted his hands away.

The bleeding had all but stopped, yet the pain still throbbed some. Whatever strike Anton had down, it was more than likely intended to be worse if she hadn’t reacted and he hadn’t pulled back.

“What was that? It hurts worse’n a tattoo from Broddi,” she asked.

“A nerve strike. Jalid told me about them after he… “secured,” some writings from his homeland. They looked to be Cathayan.” Anton stepped back to his bundle and pulled out a bottle of dark red wine. He tossed the cork to the side as he took a deep drink, then offered the bottle to Jaime. “Have a care. It is sweet, this Chianti, but it has as much body as my beloved merlots.”

She took a long pull from of the wine, noting the sweetness but also tasting the strong fermentation. The Frenchman always seemed to know where to get the good spirits. Anton gestured for her to have a seat upon one of the benches, and he produced a small basket of fruit form his bundle, offering this to her as well as she sat. They spoke a bit on the application of the technique she just witnessed and of similar targets about the body. Not only was she to be ruthless, but she was to incapacitate her foe. It would be necessary to keep the illusion of a woman of no mean skill and a harder reputation.

* / * * * \ *

The sun was well past midday when they had taken another break from the sparring. Anton had removed his doublet, fighting only in his shirt which now sported several slashes that were not intended for fashion. Jaime’s skirt was definitely heading for the field kit, to be cut into strips for bandages upon her return to the ship. Anton had said he would provide a seamstress and gown for her to wear to the ball. Both duelists sat upon a mossed bench, slightly wearing from their constant exertion, but in good spirits as the training was well learned.

“You will do well if you must fight, mon petit. Your form is still impeccable, no small credit to your master,” Anton boasted, the warm grin finally reaching his eyes. He reached for a bottle of the chianti, only to find it empty like the three others around the circle. “Merde! Why is the wine always gone?”

“Because ye drink it like fish drink water, ‘Ton,” Jaime jested, smiling at her friend. It was good to see a long bout of sparring could bring out the mirth in him still. He wasn’t all gone.

“Well, I suppose since there isn’t any more to drink then, we should continue to train?” he asked, raising an eyebrow in query. “There is still more to learn, more you must know to fool the strega.”

Jaime stood and went to retrieve her rapier from where it lay on the ground. But as she moved away, she felt Anton stand behind her and place his hands on her shoulders. As he pulled her back to him, he spoke softly in her ear.

“No, mon cher, the next lesson is not with steel. To pass as who we are acting to be, we must be utterly comfortable with each other, more so than crewmates and sword brethren. Any breach, any hesitation, will be seen by the Venetian and all this will be for naught.” His hands slid down her arms as his lips whispered quietly against her ear. Warmth, either from the wine or his touch, spread down Jaime’s neck to her shoulders and down her arms after his hands. Her breath caught as his right hand slid down to the tear in her skirt, touching the soft skin of her thigh. “Ah see, there we would have been discovered, amour. There should be no surprise in our touch.”

With that, he lifted her hand to his cheek as he nestled his lips against the pulse of her neck, kissing lightly and breathing in her scent. Jaime’s head tilted away, allowing his lips more of her delicate skin to savor. She stroked his head, the stubble of his shore scalp tickling her palm. His left hand looped under her arm and around her waist, pulling her back into him and eliciting a sigh to escape her lips. His right hand trailed down her arm, back to her side and then down to her torn skirt. His fingers caressed across her skin, delving to the sensitive inner thigh above the knee. Slowly he stroked up, closer and closer to the aching warmth that had begun within her. But then he pulled his hand from under her skirt and traced it up along her stomach.

Anton opened his kiss more, grazing his teeth along the soft skin of her neck, bringing a moan unbidden from her throat. His left hand traveled up her side, then under the long locks bahis şirketleri of her sable hair, his fingers sliding into the sweet smelling tangle above her nape. Then suddenly his hand closed tight, pulling her hair as he bit down gently, but firmly, on her exposed shoulder. A sigh of surprise issued from Jaime as the jolt of pain washed over her and she pulled his head harder onto her, pressing her bottom into him as his tongue tickled her skin. His right hand cupped her breast through her shirt, squeezing meaningfully, teasing the nipple as it became aroused. Still gripping her hair, Anton pushed her head forward, to nip and kiss along her nape. Jaime flexed the fingers of her right hand, gently scratching his head as passion began to overcome her. Her left hand moved back, to his thigh, pulling him against her.

He removed his lips and tongue from the back of her neck and forcefully twisted her face to his, their mouths meeting in a carnal embrace, tongues sweeping together as their rapiers had moments before. Anton pinched her hardened nipple as they kissed, bringing another moan from within her. Jaime clutched his lips to hers, the lust now fully taking her. His right hand left her tortured breast to caress the other, and then it traveled back down to the rip in her skirt. This time he moved along her thigh to the inner part, stroking teasingly as he moved it up, further up. A sound of surprise came from Anton this time, as where he expected to meet some sort of undergarment, he only felt heated skin.

“You Highlanders never cease to surprise, mon petit,” he said breathlessly, breaking their kiss for a moment.

“All th’ best for when the mood takes us, ‘cher,'” she answered back, pulling his mouth to hers, wanting to feel his kiss, his desire.

Anton slid his hand along her cleft, feeling how wet she had become. As he stroked along her womanhood, Jaime moaned a bit more, grinding her hips down some and back against the bulge she felt behind her. He slipped a finger into her fold, relishing the wetness he found and the slight gasp it brought from her. The finger traced along those wet lips, coming to rest on the hard bud of her sex. Slowly he ground down on it, all the while pulling her hair and moving his mouth back to her neck. Jaime’s hand left Anton’s buttock where she had been grasping and slid it between them as best she could, rubbing his hardness. She gripped harder as he inserted a questing finger into her tightness, her legs involuntarily opening some to allow him unhindered access. A second finger followed and she ground down onto his hand.

Suddenly his hand was withdrawn, and he had stepped back from her, yet still held her hair in a tight grip. Turning her to face him, Jaime could see a cold fire in his eyes, but a fire nonetheless. With his freed right hand, Anton pulled the closure of his trousers, loosening the binding, allowing the telltale bulge to stand out further.

“On your knees, cher. Now,” he demanded, forcing her down a bit when she didn’t move. Jaime went to her knees, the soft mossy ground cushioning them. She knew what he wanted her to do, the look in his eyes told her to obey. She reached up, undid the rest of the bindings on the front of his trousers and pulled it open. Beneath was a soft broadcloth garment, which she pulled down as much as she could. His erection greeted her, standing brazenly before her. Jaime looked up to his eyes and coyly licked her lips with the tip of her tongue. Then she licked from the base of his cock to the head, never taking it fully into her mouth. Anton groaned throatily as her tongue twirled around the head. She repeated the pass several times before finally wrapping her hand around the shaft and taking the head into her mouth, her teeth lightly grazing the sensitive knob as she did. A sharp intake of breath from Anton told her this met with approval. Soon she was bobbing her head on his cock, her tongue swirling at the upstroke, her teeth grazing on the down. Her right hand wandered on its own, at times holding his thigh or buttock, others rubbing her hardened nipples or kneading her breasts when she caught him looking down. Then it slowly moved down to the tear in her skirt and flipped it open. Her fingers slid along her soaked labia, causing her to moan, which vibrated against Anton’s hard cock as she sucked him greedily. One finger teased and thrilled her aching clitoris, then two. Then the two fingers slipped up inside herself as her thumb pressed onto the bud. Curling her fingers in a ‘come-hither’ position, Jaime began to grind her hips as she felt release edging closer. Her mouth lapped lasciviously on Anton’s member, her moans of self-pleasure mingling with his groans of lust and exultation of her skill. She pumped her aching pussy more and soon she felt that familiar wash of heat, the beginning of the tingling as her orgasm neared.

Pain erupted across the back of her head, a startled yelp escaping her lips as Anton’s manhood left her wanting mouth. He was kneeling before her, his left hand still holding her hair and now his right hand holding fast the wrist of her right hand. He pulled her hand back, removing the fingers with a wet popping.

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Lessons from a Pseudonym

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Zoe had been with her boyfriend, Matthew, for about six months or so when it all changed. Their relationship had begun in the first week of university – they had lived in neighbouring flats in the Central Halls of Residence, and the entire block of freshers had had one long week of drunken debauchery to celebrate getting to tertiary education.

She’d not been sober all week – and neither had he – so she had an extra inebriated confidence on top of that given to her by her fairly easy upbringing. She had flirted with him all week, doing everything possible to catch his attention – being as close to him as possible as frequently as possible, touching him whenever she could get away with it, always smiling whenever he looked at her, that sort of thing.

He wasn’t shy in normal social situations, but when it came to women, he was almost timid. He just didn’t pick up the signs – even her accidental-on-purpose spilling of her drink all over him one evening, he’d simply put down to her drunken state. She was very annoyed by the end of the week, and was forced to try out a new strategy. Calculating the right moment, she ‘let slip’ to one of her flatmates that she was interested in him. Her flatmate, Sophie, later let slip the information to him.

They had been at the end of the final evening’s pub crawl at the time, and she’d watched across the crowded room as Sophie, a guaranteed gossip, had genuinely accidentally told him who fancied him. She saw him through the corner of her eye blushing as he learned of the news, and she made certain she wasn’t looking at him when he turned to look at her.

Bless him, he’d been at a boys’ school for the last five years, he didn’t know how to handle the opposite sex. He may have had a girlfriend or two in his time, but he hadn’t had enough to be fully confident in the circumstances. He didn’t know what to do.

Zoe had bided her time carefully after that, casually sipping her drinking and half immersing herself in conversation with other drunken first years. But her mind was on Matt, who she wanted to walk home with that night. And, naturally, she did just that. The end of the evening came, the bar staff kicked them all out, and she stumbled over to him, almost falling into his arms.

“Matt, will you walk me home?” she asked, holding onto him as if to keep from collapsing in the street.

“Uh…” he said, his cheeks flushing a little – interest? She hoped so. “Uh…sure, Zoe.”

When they got to her door, she reached for him again, but this time he also made a move, and they were kissing before their hearts took another heavy beat. It was a kiss of such fiery passion that it ignited her entire body, and as he held her head, gently exploring her lips with his, the chemistry was irresistible between them.

They broke apart eventually, and she went inside her flat, waving him a seductive goodbye to him as the door closed between them. She didn’t want things to move too quickly, and saw in his slightly dazed, star-struck expression that he understood. But that night when she undressed, she had to change her panties before bed since she was so wet, and while drifting off to sleep, recalling the hardness pushing at her through his trousers, she couldn’t wait for their relationship to progress.

With almost military planning, she allowed him to go further and further each night, then at the end of the second week they’d known each other, she allowed him the full way. He was, she had to say, a wonderful lover. His touch was delicate but firm, his body finely tuned through years of school sports, his mouth sensitive and immensely kissable. He was always clean and smelled fresh and slightly exotic, and his dress sense wasn’t too bad, fitting in with her own fairly wealthy lifestyle.

She loved his company, too, and his quiet yet well-informed conversation, not to mention his easy, quirky sense of humour. She knew for a fact that this was a man she wanted to stick with, whether or not her parents approved of his less than millionaire status.

In her experience, the way men liked their women was for them to lie on their backs and look as though they were enjoying every second. So her love-making tended to concentrated to a fair amount on the missionary position, and although she did have the occasional orgasm, she made sure his pleasure was always the most important factor. That, as it turned out, was her fundamental error.

They got through countless boxes of condoms in those first few weeks before she had decided to go on the pill, but the lust in their relationship eventually quietened down, and around the end of March, they seemed to sleep with each other only once or twice a week. It seemed to her – and judging by the occasional comment from her friends, everyone else as well – that the two of them were a ‘couple’, which meant their lust stage was mostly over. In fact, sometimes Zoe felt they were verging on being a middle-aged couple.

The night it all took off, she was actually wondering bahis firmaları if they had a future together, whether it was all worth going on with. She thought of telling him that it was all over, but such a thought brought tears to her eyes – the kind of tears that made her nose itch and seemed to spark an explosion of pain, desperation and deep sadness. He was hers, and she felt that she couldn’t do without him. She loved feeling that she was wanted by him – every day as she sat in lectures, she had it in the back of her mind that she would get home and could relax in his arms with that familiar, seductive scent he wore saturating the air she breathed.

She tried to dispel the thoughts of ever ending their relationship while she had a shower. They were going out for the standard pubbing and clubbing experience of a student Friday night, and as ever, she wanted to look perfect – for Matt as well as for her reputation. But she could get ready almost on autopilot, and that left her able to really think about things.

She showered, making herself spotless – and with a razor, hairless in all the right places – and decided that giving him up wasn’t the answer. After all, all couples would go through fallow patches of their love lives. They couldn’t sleep with each other every night now – that wasn’t the way it worked. Lust was a flame that burned brightly at the beginning and then settled into a steady smoulder, wasn’t it?

No, she should just try to cope with it, realise that he still wanted her, still loved being with her, but that lust was no longer number one priority. As she got out of the shower and dried herself, her heart lifted – didn’t Matt still seem to be extremely happy whenever she was around? Perhaps it was a good thing that sex was no longer the only thing supporting the relationship. They were companions, and companions had more chance of staying together than just sex partners.

But as she dried her long blonde hair with her hair drier, then dressed while standing in front of the full length mirror, there was still that small doubt in the back of her mind that Matt would do what every other man in her experience had – move on when the initial lust quietened.

She went over to his flat with that uncertainty in her head – what if it wasn’t up to her if the relationship was strong enough to cope with the slowdown of their sex lives? What if he had already made the decision to drop her and was waiting for the perfect moment? Her heart was in her mouth and her hands were cold yet clammy as her knock on her neighbouring flat was answered.

“Matt, it’s Zoe!” Matt’s flatmate Jeff ushered her into the flat. “He’s running a little late,” he explained, “he’s in the bathroom.”

She nodded and smiled at Jeff – who, dressed in just a pair of boxers, was running a little late himself. She went through to Matt’s bedroom, and passing the bathroom, the door opened. Matt was in there, and as she looked through the open door, she saw that he was naked.

“I’m just hopping into the shower,” he said, his mouth full of toothpaste foam, “go through to my room if you like.”

“Shut the door!” she said, “people will see you!”

But as she headed through to his room and heard him close the door, she smiled to herself – she’d seen his beautifully sized penis clearly stirring at the knowledge that she was looking at it. That was a distinct sign that he was still sexually interested in her. She continued on to his room, which was as messy as any normal male student’s quarters, but at least it didn’t smell of old socks.

She sat on his bed and waited. By the sounds of things, Matt’s four flatmates were all in various stages of lateness, tearing about all over the place looking for things they needed for a good night out.

It was while boredom was creeping into her, that something caught her eye. Matt’s computer was on, and something had flashed up on the screen. She looked at it – clearly his email. She looked closer, and found that it was an email from a female.

Fear, pain and a little anger ripped through her body – had Matt been cheating on her? Curiosity got the better of her, she had to find out more. She wouldn’t get another chance to find out, either, since Matt probably wouldn’t accidentally give her access to his email account again. But was it prying into his privacy too much?

Hell, ‘Rachael’, whoever she was, would probably turn out to be a cousin or something. And if all was innocent, it wouldn’t be harmful to just quickly click on his email and read it. A quick look outside in the corridor, and it sounded as though Matt had just stepped into the shower. In her experience, Matt took pretty long showers. She’d have time.

