A Knight’s Tail

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The maiden sits alone in her quarters, lonely and lost with her beloved knight so far away at war. She does not think of his danger tonight, but only of how much she misses him. Misses his smile, his warm hands and strong arms. She aches inside to feel his touch again and whispers to him through the distance.

“I read your magnificent love letters, and believe me when I say, ohhhhh how I would love making love to you. Let me tell you how I love you, my far away knight. I sit down and place my foot on a chair beside me, of course I have had my lavender bubble bath and I am smelling sexy, feeling sexy and ready for love. I lift up a letter of yours and begin to read as I touch myself. Ummmmm Holding my tender breasts in my hands, massaging them ever so gently, sometimes a bit more firmly. Then I start rolling and rubbing my stiffening nipples between my thumbs and fingers and start pulling them, twisting them, just as you have done the few times we managed to be alone together. Then, once I am ready, I reach down and lift my breast to kiss my left tit and lick the nipple, my hot tongue sliding right across the budding tip. My red lips gliding over my brown nipple. Ohhhhh, how my nipple shines in the light of the candle. I then reach for my glass of water, cold spring water, and dab a bit of water on each nipple. Ummmmm Cold, chill, hard. Ummmmm Oh, my Knight!”

Her passionate young knight has ridden most of the day, through the dusk, and into the night to be here, his lust driving him hard across country. He slipped over the fence, and climbed the wall to find his maiden, his love, his reason for living. And, seated at her dressing table, smelling of lavender, she sits like a vision from his dreams! The thin white chemise is pulled down to reveal the smooth white mounds of her tender breasts, and he nearly runs to her, but is stayed when he sees she is lost in a dream, or a spell of some kind. So, he watches, and waits to see what sorcery this may be. Though the sight drives him crazy with pent-up lust, he watches as she touches herself just as he has dreamed of caressing her on so many nights. So he waits and listens to her softly whispered voice.

“Then, I reach for the ice cube and rub it on my soft, soft lips, then I press the ice to my nipple, making it tighten with the chill. I rub it around until there is only cold water dripping from my breasts. Again I lick my nipples with my tongue, tasting myself, and thrilling to the touch of my own tongue. I think of your hand stroking the side of my face and you reaching for my chin and open my mouth a bit and closer, closer. Our tongues meet and the tips touch. Ummmmm. My eyes close and I can nearly feel you with me, how your tongue moistens my mouth and we French kiss our way, our special way. I am feeling all the heat and passion of our lust and as if by magic, it seems to become real.”

The young knight stands alone and quiet in the darkness, watching his maiden as she dreams of him. He sees her there with her luscious lips lifted as if for a kiss, and he quietly steals to her side, and bends to touch her lips with his. Their lips meet, their tongues touch, a flood of passion carries him away to her dreamland of passion and lust. Then, her eyes open to see him and her body opens to him and it is like a dream come to life and she continues her mental narration.

Then you gaze into my green eyes, and reach slowly to touch my rising breasts, teasing and pinching my nipples, pulling them and making the buds nearly burst in your fingers. Our kiss continues and your hand slips lower toward my pussy, my tender, moist and smooth pussy. You brush the soft material aside, almost as if to say vanish ‘vanish fabric, and let me in’ then you glide your hand to my soft milky white thighs and pull me closer, your burning touch sending hot lances through my body. Then the hard iron of the chastity belt stops your fingers from poking me. Brushing my hips and tummy to feel its extent you trace it’s iron grip. As if to make it disappear, you brush it with your fingers, ‘Vanish iron corset! Vanish!’ but alas, nothing vanishes and I am still encased in the steel girdle.

“Oh, dearest lover,” the knight pleads in anguish, “In what foul constraints have you been bound?”

“Oh, my sweet Knight!.” The maiden moans in desire and confusion as though seeing her lover here, alive in the flesh she loves so deeply. bahis firmaları She wonders if the depth of her needs has brought him to her from afar. “My darling, you know that my Lord has promised to keep me safe from all while you are away. This iron cage is but meant to keep me safe for you! And now what was meant to keep me safe for you, will keep my treasure from you! I want you, my darling, but now we are confounded, for He holds the only key!” She sobs at the cruelty of it all. Safe for him, and unable to give herself to him either. Now what to do?

He kisses her passionately, mashing her full lips like the grapes at harvest to taste the wine of her sweet mouth. His hand roughly squeezes her tender breast, and the other grips the tender cushion of her soft bottom to pull her closer so that she may feel the raging passion that she has aroused within him. His bulging crotch presses hard against her and she feels his need as though it were her own.

“Oh, my stallion. I want you so. Take me! Take me and make me your willing wench.” She moans as he kisses and bites her neck and roughly mauls the generous globes of her ass as he humps his throbbing rod against the metal shield protecting her virgin sex.

“My love, my darling, I want you so!” He says in anguish. “But, your treasure is guarded by walls of steel! How can I take your treasure with such a fortress to protect you?”

