A Cheerleader’s Release

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There he was again, everyone’s eyes on him as he bound easily from one side of the court to the other, smirking at the disbelief on his opponents faces as he took their practically guaranteed point and turned it into three for his own team.

Cheers broke out through the gym as the buzzer sounded, three points going up on our schools final score, he won our school another game. I cheered with my squad, a few of the members doing a few tricks to celebrate the schools victory.

Smiling at my squads happiness, I turned to the still cheering audience “give me a C!” They cheered the letter, “give me an R! Give me an O! Give me a W! Give me an S! What does that spell?” CROWS! Was screamed back at me, “go Crows! Go Crows! Crows take the win!”

As the head cheerleader when the teams had cleared from the court I lead my own team to the middle of the floor, nodding to the cheer coach when we were in position to start the music.

Taking a deep breath, I willed myself not to concentrate on the eyes focused on me and my team, knowing how it would make me feel if I did, and then the music started.

“Mesdames et Monsieurs
S’il vous plaît
Soyez prêt pour AronChupa et Albatraoz
C’est parti!”

Throughout the performance, despite my best effort, I felt my cheeks redden at the eyes on me, my stomach warming and tightening more and more through the song until the very end, where I did three consecutive backflips, landing on the waiting arms of my teammates, my head lolling backwards as my fingertips brushed the cool floor of the gym.

For that moment, as my chest heaved from the effort and the excitement coursing through my body, my eyes met with his, and in the darkness that stared back at me as my teammates flipped me into the splits, I could tell. He knew.

Dismissing the slight fear and exhilaration that filled me that someone might have just caught my current state, I put on my cheerleader smile and looked over the audience, who were still cheering- whether it be for the victory of our basketball team, or the amazing performance we jut put on- I didn’t care, the feeling went straight to my stomach.

I grabbed my bag from the changing rooms- not bothering to actually get changed beyond taking my bloomers off, and only bothering with those because I could feel them starting to cut into my thighs- and took my russet coloured hair out of the twin ponytails I had them in for our cheer and told my team they did a good job.

“See you tomorrow Hannah!” They called behind me, eagerly getting ready for the victory party that was inevitably going on at one of the players houses.

I wouldn’t be going, and they all knew that. My parents were extremely conservative, getting them to let me cheer was hard enough, so the idea of a party with little to know supervision, one that would most definitely be ripe with alcohol, the thought of their innocent only daughter going somewhere like that was enough to send them into cardiac arrest.

So, with a pitying smile, my teammates let me leave, and I quickly climbed into my car. The feeling still hadn’t left and to be honest I wanted to get home and enjoy it before it decided to go away. I barely held back the moan when I shifted slightly in my seat, the front padding of my car covers creating a terribly teasing pressure as I rolled my hips slightly.

I bit my lip as I let out a pant, dropping my head to the wheel and cursed myself, the idea of fixing my little issue here and now popped into my head, with people still walking out of the school gym not too far away. The idea only doubled the hot feeling in my stomach, and my fingers tightened on the wheel, stopping myself from following through.

Raising my head from the wheel, I could feel the needing heat on my cheeks rival that of the heat that seemed to swim around my pelvis, I needed to get home, now.

“Oh fuck” I hissed, eyes widening as I looked through my windscreen, there he was again staring at me with that knowing god damn smirk.

Strolling over to my side window like he owned the damn world, he gave a slow knock, and I shakily wound my window down, what did he want? “Think you could give me a lift home?” He asked, the smooth, deep sound of his voice near making my whole body quiver, already wracked with a certain need. “Josh was supposed to but he’s driving some of your squad to the party, so there’s no room.” He chuckled, and I swear bahis firmaları I nearly melted. “It’s no trouble right, I mean it’s not even like you have to go anywhere, neighbour.” That’s right, neighbour, since we were ten. Like every damn cliché romance shit movie ever made.

I let out a shaky breath and motioned for the passenger seat, not trusting my voice as my traitorous hips moved slightly against the bunched fabric of the car seat.

He chuckled again, and moved around to the passenger seat, putting his stuff in the back and stretching out next to me with a groan of release. The way his muscles tensed and moved as he let out such a sultry tempting sound was almost too much, I had to bite my cheek- hard- to stop myself from making a fool of myself.

“You alright Hannah?” He cooed, and immediately I could recognise the teasing hint in his voice, much like from when we were little, and he would tease me for having to wear a bra, or finding a movie scary. But now it was different, his voice was darker, as were his green eyes, analysing every inch of me, undoubtedly seeing how I was squirming desperately in my seat, seriously cursing myself for not getting changed out of my skin-tight fitting cheer outfit into something that wouldn’t make it so obvious that I was squirming so much. “You look a little red.”

“I-I’m fine” I replied, both proud of myself for not outright moaning, and annoyed for stuttering. “How about you Jack? You won your team the game but you’re not going to the party?”