Closing the bedroom door to make sure his flatmates didn’t find out, she leaned over the keyboard, grabbed the mouse and double clicked on the new message.


I just wanted to let you know that I *really* enjoyed your kaçak iddaa new story ‘Venetian Nights’ on .com 🙂 It definitely got my juices flowing. Keep up the wonderful work 😉 -Rachael


What was this? Did he know this person, Rachael? And was that about a story? She looked at the return email address, and saw that it was ‘’ – from the very website that apparently held the story referred to in the message. The only answer was to leave Matt’s email as it was, as though she’d never looked at it, and open up the internet browser to check out what this website was all about.

She got through to the website and found a vast array of erotic stories on offer. The thought of reading erotic fiction made her blush. Did people really like this stuff? She found a search box and typed in ‘Venetian Nights’. If Matt was up to something with this site, she wanted to know what it was. It came up, with an author name ‘MattSimon’. Simon was Matt’s middle name, so that was explained fairly clearly to her. So, he was a secret writer in his spare time. Hmm…

She started to read the story, and to her surprise, found that it really wasn’t too badly written. In fact, it was one of the most amazing stories she had ever read – not because it was a work of literary genius: it clearly wasn’t – but because of the response in her that it provoked. As she read on, she found feelings of arousal awakening in her that she had never ever felt while reading before. Usually, such feelings took a sustained period without any sex and a stimulus like the sight of a really hot man to make her feel that way.

And it was undoubtedly Matt’s writing. She recognised the syntax that he used, the certain turn of phrase every now and then that was part and parcel of his character, certain words that only he would use in a situation. But it wasn’t the Matt she knew. It was so amazingly sexual, so overtly erotic – it wasn’t like Matt to share his real thoughts about the process that was going on whenever they made love. Because this story was about them making love – the female depicted in the tale was clearly her, described in detail from top to toe from her long blonde hair down to her elegantly painted toenails.

And she felt fire between her legs at what he really thought about her. If she had had any doubt about him before, this dispelled any thoughts she may have had that he no longer found her sexually attractive. But it also made her realise something fairly significant in their relationship, because the story didn’t describe the reality of any of their sexuality. It was really quite different to what she’d been doing with him. She would have to figure out what it was.

She managed to read most of the story and scan the rest before she heard the door of the bathroom being unlocked. When she clicked on her boyfriend’s pseudonym, there was a list of his other stories. There were a fair few, too, with some pretty enticing titles. She would save that for another occasion, though.

By the time she had closed down the internet browser and jumped back onto Matt’s bed, grabbing the two day old newspaper from the floor to make it look as though she’d been reading it, her life had changed. Matt was none the wiser for her snooping on his email, and he continued the mad rush to put on some clothes before they headed out.

Sitting on the bed, watching him dressing, she saw him differently now. He was even more amazing, because she knew how besotted he was with her. And when she had a moment in the future, she’d go looking at more of her secret writer’s tales. By the time he was dressed, Zoe was very wet between her legs. If she hadn’t put on her liberal amount of perfume – which she knew from Matt’s story, he absolutely adored – she would be worried that he’d detect the scent of her strong arousal.

That night, she’d never been so horny in a long time – since, in fact, those first wonderful few weeks of their relationship. And after they got back from the club, he’d gone with her into her flat, into her room, and they’d made love four times before he finally went off to sleep. He’d obviously been really turned on by her evident sexuality that night, because he’d asked her to let him go down between her legs and taste her. But she said no, as she usually had whenever he had wanted to please her. She felt better knowing that he was inside her and she was making him feel wonderful, so she had urged him to move up and slide his rigid mass between her slick pussy lips and make love to her.


In the morning, Matt had got up fairly early, since he had to prepare himself for that afternoon’s rugby match. She was half asleep when he went, but remembered him kissing her goodbye on the lips, and beamed a broad smile in her semi-consciousness, knowing that she was very much a wanted girl.

She woke up a couple of hours later, glorying in the fact that she didn’t have to get up for ages, and had a wonderfully leisurely kaçak bahis Saturday to look forward to.

She stretched the sleep from her petite frame and yawned deeply. She could smell the traces of his scent, and smiled, remembering his goodbye kiss – and the night before. Remembering that particular part of the night made her tingle between her thighs, and a sudden jolt of excitement swept out from her chest as she recalled the erotic fiction website and Matt’s stories on it.

She put a t-shirt on, making her feel a little less vulnerable, but only that t-shirt. She turned her computer on and then locked her door. As the machine booted up, she felt as though she could do anything she wanted in the locked privacy of her own room. Her heart rate soared as she eventually got through to the website again, and to the list of stories by her boyfriend, ‘MattSimon’.

Using her right hand to move the mouse, she started on the stories, which were quite long and detailed, and were mostly situations of perfect lovemaking between the hero and the perfect woman, who always seemed to be the likeness of her. Her left hand drifted down between her legs where she was dripping with moisture – some of which, she was thrilled to realise, was Matt’s emissions from the night before.

His words were incredible, springing from the page to burn through her pussy and up through her spine. She came a few times, in fact – the first time she’d done that to herself for a long, long time – before it dawned on her the fundamental difference between these stories and the reality of their love-making.

In Matt’s stories, most of the time was taken up by describing foreplay, the kissing and touching, the caressing and squeezing – and not to forget the licking and the tasting. In fact in most of the stories, the actual penetration – which had formed the real focal point of their love making in the real world – was treated as the icing on the cake, the important but not all-dominating part of the entire performance of male and female.

In fact, the way Matt had it, the male in the story always seemed to hold the pleasure of the female in higher regard to his own release, and the female was always made to come at least once before the final ride. And Matt really seemed to enjoy having his face between a woman’s legs – the way he described it had Zoe soon with two of her fingers buried in her wetness, rising to a huge wave of intense pleasure.

So, the big question: if she were to actually follow Matt’s fantasies a little more, would he try to get her into bed a little more often in future? She would have to try, that was sure.

That night, with Matt going out drinking with his team mates, Zoe had a night with the girls, which involved drinking but not dancing, since no one was up for it after the fairly heavy time the night before. All night, she couldn’t get her mind off what she had learned that day. She had made note of the variations from her usual missionary position that Matt described, and all night, wondered what it would be like giving Matt what he had always wanted – but had been too shy to ask for, even with their closeness and trust.

Returning home, she regretted bitterly that it was a rugby night, because it was the night she most wanted him to sleep with her. She fumbled the key in the lock and ended up dropping it – she had to admit, she was a little worse for the Long Island Iced Teas she’d been having in the latter part of the evening. She stooped to reach for the key on the ground, and was surprised when she stood back up to find herself enveloped by a pair of arms.

“Hello gorgeous,” Matt said, and she could smell the beer on his breath.

“Matt,” she said, fighting to keep her dignity and not reveal the real excitement that she felt, “what are you doing back so early? It’s only one o’clock.”

“Well…we lost,” he said, a note of gloom in his voice. He had been drinking, there was no doubt about that, but she could tell he hadn’t had as much as normal for a post-rugby night. “So…you know…”

“Can I try and make you feel better?” she asked, him, unlocking the door as she did so.

“Uh…yeah…if you don’t mind being with a loser.”

“Come on,” she said, pulling him inside her flat, “you’ll never be a loser in my eyes.”

She led him to her room as quickly as she could, her heart pounding within her chest, eagerly anticipating her new direction in love making. She wouldn’t hurry him or urge him inside her this time – she would let him do whatever he wanted, encouraging him not to slide inside her, but to spend more time on other things.

By the time they got into her room, she was shivering with excitement: if this all went to plan, and those stories that had got that woman Rachael’s juices flowing were really written by Matt, then things were about to change.

She recalled that first story of his that she’d read, ‘Venetian Nights’, about a couple of strangers who met when they were travelling to Venice and ended up booking into the same room together in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unlike Zoe, the heroine of the story hadn’t shed her clothes as soon as possible, but had allowed him to take them off one by one.

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Lesbian Bitch Ch. 01

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All stories edited by Shygirlwhore.

Hi everyone Dani is the narrator in all of my stories and everyone is eighteen and over.

Tanya is totally obsessed with Jane. She shares her bed every night with the best two lovers she has ever had, and because Jane is a lesbian.

Jane is so much in love with her, that she happily has sex with my brother Jake, knowing that Tanya will satisfy her beyond her wildest beliefs.

Tanya told Jane that her sex drive would be at its wildest if, Jane had a lot of intercourse with her husband doggy style, so that she could feel him inside her as Tanya continually went down on her and enjoyed watching Jane’s nipples as they became erect. Tanya would use a dildo on her wet pussy and suck her sweet juices off the dildos, as she watched Janes DDs bounce up and down.

The sexual tension would become unbearable for Tanya, as Jake’s sperm exploded out of Jane’s sex canal and their cum mixed together. It bought Tanya to a continuous orgasm. Tanya really felt the need to devour Jane’s body.

Tanya would gently rub her breasts along Jane’s clit. That was her favorite way to feel her man growing inside of Jane and too feel her man ejaculating and exploding out of this sweet lesbian bitch. Tanya would place her hands on either side of Jane’s breasts so that she could lick and suck the cum mixture off her hands.

Once the dildos were no longer satisfying Tanya, she would press her clit against Jane’s and ride her. Tanya would rub her cum covered breasts on Jakes face bahis firmaları and bring Jane to multiple orgasms. My man feels so good inside you!

Tanya would say, “Relax my darling lesbian, I want to feel my mans lovely large hard cock inside your sweet, juicy pussy. I want- no, I need you to feel my orgasms as he continually fills you with his sperm. I have also asked him to stay inside of you for as long as possible and to piss and relieve himself while he is inside you.

Tanya would quiet often feel Jane’s nipples harden as she bounced away on Jane’s breasts. Tanya would lean forward to rub her hands and breasts over and inside Jane’s pussy as she felt her man’s hard cock moving inside of Jane’s pussy; his sperm overflowing out of this hot and amazing lesbian.

Jake would always start off slowly and as his thrusting became faster, Tanya’s mouth and breasts would move to Jane’s sweet pussy. Tanya’s hard nipples would always fill Jane with delight and give her multiple orgasms. As Jake really started to overflow Jane’s pussy Tanya would kiss and lick Jane’s sweet swollen pussy and taste every drop of her man’s cum. That was even better than a blow job for Jake and it would cause Jane to scream with delight.

Eventually it would end up with scissor sex so it felt like Jake was fucking both of them at the same time.

I got so excited when I came to stay and being in the bedroom across from them I could watch and hear everything, it took both Meg and John to control my sex drive as they left the kaçak iddaa lights on while they were fucking. Jake would only turn of the lights after Tanya and Jane had fallen asleep.

Every morning he was always inside one of their vaginas, depending on Tanya’s mood, with the added benefit off watching a lot of hot women undressing on the beach, running naked into the surf and then running back to get an all over tan.

Jake was in heaven.

As the sex got really intense, the trio started swearing during sex. Jill would often come and jump into bed with us figuring she would have plenty of sexual activities with Tanya. Not to mention that she liked to get a good night’s sleep and didn’t like having the lights left on all night.

As Jane opens her eyes each morning Tanya would say, “Good morning my sexy lesbian bitch. You are awesome, how is your sex canal feeling? I can’t wait until your nipples start to swell and your tummy grows out. You already make my head spin, but looking at you while you are pregnant will make me even crazier! Well, you think the sex is great now Wait until your pregnancy is farther along. I just love watching you fuck my boyfriend’s brains out every night.”

When Jill is there Tanya would say, “Come on sleepy head come and kiss Jane’s sweet pussy Good morning. Quickly while Jake is still inside her. If you’re lucky you might get to taste some of Jake’s cum!”

Tanya would always bounce on Jane’s tits so Jilly had a nice close up view of her wet pussy.

“Come join kaçak bahis me for an all girl threesome while Jake has a shower. Let’s show Jane know how much we love and appreciate our sweet lesbian bitch. Scissor sex your big sister, I want to taste both your sweet juicy cunts at the same time. I’ll kiss your sweet pussies until you cum,” Tanya said to Jill.

“Than my dear Jilly, you may eat my pussy until you are content. I’m yours for the rest of the day.”

“My sweet innocent Jilly come and join me in the spa. I need an all over view.” Jill would feel Tanya’s nipples becoming erect as she touched and kissed her gorgeous breasts; she watched Jake stroking his 10″ cock and how it would become incredibly erect. They were also well placed to watch Jane playing with her dildos and massaging her DDs.

Once Tanya became more and more excited, she would request Jane to lubricate her juicy pussy and hot ass for Jakes throbbing cock, while Jill would kiss her way down Tanya’s body and finger Tanya’s butt in her search of her wet cunt. The bubbles really bought Tanya’s orgasms to life.

As Jill came up for air she noticed all the hot naked people on the beach and Jake’s sperm overflowing out of Jane and Jane massaging her breasts with Jake’s spoof. Tanya would be in one constant orgasm and sucked on Jill’s hard nipples.

As Jane got off Jakes cock, his cock would glisten with Janes juices and Jane would go over to Tanya and finger her pussy so that Tanya could lick her fingers.

“Jane please give my man a blowjob,” Tanya would request, “Than savor a mouth full of his cum and come and kiss me and play tonsil hockey with me. I need to taste him.”

“Jane use the strap-on in Jake’s butt. I want Jill to taste him too.”

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I met my stepdaughter when she was 19. She has beautiful long brown curly hair. The cutest ass, small and tight, and medium-sized breasts that look terrific. This first time meeting her, she was wearing the tiniest and tightest biker shorts for lack of a better word. She has her college t-shirt on that has the sleeves removed and is a crop top showing her tummy and belly button. (I like a good belly button, weird.). Since I am a pervert, I happened to notice she was not wearing a bra. With just the right angle you could see some side boob. I suspect she was not expecting to see me or maybe she was expecting it. She just kind of swooped in, changed, and was out the door again.

It was summertime and she lived with her mom for a few weeks. Her mom and I had just started dating so I did not really see much of Clara. But the next summer that all would change. This summer she turned 20 and stayed almost the whole summer. This is what happened during one week of that summer.

Her mom would always go out of town for 10 days as part of her job. She always left during the summer. She and I had moved in together by now and when Clara’s freshman year ended she naturally come home for the summer. She normally only stayed a few weeks since she was busy with internships. This summer that was on hold until July. That meant it would just be Clara and me for 10 days. I have had many a fantasy about this young lady and that fantasy was going to become reality soon.

The week started off nicely. We would hang out during some part of the day whether it was in the morning, afternoon, or evening. I started to notice after a couple of days she started only wearing tank tops and panties around the house. She had no reason to get dressed, she was on summer break. I know she loves to wear thong underwear. I know this cause she has been doing a lot of bending down and exposing the top of the thong. Sometimes her shorts are so tight you could see the outline of her underwear. Plus, I also am very helpful, especially with laundry. When taking her laundry out of the dryer, I just happened to notice some very skimpy underwear. This one time I took the basket to her room and I left all the thongs on top.

“Here you go, Clara. I needed the dryer,” I say to her.

“Oh thanks, Paul.” She notices all the thongs on top and looks at me and smiles. She is still just wearing a t-shirt that barely covers her ass.

