A Conversation

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Beautiful Girls

Dear reader. About two years ago I had an online friendship through Literotica. My friend had an interest in Clothed Female, Nude Male, among other interests. She is a much favored writer here. I wrote this story for her in 2009 and I recently came across it in my documents. We had good times online for about a year, we wrote private stories for each other. I thought I’d share this with you.

By the way, this was before Skype.

Jay Richards.


Hello, anyone there?





Well, this is fun.

It is, we get to speak but still kind of anonymous.

Hmmm pretty cool. When I was a kid you couldn’t imagine this kind of thing. Cell phones, computers, texting, phone sex…

Ha ha, you’re kind of funny. Are you home?

Yes, I’m alone up in our spare room. How’s the story going, the one with the teacher-Mr. Richardson?

Oh, it’s going well. I’ll send you the new pages.

So describe where you are, and what you’re wearing.

Ok, I’m in my bedroom on the bed. I have pillows behind me and the laptop on a low kind of food tray above my lap. I’m wearing shorts and a John Mellencamp T shirt.

Did you work today?

Yes, only one shift.

Did you think about this conversation today while you were working?


What did you think about it?

I hoped it would happen.

Did you have your doubts?

Well…yeah some, I wouldn’t blame you if you decided not to be here but it’s just fun you know?

Nothing serious right?


What are you wearing?

Uh, shorts, T shirt no socks or shoes. But I want to get back to you…your day-you said you thought about this conversation today, what did you think about it, besides that you hoped I’d find my way into the chat room…what else? Before you bahis firmaları answer, I promise I will not lie or say anything that is not really happening, I will be truthful in everything we do today.

So will I Jay. I hoped we would have some kind of cyber-sex.

Did you get excited about that thought? Did your heart pound? Were you hoping to make yourself cum?

Yes I wanted to cum all day whenever I thought about this.. Can I ask you a question?


Are you hard? Is your cock hard in your shorts?

Yes, very hard. My heart is throbbing in my throat.

Can you open your shorts and slide them down your legs?

Yes. Hold on a minute.

Ok, my shorts are off. My nipples are hard and I am becoming excited.

By what? What is making you so excited Jay?

I..I feel almost as if you will see my hardened cock if I take off my underwear. I will feel so exposed to you with my cock standing out like that.

I will see it Jay, I will see your cock. Your computer is allowing me to see you. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that I’m seeing you and you see me?


Today you will do as I ask Jay won’t you? You will be my cum boy right?

Yes…I will try.

You will be, you will listen to me and please me, and I will please you. Please remove your T shirt.

Ok, Hold on.

It’s off.

Touch your chest, not your nipples, just your chest.

Now run your palms over your nipples Jay, make them hard.

They are so hard already.

Stroke them softly.

Yes, I will. Uhhh…

Now remove your under shorts.


I did it.

You are nude.


You are alone, and nude for me while I am fully dressed. Your hardened cock is standing up for me. you are so naked and exposed.


Continue to stroke your nipples, tell me about kaçak iddaa it.

Oh god it feels so good, my cock is so hard, I’m dripping.

You’re dripping slippery pre cum.


Put some on your finger and apply it to your nipples Jay

Sally I…

What Jay?

I want to stroke it, I want to stroke my cock.

No. Don’t. Put the pre cum on your nipples Jay, lube them.

Yes, I did.

Is there more pre cum?


Put some on your finger Jay, and place it in your mouth. It will prepare you for what you are going to do.


You’tr going to fulfill the story about tasting your cum Jay, you;re going to do it for me, and for my friend.

Your friend?

Yes, her name is Tiana, she is watching with me.

Oh I….yes, you said you might have a friend, it’s ok-hi friend.

She says hi back to you

Sally, are you dressed still?

Yes, I’m going to remain dressed today although I might put my hand into my panties, I want you to know that while you are nude for me with your hardened cock dripping for me, I am fully clothed as you are standing before me and my friend. You are completely exposed to us.

Do you feel strange touching yourself in front of your friend, isn’t that a little nasty?

Does that thought excite you?

Yes. The thought of her watching you stroke your vagina is very exciting, even more if she touches herself at the same time. I know you aren’t interested in girls, but I can dream can’t I?

Ha ha, yes you can Jay…but remember that you are listening to me, I am instructing you and you are going to be displaying your hardened cock and your swaying balls to me in all of your nakedness, right?

Yes Sally, my hardened cock and swaying balls are exposed to you and your friend right now. I am standing naked and dripping.

Taste your kaçak bahis pre cum Jay, lick your finger. Suck it into your mouth.

I am…Sally, I’m licking my pre cum… I want to cum…I want to cum on you…are you touching yourself…are you stroking your open pussy Sally, are you putting your fingers inside you?

Yes Jay, I am, I am stroking my pussy waiting for you to squirt your cum on my nipples…and then Jay, you are going to taste it, you are going to do that today….now, you may cum on my nipples now, but I have to hear your promise-that you will do it, you will taste the hot cum from my nipples…

I will Sally, I’m going to do it for you, I’m going to cum on you…my eyes are closed, I see you with your knees drawn up your vagina is so open to me, your fingers are plunging in now…your nipples are so hard for me I…mmm. Cumming….I’m squirting ……..onnnn…..youuuuuuuu………….

Lick it now Jay, don’t think about it,…you promised me… lick it, lick it now……….

Uhhhh I’m cumming again…………I’m squirting on youuuu your nipples are dripping my cum, I’m going to lick it now….. I’m tasting it Sally…it is on my tongue, my first taste of my cum from your nipples. I’m eating my cum for you.

Jay….I’m cumming…………uhhhhhh Oh………oh……….I’m squirting……….

Taste your nectar Sally, lick it from your hand…

Uhhhh oh Jay….I’m licking it, my friend is cumming too, she’s screaming….it’s so funny. Wait, give me a minute, my heart is pounding………………..Wow. Ok, now, tell me how it tasted -your cum how was it?

Uhh…pungent, a little odd…I’m a little turned off by the smell of my cum, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought.

Will you do it again Jay?

Only for you Sally, I promise I’ll eat my cum if doing so makes you squirt your cum. I have to clean up, I got cum on my keyboard. Ha ha.

That was fun.

Thank you for letting me know you were fingering your pussy for me, it was my favorite visual.

Anytime sport, anytime.

See you soon.



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