He chuckled while I started the car, “not really my thing” he shrugged, “you know me, I’d rather have one on one time than try to get a girl in a party packed full of people eying off the one I want.” I swear to god I nearly swerved off the road.

“What?” I squeaked, my eyes darting to him as I tried to confirm what he had said.

“You heard me” he teased, “I didn’t see your parents cars when I left for the game, where’d they go?” He questioned, moving on so easily while my brain was still stalling.

“Trips” I managed to splutter out, my fingers near white on the steering wheel “mums got a girls trip for a week in some resort near Florida and dad’s got a work thing for two weeks in England.”

“Overprotective parents left you all alone for a whole week and you’re still not going to a party” he tutted, “such a good girl.”

It was like a shock to my system as I felt how I reacted to that name, my stomach churned and tightened all at once, and I had to hold my legs together tightly to hide the desperate leaking that I was sure was going to stain my underwear.

“I-I just-” my reaction to the name or not, I still didn’t know how to respond to that. Truth be told I was planning a very special date with my laptop and my fingers, not having to worry about being quiet in the empty house.

“Don’t worry” he cooed, placing a hand on my exposed thigh, and again I cursed the skirt- and how his touch instantly gave me goose bumps, making my breath fasten at the unfamiliar stimulus of another person touching me like this “I know a good girl like you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself at a party like that.” Oh god he was torturing me on purpose, I was sure of it. He had to have noticed my reaction the first time he said the name and that’s why he said it the way he did.

“I-I’d know what to do at a party!” I objected, finding my voice through the pleading of my libido to move his hand up just a little.

“Really?” He chuckled, “what if a guy started talking to you, and his hands started crawling up your thigh” mirroring his words, his fingers started ghosting up from where he held his hand, moving up until they touched the hem of my skirt, a quick glance to the side showed how amused he was that I wasn’t stopping him.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t struggling to, but it wasn’t because I wanted him to stop, it’s because it was something I knew I should do- my parents would want me to, it’s what everyone would expect me to do- but I wanted him to continue, oh god I needed him to go up!

I nearly whimpered out loud when he took his hand away from my skin, giving him a side glance of pure desperation.

“Oh, such a good girl” he murmured, his voice laced in easily recognisable lust as he took in my reaction, turning to face me fully, placing his fingers in my hair and pushing it so it didn’t cover his line of vision, taking in my every reaction. kaçak iddaa

I let out a small gasp as his touch returned to my skin, though it wasn’t his fingers, but his neatly cut nails, running teasingly, feather light, to the inside of my thigh. He chuckled when he found the small gathering of seat cover in front of my underwear, pushing against it and eliciting a whine from my throat as I struggled to pay attention to the road, thanking god that my home town was small and gave everything to sports, so the roads were pretty much empty with everyone off in a bar or a party celebrating the win.

I could easily feel his finger through the plush fabric of the seat cover, and through the soft baby blue fabric of my underwear- a colour I chose in case my bloomers shifted in one of my tricks so it matched my cheer uniform. A single digit pressed against my heat and made everything against it slowly sink in, like it was melting against me.

Continuing to press teasingly against the fabric, his other hand moved down from my hair and down my face, pausing with his thumb across my thin neck, just above my collar bone and the rest of his hand lightly gripping the back of my neck. He hummed in thought when I tilted my head away on instinct, like I was further baring my neck to him. “You’re breathing pretty heavily, you sure you’re doing alright?” He asked, a hint of mocking in his voice.

“I-I’m fine” I stuttered, feeling unable to raise my voice from a mere whisper, and I realised he could literally feel every breath I took with the way his hand was moving down my chest, barely brushing along the line of my uniform and pressing slightly harder against my nipples, making me realise that they had hardened and were straining against the fabric of my sports bra and uniform.

“Ah!” I breathed out as he flicked up on my covered nipples, closing my eyes for a second before he pressed a little harder against my underwear.

“Naughty girl” he tutted and I whined, feeling the strange need to protest, “eyes on the road.”

Flushing in embarrassment for being practically scolded, I did what I was told, being rewarded by him leaning over for a moment and giving a small kiss just behind my ear, whispering “good girl” into my neck again as he pulled away.

I nearly whined out loud when our houses came into view, thinking whatever was going on would be over as soon as I turned off the car, but even as I did, Jack’s hand continued moving slowly down my body as his other continued pressing lightly against the seat cover and my underwear, rubbing tiny circles up and down. “Up” he commanded, his eyes baring into mine demandingly now that I wasn’t driving anymore, staring at me with dark lust while I gripped the sides of my seat to stop myself from reaching out to touch him. Gripping my ass somewhat roughly, it became obvious what he meant, so I sat up for a moment as he pulled my skirt up so that I was no longer sitting on it, and gave my ass a light slap that made my whole body quake before he lifted my skirt at the front as well, the band up past my bellybutton when he was satisfied. Jack’s eyes left mine as he smoothed out the car seat fabric and looked down at my underwear, my very wet underwear.

