A Change in College Ch. 2

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After John fucked my ass and Bill fed me his salty cum, several of their Frat members took turns fucking my mouth and ass. Most of those guys blurred together until Horse, a lineman from our college football team, stood in front of my face. Horse is a giant black man standing around 6’8″ weighing in at about 350 pounds of pure muscle. I watched in shock and horror as he dropped his pants revealing a 14-inch long cock that hung down to his knees. He rubbed his cock head on my face spreading his pre cum on my face stopping when its plum sized head touched my lips. He told me to open up my mouth and let his black rod in for some fun. His hands reached down surrounding my head pulling me towards him as he guided his man meat between my lips. I was only able to take about a third of his cock into mouth but Horse was determined to go deeper. He tilted my head back and plunged his cock in farther until I was taking in about half of this prick. He keeps fucking my face as he moans how awesome my hot wet mouth feels and how sexy my lips looked taking in his black monster.

Horse yelled to a couple of his friends to go into the back room and get the gurney. The guys got it then rolled it into the room. Horse without any effort just flipped me on my back on top of the gurney. The guys standing around us strap me down and then they strap my legs to the stirrups while Horse adjusted the gurney’s height to level of his cock. Horse wrapped one hand around my neck pulling my head over the edge of the gurney making me lick his balls. He quickly tired of this and slides the head of his cock back into my mouth. With a quick trust of his hips he rams his prick into the back of my throat making me gag. He does this several times causing me gag each time. Finally he bites into my thigh causing me to scream around bahis firmaları his dick. Horse takes this opportunity to ram his cock as hard as he could into my throat. My throat feels like it was being ripped open with his hideous black monster lodged so deeply inside of me. I feel his pubic hair against my chin as his balls squash against my nose.

This is awesome he tell the guys standing around, no Bitch has ever taken my entire black sword before. He seemed to be driven with a desire to cum as he fucks my throat with rapid thrusts of his hips. I quickly realize I can not get air with his big black cock so deep in my throat. Horse takes my sudden panic and thrashing around for air as my excitement at taking all of him. Lucky for me this caused my throat to tighten causing him to cum just as I feel myself pass out. I do not know how long I am passed out, but as I come too I feel someone pushing her wet pussy against my face. It turns out to be Beth wanting me to lick and suck her pussy. She had gotten so hot and horny watching everything that was going on she wanted to ride my face as well. I started to lap at her pussy but I guess I was not doing it right because she pulled up on my ponytails forcing my face into her pussy giving me orders of how to do it right. Her pussy tasted so sweet after all the cock cream I had just eaten. I continued licked her pussy and asshole for a long time causing her to cum quite a few times.

This must have gotten Ted excited because he came over and started to poke his monster cock between my tongue and Beth’s pussy. Beth pulled down on my ponytail causing my mouth to open so Ted could put the head of his cock in my mouth. Ted’s cock is so wide I only get a few inches in my mouth. Ted has me suck him a few minutes getting his prick nice and wet. kaçak iddaa He then pulls he dick out and rams it into Beth pussy pushing her on top of me. I watch as his wide cock stretches her cunt causing her pussy lips to be pulled in and out as he fucks her. Ted reaches down grabbing my hair pulling my face to their crotches and yells for me to lick them. I reach out my tongue licking at the point that Ted’s prick and Beth’s pussy become one. I can hear Beth’s excitement as she loudly moans and groans rubbing her pussy into my face as Ted’s balls pound against my forehead with every deep thrust of Ted’s cock. It is just moments later that I feel Ted’s cock pulse sending his cum deep inside of Beth this triggers her to have screaming orgasm.

Ted pulls out his cock and has me lick it clean. To my surprise it does not seem to have soften at all. Once his prick is clean he tries to enter Beth again but she stops him telling her she needs a break. Ted seems annoyed about this but leave her alone. Beth tells me to open wide as she pushes her pussy lips against my mouth and squirts Ted’s and her combine love juices filling my mouth. Beth climbs off of me as a big fat guy comes over and shoves his fat cock in my face. It is not very long but it smelt like urine and wide enough to fill my mouth like a cork. The fat guy puts his weight on me as he begins fucking my mouth with a slow steady pace. I try to tighten my lips and sucking him trying to make him cum so he would get off me when I feel someone poking his prick at my asshole.

I try to cry out when I realize, that since Beth would not let Ted fuck her, he was going to fuck my ass. Ted takes my cry around the fat guy’s prick as desire and begins laughing telling everyone how hot I was to get his cock in me. Ted grabs my thighs and jams the kaçak bahis head of his meat into my ass groaning how tight my ass was. The pain causes me to cry as I felt like insides were being torn apart as his plunges in and out of me. Ted pulls the head of this cock out only to ram it back into me as hard as he could. He seems to like my groans of pain and rams his cock deeper and with more force each time he thrusts his dick into me. Finally I feel my bowel open up as his whole length plunges into me and I feel his balls rest against my crack.

Ted fucks my ass for what seems like hours as several other guys fuck my face feeding me their cum. My cock is hard as a rock as Ted continues his assault on my ass. The heat seems to build up inside me as I begin to feel a tidal wave of pleasure wash over as I’m getting ready to cum. I moan and groan as I feel myself cumming like I never have before. My lips and asshole tighten causing the guy in my mouth and Ted’s cock in my ass to cum with me. I am completely drained and exhausted from my fantastic orgasm and all that had happened to me during the night.

I must have passed out for a little while because I do not remember anything until Beth began washing my face and ass. And then being released from the gurney by one of the guys and carried to Beth’s red Camaro. A few of the guys kissed me good-bye telling me to come again anytime and then Beth quickly pulls away from the curb. It was a long silent ride to my apartment where she dropped me off. I asked about my clothes and she told me I could get them when I got ready for the next party. I told her there would be no next party, so she tossed me a tape and said watch this as she pulled pealed away from where I was standing. I walked in to my apartment and put the tape into the VCR. I watched a tape of everything that I had done that night. It got to the end and then zoomed into a close shot of Beth telling me that she hopes I will be a good little girl so she wouldn’t have to send this to my parents and friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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