Later in the evening, I hear a knocking on my door.

“Yes?” I say.

“It’s me, Clara. Can I come in?” asks Clara.

“Sure,” I reply.

“Whatcha doing? I’m bored,” she declares.

“Just watching TV. I am sorry you are bored. You want to watch some TV with me?”

“Sure. What are you watching?” She asks as she sits down next to me on my king bed.

“No plans?” I ask.

“Not until my friend’s big swim party but that is not till this weekend,” she whines. “Speaking of swimming maybe you can help me. I got some new bathing suits and not sure which one to wear.”

“Um…sure bahis firmaları if you really want my help,” I reply back.

“OK. Great. Let go change into the first one,” Clara says happily.

“The first one?” I ask. “How many suits did you bring?”

“Four or five. It’s hard. I want to pick just the right suit. This is the party of the summer,” states Clara.

As she leaves my room to go change, she stops at the door and turns and says, “Oh, just so you know these are not really regular bathing suits.”

“Uh. What do you mean ‘not regular’ suits.”

“Well I lost a bet with my friend Blanca and I have to wear a specific type of suit. You’ll see.” And she hurries out of the room.

I guess she is gone for about five minutes when I hear her walking back to my room. It sounds like she is wearing heels. She stops at the door and peeks in. “Are you ready?” she asks.

“I think so,” I respond.

She walks in but she has a robe on that goods down to the middle of her thighs. She is wearing very sexy high heels that must be 4 or 5″ high. They make her calves look super sexy, but I am trying not to stare.

“OK, now remember these are not your typical suits and I lost a bet.” She slowly removes the robe to reveal a pretty skimpy one-piece suit. The top has a plunging neckline with lots of cleavage. It is black and very sexy. She starts spinning around and walking like a model. The heels are really making her ass look nicer than normal. She spins and stops with her back to me. The suit barely covers her ass, but not exactly a thong.

“So what do you think, Paul?” she asks.

“Well, um, it is doesn’t seem like a different kind of suit.”

She continues walking back and forth with more spinning around like a model showing off the suit.

“OK, so would you do me one more favor? I have to send Blanca some photos to prove I am honoring our bet, so could you use my phone and take some photos of me in each suit?” she coyly asks me.

“Um…sure…if…you…um…are OK with it,” I finally stammered.

“Of course,” she says as she hands me the camera.

I start clicking away and she is really good at this modeling thing. She spins and bends and strikes some sexy poses. My cock is getting so hard. I cannot believe she is prancing around in this suit. But this was only the beginning.

“OK, let me show you the next suit,” she announces as she leaves the room. This time she does not take that long, I assume because she has less to change out of this time.

She now comes in with the robe on again, but this time she pretends to be a stripper and starts slowly moving the robe off her shoulder and as she does this she turns away from me and then lets the robe fall to the ground. This time the suit was a bikini. She goes right into model mode: spinning, flipping her hair, bending over. “How does this one look, Paul?”

“Well, you have the sexy part down. This is also a nice suit. Are you sure you want to wear one of these in public?” I ask kaçak iddaa her.

“Well it won’t really be in public, it will be at a private party,” she retorts.

“Still you are not leaving much to the imagination, Clara.”

“I know but this was the bet and I lost.” Handing me the camera again she says, “Do not forget the take some picture.”

After this suit, we go through the same process of her changing, modeling, photos, and some major teasing with two more suits. Each one got skimpier and skimpier. Until what I thought was the final one. It was a micro-thong slingshot type of suit. It left nothing to the imagination. The top barely covered her tits. I could see her hard nipples poking through the thin material. The bottom was literally a string wrapped around her waist with one thin string going down her ass between her cheeks.

After what I thought was the final one, she comes back into my room with just her robe on.

“So what did you think of my suits? Do you have a favorite? Which one should I wear to the party?” she asks excitedly.

“They were all very um nice and it is hard to just pick one. You looked great in all of them. Anyone would get ever head turned your way. I suspect even some ladies would even enjoy them.”

She is now looking down at my shorts. “It seems like you enjoyed them. I can see you have something going on down there,” she says pointing to the tent that has formed.

“Well, what do you expect. I am a man after all, even if I am your stepfather.”

“I almost forgot I have one more outfit to show you. This is one I will probably NOT wear to the party but might just wear around the house.”

“I am not sure I can take another suit, Clara. This has all been very hard on me.”

She giggles, “Yes, I can see how hard this has been for you. Maybe I can make it easier for you.” As she says this she moves closer to my side of the bed and right when she gets near me, she just drops the robe. “What do you think of this costume?”

“Holy shit, Clara, what are you doing trying to kill me here?”

“What you don’t like this one?” Clara asks.

“This is not a bathing suit. All you have on is a very skimpy thong.

What suit is this called?” I ask.

“This is my sexy stepdaughter’s suit.” Then she pulls the covers back and kneels between my legs. I cannot help but stare at her nice medium-sized tits. They are very firm and perky. “I thought I would thank you for helping me with my choice.” She then pulls down my shorts and my cock springs straight up, pointing to the ceiling. “You like blowjobs?”

“Well, yes, I do, Clara.”

“Well, I am going to blow you like you have never been blown before. I am so horny right now.” She starts stroking my hard cock up and down while using her other hand to play with my balls. She then leans down and softly places her mouth around the head of my cock. She starts slowly moving up and down with her mouth and hands. One hand stroking my cock the other caressing my balls. “You are so hard step kaçak bahis daddy.” She giggles when she says that. “Do you like me calling you step-daddy?”

“I do, Clara.” I can hardly talk I am breathing so heavy.

“Would you stand up so I can get a better angle on this beautiful cock.”

I stand up near the side of the bed and she gets on her knees in front of me.

“Yeah, this is much better. I can now do this.” She starts taking more of my cock. Each time she moves back and then forward more of my cock disappears into her mouth until that last final push and my cock disappears completely in her mouth. My balls are slapping against her chin. She is looking up at me as she pulls my cock out of her mouth. My cock is covered in her saliva so much so it starts to drip down to my balls. Stroking my slippery cock she says, “Was that OK? Do you like it when I take all of your cock down my throat? It is such a big cock.” She goes right back to sucking my cock without even letting me answer. I grab the back of her head and she releases my cock stating, “Oh yeah. I like it when my head is grabbed and fuck my mouth with your cock. Would you do that for me, Paul?” And right back to her sucking.

As she deepthroats me, my hands go to the back of her head and I start to fuck her face. After about three or four thrusts my whole cock makes it down her throat. I hold it there for a second or two and then start fucking her mouth again. I just notice she has been playing with her tits. Her nipples are so hard. This puts me over the edge. Frankly, I am impressed I have lasted this long.

As she pulls off my cock to catch her breath, she looks up at me, stroking my cock. “It feels like you are ready to explode. Are you ready to explode, Paul?”

“I sure am Clara. I cannot believe I have lasted this long. Who knew you could be so sexy.” My hips are thrusting as she strokes my cock.

“How/where do you want to cum, Paul?”

“What are my choices?” I ask.

“Anything you want. Anywhere you want is OK with me.” She takes my cock down her throat and sucks me some more. I am not going to last long and I really want to cum down her throat.

“How about deep down your throat?”

“OK. But you have to pull out of my mouth and shoot that first big string on my face then I will deep throat for the rest of your cum.”

I nod my head and she goes right back to sucking and stroking and occasionally sucking my balls. I let her know I am cumming soon and she increases her speed. She is not using her hands on my cock just her mouth. One hand is playing with my balls and the other is playing with her nipples. One more thrust and I pull out of her mouth and shoot the biggest rope I have ever shot in my life across her face and it lands on her forehead with a nice string down to her mouth. She immediately goes right back to deepthroating me as I continue to cum down her throat. After my last thrust, she pulls back and sucks the tip dry, squeezing every last drop of cum out of my cock. She then licks her lips and pushes the cum from her face into her mouth. “We do not want to waste any now do we?”

After she has cleaned me up, she bounces off the bed and announces she is off to shower.

“Want to join me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Legal Issues Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Having worked with Janet on a number of cases, I had always considered her a very sexy and talented attorney. The morning’s events had shown me that she had a very different, and even more sexy side than I had ever thought possible. After having to give a deposition on nude day to a nude female attorney, and then ending up not only getting fucked by my attorney, but screwing the opposing attorney silly too, Janet and I were off to “have some fun” and do some shopping, still nude of course. Before today I didn’t know what Nude day was, but now, I wondered how I could celebrate it every year.

Janet and I finished a nice lunch at an outdoor café, the glass table allowing the waitress to have a good look at my hard dick while she served us, along with the many trips she seemed to make to be sure my glass was always full.

“You know, that waitress would love to fuck you.” Janet said.


“I said, she’d love to fuck you. Hell it’s no wonder, you really do have a fantastic cock. Long and fat. I’m more than ready to fuck it again myself.”

“I thought you wanted to go shopping?”

“Oh I do. I saw a little lingerie shop down the street. I though some new panties would be nice. Do you prefer stockings or pantyhose?”

“Hell, that’s easy, stockings.”

“Hmm Thought so. You seemed like a stocking man. You know, I always had fun teasing the hell out of you with my short skirts. I wondered how long it was going to take you to rip my clothes off and fuck me.”

“I couldn’t do that. Wouldn’t have been professional.”

“Well, it’s good to know you thought about it at least. You wouldn’t even do it at the dinners I took you to? You do know I didn’t wear panties any time I was working with you, except in court of course.”

“Damn,” I said shaking my head.

“No like?”

“No… missed opportunities.”

“Oh, well, we don’t want to miss too many of those! Just how short of a skirt would it have taken before you made a pass at me?” She asked, getting up and walking around the small table to where I was sitting. I scooted back and she sat sideways on my lap, my dick sticking up between her legs.

“I’m not sure. The one you had on in the plane was getting pretty close. Hell, I had a hardon the whole time and was trying to see what kind of panties you wore. Now I find out there weren’t any.”

“If you had asked I would have pulled my skirt up and let you look all you wanted.”

“Hell, that would have made me crazy to fuck you.”

She leaned her face down to mine and kissed me gently as she stroked my dick softly with her finger tips, pressing it against her wet pussy. “So do you want to fuck me right here? Do you want to make me cum in public?”

“If we wouldn’t get arrested, hell yes!”

“Oh you are a bad boy!” She said as she got part way up and then sat back down, pushing my dick into her pussy. “Now if you use your fingers well, you can make me cum. I’ll try to do it quietly.”

I moved a hand so my fingers were between her legs and I gently stroked her wet lips, up across her hard clit, getting a little shiver each time I touched it. She put her arms around my neck and leaned down and kissed me, her tongue driving deep into my mouth as I stroked her pussy.

“Hmmmmmm” she moaned quietly into my mouth as the waitress brought our check.

Janet tried to sit still, her body wanting to press toward my fingers with each stroke. Almost teasingly I eased my pressure, using just the tips of my fingers now.

“Oh fuck you are a tease!” She breathed as she pulled her mouth from mine.

“Just like you,” I said as I grinned back at her and then pressed a finger to her clit, flicking it back and forth quickly.

“Oh!” she squeaked as I leaned forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth, nibbling her hard nub while I flicked her clit with my finger. Her whole body trembled and shook in my arms as her pussy squeezed and clenched my dick, her climax coming on her swiftly with the change in sensations. “That was so sneaky!” She half moaned as she panted for breath. “I will certainly pay you back for that!”

“Good, I’m looking forward to it.”

She looked at me, her dark green eyes smoldering with passion. “You are a wicked man. I am so going to love this!” She got up, pulling off my dick with a slurp, leaving my dick shining with her pussy juices. She picked up the check and walked to the counter to pay the bill.

“Anything else I can get you?” The waitress asked, stepping close and staring directly at my wet dick while she held a small serving tray, using it to cover her pussy.

“I don’t know, did you have something in mind?”

“Um, no sir… I don’t think so.”

“Hello. And what is your name?” Janet asked as she stepped back over to us.


“Well, Amanda, I see you’re admiring his hard dick.” Janet said quietly. Then she leaned closer and whispered. “It really feels good stuffed inside my pussy. I bet it would really fill up your hot little pussy. How old are you?”

“Twenty one.” She said, bahis firmaları her face flushing pink while she obviously squeezed her legs together.

“Have you ever played with more than one person at a time?”

“Uh uh.” She said still staring at my glistening cock.

“Just think about how that cock will feel if you sit on it. Would you like to sit on it? Would you like to feel that big head slowly sink into your hot little pussy?” Janet whispered as she stroked a finger down her arm, her fingernail gently touching the side of her firm little breast. Her hand trailed down her hip and around and up her back, making another trip from her shoulder down her arm, once again, just grazing her firm little tit . “Just think how hard that fat dick will make you cum when you let it slide into your tight little pussy. Can you feel it sliding in and out of your hot cunt? Sliding against your hard clit? Can you feel the climax building inside you as you slide down that slick dick, the mushroom head touching everyplace inside you as you slowly sink down onto it?”

“Oh fuck.” Amanda mumbled as her body trembled, little trickles of moisture running down her legs.

“That’s a girl. Feels good doesn’t it. Just think how good the real thing would feel.” Janet whispered. Finally she stepped over to her purse and pulled out a business card. “When you get off work, if you still want it, call me. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to play.”

“Ok.” She squeaked as she dashed off, clearly embarrassed.

“And you called me bad.”

“That wasn’t bad. She was so close to cuming just looking at you that all it took was a suggestion. If she calls, maybe we can have some fun, but I don’t think she will. Now I think we have some shopping to do.”

“Yes maam,” I said as I got up and followed her out of the café, my hard dick swinging back and forth as I walked.

We made our way down the block, a lot of women looking at my hard dick, and my hard dick not even thinking of going down as I looked at the variety of tits, nipples and pussies on display. We turned into a small shop a few blocks from the hotel we were staying and, stepping from the bright sunshine to a soft subdued light. The shop was lined with racks of lingerie, both ordinary and quite provocative mixed together.

“May I help you?” A tall woman asked, standing mostly hidden behind a rack of panties.

“Yes, I’m looking for some real silk stockings.” Janet said as she led me toward the lady.

“Yes we have some back here.” She said, turning and walking away as we approached. She was fairly tall, a bit taller than I was actually, and quite curvatious from behind. She had long slim legs and a round ass and full hips that swung provocatively as she walked but didn’t jiggle or wiggle as many older women’s rears did. The real surprised was when she turned to allow us to look at the rack of stockings. The sales lady was quite well endowed in the breast department. Her large tits, although big enough to require two hands to fully cup each of them, only sagged a few inches. Each breast was topped with a dark areola that was nearly as large as the waitresses whole breast, a hard nipple as large as my thumb centered in each areola, pointing slightly upward. As she noticed my gaze her areola puckered and her hard nipple grew even harder, her neck and face turning a light pink as she blushed.

“I take it you’re new to being naked?” Janet asked bluntly as she looked at a number of packages of stockings.

“Actually, yes. I’ve only worked here a few months, and when they told me they preferred me to work naked today, well, at first I said no, but after a while, with all the naked women coming in, well I thought I might give it a try. I guess I didn’t plan on having any gentlemen customers.”

“Well, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You have a very beautiful and sexy body.” I offered.

“Thank you.” She said blushing even more, clearly trying not to look at my dick, now that I had drawn her attention back to me.

