A Chance Encounter

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The following is a custom short for an “out of this world” Litster who has chosen to remain anonymous. As per his request, this work is dedicated to the folks of the Playground board and any fans I may have already gathered. Without further ado:

It was the battle of San Jacinto. The Spanish, under the command of the dictator, Santa Anna, had nearly routed the rebels and freedom fighters at every turn. But this battle seemed different, soon Texas would be free!

Looping around the hill, Lyle spied a lone Spanish soldier on the retreat. Lying flat in order to remain undetected, he aimed his rife. Adjusting for the wind and the gun’s kickback, Lyle held his breath and pulled the trigger. The soldier fell in a cloud of gunpowder. For today, it seemed, his work was done.

The crowd applauded as he helped his friend, Richard, to his feet. “I’m glad that whore was able to seduce old Santa Anna, or we might be doing this the other way around!” Lyle joked.

It had been a straight reenactment, no tactical strategy involved. After all, those were the only kind allowed on federal land for the public to watch. “Still, we got taken over by America anyway.” Richard laughed back. ***

Lyle showered in his hotel room and carefully packed his uniform. His replica rifle was lovingly wrapped in a sheet of leather. Even in Texas, you can’t just walk around a hotel lobby with a gun, even if it only fired blanks and looked 200-years old.

With a cup of complimentary coffee in his hand, Lyle was sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for a cab to the bus station. As he absentmindedly scanned the milling crowd, he spotted a pair of deep brown eyes. The lightly-tanned freckled face that surrounded those eyes was perfect enough to have been cast in porcelain and painted by a master craftsman. The woman had blonde hair tied up in a high, messy bun. Lyle raised his styrofoam cup of dish-water java in a friendly bahis firmaları salute. The woman smiled back, then swiftly lowered her eyes. She was wearing cut-off denim shorts and a white tank-top with an open green plaid button-up shirt over it.

Lyle thought she was one of the most beautiful sights he had seen since his high school girlfriend. Lyle always wished he had stuck with his first love, Judy, but he had started dating a cheerleader senior year. He ended up marrying the skank. Ten years later and three kids later, she cheated on him with a co-worker and left with the kids and a big, fat alimony check.

Lyle was snapped out of musings by a soft, musical throat-clear. “Excuse me, but weren’t you one of the reinactors?” Said the girl with the fertile earth eyes.

“Yeah, I’m Lyle. I plaid Corporal Hezikiah McQuaid.”

“Well, Corporal McQuaid.” The stranger said. “I was in the audience all weekend, I’ve never been to a reenactment before. By the way, my name is Annie.”

“Did you like what you saw, Annie?” Asked Lyle.

Annie’s gaze seemed to intensify as she replied, “I liked what I saw very much.”

At that moment, the honk of a car horn drew Lyle’s attention to a cab from the company he had called to pick him up. “That’s me.” He said with a wistful grin. “I’m glad you had a good time this weekend.”

Annie pulled out a black sharpie and scribbled some numbers on the back of Lyle’s hand. “If you’re ever in Houston and want to have some real fun…” She said.


The packet of papers was from Lyle’s ex-wife’s lawyer, politely commanding him to dish out more money to the whore who had destroyed his life. Ashing his cigarette and downing a shot of Tequila, Lyle tore the papers in two. He was tired from working two jobs, tired of being dragged into round after round of arbitration where his witch-of-an-ex had sat imperiously behind her high-priced kaçak iddaa lawyer. Why the fuck does she need so much of my cash when she can afford that bastard?” He thought.

Lyle paced the kitchen floor. The incessant ticking of the second hand of the wall clock caught his attention — quarter to two in the morning. “Fuck!” Snapped Lyle. “I have to be at the plant by 6:00.”

Lyle kicked the table leg, not hard enough to break it, just enough to get out some frustration. Lyle was not a violent man. The vibrations from Lyle’s boot connecting with the wood of the table sent papers sloughing off onto the floor. Bending to pick them up, he spotted Annie’s number. ***

She stood there on the porch of the farmhouse. The warm glow of interior firelight backlit her silhouette. Her lithe, yet well-proportioned frame was wrapped in a silk bathrobe. The material’s translucency displayed Anne’s body in indistinct detail. Her dark nipples were visibly erect against the cool early-autumn breeze.

“I’ve been expecting you.” She said with a cock-eyed smile. Taking Lyle’s hand, Annie led him through the farmhouse to a bedroom alight with candles. The bed was large enough for one, crisp white sheets enrobed in a black-and-red plaid and pristinely unmade. Lyle was becoming hard even before she pushed him onto the bed.

Annie shrugged out of one side of the robe, exposing one large, luscious orb. The shock of alabaster skin that encircled her nipples stood out proudly against the deep tan of the rest of her chest. “I’ve waited a long time for this.” She drawled, sliding to her knees in front of the bed as she unzipped Lyle’s jeans.

He sprang forth strong and proud and nearly at full-flag. Her soft, pillowy lips enveloped his shaft. Lyle left Annie tongue nuzzling back his foreskin to flicker across his cockhead. “Fuck!” He groaned as Annie’s mouthed administered maddeningly exquisite suction. The kaçak bahis tip of her tongue ran lightly inside the slit at the end of his glans. Annie cupped his balls in her smooth palm and bounced them lightly. Pulling her head back with a wet pop, Annie gazed at Lyle’s iron-hard cock. “I see we’re getting really excited.” She purred.

Annie’s mouth enwrapped Lyle’s shaft again as she choked his entire length down her throat. “Mmm”. She sighed, sending vibrations down to the root of Lyle’s cock. Lyle could not believe how close he was to coming so soon. “Has it really been this long?” he thought. Before he could warn Annie of his impending eruption, she stood. Tossing aside her robe entirely, Annie straddled Lyle’s face. “My turn, honey.” She breathed.

The farmgirl rode the stranger’s face, grinding her clit into his lop lips as he drove his tongue, over and over again, deep inside her cunt. Lyle’s hands found there way around Annie’s huge breasts. Kneaded them vigorously, occasionally leaving one tan-striped globe to tug on the nipple. Annie soon began to buck wildly on Lyle’s face. “Lord Christ, I’m going to cum!” She screamed.

As Annie’s shuddered through her explosive climax, she dismounted Lyle’s mouth. Stepping back from the bed she began to stroke her pussy. Her long fingers strumming her pussy lips like a guitar. “That was sooo good, honey.” She panted. With a hungry growl, she straddled Lyle’s hips. Taking his firm rod in her hand, she pressed it against her hot, dripping opening. She descended agonizingly slowly. Lyle’s cock slid into Annie’s pussy inch by agonizing inch. With a wink, she began to drive her hips.

“Ride em’, cowgirl!” Lyle said as he met her lunges with deep, hard thrusts of his own.

“You’re corny as fuck, you know what?” Annie replied as she pressed her lips firmly against his.


That morning as the sun came up, Annie was nestled, naked, in Lyle’s arms. “I could get used to doing this regularly.” He said with a wicked smile.

Annie’s face took on a whimsical cast. “Let’s just take this as it comes.” She said, snuggling deeper into Lyle’s embrace.

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