A Big Girl’s Romance

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I have been going to college for some time now. I’m a young woman who comes from Mexico. I am kind of new to America. It’s alright out here. I don’t mind. The weather bothers me sometimes, though. It makes you want to come up with ways to keep warm. My name is Sierra Caliente. My last name means heat. I’d like to tell you of a time when I went in heat.

I met a man named Peter Shanks during my last semester of college. Peter Shanks was a tall, lean guy with blond hair and green eyes. He was a professor of physics. A really nice guy was who was really popular around the campus. He was one of the best teachers ever. I am not that good at anything related to mathematics. Peter Shanks was the teacher who helped me out. I’ve never been exactly a really outgoing person. I stand five feet eleven inches tall and I weigh exactly two hundred and thirty pounds. I’m a hefty kind of girl but I am rather cute in the face department. My body is curvy and hot. I am a big, beautiful woman. I get noticed by the guys but I’m usually not that interested. I’ve lost my virginity at the age of eighteen to a man who lived in my neighborhood. He ditched me right after we were done. I actually cared for the bastard. My opinion of the male species wasn’t exactly high after that. I was hurting and plunged myself into academics. I guess that’s how I won a scholarship to go study in the United States of America.

I came to the prestigious University of Boston. It was a big place. I liked it a lot. It’s so different bahis firmaları from the small village where I grew up. My scholarship covered not only academics but also room and board. I got a job working as a work study for professor Shanks for extra money. The job paid ten bucks an hour and it wasn’t exactly complicated. I took it. That’s how I got to know the great mister Shanks. He was a widower. His wife’s name was Emily and she died three years ago. They had a couple of children. Twin boys. Anthony and Adam Shanks. They were both in their teens. Professor Shanks didn’t date much. He was intriguing, to say the least. He was a nice-looking man and many girls at school liked him but he didn’t seem to care. He fascinated me. He was always a gentleman. He was always kind. What was a man like that doing without a good woman by his side? I was determined to help the man out of his self-imposed misery. For the remainder of the semester, I dressed up in a sexy way to get his attention. It didn’t seem to work. That really frustrated me. I have a nice body, cute face and a really hot ass. Any man in his right mind should be interested in me. I felt bad. I was about to graduate and there was no way that Peter Shanks was gonna get with me. I wanted him so bad, though. One day, I let one of his friends know that I kind of liked him. The friend blabbed to him, which is exactly what I wanted to happen. Professor Shanks knew that a really hot Mexican chick wanted to get with him. Would he take the bait? kaçak iddaa I learned that he had a strict policy of not dating at the office.

I was appalled. On one hand, I understand. In America, the guys are careful around the women. Women are always suing for sexual harassment here. Most of the time, these allegations are false. I can understand why the men get nervous. I had an idea. A couple of days before graduation, I sent him a letter. I let him know that I wanted to meet with him at a public place. Just to talk as friends. He accepted and we met there. He was looking good in a suit. I had dressed appropriately for the occasion. We had dinner and talked about a lot of things. I was graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in a couple of days. Peter Shanks was considering leaving the world of teaching. He wanted to retire to the country. I knew many girls who would miss him. He was such a handsome man. After dinner, I asked him to drop me at my place. Ever the gentleman, he accepted. We went to my dorm and I gave him a drink. The dorm room was big enough for four people and my only roommate was gone. We had the place all to ourselves. I decided to put the moves on Peter. He responded to my feminine charms.

I sat him on the bed and were making out. I was touching him and he was touching me. I was feeling him through his pants. He was really excited. I took my clothes off and showed him my sexy body. He liked what he saw. He got naked really quickly. I looked at kaçak bahis his equipment. He had a really big dick. I got down on my knees to taste that bad boy. Peter leaned back while I worked on his member. I sucked his cock and licked his big balls. He had a really big dick. I sucked him off until he came, then decided to give him something to remember me by. I took off and went into the other room, leaving him a bit worried. I came back with some lotion.

He asked me what it was for. I told him. I swear his cucumber-sized dick got even harder. I got down on my hands and knees and he looked at my sexy bubble butt. I spread my ass cheeks wide open and exposed my asshole. He greased me up. I wanted a hot sausage crammed in my shitter and he was the man for the job. He pushed his cock into my lubricated asshole. His dick went into my shithole. I felt it push its way in. He grabbed me by the hips and fucked me in the ass. He plunged his cock deep into my asshole. He fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. He continued to fuck me for a long time, his dick violating my willing bunghole. He came, unleashing his hot poison deep inside my asshole. I screamed my lungs out.

This was the beginning of a really passionate affair for Peter Shanks and me. He was a great lover. I saw him a few more times and then moved from Boston to Atlanta to work for a tax firm. I was glad to have given him a night he would never forget. I never told him this but I did lose my virginity to him, sort of. He was the first man to drive his member up my back door. He wasn’t the last, this I can tell you right now. I’m working now and I’m always looking for a lover. A nice man who is terrific in bed. That’s the best kind of man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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