“It’s ok. You can look all you want, he won’t mind. He probably wouldn’t even mind if you touched it.” Janet said with a smile. “I’d like to try these on.” She said as she walked away to sit in a chair nearby.

I watched as she rolled the silk in her hand and then slowly, enticingly, slid it up her leg, her slim fingers paying the material out as the black silk slowly covered her creamy leg. My dick twitched and bounced with my heartbeat as I watched her move to the other leg, the black stockings making her look even more sexy than she had been completely nude.

“I like these. I bet you’d look good in them too.” Janet said to the sales lady as she admired her form in the three section mirror.

“Oh. I really can’t afford something like that.” She replied.

“What was your name?”

“Jeniese, but my friends call me Jen.”

“Well Jen, why don’t you try these on, just for fun?” Janet said, pulling a pair of red silk stockings off the rack.

“I couldn’t, really.”

“It’s ok. It’s my treat.” kaçak iddaa Janet said with a smile.

With a smile Jen walked over to the chair and slowly pulled the stockings up one leg.

“God in the right outfit she would be so fucking hot!” Janet whispered. “Would you like to fuck her as much as I want to suck those tits?”

“I didn’t know you went both ways.”

“OH yes. After my first husband ran off with my secretary, I decided that I would enjoy what life had to offer, men, women, whatever felt good. And that… That would feel good. I’d love to taste her pussy and watch you fuck her tits.”

“Ohhhh nice thought.” I answered as she came back, wearing the red stockings.

“These feel so sexy!” she said with a smile. But I really couldn’t accept such an offer.”

“Certainly you can, and you should, you’re a beautiful woman. Beautiful women should feel beautiful.”

She blushed harder as Janet took her by the hand and walked up and down the aisles with me following behind, my hard dick waiting or an opportunity to sink into a pussy.

Stopping at a rack Janet pulled an item off on a hanger. “Oh this is perfect.” She said, holding the black lace out for my inspection.

“What is it?”

“Oh, here, let me show you. You’re going to love this!” She said as she unclipped it from the hanger. She stepped into the material and sexily wiggled her hips as she worked the eight inch wide strip of stretchy black lace over her hips. With the material in place, looking much like a too short see through mini-skirt, she bent over and clipped the hanging straps to the tops of her black stockings. “There, what do you think?” she asked as she turned around.

“Incredible.” Was all I could say as I looked at her body, the lace garter making her look all the more spectacular, but leaving her wet pussy fully on display below the lace.

“Here,” She said to Jen, pulling a similar one off the rack in red with small black bows on it. “Try this one.”

“Really, I couldn’t!” Jen protested.

“Please. It’s my treat, really!”

Jen looked first at Janet and then at me before making up her mind. She bent over at the waist, her pussy pushing out at me as she stepped into the material. I so wanted to just step up behind her and press my dick into her pussy.

Janet stepped over and looked at my dick, leaking pre cum in a long slender string. “I think you want to fuck.”

“Oh yes.” I answered as she stepped up to me while Jen was pulling the material over her hips.

” Next time I bend over, put your dick in me.” She whispered as she reached out with her tongue and flicked the tip across my lips.

She stepped away as Jen was snapping the garter to her stockings. “Very sexy!”


“Sure, if you don’t believe me, just look behind you!” Janet answered, motioning to me standing behind her, my dick drooling.

“Oh my!” Jen said, staring at my dick, bobbing with my heart beat.

“Let’s see what else we have?” Janet said, taking her hand and leading her next to her down the racks. She stopped at a rack of panties and bent over stiff legged, to look at some on the bottom. I stepped behind her and pressed my dick against her wet lips sliding easily into her. “Ohhhhh now that was worth looking down here for!” she said, wiggling her ass on my dick a few times before stepping forward and pulling off my dick. “Would you like to see those too?” She asked Jen, pointing to the thong panties on the bottom rack.

Jen looked nervously at me and then turned so her ass was pointing directly at me and bent over, not even pretending to look at the panties.

I stepped behind her as Janet watched and rubbed my dick around her exposed lips, lubricating them with both my and her juices. Holding her hips I gently pressed my dick to her lips, my fat head sliding into her a few inches. I gently stroked in and out of her pussy, each time my dick pressing into her farther until I could feel my head pressing against her cervix and my hips against her bare ass.

“Ohhhhhh god.” She mumbled as I stroked in and out of her several times before Janet motioned me to withdraw.

“I’m not sure panties are what I want though. Maybe something else.” She said, walking away as Jen stood up, her chest heaving as she panted for breath.

“What… What did you have in mind?” Jen asked, walking to catch up.

“Oh here!” She said as she stopped at a rack near the back of the shop. She pulled a black shelf bra off the rack, sliding it over her arms and under her breasts, making them stand up and out even more. “Oh this is perfect.” She said, leading Jen by the hand to the mirror where she turned back and forth to admire her new look. “This is so fuckable sexy!” she almost growled. “I bet you’d look really hot in one of these.”

“Really. I don’t think that’s quite…”

“No, I insist.” Janet said taking her hand and bringing her back to the rack. She pulled a red lace one from the rack and leaned forward to put it around Jen’s body, her tits pressing against Jen’s kaçak bahis as she snapped the clasp behind her back. “Oh this is sexy.” She cooed as she wiggled her chest, rubbing their nipples together. “I bet Mike is loving this. Let’s see how it looks in the mirror.”


“Come on. Might as well have a little fun, shouldn’t we?” Janet asked as she drew her to the mirror and then pulled her to face her. She looked in the mirror as she gently rubbed her nipples around Jen’s nipples, both of them obviously getting more turned on by the moment.

Janet stepped back and bent over, reaching out to suck one of Jen’s hard nipples into her mouth.

“OH god.” Jen moaned as she worked the nipple of her left tit while I stepped forward and knelt down to suck her right nipple into my mouth. I felt her hand circle my head and pull me to her as Janet’s hand slid between her legs and stroked her pussy.

“Would you like to feel his hard dick again?” she whispered as she let go of her tit and stood up, pressing her tit into Jen’s again.

“Oh god yes. I’m so turned on I can hardly stand it.”

Janet motioned for me to get up and held my hand as she pulled me around behind Jen. Jen bent over part way and I easily entered into her slick pussy while Janet leaned down and whispered in her ear, her fingers stroking her pussy.

“Watch in the mirror. See how sexy you look? Watch his dick slide in and out of your wet pussy. Doesn’t he feel good inside you? Can you feel the mushroom of his head sliding up and down your velvety walls, gently stroking each nerve as he slowly strokes in and out of you? I bet if you came it would make him cum too. Would you like to feel his hot cum squirting into your hot pussy? Splashing against your walls, and filling you with hot fuck juice?”

Jen moaned quietly, her whole body trembling as Janet stroked her clit and encouraged her to watch herself being fucked. For my part, I was so close to cuming that I wasn’t sure I could hold back much longer.

“I think he’s ready to cum. Are you ready? Cum for me now. Make him cum inside you, filling your hot wet pussy with his juice!” Janet said as she flicked her finger across the tip of Jen’s exposed clit.

“UH” Jen grunted as her pussy clenched and milked my dick, her body shuddering as her orgasm washed over her.

I stroked hard for one, two, three, four strokes, each time making her whole body shake as I slammed into her. On the fifth stroke my body jerked, pumping a surge of cum into Jen’s clenching pussy. Time and again my body jerked as I pumped shot after shot of cum into her pussy.

“Oh yes… That’t it. Feel his hot cum inside you! Let it take you higher, feel how it fills you!” she cooed to Jen as she continued to stroke her clit, driving her climax even higher.

“OH god!” Jen squeaked as her whole body trembled.

“That’s it.” Janet said with a grin, looking at me. She mouthed to me “watch this” as she pulled Jen off my twitching dick and pulled both of us to the chair she had used to pull on the stockings. She guided Jen to the seat and sat her on the edge, pushing her backwards. She guided me to stand next to Jen, who’s hand she guided to my dick.

“That’s it, now suck him. Make him hard again to thank him for such a wonderful fuck.” Janet said as she knelt down and lowered her head to Jen’s now spread pussy. I watched as she eagerly licked my cum from Jen’s pussy as it leaked out, her tongue making trip after trip up between her lips. She pressed her tongue deep into Jen’s pussy and then slid up her lips and across her clit. In response Jen leaned over and tentatively sucked my dick into her mouth, tasting both my cum and her own pussy for the first time. At first she didn’t appear to be enjoying it, but as Janet worked on her pussy, she sucked with more vigor. It only took a few minutes before my dick was once again growing inside her wet mouth.

“Oh that was good.” Janet said, lifting herself up and kissing Jen wetly on the lips before helping lick and suck on my cock. She continued for several minutes before she finally pulled from my dick and stood up.

“Well, this has been fun, but I think I have to get undressed before we go out. Would you like to help?” Janet asked me.

She turned around and pulled me behind her, so she was facing Jen, and then drew my hands around her until they were cupping her hard nipples. “Now let’s see how long it takes you to make me cum?” She whispered as I stroked her hard nipples with the tips of my fingers.

I cupped one breast while I undid the clasp and pulled the bra off, allowing it to fall into Jen’s lap as she sat and watched us. I slid my hands down her belly, stroking across her hard body until I came to the garter, and then continued down, bending her over as I pressed her back with my chest. It was easy in this position to slide my body back and then press forward again, pushing my dick into her wet pussy with ease.

“Ohhhhh nice move.” She cooed as I unclipped her stocking.

“You liked that?” I asked as I started to stroke in and out of her slowly, sliding one hand up her leg to her pussy and the other continuing up her body to one of her tits dangling only inches from Jen’s face as Janet leaned on the chair for support.

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San Diego Vacation

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I love time to myself. It’s the universal truth for 18-year-old dudes like myself. If I hear my parents leave the house, my mind instantly starts planning where, when, and how I will play with myself. After years of experience, my mind eagerly anticipates these times alone. Do I have time to edge? What kind of perverted things do I want to fill my mind with? I love time alone.

That’s exactly what was happening. I just heard the door shut to the front door and the heard the sound of my Dad’s truck pull out of the driveway and down the street. He and my mom were leaving to take Craig to the airport.

I had no problems with Craig, he was a little bit older than me, he was the youngest of my four older brothers. We were very similar in many ways, but my parents always had a little bit of a different relationship with me. With my older siblings, it was understood that they would all follow very conventional paths, get good grades, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, repeat.

For me, I was different, in one sense I was the constant underachiever. Coasting through school, sneaking out at night with friends to drink. Oddly, with the apparent disappointment. I think I was my parents’ favorite kid. I was the one they confided in, the one they listened to almost as a family adviser.

They were leaving and I was excited, I knew I would have about 2 hours to myself. So I was making plans. I would take my clothes off and splay my smooth boyish body over the couch in the living room. I’d retrieve some lotion from my mom’s bathroom and I would repeatedly edge myself and cum until I couldn’t anymore. I was excited.

I always waited a few minutes before executing potentially compromising plans like this. Leaving myself naked and exposed on the couch and masturbating like that was exciting, partly because of the risk, but I didn’t want to get caught. So I waited. Finally, after a couple of minutes of listening to hear for sounds outside, I felt I was in the clear.

I began to strip right out there in the living room, curtains still not closed, the neighbors would be able to see me if they were to look my way. I didn’t care, at this point, I was controlled by the chase for pleasure. I could already feel the pleasure, I was reaching down to my penis and balls, my penis was getting harder and harder and I could start to feel what it wanted in my mind’s eye. With every slow stroke, I would feel rushes of excitement and fantasy flood through my mind.

On this particular day, I was unusually focused on the thought of my own mother. I was always interested in milfs, since as far as I remember. Though, I didn’t always know that terminology. Some of my first dreams were about having sex with my mother, though in my dreams my mother had taken on the body of Jennifer Anniston.

In real life, my mother was older than that. I’m sure when she was young she had an idyllic body like a famous actress. She was 53 now, I was the youngest of 5, her body would not be idyllic by society’s standards now, there were some sags and not everything was perfectly smooth and toned. At least that’s what I gathered from what she revealed. She was mostly a conservative person, so the most I saw of her was when she would go swimming. She was in good shape for a 53-year-old, and her breasts were on the smaller side, but still very inviting. It was images of my mother in her bathing suit that my mind was drifting to as I stroked my penis and rubbed my balls.

My penis similar to what’d I see in porn videos, long smooth tan colored cock, a shade darker than my skin. I was uncircumcised, my Mom made sure to protect me from society’s damaging traditions. She was the kind of mother who would do anything for her kids. She was not going to settle for a bad outcome just because of what people might say.

I kept stroking the head of my cock, to the image of my Mom in her bathing suit. Imagining us in another world. One where I could be open with my sexuality with her and be naked by the poolside with her. Waves of pleasure hit me, thinking of how perfect that world would be. No concerns for the outside world, just unconditional love, and acceptance having all our needs met, letting her give me all the pleasure she wanted. There was something addictive about this thought. This is really what was meant to be. It felt more natural than coupling with a random woman.

I thought I waited long enough before getting naked, but I heard the truck pulling back into the driveway. My mom and dad must need something. I grabbed my clothes that were laying by the couch with both my hands and put them over my crouch to cover myself up. Quickly I waddled back to my room trying to hold my clothes while covering up my penis at the same time.

I can’t say I was entirely surprised about this situation, I’ve almost been caught with my pants down before. Though to this day, I’ve never really been caught, that I know of. Thankfully I hustled out of the living room fast enough this time too.

It pendik escort was my brother Craig’s fault, apparently, he had left some important assignments here at home instead of packing them up in his suitcase. My Mom and Dad must have already almost been on the freeway when he remembered and they had to turn around. Oh well. I will have some time to myself soon enough I thought. They’ll be back out the door in no time at all. My Mom had come inside to help Craig find the things he needed.

“Josh, I love you! We’re headed out again! Remind me to talk to you when I get home!” My mother yelled as she leaned back out the door to leave.

I hope it’s not about my grades I thought. I’m 18 now I’m an adult I hope she still doesn’t think she can reprimand me about my grades. Whenever my Mom says she wants to talk to me it’s usually bad and usually my fault.

Oh well, I can escape my concerns for a little bit I’ll get back to the epic date I have with my cock some lube and the living room couch.

I was having quite the time with myself there laying on the couch, with my big thick cock. I had a special edging technique going that I had just learned, you thrust and squeeze just the head of your cock down onto your cock. Squeeze push let go, squeeze push let go. I was bringing myself close to climax when I thought I saw something in the air vent. it looked like the shimmer of a piece of glass.

There really shouldn’t be any glass in the vent. But I’m not sure I know what goes into air conditioning systems. I continued. All this edging had worked me up into a hyper sexual state, I wanted everything now. I needed to kick this to the next level.

Maybe I could suck my own dick. There was something more exciting about that, having a dick in my mouth, even though it was my own seemed wrong and exciting. I knew it was theoretically possible because I had attempted this before and I dick lick the tip of my cock head once. I tried again, this time I started off close to a wall I lifted my legs and had gravity push my cock down towards my face. It was close. I reached out my tongue and once again touched the tip. I breathed in and then a long breath out now the head of my penis was fully in my mouth. This was a sweet pleasure, the feeling of wet lips and a tongue on my cock was good, but maybe better was the feeling of what this was doing to me, I was going through all this effort just to feel a cock in my mouth if I was being honest with myself. I wondered what I might look like right now to other people, my smooth shaven body all twisted up, my thick cock in my mouth and my ass in the air. With that thought, I quickly came in my mouth.

