4th of July Fireworks

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It was the 4th of July holiday and I’d reserved the condo on the water where we always went to celebrate. The three bedroom condo’s balcony faces the water and every year the Navy brings in a large fireworks laden barge, and put on a fantastic display for the local citizenry. Usually it was just me and Mike there, my husband of six years. This year would be different because there was one of the out-of-town big bosses there, and Mike had invited him and his wife Julie to watch the fireworks with us.

Julie was beautiful, blonde and leggy, Brad a big gruff guy with an ego who obviously was used to getting his way in most things; probably because he was Vice President for Operations in a company that was a world-wide corporation. Although I wasn’t happy with all this, I could tell it meant a lot to Mike and his career, so I was the gracious hostess all night. Julie was nice. Brad was a real bore at times.

In the Great Northwest you never know exactly what the weather will be in July, and last year was no different. Warm and comfortable one day, it could be chilly and rainy the next. On the fourth, it suddenly grew expectantly colder, but we fortified ourselves with some drinks and moved onto the balcony to watch the show. The space out there is small and the only seating, other than bringing an uncomfortable kitchen chair outside, was for the four of us to squeeze into a large curved settee for warmth. I brought out a blanket for us to cover with.

From right-to-left was Julie, Mike, me, and Brad. I was between the two men. We’d all had plenty to drink, but Mike and Julie seemed much further along than either Brad or I. We settled in and almost immediately I felt Brad’s hand drop to my thigh as he leaned over to say something to Mike. When he straightened back up, the hand remained. I thought about moving it but wondered what message it would send, so I remained patient in hopes that he’d realize it was still there and move it. He didn’t. Instead, the next time Mike slurred something in our direction, Brad leaned in again, and the hand slid even higher, now resting on my upper thigh. I was growing uncomfortable with this but wondered exactly how to respond. Did I throw a hissy-fit, or wait it out?

I was wearing an off-the-shoulder-sundress with a light sweater over it to combat the cold, setting with one leg curled under me as I usually do when relaxing. Seated that way, I felt vulnerable, to say the least. As I contemplated the situation, the fireworks started (in more ways than one), for Brad’s fingers were now resting on my inter-thigh and güvenilir bahis my heart rate had increased as I was growing more sensitive to his warm hand. I placed my hand over his as he smiled at me and I attempted to lift it away. With hardly any effort, he resisted my struggles and finally my strength waned.

Beautiful star clusters filled the dark sky as we all “Ohhhh’ed” and “Ahhhh’ed” for several minutes. As the brilliance faded into darkness, Brad shifted subtlety and his fingers now touched my panties. I shook my head and mouthed “No” at him in the darkness, unsure if he could even see me. His finger brushed my vulva lips and it sent an unwanted thrill cursing through my entire body! I leaned towards him and hoarsely whispered “No” under cover of the firework’s noise. He smiled infuriatingly.

I’m human. I didn’t want this, but my body was responding none-the-less as I felt myself growing damp. Seated as I was, one leg curled beneath me, there was nothing I could do to block his advances. Crammed-in as we were, I’d have to completely stand up to rearrange my position. On top of that, my heart now threatened to drown out the sounds of the fireworks. Brad’s finger slid effortlessly under the elastic band of my thong, flesh-on-flesh, warm fingers touching the folds of my labia. I might’ve grunted softly, my vagina gushing uncontrollably. I was furious. Brad smiled at me. Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even think as one finger slid up and down my swollen opening inside the slick folds. I found myself lifting a bit to . . . what? . . . help him? . . . to get away? No, it was definitely to help him now. A thick finger slid into me and I almost whined aloud. Another soon joined it, and I was lost, subtlety shifting my hips to assist in this rape.

Every so often Brad would remark about the fireworks, and they would respond, but other than that, it was pretty quiet. From the corner of my eye, it looked as if Mike was nodding off, maybe too much to drink? Julie was quietly sipping a glass of wine, not saying much. Did she know what was going on? I wanted to get up and run. I wanted moan loudly. I needed to cum! But Brad was smart. He would bring me to a certain point and then just fool around until I cooled down. I wanted to grab his hand and bury it inside me, but he was too strong, so I laid my head back and just went with it.

