A Hidden Lesson Pt. 02

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Female Ejaculation

Simon arrived at college in plenty of time for his lesson which by sheer luck happened to be French with Miss Duval, the object of his desires.

Usually Simon was incredibly focused but the events from the previous evening had proved to be quite distracting and of course his lack of attention was not lost on Miss Duval who prided herself on knowing her students inside and out.

“Simon, can you give me an example?”

Simon flushed, “I’m sorry, “he stuttered. “I don’t know…”

“No, you won’t know will you?” Miss Duval interrupted, “If you had been listening to me in the first instance rather than daydreaming, you would have known what the question was?”

Simon looked at her sheepishly and could feel his cock stir in his jeans as his eyes dropped down to the French teacher’s cleavage that looked like it was straining to escape her tight fitting blouse. The sternness of her tone only served to excite him further.

“I want to see you after the lesson Simon.”

Miss Duval turned her back on the class and started to write a list of French questions on her whiteboard.

“Great, “thought Simon. “She wants me to concentrate then proceeds to turn round so I can see her arse through her tight pin stripe skirt and I can also see two bump on her thighs which suggests she is wearing suspenders.”

Simon saw a flash of Miss Duval undressed in her bra, stockings and suspenders in his mind. Slowly she was bending over her desk spreading her legs wide, begging him to fuck her.

His fantasy was broken as Miss Duval spun round on her heel, her black marker in hand. Quickly she fired questions around the class until thankfully for the students; the college bell rang heralding the end of the lesson.

The sound of chairs being scraped back as the students hurriedly grabbed their bags to get to their next lesson on time, resounded around the classroom. Simon remained seated concentrating on looking at the pen in his hand, too shy and embarrassed to look up.

He heard the classroom door shut and felt a slight breeze against his cheek and smelt a waft of perfume as Miss Duval passed by his desk.

“Look at me Simon,” she said as she sat on her desk in front of him. Carefully she crossed her legs, pulling down the hem of her skirt as if to try and cover the upper half them which was clearly an impossible feat seeing as her skirt was, a) too tight and b) at best it was just a centimeter past thigh length.

“Right, would you care to tell me what happened this morning Simon? You’re usually one of my best pupils, however, today it’s like you are living in another world.”

Simon shrugged, “I didn’t get much sleep last night that’/s all.”

Miss Duval raised her eyebrows, “Really, and why not?”

Simon felt his cheeks flush with the heat of embarrassment. He could hardly say that he had been kept awake listening to his father fucking his Aunt and the fact that this had led to a marathon masturbation session. A session which had heavily involved Miss Duval being forced to put her lips round his cock.

Instead, Simon looked up and had no other option but to lie, “I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep. It just happens sometimes, it happens to everyone I suppose.”

Miss Duval nodded, “Of course we all have nights when sleep eludes us, but to be honest Simon I don’t believe you. I could understand if you looked like you could just fall asleep at any moment, but you was positively distracted the whole lesson. Do you have things on your mind?”

Simon wanted to tell Miss Duval the reason he had been kept up all night, just to see the reaction on her face, to see if the situation turned her on. He almost laughed out loud at his preposterous thought. Jesus, if he told Miss Duval what was really on his mind he wouldbe expelled on the spot for talking such filth to a teacher.

“You see Simon,” Miss Duval continued, “I know what lads of your age are like, all that testosterone flooding through you and not to mention how readily available porn is these days. Gosh there is a prolific amount of it on the internet. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get a hundred percent attendance rate, especially from the lessons that are first thing in the morning.”

She paused and smiled at Simon before leaning forward, gently stroking his cheek with her hand. “I know you fancy me Simon,” she said gently. “In fact, I know exactly which pupils desire me, why do you think I always sit on my desk? It’s to tease you all because I know you all want to look up my skirt,”

Miss Duval gave a small laugh, “Sometimes I reward all the adulation by giving a quick flash of my knickers.”

Simon’s ears started to pound, his heart banging in his chest. He rubbed his sweaty palms against his jeans. Never in a million years could he have envisaged this happening. If he didn’t know any better he would think that Mandy had possibly dropped an acid tablet in his bottle of water because he felt like he was having a vivid trip. It was as if all his thoughts had been sent out into the universe and the one thing he had been wanking over was halkalı escort coming true.

