A Discreet Intention

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She had seen him before at the gym and found him very attractive. Then, one day, when their eyes met while she was lying on the bench press, the intense craving began, and she hungered for him. Day after day, with a discreet intention, she stole glimpses while he worked out. From afar, she watched him on the pull up bar. His hard body and strength impressed her; she had to have him.

Slowly, they began exchanging hellos and then one morning, as she ran on the treadmill, he walked over to her. She felt very comfortable talking to him and found his smile irresistible. She asked him if he wanted to exchange phone numbers, and to her excitement, he did. They made plans for him to come over that night.

The anticipation of his arrival got to her. Throughout the day she could not help but wonder how his body would feel against hers and how his hands would feel gliding over her body. Gently leaning back on her pillows, she put her vibrator on her clit, imagining it was his mouth. She grabbed her breasts gently and illegal bahis played with her nipples, pinching and pulling them, as she hoped he would do to her. Closing her eyes, she began fucking herself with her dildo. When she fantasized that it was his cock deep inside her pussy, thrusting back and forth, she could no longer hold back, and with intense moaning, was overtaken.

That evening she slipped on a wraparound, pink dress that hung tightly to her curves. Upon seeing herself in the mirror, she smiled and thought how he could easily lift it up and have his way with her. When he arrived, she invited him in, and after they talked for a while on the couch, he reached for her and said, “Come over here.” Thrilled, she slid her body close to his, and they kissed for hours. His mouth was invitingly wet and warm, and the way his tongue felt as it touched hers drove her to the edge of excitement. When he kissed her neck, she felt his chest press up against her breasts, and her nipples hardened. His hard body, coupled illegal bahis siteleri with the sensation of his touch, made her wet.

She stood up and led him to the bedroom where he noticed her toys on the bed. Undressing her slowly, he opened the top part of her dress and held her exposed breasts firmly while sucking on her nipples. He unzipped his pants, and at the sight of seeing his cock in its most excited state, her clit pulsated in pleasure. He stroked himself as she sultrily bent over onto the bed and then backed up onto him, rubbing her ass on his cock. As she wanted, he lifted her pink dress, and then put her arms behind her back, held her wrists and pinned her to the bed where he ground his cock into her craving cunt. Her screams and moans only made him harder. She thought he was a perfect fit. He released one of her hands and put her dildo in her mouth.

Continuing to fuck her, he watched her suck on it and lick its shaft, like it was his own. Pulling his cock out, he spread her ass canlı bahis siteleri and nuzzled it with his mouth and tongue, licking her until she came. He then lifted her up and placed her onto his lap where he bounced her up and down on his hard cock. Tightly holding onto her waist, he thrust himself deeply inside of her and came. He then turned her over and roughly began finger fucking her. When she was close to coming once more, he pulled his fingers out and put them in her mouth and watched her suck on them. He then drew her pussy back into his mouth, licking her clit until she arched her back in pure pleasure. Wrapping her in his strong arms, he held her closely, and they rested until they longed for one another once more.

Smiling, she asked him, “Will you fuck my mouth?” She dropped to her knees on the floor, and he began sliding his cock in and out of her wet mouth. She wrapped her tongue around him, making him very aroused. Grabbing her hair tightly, he pushed and pulled her head back and forth on his cock, and then with great intensity, came hard. For a while, he kept his cock rested on her tongue and, to her delight, came twice more. With much intention, she swallowed every drop of him. In that moment, nothing made her happier than to have him in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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