A Joy Ride

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I have been traveling by trains all my life, but the return journey from Kerala LAST June turned out to be the most interesting, enjoyable and memorable one for me. A cousin of my husband’s was getting married and I decided to attend along with my children. My husband cried off at the last minute as he had to travel urgently on business.

I got to meet a lot of relatives after a long while, but the most interesting one was Prasad. He is one of my husband’s numerous cousins and I had met him just a couple of times a few years back Prasad lost his wife in an accident a couple of years ago and has been single since, bringing up his only son alone. It was at the wedding that I got to know him well and we hit it off. I could not help notice how attractive he was keeping himself fit with a combination of yoga and swimming.

After the wedding, my in laws, who were in Kerala made me leave the kids behind as it was school holidays anyway. So I had to travel back alone to Bangalore. Prasad informed me that he too was traveling to Bangalore on business.

My sister in law dropped me off at the rail station and Prasad arrived separately just a few minutes before the departure. We were in the same first class coach, but different cabins. Luckily I happened to be the only passenger in my cabin.

As is customary, I was in a sari through the wedding and Prasad had not seen me in anything else. I was wearing an orange cotton sleeveless top and a white salwar. I noticed that Prasad was a little surprised to see me in this attire. It was confirmed when he complimented me on my looks.

As the train started to leave the station, Prasad came to my cabin and started making small talk. After a while the ticket inspector came to check our tickets. Prasad left anadolu yakası escort for his cabin and did not come back for a while. So I decided to step out of the cabin. I stood near the door watching the setting sun in the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.

A little later, Prasad joined me and was standing really close to me. I was holding a handle overhead to balance myself. Prasad kept staring at my armpits and initially it made me a bit uncomfortable. So I dropped my hands and this had the effect of pushing me forward. As I tried to balance myself, I brushed against Prasad’s shoulders. It was as though an electric current passed through me.

It was also getting humid and warm as it was cloudy. It soon started to rain, lightly initially, but heavily afterwards. The rains lashed against the windows and our clothes got wet I decided to go back to my cabin. Prasad followed me and sat next to me.

Our conversation turned to kids and family and then about he missed his wife. I asked him if he was looking for someone. He then said that his wife was extremely beautiful and I agreed with him. “Yeah, I know. she was very beautiful and attractive”, I told him.

“You are also very beautiful and attractive”, he told me touching my knees gently.

I blushed a little and said “Thank you”.

I was a little embarrassed.

“You know you are an extremely attractive man” I said.

He seemed pleased.

He came a couple of inches closer to me. His knees were almost touching mine this time I wanted to see where it was taking us. I too moved an inch closer to him and our knees were now definitely locked.

I knew that he loved staring at my arm pits so raised my arms to adjust ataşehir escort my hair.

I looked down to see if there was a tent inside his trousers and sure enough there was. Prasad would have swallowed me if he could and I was enjoying myself thoroughly.

He made the next move by putting his hand round my arms.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

He was a bit embarrassed and said “Sorry” and tried to remove his hands.

I locked his hands under my arms and said “I only asked you what you were doing. I didn’t say, don’t do it”.

I must have given a naughty smile.

Now he drew me close. My left arm was brushing his chest and my hands were over his thighs

He took my right hand and started kissing them he started blowing air over my hands all the way to the arms. His other hand was now around my waist squeezing my tummy.

I fell face down on his thighs and my boobs were now pressing his thigh. My left hand was round his waist.

He bent down and started licking my neck and earlobes.

I was now sitting on his thighs and he was holding my around my groin area. His hard cock was grazing my ass. I took his right hand and pressed them against my boobs. He started pressing my boobs really hard and bit my neck.

We turned around. I started licking his cheeks and then bit his lips gently. I held my tongue out and started licking all round his lips. He put his hands inside my top and started to rub my back gently at first and furiously later.

I removed the first button on his shirt. I grabbed the chest hair. I started massaging his chest furiously making nail marks all over his front and back.

I then helped him remove my top and unbuttoned his shirt. ümraniye escort He then rubbed my back all over and unhooked my bra. The bra came out and boobs popped out. He then put his heads and started licking my boobs furiously. He grabbed my left tits by his lips and started making circles around them.

I was ecstatic.

I unzipped his pants and put my hands in his underwear and grabbed his cock and started stroking them furiously.

“Gently, not so fast” he screamed.

So I took my hands off his cock, brought the pants down a bit and started to caress his thighs

He loosened my salwar and put his hands on my panties and stared playing with my pussy. He then squeezed my but with his other hand.

My salwar was now on the ground and so were his pants. I was in nothing by my panties and he in his underwear and unbuttoned shirt.

I thrust my legs against his and rubbed them furiously.

I then grabbed his cock and this time he let me stroke it. I stroked it furiously and he screamed at least half a dozen times as I also squeezed his balls.

His fingers were also deep inside my cunt and playing with my clit. I spread my legs to let his finger in deeper.

He then took his finger out and licked it and thrust it into my mouth. I licked his finger all over.

He then bent down and started licking my pussy and sucking the juices out. the rotating action of his tongue was driving me crazy. I locked his neck around my thighs. he was breathless for a moment and so I had to remove them.

He then grabbed me by my shoulders, pushed me down and thrust his cock into my mouth. I started licking it and then took the whole cock into my mouth.

I sucked his cum in got up and kissed his lips furiously and both our faces were full of his cum.

We then heard some noise outside and realized dinner was being brought in. So we stopped, quickly dressed up, went to the toilet and cleaned up.

We both enjoyed ourselves and vowed that we would continue our fun a little later.

What followed will be described later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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