Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 09

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Bedroom for the Night

Jerry Malone sat in the family room of the home where the swingers party was being held. He had just finished having a brief period of intercourse with his daughter’s friend, Sally. Now he was waiting as his daughter’s date, Mark Horton, fucked Sally on one of the mattresses on the floor in the house’s great room.

He had been obsessed with Sally ever since his daughter wanted to bring her to the party. In fact, ever since he had seen her standing topless in his own home. She had no figure and no breasts. Her face wasn’t real attractive except for her eyes. But there had been something very sensual about her. He wasn’t satisfied with the short time he had just spent with her. He had cut off his time with her because he felt himself about to come and he knew the sexual part of his evening would be over if he allowed that. His balls just weren’t up to more than one ejaculation a night any more.

As he watched Mark and Sally he turned down two other women. One was an attractive thirtyish blond who he had sex with every other swingers party when they had both been present. He might as well have ended his evening with Sally.

As Mark and Sally finished what from the sound had been a very fulfilling activity Jerry considered going and asking Sally for another chance. But the two of them went to the table across from his and became absorbed in conversation. He got up and began walking around.

He ran into the host of the party and, on a whim, asked him, “George, do you think I could maybe use one or two of you bedrooms for the whole night?”

“The whole night? ‘Til the end of the party?”

“No, George, after the party, until morning.”

“That’s an unusual request. Why not take the woman home with you?”

“We don’t really have a spare bedroom. The second room would be for Marlene and the the lady’s partner. I’ll pay.”

“Jerry, you know we don’t do this for a profit. I’ll need to talk to Betty about it.”

“Let me know.”

Jerry began carrying out his plan. He began looking for his wife, Marlene, and found her talking to the husband of the blond he had turned down. “Marlene, can I talk to you briefly?”

He took her aside. debating exactly how to approach the conversation. “Marlene, would you mind spending all night here with Jason, the guy Sally brought?”

Marlene Malone had agreed to her daughter coming and bringing a friend because she fantasized about them bringing young studs for her to fuck and Jason had been exactly the kind of guy she had hoped for. She wondered why her husband would be suggesting this. Realization came quickly. “Jerry, you’re looking to spend the night with Sarah’s friend, Sally, aren’t you?” She laughed, “I knew something was up when you waited behind after we got here. I saw you take her out to the pool. Ha, you’re taken with her. Admit it.”

Sheepishly he admitted his desire for Sally.

Marlene’s previous two marriages, including the first one to Sarah’s father had ended because of her inability to restrict herself to one guy. Her current marriage had lasted only because Jerry recognized this. She knew that the main reason they attended swingers’ parties was to keep her satisfied. She put aside the jealous feeling that her husband was attracted to the young woman and acknowledged his request. “Okay, you can have your night with her and I’ll spend he night with Jason. I think I’ll go fuck now. Enjoy yourself.”

“Marlene,” he said before she could leave.


“Could you talk to Jason about this. I’m going to go get toothbrushes and stuff for the night. Is there anything you’ll need?”

Then he went to wait for Sally. She and Mark were heavily at it again on one of the mattresses in the great room. Jerry Malone sat, his cock stiff and straining, trying to enlarge out of its skin. While he waited George came by to tell him that he could use the bedrooms for the night.

When Sally and Mark finished, Jerry quickly intercepted the young woman. Her eyes examined his erection with approval.

She agreed to spend the night and his penis was almost painful in its yearning to be inside her. He knew he could satisfy the yearning right now but he wanted more than the quick satisfaction of the mattresses, and he loved the joy of anticipation. With reluctance he left her. Before he left she gave him a peck on the cheek accentuated with a quick stroke of his cock. He felt like he might come on the spot. He dressed and went to a nearby drug store and then drove a couple of miles to an adult store.

When he got back the party was winding down and he went looking for Sally. She was easy to find. She was being bounced up and down on the cock of one of the younger participants and clearly enjoying herself. Jerry wished it was him but knew he didn’t have the arm strength to hold her like that for as long as the fucking went on. It wouldn’t be long and he’d have his chance.

Finally the couple collapsed on the mattress and when güvenilir bahis Sally stood he quickly went and asked her to wait for him while he found Sarah. He discovered that she was upstairs in one of the bedrooms with Todd Johanssen one of the more energetic and randy guys who attended these parties. He waited at the bottom of the stairs. Sally came over. “My mom wants you to call her. She thinks I’m staying overnight at your house. She must thinks I’m only14. I call so she won’t worry and she demands you call her. You’d think I was still a virgin.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her,” Jerry responded and called. He found he didn’t need to lie, just telling Mrs. Czarwitz that Sally was staying overnight “here” and that she’d be no bother was enough. “I’m glad to have her,” he concluding in full honesty, his hard, almost painfully erect cock confirming the statement.

Sally was listening intently, “Do you hear that?” she giggled.

He listened to the sound of his daughter squealing in delight from upstairs. He felt a bit embarrassed though he didn’t know why. He hadn’t been embarrassed by Sarah fucking Larry or a bunch of other guys during the evening. Maybe it was standing here listening with her friend that made the difference. As he listened to a couple of high pitched squeals followed by a loud, and clear, “Oh my God!” he felt a hand on his balls.

As he stood listening Sally sat on the stairs fascinated by the pendulous testicles at her eye level. They hung in their sack well below the stiff rod and rotated slowly in anticipation. She couldn’t resist fondling them and feeling their weight. They continued to squirm in her grasp and she squeezed lightly. She had found out from her first experiences with a guy’s genitals that it wasn’t a good idea to squeeze too hard. She moved her other hand to the shaft and rolled the foreskin away from the pink tip. She was playing with the foreskin when Jerry said, “There you are.” She turned to see Sarah coming down the stairs with an elderly gentleman.

The Night Begins

Jerry handed the car keys to his daughter, made it clear she could use the master bedroom to finish out the evening with Mark Horton who she needed to drive back to get his car. If he were honest with himself he would have realized that he was jealous of the rapport Mark seemed to have with Sally. He hoped that any affection Mark had for Sally could be transferred to his daughter who was arguably the better looking of the two. Though maybe not so rawly sensual.

After Sarah left he turned to Sally and put out his hand, “Shall we?”

“Sure, Mr. Malone.”

“Jerry, Sally, Jerry.”

“Oh, I forgot, Mr. Malone, I mean, Jerry.” The first name seemed strange to her. He had been “Mr. Malone” since she and Sarah had become best friends in grade school.

As they went up the stairs Sally became aware of how tired she was. Several hours of intense sex and the lateness were taking their toll. She wasn’t sure how to introduce the topic.

The bedroom was likely the one Sarah had been using. The bed had a single rumpled sheet on it that had a few slightly damp spots. Jerry Malone pulled the sheet off and threw it in a corner. There was a stack of clean sheets on a dresser and the two of them put a couple of those on the bed. there was also a blanket folded in a corner that they put on. It wasn’t difficult but Sally was even more tired now. When they were finished she climbed on the bed and lay on her back, relaxing with her eyes closed.

Jerry got in beside her and began stroking her neck, breasts and nipples. He allowed his stiff cock to rub against her side.

“Mr Malone,” Sally whispered.

“Jerry,” he corrected.

“Sorry, Mr. Malone, Jerry.”


“Mr. Malone, .. I mean Jerry, I’m really tired.”

He felt disappointed but realized he should have considered what an evening of full-on sex can be like. He’d was usually exhausted after these parties and would be tonight if he hadn’t spent the time obsessed with this young woman. He responded only with, “Oh?”

“I really want you inside me,” she told him bluntly, “I do want to fuck, but maybe in the morning?”

“Of course, I understand.” but he realized he could get some pleasure from this. “Maybe I can continue to massage you. That might help you relax.”

“Yes, I think it would,” she smiled and continued to lay on her back while she felt the gentle touches he made over her entire body. She fell asleep to a dream. She was a giant among Lilliputians, all male. they had her tied to the ground and were running all over her body, gently pulling at her nipples and poking at everything. She felt a few crawl inside her vagina.

When she had clearly fallen asleep. Mark Malone examined the smooth, thin body. He gently spread her legs and looked closely at the large fleshy labia, spreading the soft pillows to look at the long thin labia that peeked out. As he stroked they became engorged and lay to either side of he vaginal türkçe bahis entrance. God, he wanted inside. He pushed a finger in, then two, feeling the damp softness and the uneven internal surface. He rubbed against the bumps of her G-spot and felt the hard hemisphere of her cervix. He put two fingers of the other hand in and spread the opening to get a glimpse of the mound with its dimple.

He couldn’t resist. Positioning himself between the legs and supporting himself so he didn’t wake her he slowly push his penis into the wet, warm, inviting vagina. He slowly stroked in and out a couple of times and then realized he’d rather have her awake and fully involved in the activity. He withdrew, gently pulled the blanket from under the sleeping young woman, spread it over her, turned out the lights andgot under the blanket next to her nude body.

He fell asleep to the sounds of his wife being fucked vigorously in the next room while gently stroking the warm body in bed with him.

First Fuck

Sally had woken slowly and realizing where she was had felt for the body she expected to be in bed with her. Finding it, she gently felt the now limp cock and the balls in their loose sack. She remembered its size when hard and thought about how it might feel inside her. She put a hand to her crotch and began rubbing. She had taken a handful of condoms up with her the night before and placed them on the nightstand. The glow of the clock said “4:12,” and illuminated the condoms next to it. She took one and tried to gently wake her best friend’s father lying next to her. She nibbled on his ear and blew into it. He stirred as if swatting a fly.

He woke to something flicking at his ear. He moved his head away and heard a feminine voice, “Are you awake, Mr. Malone?”

Not yet fully aware he mumbled, “Uhh, yeah.”

He felt a hand on his chest, gently pulling at his chest hair. The voice again, “Mr. Malone?”

He tried to place himself. The hand began to move down his chest to his abdomen. Then he remembered where he was. “What, Sally?”

“I’m not so tired now.” The hand moved past his abdomen to the base of his cock. “Can we fuck?”

His cock jumped to life at the request. He felt her gentle touch as she unrolled the condom over the expanding member. “I see you’re ready,” she laughed as she completed the task and moved her mouth to his crotch.

“What an exquisite way to wake up,” he thought as he unsuccessfully reached out for the body of the young woman. All he could reach was her head so he contented himself with stroking her hair as she licked and sucked at his cock.

He began thrusting up into her mouth and she said, “Do me, Mr. Malone, do me.” she moved her crotch to his face and lowered it to him. He smelled the lovely odor of the young woman and licked at her clit. He moved both hand to the large soft genitals and began stroking them and gently pulling at them. Then he pushed a couple of fingers inside and, finding the slight roughness of her G-spot, began massaging it vigorously. She sat fully upright and her legs shook in orgasm. She emitted a slight squeal every time his tongue hit her clit.

“Oh! Mr. Malone, fuck me!” she gasped, pulling herself away from his face and rolling onto her back next to him. He was glad to oblige.

She spread her legs as he moved between them and then as his eight inch cock slid easily into her she pulled her legs up and allowed them to rest on his shoulders. she loved the feeling of a warm, hard penis moving inside of her and wiggled her hips as he slowly stroked in and out.

He had been waiting for this all night and his cock was almost painful in its erection. He tried to slow down and hold back the orgasm he felt quickly building. But the movement of her hips and the excitement of his hands on those large, hard nipples and her moans, “Oh, Mr Malone!” meant he couldn’t restrain it. His semen filled the condom as the exquisite feeling filled his groin. He moaned loudly in pleasure.

Sally had hoped he might last longer but she could sense his excitement and feel the hardness of his cock. She wasn’t sure she’d ever felt a harder one. He’d had a hard-on for what seemed like hours during the evening and it was obviously because of his desire for her. She’d had plenty of experience with guys coming sooner than she wanted and knew the best thing to do. “That was wonderful, Mr. Malone, that was great!” Give him a little time to relax and he’d be ready to go and able to sustain himself longer.

He began to pull out, “No. Mr. Malone, I want to feel your wonderful cock inside me.” She manged to coax him to roll onto his back with her on top. They fell asleep with his chest hair rubbing on her nipples and her nipples rubbing against his chest.

Morning Shower

Sally woke again. She began moving her fingers through the substantial hair on his chest. She moved her hand down along the line of hair on his abdomen to the tuft at the base of his cock. His pubic hair güvenilir bahis siteleri was damp with semen. She felt the slippery, sticky substance and the small, dried grains on the hair. She pulled her fingers away to taste the salty substance.

She moved a hand to her crotch and felt the condom still inside. Semen was drying on her thighs. Absentmindedly she began flipping the limp cock back and forth while rubbing her clit.

Her actions woke Jerry. He looked over at the plain face with its large nose and mouth. He smiled, “Good morning, Sally.”

She smiled back, “Good morning to you too, Mr. Malone.” She reached between her legs and pulled out the condom. “We’ve left a bit of a mess.” She held the condom at his face and allowed it to swing back and forth at his nose. “Feel.” She took his hand and moved it to her crotch. She was delighted to see his cock responding.

She rubbed her fingers through his damp pubic hair and moved them to his mouth. “We should shower.” She moved off the bed and held her hand out.

He took her hand and followed her into the bathroom where she turned on the water and adjusted it. While doing so she leaned over and presented her genitals to his gaze. He was uncertain whether to touch them but in his hesitation the opportunity was lost.

She stepped into the shower and grabbing the handle of his manhood gently pulled him in with her. “Do you want to do me first?”

“Do you?”

“Wash me or do me, however you want,” she smiled at him, handed him the soap, spread her legs and raised her arms above her head.

He looked at the slim body, unsure of where to begin. “Cunt last,” she suggested, thrusting her chest with its hardened nipples forward.

He began by soaping her sides, next to her almost non-existent breasts. Then he slid his hands to her ample nipples, noticing the thin breast tissue. He was fascinated by the cushion between his hands and her rib cage and spent some time massaging her while twisting her nipples between his fingers.

She turned around, forcing his hands to her back. He soaped her up and down, spending some time reaching around to feel her breast tissue again and to soap her abdomen down to the slit. He spent some time on her flat butt, reaching between her legs to soap the fleshy cushion of her pussy lips.

She turned to face him again and he knelt to scrub up and down her legs, spending extra time at her crotch as he did so. Then he gently soaped her vulva, pushing his finger between the labia and inside her vagina. She moaned as he did so and then as he slid his soapy finger repeatedly over her clit she came with a squeal as her body shook.

She calmed down and took the soap. She scrubbed him back and front, arms and legs, finishing by spending significant time soaping the large pendulous tentacles. Then she worked his penis, but only briefly since she wanted to save his hardness for the bed and her vagina. She stepped out of the shower and he followed. She dried him off and then allowed him to dry her.She went to the bed and lay on her back, her arms and legs spread.

He knelt on the bed next to her and looked over the smooth, young body. This was the first time he’d been able to examine it in all it’s glory. Why did this thin young woman have such a hold on him. No figure, flat chest, her face was plain at best. “God, you’re sexy.” he told her.

Well, thank you, Mr. Malone,” she answered and began playing with his foreskin.

“You seem to enjoy sex and know how to please me.”

“Well, I do my best.” She smiled an attractive kind of half smile.

He had to ask her, “Have you had much sexual experience?”

Her answer surprised him, “Three, four times a week.”

“For how long?” As soon as he asked he felt it was inappropriate but she answered without a blink.

“Since middle school.”

“Oh!” He changed the subject, as she moved her attention to his balls. He began to gently stoke her large, hard nipples and stated, “Sarah says you’re a straight A student and have a scholarship to Stanford.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But Sarah’s so different, how are you together.”

“We were best friends in middle school.”

“Oh, Really?”

“Yes, you don’t remember? I used to spend a lot of time at your house but we kind of moved apart in high school.” now she was moving her hand through the hair on his chest and rubbing his nipples.

“What got you back together?”

“In high school we were separate because we were in different social groups. Now were back together because we like the same things.”

“Oh, like?”

“Like sex, silly.” She laughed lightly, “we used to share guys in middle school.”

He’d had no idea that his step daughter was sexually active back then. “Guys? How many have you been with?”

“I don’t know, I’ve probably had sex with over a hundred different boys. But they’ve all been boys, not men .” She moved her hand down his abdomen and grasped his penis firmly as part of her emphasis on “men.”

What do I Like

“Let’s play a game,” she said suddenly.

“A game?”

“Yes, here’s how it works: I tell you something I like about you and then you tell me something you like about me.’

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Quality Time

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*All characters in this story are over the age of 18!*

So, I’ll admit, it started with me getting drunk. It was a new sensation for me having freshly turned 21, I had never really felt compelled to drink before now but it seemed that once I started I quite enjoyed it. I would go out with some of my friends and they used to pressure me all the time to drink with them and at first I didn’t see the appeal at all. I would watch them chug and make faces as if it was the worst thing you could ever hope to ingest. Then, they would act like idiots and stumble and say embarrassing things. Like this one time, a friend of mine drank so much he started crying and moping about how he felt so alone in the world. I just didn’t get why anyone would want to feel like that. Then it dawned on me one day that alcohol could have a use for me.

We went out to a bar and all my buddies started drinking as usual. My friends once again pestering me to drink, me once again saying no way. Then as they were kicking them back I looked around the bar and noticed there was a dance floor. There were so many women dancing and drinking, hands all over bodies. Clothes were being pulled at and things hidden being revealed. I wanted to get in on that action, but it felt like an unfair advantage being sober while they were drunk, almost like I’d be some kind of sleaze. So I picked up one of the cups of mixed drink and downed it quickly. I didn’t know what I was expecting to feel but at first I didn’t notice much, just the harsh taste in my throat. My friends looked up at me with surprise then started cheering and downing their drinks as well. They put another in my hand and I drank that just as fast as the first one, noticing it wasn’t as bad as the prior drink. As I set the cup down I realized that I did feel a little different so feeling better about my morality I walked out to the dance floor to mingle.

