A Lesson Learned Pt. 01

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This is a story about how I woke up last weekend bare ass naked in a strange place, with no idea how that happened. Well, no idea for a few minutes anyway. The events of the previous evening groggily came back to me.

I had gone out to celebrate my new job with two extremely hot coworkers who happened to be best friends and roommates. We went to a local meat market and then back to their place to sober up and watch tv. We ended up drinking more and watching some soft core porn on one of those pay channels. The girls started to complain about how one sided those movies are, always showing T ‘n A with zero eye candy for the ladies. I tried to be a gentleman and agree with them and they both shared a mischievous look with each other that I found extremely sexy.

“Oh you are so sympathetic, eh Steve?” Mel asked.

“You have no idea how unfair life is for us girls,” Sarah continued.

“Sure I do. Guys are pigs and it’s rough. I get it.” I then tried unsuccessfully to change the subject.

“Why don’t you prove it?” Sarah taunted.


“Hmmmm..give us a minute. We’ll come up with something.”

It was then that the movie heated up and I couldn’t concentrate on our conversation. The movie had a lesbian scene at a pool where two topless women started to make out. The closeups of their nipples rubbing against each other was too much for me and I let out a gasp. This set Mel and Sarah off.

“You’re a pig too!! See!” Sarah laughed.

“No I’m not!!”

“So you wouldnt want to see that? If we took our tops off you wouldn’t want to watch that?”

“Well, I mean…no…I.. just…” I couldn’t focus.

“I tell you what, spend the weekend here. Do and act out everything we say and we’ll show you that Sunday night,” Mel taunted.

“Wait. What do you have in mind?” I nervously asked.

“A weekend of fairness,” Mel stated. “Guys have it so easy. All you have to do is look at us and you can see how we look, bust size and all. And guys have no problem objectifying us. We are going to turn the tables on you this weekend.”

“All I have to do is do what you say? And you’ll do the topless pool thing?”

“Yep,” they said in unison.

“But no nudity, right? I only see cleavage from time to time on you gals, I haven’t seen you naked…yet.”

This seemed to trip them up. They huddled up and whispered. After what felt like an eternity they broke their discussion and Mel said, “Here’s the deal…you do what we say, how we say and you will see us do that scene. No nudity from you…unless you want to get naked, but that will be up to you!” And with that she gave me a sexy smile and a wink.

All of that was coming back to me, but i still had no idea how I was naked in their spare bed. While I was trying to figure that one out, Mel barged into the room. I pulled the covers tighty over my naked body.

“Good morning, sleepy head. How are you today? Ready for some fun?”

“I guess so…actually I think I want to call this off. I wasnt supposed to be naked.”

“We thought you would say that, that’s why we asked you last night that if you were serious, to put all of your clothes outside of the door and sleep naked. And that is what you did.”

I remember that now…they actually said that they sleep naked so it was only fair for me to start now…What did I get myself into?

Sarah bahis firmaları popped in with some toast and juice. “Eat up and we will bring your clothes for today to you. Don’t get too full, we ladies can’t eat much. We have our figures to maintain.”

They both giggled and left me to enjoy breakfast. I started to think that this wouldn’t be too bad. They were getting me clothes and there was that topless scene tomorrow night to look forward to. Just as I finished my juice, Mel walked in looking sexy as hell and carrying a tote bag. She was wearing a tight white tank top and short yoga shorts. She explained that the tote contained my clothes for today and that I was to remember, since I get to ogle some cleavage (and with that she ran her fingers lightly over her breasts causing me to more than stir…) they would be ogling some of me today. And with that she turned and left.

I opened the tote only to find a small pair of shorts made of sweatpant material and a small t-sirt. Not too bad, I thought. Until I put it on. With no underwear the shorts left nothing to the imagination. If I got a hard on I was in serious danger of snaking out of the legs. And I’m pretty sure the back of these shorts showed the beginning of my butt cheeks at the top of both legs. Oh that t-shirt? It stopped at my navel, showing three inches of skin between the shirt d shorts. No chance to cover my bulge.

“Are you ready? Time to go,” Sarah said as she barged in.

“Where to?” I asked trying to act ok with this whole thing. But Sarah’s eyes grew big at the sight of my bulge.

“Wow! Hey Mel! You were right. Those leave nothing to the imagination.”

Mel peered around Sarah and said, “Well, We CAN see what he’s got, but the full effect is still in the imagination…for now!” And they both laughed.

“All right, lets go,” I said trying to cover myself with my hands. “Where are we going anyway?”

“Were going to the beach today, so we thought you needed a suit,” Mel said with a wicked grin. “I’ll drive.”