Miss Duval looked up at the clock on the classroom wall, “Listen, I can’t keep you any longer from your next lesson, Mr Dunn will be livid with me, but have you got any free periods today?”

Simon licked his dry lips, “I have a free period after lunch.”

Miss Duval’s eyes widened, “Really? It just so happens I have the same period free too and then there’s lunchtime and I don’t have anything planned.”

She tapped her perfectly manicured nails on the desk deep in thought. Finally she looked up like she had finally worked out her master plan, “Have you made any plans for lunch?”

Simon usually went to the local café with his friends but he wasn’t going to admit that to Miss Duval, not if she had anything better to offer him. He shook his head, “No, I don’t have any plans for today.”

Miss Duval nodded, “Okay, come back here at lunchtime ok?”

Simon nodded and stood up, throwing his holdall over his shoulder, “I’ll see you then, “He said before quickly leaving the room.

The hour Simon had to endure in Geography before it was time for lunch dragged and dragged and if Simon had been distracted in French, there was very little chance after what had happed with Miss Duval that he would be able to concentrate now.

The college bell rang finally heralding the end of the lesson and Simon felt is stomach lurch with anticipation. As he left the classroom and walked into the corridor, Simon was met by his friend Alan.

“Are you still coming to the caff?” Alan asked, as he plugged his earphones into his phone, placing one in his ear.

“I can’t, I have to go and see Miss Duval to go through some revision stuff,” Simon lied.

Aland frowned, “What at lunchtime?”

Simon nodded, “Yeah because I can’t go at home time because we have football practice and its mock exams next week.”

Alan shook his head and patted Simon’s back, “Football practice has been cancelled. Apparently Mr Walker is off sick and Mr James has to take the badminton team to an away match. Anyway, got to go and catch up with the others.”

Simon watched as Alan darted up the college corridor weaving in and out of the other pupils, before disappearing through the double doors. Making his way to Miss Duval’s classroom, he didn’t have a clue what she had planned but the fertile side of his sexual imagination couldn’t help but move into overdrive.

He imagined her unzipping her skirt and letting it drop to the floor before unbuttoning her blouse. He imagined her displaying her body to him in all its horny glory, his cock started to twitch at the thought.

As his steps echoed around the corridor, his mind hopped to images of Miss Duval kneeling before him, unzipping his jeans and pulling his cock out of his boxers. Her lips were glistening with desire to suck him relentlessly. By the time Simon reached the classroom his cock was rigid fit to burst. He knocked on the classroom door before opening it and walking inside.

Miss Duval was sat at her desk marking some papers, she looked up and gave Simon a smile that told him she was genuinely please to see him.

“Ahh, glad you could make it Simon,” she pushed her chair out from beneath her desk and stood up before walking over to the classroom door.

Taking a key out of her blouse pocket she locked the door and pulled the narrow blind down to cover the glass, before walking over to the other side of the classroom and doing the same with the other window blinds. Flicking off the classroom light switch she walked over to Simon.

“Right, that’s better all nice and private and I don’t know about you but the brightness of those lights is really off putting.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Simon said, his heart thudding in his chest so hard it was giving him palpitations.

Miss Duval sat on her desk, perching her pert bottom on the end of it.

“So Simon, would you care to tell me what exactly had kept you up last night? Were you wanking? Put your bag down on the floor and sit down, standing there all awkward is making me feel uncomfortable.”

Simon dropped his holdall on the floor and did as he was told.

“So tell me, where you wanking?”

Simon nodded, “Yes.”

“What? All night?”

“Not all night but for the majority of it,” Simon admitted.

“How many times did you cum?”

Simon watched as Miss Duval unbuttoned the first button on her blouse, the material gaped and Simon saw a bit more of her famous cleavage.

“About three times I think.”

Miss Duval raised her eyebrows, “Three times eh? And what did you wank about?” she asked opening another button on her blouse.

“I dunno, all sorts of things.”

“Oh come on Simon,” Miss Duval admonished. “You must have been thinking about me surely, go on tell me the scenario.”

Simon watched as she started to unclip her hair before shaking her locks free so they tumbled across her shoulders. She taksim escort pouted at him, adopting the air of a truculent little girl.

“Please tell me,” she pleaded.

Simon swallowed down the lump in his throat. Never in his wildest dreams could he ever have imagined being placed in this particular situation.