I honestly had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t have any experience with women so I looked around to see what others were doing. It was mostly women on the floor, laughing loudly and drinking while they danced. I did see one guy near the middle though and he would just dance to himself, legs spread out a little moving his hips. Women would dance closer and closer to him until they were grinding their asses against him. I had a blueprint, time to try it out.

I figured my odds weren’t bad, I wasn’t ugly. I was just under 6ft, black wavy hair down to my shoulders. I was dressed well, I knew to keep my shoes new and clean. It wasn’t long before girls were making eye contact and swaying their asses closer and closer to me. Then I saw one woman who stood out from the crowd. She was older than the others, late thirties perhaps. I hadn’t really considered a woman who was that much older than me before now but there was something in the way she was eyeing me that I really enjoyed. The other girls closer to my age were more timid, probably afraid of rejection. This woman was confident, it was heavily arousing.

She was dressed in a very short red dress, I quickly saw that nearly all her back was uncovered. She looked at me intensely as she started backing up toward me. Her ass was large but wonderfully both soft and firm. As she began rubbing her glutes on my thigh I felt a warm feeling come over me. My cheeks got more and more red as both her body and the alcohol worked together to heat my body up.

Suddenly I felt the room twist a little as the effect of the mixed drink became more noticeable. My thoughts changed as I felt a surge of confidence, all I wanted to do was run my hands over this woman. I was in no state of mind to fight my bodily urges as my hands went first to her belly. I kept them there for a moment somehow cognizant enough to gauge her reaction. I felt her movements increase in fever as she ground harder against me, shifting her alignment to focus more on my crotch. I communicated that I liked this by running one hand up her body while the other trailed down. I did it very slowly, I wanted to explore her but I also didn’t want to cross any boundaries or reservations that she might have. My heart sank to my gut as she grabbed the wrist of my hand that was trailing closer to her waistline. I soon saw that I didn’t have much to worry about as she led my hand down to her upper thigh and held it there for a few moments. I took the hint and was happy with where it ended up. Before my other hand could reach higher than her lowest couple of ribs she began leaning forward, still maintaining her rhythmic movements. I left the hand that was on her thigh and pulled the other around to her back, tracing my fingers along her. She looked back at me over her shoulder with a wicked smile, then began to more thrust herself against me than dance. I didn’t really concern myself with looking around the room to gauge how acceptable this was, though it did cross my mind that it might look odd.

Then I felt it; my budding erection. It started out as just a chub, but just feeling it growing was enough to put my focus on it. I felt her round ass grind a little harder on it, making circles now as she swirled bahis firmaları it in my boxers. I felt it standing straighter and straighter as she dropped her face closer to the ground. She began a kind of twerk against me as she flexed one cheek then the other in continual alternation against my hips. My pants were loose enough to allow myself the room needed to grow, despite my immodest length. I could feel it begin pressing between her cheeks and down, touching her thighs as well. In response she lowered her hips, dragging her body along the length of it as we dry humped. I pulled at her skirt to keep the head of my penis covered from any onlookers. Slowly she started standing back up as she brought her hand behind my head. She turned and kissed me as she clamped her thighs tightly down on my cock.

Her hand dropped down to her groin as she touched both of us, resting her thumb against her clothed clit as her fingers wrapped around the underside of my cock. It was getting to be more than I could bear. With her hand still behind my head she tuned her lips to my ear and spoke-

“Do you want more?”

Breathlessly I nodded and she walked off holding my hand, not without squeezing me between her thighs a little tighter before we parted. As we exited there were more than a few young girls watching me walk away, making eyes at me and my counterpart. The alcohol and my dance partner once again working together to make me feel quite unembarrassed; in fact I felt a little proud.

She walked me to the front door as I heard my friends at our table jeering and hooting to me. As we walked to the parking lot she pulled a key out of God knows where and unlocked a large suburban. She opened the back door and quickly set me down on the back seat as I faced her and the parking lot while she stooped down. Quickly, she began rubbing my bulge as she unbuttoned me with the other. She then unzipped and pulled my pants down out from under me as my dick flopped briefly from within my boxers. She then put one hand on my chest laying me back as she pulled my boxers down to my knees. The position she was in let her breasts lay on my erection as she laughed lustily for a moment. Her breasts were much like her ass, large soft and firm all at the same time. She stood back up admiring my young penis as she slipped her dress straps off her shoulders. My view wasn’t hindered by a bra and I saw that her tits didn’t lose shape without the support of the dress. Her nipples pert and a soft pink, they looked surprisingly youthful. She grabbed my knees and looked first at my cock smiling. Then she slid both her torso and her eyes up my body, dragging her tits along my leg and letting them slide over my cock again as she came up to meet my lips.

“I haven’t had such a young cock in a long time.” She smiled again as she kissed me then trailed her body back the same way she had brought it up, only now it was much slower and she kissed down my body every few inches. She kept her lips against my stomach for a good while as she lifted my shirt. I was proud of my taut stomach, what abs I had were hard earned and she seemed to enjoy them too. As my stiff erection once again was nestled between her breasts, her tongue slid along the grooves of my abs. The combination was better than anything I had ever done to myself. I felt her hands slowly drift from my knees as she slid them up my leg. I heard her moan against my stomach as she finally reached my cock. She gripped it firmly at the base and started slapping it against her breasts. After continuing this for a moment she grabbed her breasts instead and squeezed them against my penis much like she had done with her thighs earlier. She stopped kissing my stomach and half stood as she let saliva slowly drip from her mouth to my cock head. Then she used her full perky tits to massage the spit onto my full length. Slowly she teased at the tip of my cock using the nipples that she held in her fingertips, as the rest of her breast flesh ran along my shaft. She made little circles with both nipples going around from the underside of my head to my urethra, one nipple going clockwise and the other counter clockwise. The sensation was intense, sending hot precum out of my shaft and running down her erect nipples. As they became more and more lubed with the combination of both her spit and my precum her movements sped up until she was running her nipples down the full length of my cock. After doing this for a time she pulled her teats straight toward my face and across from one another in an X shape thus squeezing her breasts tighter against my cock. She held them like that, by her nipples and started bouncing her whole body, fucking my erect shaft with her full breasts. I moaned as I felt more of my hot precum flow out of the top of my penis. She leaned her head down as she slammed her breasts firmly against my thighs, and the head of my cock began popping up from between her lovely tits. As it came farther and farther up, her head lowered until her lips met my wet cock head for a brief kiss that was quickly repeated with every down stroke. This went on for a while until kaçak iddaa my cock slipped in past her lips, meeting her hot wet tongue. Her tight lips stayed enveloping my cock much like her tits did as she kept the rhythmic dance up. Then her tongue slid down my shaft as my head remained in her mouth, until her tongue shared the space between her tits with my cock. She lapped up and down my penis with her tongue in tandem with the movements of her breasts, while her lips made a forceful vacuum tightly enveloping her wide curved tongue and my cock.

She was an absolute pro, I had never seen nor heard of movements like she was making in all of my years watching endless porn. They say 10,000 hours made anyone a pro, so take it from a pro in viewing, she was an expert literally in motion.

After a time of this, she stopped fucking me with her breasts and began bringing her mouth lower and lower down my base, at first keeping the quick rhythm then slowing as she god closer and closer to fully taking me into her hot mouth. She held her tongue tightly pressed to the underside of my cock as she drug it and her lips up and down my shaft. When she neared the top she would swirl her tongue rapidly around my tip until it would audibly ‘pop’ out of her mouth, then she would slide her mouth back down to my head making me have to force apart pressed lips. I felt as if I hadn’t had the mixed drink I would still feel much like I did now. I imagined that I was much more intoxicated by this beautiful fox of a woman than I was the alcohol.

I noticed that she began moaning on my cock as she plunged it deeper and deeper into her mouth, then I realized why she had stopped using her breasts to fuck me. She had one hand curled under her body, a few fingers nestled in her pussy with her palm against her clit. Her arm shook violently as her moans became trilled and frantic. Her tongue was better than a massage wand as the trills her vocal chords made reverberated through her tongue and berated my cock. I think she was cumming at this point, I seemed to muster a couple more centimeters in length as my cock began to throb in her mouth. She clearly felt me growing close to orgasm with her as she finally brought her lips all the way to my pelvic area. I felt her tight throat squeeze on my cock head as she gulped down a fresh proceeding of my precum. This made her gag briefly until my rock hard dick slid out of her throat back to her tongue and then back into the constriction of her neck. She moaned louder and more vibrantly and I felt the reverberations much better from within her throat.

It was growing to be too much. All the sensations along the whole of my penis were too much to bare. Sensing this she popped my dick out of her mouth again just long enough to speak as one hand continued feverishly pumping me as her breasts bounced below me.

“Cum! I want you to cum baby, I want to feel your hard dick pump as much of that young white hot cum as you can down my throat. I need it baby, I need to feel that youthful shaft pump that load into me. I want to taste you baby, if your cum is anything like the taste of that clean young cock or your endless fountain of precum..” (Here she moaned ecstatically) “I need it, mama needs it so bad baby. So cum” As fast as she got the words out my cock was back in her moaning throat, now with the added sensation of her tongue trailing along my balls, lifting one, then bringing my head back into her mouth and her tongue up my shaft, then back down to tug at the other testicle. I had had all that I could handle and instinctively I grabbed her head and kept her lips to my pelvis as I endless fired strand after strand of cum down her throat. She gulped and gagged as her throat once again tightened down on me while I gave her a meals worth. At the end of my climax she had another shaky and long moan as she orgasmed with me.

I was surprised it was enough for her, sucking my dick, to make her cum seemingly almost as hard as I had. This was the best and most intense night of my life. The glow would stay on my face for days I felt. And little did I know that it was only the beginning of a long and hot week.

My friends had gotten us a ride home. Usually I was the DD but as I had grabbed the drink early in the night, so we installed one of those driver apps and had someone drop us all off. I had gotten the number of the red dressed woman and eagerly looked forward to texting her in the near future. I felt a little bad not being as physical with her as she had been with me, I had barely even looked at her pussy after all. She hadn’t seem to mind though, and I’m sure that she had had an orgasm at least once while sucking me off. I could always make it up to her later, I considered.

After many cheers for my plights that night in both drinking and sexual exploration, my friends finally dropped my off at my home. I staggered up the stairs holding another cup of the mixed drink one of them had smuggled out, downing it while cheering and being cheered. Then I tossed the cup into the bushes and entered my home, suddenly conscious of the fact that I was heavily buzzed kaçak bahis and home much later than usual.

I quieted up and unlocked the door, trying to creep in and to my bedroom unheard. A quietly closed the door and turned around with a sigh to see my mother sitting on a chair with her arms folded. Something about looked different than normal. She looked rather nice actually, she was in a satin robe and seemingly fresh out of the shower. She always smelled nice, especially right before bed after her shower. I had a strong inclination to go and hug her just to smell her more closely, but she was clearly unhappy, probably having been worried. I usually at least text when I’m going to be coming home late, but I didn’t think about it with all the goings on preoccupying my mind for the night. Texting home wasn’t something that I minded much. I knew that my mother knew that we were going out to bars, and while alcohol in itself didn’t bother her she wasn’t fond of the idea of me driving drunk.

“Why didn’t you text me?” He voice was surprisingly stern. “I was so worried. And I can see that you’re drunk. You weren’t driving were you?” She stood up to look out the window for my car.

“Mom, no, of course not. You know I would never drive after drinking.”

“If you get drunk enough you should never trust yourself not to drive, I haven’t seen you drink before but if your starting now then you should start taking a cab to those bars instead of driving.” This was probably good advice really, I had gone for my keys absent-mindedly before one of my buddies snatched them and gotten the car for us. But, being the ass I was I couldn’t help but toy with her a little.

“What’s a cab?” She rolled her eyes. “Don’t give me that, we both still watch Taxi together and all those other classics so don’t even act like you don’t know everything about them and more.”

I smiled. “Just trying to lighten the mood mom.”

She smiled back. I’m just so glad you’re okay. I don’t know what I would do without you dear, I love you so much.” She held her arms out and I went to her and hugged her tight, smelling her body wash and toothpaste. “Ugh” she sighed, “you stink. You reek of alcohol.” She sniffed again. “Are you wearing perfume?” I didn’t talk about sex with my mother. My father wasn’t in the picture, never was. In fact I had never even seen a picture of him. As far as my mother and I were concerned sex didn’t even exist.. I fell out of the sky or something and I had just eaten lunchables from an infant stage, never drinking from her breasts. For a moment I found myself thinking of her breasts. It was just a couple of snap images, one was me sucking her breasts as a baby, then it was the same scene as earlier in the car with the older woman, only this time- “Hello, earth to son.” She was waving her hand at me, I was staring at her breasts. I blinked and looked up at her then away embarrassed. I don’t know what the hell came over me.

“Um no, I’m not um..wearing perfume. That is I mean I am of course, wearing perfume, that’s what you smell, but I tried to use it to cover up the smell of the alcohol. Guess that didn’t work.” She looked at me quizzically. Thank God I could just brush it off as being a little drunk or absent minded.

“I think your tired sweetie. Why don’t you just take a shower then come watch some old tv shows with me. I miss you.”

I obliged her, hugging her again then walking off to shower. I thought about the woman again as I scrubbed off, how she had skillfully used her body in so many ways to please me. I scrubbed my dick lengthily as I thought about how it all had felt. Being squeezed in her thighs on the dance floor, her tight moaning throat. He tits rubbing up and down my cock. Here, yet again, I found myself picturing my mother in her place. It was so odd, it felt so dirty having my mothers image fly through my head as I masturbated. Once it happened it was so hard to kick out, I’d usually just get flustered and stop at that point. Usually.

This time I wasn’t really aiming to climax anyway, my mom was waiting for me and I really did enjoy sitting there and watching old tv shows with her. I dried off, put on some clean yet tattered old pj’s and went back to the living room. I kissed mom on the top of her head, smelling her conditioner, then sat beside her. She had made a large bowl of popcorn for us to share. I took a handful and sat back into the sofa.

It was amazing how many old shows there were on tv, you would think that you’d seen everything then something else would pop up that you’d never even heard of.

“What’s this mom?” There was a guy and his mother driving around town.

“I’m not sure, I’ve never heard of it. It’s called Ageless.” I shrugged my shoulders indicating I had never heard of it either and we watched. Mom had handed me the popcorn as was customary because I would eat far more than she would. I piled in handful after handful watching the screen. I soon realized that it must not be the guys mother on tv as his hand went to her thigh, the camera kept showing her almost exposed breasts from her top as if from the guy’s perspective. There were a few bumps in the road and her tits would jiggle about, almost reveling them. There was something maybe more erotic than the scene intended. Maybe because I had assumed it was the guys mother.

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Professionals with Benefits

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A light-hearted bit of improbability, being my entry for the 2021 Literotica Geek Pride Story Event.

Just keep in mind that nobody, no company in our society, would ever behave this way.
Would they?



“Hey,” I whispered, eyes glued to the screen in front of me.

…. slender hand flowing over a bare shoulder, a slim waist…

“Hey, explain something to me.”

… finger trailing along the cleft of a fine, firm bottom…

Beside me, he shook himself slightly, like a dog emerging from a dream-filled sleep.

…fingers tangled in dark hair…

“Whatzit?” he mumbled, half-turning his head. His eyes were still fixed on the same screen.

… soft lips pulled against soft lips…

“Why are boys so into two girls making out?” For some reason, it seemed very important to me, absolutely critical.

…eyes closed, nostrils straining to find needed air…

The screen was showing us what; I needed to know why.

…hard nipples under soft fingers…

Eyes locked on the sinuous images, he didn’t respond.

Smith had been right. This was extraordinary.

Chapter 1

Back a bit…

“Can I see you in my office for a few minutes, please? Sorry about the short notice.”

Richard was a good boss — straightforward, honest, helpful when needed — and pushy when that was needed, too. I’d learned a lot from him.

I looked at my phone — 11 AM. I had nothing else scheduled.

“Sure,” I replied. “What’s up?”

“I’ll tell you there,” he said, vanishing down the hallway.

I picked up my tablet and followed him. Waiting in his office were he and a second man.

“Betts, Peter, do you know each other?” Richard asked.

Well, every woman in the North American Airline Advisory Agency knew of Peter. The guy was gorgeous — tall, blonde curly hair, a close-cropped, barely-there beard and mustache, broad shoulders, good tight buns — he was every girl’s GQ dream. I had, on the other hand, never really met him. I was pretty sure he did something with IT, but couldn’t have told you what.

I stuck out my hand. “Elizabeth Henning. Call me ‘Betts’.”

His handshake was cautiously strong. “Pete Wagner,” he said. “Call me ‘Pete’.”

He had a good grin, amazingly white teeth and a decent laugh. I took a quick look at his other hand. Nope, no ring. There was hope left in the world.

We’d no sooner sat down than the door opened without knocking. Amy Fujimura entered, the corporate Legal Department personified, all four foot eleven inches of her. Amy had been with the agency since Richard had launched it; it was rumored she’d turned down a chair at Harvard Law to stay here.