“Fuck” he muttered, using his right hand to move my legs apart, nearly moving the leg closest to him into his lap until it hit my gear stick, and pressed fully against my baby blue underwear, making me blush even darker at the wet noise that came as a result.

The hand he was using to hold my thighs apart tapped against my lips, “open” he demanded, and I did without protest.

Moving his fingers in and out of my mouth, Jack used the same motion against my underwear, pressing harder against the source of the wetness than anywhere else as he stroked up and down.

Feeling brave, I pressed my lips down against Jack’s fingers while keeping my teeth at bay, tentatively brushing my tongue against his fingers, pressing the top of my tongue fully along the bottom of his fingers and rolling my tongue around to the top.

“Fuck” he repeated, pressing a little harder against my underwear, the tip of his middle finger pressing lightly against my entrance.

Taking his fingers from my mouth with a small ‘pop’ as they left my lips, he moved his hand to his crouch and I noticed the tight tent in his pants as he adjusted himself. A strong sense of pride overcame me when I realised kaçak bahis that was because of me, and without thinking I rolled my hips against his fingers, letting out a moan as his pointer finger moved in with my underwear wrapped around his finger.

“Damn Hannah” he groaned, grabbing my hand and removing my grip from my seat, moving my hand to cover the tent in his pants, “fuck!”

He moved his fingers up a little higher, and with a jump I realised he was circling my clit.

“Jack!” I gasped, lolling my head back against my seat as his pressed and pinched, fully able to see an outline of everything with how wet I was.

Jack chuckled shakily, “fuck Hannah, if this is how you would act at a party, I’m never letting you go to one, ever.”

My eyes snapped open and met his half-hooded ones, shakily, I felt my head return to earth and I withdrew my hand from grasping him outside of his pants, closing my thighs together and pushing his hand away.

“I-I… ahhmm…” I stuttered, pulling my keys out of the ignition and straightening my clothes out, my entire body flushed with need that I was denying.

“S-s-see you monday!” I managed to squeak, rushing from the car as his confused and slightly frustrated eyes followed me as I ran from my car- leaving it unlocked in my haste- and into my house, collapsing against the door with heavy breath. I swear I could still feel his fingers all over me, making my whole body tingle with need.

“Please tell me he wasn’t doing that just because he wanted to prove I wouldn’t know what to do if a guy touched my thigh” I moaned in embarrassment, just thinking of how impossible he would be to deal with if that was the case.

Shifting, I breathed out heavily as my underwear clung to me, my wetness making them stick like a second skin.

“Fuck” I moaned, brushing my fingers against where Jack’s had been moments earlier.

After making sure the front door was locked, I bent down and shakily slid my underwear off, stepping out of them and nearly rushing up the stairs to my room, habitually closing the door after me even though the house was empty, my horniness stronger than ever and needing to be met.

Kicking off my shoes, I collapsed on my bed with a heavy sigh.

Now that I wasn’t being watched like a hawk, I enjoyed the tightness of my uniform, the constriction it gave only served to fuel my desires as I left it on, moving my skirt up to where Jack had it before, bending my knees slightly as I mimicked what Jack was doing in the car, the way he moved his fingers. It felt so much better than I had ever made myself feel, and though copying his movements still felt better than any time I had masturbated before, it still didn’t meet that skin tingling feeling I had when he was the one touching me, when his eyes took in every inch of me.

Without even meaning to, I started moaning, not needing porn like I usually did to make my orgasm build, but only thinking of what he did to me, “god Jack” I moaned out, my eyes closed as I imagined him there with me “more, please more!” he was leaning over my quivering form, watching me beg for more.

“I don’t know” he growled out, frustration clear in his eyes and voice, “do you think you deserve it?”

“Yes, yes!” I pleaded, feeling desperate that this figment of my imagination was teasing me.

“See, I don’t think you do, running out like that” he tutted.

“I-I’m sorry” I panted, confused about why my imagination was giving me this scenario “I didn’t want the first time someone made me cum to be for a point.”

I swear for a moment I could feel his breath against my skin as he chuckled.

“That wasn’t what I was doing Hannah,” he teased, “I think you need to be punished for assuming something so mean of me” he pouted, “will you let me?”

“Yes” I breathed out, relieved that this fantasy was finally going how it was supposed to.

“Good girl” that name again, without having to hold myself back from embarrassing myself, I moaned loudly, my finger rubbing against my clit as I wondered why I loved being called that so much.

Wetness brushed against the shell of my ear, making me sit up in shock.

There, actually there- not in my imagination- was Jack, looking down at me darkly as his hands slowly wrapped around my wrists, bringing them above his head.

Looking to the side, I realised my window facing his room was open, and the tree between our properties was just stable enough for him to climb across.

Gasping in shock, an amazing feeling washed over me as he grounded his hard jean-covered crouch into my bare skin.


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