They kiss with lusty passion, their minds reeling with desire and the frustration of their situation. Until she has a new thought. “There might be a way, my brave knight.” She whispers in his ear. “Even the strongest fortress has its weakness, you know that. And though the front gate is barred, there may be another way in, a secret entrance, a back way into the palace. Are you brave enough to seek out the ‘backdoor’ to the castle of my love? Would you be bold enough to enter through the secret tunnel to find the treasure within?”

He can hear the teasing grin in her voice as the gist of her offer sinks into his lust addled brain. Yes, the plan has possibilities, he could enter from the rear! It is a wicked way and yet highly satisfactory substitute for the frontal attack that seems impossible in the current situation. His searching fingers reach further into the valley of her fundament and he touches the closed door of her secret back passage. His finger rubs the warm crinkled skin at her rear opening, and he tests the passage with a finger tip. Tight, so very tight and small, he truly wonders if this passage can accommodate the his invasion.

“My passion only grows hotter!” She groans at his touch. “My knight, take this wench, turn her over, spread her legs with yours, and take this wenches ass!” She is as lost to lust as he, and can not resist his advances, though it may mean the ravishment of her most tender path.

He spins her around, bends her over the dressing table and pull up her robe. It flies up, the soft fabric caressing each cheek of her bottom as he throws the thin material over her back, clearing his work area, making a path to the treasure of his maiden.

“You want to fuck this wench’s ass my dear Knight? It wants you, it aches for you, for your passion. Take the hidden path to my heart my lover! Use the backdoor to my palace!” She cries out, lost to her lust.

He strips off his tunic and breeches and presses his rampant member against the softness of her tender butt cheek. It aches and beats, thumping along the mounds of her bottom. They both feel how the tip reaches up, yearning for excitement, it reaches for lust and release. He spreads her legs with his, pinning her from behind, straddling her as she is bent over the table.

“Oh my hearty knight! Take me, make use of your lusty wench and fuck me now! Oh God! I feel it!”

His two strong hands grasp her ass cheeks, pulling her tight against his twitching cock. He rubs his sword through her tender crevice, feeling the heat of her enflamed body. This only increases her own aching desire as his shaft slides back and forth across the sensitive portal of her back passage. She pushes back against him, wanting him to be in her, to feel his rod plumbing the very depths of her willing body.

“Ohhhhh!” She swoons and breathes deeply, her chest heaving as he touches her. Her mind races at the lust she feels and she thinks that this is a knight knows how to conquer kaçak iddaa his land and make it his own. She feels him kneeling down behind her to kiss her cushioned bottom as though praying to her tender butt.

“ Oh! Your hot kisses burn my butt! I love your tender kisses. But, this is not right. I beg of you, my Knight, do not kneel behind me like this. ’Tis my job, your very own wench’s job, to kneel down to you! Please, my master, let me kneel to you.” She pleads as he continues to lavish his oral attentions on her soft and smooth butt cheeks.

He stands up, dragging his hard cock along the back of her thigh, across her taught ass cheek. His strong hand rubs up her spine, reaching for her long silken hair and pulls it slowly, turning her face to look deep in his eyes and he says: “I want you! I want my wench now!” He kisses her ever so deeply on the lips, then returns to his quest. He bends her over and again kneels behind her and spreads her ass cheeks. He starts licking her sweet, red, puckered, asshole, making it ready for fucking. He wets and caresses her clenched backdoor with his probing tongue and kneads her butt with his strong hands. His lusty attentions only enflame her body more, and she moans out her passion and her need.

“Feel how I need you! My body is quivering under your touches. See how my tunnel opens for you. I ache for you! Yesssssss! Yesssssss, fuck me! Please, my Knight, fuck me! I know you want it now! I want you deep inside me. I know you want to take my backdoor. I know you want to fuck my butt as much as I want you too. Take your wench! Yes, I want all of your manhood now. Take me, use me, make me your wicked wench and fuck my asshole!”

He grabs his pulsing cock and turns her around. “Kiss it, wench! Kiss the tip of my sword! Wet my saber so that it will slip easily into your forbidden opening.”

“Gladly, and with pleasure! I willingly lick it for you my brave Knight, my Lord and Master.”

Kneeling to lick and suck on his bulbous pulsing prick, she lavishes her attentions on his throbbing member, stroking the stiff horn with her hands, swirling her tongue around the mushroom head to wet it in preparation for the journey to come. His hands grip her head, twining in her flaxen hair to guide her mouth on his aching cock. She pumps his hot poker, drooling her juices to lubricate it so that her mouth and hands slide smoothly on the stiff pole of his love. She pushes hard, trying to force it ever deeper into her mouth, into her throat, trying to get all of his staff deep into her body to quell the cravings within her. But it isn’t enough. It will never be enough! She aches to have his hard cock shaft in her womb, but knows that will have to wait for their marriage. Until then, she will be content to have it anyway that she can. She feels her asshole clench and release, pulsing in eager anticipation of the coming invasion, and knows that her other maidenhead will be the only one lost tonight.

“Enough! I can take no more of this teasing! My delightful wench, now you will feel my battering ram breaking down your backdoor to enter deep into the bowels of your castle!”