She smiled briefly at Richard and handed him a file containing two apparently-identical documents. He glanced briefly at them before passing one to me and one to Pete.

I wasn’t particularly surprised to see my name and other details already printed in the appropriate spaces. I was however intrigued to see that it was a legal non-disclosure agreement. I’d already done one of those for the Agency. I looked up to Richard.

“Just sign it, Betts.”

“Give them a moment, Richard,” Amy said. “I don’t want there to be any question of them being hurried into signing without full understanding.”

I looked more carefully at it. It was the usual legal boilerplate, no details as what I as promising not to disclose, death and misery to the betrayer unto the seventh generation and so forth.

“The Agency is starting something a bit different,” Richard said. “We four are the only ones in on it.”

I caught Peter’s eyes flicking towards Amy. She just smiled. Amy could inscrutable a cat.

“I would suggest you sign it,” she said. “Opportunity knocks but once.”

I shrugged, saw a pen on the round table and scrawled my signature. Peter followed.

Amy gathered up the two forms, witnessed them both and tucked them into her folder.

“Will that be all, Richard?” she asked.

“Put those someplace safe,” he told her.

“I’ll put them in the same place I keep candid photos of you and your boyfriends,” she smiled.

“Must be a big safe,” Richard laughed.

“Big enough,” she chuckled, pulling the door shut behind her.

Richard looked at Peter and I.

“Ever heard of Twin Chimeras Advertising?” he asked.

Peter gave a mild shrug. Not his area, obviously.

I had, on the other hand, had heard of them. Well, sort of. It was more rumor than solid fact. Twin Chimeras was talked of in industry circles as this mysterious, invisible manipulator of public purchasing trends. I said so.

“They’re real enough,” Richard said, “just hard to track down.”

“Don’t call us, we’ll call you?” Peter quipped.

Richard glanced at him. “Precisely. But now they’re working for us.”

Peter and I glanced at each other for a moment. So?

Richard illegal bahis looked at the clock on the wall. “We’ve got a few minutes,” he said. “Let me give you some background.

“The pandemic put a serious set of boots to the airline industry. And the 737 crash fiasco didn’t help in the slightest. Paying customers are, by industry figures, down 78% from where they were two years ago.”

I nodded. It was hardly a secret.

“There’s some light on the horizon,” he said, a faint, hopeful smile barely visible. “The fight against COVID is starting to turn in our favor. Most predictions show a distinct easing of restrictions in the next little while.”

I crossed my fingers under the table.

“A lot of people and business have taken a beating.” he continued. “Restaurants, bars, transportation, esthetics, fitness, the oil sector, most bricks-and-mortar places — they’ve all been whupped six times from Sunday. On the other hand, some people have done relatively OK — delivery firms, on-line sales, accountants, brewers, engineering, telecom firms. Some ‘big-kid toy stores’ have made out surprisingly well – places selling bicycles, skateboards, skis and camping gear, for instance. In short, while a lot of people have been seriously hurt, there are quite a few folks who have continued to earn money without having had an opportunity to get out and spend it. I’ve seen one estimate of over a hundred billion waiting in people’s pockets and purses, just waiting for when daylight comes.”

It was pretty clear where he was going.

“And the ‘N-4-A’ wants to find a better way of encouraging them to spend it on flying?” I guessed.

Richard nodded. “Air fares, hotels, tours — it’s all tied in. The industry needs a boost right now and the public is still hesitant.”

“So, why Twin Chimeras?” I asked.

He grinned. “They’ve done some strong stuff, Betts. Remarkable stuff.”

“Two years ago, Baccarri Motors was just one small auto company in Italy. Good cars – damned good sports cars – but totally overshadowed by Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati and the other big kids. T.C.A. met with them and demand went nuts. Jacopo Baccarri has opened a second plant to keep up.”

I nodded, getting more interested. There’d been speculation about that in the marketing world. There hadn’t been a standard ad campaign, but I hadn’t heard of T.C.A. being mentioned, either. Sales had certainly soared, though. Odd.

“Another example,” Richard said. “Three Tulips Vineyard in California. Good wine, medals, awards, but they never caught the swell of public enthusiasm. Then, earlier this year…”

My breath caught. About three months ago, for some reason I couldn’t quite figure out at the time, I had tried my first bottle of Three Tulips pinot noir. T.T. was now my standard brand.

I was very definitely interested now.

“… their sales have doubled and they’re anticipating still faster growth in the next six months.”

There was a knock at the door. Richard glanced at the clock. “Right on time.” Rather than call to whoever it was to come in, he went and opened the door himself.

The man who entered was as undistinguished as you could imagine. A single-breasted suit, expensive enough, but not quite pressed, good shoes but a bit scuffed, thinning red hair, pale eyes. He looked like he’d just got off a long flight. He carried a big, old-fashioned briefcase and wore a face mask.

Well, that was OK; we were all wearing one, yes?

Richard motioned our guest to a chair, introduced us all, calling him ‘Mr. Smith’.


“Mr. Smith represents Twin Chimeras Advertising,” Richard said. “I talked to him last week; I’m sold, so he’s here today to brief you two on T.C.A.’s core competencies and abilities.” He motioned his hand toward the visitor.

“Thanks,” Smith said. It was a nice voice, but didn’t match the calculating eyes above the mask.

“Twin Chimeras,” he said, “started operations three years ago, based on some advanced computer algorithms developed by our founders.”

I noticed he didn’t name them.

“Broadly speaking, those algorithms can be used to give advertisers a serious edge, a psychological advantage.”

His eyes flipped back and forth between us.

“Have either of you ever heard of subliminal advertising?” he asked.

I spoke up. “It was mentioned in one of my psych classes in university. Many of the claims were fake, most of the attempts proved ineffective and what was left got effectively banned by the F.C.C. Try it and lose your broadcasting licence.”

“Mmm,” Smith nodded. “As very brief summary, yes.”

“But let me expand on that just a little,” he continued. “A book in the ’50s claimed that drive-in movie theaters — very popular at the time — had spliced single frames into the movies they were showing with slogans like ‘Drink Coke’ or ‘Buy Popcorn’. The book claimed that refreshment sales had skyrocketed. It was a hoax, total fiction, illegal bahis siteleri but the public got quite indignant. Understandably.

“There’ve been a few other cases since then, some dubious, some that look pretty solid. A major distillery ran a gin ad with three ice cubes in a tall glass next to one of their bottles. The ice cubes looked very much like somebody had airbrushed them with the letters S — E — X. ‘Our gin is sexy’, right? The distillery denied it, of course. Sales jumped a bit, but it could have just been the news exposure.

“There’ve been other tries at it, but it’s never really been effective. Nobody had found the right way to work it, until now.”

“And you have?” Peter asked, curious now.

The man nodded. He opened his case, brought out a large laptop, turned it on.

“Here,” he said. “Have a look.” He swiveled it around towards us.

The video showed a couple dining in a restaurant, the corporate logo at the bottom right corner – The Acropolis. The place seemed nice enough, but the video was just a couple eating a meal, nothing special. Although there was no sound, we could see them talking. They ate, drank; the waiter moved about.

“Um,” Peter said tentatively. “What are we supposed to be looking at?”

Smith glanced at the screen.

“Oops,” he apologized. “Wrong video. I have the right one on a thumb drive. Give me a minute.” He began to root around in the briefcase.

A moment later, another couple, another restaurant – Chez Delphis.

Smith sounded frustrated. “Sorry, I’m sure I put it in here this morning…”

The scene shifted again, and again. Just ordinary people eating in nice restaurants. Each clip lasted maybe 15 or 20 seconds.

After several tedious minutes, Smith gave up his fumbling, closed the laptop with a sigh and stuffed it back into his case.

“This is most embarrassing,” he muttered. His face seemed flushed.

“It happens,” Richard said, in an easy-going tone.

Smith looked at his watch.

“Look, it’s lunch time,” he remarked. “How about we finish this over lunch? I think I can justify putting it on the company card to make amends.”

Richard nodded softly, Peter a little more enthusiastically.

“I am hungry,” I said. I was, too, more so than normal.

Smith looked at Peter and me. “Can you suggest a place?” he asked. “Any favorites? I’m from out of town.”

I thought, hesitated.

Richard sat back in his chair, looking at Smith.

“Tell you what,” the latter said softly. “How about you write out the name of any place in town? My treat.” He reached into his case again, this time not fumbling. He pushed two scraps of paper at us.

I looked at it, found the pen on the table and quickly scrawled my choice.

Smith took it from me, collected another from Peter. Smiling, he turned them up, side by side, on the table.

Both of them said the same thing – Chez Delphis.

Smith sat back in his chair. I could feel his smile even through the mask. Hey, Presto!

“A very simple demonstration,” he said, “using you as test subjects. Sorry about no informed consent and such, but it was pretty harmless. I know that a sample size of just two may not be all that convincing, but I assure you that it would have been the same if there were a dozen people here, or a thousand.

“While I was pretending to look in my briefcase, you two were watching more-or-less identical videos of people dining in six different restaurants, all selected for about the same clientele, the same price range, similar décor and so forth. Not much to choose between them.

“The difference lay in what we at T.C.A. call the ‘wash’. One of the six clips has been ‘washed’.”

“Just so it’s clear,” Richard interrupted, looking at Peter and I, “we’re now well and truly into non-disclosure territory.” He looked at Smith, nodded.

“The original concept of subliminal advertising was sound enough,” the latter continued, “even if the methodology was flawed to the point of being worthless.”

I was puzzled. “I thought you agreed that subliminal ads didn’t work.”

“They haven’t,” Smith said. I could see Richard look at the ceiling, smiling softly in agreement.

“That said, the first lesson any ad writer learns is ‘Sex Sells’. There is, of course, a limit on how sexy one can get. The closer you get to that invisible line, the more likely that people will find it offensive. It’s a conscious thing. You can see it on people’s faces — That’s disgusting! Past a certain point, the ad will have a negative effect.”

I nodded. Every ad exec knows that.

“So?” Peter asked. Peter worked with software, not people.

“The key takeaway from that is the word ‘conscious’, Peter. People get upset if they are consciously aware of something pushing their boundaries.”

“Subconscious!” I said suddenly. “You’ve found a real way of running sublimal…”

I stopped talking, looked at canlı bahis siteleri him.

“Bingo,” Smith said softly.

“It’s a question of overlaying appealing — by which, yes, I do mean erotic — images and clips on normal videos and such. A viewer winds up, in effect, watching two videos without even being aware of the existence of the second. Deep down inside, beyond free will, beyond conscious beliefs and personality, everybody likes sex, everybody can be influenced by it.”

“But people would catch that!” I protested. “Not immediately, perhaps, but sooner or later, some movie geek is going to start looking closely at individual segments.”

“Not necessarily. In 1999, Disney pulled the home version of a children’s cartoon which contained very brief images of a topless, very human woman.”

My eyebrows rose.

“It was real,” Smith continued, nodding. “The images had somehow been inserted into two consecutive frames, probably as a joke. Disney denied responsibility, but they recalled literally millions of copies all the same. But here’s an interesting thing – Disney yanked the cartoon 20 years after it had been released and in all that time, not one customer had noticed.

“In any case,” he continued, “our system uses something else, something new. Again, this is proprietary and I’m not going to get into the ‘how’ of it, but anybody recording a washed video will only get the primary, the original. To a three-decimal certainty level. The wash just won’t record, not unless you actually know it’s there and use some very special tools.”

“I don’t really see what this gets you,” I objected. “Let’s agree for the purpose of discussion that you can do that. All that would do is – maybe – make people happier about whatever program they’re watching, make them like it more. How does that tie in with specific brands or ideas, the stuff you want to push?”

“Here’s where it gets sophisticated,” Smith replied smoothly. “The wash, the erotic content, is only presented when the original, the primary, is showing whatever we’re trying to boost. Your basic case, the airline industry, is actually a simple exercise.

“Whenever an image of an airplane is shown on the screen, the wash will automatically kick in. Provided the primary isn’t showing something negative like a crash or a hijacking, any time an airplane appears – in a movie, a weekly series, an ad, a documentary or even the news – the wash will be there, for a second, a minute or an hour. If the airplane goes away, the wash instantly goes away too, only to return the instant an airplane appears again.”

Peter shook his head. “I don’t buy it,” he said to Richard. “Can’t happen.”

“Why not?” Smith asked. “Humor me.”

“Its impossible!” Peter stated flatly. “I can see it if you controlled the original videos, but externally superimposing a second video on everything being streamed or shown, everywhere? No way. There are layers upon layers of safeties and security protocols. And the computer power it would take! I doubt even the N.S.A. has computers remotely close to being that powerful, that sophisticated.”

Smith waited, motionless. Peter eventually tailed off.

“Think back to Samuel Morse’s first telegraph,” Smith said gently. “Morse got a United States patent in 1840. The telegraph was hi-tech for the day, incredibly useful and just 10 years later, there were over 12,000 miles of telegraph line in the U.S. Yet there was a critical weakness inherent in the concept. Each telegraph line was basically just one copper wire. Only one station on that line could send a message at any given time; a second key operating at the same time scrambled everything. There was, using computer terminology, something approaching a bandwidth problem, but all it took to solve that was the right spark of genius. In 1874, Thomas Edison invented a way of sending four signals at once, on the same wire. That was the first crack in the dam. Others followed.”

He paused. “It’s a slender analogy, but it will serve. We found a way, Mr. Wagner. Just accept that. Edison found a way to use an existing system and existing equipment more efficiently. So have we.”

“And this actually works?” I demanded. “It makes people want to buy or do or whatever?” I thought of the half bottle of chardonnay in my refrigerator.

“Sex sells,” Smith nodded. “We ran focus groups, tests, trial exposures with controlled participants — without explaining our purpose, of course. Some of them saw unaltered, unwashed versions, others saw the washed ones. There was a statistically very significant — as high as 63 percent, in some cases – alteration of preferences in the intended direction.”

“And this works for everybody?” I asked.

“Demographically, that increase is across the board. Race doesn’t seem to matter and all adult age groups show much the same reaction.

“Religion doesn’t seem to make a difference, either. Test subjects who self-identified as devout still seemed to be swayed, regardless of their faith. Sex is burned into our reptilian brains. Again, no matter how moral an individual may be, no matter how hard they try to push it down, at a subconscious level, everybody is interested in sex.

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MILF Ch. 01

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I was a little drunk. I was often a little drunk. It helped me cope with the frustration and resentment of my miserable marriage and my non existent sex life.

I was still a good mum though. And as good a wife as my bad tempered, neglectful boring little dick husband Dave deserved.

So I was drunk, frustrated, bored.

And I was horny.

Since our 20 year old son Mark and his friends had returned from university the house was filled with testosterone, hormonal desire, lewd talk, sweat, furtive pornography and wanking. I should know; it was mum who had to pick up the pants and towels and sheets stiff and sticky with cum and wash them.

To me this libidinous atmosphere was contagious; I felt like a girl again. Mark’s friends sometimes tried to flirt with me; clumsily and nervously, bless them. They were trying so hard to be sophisticated and worldly. And I appreciated their efforts. It made me feel desirable again.

I tried to get Dave interested in sex. We managed a short grunting fuck one night. He came and I didn’t.

In contrast to me, the presence of young males in the house had only made my husband more bad tempered and jealous and resentful. I knew exactly why. It’s the size of his dick. It’s very small. And our son and his friends growing up and becoming sexually confident just made him more insecure, jealous and inadequate. I told him size doesn’t matter. I lied but I wanted him to believe the lie and at least try to enjoy sex.

Actually I think I’m the one who has a right to feel resentful and angry. I have to put up with his silly little dick. He should be grateful and at least show some enthusiasm and lust. That’s all I ask.

So, this night, I was drunk, lonely, bahis firmaları frustrated and horny.

And bored.

I went upstairs to Mark’s room to see what the boys were up to.

I knew what they were up to. What they were always up to. Watching porn and wanking.

I didn’t knock, I just opened the door and went in. One of them; Simon paused the film but I could see the image on the screen. It showed a mature woman with big tits getting fucked by 3 fit young men with massive porn star cocks.

“Hi boys. How’re you doing?” I walked in and leaned against the wall.

They looked at each other nervously and muttered “Hi Mrs P.” “Okay mum”.

Then silence.

This was hard work.

They probably thought I was here to tell them off.

I looked at the screen:

“Don’t turn your film off on my account. I might want to watch it too. I like what I’m seeing!”

They sniggered and exchanged glances, nudging one another.

The bigger one; Joe, looked at me with interest.

I tried again.

“So, is that a MILF getting banged by some young well hung studs?” I wanted to show that I knew the jargon.

They laughed at that.

“Mum! I can’t believe you said MILF. OMG. You don’t even know what it means.” Mark looked at me and went red.

Joe told him to shut up and show some respect.

“Yes Mrs P. That is a MILF. A Mother I’d Like to Fuck. But we don’t need to watch it now we’ve got the real thing right here.”

He looked me in the eyes confidently then his gaze went down to my tits and he licked his lips.

I blushed and felt something stir in my cunt.

“Oh Joe. I don’t know whether that’s a compliment or a promise.”

Joe continued to kaçak iddaa stare at my tits:

“Oh it’s a compliment alright Mrs P. And a promise.”

He sat back and opened his legs and I could see the bulge of his erection through his jeans.

I realised I was staring at the bulge. I shook myself, laughed and looked at Mark and Simon;

“Oh is that right? I’m a MILF am I? You’ve all decided have you? I’m a mother you would like to fuck? You as well Mark?”

Mark coughed, went red and looked at his friends. They laughed and slapped his shoulders.

