A Difficult Night

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As we brushed our teeth, we stood staring at each other crazily.

A whole night together finally after so many hurdles and ultimately deciding to take the step further to spend the night with each other.

The thought of sleeping with him on a single bed at night gave me shivers down my spine.

I could see him keeping his brush and paste in cabinet and arranging the towel neatly on stand.

He then turned to me and leaned down to kiss me as I could feel our fresh toothpaste smelling lips slowly turning into a beautiful kiss.

He was holding my upper lips with his teeth oh so sweetly as I was biting on his lower lip.

He slowly nudged me to the wall and ducked down little bit to kiss me properly.

His hands were around my waist, trying to hold me tighter and tighter with each moment. I had kept mine on his neck and trying to bring him even closer. I could feel him pressed against my stomach and the thought explodes in my mind of loosing it all in just a moment.

He suddenly stopped kissing me and looked at me with a questioning glance.

He then kept his left hand around my waist and lifted me up with his right hand below my knees.

Sometimes I don’t like that he is taller than me but on times like this it feels worth it. He places slow kisses on my cheek which leave wet reminder of them.

He carries me towards the bed and slowly drops me as if I am just a smallest thing.

He turns around and asks me whether he can turn the lights off.

I give a shy nod with a reminder that we would be entirely in dark once the lights are off.

I shift to one side of the bed so he can climb in with me.

I remember a silly thought of sleeping on different places when we were discussing the thought bets10 of spending night together.

He adjusts the comforter and makes me go inside of it.

He climbs in then and we are just sleeping together without touching each other. We look at each other while he is slowly battling his cute eyelashes.

Oh they makes me want to kiss them so badly. I lean in and kiss his forehead first.

I love it when he puts his head down when I am trying to kiss his forehead.

I move away from him and then kiss his eye lashes each one slowly.

His hands make a movement and he draws me towards him.

It’s bit awkward but we are now cuddled up against one another.

He moved slowly down to my neck and I can feel his breath against my collarbone.

He is slowly caressing the small of my back. I wish to hold him tighter but I know that things might lead on if I take an initiative.

I just hold his hairs on back of his head and draw him in. He takes in a sharp breath as I do that.

“do you mind if I take this off?” he suggests it while holding my night gown which reaches till my knees.

I am confused but the thought of his lips against my skin makes me want to do it.

“I won’t do anything further, I promise.” he tells me like a small child making a promise with pleading eyes.

I silently agree to his request and nod with an affirmation.

His hand move to my knee and uplifts my nighty slowly caressing my thighs and waist and shoulders with his fingers.

God I love how slowly he takes it off as if he can see the slowness of it is making me go crazy.

He doesn’t bat his eyes while staring in mine.

He lifts it up till my neck and I move but up so he can remove it completely. bets10 giriş

I am naked except my panties now.

I have slept necked before just for the thrill of it. but he takes it to an entirely different level.

He throws my nighty on one side of the bed where my hands can’t reach, and laughs mischievously.

Now nothing to hide anymore. I feel shy at once. He slowly moves his hands onto my waist and draws me closer. He is still wearing his shirt though.

The fabric of his shirt is teasing to my bare skin and my breasts. Now he moved downwards from my neck again moving way too slowly.

A sudden cry of urge escapes from my mouth.

“you like that? sleeping with nothing on you?”

He asks me with his muffled voice though my chest.

“ahmm” i just moan with a yes.

He slowly turns to my right breast and places soft kisses on my skin.

while his other hands is slowly touching the sides of my left breast but not touching it just yet.

I cant express how his this indirectness turns me oh.

He is slowly stroking my skin with his hands and lips. As his lips move bit inward and stop right an inch away from my nipple.

I can feel his coarse beard scratching against me. I look at him and find him looking at me with his eyes glinting in dark.

” I want milk. where is milk in thish?” he asks me flirting in childlike voice.

I gently slap him on his cheek and tell him that there’s no milk yet. There will be when we will have kids.

“No. I want it now.” he squeezes my one breast with his hand.

“Ah.. honey. you are a good boy na. I will let you have some when we will have kids okay.” I tell him while holding his hair in my fingers.

“no. I want mole. I want bets10 güvenilir mi sho much okay?” he talks like a baby and it just drives me mad.

I imagine the time when I will be actually breastfeeding him after we have kids. I imagine him being a baby about it and complaint that our kids gets the most of it.

He moves slowly in and kisses me around my breast and then looks at me one more time.

“can i just suck on them, even if there’s no milk?” he asks me in a sweet voice.

“yes my dear. they are all yours.” I said and he moves his lips to my nipple. taking it in and slowly sucking on them.

I can feel his teeth’s against my auroras and his tongue slowly teasing me.

He turns me on my back and settles himself in between my legs.

It feels scandalous but I want him to suck me.

He moves his hands on my breast and slowly pinches them. I arch my back for him to suck on them. He moves his one hand down to my shoulder and lifts me up slowly so I don’t have to arch. I hold his head and draw him in to suck on me.

He looks like a baby in paradise with his eyes closed and in between he opens them to check on me.

He has started to bite me now, as I can feel his teeth’s against me.

He bites me and it makes a strange sound of breaking muscles.

“Is it okay? if I bite them?” he asks me and I reply with a “please. honey… please bite harder ”

He takes his tongue out and teases me with it, it drives me crazy as I see him doing that to me.

I can feel something happening beyond our control and I ask him to stop.

He gets away from me and we again settle in a comforting cuddle.

He shifts slowly down to my chest, and whispers, ” i am going to sleep like this everyday when we get married. I want to have milk also.. will you give it to me?”

“yes my baby. my sweet naughty baby boy.”

And he bites me playfully on my nipple.

“Go to sleep now naughty boy. your girlfriend is tired and you should sleep now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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