He lifts her by the hair, pulling her mouth from his throbbing cock and turns her to once again lie face down over the dressing table. He sees the glowing mounds of her posterior, and can not resist caressing the smooth flesh of her soft buttocks. Her lusty eagerness overwhelms her and she grips her own butt cheeks, spreading them wide to fully expose the puckered portal of her secret entrance. His cock head slides down the valley of her butt, making a wet and slippery trail through her crease, then rests at the cleft of her waiting gate. His drooling precum wets her and lubricates the tiny hole to ready it for his assault.

“Yes!” She cries out in passion. “Yes! That is the door to my secret tunnel! Take the back path my Knight. Take it and fill me with the full joy of your love! I want this. I want you so badly! Thrust hard my love and skewer me like a suckling piglet on a spit.”

The young knight presses his sword to her hole then thrusts his hips forward. She pulls harder on her buttocks to assist and the tiny hole stretches slightly, then finally yields to the onslaught of his ram. His shaft slides deep into the dark tunnel of her backdoor and she moans in tortured lust at the intrusion into her hidden path. But, she can not kaçak bahis help but feel the joy of their joining as her body accepts the spear of his love deep inside her loins. He withdraws slightly, and makes a second assault, stretching the opening and driving through the tight tunnel, finally gaining the full depth of her forbidden hole. He feels the flexing grip of her snug hole, stroking, milking his rampant member and he knows her joy is at hand! He grinds his hips against her bottom, loving the softness of her tender cheeks. Then he retreats and drives into her again, and again! Ramming deep and pounding against the soft cushions of her butt, he thrusts his flesh sword in and out of her tight tunnel of lust, fucking his willing wench with every bit of his strength.

“Oh! Yesssssss! Yes, my Knight! Take the forbidden path my love! Take me! Fuck me! Rape my asshole. Pillage my back passage. Plunder my booty! I am yours, my darling, take me and use me for your pleasure. Fuck your horny wench and fill her willing asshole to overflowing with your love juice!”

He grunts, she gasps, they moan with lusty abandon as he pummels her posterior, stroking his shaft in and out of her gripping back hole. She moves with him as he rides her like a fast horse at a full gallop, driving to a destination they are both longing for. She feels his fleshy sword stab deeper, and it breaks the bonds of her dam. She quakes beneath him, and the joy floods her mind as her juices gush from her body to run in rivers down her shaking legs. Her mind spins as in a maelstrom as her first orgasm crashes against the walls of her crumbling citadel. She is tossed in the storm and cares not that it sweeps her away.

He feels her body quiver like a bow after the arrow has been loosed, and her inner grip holds his shaft tighter than ever! He thrusts hard one last time, and feels his cock swell with the seed of his loins. One last squeeze from her asshole, and his dam is broken! His pent-up juices blast from his shaft to flood the very bowels of her tunnel! His body shakes and jerks as his soul is shot deep into her sucking butt. She seems to draw the very life from him as he twitches and sprays his steaming cum deep into her forbidden hole, filling her until the juices squirt out past his rod to run down her white thighs.

Finally, when both are spent and drained, he collapses onto her back, panting in her ear as he recovers from the battle. His arms envelop her tenderly and he gently molds his body to hers. They lie there for an unknowable time, basking in the afterglow of their satisfaction, their bodies twitching randomly from the aftershocks of their mutual climax..

“Thank you, my sweet darling, my naughty wench, my only love. Thank you for the pleasure you give to me. Are you hurt? I fear that I have taken you forcefully in the path not so intended and may have done you harm. I had no desire to bring you hurt or pain, but I could not resist your pleading, or my own desires for the pleasures of your body. I will be ashamed if this has damaged you.”

“It is nothing.” She sighs. “Anything that I can do for you, or give to you, is worth it for the joy you bring to me. I would happily let you tear me apart, if these are the feeling that it would bring.” She sighs again, and wiggles her bottom against his to signal that she is well. “‘Tis true that my secret passage is tender and I may find sitting tomorrow to be a bit dicey, but no worse than after the spankings that father used to dish out for my disobedience! And the remembrance of this joy will bring a smile with every twinge I feel!”

Slowly, reluctantly, the knight withdraws his sword from her passage, and sees the stretched and ravaged wound of her no longer ‘secret’ tunnel! Oh, the damage he fears he’s done! But even as he watches her, his own cum oozing from her dilated passage, her body twitches and the gate slowly closes, sealing in the remainder of his love offering. He bends to gently kiss each of her cheeks, then helps her to stand so that he may hug her again. They kiss tenderly, then she takes her tattered chemise and wipes the juices of their mutual spendings from his wilted cock. He pulls on his clothing, his eyes never leaving her naked form, and then, with one last kiss, he departs. She waves as he vaults from the window, then she hears his horse as it gallops into the distance. She wonders if loosing her true maidenhead will be anything like this night of joy. Ah, she will just have to wait and see! She falls to the bed, and barely gets the covers pulled up before blissful sleep, and dreams of joy, overtake her.

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