Mark looked at me:

“Yes mum. Me as well. Especially me.”

“Well you’d better let me sit down then. Don’t leave a MILF standing up.”

Mark gave me his seat and joined the other two young men on his bed opposite me.

They were looking at me with lustful, hungry nervous eyes. I liked it.

“So boys, what does a MILF do? Since I’m a MILF now you better tell me what you want me to do.”

Joe smiled.

“You can start by showing us your tits Mrs P. Get them big MILF boobs out for us to look at.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Oh you want to see these boobs do you? You as well Mark? You want to see mummy’s tits?”

Mark nodded, his mouth open.

This was so wrong. I thought of walking out there and then but I was so horny. So naughty.

I unbuttoned my blouse. I looked down at my bosom in my white bra. I looked at the boys. They were transfixed. I slipped my bra straps off my shoulders and pulled my bra down, releasing my big tits. It felt so good. My nipples were hard.

I’d forgotten how overwhelming sexual desire is to young males. Before I knew it they were touching my tits, rubbing my nipples, squeezing kaçak bahis me. Then they were pulling at my clothes, pulling my knickers off, my skirt down, their rough young hungry hands grabbing and stroking me, pulling my legs about, fingers between my thighs, fingering my cunt, gripping my bum. I stopped struggling and let them use me. I felt horny and dirty.

As soon as they had all my clothes off they seemed to lose confidence, uncertain what to do next. I think Joe would have just fucked me there and then; and I would have let him. But Simon and Mark became clumsy and uncertain.

I took the opportunity to take control.

“Okay boys. Let’s see what’s in it for mummy. Us MILFs love young hard cock. Don’t be shy.”

I sat them on the bed and naked as I was knelt before them.

“Get those hard cocks out for me.”

They pulled down their trousers and three big stiff erect cocks sprang out before me. All were a good size; compared to what I’d been used to, anyway.

I was proud to see that my son’s cock was the longest and thickest.

I licked my lips, smiled at them and made my eyes big.

“Oh yes. Good boys. I’m a very happy mummy.”

I reached forward and gripped my son’s cock. My finger and thumb didn’t reach all the way round his girth.

“Oh Mark. You’re so much bigger than your dad. You’ve got a real man cock. He’s just got a little baby dick.”

They all laughed at that.

I sucked each cock while wanking the others one after the other until they were about to cum.

“Okay boys. Shower mummy with your cum. All over my face, my hair, my tits.”

And they did. Copious amounts of semen. My hair was matted, it was in my eyes, it dripped off my tits.

I looked up at their excited satisfied faces.

“Thank you boys. Now I feel like a MILF. Who knows; I might even let you fuck me next time!”

And with that I walked out, still naked and dripping with their cum.

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From Innocence to Experience

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She loves me and wants me to be happy.

Our wedding was beautiful, all that she dreamed of, she said. Then we jetted away on our honeymoon to a beautiful beachside resort. In our room we made love before we even drank the complimentary champagne. After dinner we went back to the room and made love again.

In the morning we woke up and made love again.

We weren’t virgins, but we didn’t know much. This was what the honeymoon was all about, learning each other and loving each other.

We went out to the beach. My Angela looked spectacular in her white bikini. Her peaches-and-cream complexion contrasted just enough. Her C cup boobs stood proud with the elasticity of youth, her hips swelled enticingly, her legs made promises that her bubble butt delivered. Her thin blonde hair wafted entrancingly in the breeze. Other men stared at her. I stared at her. She looked only at me.

Back in the room, I hugged her. I untied her bikini top. I caressed her boobs I wanted to make love again. She stopped me. “Not again so soon!”

I pulled her hand to feel my semi-tumescent cock. “I love you, Angela! You’re the most beautiful woman in the world. I want you. I would make love to you three times a day every day if I could, and this is our honeymoon…”

She said, “I love you too. You are the only man I will ever love. The idea of making love three times a day for the rest of our lives excites me, but my — I’m sore, down there, and it’ll make me gooey all afternoon.”

I hugged her, “I’m sore too — down there — aching for you.” I pulled her hand to feel my cock again. “Honey, Angela, let’s sit down for a minute and talk about this.”

I knew this was an important moment that could mean everything to our lives together, if I handled it right.

“Angela, you and I are married now. We’re love partners for life. In the years ahead lots of things can get in the way of our lovemaking. I want us to start in together in the right way. First, I think we don’t know much about the ways men and women give each other pleasure. I think we should learn and experiment together. Second, I think we should both develop the attitude that we want to say yes, we want to give each other the pleasure of sex — or anything else! We want to say yes to each other. And if one of us is going to say no to something, we should come up with an alternative. Third, as we learn and experiment, we should always be honest with each other, about what we like and don’t like, and how we feel.”

Angela said, “Darling, I love you so much. You are so smart. I will try to always to be a good wife to you. I love you, and I want you to be happy. If you want to make love to me go ahead.”

I said, “Angela, I love you so much, and I love your spirit. I want you to be happy too. That’s why I said the last part. You’ve been honest with me about how your pussy is sore and you don’t want to be gooey this afternoon. I never want to hurt you, and I don’t want you to resent me for making you walk around all gooey today. But there’s more ways to make love than fucking.”

You see how innocent illegal bahis we were? We’d fingered and felt each other. She’d mouthed and licked the head of my cock before, and I’d licked her pussy a little, but sex — making love– for us, was fucking. The other stuff was foreplay, and we were so hot for each other we didn’t do much of it.

Her eyes lit up. “I’ll kiss your — down there — instead?

“That sounds wonderful, darling, but I think kissing that doesn’t lead to anything else will be just a fun tease. You’ll need to suck my cock.”

“Suck your cock?” The words were shocking to her. She said them again, slowly, “Suck…your…cock.” She smiled. “Darling, take your swimsuit off and lie on the bed. I want to suck your cock.”

She started with the same kind of lollipop licks I was used to, and the kissing like you’d kiss a relative when you met or left — not on the dick! I don’t mean that. You know, a peck on the cheek, but she planted a bunch of them all over the head of my cock, then angled it up and ran a string of them down the shaft to kiss my balls. Then she got more adventurous, licking her way back to the top. She seemed to pause, to make a mental note, when I shivered as she licked the delicate underside below the tip. When she licked around the ridge at the edge of the head my cock jerked in excited response and I closed my eyes in pleasure. Again she paused.

She kissed the tip, the same innocent peck, but then her lips slipped open and she slid them over the glans and past that ridge. I shivered and my cock jerked. I didn’t close my eyes. I wanted to watch her. It added to my excitement to see her cute mouth stretched by my cock, her innocent face impaled as her eyes gazed into mine.

My Angela today sucks cock as well as any prostitute or porn star. Back then we had no knowledge, no basis for comparison, only our youth and enthusiasm.

She locked her mouth around my cock head, sucked on it vigorously, and bobbled her lips around the ridge. With all the fancy tricks a pro can do, that’s as fast a way as there is to bring a man to the finish.

In no time at all, I was there, and I told her so. “Angela, oh darling that feels so good. Oh Angela, I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot semen into your mouth darling!”

She increased the vigor of her sucking, and ran her tongue along that delicate underside. I exploded. It wasn’t as much as it might have been, since we’d made love three times in the previous twenty-four hours, but we were young and healthy, so it was no weak dribble either. She sucked and swallowed, and her eyes never left mine.

I pulled her up to lie on me and kissed her and told her I loved her. We cuddled. I reached to caress her pussy. It was damp and open. She pushed my hand away, and tucked her head down against my shoulder.

Then she got up and said, “Put your suit back on, I want to see more of the island.”

We explored the island for the afternoon. We discovered there was a clothing-optional beach area. That will play a part later in our story.

She was quiet that afternoon, illegal bahis siteleri and so was I, both caught up in thoughts about what we’d said and done earlier.

After dinner we were back in the room, planning to go out later. I was watching her undress to shower and change. She said, “I have to tell you something.”


“About what we did, when I — you know…”

“Sucked my cock?”

“Yes. She almost shouted it back at me, “I sucked your cock! I swallowed your — what do you call it?”

“Cum? Semen? Jizz?”

“I swallowed your cum. I like sucking your cock and swallowing your cum. It made me wet — down there. I didn’t want to be gooey, but I was kind of gooey. And I feel naughty, but I like feeling naughty. I… I’m not innocent anymore. You’re so smart about this. Tell me I’m okay?”

I took her in my arms, “Angela, darling. You are wonderful. You gave me a gift and made me feel your love. It’s not possible for me to love you more than I did before, but I admire you more right now for being so honest when it’s hard for you to talk about.”

I had an idea. “A part of why we have trouble talking about it is not knowing names of things.” Quickly I took my tablet and searched on it for “vagina parts.” We looked at diagrams and names: vulva, labia, clitoris, urethra, vaginal opening. Then we did the same for “penis parts.” We discovered that the sensitive underpart of my penis that she licked and made me shiver is called the frenulum, the head called the glans, and the part around the urethra the meatus.

I asked her, “Angela, have you ever looked at your vagina?” She shook her head, and I said, “Let’s do it together right now.”

We lay together on the bed. I had her spread her legs a little. I turned the tablet camera on and propped it between her knees. Her pubic hair was trimmed at the bikini line, but bushy above and around the area we wanted to see. I brushed it away with my finger tips. Gently, I touched her vulva. The outer lips, the labia majora, were pressed together. I ran my fingers over the top, deep between her spread legs. Three or four passes like that and they separated, revealing the labia minora, and clitoral hood. The area was shiny with fresh lubricant. Her body was aroused.

She breathed through her open mouth. Her eyes were also bright and shiny. Her mind was aroused too.

I continued to run my hand around the area, pressing all my fingers across the top of her vaginal opening, circling them up over her clitoral hood. I made no effort to penetrate her. Her clitoris enlarged, pushing its way out from under the hood. I used two fingers from my other hand to spread her labia wide, and pointed with my finger. “There’s your clit.” I rubbed it with my fingertip. She shivered. I ran my finger down. “This little hole is your urethra, your pee hole.” I ran my finger around it too. I slid my finger downward, “this is your vaginal opening.” Now I penetrated the opening with my finger. There was plenty of lubricant; she was getting gooey all on her own. I told her, “There’s a spot up in here canlı bahis siteleri called the g-spot that supposedly is great to stimulate. I think we’ll try to find it some other time.” I vigorously worked two fingers in her vaginal opening while circling her clit with my thumb. It was easier to do well, since I could see everything in the tablet, and had her reactions to guide me.

Soon her vaginal opening spasmed open and closed, even as it released more lubricant. Then she jerked her legs together, clutched at my forearm, and pumped her hips. My fingers were buried inside her. I kept diddling her clit with my thumb.

After a while she pushed my hand away. “Darling, that was fantastic,” she said. “I missed having your cock in me, but I loved being able to see everything. And I love you for making me feel so good.”

We went out and had a great time, drinking, dancing.

When we came back to the room, we made love again. She sucked my cock more confidently than before, and I manually stimulated her to prepare her. She came from my fingering, and again as I did when we fucked. We were lying together, and I was dozing off when she said, “Darling that was so good, and I feel so naughty saying this, but I want more right now.”

I had been almost asleep, but I snapped awake, “Wha… what?”

“You said we should be honest about how we feel. Ever since you showed me my vagina earlier, I have wanted to feel your tongue on my, uh, clitoris. Will you cunnilingus me now?”

Right then I thought very quickly. She wanted me to eat her freshly-fucked pussy. I didn’t know then that people call it creampie. I did know that if I didn’t go down on her, I was a hypocrite and all my talk earlier in the day was just bullshit so I could get a blow job. I know a lot of guys would have made a different choice, but I realized that my ideas about sexual experimenting would be more acceptable if I made sure to give her orgasms every time.

“I’m so happy that you are telling me what you want, and even happier that you want me to eat your pussy, darling,” I said, even though all I wanted to do was fall asleep.

I went down on her. I ran my tongue up and down both sides of her pussy. The area was damp and sticky. I licked the inner sides of her labia, slick with both our cum, and splayed wide around her gaping opening. I ran my tongue up to find the clit and gave it a workout. I started soft, but became more and more firm and fast. I went from lapping at the clit to sucking it like a baby cock. I was rewarded as she quickly came again. More fluid leaked from her vaginal opening. I realized it was a combination of fresh juices and my cum. I pressed my lips firmly over her vaginal opening and sucked it all in.

She pulled me up to give her a kiss. Then we both fell asleep.

As our honeymoon continued, we made love at least three times a day. We discovered that three or four ejaculations seemed to be all my penis could handle before it refused to respond. We also discovered that three or four orgasms in a session was easy for Angela to attain with our new and growing understanding of her pleasure centers. Oral and manual stimulation became central to our lovemaking and have remained so.

We also discovered some things about mental stimulation. I’m going to write about that next time.

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Jerry’s Heart Pt. 01

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Because many of you asked for it, from A Love for Micah I’ve created Jerry’s HEA. It starts a year before the Micah’s epilogue in chapter 7 and ends at the same time, 10 years after Randall’s passing.

It’s relatively shorter (only five chapters) and sweeter: no monkey wrenches, twists and turns, trigger warnings or heart pounding anticipation of what comes next. Just two people falling in love and trying to navigate what that means after losing their one true love. A feel good love story. There might be some tears, but good ones! Micah and Jo show up sporadically the same way Randy and Jerry showed up in Micah’s story.