A second earlier I felt wonderful, now I felt lost and wondering why I had ever put so much effort into all of this. That always happens when I ejaculate, I feel bewildered and somewhat ashamed. Almost like I just woke up after sleepwalking.

I put my clothes back on and started watching some netflix. That’s when my Mom and Dad came back after delivering Craig to the airport. My Mom waved and sat next to me and asked me to pause the show.

“Remember how I said I had something to talk to you about?” She asked.

I nodded, still looking at the paused television.

“Well, your Dad and I have decided we want to go on an adventure, just the 3 of us. I won a free hotel room in San Diego for this next week. I thought we all could take a road trip and drive down there. San Diego has a lot of fun places to go to, there’s a zoo there, and it has some of the best beaches in the world.” She said.

It all sounded fine to me. The only thing I don’t like about vacations is the lack of privacy. Besides that, it’s fine enough.

“Sounds cool, Mom.” I said.

“Great, remember to pack enough clothes for 5 days.” She said with a wink.

The time came for the trip. I had packed my stuff, all the essentials I thought. But I always have a feeling I forgot something. So I double-checked. Shirts, check. Pants, check. Socks, check. Deodorant, check. Toothbrush, toothpaste, check. I wish I didn’t always have this nagging feeling that I forgot something when I go on a trip. Ahh, charger cord! I almost forgot it, it’s always the thing I forget. Finally satisfied I put my suitcase in the car, my mom and dad had already filled the car halfway to the top. But I found a spot for it.

I was ready to go. Now I wait. My mom always gets anxious and runs around for a while before she’s finally ready to say she’s done packing and ready to go. She was a bit less anxious this time though, a bit more bubbly she was even sneaking kisses to my dad on the way in and out of the house. I guess she was excited about this trip, it would be the first of the summer and the weather forecast in San Diego seemed ideal.

All three of us hopped in the car, my Dad driving, my mom in the front, and me. This was going to be a long trip. It’s a good thing we were headed out early in the morning, with a 10-hour drive, we probably won’t be there escort pendik until night. And that’s assuming no stops along the way. This drive wasn’t particularly exciting either, we’d be on I-5 most of the time, which has to be one of the most monotonous roads on earth. My Mom had the right idea, she instantly started listening to her audiobooks.

I put in headphones so I didn’t have to listen to that silliness. I had heard some of the audiobooks she listens to, it’s usually some horrible romance novel or a stupid murder mystery. I started playing Spotify and tried to close my eyes to pass the time. It was very relaxing the white noise of the freeway, and my music covering up the sound of my mom’s audiobooks.

My Dad just kept to himself and drove, he always kept his eyes on the road, even when my mom would turn to him and squeeze his inner thigh. The most he would do is turn his head slightly to acknowledge the gestures from my mom.

I don’t know how long it took me, but I eventually fell asleep, which was pretty odd, because I usually can’t nap in the middle of the day. But I guess I didn’t sleep well the night before.

When I woke up I took my headphones off. I think my Mom and Dad were in their own world now. The stuff my mom was now listening to was different. This sounded more like erotica than the stuff I usually hear her listening to. I wonder if she thought I was still sleeping. I kept listening. It was describing an older woman seducing a young man in some sort of fantasy story. I made out something about “His smooth skin and lean body”. It almost sounded like it was talking about me. My mom at this time grabbed my dad’s arm and put it on her crotch. From my angle, I could not tell if it was in her jeans or on top of it. She would move his hand up and down rhythmically while pushing her crotch up. I was pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to see this. They must have thought I was still sleeping. I couldn’t believe they were actually doing this. I had never seen or heard anything sexual from either of them my whole life.

At first, I was a bit put off, this isn’t the type of thing I expected to wake up to. But after getting over my initial grogginess, I thought this was kind of exciting. I didn’t have much of a view so my imagination had to do most of the work to try to figure out what was going on. I decided that I might be able to lean forward a bit while still pretending to be asleep. That might give me a better view. So I tried. Still not good, but I could tell my Dad’s hand was deep in my Mom’s underwear and jeans.

That’s when I got lucky while I was leaning forward to get a better angle, my Dad took his hands out of my Mom’s jeans and lifted her shirt to pinch her nipples. That’s where I got a direct look at my Mom’s delicious-looking nipples sticking straight out. Her nipples were darker than I’d imagined. Her breast looked like a delicious mouthful from the split second I got to see. Sadly her shirt fell back down over my Dad’s hand and my view was ruined.

That didn’t matter for me, I had the image in my mind now. I leaned back and closed my eyes. This time just reviewing that delicious image in my mind. I was getting hard. I needed to readjust myself if I didn’t want to have a visible bulge in my pants. But I didn’t want to move around in a way that would let them know I was awake. I resigned myself to leaving the bulge there. Even as the precum started flowing. I would occasionally precum so much that it would make a wet spot through my pants. I kept my eyes closed, but from the feeling in my pants, I thought a wet spot could be forming in my pants.

That’s when I heard the voice from the GPS say something about needing to stay in the left 2 lanes. Quickly my dad asked my mom to check his blind spot so he could merge. I could hear her move around her voice was now directed backward at me.

“All clear!” She said.

I didn’t hear her turn around for another couple seconds.

I kept my eyes shut and tried to think about other things. Next thing I know my Mom is right next to me gently talking to me.

“Wake up, Josh. We’ve arrived.” She said calmly.

“Ugh, okay.” I said

“I’m going to go check into the hotel, can you help your Dad get our stuff ready?”

I agreed.

A few minutes my Mom came back from the lobby waving a card.

“We’re room 182.” She said with a big smile.

We each grabbed a couple of bags and were able to get everything in one trip. We headed to our room. It was on the first floor, but we had to go down two different long halls to find it. When we arrived my Mom got the card out of her pocket. She took a deep breath and tried to swipe the card. The handle flashed a red light.

“Other way around.” My dad said.

My mom fumbled around a little and then got the card oriented correctly. The door flashed green and unlatched. She opened the door and we all walked in and dropped our stuff.

It was a modest double queen suite. One TV, with one bathroom with some pendik escort bayan refreshments and towels strewed across the table. The room reminded me of what regular TVs were like.

“We used to have one of these,” I said pointing at the TV.

“This is a cabled TV,” I remarked.

We hadn’t had cable in almost 10 years, what’s the point when there’s netflix and hulu.

I turned on the TV and it was tuned into Fox, Tucker Carlson was making concerned faces and talking about the ungrateful and dangerous youth on college campuses. I kept flipping channels.

“Alright, well I’m tired. I’m going to get ready for bed.” My dad explained.

“That’s a good idea.” My mom declared.

They both grabbed some things and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later I heard the shower turn on.

I went back to paying attention to the TV, trying to find something good to watch. 200 channels and nothing good, I remembered why we don’t have cable.

It was getting late, but I was wide awake. I basically sleep 7 hours on the drive down. That’s a full night of sleep. This wasn’t looking good for my chances of sleeping tonight. I had to try though, so I went to my suitcase to fetch some pajamas. Nothing. I looked again I couldn’t find my pajamas.

“Shit.” I thought.

I knew I was missing something. I tried to go over a checklist of things in my head, but I always forget my pajamas. When I was digging for my pajamas, I realized I had also forgotten my underwear. I slapped my face with my palm.

“You are so, stupid.” I thought to myself.

Underwear is literally the first thing I should have made sure to bring.

“Okay, it’s hot here. I can just sleep in the underwear I have on.” I thought.

My parents were taking up the bathroom, so I decided to just slip out of my pants and into my bed.

I had my pants around my ankles when I heard the door for the bathroom open.

My parents don’t usually see me in my underwear. We’re generally a pretty private family.

My mom was in a flirty mood and was holding onto my dad’s arm as they walked out. They were both fresh out of the shower. My mom was in a silky loose-fitting nightgown.

“Nice butt.” My mom joked.

“I know where he got that.” My dad added.

I gave them a timid smile back, to acknowledge their comments.

I must have been blushing at this point. I didn’t want to be seen changing, and now my parents are looking at and commenting on my butt. I crawled under the covers. I rolled over so my back was facing away from them and started browsing on my phone.

“See you in the morning.” My mom said as she turned off the lights and got back into her bed.

The glow from my phone was lighting up the room quite a bit. I went into my phone settings and turned down the lamp and set it to night mode. My circadian rhythm was already probably super screwed up with the giant nap I just took. I didn’t need the light from my phone making it worse. I hit Netflix and tried to find something boring to watch. World War II documentaries, murder docuseries, black mirror, the millionth wanna-be breaking bad show.

“The toys that made us.” That sounds pretty boring, I thought.

It was a show about old toys and how they came to be, it was perfect for just a little bit of background noise as I tried to fall asleep.

I watched several episodes of that boring show. It wasn’t working I had to just close my eyes and let time do its magic. This was going to be even more boring, but at least there was a hope that I could get back onto a good sleep schedule.

I closed my eyes and laid in bed, completely still. It was a little bit too warm with all my covers on at this point, so I pushed the comforter off to the side. Now I could feel cold airflow in through the sheet, cooling down my body, flowing through my boxer-briefs. It felt good. But I was aware that while I’m facing upward you just see a big bulge under my sheet where my penis and balls are. I kind of prefer to be a little bit more hidden than that.

I turned over onto my stomach to one facing my mom and dad’s bed. I kept that position for a long time. Every once in a while I’d look up at the clock. It was 1:00 am. It was frustrating how long it was taking to go to sleep, but what choice do I have, it’s the middle of the night there’s nothing else to do. So I continued waiting. Next, I checked it was 2:10. I decided I wasn’t going to think about it anymore, the frustration was probably making it worse. I resigned myself to just lay there.

I don’t know how much later, maybe 30 minutes or an hour later I started to hear some wet sounds. That’s the best way I can describe them. They were definitely coming from the direction of my parents’ bed. I didn’t know what the sound was. I wondered if my Dad was jerking off or if my mom was sucking him off. It had to be sexual, there’s no other cause of wet sounds coming from beds. The more I listened the more it sounded like sucking. I think they were trying to be sneaky, they probably assumed I was asleep, because who wouldn’t be at almost 3 am. But seriously, why would they even think this was a good idea with their son in the room. They must be seriously horny.

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Sam’s Love Pt. 04

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Sometime around midnight I awoke with a gnawing deep in my stomach. I carefully got out of bed so as not to disturb Sam. I grabbed a robe and quietly went out to the kitchen.

I had just finished laying out the makings for a Dagwood sandwich when Sam appeared in the doorway.

“I wondered where you disappeared to. Got hungry, huh? While you are at it you can make a small one for me, I’m kind of hungry too.”

“All that fantastic loving we have been enjoying has really increased my appetite.”

After I had made our sandwiches I poured each of us a large glass of milk and we sat down to eat.

Around one mouthful I asked Samantha where she learned to be such a marvelous lover.

“I shouldn’t tell you, I’m not the kind of girl to kiss and tell.”

“Come on, what can it hurt?”

“Alright, I tell you on one condition.”

“Sure, just name it.”

“I’ll tell you if you promise to tell me who taught you.”

“I don’t have any problem with that. Okay, I promise.”

“It was my brother, Frank, that was the first to introduce me to the joys of love making. I used to fight him like crazy at first, but after the first couple of times I got to really enjoy it. Frankie would wait until he and I were going to be alone for a while. Then he would coax me into taking off my clothes and he would play with me. It got to the point that I never objected when he stuck his hand into my blouse to feel my breasts or reached under my skirt to pet my pussy.”

“Do you remember the first time he made love to you?” I asked her.

“Certainly, it’s one of my most favorite memories.”

“Would you mind telling me about it?”

“Not at all. Let’s see, the actual act has been etched permanently into my mind, but the details of how we got started are a little fuzzy.”

“Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Okay. It was a Sunday night, I think, and I was sitting in the family room watching TV. I can’t remember where my folks and my other brothers were but I know they were not home and wouldn’t be until very late.”

“The weekend before Frankie fucked me for the first time I had gone out on my first date. My date had tried very hard to get me to go all the way with him, but somehow I had resisted. I think the guy’s name was Mike, yeah, that’s what it was, Mike Palmer. Anyway, he had been trying to get me to go out with him for months. My parents were very strict and refused to allow me to date until my eighteenth birthday. Practially everyone who knew me also knew my dating situation. Well, Wednesday was my birthday and Mike had convinced my that he should be my first date.”

“We went to the drive-in. The movie was terrible but since it was my first date I didn’t mind being there. A lot of other guys were surprised when they saw me out with Mike and I knew I would be getting lots of other offers.”

“Sorry, baby, I keep getting side-tracked.”

“Don’t worry about it. Go on with your story.”

“We were at the show, trying to make heads or tails out of the plot of the movie, with little success. Mike got me to drink some beer and started kissing me. I guess I got a little drunk. Before I knew what had happened my blouse was unbuttoned and my skirt was pushed up around my waist. Mike was sucking on my tits and his hands were rubbing my pussy through my panties. As wonderful as it felt I told him to stop or I would scream.”

“I finally convinced him to quit feeling me up and demanded that he take me home, which he did.”

“Throughout the next week I thought I was going to go crazy. All I could think about was how good Mike’s hands and mouth had felt. Every chance I got I would explore my body with my fingers. Sex was constantly on my mind. I tried cold showers at first. But being naked in a cold shower just made things worse. As soon as I stepped out of the icy spray, my thoughts would turn to sex again. And there I’d be naked, my body inviting my fingers to touch. And touch I would. Touch until I would lean against the sink and cry out in an agony of an empty orgasm. It wasn’t enough.”

“At night I would toss and turn before giving in to the cravings of my body. I even tried wearing gloves when I went to bed but soon after laying down the gloves would be gone and I would be frantically trying to quench the fire in my pussy.”

“That Saturday night I tried to keep myself busy. I braided my hair and painted my nails. Whenever I started to think about sex I went into the kitchen and drank a glass of cold water. I was wearing a pair of tight jeans so I wouldn’t be tempted to touch myself. But the denims were so tight they kept creeping up between my pussy lips. The soft friction of my silk panties didn’t help much either.”

“I was slouched down in a chair trying to watch some dumb program on TV when Frankie came home early from an date. He went into the kitchen and I heard him pop the top on a can of beer and rummage around for something to eat. When he came back he dropped onto the sofa and stared straight tuzla escort ahead.”

“`Anything wrong?’ I asked.”

“`Just a lousy date, that’s all,’ he answered, sipping his beer.'”


“`Yeah. Susan Stillson. Damn it.'”

“`Susan is really pretty. Lots of guys are trying to date her.'”

“`Well, they can have her.’ Frankie went on sipping his beer. He had on a western shirt and a pair of Levis. I wondered how the girls could resist him. If he wasn’t my brother I would have probably been wild about him.”

“I tried to concentrate on the television, but his comments had sparked my curiosity. It was rumored that Susan was really wild in bed.”

“`What happened?’ I asked, pretending not to be interested.”

“`Oh, nothing much. She didn’t want to do it in a car. In fact she really didn’t want to do it at all.’ He reached into his pocket and tossed something on the coffee table. `Then there was this.'”