“Yeah, I fantasise about you,” he conceded. “I imagine you sat on your desk and you hitch up your skirt and show me your stockings and suspenders. You push your skirt up around your waist and move yourself to the middle of the desk, propping your feet on the edge and opening your legs so I can see your knickers.”

To Simon’s surprise, Miss Duval did exactly what he had fantasised about.

“Shall I tell you what I fantasise about when I am ready to relax after a hard day of teaching?” She asked.

Simon nodded, God his cock was throbbing ready to explode.

“I imagine that while I am teaching you, you unzip your pants and play with your cock under the desk. Plenty of times I have used my vibrator and imagined it’s your cock Simon and that is’ the truth. I have brought myself to many an orgasm thinking of you fucking me.”

Miss Duval opened her legs and showed Simon the black triangle of lace that was housing her pussy.

“Do it then, “Miss Duval ordered. “Take out your cock and play with yourself under the desk and get yourself hard for me.”

Simon fumbled with the button his jeans before pulling down n his zip, unleashing his cock from his boxers; it was as hard as a pole. Slowly he stroked himself with his fingers, before gripping his cock, moving his hand up and down his shaft.

Satisfied he was now doing as he was told; Miss Duval slipped her fingers inside her knickers and started to rhythmically play with herself.

“Tell me more about this fucking me fantasy,” she said as Simon watched her fingers start to move faster and faster. He felt an overwhelming urge to see her pussy but also liked the tease.

“I imagine you pull your knickers to one side and show me your pussy. You tell me how much you want my cock inside you, but first you want us to tease each other.”

Miss Duval groaned before again doing exactly what he had said. She pulled her knickers to one side and showed Simon her shaven pussy. Her lips were perfect; in fact it was the nicest cunt Simon had ever seen, even nicer than the ones he had filed into his favourite file of porn shots.

He watched as Miss Duval’s fingers moved across the hood that housed the nub of her pussy. Slowly at first she rubbed until she picked up pace, Simon watched and saw her pussy lips start to glisten as she continued to pleasure herself.

“Have you ever fucked anyone Simon?” She asked her voice hoarse with horny passion.

“No,” Simon admitted. “I haven’t but I’d love to.”

He touched the tip of his cock and felt the familiar drip of pre cum. Jesus, if he wasn’t careful he would blow his load right there and then.

“Umm, ” Miss Duval murmured. “That is so horny and fits in perfectly with all my fantasies.”

She sat up and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse before slipping it off her slender shoulders, showing Simon her ample cleavage encased in a black satin push up bra. She slid off the desk and licked her lips.

“In my fantasy, I kneel down under the desk and suck your cock. Have you ever had your cock sucked?”

Simon shook his head.

“Well, we will have to sort that out for you wont we? Push your jeans and underwear down to your ankles; I don’t want any restrictions okay?”

Simon really felt like he had died and gone to heaven as he pulled down his jeans and freed himself from the restraints of his boxers. Miss Duval knelt down on the classroom floor and crawled across to him, her perfectly peach shaped arse in the air.

God, Simon so wanted to feel it in his hands. He wanted to fuck her from behind, feel her pussy on his cock. Mentally he switched his thoughts to reciting the alphabet in his head or he was definitely going to cum.

Miss Duval disappeared under his desk and took his hand off his cock before replacing it with her own.

“Oh you are quite a big boy aren’t you?” Miss Duval commented in a tone of approval. “I knew you’d have a big cock,” she said as she moved her hand up and down his shaft.

Simon swallowed down a lump in his throat and gasped as Miss Duval squeezed the tip of his cock tightly before continue to wank him.

“I’ve watched you plenty of times whilst you practice for the football team. Those sturdy thighs of yours and tight bum really turn me on.”

Simon suddenly felt a warm wet sensation as Miss Duval put his cock in her mouth, moving it down to the bottom until her mouth encompassed the whole of his dick before moving them back up. Her tongue flicked around the top, licking up his pre cum juices with vigor.

“Where do you want to cum first Simon?” She asked. “Do you want to blow your load in my mouth or shall I take your sweet virginity away first?”

To be fair, in Simon’s mind they both sounded şişli escort like an awesome option but he had to remember what his original sole aim was, to lose his virginity. Plus, some of his friends had discussed the fact that it was easier to get a girl to suck your cock rather than fuck them. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity on a whole different level. He was actually going to fuck his a teacher!