It’s a slow burn, love story first with sexual scenes in between. I hope you enjoy it! As usual, let me know your thoughts!


~~~Part 1~~~ Jerry and Marshall meet at a grief support group.

The first thing Jerry noticed when he came into the meeting room at the local community center that first week in September was the brown skinned man with the green eyes. His hair was short cropped, at least an inch of curly black hair at the top with a fade along the sides, and onyx earring studs in both ears. He wore a wedding ring, a simple white gold band. The man stood against the wall with a styrofoam coffee cup like he didn’t want to be there.

Jerry thought to approach him but he knew better. He was a scared rabbit and if you approach the scared rabbits first, they run off and never come back. So instead he went to talk to Patricia.

“Hi, Pat. How are you feeling today?” he asked her. “I know last week was rough with the anniversary and all.”

She smiled at him. “Thanks, Jerry. Yeah it was rough, but having his family around to share that grief with, it meant everything. You were right. I’m so glad I accepted the invite and went over to their home. I’m so grateful for this group.”

He put his arm around her. “And we’re grateful for you, Pat. You’ve been a wonderful support.”

Jerry felt a hand on his back and turned around. “Hey Cody! Back so soon?” They hugged tightly.

“Yeah, man,” Cody said happily. “It was awesome. It was like… a breath of fresh air. The Philippines is beautiful. I’m definitely going back. Especially since…” He winked.

“Uh-oh,” Jerry said playfully. “What’s her name?”

“Tia,” Cody admitted. “But it’s not like the last time. She’s an amazing girl who is here as an au pair, and she’s not looking for a green card. Her family is well established and comes from money.”

Jerry looked skeptical but kept his comments to himself. Cody had become one of his best friends and he knows how sensitive he can get. “Tell me about her after the meeting. You’re leading tonight. Let’s begin.”

Jerry looked around the room. It was about ten people all together, outside of himself and Cory, which was a nice size. But he knew it was because of the holidays coming up, people tend to seek out support more. He clapped his hands. “Can everyone come to the circle please? It’s time to begin.”

The participants sauntered over, the scared rabbit being the last one. He sat down and kind of slouched, avoiding eye contact. Cody sat next to him opposite of Jerry. They gave each other the nod. Cody began.

“My name is Cody Stoltzfus, across from me is Jerod Perchinsky, and this is BASE: Bereavement And Support Ensemble. I see we have some new faces in the crowd…” Cody smiled at the new guy who did not smile back, “… so let’s introduce ourselves first, and then whoever wants to start can start.”

Cody took a deep breath, ran his hand through his blond hair and said, “My wife, Ruth Stoltzfus died six years ago in a car accident. We grew up Amish and were together all the time. We fell in love as children, married by 18, and she was dead by 21. I have one daughter, Hannah, who is my whole world and the only reason I didn’t try to follow my wife into the grave, because I sure as fuck would have. I left the Amish and my family because they didn’t understand my grief. Now I have a Masters in Social Service and I help people full time understand their own grief and trauma as a therapist.”

He looked around the room as he finished, then turned to the left of him instead of toward the rabbit on his right. This was planned, so that he would go last. Mark and Kimberly were next. Mark, as usual, spoke for her.

“Hi, I’m Mark and this is my wife Kimberly. We lost our daughter to the opioid crisis last year. She had been battling with addiction since she was 14 years old and it finally took her at 24. We’re raising her three children, Rebecca, Allen and Christopher. They keep us going, you know? Kim, do you want to say anything?” he asked his wife. Kim shook her head and looked at the person next to her.

But Jerry spoke first, “Mark? What’s your daughter’s name? Say her name.”

Mark looked at him for a moment as his wife’s eyes started welling illegal bahis up in tears. Jerry sat in the silence with them. Finally he said, “Jamie. Jamie Callahan.”

Jerry nodded at him, then spoke to the next participant. “Sorry Pat, you can go now.”

“I’m Patricia and I lost my husband Dale Baker to a heart attack two years and three days ago. We didn’t have any children.” She looked over at Sophie.

“I’m Sophie Cuberlo and my husband Isaac Curbelo committed suicide 19 months ago.” She said it matter of factly.

It was Jerry’s turn. “I’m Jerry Perchinsky and my husband, Randall Blake, died nine years ago this past August.” Jerry saw the rabbit’s face snap up and look at him in disbelief. Since he got his attention, instead of looking around the room, Jerry spoke to him.

“One of the first things he told me when I met him on the other side of the world was that he was a cancer survivor but one day it was going to come back and take him, and he said it would be up to me if I wanted to be a part of that. I fell in love with him in three days, left Chicago to follow him back to his hometown of Harrisburg and became a part of that. His death wasn’t shocking, but still painful. We were together for nine years, married for eight and had a son and a daughter together, eleven-year-old Oliver and eight-year-old Randall.”

The rabbit wasn’t looking so scared anymore. He was looking at him intently and Jerry noticed he sat up a little straighter. Jerry realized he was staring into his green eyes longer than what he intended and turned to his left. “Jacob?”

Jacob sighed with his arms folded. “Jacob Green and I’m not a twin anymore. My brother Jeremiah Green was shot and killed in front of me six months ago. I’m not past the anger stage.” He too looked over to the blonde woman on his left.

“I’m Jessica Byrne and this is Aaron Byrne,” she said. “Our oldest son died in a prison fight four weeks ago.”

Aaron spoke, “Honestly, we hadn’t seen him in so long this group is a little pointless for us, but our marriage counselor recommended it, so here we are.” Jessica glared at him but Aaron was nonplussed.

Everyone looked over at the raven haired woman. She spoke hesitantly. “I’m Rachel. I just lost my husband and three year old daughter in a car accident 36 days ago.” Her eyes immediately welled with tears. Patrica got up and handed her the box of tissues that was next to her. “Thank you,” she said gratefully.

“What were their names, Rachel?” Cody said gently.

“Scott and Alfrida Rhodes. We called her Alie.” Rachel broke into sobs. The rabbit looked over with disdain and slouched again.

Louise, the gray haired woman who was sitting next to her, rubbed her shoulders as she spoke about herself. “Louise Sutton. My Charles died seven months ago from lung cancer. He had just retired from the police force a year before. It was sudden and aggressive, but we were able to say goodbye. I have four adult daughters, three married and one in a domestic partnership, and all with families of their own.” She turned to the rabbit. “Your turn, sweetheart.”

He sighed and sat up straight again, moving his hands around as he spoke. “I’m Marshall Harrison. My husband and partner died two years ago from prostate cancer. Also sudden, also aggressive. His name was Brenden Fuller. He had a son when we met years ago from a previous marriage and when we got married I adopted him, so Memphis is my son now. He’s eleven, turns twelve in December. Together we have a daughter, Freya. She’s six.”

He leaned his elbows on his knees and clapped his hands together once. “What else do you want to know?”

“What brings you to us now?” Jerry asked.

He rolled his eyes. “Because my sister dragged me up here from Baltimore after I lost my job and made me, Breezy and Boogie — that’s what we called Freya and Memphis — made us move up here with her. And when I got here she told me I wasn’t okay and I need to talk to someone. I’m not going to therapy, fuck that shit. So a grief counseling group was what we agreed on.”

“Well we’re glad you’re here, man,” said Cody sincerely. “Just so you know, we don’t force people to speak, we only do introductions when someone new joins the group. Say as little or as much as you want. Say nothing at all. Sometimes sitting in the silence with our thoughts and feelings is healing, so we meditate once in a while and practice deep breathing in pairs. You’re part of our ensemble now, so if you need us, we’ll be right here for you, every Wednesday night from 7pm to 8:30pm.”

“Yeah, thanks man,” Marshall mumbled.

Cody turned to the group. “Who wants to start?”

Patrica spoke about going to her husband’s memorial service and how welcomed they all made her feel after she disappeared on them for the last year. Jessica and Aaron discussed marriage counseling which was not going well. Louise illegal bahis siteleri talked about attending a baking class to keep busy and the women started a conversation around the best recipes which took up a lot of time. But Jerry and Cody let them, especially since Rachel was engaged, the first time she hadn’t cried through the group since she began three weeks ago and although Kimberly didn’t speak, she was definitely listening and nodding along.

Jerry kept an eye on Marshall, partly because it was his role as group facilitator but also because he couldn’t help it. Marshall was very attractive. He was slightly darker than his late husband, more milk chocolate than creamed mocha latte, and appeared biracial. While Randy’s hair was kinky-curly, Marshall’s hair loosely coiled.

His eyes were wide so from across the room Jerry could see the green sparkle in them. He had a heart shaped face with a thin beard along his jaw line that didn’t connect to the thin mustache above his full lips. He looked to be in his early to mid 30’s.

He was distant but not completely disengaged. Guarded. He listened to everyone else respectfully, and smiled when something funny came up, like when Sophie was hit on at her son’s parent-teacher conference by a single dad who approached her and said, “Well, I’m here! What are your other two wishes?”

Marshall had mumbled with a smile, “God that’s awful,” making them all laugh again.

At 8:30pm Cody called it. They stood up and held hands and together said the words written across the wall of the small room, “May we have the grace to live in the questions, knowing we don’t have all the answers.” Some others, including Jerry, continued by saying, “Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.”

Some turned to each other and hugged. Patrica, Louise, Rachel and Jessica huddled again to discuss recipes. Aaron and Mark gravitated toward each other and began talking. Kim walked out silently to wait for her husband in the car. Cody, who had taken a liking to Jacob, started a conversation with him before he ran out like he typically does.

Marshall stood up, looked around and lost. He picked his cup off the floor and went to get some more, but grabbed a cover on it to close it up. Before he could run out Jerry walked over to him and met him by the table. “Hi, Marshall. I just wanted to introduce myself to you personally. I’m Jerry.”

Marshall looked up and gave him a small smile. “Nice to meet you, Jerry. And I should confess, I kind of know who you are.”

Jerry was surprised. “Really? From where?”

“Well, indirectly. My older sister is a nurse at Lancaster General, where you work as an administrator. They all speak highly of you over there. She’s the one that told me you run this group and to check it out. She didn’t tell me you were gay, though. She thinks she’s so smart.” He chuckled to himself.

“That’s flattering to hear that the nurses speak highly of me. But the only time I get involved with doctors or nurses is if there is some kind of issue or grievance against them. I hope our paths didn’t cross in that way,” Jerry said, concerned.

“Oh, I don’t think so. I think she just knows of you, sees you around and thinks that you’re genuinely a nice person. She says you greet everyone when you walk in, treat everyone as equals, no matter if you’re talking to a doctor or an orderly.”

“That’s nice. What’s her name?”

“Winifred Harrison. They call her Nurse Winnie. She’s on the 5th floor, red wing.”

Jerry nodded. “Nurse Winnie. I’ll have to go thank her for promoting my group. Well, I hope you come back next week, Marshall. And if you ever want or need to talk in between that, he’s my card.” Jerry handed him the small paper like he does with all the new people that come into the group.

Marshall took it but said, “I’m going to be honest here, I don’t think I will. It’s been years since Brenden died and I’m okay. Me, Boogie and Breezy, we’re doing just fine.”

“Okay,” Jerry said gently. “I get it. I just know for me, the first couple of years were the hardest. I went through all the motions, I did the grief therapy thing and I thought I was fine too. And then I wasn’t. I needed something to ground me so I started attending a grief counseling group two years after he died.

“But I’m also a bit of a control freak and I didn’t like the way it was run. It was fine for what it was, but it was too therapeutic and counseling-like, and didn’t give people the space they needed to just grieve. So two years ago Cody and I decided to start our own group and here we are. We actually wanted to tailor it to men but we find that women are more inclined to seek grief support. So anyone can join, men, women, couples, anyone.”

Marshall nodded in understanding. “Yeah, you have a ragtag group of people here. But they’re all good people, I can see that.” canlı bahis siteleri He sighed. “Right now I need to focus on finding a job and a place to live. I love Winnie but I can’t stay at her place. She’s ten years older and more like a mother to me than my sister so I need to have my own space.”

Jerry nodded back. “What kind of work do you do?”

“I’m an aeronautical engineer.”

“Wow, that sounds like a really important job.” Jerry smiled at him.

Marshall smiled back. “It just means I draw and tinkle with plane parts a lot.”

Jerry laughed and Marshall found himself laughing too. He noticed how handsome Jerry was, thick, dark brown hair with strands of gray in them, strong jaw covered in the beginnings of a five o’clock shadow, a sultry, deep voice and green eyes similar to his own. He was tall, 6’1 at least, and muscular, he could tell through his button down shirt. Marshall had always been attracted to older men, and Jerry was no different. He had to be in his 40’s, a good 10 years older than him possibly. He was different than his late Irish partner, the only other White man he had been with, but had the same aura about him: mature, interesting and confident. And hot.

Marshall surprised himself with these thoughts. He hadn’t thought about seriously being with another man since Brenden died and it was beginning to trouble him. Random hookups were one thing, but actually being interested in someone else was not what he wanted, maybe not ever again.

“I have to get going. It was really nice to meet you, Jerry.” He held his hand out to shake.

“Nice to meet you too, Marshall.” He shook his hand back.

They stared at each other and Jerry felt the instant attraction between them but as he has done for the last nine years with anyone he felt an attraction to he brushed it off. Jerry let go first. Marshall looked at him a bit longer then turned to go. Jerry couldn’t help it. He watched him walk away in his slim fit jeans molded around his peach shaped bottom, and noticed he was slightly bowlegged, giving him a sexy gait. Jerry watched him walk through the double doors.


“Hmm?” Jerry’s eyes snapped up abruptly and turned to Cody who he just noticed had approached him. Cody looked at him and gave him a closed mouth smile. “What?” His friend began to giggle, then laugh openly. “What?” Jerry asked with a smile.

“I don’t have to be gay to know what that look meant.” Cody laughed.

Jerry shook his head with a smile. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Uh-huh,” Cody said, unconvinced. “Let’s lock up the room and grab dinner. The kids are with Cass and Eric?”

“No, it’s a Jewish holiday tomorrow and they’re with Randy’s parents so I’m a free man. Be my dinner date?”

Cody put his arm around his friend. “Always.”


He’s hot.

Shut up, Bren.

But he is… You know it. St. Peter knows it too.

You’re not with St. Peter. You’re in my head.


Sorry. But you’re not real. We both know it.

Doesn’t make what I’m saying untrue.

Marshall smiled in his sleep. Okay. He’s hot.

And you have a lot in common. Both gay widowers. Raising children, one boy and one girl. Brilliantly beautiful green eyes.

I don’t date green eyed men.

Dream Brenden scoffed. You don’t date at all, Marcy.

I date here and there.

You fuck here and there.

Well that’s dating to me. That’s how we dated, or did you forget?

Hmmmm, how could I? We dated for three days and three nights straight when we first met.

Marshall smiled again. You wouldn’t leave my grandmother’s house.

You wouldn’t let me leave. We barely made it downstairs to the kitchen to eat.

God, I miss you, Bren.

I miss you too, Marcy. But back to Mr. Handsome. It’s Wednesday. You going back tonight?

Marshall audibly groaned with his eyes closed. Do I have to?

Yes. You’re not okay.

Yes, I am. It’s been two years. I’ve accepted your death and I’ve moved on. I don’t need therapy or grief counseling or a group to talk about my feelings.

Did the Good Lord tell you that? Dream Brenden asked with his eyebrow raised.

I don’t know what you all want from me. I’m showing up every day for Boogie and Breezy. I took them to school, went to work, made meals and kept our family going for two years. I had one incident at work and all of a sudden I’m not okay?

Marshall, you assaulted your supervisor, Dream Brenden scolded him.

Eh. It was a little push.


Okay, I lost my cool. I know. But he just…ugh. I don’t want to talk about this right now.

Then go to group and talk about it there.

Do I have to?

Yes. They seem like good people. They will understand what you’re going through. And it helps to have a little eye candy there too.

Marshall shook his head in his dream but agreed. Okay. I’ll go. He sighed. Time to get up now.

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Home for the Holidays Ch. 03

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There were many reasons that Jake hadn’t been home to visit his parents in Castorville in nearly a decade. The most obvious of those reasons—to him, at least—was the fact that he was about as deep in the closet as a man could be as he rapidly approached the age of thirty, and for someone like him to spend any more time than was absolutely necessary in a town like Castorville was simply begging for trouble.

But, given that he was the only one who knew that secret—well, in addition to Zach and now Coach Roberts—the more obvious reason that Jake and his sister Lucy stayed away from their home was their parents. While Jack and Cindy Huebner were perfectly respectable and well-liked citizens of Castorville, each having done their part to coach the odd little league team or run the PTA’s annual bake sale while their kids were still young, behind closed doors, they weren’t exactly what one would call the perfect couple.

For nearly thirty years, since just before Jake was born, Jack Huebner had worked at the oil processing plant on the edge of town. He worked nights at the factory, pressing castor cakes on the screw mills and then spent his days sleeping and running the house. Cindy, on the other hand, worked up at the high school as an administrative assistant. They had met at that very school thirty-five years ago and, while they still loved each other to some degree, the spark wasn’t quite there the way it was when they were younger.

Nowadays, most of the time they were together was spent bickering about stupid things of little importance, neither ever conceding nor admitting in the slightest that there may be some truth to what the other was saying. It drove Jake and Lucy wild and, instead of putting up with listening to what their parents’ marriage had devolved into, they stayed away.

Of course, Jake also appreciated not having his mom regularly lecture him about his need to marry and have kids before it was too late. As much as he wanted to tell her it likely wasn’t in the cards, he never quite had the heart to do so.

For all of the years of avoiding his return and the anxiety he had about doing so, Jake found his arrival to be much ado about nothing. His parents had welcomed him joyously the night before, and they had had a low-key evening of chatting at the kitchen table, making up for time lost without any bickering—at least nothing too bad—and no hard-hitting questions he didn’t have answers for.

He awoke Christmas morning to the unmistakable smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. The scent wafted from the kitchen, bahis firmaları through the living room, and up the hallway to his room at the end. As if his nose was caught on a line, he was lured out of bed and into the main part of the house. The Christmas Tree glowed in the corner, presents piled high beneath it. His father was on the floor, leaned up against the couch, his eyes fixated on the television. The unmistakable voice of Jimmy Stewart was talking about lassoing the moon. He could see his mom in the kitchen, standing by the stove; her back was to him but, given the smell, he knew she had to be spreading icing on the cinnamon rolls. Outside, through the frosted windows, he could see the neighbor kids having a gay old time throwing snowballs and sledding down the hill.

A smile crossed his face and, for once, he felt glad to be home.

Jack took notice of his son’s presence and his face lit up. “Morning Jake. Merry Christmas!”

Jake continued into the room. “Merry Christmas to you, too, Dad.”