“It took my a moment or two to focus on the object. It was white and cylindrical with a little string dangling from it. With a shock, I realized that it was a Tampax.”

“`She. . . she you t-t-take that out?'”

“`Oh, I don’t know if she let me or not. But I took it out anyway.’ He took a big swallow of beer. `I really wanted to put something in it’s place but. . . ‘”

“`Frankie, you’re terrible.’ I was blushing. But something else was happening between my thighs. I wiggled in the chair, trying not to act obvious. `Sometimes a girl doesn’t feel like doing it during her period. You can’t blame Susan for that.'”

“`She missed something good,’ he leered. I had the uncomfortable feeling of being stared at. He was giving me a lusty look of want. It was unmistakable. I changed my position again, pulling a bare heel up against my crotch. But it only made things worse. Inside my panties, my pussy had been stretched open and the juices were leaking out. He smiled as if he knew exactly what was going on. I squirmed again, trying to think about something else.”

“`Would you get me a beer, too? The folks won’t know.'”

“Frank returned from the kitchen with a frosty can and opened it for me. He stood there next to my chair and watched me take the first sip before going back to the couch to sit down.”

“`Since you turned sixteen, you sure ask a lot of questions.’ he said, smiling again.”

“`Well, a girl has to know what to expect.'”

“`I can show you that.'”

“`I’ll just bet you would love to. No thanks. You’re my brother, remember.’ I turned back to the TV and pretended to watch the program. Frank leaned his head back and closed his eyes. The program got dumber and dumber but I tried hard to watch it. I wanted to run upstairs, rip off my jeans and take care of business. But I was determined to make it through one night without fingering myself to an frustrating self-inflicted orgasm. A snore coming from the sofa told me that Frankie had dozed off. The program had really gotten dumb. I couldn’t follow the story line at all.

“`Oh, God, help me.’ I breathed, looking at Frankie again making sure he was still asleep. Then I unbuttoned the front of my jeans. Three buttons gave me the room I needed. I slid a hand into the front of my panties. The clingy silk was plastered to my pussy lips. I peeled it away gingerly and stretched it to one side. Then I pressed a finger to the hot, plump lips. They parted with a wet snick and my finger searched out and found the hot nub of my clit. The little bump of sensitive flesh was already bulging from it’s hood. It rose against my touch as I began breathing in long, even gasps.”

“The pressure of my finger caused more juice to flow. My hips began a slow up and down movement. My clothing was restricting my movements. I was used to bringing myself off while experiencing the freedom of complete nakedness.”

“Slowly pulling my fingers from my panties, I got up and went to the downstairs bedroom. The blanket at the foot of the bed was perfect for my needs. I draped it over my arm and returned to the family room. Frankie was still snoring as I stripped off my blouse and jeans. Sinking back into the soft cushions I pulled the blanket up to my neck. My nearly naked body was entirely hidden from view.”

“`Oh. That’s much better!’ I whispered to myself. My fingers went eagerly to my pussy again, pulling the crotch-band aside and dug deep into the slippery folds. I was sitting tailor fashion, my slit stretched wide. I massaged my clit with my thumb as I felt the waves of pleasure wash over me.”

“I closed my eyes completely and let my head lay back. The television rattled on, but I wasn’t listening anymore. I was dreaming of so many nice things. A field full of cocks growing upwards. I was dressed only in a filmy gown as I pranced through them. They beat against my ankles, touched my calves. Then, on an especially big one, I squatted down. The head of it brushed my pussy open and I bent further, letting it skewer me. throwing my head up to the sun I bounced up and down on the imaginary tuzla escort bayan prick until I cried out in the throes of orgasm.”

“Back to reality and the family room, I felt myself teetering exquisitely close to the final release. And then the blanket was suddenly stripped away from my body. My eyes flew open and saw Frankie standing in front of me. He was standing there in his cowboy shirt and nothing else, his big cock throbbing up and down.”

“`Frankie! What are you doing?'”

“`I was going to ask you the same question,’ he said, falling to his knees before me. I tried to push him away but my muscles were to weak from the things I had been doing to myself. Frank shoved me back and ripped off my panties.”

“`I’ve been dreaming of doing this to you for years,’ he said, staring at my pussy. Then he grabbed my knees and pushed them wide. He sank his face into my steamy wetness and I cried out and squirmed in panic. In less than a minute my frantic cries had turned into gasping moans. Frankie’s tongue was doing marvelous things to me.”

“`Frankie, we can’t! Oh God, no! We just can’t!'”

“`Sh,’ he soothed, licking me with furious, long swaths of his tongue.”

“I felt myself slipping lower in the chair. My legs were over the tops of his shoulders and I didn’t care anymore. He feasted slowly on my sweet pussy, as if it were some exotic dish he wanted to savor.”

“`I’ve been wanting you so much lately,’ he said, his fingers closing around my breasts. `So what if we are brother and sister. If we bring pleasure to each other, it doesn’t matter.'”

“`It does too matter,’ I protested but then Frank was teasing my clit again with his tongue. I squirmed sideways in the chair as the storm of pleasure choked off my words.”

“`Come on. Let’s fuck!'”

“`NOOO. . .!!!'”

“Frank pulled me up and then pushed me down on the sofa. I struggled to get away but he fell on top of me and wiggled his hips between my thighs. I beat against his chest and tossed my head but his strong hands forced my thighs apart. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my clit. It was as hot as I was.”

“`Oh God, Sam, your body is so neat. I think about you all the time when I jack off.'”


“`You won’t say that when I get my cock inside you.'”

“I managed to slip a knee between his thighs and bring it up. I felt his balls being flattened up against his body and Frank rolled off of me in pain. I scrambled off of the sofa and got as far as the stairs when he caught up to me.”

“`Okay, if that’s the way you want it!'”

“He had pulled his belt loose from his jeans and wrapped it around my wrists. He bound them behind my back and tested the job to make sure I couldn’t wiggle a hand free.”

“`Oh, God, no.'”

“He picked me up in his arms and carried me upstairs to his bedroom. After putting me on his bed he left me there to go back downstairs. I knew what he was doing, he was picking up my clothes and putting them in my room. Then I heard him close my door. He knew that our folks never disturbed me when my door was closed.”

“Frank came back and closed his door. He lit a candle, turned on some soft music and turned off the light.”

“`You know this can’t happen,’ I told him.”

“He didn’t say anything and pulled off his shirt so that he was as naked as I was. He fisted his cock until it had regained it’s full length.”

“I writhed on the bed, demanding to be set free. But he positioned me on the edge of the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I was completely vulnerable and he knew it. He stood on the rug and leaned over me. With one hand he slid his cock-tip up and down my slit, gathering more and more moisture with each pass. Then he placed the engorged tip against my cherry and I began to sob.”

“`I’m still a virgin, Frankie! I’ve never done it before!'”

“`Why not me for the first one then?’ he smiled, caressing the plump lips of my pussy. He leaned forward a little more, stretching my cherry. He bent down and licked my tits, sucking my hard nipples into his mouth. I couldn’t believe how excited that made me. I tried to control my passion but Frankie’s tongue cut through what little resistance I had been able to muster. I tossed my head and begged for him to stop.”

“`I’ll let you tell me when you want it,’ he breathed, opening his lips again to suck one of my breasts between his teeth. I felt the him softly chew on the erect nipple, sending a rush of pleasure through me. I tried to keep my hips still but the sensation of being touched only on my tit and pussy were to strong.”

“`I don’t know what’s happening to me,’ I wailed.”

“`You will in a minute,’ he gasped, kissing my neck. `and you will love it. You’ll wish you could spend you whole life making love when I’m through with you.'”

“`Oh. . . Oh, Frankie,’ I cried, jerking my arms against his belt. I knew I would have to let him do it. He was going to fuck me, my own brother was going to pop escort tuzla my cherry and fuck me.”

“Then he was kissing me again, kissing my neck and ears and face. His mouth opened over mine and he seemed to be trying to suck my breath right out of me. I whimpered but he wouldn’t stop, I couldn’t think straight anymore. I could only feel that hard shape, the swollen knob of his cock pressing against my soft, vulnerable pussy. I began rocking my hips, crying.”

“`NO. . . OH, we’ll go to Hell for this!'”

“`It sure will be fun getting there,’ he whispered, gnawing on my earlobe until I was left breathless again.”

“`It’s hurting, you are tearing me!'”

“`I told you, I won’t fuck you until you beg for it.’ He eased his cock-tip up my slit until I felt it brush against the hard nub of my clit. My hips really started to plunge then, I was safe from penetration at least for the moment. That little nub of sensitivity just had to be scratched, it was tingling with an itch of maddening pleasure.”

“`Oh. . . Oh, shit. . . ‘ I cried, my hips lurching violently as Frankie pressed his glans tightly upon my clit. My juices were really flowing, seeping out of my pussy and dripping down the crack of my ass. My nipples were as hard as little stones, begging to be sucked. Frankie noticed their condition and his head swooped down, engulfing first one, then the other, between his lips and teeth. I squealed with the consuming joy that wracked my senses steadily.”

“`Frankie. . . I’m getting so hot! I don’t care about anything anymore!'”

“`Yeah, darling sister, yeah. . .'”

“`Oh, Frankie, aren’t you afraid?'”

“`No. Not even a little bit.’ he groaned, holding my face in his palms while he kissed me, kissed me until my lips felt heavy and swollen. Before he was through I was thrusting my tongue between his lips, gasping with desire.”

“`You want it now?!'”

“`Ohhh. . . . oh, I don’t know!'”

“`You want it. I can tell!'”

“`Yes. . . No. . . I mean. . . I can’t let you. . . ‘”

“`Oh yes you will. You want me to plunge my hot cock deep into your hot pussy! You can’t wait for me to fill your little pussy! Do you have any idea how it will feel?'”

“`A little. . . I mean I think I do. . .'”

“`No you don’t! It’s better than anything you have ever felt before!'”

“`Oh, Frankie. . . Do it then! Fuck me, fuck me good!’ I pitched my ass up and down as I begged him to ram his meat into me. I was panting like a dog as he fit his cock in place. Then he was pushing, pushing so hard.”

“`Oh. . . It hurts. . .Ow. . .’ I cried, still wiggling. I felt the tear start. Then it was over with a sting of pain and the sudden thrust of his cock deep into my pussy. The feeling of being completely filled overwhelmed me. It swept away the small hurt and I flopped around under him.”

“`Oh God! Sam, your pussy feels so good, so tight!’ He kissed me passionately and I pressed against him.”

“I felt a warm trickle of blood run down one ass cheek. I surprised me that after all the fretting I had done about losing my virginity it didn’t seem to matter to me now that it was gone. I couldn’t have cared less. All I cared about was the fantastic sensation of having my pussy full of hot, throbbing cock. My brother’s cock!”

“`Oh, Frankie. . . It feels wonderful. . . Wonderful!'”

“The belt binding my wrists hurt a little and I found that it added to my excitement. I really felt helpless under his driving hips. He was actually raping me and I loved it.”

“I marveled at the way his cock was sliding in and out. How could it fit so easily? It was tight, sure, but my buttery juices were making up for the close fit. I plunged my ass around in jerky circles as he fucked me. My legs were still hooked over his shoulders, stretching me so helplessly that I wondered if my little pussy would ever be the same.”

“Then Frank did something strange. He eased his cock out of my pussy, teasingly stroked my clit with it’s head then he stood up. I was hanging off the edge of the mattress, both feet kicking in the air, my hips working up and down. Once more I jerked my hands against the belt but it still held.”

“`Frankie! What’s wrong?’ I said, panting so hard I could barely speak.”

“`I just wanted to see how much you were enjoying yourself,’ he said. The glow from the candle made his cock glisten.”

“He got down on the carpet at my feet and laid back, hands under his head. He had a mischievous look in his eyes. His cock had lost none of it rigidity and it’s throbbing length made me lick my lips. As perverse as his game was, I knew I had to have his cock in me again.”

“I rolled over onto my stomach and slid down to the lug. On my knees, I walked over to where he laid waiting. His cock was up along his belly, stuck there by the hot juice I had swathed it with.”

“`That’s the way, little sister,’ he teased, `come and get it.'”

“`Damn you. . .’ I muttered, almost falling. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to catch myself. I finally managed to straddle his body and slid my belly up along his.”

“`Mmuuhhhh!’ I gasped with lust. I pumped my hot pussy against his cock uselessly. There was no way for me to get it inside me with my hands tied.”

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House Keeping

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Asian Doll

Author’s notes; This story came to me one day while I was staying in a hotel. I was listening to the two Latina house keepers have a long conversation as they went from room to room during the day. They would talk, go into a room and then continue their conversation like there was never a break. As always, this adult themed copyrighted work belongs to the author and cannot be reproduced in part or… etc…. So having said all that, please enjoy…


“So, what’s really happening Meja’? All we hear are the rumors.” Carla asked her co-worker as she got dressed for her shift. “You never told me you wanted to move!”

“I’m transferring to Chattanooga.” Maria blushed and rubbed the very slight bump of her abdomen. “I’m just tired of the cabrone’s starting their bullshit all the time. It’s time for a new start.”

“Mina, you don’t have to lie to me. Those bendejo’s are all the same. This is me you’re talking to.” She smoothed down her skirt getting ready for work in the tiny changing room. “They are good for one thing…. Not that they’re any good at that one thing mind you, if you know what I mean.” She said suggestively.

“Yeah well, anyway… I’m out of here as soon as Mr. K. signs the paperwork. Maybe I can find a better class of loser somewhere else.” Maria sighed hopefully.

“Now there’s a punta chasing prick if I ever saw one.” Carla rolled her eyes. “My knees ache just thinking about the next review I have to go through with him. Not like he’s… never mind.” She huffed. “I’ve got to get to work. Don’t you dare leave until we finish this conversation. Are my stockings straight?” She turned her legs, flexing her toes.

“Si, you’re looking fine.” Maria smiled.

“Yeah, all dolled up to clean toilets and vacuum floors. What a joke. If Juan didn’t have to… well, I could do better than this shit!” She sighed mournfully.

“Yeah right you tramp! Tell it to someone who doesn’t know you better. You love all those wealthy gringos watching your round Latina ass shaking in their faces. Don’t think I don’t know how you paid for Juan’s braces.” She wagged her finger in her friends face.

“A Momma gots to do what a Momma gots to do! You’ll see, trust me. You can’t fool me. You ain’t gaining weight from all the fine food you’ve been eating around here. You’ll be amazed what you’ll do once that bebe climbs out from between your legs.” She fluffed her hair. “You know Mr. K ain’t going to be here until late, so you might as well help me on my floor.” She walked out the adjoining supply room.

“Sorry Carla, but I already turned in my uniforms. One way or another, I’m headed to Chattanooga tomorrow. Transfer signed or no!” The phone rang, interrupting what Maria wanted to say.

“Hotel Hospitality… yes ma’am,” Carla answered with a forced smile in her voice. “I’ll take care of that right away ma’am. Room 416, extra towels, right away ma’am.” Carla put the phone down. “Let me lick your nasty snatch while I’m at it ma’am. Take your husband up my ass, you say… yes ma’am, I just live to service you.” She sneered at the phone.

“Chicka, you so crazy!” Maria laughed.

“Lunch, the Pollo Loco!” She grabbed several sets of clean towels and added them to her cleaning cart. “Don’t make me come look for you!” She warned, ominously.