His hands were incredibly large, his fingers thick and long. I remember thinking his fingers were nearly as large as Mike’s penis, wondering what Brad’s cock must be like, before quickly forcing türkçe bahis the image from my mind. I think I groaned as the booms began again overhead. Thank god for the noise. My thighs were coated with my juices, and the cool air felt good on them. Brad was s sawing his fingers back and forth inside me now, his thumb on my clit. I wanted to cum so badly, but I knew if I did everyone in the neighborhood would know it. Brad seemed to know it too, for he kept staring at me, smiling at my struggles. He was really good at this.

I can’t remember ever being so wet, even during love-making. I was sopping. I suddenly wanted his entire hand inside me. I felt my knee slowly falling aside and I was now completely open to him. Brad inserted another finger. I groaned softly, the fireworks drowning it out. I jerked my hips against his invasion, rocking back and forth, aware that Mike was probably sleeping beside me. As a star cluster lit up the sky I looked into Brad’s eyes and whispered silently, “Please . . . please . . .” At that moment, he had me. I would have done anything he wanted.

The fireworks stopped and large spotlights came on out on the bay. It was intermission time. They always stopped halfway through so people could get snacks and go to the bathroom. I fought my way clear, trying to stand on wobbly legs.

“I’ll get some snacks. Anybody need a refill?”

Julie held out her glass, and I took it, headed for the kitchen as fast as I could manage on weak legs. I heard Brad say, “I gotta pee. Be right back.”

But he didn’t go “pee.” Instead, he followed me into the kitchen and spun me around, crushing me against his hard groin, attempting to kiss me.

Placing my hands against his chest, I turned my head aside. “I . . . can’t, Brad. Pease.”

He cupped my chin in one large hand and swallowed my mouth, his tongue large and wet. I groaned as I opened for him, swallowing it, following it back into his mouth with my own. I was beyond control. We kissed for several minutes, swapping tongues and spit, groping one another. I felt his dong through his pants, and gasped. I had to see it even if I got caught. He pulled my short dress up and ripped off my thong, as he fumbled his cock out. As large as he was physically, I’d have been surprised if he hadn’t been hung like a bull. I wasn’t surprised. I’d only made love to Mike, but we’d watched porn a few times and this guy could have been a star. Lifting me, he settled me onto the bulbous crown, letting gravity do its job. Even as wet and swollen as I was, there was still a little pain, but güvenilir bahis siteleri omg when he slid inside me I could feel every ridge, every knob, every pulse as it made its long journey to bump somewhere deep inside my belly. Nothing, nothing, nothing, had ever felt so good! I came immediately, groaning into his mouth, around his thick tongue to silence me.

He didn’t stop, pounding it into me, stroking me long and hard. I felt myself getting there again, whimpering softly. He turned me around and brutally pushed down on my back, bending me over the counter, before slamming into me again without any regard for my feelings. I loved it! I’d never been “pounded” before. I was pounded this time, cumming again, and then as I felt him erupting deep inside my belly I came a third time, threatening to shatter me apart. I came down slowly as we both gasped for breath and still our heartbeats, my legs weak and trembling, not even caring who might walk in on us.

I felt Brad slipping from me like a long snake and turned around, watching as he cleaned himself with some paper towels. Even softened it looked huge and thick, and I found myself wanting it again. But he turned and walked away as I looked around for some towels to clean up with. Between both our fluids, I was a total wreck. It simply oozed out of me in globs. I’d felt him cum like a firehose, spurting inside my belly, bullets bouncing off the soft walls, and just that thought made my toes want to curl again. He hadn’t made love to me. He had brutally fucked me – used me – just dumped his sperm into me like prehistoric man. He’d made me feel like a woman. Maybe women needed that sometimes.

I didn’t feel overly guilty for some reason, although he was only the second man I’d ever let do it to me, and had never cheated on my husband. But if I hadn’t, I would never have known how good it could be, or how it could simply blow your mind. Don’t get me wrong. Mike is a good lover and I do love him, but I’d never been trembling like this, still fifteen minutes after having cum three times in just five minutes! I had never been so totally fucked!

Still weak in the knees and attempting to put on a cheerful face, I carried the snacks and drinks back out just as the fireworks kicked off again. Brad was staring at me and I stared right back, as I curled my leg under me and sat down between him and Mike as before. After a moment or two I felt his fingers seeking again, and then probing deeply inside me as I sighed and laid my head back against the cushion, closing my eyes. I knew I was swollen and wet, but that didn’t bother him. He was marking his territory, letting me know he could take me if he wanted. I didn’t come again, but I knew it was just the caveman’s way of stating I was his property. I vaguely wondered how I felt about that.

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