He turned his head toward the television and saw the muted paint-like colors of It’s a Wonderful Life. A young Jimmy Stewart stood there, beaming down at the youthful Donna Reed, as the nosy neighbor yelled at him to kiss her already.

“You’re watching the color version?” Jake asked as if it were blasphemous. “I thought you hated this version.”

His father shrugged, peering at the screen over his square glasses. “I do, but your mother got in the mood to clean and conveniently misplaced my copy, so I’m forced to watch whatever is on television. I guess a little color is better than skipping the thing entirely. You can’t have Christmas without it, you know?”

“I do,” Jake replied. “You never let me forget it.” Every Christmas, when he was on the phone with his parents, his dad asked him if he’d watched it. Jake always made an effort to have it playing in the background just to appease the old man.

“Sit,” Jack said, patting the spot next to him and inviting his son to join.

Jake did as he was told.

“To be honest, I think your mother lost my copy just so she wouldn’t have to sit through it again,” Jack admitted through a handful of M the tree skirt had been straightened, and the Christmas train was circling the trunk, hurrying along its route bearing gifts for all; candles burned ever so slowly on the dining room table, flickering here and there as the waft of Christmas ham floated in from the kitchen.

Jake sat eagerly on the edge of the couch, anxiously waiting for Coach Roberts to arrive.

The doorbell kaçak iddaa rang, and Jake’s heart leapt. He started for the door, but it opened on its own. Pushing their way through was Jake’s Uncle Marty and Aunt Susan. His heart fell and so did his face. The two relatives shouted “Merry Christmas” as they made their way out of the foyer and into the living room. Jake had just enough time to regain his smile before they noticed him.

“Is that my little Jakey?” Aunt Susan squealed, passing the dessert in her hand off on her unsuspecting husband, whose own hands were full of bags filled to the brim with gifts.

“Hi Aunt Susan,” Jake answered, bracing himself for her ecstatic embrace.

“It’s so good to have you back for Christmas. Oh dear, would you look at you? Put on a few pounds, eh?” she said, pinching his cheek, before turning toward the kitchen.

“So I’m told,” Jake replied under his breath.

“Johnathan?” she called, referring to her brother. Susan was the only one who called her brother by his full name. “Why didn’t you tell me Jake was coming?”

“Surprise,” he heard his dad say from the other room.

“Everything good in the city?” Uncle Marty asked, his arms still full.

Jake shrugged. “Living the dream.”

“Good for you. Got yourself a sweet lady yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“You know, before I met your Aunt Susan,” he continued for some reason, “I used to have the most amazing times with those city gals. There was one by the name of Sadie Greene. She had golden curls running down into the nicest honkers you’ve ever seen. Not the biggest, mind you, but they were something else. Imagine, if you will, the best-looking honeydew melons you’ve ever seen. Got it?”

“Honeydew, yes,” Jake replied, wondering where this was headed.

“Good. Now cut those down about half—I told you, they weren’t the biggest—but they were just as sweet and juicy as any melon you’d find.” Marty lowered his hands from the melon gesture he had been making in front of his own chest. “Are the Bay City gals still like that?”

“Like Sadie?”

“Yeah . . .”

“Even better,” Jake lied.



Uncle Marty’s face twisted up like he was both reminiscing about the old times, fantasizing about the current times he’d never get the chance to experience, and relieving himself in his pants. “You’re a lucky kid, Jake. If there’s any advice I have for you: don’t settle down. Not until you have to.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Uncle Marty.”

“Marty!” Aunt Susan called from the kitchen.

“See kaçak bahis what I mean?” Uncle Marty asked. “Not until you have to.”

With that, he, too, disappeared into the kitchen. Jake rolled his head back to the ceiling and sighed. What on Earth made me think coming back for this was a good idea? he asked himself. As he lowered his head, there was a man standing in the foyer looking at him. Under his coat, he wore a light blue dress shirt beneath a red Christmas sweater that had a row of decorative white snowflakes. The sweater extended out around the man’s rotund belly and ran down into a pair of dark slacks. The Santa suit was gone, but the man came bearing gifts.

The smile returned to Jake’s face as he saw his former coach standing there in his home.

“Sorry, I’m late. The door was open.” Jerry said.

Jake opened his mouth to say something back, but before he had the chance, his mother hurried into the room and, upon seeing Jerry, rushed toward him. “Jerry Roberts? Is that you?” She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in for a big hug. “It’s so good to see you again.”

“Likewise,” Jerry told her.

“How long has it been?” Cindy asked.

“Well, let’s see, I retired in 2012, so eight years, I suppose.”

Cindy shook her head. “Incredible. It’s amazing how the time flies.” She turned back to where Jake was standing. “Jake? Did you see Coach Roberts is here?”

“Jerry is fine,” Jerry insisted.

“Why don’t you take his coat and get him settled. Dinner is in five minutes.”

As she fled the room, Jerry and Jake moved slowly toward one another. Neither knowing what to say, Jake decided the best course of action would be to just do as his mother said. “I can take your coat, if you’d like.”

Jerry smiled warmly back at the young man. “That would be swell. Would you mind?” he said, extending the plate of cookies and the wrapped gift in his hand.

Jake took the items and held them as Jerry removed his coat. “Coats go back in my room. I’m not sure why we’re still doing it that way. Lucy isn’t here, but that’s how we always did it when I was a kid, so I think my mom just wants to keep the old traditions alive as much as possible, especially since I haven’t been around in—”

“Jake . . .” Jerry cut him off, noticing his tell-tale nerves.


“You’re rambling.”


“Your room?” Jerry asked.

“Right. Follow me.”

Jake led the old man out of the living room and down the hall to his bedroom. At the end of the hallway, there was a door on the right that was Lucy’s room and a door on the left that was his own. He took the coat from Jerry and set it on the bed.

“I see you’ve had some fun with my jock,” Jerry said, noticing the stained fabric on Jake’s pillow.

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Business Trip to Dallas with Monika Pt. 03

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Sharing my wife with family and stranger

The continuance of my business trip to Dallas where Monika enjoys her son!

My business trip continues…

Angela could see that Monika needed to get off her knees and into a more relaxing position and announced that it was time for us to move into the bedroom for some more fun!

* * * * *

James helped his mama up as I handed her a refreshed drink. Monika enjoyed the coolness on her throat as it washed all of James’s cum down into her belly. James hugged his mama from behind, kissing and nibbling on her neck showing his appreciation for what she had just done for him. His spent cock was nestled between the cheeks of her ass while his hands traversed up her torso to caress and squeeze her big sexy tits. His tugged and twisted on her nipples with his thumb and forefinger making her delight with enjoyment as electricity ran from her nipples down to her clit.

Angela and I moved into the bedroom and tossed aside the bedspread. My hands explored the sexy curves of Angela as we moved about the bedroom getting things adjusted. As she leaned over the side of the bed to grab the pillows her bubble butt ass was sticking out and calling for my cock. As I had not cum yet I was at full mast. The soft tender curve of her ass cheeks felt amazing as my cock moved between them. I leaned forward kissing her shoulders as I slid my hands around her body to caress and squeeze her breasts.

Her breasts were firm and her excited nipples felt amazing as they rubbed against the palms of my hands. Monika enjoyed the feeling when I would cup her breasts without squeezing, making her nipples rub around and around in the palm of my hands. Angela was no different. She pushed back with her hips as she stood up and lifted her arms up and around the back of my head. She pulled me in for a deep soul searching tongue kiss. I started a slow up and down motion with my hips. My cock enjoying the soft pillows of her ass cheeks.

I ran my Right hand down her soft silky smooth body until my fingers were gliding across her pussy lips. My tongue was in a tango with hers as my Left hand continued to enjoy her breast. I was caressing and squeezing them firmly as I twisted and pulled on her nipples. Angela opened her legs and invited my fingers to explore deeper. Her pussy was soaking wet. I moved my hand side to side rubbing her clit. Her pussy lips were between my fingers moving with my actions intensifying her pleasure.

She leaned forward and placed her elbows on the mattress pushing her ass out. I straddled her legs and my cock was now rubbing against her rosebud of an asshole with each thrust. My hands grabbed those sexy globes of an ass and I started pumping harder. My cock was leaking precum and her skin was hot. My cock was loving the feeling of her sexy ass cheeks hugging my cock. She reached between her legs to play with her pussy and I could feel my ball sack slapping against her fingers as they worked inside her.

Monika walked into the bedroom and stood beside me watching my cock move forward and back. She placed her hand on the top of Angela’s ass cheeks and caressed my cock as it rubbed against her asshole bringing her to orgasm. She moved her hand up to my chin and brought me down to her lips to enjoy a tender kiss. She looked into my eyes and said thank you before leaning down and taking my cockhead into her mouth with each forward thrust. The feeling of the head of my cock being bathed by her mouth every time I pushed forward and parted her lips sent me over the edge.

My cock was swelling up with every thrust and I couldn’t hold off any longer. Monika’s hand was caressing my balls as I pushed forward one final time. Her lips welcoming my throbbing cock as I erupted and fired off several loads of cum. Her fingers soon found Angela’s pussy and played with her clit as my cock pulsated in her mouth due to her intense sucking trying to get every last drop. I was finally done and withdrew my cock from my lovely wife’s mouth.

I pulled her up to me for a deep embrace and another tongue tangling kiss. Angela told Monika that she had gotten the end of the bed ready for her. We parted and Angela helped Monika get onto the bed and lay down. A pillow was placed at the end of the bed and Monika was on her back with her ass on top of the pillow. I had already moved am oversized arm chair near the end of the bed so she could place her feet on. I moved to the end of the bed and lifted her legs so I could take a seat and position myself between her legs. The one thing I had enjoyed over the many years was eating Monika’s sexy pussy.

I placed her feet on my knees which caused her legs to open and I started kissing my way up and down her thighs. My tongue dancing on her skin enjoying the softness of her body. I kissed my way all around her pussy before having the tip of my tongue dance across the top of her clit. She moaned out with excitement and raised güvenilir bahis her hips. I ran my tongue up and down the folds of her beautiful butterfly pussy lips. I enjoyed the sweet taste of her orgasms that she had while sucking her son’s cock.

I took each of her pussy lips into my mouth one at a time and sucked gently as I pulled it out away from her body. After doing this several times I took her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked hard as I moved my face side to side enjoying them with my tongue. I sucked and stretched them out away from her body. As I moved my head side to side the tip of my nose would rub against her clit making her moan with pleasure. I slid my tongue deep between her pussy lips and enjoyed the inner soft walls of her pussy.

As I moved upward my tongue parted her pussy lips and I soon found her clit standing at attention waiting for me. I ran my tongue around and around her excited clit. Monika was super excited and her clit was protruding and screaming for loving. Her clit when excited, was the size of an over sized large eraser and a half inch tall. I used my lips to mouth her clit. Pulling and playing with it before I sucked it into my mouth. She trembled with a mini orgasm while my tongue bathed her clit while I sucked.

I could feel the bed moving as Angela was kneeling on the side of the bed facing James. They were in a passionate embrace and were kissing deeply. Their hands were exploring each other’s bodies. James had reached around to caress and squeeze those sexy ass cheeks of Angela’s. He had watched how my cock was parting them and thought he would enjoy doing the same thing. Angela was enjoying the feeling of his cock and ball sack in her hand as she was trying to coach it back to life. The contrast of her small hand moving up and down the length of his shaft made his cock look even larger.

My eyes shifted from them to Monika and I saw that she was now cupping her breasts. She loved having her breasts squeezed during our love making sessions and was using her fingers to squeeze, twist and tug on her nipples. This was a signal for me that she was near another orgasm and that she was enjoying the feeling of my ministrations. I moved her legs so that her feet were now on my shoulders. She could push against them to raise and lower her hips. This allowed her to adjust where my tongue was and increase the sensations that she was wanting. I wrapped my arms around her legs as my fingers joined my tongue on her clit. I used my fingers to open up her pussy lips making her clit the center of attention.

I used the forefinger on my Right hand to move up and down on her clit as my tongue moved side to side. The sensation on her clit was a mixture of my soft tender wet tongue and my finger rubbing her clit hard which always drover her over the edge. Oh I’m so close, Oh I’m so close she screamed out. I changed and used my thumb to stroke her clit adding downward pressure against her clit. It wasn’t long before she was pushing against my shoulders causing her hips to move up and down slightly. I stroked her clit one final time with my thumb then sucked her clit into my mouth.

I started a deep Hummmming on her clit as I sucked. Hummmm. Hummmmm. Hummmmm. She started to buck wildly with her hips and I knew that she was almost over the top. Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd she moaned and then her voice sounded muffled. I looked up and saw that Angela had turned around and leaned down to kiss her as James had latched on to her breasts with his hands. He was squeezing his mama’s breasts firmly and then leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth and suck.

Monika pushed hard against me raising up her hips pushing her clit deeper into my mouth. Hummmm. Hummmmm. Hummmmm. Monika went off like a rocket. She bounced her hips up and down as her orgasm over took her body. Her squirting release showered me and filled my mouth with her sexy nectar. I swallowed quickly and enjoyed the next round of her delicious love juice. I circled her clit with my tongue as she came down to the bed. Angela released her lips so she could breath. Oh my gawd, oh my gawd… I need a break, I need a break Monika moaned.

It was not uncommon for Monika to have mind blowing orgasms when super excited. Lovingly, we had nicknamed them OBE’s for Outer Body Experience. It was also not uncommon for me to ignore he moans for taking a break and I would continue to attack her clit with my tongue and she would soon be moving towards her next orgasm. As I was enjoyed being sprayed with her delicious pussy juices, I continued to devour her pussy so I could have more. My hands were behind her knees and I was pushed them forward so I had control of her hips and motions.

My tongue danced side to side on her sexy clit. Angela had moved down to suck on Monika’s nipples while James played with Angela’s sexy ass. His tongue was moving up and down between her pussy and tender rosebud seeing what her reaction was. He was türkçe bahis delighted to find out that she enjoyed having her asshole licked and tongued.

Angela moved forward on the bed so that her breasts were now aligned for Monika to suck on her nipples as she returned the favor. James laid down on his back and parted Angela’s knees as he positioned himself between them. His tongue soon found her pussy and he used the full part of this tongue to lick from her asshole all the way up to her clit. She opened her legs wider to push her hips down onto his tongue. She wanted more pressure on her clit and started to grind into his face. Angela and Monika were both enjoying the pleasure and torment that they were getting as their clit’s were licked and sucked on.

Angela look up and our eyes met while I pushed harder with my hands, rocking Monika’s hips forward. I moved my tongue lower to run circles around her asshole and pushed the tip of my tongue into her. My nose was working side to side on her clit as Angela slid her fingers down Monika’s body to join in the teasing of her pussy. Her fingers slid inside Monika as my tongue darted in and out. I could feel her muscles tensing up and squeezing my tongue. She loved when I teased her asshole with my tongue and fingers. She also knew that when I did this it was a prelude for me to enjoy her asshole with my cock or one of her many vibrators.

Angela started kissing her way down Monika’s body and I felt her tongue on bathing Monika’s clit. I used the tip of my tongue to enter Monika’s pussy and suck in her juices before continuing up to her clit. I turned my head sideways and licked the lower part of Monika’s clit. Angela turned the other way and licked the top portion of Monika’s clit. We alternated the stroking of our tongues so they were in opposite directions as we played with Monika’s clit. Angela took her clit into her mouth and sucked hard pulling it up and away from her body.

Monika pushed hard against my shoulders with her feet which raised her hips up into Angela’s mouth. I took the opportunity to suck on her pussy lips. My tongue played with them in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around and around. I brought my Left hand down to her pussy, using my middle finger to run circles around her asshole as my forefinger slid easily into her wet pussy. I moved my hand in a slow steady motion allowing both my fingers to enter her. Monika loved the feeling of having both her holes filled at the same time. She enjoyed the feeling of having one of her large vibrators in her pussy while I worked one of her bullet style vibrators into her asshole.

Angela had moved further forward so that her knees were now on either side of Monika’s head. Once Monika had opened her eyes, she reached up with her hands and pulled Angela down onto her tongue. She quickly found out that hers was not the only tongue on Angela’s pussy.

Monika reached out around Angela to caress her ass and pull her lower. Her tongue parting Angela’s pussy lips and diving deep into her. She tilted her head back and could see James’s tongue swirling around in circles on her asshole. She quivered at the thought of her son licking her asshole. Monika and James’s tongue danced together pleasuring Angela and in between stole a kiss, enjoying the sweet taste of Angela’s pussy.

James placed his hands on Angela’s ass and pulled himself up onto his knees. He shimmied forward so that his cock was now between the cheeks of Angela’s ass, just as I had been when they walked into the bedroom to join us. He pushed Angela’s legs wider apart and his knees were now on either side of his mama’s head. Monika continued her tongue ministrations on Angela’s pussy while James was enjoying the feeling of those pillow soft ass cheeks around his cock. As he thrust forward and back his ball sack would slap against Monika’s forehead.

When her tongue was deep inside Angela, Monika’s head was tilted back into the bed, her nose and eyes would be slapped as James thrust forward. Neither James or Angela knew, but this had always been a secret thrill of Monika’s. She loved the feeling of a strong man and a large ball sack slapping against her body, although her favorite as I mentioned was against her clit as she was fucked doggy style. It didn’t take long for her to position her tongue up higher so she was bathing his cock and balls with each thrust. Monika sucked on his balls when he would push forward and stay still for a few seconds. As he pulled back, we could hear the audible pop, as his balls were released from her mouth.

Monika worked a hand up between her and Angela so she could wrap her fingers around James’s hard throbbing cock. Her fingers were slippery as it worked his thick throbbing shaft. When James pulled back away from Angela, Monika pulled his cock down to her lips so she could suck on it again. He pushed forward driving his cock into her mouth. He cock was once again in his mama’s mouth and he was loving güvenilir bahis siteleri every minute. He worked his hips over and over looking down to watch his mama take his cock into her mouth. He started to push harder and he was soon down her throat. The sensation of her throat milking his cock felt unbelievable to him.