“Si, si… ande’le’ muchacha, you can tell me all about it later.” Maria kissed her cheek and swatted her round Latina ass out the door.

“Tease…!” Carla swished her butt pushing her cart and headed to work.

Hours later, Carla back in regular clothes, collapsed into the corner booth. “Nothing but freaks today. Mios Dio, my feet hurt. Did you get your transfer signed Mija?”

“Pppfft, hell no! His assistant was up his ass all morning.” Maria rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t know Mr. K was a switch hitter? We all know Roberto plays hide the chorizo, but Mr. K? Who would have thought it?” Carla looked stunned.

“Oh you, you know what I mean. ‘Sorry, he is in a meeting’.” She did the quote marks with her fingers. “He probably was up Rosa’s ass, knowing that punta and what she’ll do to get ahead!”

“Yeah well, with her stretched out gash, Mr. K would need a rope to pull himself out of her cunt, so ass it has to be. I swear that last brat she had, walked out of that ho! She probably didn’t feel a thing either way with the pencil dick Mr. K. is packing.” She waved it off. “Anyway, enough changing the subject. What happened, who knocked you up, and why haven’t I met him yet? I didn’t even know you were dating, let alone riding the magical hobby horse! Is that why you’re transferring?” She put her hand on her hip and looked at her friend with suspicion.

“It’s a long story, that happened very fast. I’m still confused by it all most of the time. But, I’m not telling it here!” Maria said, looking around. “Let’s get food and go someplace quiet and private.”

“Ohhh this is going to be good, I can tell.” Carla rubbed her hands together. “We’ll go down by the river. I know a spot.” They got bursa escort their food and she all but drug Maria out to her car and shoved her in. Once they drove to the spot in silence, she put the car in park, but kept the AC running. “Ok chicka, spill. I want all the details and I want them now.” She ordered taking a bite out of her lunch burrito.

“If I don’t, I know you will just keep bugging me, and I do feel the need to tell someone.” She sighed. “Okay, here it goes, it happened about three months ago, maybe four.” She started telling her story. “There was a couple at the hotel that had to switch off so they could be with their son for tests in hospital. I was minding my own business, when wham, our lives got tangled together….” She tried to remember everything as it happened.


It had been a year or more since Maria had any companionship, even longer since she had any good sex. But, she refused to do what a lot of the other girls did for extra cash. She knew they dressed her like a hooker for the job, but that didn’t mean she had to act like one. So what, if the uniforms were so short you could all but see her ass and panties when she bent over. So what, if the pantyhose they gave her were all but transparent. Sometimes it was even a little bit fun to tease the customers as they went to and from wherever they were going, especially the young men. Watching them run into walls was usually the highlight of her day.

She knew when she took the job in hotel hospitality, she was just an over dressed cleaning lady. But, the money was better than most places paid for cleaning hotel rooms. All things considered it wasn’t that bad. She knew it could have been much worse. All she had to do is avoid her boss’s lewd suggestions and kindly slap a few hands that wanted to wander from the customers.

She was going about her normal day, when everything changed. She knocked twice before opening the room, as was the standard procedure. She pushed her cart in front of the door, knowing the young kids down the hall were staring at her tits and ass again. Being a full figured Latina, so she knew has both to show in her very skimpy maids outfit. She’s not fat by any means, but has tight curves and a bubble butt that made most men take notice.

“House Keeping…” She called out in a sing song voice. She took three steps in and stopped.

Sprawled in the king sized bed was a naked man, with his member resting at half mast on his thigh. He was a big man, over six feet tall and wide bodied. He was snoring like he was fueling a wind tunnel, his dick twitching with each inhale.

“Excuse me sir, I’ll come back.” Her panties got wet as she watched his thick cock throb with his heart beat. “I’ve been without a man for too long.” She sighed wistfully.

“Get your ass to bed dear! And shut off the damn light.” The man grumbled in his sleep.

“Oh shit!” Maria exclaimed, scrambling to close the door as three giggling teen girls raced past the room, so the man by now raging hard on wasn’t seen by the kids. She looked around and saw women’s things in the bathroom. “Oh, he must think I’m his wife.” She giggled. ‘I’ll just cover him up and be on my way.’ She thought picking up the dirty towels out of habit and walked over to the bed. She tugged at the blanket, trying to cover him up, but got too close.

“Damn it babe, I need my boobie.” He grumbled and pulled her into the bed before she could make a sound. “Better…” He huffed into her hair and he pulled her close and grabbed her breasts in his big hands and sighed.

Maria lay there wide eyed and stunned as she was being groped by the stranger. She didn’t feel like he was trying to take an advantage of her, like so many of the men who came on to her. But, he was just a man who missed his wife and was sleepily confused.

“Sir, oh sir, I have to….!” She tried to pull away.

“Damn it babe, you know I hate it when you come to bed with clothes on.” He huffed and expertly wiggled his hands under her blouse and up to her bra. She gasped when he all but ripped the bra off, his knuckles catching on her hard nipples in a practiced move. Seconds later, his warm hands were cupping her naked breasts. With quick movements, she was out of her blouse, skirt, and bra laying there in nothing but her pantyhose and panties.

“Better… love you Nita.” He kissed her neck, his hard dick pressed up against her butt.

Maria had chills down her spine as one hand worked a hard nipple between his fingers and the other hand moved down and cupped her core. Yes, part of her wanted to get away, but another part wanted to enjoy the feeling of being snuggled as long as she could.

“Damn it Babe, do I have to do all the work?” She looked over her shoulder and realized he was still asleep and very strong. He flexed his arm out away from her and both hose and panties ripped.

Her mind was racing. How did she get into this mess; and better yet, how was she supposed to get out of it before they both were embarrassed bursa escort bayan when he woke up and realized she wasn’t his wife? She knew she couldn’t insult a customer, or her boss would fire her. She was just thinking about how to escape when a new large problem presented its self.

“Hmmmm nice.” He breathed in her hair. “Love you babe.” He kissed her neck and penetrated her in one smooth move. “Hot, wet, and tight, just like I like it Nita.”

“MIOS DIO!” Maria gasped out as she was completely filled with this strange man’s cock in a single fluid thrust. She didn’t realize just how wet the encounter had made her.

“Sir… Senior… OH SIR!” She tried to pull away as her body responded to the invasion as the thick cock hit all the right places inside her. But still, things like this just didn’t happen, not in real life. Her body automatically responded to the good feelings it hadn’t received in such a long time. Before she knew it, she was pushing back into the invading member as it plunged in and out of her, getting wetter with every stroke.

“Oh damn it Nita, you’re cuming and taking me with you!” He gasped out five minutes later as he shoved really hard and started pumping his seed into her clutching center. “Oh yeah, it’s been too long babe. We needed that.” He used her tits as handles to pull her to him sighing. Both breasts were trapped in his big hands as he squeezed with every pulse from his cock, and then he started loudly snoring into her ear, totally spent.

Maria bit her lip as the shivers of her orgasm pasted over her body. ‘Now what…?’ She thought, as his semi-hard cock slowly slipped out of her, their mingled juices flowing down her leg and into the crack of her ass.

She laid there for a minute trying to think, as his fingers kept working her sensitive nipples in his sleep. Finally a few minutes later, though it seemed like an hour, he snorted and rolled over to the other side of the bed. Maria instantly jumped up and scrambled to get her clothes back on before his wife walked in and caught them. She tossed her ruined hose into the trash and wiped at the juices leaking out of her with what was left of her panties and toilet paper in the bathroom. She straightened up as much as she could leaving the new towels, and scampered out.

Hiding behind her cart, she made a beeline for the resupply area hoping no one saw her in her just fucked and leaking condition. She slammed the door behind her, panting with fear and excitement. She leaned against the door and ran her fingers through her tousled hair, trying to pull her thoughts together.

She made sure she tossed her ruined stuff into the bottom of the trash so they wouldn’t be found and rushed to the changing room to grab the mandatory extra set of hose. When she went to put them on, she realized there was still a mess of his sperm and her juices matted in her bush between her legs. Taking a wet cloth, she cleaned herself up as best she could and tried to put the whole incident out of her mind while working feverishly to catch up with her schedule.

Of course the more she tried to not think about what happened, the more it kept intruding into her mind. Her throbbing nipples and the random small squishy feelings between her legs from his cum still inside her didn’t help matters. In her head, all she could hear was the squishy noises from her legs moving her pussy lips back and forth while she tried to walk. She swore she could still feel it long after the time his stuff would have either went in or spilled out of her body. By the time she got off that afternoon, she tried to convince herself it was nothing but a dream.


“So, that is how this all started. A really bad day and a case of mistaken identity.” Maria said not looking at her long time friend.

“And you expect me to believe that shit? That is the best you could come up with? Mina, I thought we were friends?” Carla looked at Maria seriously. “As if…! Did you ever see him again? Or, is this just your cover story?” Maria could see the total disbelief on her friend’s face.

“If I said yes, you’d think I was a slut and I’m not!” Maria huffed, pissed her friend didn’t believe the truth.

“Come on honey, you know that sound like something from a porn movie I’d find in Juan’s room, don’t you? Is that what really happened? And you never saw him again?” She was giving her the look.

“Of course I saw him again. They were guests for over a week.” Maria snapped. “And I am not a liar!” She insisted.

“I’m sorry honey but that sounds just weird.” Carla rolled her eyes.

“Just as weird as seeing that fat punta trussed up in that bondage stuff in room two eleven? Or huge black chicka giving head to that skinny gringo in room five thirty four? You know the kind of shit we see all the time. People be freaks and you know it! He was nice, even if he didn’t know I wasn’t his wife the first time. It was the best sex I had in over a year!” Maria insisted.

“It was the only sex you had escort bursa in over a year. Ever since you caught Tomas dipping his wick in that punta Carmen! So, it had to be the best.” She laughed, breaking the tension.

“Yeah and let’s not forget you and your dentist. Thursday at three in five sixteen isn’t it?” Maria looked at her friend meaningfully. “How many oral examinations has he given you, huh?”

“Yeah well, he is better at oral than anyone I’ve ever met, so there. Plus Juan needs the braces. Do you know how much adjustments cost?” She shrugged. “I’d marry the rich gringo if I didn’t think he cheat on me.”

“Uh huh, sure you would. Like he’d accept Juan as his son? A half black and Hispanic boy, the son of the whitest gringo I’ve ever seen. I don’t think so. But, you might convince him.” Maria smiled.

“Yeah well if he put his white man cream in me, I’d have his bebe in a heartbeat, but it’s all about his oral fixation.” She sighed and sat straight up. “You Punta, you changed the subject again. We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about how you got knocked up! What color is your bebe going to be?”

“Like I have X-ray vision. Not black, that’s damn for sure, since I don’t like those arrogant pricks!” Maria tossed her hair back. “If you want the rest of the story, then you have to stop distracting me, and no more calling me a liar!” Maria insisted in a pout.

“So, there is more! Spill…!” She leaned forward eagerly.

“Fine, no that isn’t the only time I had sex with them.” Maria huffed, irritated.

“What do you mean with them? Have you been parting the forest of some gringo bitch?”

“No, but I have eaten some fine Colombian Salsa!” She spat out, enjoying the look on Carla’s face. “Now hush, so I can finish. I still need to get my transfer signed today. So anyway, there’s a reason he didn’t know it wasn’t me the first time.” She started her story again. “It seems my gringo bear has liked hot Latina pussy for a long time.”


Maria just about thought she had gotten away with it, when she was called back to room 416. Her stomach was in knots as she approached the door.

“House Keeping.” She tapped on the door.

“Yes, come in.” A female voice called.

“How can I help you Ma’am?” Maria looked at someone, if she was about fifteen years younger, could have been her sister Rosario.

“Hello Maria, I’m Juanita, why don’t you come on in and make yourself comfortable. Well, it isn’t like you’ve already done that today isn’t it?” She gave Maria a weird look. “Oh, before I forget, I found this in the bed when I tried to go to sleep.” She handed Maria her name tag. “It was right next to the big cum stain under the top sheet.”

“Senora, I can explain, it is not what you think… I….” Maria was instantly panicked.

“Calm down sweetie, I just wanted to hear what happened from you. My husband thinks he’s had to best wet dream since before we got married. Especially since he knows I was at the hospital with our son this morning.” She gave Maria a meaningful look.

“I am so sorry Senora Juanita, I did not mean to, it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t want to get your husband in trouble.” Maria was hyperventilating. “Please don’t get me fired for this, Please…?” She started begging.

“First tell me what happened and how you let it happen, and I’ll go from there.” She crossed her arms under her large breasts, tapping her finger on her arm. That was when Maria noticed her huge nipples poking through her blouse.

“Si, senora, I tell you everything.” Maria sighed and gathered her thoughts. “I come in to clean the room this morning. Your husband, he was sleeping. I was going to cover him up and leave, honestly, that is all I planned to do. Then there were some kids running in the halls and I didn’t want them to see your husband like that with me in the room, and what they would be thinking.” She all but babbled.

“Go on, I’m listening.” Juanita raised a fine eye brow up looking at the terrified Maria.

“So, after I the door closed, and since I was here, I cleaned the bathroom, and went to cover your husband again. When I reached over to get the covers, he grabbed me and pulled me into the bed. He said, well… I knew he thought I was you and he wanted to cuddle. I tried to wake him, but….”

“Yes, Lucas sleeps like the dead.” Juanita sighed. “And he gets grabby. If he doesn’t have one of my tits in his hand, he usually can’t get to sleep.” She flicked her hands over her chest. “So far it makes some sense.” She waved her hand in the continue motion.

“Yes, then he, he all but stripped me in seconds and pulled me close. I tried to find a way out, but he was not listening and your husband is very strong. And, and, what he was doing did feel good. It wasn’t like he was, well you know, He thought it was you and I know that. It was kind of nice really.” Maria sighed. “But then, he found I had on hose and panties, He ripped them and tossed them aside. Before I could get out of the bed, I was pulled back into his chest, and he was kissing my neck. I thought he would go back to sleep and I’d just leave him to it, but then… and it was so fast, and intense and well, it just happened.” She finished. “I’m so sorry Ma’am.”

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Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 07

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



Jerry Malone awoke, disoriented, in a dark, unfamiliar room. Then he remembered, he was in his stepdaughter’s room and this sleeping, voluptuous, nude body he had his arms around was his stepdaughter, Sarah. He began to panic, “What about her mother?” Then he remembered, her mother had participated in the sexual activity and looking over Sarah’s head he saw her mother, also nude, sleeping peacefully on the other side of her daughter. His cock stiffened at the memory of last night’s activities. But he couldn’t get it out of his mind that he had done something incorrect. He wasn’t helped by the constant intruding thought that he’d love to have sex with her again.

He carefully moved his arm from under the sleeping young woman and then slowly got out of the bed. Then he went to the other side of the bed and quietly wakened his wife.

Sarah Wakes

Sarah woke slowly. Her first thoughts, her eyes still closed, were of the previous evening. Had she really had fabulous sex with her step father? Had her mother really eaten her to orgasm? For that matter had she eaten her mother to orgasm? No, it wasn’t a dream, she realized. It had happened. She hugged her naked breasts and moved one hand to her crotch and massaged her clit imagining her stepfather’s cock inside her.