“I’d rather you fuck me, well I fuck you,” Simon added, not quite sure which way he should have made his announcement. The bell heralding the end of lunch time resounded around the corridor outside the classroom.

Miss Duval gave Simon’s cock one more long hard suck before Simon saw her stocking clad legs appear from behind the desk.

“Good job we both have a free period,” Miss Duval announced standing up, smiling at Simon.

Outside Simon could hear the kerfuffle of the other student’s mulling around the corridor making their way to their lessons and he smiled to himself. He was going to have the best free period of his life, one that was going to teach him a few lessons.

Miss Duval walked around the desk and stood in front of him.

“Pull out your chair,” She ordered as she unclipped her bra, allowing her breasts to fall free. Breasts that were full and round with delicate brown nipples that were stood out on end. She pulled down her knickers so she was totally naked apart from her stockings and suspenders.

“I would normally leave my knickers on,” she whispered. “But being a virgin, you would probably find them a hindrance. Under usual circumstances I like them just to be pulled roughly to the side as I get fucked hard. Don’t look so scared Simon, we will progress to that, and don’t you worry.”

She bent down and kissed Simon’s lips gently before opening her mouth. Simon followed suit and kissed her back. He might have been a virgin but Simon had kissed plenty of girls and had actually been told he as good at it. As his tongue found Miss Duval’s he marvelled at the sensation, her minty fresh breath and the smell of her musky perfume. Slowly she took her lips away from his.

“Kneel on the floor Simon,” she whispered in his ear. “When you fuck a woman you always have to prepare her pussy for your cock. I am a woman and I know what women want and they like to have their pussies warmed up before any real action takes place. That is the start of today’s important lesson and one I suggest you don’t forget in the future.”

She pointed to the floor with a perfectly manicured finger, “So kneel, there’s a good boy.”

Simon did as he was bid and knelt on the floor in front of Miss Duval. He watched as she inched forward so her pussy was over the top of his head. She reached down and tilted his chin so his mouth was inches away from her plump pussy.

“Lick me,” she ordered.

Simon did as he was told and stroked his tongue up and down her pussy lips. He was quite tentative at first, taking in Miss Duval’s pussy juices and their taste. He felt her hands hold the back of his head and pushed her pussy further into his face so he as left with no alternative but to put his tongue inside her.

“Umm,” she whispered. “That’s good baby. Lick my hole, keep dipping your tongue inside. Stiffen your tongue so it’s as hard as your cock.”

Simon did as he was told and pushed his tongue inside her hole. Involuntarily, his hands felt for his cock and he stroked it as his tongue moved in and out of his teacher.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” Miss Duval moaned. “Dip it in and out faster and faster, prepare me baby for your big cock.”

In and out Simon pushed his tongue, excited for the moment when his tongue would be replaced by his cock.

“Rub your nose on my clit,” Miss Duval ordered.

Pulling Simon again by his chin, she moved his face so his nose was exactly where she wanted it to be. Pulling on his hair, Miss Duval moved his head round and round.

“Oh Jesus that’s so good,” she groaned. “Umm you are good at this Simon, I am looking forward to you getting better and better over time.”

Spurred on by her encouraging comments, Simon decided to give it his all. His tongue licked her insides before he moved his nose in circular motions. He felt Miss Duval’s legs start to tremble as he continued on his mission with vigor. The trembling turned into a shake, a shake that seemed to build, until it reached some kind of crescendo. Miss Duval held on to Simons head tightly to steady herself, whilst he could barely breathe.

“”Simon, I’m going to cum,” Miss Duval panted and suddenly she gave out a moan. “Oh yes, I’m coming, push your fingers inside me.”

Simon did as he was told and suddenly he felt a splash of liquid on his thigh as Miss Duval’s pussy started to pump out a spray juices. Slowly her legs stopped shaking and finally she let go of Simon’s head.

After she had composed herself she knelt down beside him on the floor and kissed him.

“Let me lick my juices from your face,” she whispered. “For me that’s the horniest thing about oral sex, being able to taste your own juices on someone’s face and in their mouth.”

Simon allowed Miss Duval’s tongue to pick up whatever juices she saw fit to collect. For him he was only interested in the next stage of his lesson and he stroked his cock in anticipation. He wanted to make sure he was hard enough so that his cock would fill Miss Duval’s pussy to the hilt.

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