Angela released Monika’s clit telling her to get James’s cock nice and hard for her as she wanted it in her pussy filling her up. Monika enjoyed his cock a few more deep strokes before pulling his cock from her mouth. She stroked it several times feeling how hard it felt between her fingers. She loved that her sons cock was long and thick. She moved the tip of his cock up and positioned it against Angela’s pussy lips. She kept her fingers wrapped around his cock as James pushed forward. Her fingers slid down his shaft as his cock penetrated Angela’s pussy getting covered by her pussy juices. As James pulled back, Monika kept her fingers wrapped around the shaft of this cock squeezing it. The feeling of Angela’s pussy on his cock head and his mama’s fingers squeezing his cock was something new, making his cock swell up even thicker.

James started a more fervent pounding of his cock in and out of Angela. Monika moved her hand down to cup and caress his balls as he stroked his cock in and out. Monika moved her tongue back to Angela’s clit. She used her lips to tug and tease her clit than flick the tip of her tongue back and forth across the top of her clit. Angela was enjoying the feeling of James’s cock stretching her pussy wide due to his thickness. The tip of his cock was hitting against her cervix as he stroked deep into her. James looked down to watch Angela’s ass cheeks shake and wiggle as he thrust forward. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed them as he started pounding into her harder and faster.

Monika was getting a very close up view watching her son’s cock pound into Angela. She sucked hard on Angela’s clit and started humming… Hummm Hummm Hummm. This drove Angela crazy and she started to squirt all over James’s cock as her orgasm ripped through her body. James’s cock was being coated with her sexy juices. Monika moved up to position her tongue just on the underside of James cock. His cock was being licked by his mama’s tongue before it split Angela open. And his cock was cleaned of her juices when he withdrew. Monika’s thumb and forefinger made an “O” around the shaft of his cock. His cock pumping forward and back as her tongue licked his cock and balls.

Monika could feel James’s cock start to swell up and getting thicker. She knew he was going to explode soon. She wanted his cock however, wanted Angela to enjoy his cock as she had shared him earlier. James started to slam into Angela’s pussy with a fiery compassion. Her ass cheeks giggling and shaking with each thrust. Fuck… I’m going to cum. Fuck… this feels so fucking amazing… James yelled out. He thrust forward and buried his cock deep down into Angela’s pussy smashing her down onto Monika’s body. His cock pulsated and shot the first volley of cum deep into Angela. Monika watched as his balls tensed up and his cock pulsated shooting several loads of cum deep into her. It felt to James like it was 10-15 minutes as his orgasm ripped through his body however, it was more like 2 minutes before his cock finally shot the last load.

James slowly withdrew his cock now that he was spent. Monika used the tip of her tongue to lick the underside of his cock as it slowly appeared. As the head of his cock slipped from Angela’s pussy Monika sucked in into her mouth and milked it for every last drop of cum. She then released his cock and pushed her tongue into Angela’s pussy to lick and suck all of James’s cum from her pussy. James watched as his mama enjoyed every glob of cum that she could extract out of Angela’s pussy. Monika reached up to grab Angela’s ass and pull her pussy down to her mouth. She took her pussy lips into her mouth and sucked tenderly as her tongue played between them.

Monika could feel the head of my cock rubbing up and down her pussy lips as I was now standing between her legs. She asked Angela to return the favor and get my cock hard so I could fuck her. Angela lifted her head from Monika’s stomach as I pushed the head of my cock between her pouty soft lips. I was already hard as a rock but I wasn’t going to give up the chance to have my cock gliding into this beauty’s mouth. I enjoyed the tongue action Angela was giving my cock when Monika said she wanted my cock.

I pulled my cock back out of Angela’s mouth and she grabbed my cock and lined it up with Monika’s pussy. I pushed in and buried my cock into her with one stroke. God how I love fucking Monika’s pussy. I had Monika’s legs pushed back and I was deep stroking her with my cock as Angela was using her tongue on Monika’s clit. Angela licked her fingers and then started rubbing Monika’s clit side to side as my cock plunged into her over and over. It didn’t take 30 seconds and Monika was screaming as her orgasm hit. He pussy was squirting her sexy juices all over my cock. I pulled out and Angela dove her face down into Monika’s pussy to suck it all up.

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My BFF is a Lesbian Ep. 07

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


The girls were about to set off for the party and Mrs Quinn was anxious to know more of the details of their plan. But this just made Mary cross that she had to answer the same questions again.

“Mother I told you this already, it’s at McCann’s Farm and it’s a festival themed party.”

“And you’re staying in tents?”

“Jesus Mother, for the last time YES!” the last word was emphasised haughtily.

Emily Quinn wasn’t really annoyed or even scolding her daughter. This was just their normal banter. Since Mary had been a child, she had pushed the boundaries and Emily had learned to let her feel that she was in control, up to a point of course. To add to the teasing she brought Gabby into the conversation, “Gabrielle, Love, do you speak to your mother like that?”

“Of course not. I have too much respect for my wonderful parents,” Gabby teased her friend.

“Shut up. Your mother pisses you off just as much as mine does, the nosey old bag,” Mary tried to sound frustrated but couldn’t suppress the giggles when she saw the mischievous grins on the faces of her mother and friend.

Mary relented and hugged her mother, “Are you ever going to let me just have fun?” her tone had softened, “Or are you determined to ruin my life forever?”

“I’m going to ruin your life forever, my love, that’s what a mother does,” Emily played out the gag.

“Jesus, come on then give us a lift to the farm.”

The outing had of course been planned ever since the trip to Cork. Molly had invited the girls along with many other friends to the party at her parent’s farm. It was to be lavish to celebrate the 21st birthday of their son and Molly’s brother, Finn. The party was organised like a mini-festival with live music and a DJ. Gabby and Mary were very excited about it because they had never been to a real festival; plus, lots of Finn’s older friends would be there so it was going to be their first real grown-up party. They had already been to the farm to set-up their tent, and they had had a quick kiss with Molly inside it, reliving the excitement of their weekend in Cork.

Afterwards Mary had teased Gabby, “Maybe you will want to shag Molly.”

“Hmm, or a threesome,” Gabby had joked. But really, she loved Mary and was still smitten by her and her alone.

Mrs Quinn hadn’t been surprised or annoyed to receive the letter from Sister Clara, informing her of her daughter’s ‘shameless’ behaviour in Cork. Although Emily had discussed it with Mary and warned her about being responsible, she had smiled to herself at the thought that Sister Clara couldn’t have known the half of how shameless Mary had no doubt been with Gabby. Nor did she know for sure, of course, but she could imagine.

Today she drove them to the farm and observed as the girls unloaded their food and drink supplies and excitedly greeted Molly and their other friends. She watched as they walked up the lane to the remote field where the party was being held. She shook her head in dismay at the clinking of bottles and wondered if maybe she should have pressed the point harder to limit just how much booze they had brought. But Mary had been insistent and Emily had relented with cautions about being sensible. But she knew that you are only young once so let them go. Also, she was reassured that, given that the girls were lovers, there was no risk of accidental pregnancy.

As Emily drove home she thought about her daughter and Gabby. Then she thought about her new relationship with Eimear (watch out for Emily’s Story soon). She did feel a little guilty that she was, in a way, cheating on Damian. But she consoled herself with two thoughts: she knew he would probably approve of her exploring her curiosity; plus, the encounters with Eimear only seemed to inflame her libido, so Damian was getting much more and raunchier sex that he had in a long time. He was enjoying the renewed passion and seemed only too happy to meet his wife’s demands. She then thought how they would have the house to themselves that night and decided to invite Damian to ravish her. ‘He can do what he wants, she thought,’ her free hand straying to the crotch of her jeans and gently pressing against her already aroused pussy.

Party Girls

All afternoon the girls organised their tent then sat around on the grass and chatted with their friends, anticipating the evening. The weather had been kind and it was a hot day with a clear-blue sky. They had made cocktail drinks and sat around drinking and gossiping with Molly and other friends, watching the other guests arrive. In particular, they keenly observed Finn and his friends while Molly provided a running commentary on who they were. The sexiest guys and the most beautiful women. Of course they had a private joke with Molly about which of the women they might fancy. This was strictly between the three of them and this topic was shelved whenever anyone else was near.

Later they were eating, drinking and walking around talking to the other guests. It had been hot casino siteleri all afternoon, so Molly took them to her house to freshen-up and change for the evening.

Molly invited them to use her bathroom to shower and then they gathered again in her room to dress and reapply their make-up.

Mary kept asking about Finn and while Molly answered her questions patiently, Gabby was getting annoyed. She decided to reassert herself and asked Molly about Cork.

“So have you thought about our session in Cork Mol?”

Molly was a little shy and glanced at Mary before answering, then, “Yes it was amazing . You two are really sexy. I loved it.”

“Fuck are you a lesbo now too?” Mary chided.

“Shut-up, she can be if she wants, “Gabby defended their friend.

Mary decided not to push the point and made a joke, hugging Molly she asked, “So who do you think was the best kisser?”

Molly giggled, “You both are,” then added more shyly, “I liked kissing you both.”

“I know, let’s play a game,” Mary announced. Looking around the room she grabbed one of a bunch of silky scarves hanging by Molly’s mirror. Returning to Molly she turned her around and made a blindfold with the scarf. Molly protested slightly but Mary took charge and soon the blindfold was on. For final effect she spun Molly around a few times. “Right, now we will kiss you and you have to guess who it is and tell us who is the best, OK?”

Molly’s only reply was an eager grin as Mary backed her up to the bed and gently lowered her down to sit on the bed.

“No peeking,” she ordered as she moved to Gabby. “Come on this will be fun.”

Gabby acted reluctant but secretly she was excited at the idea. She had liked kissing Molly and was happy to be ‘coerced’ to do it again. Mary put her finger to her mouth to signal to be quiet as she sent Gabby to one side and she moved to the other.

They shuffled onto the bed and edged closer to Molly. Mary leaned in first and kissed Molly’s lips. It was only brief. Molly just giggled as their lips separated. Gabby then leaned in a gave her a longer kiss. Their lips pressed together and parted slightly. This kiss was more lingering and Molly responded by kissing back. Mary tapped Gabby on the shoulder and moved in for another turn. This time she decided to try to make Gabby jealous so she gently licked Molly’s lips with her tongue before sliding her tongue between her lips and kissing Molly deeply for a longer time.

Gabby didn’t feel jealous, but instead thought the situation was exciting. She took another turn and followed Mary’s lead and played her tongue over Molly’s parted lips. Molly returned this action and lapped at Gabby’s succulent lips before they kissed deeply, drawing one another into their mouths by turn. As Gabby drew back Molly spoke for the first time.

“That was Gabby,” she announced triumphantly.

“Jesus you two are fucking lesbians,” Mary chuckled. “You should give her a smelly finger for a prize,” she ordered Gabby. Before waiting for a response Mary roughly pushed Molly onto her back and started to unbutton her cut off jean shorts.

“Hey,” Molly protested in a fit of giggles.

“Shut-up. We’ve already seen your bush anyway in Cork,” Mary ordered as she tugged Molly’s cut-off jeans down over her curvy bum and thighs. Leaving Molly’s shorts halfway down her thighs she turned her attention to her knickers. Almost at once these were pulled down exposing Molly’s sandy brown bush. Molly tried to sit up but Mary cupped her chin with one hand and pushed her down and then grabbed her pubes with the other hand and gently tugged.

“Ow,” Molly exclaimed but it wasn’t really hurting, it just seemed to her she should protest.

Mary was kissing her again and still tugging on her pubes. As she broke off the kiss she hissed at Molly, “You really want to play our game?”

Molly just nodded in ascent. She was thrilled to be the centre of attention with these two.

“Give her a lezzy finger,” Mary ordered Gabby.

Gabby hesitated so Mary grabbed her hand and guided it into Molly’s crotch, then returned to kiss Molly.

Gabby was thrilled to get to touch another girl like this. Molly was definitely cute and Gabby didn’t mind at all getting to touch her body. She could feel that, despite being fresh from the shower, Molly’s pussy was warm and already slippery. She was obviously excited by this attention. She traced her fingers along her labia and Molly responded by spreading her legs as far as the restrictions of her pants and jeans would allow. Gabby was encouraged and slid her middle finger into Molly’s pussy. It felt hot and slick.

Molly moaned in pleasure into Mary’s mouth. Causing Mary to break off the kiss to look. Seeing what Gabby was doing she grinned and moved to kiss Gabby before saying, “This is fucking wild. Make her squirm.”

Mary went back to Molly and gave her teasing kisses while taunting her, “You love it. She is amazing. Can you feel her fingers inside you?” canlı casino between kisses Molly just nodded.

Molly was thrilled. She loved Mary’s kisses and the feel of Gabby fingers. This was the first time anyone had touched her like this. Soon Gabby leaned-in to share in the kisses and she and Mary tag-teamed Molly, taking turns to kiss her.

Just as in Cork it was Mary who now escalated things. “Let’s get her naked,” she announced. Immediately she pulled Molly’s pants and shorts off her legs and tugged her t-shirt up over her head. As Molly’s hair cascaded out from under the t-shirt as it passed over her head, the blindfold was gone now too, swept away with the t-shirt. Mary was already reaching back for Molly’s bra. In seconds it was loose, and Mary tugged it off Molly’s body.

For a second Molly was a little embarrassed. The blindfold had offered a kind of barrier, saving her from blushing, but now she was naked in front of the two girls and felt exposed. Mary was back kissing her and encouraging Gabby to resume playing with Molly’s pussy. Mary was running her hands over Molly’s boobs before dipping her head to kiss and suckle the one nearest her. Gabby wasted no time moving in to kiss Molly again.

Looking up Mary giggled, “Brilliant!”

For the next few minutes, they swapped between kisses and licking Molly’s nipples. Somewhat awkwardly Mary leaned across to unbutton Gabby’s jeans and tried to get her hand into her pants. But the angle made it too difficult. “Take them off,” she urged Gabby.

Gabby sat up and began to wriggle out of her jeans. Both Molly and Mary watched as she deliberately made a little show of it, finally rolling onto her back and kicking the jeans off her feet.

“Knickers too, get it all off,” Mary demanded.

“You too,” Molly was gaining confidence as she ordered Mary to strip.

In moments all three girls were naked on the bed. They crowded together, embracing one another and relishing the soft warm contact of skin on skin. They kissed and ran their hands over one another’s bodies. Molly was particularly excited as she explored their bodies with her hands. She had not had time during their session in Cork to really appreciate the intimacy with these two gorgeous girls. Now she wanted to savour the experience.

Molly manoeuvred herself to kneel between the other two girls who lay on their backs, “Let me see, please,” Molly urged them to allow her to explore their bodies.

Molly relished looking at the two gorgeous naked bodies on her bed. Despite still feeling shy she wanted to make the best of this situation. She ran her hands over each girl in turn. Her left hand traced down from Mary’s neck to swirl around her pert little boobs. She tickled the soft mounds with her fingertips and was delighted to see the nipples harden and goose bumps form on her skin.

“Hmm she has a lovely touch,” Mary sighed.

Molly now did the same with her right hand to Gabby. She enjoyed touching her larger breasts and cupped each in her hand before gently pinching the nipples. They too stood up thick and hard Molly was pleased. She liked Gabby best and wanted to please her even more than Mary.

Molly continued to stroke her fingers up and down the soft bodies of her naked friends. This was amazing. She watched them turn to face each other and kiss. Molly was simply mesmerised. This was the most exciting thing she had ever done.

Mary looked up at her and grinned, “Touch our fannies too.” With that instruction she opened her legs showing her dark bush and a glimpse of her pink, slick pussy lips.

A moment later Gabby opened her legs too and gently encouraged Molly, “It’s OK, you have a nice touch.”

Molly felt her heart pound in her chest as she touched both their pussies. They felt slick and her fingers slipped easily long the labia. She gave each one repeated long, slow strokes.

Mary jerked her hips towards her finger and invited Molly to probe deeper, “Go inside me.” Molly grinned at Mary and obeyed. She slipped her index finger into Mary’s pussy and Mary giggled then added, “Gabby too.”

Molly had to shuffle up towards their hips to reach, but then she could insert a finger into each girl. She gently swirled the fingers around and moved them in and out slightly. She had no real idea what she was doing but decided to touch them as she touched herself. Her now lubricated fingers slipped out and up onto the clit of each girl. They both gave moans of encouragement and Molly made tiny circles with her fingers on each clit. Mary and Gabby were kissing again and Molly watched, enthralled as she did her best to pleasure them.

After a moment, Gabby looked up at Molly and reached out her hand, “C’mere,” she whispered softly.

Taking Gabby’s hand, Molly was pulled over to lie between them. At first she faced Mary who gently kissed her. Then she rolled over to kiss Gabby. Mary and Gabby had taken over playing with their pussies, and they gently swirled their fingers on their kaçak casino clits as they took turns again to kiss Molly.

Instinctively Molly placed her own hand between her legs and started to touch herself. For the next several minutes there was no talk. Each girl lay back eyes closed playing with her pussy. Molly loved feeling the naked bodies either side of her as they jiggled and softly brushed her skin. Her legs each crossed one of the other girl’s has she opened herself. She felt serenely relaxed and gave herself to the moment.

Each girl was soon lost in her own pleasure. Conscious of the private intimacy of the other two, but uninhibited and intent on her own release. The sounds of urgent breathing mixed with the soft rustles and liquid noises of their fingers playing on their increasingly aroused pussies.

Gabby was the first to groan and shudder as a small but satisfying orgasm washed over her. For a moment she lay back breathing heavily, her heart settling back to a normal rhythm. She half rolled to face Molly and watched the side of her face as she teased herself closer and closer to orgasm. Molly’s face wrinkled in a cute grimace as she strove to get to the edge of her climax. Gabby reached across to cup her heaving breast and leaned in the kiss her cheek.

“Cum for us,” she whispered to Molly as her lips played on the girl’s pinkly flushed cheek.

On the other side of Molly Mary was lying back, knees raised, breathing hard as she drove herself to finish. Gabby propped herself on her elbow so that she could see Mary, and also hovered just above Molly’s face. She could see the familiar signs of Mary’s impending climax. But she was just out of comfortable reach. So she focused her attention on Molly and kissed her while stroking her boob.

Molly opened her eyes and smiled at Gabby. She adored this radiant girl and now relished her kisses as she played with herself. Gabby continued to kiss her and consumed Molly’s whimpering lips and tongue. Drawing them between her own full ruby lips.

Suddenly Molly gasped into her mouth and jerked her hips repeatedly as she gave in to her own orgasm. Intense waves washed over her as she curled into Gabby’s soft and welcoming embrace. Her mouth found Gabby’s and she kissed her urgently. Exhaling her groans and gasps of pleasure directly into the open lips.

Gabby kissed her back, relishing the uninhibited gasps and the body writhing to her climax in her arms. Soon Molly settled back and their kiss broke off. Gabby looked up to see Mary sat up hugging her legs and grinning at them over the tops of her knees.

“Jesus, you fuckin’ lesbos were really going for it.” Gabby couldn’t tell if she was annoyed or not. But she seemed to be cheerful as they slowly got up and dressed to return to the party.

Before they left her room, Molly kissed each girl briefly on the lips and said, “Thank you. That was amazing.”