She opened her eyes. Where were they? The three of them had been in bed together when she fell asleep on her mother’s breast. She smelled the faint odor of coffee and sounds of breakfast from the kitchen. Instead of getting up, she continued reminiscing.

She recalled how the evening had started with her asking to go with her parents to their swingers party. A thrill went through her genitals when she remembered that they had agreed to her request. Now that she was 18 and out of high school she felt that she could have sex with men, not boys and the parties offered that. She just needed a partner to come with her. She didn’t think it was likely many of her old high school sex partners would agree to that. Maybe with a week or so to look she could find one. She started thinking about the boys she knew, considering which wouldn’t mind that most of the women were over 30 and that they couldn’t have sex with her (her mother had said it was impolite). What she needed was a man not a boy … a man, not a boy. An idea came to her. The more she thought about it the better it sounded, well, anyway, the more she thought about it the more sexual excitement filled her and the wetter her vagina became.

She jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen, not bothering to dress. “Mom, Dad!” she exclaimed. “Can I go to the next swingers party?”

Her stepfather kept his face buried in the paper. Her mom answered, “I thought you couldn’t get someone to go with you?”

“I just didn’t have time to find someone and wasn’t sure I could. But now I’ve thought about it and I have time to talk to whoever I pick. So can I?”

“I guess so, what do you think, Jerry?”

Her father put the paper aside and looked with approval at his naked stepdaughter, “Sure why not?”

“Oh, by the way,” her mother addressed her.

“What mom?”

“Your father and I have talked about last night.”

“It was great!” Sarah said to them both. “You both made me feel so special.”

“We enjoyed ourselves too, but …”


“Well, I don’t want you having sex with your father to be a regular thing. In fact, I’d prefer you not do it at all.”

“But mom …?”

“No, Sarah, he’s MY husband and your father,”

“STEPfather” Sarah corrected.

“… your FATHER. It’s really not appropriate.”


Her father responded with disappointment. “Your mother is right. In any case, if it makes her feel bad we shouldn’t do it.” He knew he’d love to do it again. But he also knew he needed to keep peace in the home. “And,” he thought, “I might be able to get the rule changed as long as the sexual activity is infrequent.”

“Mom, didn’t you enjoy yourself?”

“Not as much as if I had been the one having sex with your father.”

“You’re jealous? Even though you go to those swinger parties?”

“Firstly, you’re our daughter, so it’s not totally appropriate.”

“I’m his STEPdaughter.”

“He’s adopted you as his own and treats you as his own daughter. He’s your FATHER. Secondly, the women at the parties aren’t around every day. Thirdly, I know you and your FATHER. I don’t know how we could put any reasonable limits on your sexual activity. You’re both randy as hell.”

Sarah knew her mother’s sexual dalliances had ended her previous two marriages, the first to her natural father. “You should talk!” she retaliated and then shuffled back to her bedroom. At least they had agreed to let her go to the party.

While she was in the shower, rubbing her clit and thinking of sex, she was reminded of her friend Sally. At her graduation, (was that really only a week ago?) she had hooked up with her old friend and had hoped to spend a lot of time pendik escort with her tracking down men to fuck. But just a couple of days ago Sally had a bad experience with the guys they had hooked up with at the beach. She had not been returning calls or texts. Sarah wondered if Sally might want to go to the party too.

As soon as she had dried off she quickly went into the kitchen and caught her mom and dad before they left for work. “Mom and dad, do you think I could invite Sally to the party too?”

Her mother hesitated and looked at her husband. She was thinking about having another young stud to fuck.

Sarah’s father looked up, “Sally? who’s that?”

“You met her just a couple of days ago. Remember she was trying on swimsuits.”

“Oh yeah,” He remembered the thin girl with almost no figure, breasts or butt. At first he had thought her very plain with her large nose and mouth and her mousy brown hair. But she had been topless and he remembered the large nipples which hardened at his glance. Her suit bottoms showed her fleshy genitals to maximum effect and she had dark penetrating eyes. His cock hardened at the thought those genitals might be available for him to fuck.

He looked at his wife. Her wordless gaze said it would be okay with her to have Sally along but she wanted him to make the final decision. “Of course, invite her,” he told his stepdaughter doing his best not to show how anxious he was. His wife smiled in approval.

Sarah quickly called Sally who answered this time but seemed a bit reluctant. “Mom can you talk to Sally about the party?” she requested and her mom took the phone.

After a long discussion, her mother handed the phone back. “I think Sally’s coming,” she said. “But you need to get her a copy of the club rules.”

Sarah took the phone and told her friend how happy she was she’d be coming and then went back into her room to dress.

Sarah’s Date

Now it was time to find a guy to go to the swinger’s party with her. Her heart pounded at the idea she had. She got up her nerve and called her former high school hoping that she’d be able to find the guy she had in mind. In a deep voice she asked if they could get her in touch with Mr. Horton.

Mr Horton had been her junior year English teacher. All the cheerleaders had noticed the way he looked at them and the other pretty girls in the school. They referred to him as “Mr Horny”. Sarah knew he looked at her a lot in class. He never made any advances toward her or any of the other cheerleaders But there was a rumor that a few years earlier he’d taken up with one or more cheerleaders after they graduated. He was a good looking guy and the cheerleaders sometimes talked about how they wished it was them.

To her surprise they rang his office and he answered. She was so surprised that she was at a loss for words. Mr. Horton asked “Is anyone there?” twice and was about to hang up when she got her voice and courage. “Mr Horton?”


“Mr Horton, I’m a bit surprised you’re at school.”

“I have some things to take care of before I take off for the summer. Who is this?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Sarah Malone. I don’t know if you remember me. I was in your English class as a junior. I just graduated.”

“Yes, I remember you.” He remembered the voluptuous student. He enjoyed watching her on campus and was pleasantly surprised when she had been assigned to his English class. He wondered why she had called. Usually only his best students called asking for references to colleges or workplaces. Sarah had been an average student at best. “What is it you want?” he asked in his most pleasant voice.

Sarah pulled herself together and gathered more courage. Even then her voice seemed weak and trembled a bit. “I wonder if you might go to a party with me?”

“Excuse me?” Her voice had been so weak he wasn’t sure he heard what she said. It sounded a lot like an invitation. Why would she do that? “Could you please speak up.”

It was a lot easier to say the second time and she spoke loudly, adding some explanation, “I need someone older than the guys I know to take me to a party and I thought you might be willing.”

This was incredible. He was used to students asking for good grades in exchange for sex but a former student? A very attractive former student? She was probably playing a prank with several of her friends listening in. He was aware of the untrue rumors that he dated attractive former students and was subject to occasional suchpranks. He decided to play along but needed to be careful. “Oh, and why me?”

“Well, I know you liked looking at me so I thought maybe …” She wondered if this was a good idea.

“I see. And why do you need someone older than the guys you know?”

“Well …” she decided to provide background. “My parents are swingers. You know what I mean?”

This was a new approach. He wondered if he heard her right. “Swingers?”

“Yes. You know. They go to these swapping parties where they escort pendik have sex with other people.”

“Oh, yes.” This prank was showing much more originality and cleverness than she had ever shown in class. Probably it had been made up by one of the friends listening in and they had chosen Sarah because they knew that would get his attention. If this was actually Sarah at the other end of the line.

“Well, they said I can come to one of the parties but they’re only for couples so I need a date.”

“I see.” Now it had become ridiculous. “But why me?”

“Everyone there would be like 40 or 50. I don’t think any of the guys I know would want to come to a party like that. especially since they couldn’t have sex with me.”

Now there was a twist. He would expect a prank would involve the possibility of sex with the young girl on the other end of the line. “I don’t understand.”

“My parents say it’s bad form for couples to have sex when the purpose of the party is to swap.”

He decided it was time to wrap it up. It was a clever set up. “I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

“Why not, Mr Horton. You’re not married are you? Do you have a girlfriend? Please consider.”

He was taken aback by the pleading tone. He didn’t recall Sarah being in the drama club or having much acting ability. Of course there was the likelihood that it wasn’t Sarah on the other end. He thought a bit. What if it was Sarah? What if it wasn’t a prank. He was single and this party seemed attractive. How to pursue it without being the butt of a joke, or worse finding himself in a situation where he would lose his teaching position.

“Mr Horton?”

“Sarah.” He said firmly in his best, no nonsense permitted, classroom voice.

“Yes, Mr Horton.” She felt like she was about to get a reprimand. This was a bad idea.

Her voice showed exactly the kind of deference he wanted. So he shifted to his encouraging the weak student to perform better voice. “Sarah, how do I know you’re not playing a prank? How do I even know you’re actually Sarah Malone?”

She understood and wondered how she could prove those things to him. “I can prove who I am by meeting you.” She realized that he could still sense a prank. “We could meet somewhere public where you would know it’s not a prank. Like the mall or maybe the pier. You could pretend we ran into each other by accident.”

He decided he would play this out, carefully, and get out as soon as it was an obvious prank. She sure seemed willing to take this beyond the usual level. In most cases the prank was just a single call as part of a sleepover. This one was either not a prank or much more elaborate than most young girls would be willing or able to pull off. “And how do you prove it’s not a prank?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we can think about it and discuss it when we meet.”

They arranged to meet, “by chance,” at the mall food court. Mr Horton asked to do it in a couple of days, thinking a prank was less likely to be drawn out. If it was a group of girls they’d want to see the staged meeting that very afternoon.

That afternoon Sarah realized what to do. She approached her mother. “Mom, I’ve asked Mr. Horton to come to the party.”

“Who’s Mr. Horton?”

“He’s a teacher at the high school. He was my English teacher one year.”

Marlene Malone was shocked. She hadn’t realized that one of Sarah’s teachers was having relations with her, “WHAT?”

“Relax, mom, what’s the problem?”

“Sarah, you’ve been dating one of your teachers?”

“No, Mom,” Sarah giggled at the thought. “I just thought an older guy than most of those I know might be better for the party.”

Her mother felt both relief and disappointment. Relief that her daughter hadn’t had a relationship with a teacher but disappointment that she wasn’t bringing a young guy. She was so anxious to have one of Sarah’s better looking guys. “Oh. I guess that’s OK.”

“Well, it would be but he thinks I’m trying to play a joke on him.”

“Of course he would,” Marlene expressed her immediate thought aloud.

“I thought that maybe if you came with me to meet him he’d know it wasn’t a joke. You could explain the rules and help him know what to expect.”


Mark Horton sat at a table in the food court aware of all the young women around. He recognized a couple of them but none had shown any recognition of him. He had worried about one of his better students seeing him. They might come right up to him and begin taking but, thankfully, none did. He was beginning to doubt this was a good idea. If he was seen talking to Sarah Malone that might start rumors or at least add a name to the rumors that already circulated about him.

Then he saw her walking along the aisle across from the food court along with an older version of herself. The two of them strolled nonchalantly over to where he sat.

“Hi, Mr. Horton,” Sarah did a reasonable job of acting like she was surprised. The older beauty stood pendik escort bayan quietly.

“Hello, Sarah,” he said quietly.

“Do you know my mom, Mr. Horton?”

“No, I don’t,” he extended his hand. “Hello, Mrs. Malone.”

Sarah sat down across from him, “Tell him, Mom.”

The older version of Sarah, same blond hair, same blue eyes, same large breasts, an ever so slightly thicker figure, sat in the chair next to his. “I’m sorry, Mr. Horton. This is a bit awkward but Sarah is quite persistent.” She was looking at the young, attractive teacher in his late 20’s. Sarah had told her about the rumors and she could see why they began. Every female student would want to be the student referred to in the rumor. For that matter she was now hoping to get this hunk to the swingers party. Her daughter certainly had good taste.

“I agree, it is,” he responded. “I hope you don’t mind, Mrs. Malone but I need to be sure I’m not being set up. Do you have an ID?” The similarity in appearance made it unlikely that this was not Sarah’s mother but he was still hesitant and uncertain. “A definite MILF,” he found himself thinking as he looked at the driver’s license. The prospect of fucking this woman made it all the more difficult to resist the temptation. As he handed the card back he looked at her and realized she had the same thought.

“My God, he wants me,” Marilyn Malone thought as she took the card back and pushed her chair close to his. “So, what do you want to know, Mr. Horton?”

He didn’t want to lead her answers so he just said, “Tell me about this party.”

“Well, it’s a swingers party. Wife swapping if you will. A group of couples get together and we have sex with each others partners. It’s pretty open but we do have some specific rules to avoid non-consensual or unsafe activities.” She rummaged in her purse leaning over as she did so allowing him to see down her loose fitting neckline. She handed over two sheets of paper.

She continued, “Since it’s a swapping party we insist that only couples come and it’s considered impolite to have sex with your significant other at the party. We assume you do that at home.”

“Wife swapping? But don’t you need to be married?” he asked and then began looking at the rules.

“Oh no, several couples aren’t married. Wife swapping is just the vernacular. We never call it that, we refer to ourselves as swingers.”

“Sarah and I aren’t a couple.”

“No one will check. We just don’t want a bunch of single men crashing the party.”

“You’re okay with Sarah doing this?”

“She’s of age. And I know she’s had plenty of sexual partners. And, just between us, I’m hoping she’ll bring along a good looking guy.” She stroked his thigh under the table.

He was taken aback, “I see.”

“We’d love to have you.” The stroking on his thigh moved to his crotch.

He had to get out his concern, “I’m worried that someone at the party will recognize me and if some parents find out then …”

“We all know there’s a stigma attached to our activity. You don’t need to worry,” She began rubbing her fingers against his testicles.

He couldn’t resist the come-on, “Well, okay, I’ll come.”

“Thanks, Mr Horton,” Sarah said.

“Yes,thank you,” her mother echoed, giving the hardening member she felt in his slacks a quick squeeze. “Come by our home at 7, we’ll drive you to the party.”

The Party

They arrived at the party earlier than most of the guests. Mark Horton undressed to his briefs because he felt uncomfortable undressing further. The others stripped naked and he admired both Sarah and her mother’s body. Marlene took Mark and her daughter and showed them the layout. Sarah got stares from the two guys who had arrived earlier and at the hot tub a forty something guy came out of the tub. Sarah’s mother introduced him as Larry. He immediately asked Sarah if she’d like to relax with him in the tub. Sarah looked over at her mother who gave her a reassuring look of encouragement and Sarah sat next to him in the tub.

Larry was a decent looking guy with brown hair, graying at the temples. His body was kept in good shape but he clearly didn’t spend time at the beach, as he was pale with a farmer’s tan. As soon as they sat, he began very gently stroking Sarah’s back with one hand and her thighs with the other. Then she sat back and he moved his hands to her abdomen, moving slowly to her breasts and nipples. She closed her eyes and relaxed with her head back and spread her legs as the hand at her thigh moved to her crotch and her clit and a couple of fingers penetrated her vagina. She was ready for sex but didn’t want this to end. She moved her hand to Larry’s cock to encourage him to keep it up. She felt a 7 inch long inch in diameter, rock hard cylinder of flesh and stroked it up and down with the same gentle attention he was giving her breasts and genitals.

Her reverie was interrupted by her father arriving, escorting Sally. She realized why he had remained behind when they arrived. He wanted first chance at Sally. She greeted them and chuckled to herself as she leaned back to enjoy Larry’s ministrations.

After a few minutes Sally shouted over, “Your dad wants to fuck me.”

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