“You are SO a fucking a lesbo now?” Mary emphasised the ‘so’ with what Gabby thought was a slightly unkind tone.

Molly looked shyly from one to the other, then settling her eyes on Gabby’s said, “Yes, I suppose so.”

“Fuck,” was Mary’s final word on the subject.

Party night

When they went back to the party area they stopped by Finn’s tent. A large square, house sized enclosure with beds and sleeping bags for about 20 people, Finn’s closest friends. They were drinking and rowdily anticipating the evening. The girls were intrigued by the fact that the guests in this tent were a mixture of men and women.

“Do you think they will be shagging in front of each other,” Mary asked Molly.

“I don’t know. But that would be weird. It’s not even slightly private.”

“Says the girl who just wanked off for us!” But without waiting for a response Mary then added, “Which is Finn’s girlfriend?”

“I don’t think any. He just doesn’t seem to have a steady girlfriend.”

Mary was fascinated by this as only last week in Cork Molly had said he had a girlfriend. Mary challenged her, “But you said he did.”

“I was only winding you up to get you to talk about Pete,” Molly giggled.

“Shut up, so he’s single?” Mary thought Finn was very handsome and much cooler than any of the others.

“He’s not going to be interested in you,” Gabby was defensive. “Besides, you’re already taken,” Gabby leaned in to kiss her.

Mary kissed her back, partly to impress Molly, but already her mind was racing thinking about Finn.

Over the next couple of hours, the girls enjoyed eating barbeque and drinking. Then they went to the large marquee where the DJ had started and joined the dancing. By mid-evening they were dancing wildly and enjoying the music. Mostly they danced with the large group of theirs and Molly’s friends. But now and then guys would ask them to dance, or usually just dance over to them and try to bump and grind into them. At one stage Pete and Kieran approached them and they danced with them for a while.

Soon Gabby noticed that Mary had walked away from Pete. She thought about following her, but Kieran was being nice and she was enjoying dancing with him. She thought she would just catch-up later with Mary and they would share a joke about why she walked away from Pete.

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Ann: The Married Years Ch. 41

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© 2021, All rights reserved — mimaster


Ann bounced up and down, unable to contain her excitement. Her uncontrollable giggle became infectious, affecting all those that were around her.

“Is she always like this?” the salesman asked Neil as he tried to complete the paperwork.

“I don’t know, Ryan. This is new for us. We’ve never done this before, at least as a couple,” he replied, smiling at his wife as he held Owen in his lap.

“Family,” she sang happily, her smile lighting up the small office.

“Yes, babe… as a family,” he laughed.

“Well, this is all about us as a family, isn’t it?”

“No, you’re right. I was just talking about the purchase. We’ve never done this together.”

“I can’t believe how much fun I’m having,” she grinned.

“Yeah, this paperwork is a hoot,” Ryan laughed. “I have to tell you, Ann, I’ve been doing this a long time, and you might be the most enthusiastic customer I’ve ever had.”

“Well why not? This is exciting!”

“Well I’m glad you feel that way. And I’m glad you showed up today. I can’t tell you how much you’ve changed my life.”


For what it was worth, it was the least stressful vehicle purchase Neil had ever experienced. But that was because Ann had put so much effort into it ahead of time it took most of the surprise out of it.

He had promised her they could get a new car after the first of the year. Actually, he said that he’d consider it once they knew where they stood with their taxes. But having filed as soon as they could, they were pleased to actually be getting a pretty nice return coming their way, thanks in part to having another deduction because of their child.

With all of that in mind, he told her they could go ahead and get something more family friendly, as both of their cars were of the two-door variety, which made it almost impossible to deal with Owen and his car seat. Not to mention all of the things a baby needed whenever they seemed to go anywhere.

Thrilled at the prospect, she threw herself into it, looking at the idea of buying a new car as a challenge, wanting the best value along with the best safety features. She knew their budget, so she began researching. She bought several auto magazines, and went about making stops at local dealerships, picking up pamphlets and brochures. There was a trip to several places to get estimates on what her car would be worth on a trade in… which was much higher than she expected because of the immaculate condition she kept it in.

By the time she got Neil involved, she’d zeroed in on several choices. One was what she wanted, and there was a second one that she’d be okay with if they couldn’t make a deal that made sense. There were a couple lesser options that she had information on, but she hoped not to have to go that route. Still, knowing how excruciating the process could be, she had them as a back-up plan. At the same time, she was determined to make the buying experience different, and she had a plan on how to do it.

They set out on a Saturday morning, Owen in tow. She had a briefcase filled with information, looking like a business woman as she made her way to her car. She was wearing a stylish, sexy grey business outfit. The pleated skirt came to just above mid-thigh, accentuating her legs and ass. Her jacket was perfectly tailored to show off her chest and slim waist. She had on a sheer red blouse that was more transparent than not, a part of her lacy black half-bra showing through. Her cleavage seemed more prominent than usual, what with the way her breasts where pushed up by the bra, and how the buttons of the blouse were conspicuously undone at the top. Slipping behind the wheel of her Honda in her sexy black heels, she started the car and backed out of the garage.

Neil was a bit surprised by what she was wearing, considering he was wearing jeans. He did have the foresight to put on a yellow button-down shirt, but he’d left it un-tucked. His brown shoes at least gave him a higher profile than his Nikes would have, but he felt underdressed compared to his wife.

“Should I have worn something else?” he asked as he looked at his attire along the way.

“You look great. Why?”

“Because you look like you’re going to a board meeting. I look like I’m going to a keg party.”

“Neil, you should know better than to compare what you wear to a woman. We’re always thinking differently. Besides, this isn’t about you. It’s about us.”

“You’re still dressed like some hot executive. And I’m dressed like –“

“You really think I look hot?” she winked.

“I always think that. But yes, you look incredible today.”

“Thanks, baby. That’s what I was hoping for.”

“What are you up to, Anna?” he asked with an arched eyebrow, sensing a bit of mischievousness in her manner.

“I’m about to buy a new vehicle. They have their tactics. I have mine.”

“And just what does that mean?”

“You’ll see,” she smiled, driving with bedava bahis a purpose like she already had a destination in mind.

She did of course, because she was prepared. It seemed more and more to him that it had become a running theme in her life. She’d always believed in being ready for anything, but since having a baby, she’d had to become even more organized in her life. It was a struggle at first finding balance between being a mother and a wife, not to mention wanting to be a bit slutty every chance she could. That took planning, finding ways to make each one work with the other. In doing so, she’d learned the value of thinking ahead more than she ever had before; taking something she already excelled at to a whole new level.

Pulling into a Dodge dealership was a bit of a surprise to him. It wasn’t one of the car brands she’d discussed in passing, but he let that go. She obviously had a plan, and he knew enough not to interfere. After all, whatever they were going to purchase was going to be her vehicle, and she needed to be happy with it. While he worked to extract Owen from his car seat, she grabbed her briefcase from the behind her seat.

“I’ll meet you inside, baby. I want to find the right salesman.”

“The right one? Does that imply there’s a wrong one?”

“Yes it does. Take your time… it’s a beautiful day outside. Why don’t you browse around the lot for a while? I want to pick him out before you come in.”

His confusion was evident in his voice. “Pick him out? I thought we were here to buy a car.”

“We are, silly. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a right way to do it. And it starts by picking out a salesman that’s willing to listen to reason.”

He chuckled at her phrasing, afraid to ask what she meant. She was in a playful, happy mood, and he wasn’t going to spoil it by interfering. He knew her well enough to know she had a plan, what with how she was dressed and the briefcase she was carrying. Instead he went about extracting Owen from the car seat as she strutted into the showroom, deciding to let her have her fun, whatever that may be.

She walked with an air about her that was unmistakable. While the circumstances weren’t anything like what she’d experienced a few months before, her mindset was the same as when she approached the ten naked men at the conclusion of the Super Bowl party. She felt confident and self-assured, totally prepared for what she was about to do. And she exuded sexuality with every step, her breasts bouncing underneath her sharp jacket; her hips swaying provocatively as she burst through the door like a windstorm.

Much like that memorable night at Carol and Barry’s house, she became thrilled at the attention she immediately drew. She stood stoically by the entrance, scanning the room, smirking sexily as heads snapped in her direction. It was exactly the reaction she’d hoped for, feeling the eyes on her as she began casually strolling about, pretending to look at the cars and trucks inside the large showroom area.

One by one she was approached by salesmen, attracted by more than just a prospective customer and the sale that might go along with it; her pheromones calling out to them like a homing beacon. Most of them were young, trying to make their mark in the business. Yet she dismissed her would be suitors, simply ignoring the timid ones while brashly brushing off the more aggressive sort.

And then there was the most arrogant, a cocky guy in his mid-twenties that put a premium on his appearance. He showed up at her side more like she was sitting at a bar than looking at a window sticker, her briefcase on the floor beside her as she perused the information.

She’d seen his type a million times before during her time in California, sizing him up even without looking directly at him. Just the way he’d sauntered toward the car made her want to crawl underneath it. He was by all accounts what she described as a player; a self-proclaimed ‘God’s gift to women’. Yes, it was a snap judgment, but she’d been in similar situations too many times not to see him coming from a mile away. And her defenses went up, just like they would have if she’d been in that bar.

Clearing his throat annoyingly to get her attention, he went into his smooth introduction. “Hey there, I’m Bruce. And you are?”

“Surprised,” she replied, never taking her eyes off what she was reading.

Her comment caught him off guard, and he found himself without the witty response he was planning on using. All he could think of was to ask, “Uh… by what?”

Turning, she went on the offensive, giving him a quick wink. “How long it took you to approach me.”

His confidence returning, he leaned against the top of the car, turning his body to face hers in a way that was anything but sexy. Yet she could tell that’s what he thought he was doing. “Yeah, well, I have to let the other guys have their shot sometimes.”

Her eyebrow arched as she resumed reading. “Their shot, bedava bonus eh? Seems pretty risky.”

“Not really. They’re inexperienced. What you want is someone that knows his way around the showroom.”

She playfully threw her hair over her shoulder, offering him a better view of her cleavage. “I don’t know. Sometimes the ones that are less experienced make up for it by being very attentive to your needs.”

“Not to worry. I excel at reading what people want. Like this car here. I don’t think this is what you’re interested in at all.”

“No? What makes you say that?”

“You strike me as the type of woman that wants something bold; something with more power. You want something that can drive all night and still have a lot in the tank for the next morning.”

She had to stifle the cackle that was trying to burst from her chest. He was playing her just as she thought, actually using a cheesy pick up line, having decided early on that her appearance told the entire story of who she was and why she was there.

“Are we talking about this car, or you, Brucie?”

His crooked grin gave away his thoughts. Not only was he thinking he was going to sell her a car, he was a shoe-in to get one of the side benefits his job sometimes offered. “You read me like a book. I still didn’t catch your name.”

“That’s because I haven’t offered it yet.”

“Ah… playing coy. I love that in a woman.”


“Excuse me?”

“I’m a customer, Brucie. I’m here to buy a vehicle. Or did you not figure that out from me reading the sticker on the car?”

“Well yeah, of course you are. Why else would you be here?”

“Well, it could also be to get laid.” Her reply floored him, especially when she followed up with, “I have a friend that bought a car here a month or so ago. She… recommended you.”

Her syrupy voice made his cock flinch in his pants. His mind raced, trying to recall who it might have been. In truth, it had been much longer than that since he’d gotten lucky enough to score with girl who’d purchased a car. But he went along with it for appearances, not wanting her to think she had the wrong guy.

His arrogance rose to the surface when he grinned, “I’m not surprised.”

“Jeez, what an ass!” she thought, yet not shocked that he’d bit on the bullshit line she’d just fed him. Maintaining her composure, she pressed on. “You’re not?”

“I’ve only been here for a little over a year, but I’m already number two in sales for a reason.”

“I see. You must really know how to close the deal.”

His shrug and smile made her want to cringe. “Like I said, I excel at reading women and what they need.”

“You know, I’ve always prided myself it being able to read men. For instance, I can tell what you’re thinking right this very second.”

“Oh yeah, and what would that be?”

She moved closer, inches from his body, her steamy breath landing on his neck as she whispered, “You’re thinking that I’m a horny housewife, and I’m looking for someone to help me with that, just like my friend.”

Grinning, he said, “That thought had crossed my mind.”

“You’d be right, Brucie. I’m very horny right now. But I’m also here to buy a car.”

Puzzled about her motives, he stepped back and looked into her eyes, mystified by the wild look in them. “Wait, so what are you saying?”

“I thought you could read women, Brucie. Don’t start disappointing me now.” She winked again, which put him at ease. Moving closer, he touched her arm, trying to be charming, but coming off as more of a dick. She let him though, knowing she was still in control, reveling in that feeling.

“So you’re interested in something with that power and endurance we were talking about.”

“Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of one that has lots of room to move around in, if you know what I mean.” Once again, he was thrown off his train of thought, the bewilderment etched on his face. She touched his arm like he’d done to hers, getting his attention. “I’m sorry, did I confuse you?”

“A bit. Are you talking about a car now?”

“More like a van. I bet there’s lots of room in the back of one of those… and you’re still thinking about getting into my pants, aren’t you?” she giggled.


“Are you having trouble hearing me, Brucie? Is all the blood rushing to that little penis of yours?”

“Little… wait, what? It’s not –“

She laughed out loud, patting him gently on the cheek. “Aw, it’s not getting hard? I’m not surprised, really. Here are a couple of things for you to think about, Brucie. One, you can’t get into my pants because as you can see, I’m not wearing any. Then again, I’m not wearing any panties, either.” His head snapped down to her long, luscious legs, trying to see through the dark miniskirt. Lifting his chin with her finger, she froze him with her steely stare. “The other thing is you’re never going to get the chance.”

“Uh… what?”

“Face it, I’m more woman deneme bonusu than you could ever handle.”

“I… I don’t think –“

“That I believe,” she interrupted. Pointing over his shoulder, she asked, “If you were the type that used your brain instead of your little penis, you wouldn’t be making an ass out of yourself right now. Tell me, who would that handsome gentleman be over there, leaning against his office door?”

Turning to look, his shoulders slumped. “Th… that’s Ryan.”

“I take it he’s the top salesmen in the group.”

“Uh, yeah. He’s been here a long time.”

“Then that makes him more experienced than you, now doesn’t it,” she teased, “And more successful too.”

“I suppose, if that’s what you’re looking for.”

“Oh, it is. I’m a woman that knows what she wants, and fortunately it certainly isn’t you. Thats because you put a priority on trying to score a piece of ass over trying to score a sale. if you would have been thinking the other way around you might have had both.” She let her hand brush up against the front of his pants, pressing against his shriveling cock as she picked up her briefcase. “It’s okay. At least you’re still number two, right?”

He puffed out his chest, trying to make the best of being shot down in his attempt. “That’s right.”

“You do know what that means don’t you?”

“Uh… yes?” he questioned, unsure what she really getting at.

Stepping past, she brazenly grabbed his crotch, squeezing it. Her naughty giggle filled his head as she shook hers. She leaned in close, whispering, “It just means you’re a piece of shit. Why don’t you go to the restroom and stroke this little thing and see if you can get it hard? Maybe try thinking about me in Ryan’s office, flashing him my pretty pussy when I buy my new van from him.”

Walking away triumphant, her conquest left deflated and embarrassed, she made her way directly toward the man leaning against his office door, sipping his cup of coffee casually. He was indeed handsome, appearing to be in his middle 40s. The wispy grey at his temples did nothing to diminish his good looks, a charming smile welcoming her as she neared.

“Good afternoon, Ryan,” she said as she held out her hand. “I’m Anna… and I’m here to buy a new vehicle.”

“Funny, I would have sworn you were here to ruin a young punk’s day,” he winked as he shook her hand gently. “You have no idea how much I enjoyed watching that, and that’s without hearing any of it.”

“How much did you win?” she asked playfully.

“Pardon me?”

“I know his type, Ryan. The youthful bravado… all full of piss and vinegar. But he’s obviously been prompted by someone to show off what an ass he is to a pretty woman. He wouldn’t approach just anyone like he did. My take is that you’re the one fueling that stupidity.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m fueling it. After all, you said it yourself; he’s full of it already. I’d say it’s more like a match lighting a fuse… me being the match, of course.”

“Well of course.”

“And I have to say, that was a spectacular explosion. That was better than I could have ever imagined. I only wish I could have heard some of the things you said to him”

“Well, that will have to remain a mystery. I don’t mind being a part of your game with him, but mind you, I didn’t come here to castrate a car salesman. And my question remains, how much?”

He nodded appreciatively; intrigued by the way she spoke. She was obviously as intelligent as she was beautiful. He answered. “Two hundred, but I only get it if I sell you a car.”

“You’ll be getting a hundred, then.”

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re going to sell me a car, Ryan. And we’re splitting the profits of the wager. After all, I’m the one that did all the work. You’ll take it off the purchase price… agreed?”

“How can I say no to the woman that just made my whole week? Come in and have a seat, Anna… let’s talk about what you’re looking for.”

She sat across from him at his desk, opening her briefcase in the empty chair next to her. Pulling out a manila folder marked with the dealership name, she set it on his desk and flipped it open.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“I think so. Do you have any idea what you’re looking for?”

Handing him a paper, she smiled. “That’s the VIN number of a minivan on your lot. I scoped it out last week. It’s a dark burgundy with a nice gold double pinstripe down the side. You should be able to pull up the details of everything that’s on it.”

“Are you sure it’s still here? We sell a lot of minivans these days.”

“It was there fifteen minutes ago when we pulled in.”

He shuffled through a file and found the manufacturer’s sheet, smiling when he saw the package. “Hmm, let me see. Air conditioning, fully tinted windows in the back, premium cassette player, sport package, second row cabin seats… this is a nice one.”

“Yes it is. And this is what it should retail for based on all the things you’ve listed.”

“Excuse me?”

“The sticker on the window adds a lot of things that shouldn’t be there. Destination fees, handling fees, preparation charges… there’s a lot of that kind of nonsense. This is what the features listed on the van actually cost the dealer.”

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