The ride to the store was torture. The girls were doing their best to get a rise out of me. Mel’s hand was resting on my thigh and lightly rubbing tiny little circles as I rode shotgun, and Sarah was in the back but leaned up with her hand around my neck rubbing my chest. I wasn’t paying attention to were we were going. I was trying very badly to thwart off an erection. I was stiffening up when Mel said, “We’re here!” And I looked up in horror to find we were at an adult store with toys, lingerie and video booths.

As we got out of the car I tried to hide my semi erect cock with my hands but Mel stopped me.

“Oh no! We woman do not cover our cleavage. Everyone gets a look. Do this,” she said as she grabbed my hand and wrapped it around her waist. Sarah did the same. “You are not to move your hands from our waist until we say so, got it?”

I reluctantly agreed as we walked into the adult store with my short shorts tenting and no way for me to cover it up. I was beginning to not like this. Then Sarah said “Here, grab this,” and placed my hand directly on her amazing ass cheek. I was maybe beginning to like this, until both girls rested their hands on my ass cheeks and both lightly rubbed the bare part beneath the hem. I was getting harder.

Things cooled down as we browsed the swimwear. Sarah and Mel picked out a kaçak iddaa white thong that they seemed pleased with. This all was starting to suck, but I kept my eye on the prize. The Sunday night pool party.

We were all set to check out when Mel asked the lady what was behind the curtain. She told her it was the video booths and Mel glanced at Sarah. They both smirked and said to hold our purchase. They bought us some tokens and off we went to watch some movies.

I was getting nervous because I couldn’t watch porn with two hot women dressed as I was. I tried to fold my hands and they reminded me to place them around their waists which is how we had entered the video booths.

I had been in several porn shops like this, but I’m fairly certain it was their first time. I had to explain to them how it worked. They made us sit on the bench and also made me keep my hands around them, which they tucked under their thighs. I tried to move them, but couldn’t. They selected the movie. They started with a normal film, then flipped around settling on girl girl action. We watched that one until I was uncomfortably getting hard. They kept glancing at my lap and smirking. That’s when they noticed the hole in the wall.

“What is that?” Mel asked.

“It’s a glory hole,” I answered.

“A what?” replied Sarah.

“A hole. You guys seriously don’t know what that is? A guy can stick his dick in the hole and someone on the other side can service it.”

“Really?” Mel asked, getting really flush. I was pretty sure her nipples started to harden too.

“Will you do it?” Sarah asked.

“What? No.”

“Please?” Mel pleaded. “Remember your payoff.” And with that she grabbed her tank top and pulled it slightly revealing more cleavage.

“But you said no nudity!!” I tried to reason.

“Hmmm…so we did,” Sarah said. After some thought she said (noticing that I was not as hard as I was earlier) “How about this. You get hard, you put it in the hole. As simple as that. You get as close to the hole as possible and slip it through. We wont see anything.”

Mel’s eyes lit up, “Yeah! But, he’s not to use his hands because we cant trust him to cover himself before the hole. His hands will remain on the wall and when he’s up against the wall, one of us will pull the front of his shorts down from behind and he can slide it in.”

I thought about it. I was pretty sure no one was on the other side. This could be safe, plus as long as I stayed fairly limp I was good to go.

“Ok. But let’s set a time limit,” I was certain that if I could do that, no one would be on the other side and it would be harmless.

“How does five minutes sound?” Mel asked.

I agreed and the women turned up their teasing. Both Sarah and Mel snuggled close with a hand on each thigh and their breasts pushed against my sides. I felt myself harden and thought if I put it off any longer I would be poking out of my shorts.

“Ok!” I yelled. “Let’s go to the hole. It’s time.”

“Oh is it?” Mel asked, not letting me up but staring at the outline of my cock in my shorts.

I stammered a yes and they smirked again at each other and walked me to the hole. Mel placed my hands on the wall and told me not to move them, or else. They were both behind me and true to their word, they were not looking at my crotch. I believe it was Sarah that reached kaçak bahis around me and grabbed the waist band of my shorts.

“Ready?” She asked.

“I guess,” I sighed. I looked down. She started to pull my waist band out and down. I was going to have to squat a bit to reach the hole. Just as I popped out and I began to squat, a huge cock slid through the hole from the other side. It scared the hell out of me. It started sliding beneath my balls as I squatted toward the hole. I pulled my hands off of the wall and pulled my shorts back up. Mel yelled “Hands back, mister!!” And smacked my ass hard enough to force me against the wall. They both gasped as they saw the cock between my legs facing them. With her hands on my ass pinning me to the wall, Mel said “Holy shit! Did you break it?”

“No. That’s not mine!” I yelled. They just stared in silence as the strange cock stuck out between my legs. The guy on the other side must have liked the way it felt because he kept sliding between my legs, under my balls.

Both women gasped and Mel let go of my ass releasing me from the wall. We all stared at it for a few seconds until Sarah whispered, “Now what?”

“He wants someone to touch it,” Mel said looking at me.

“No way! I will not touch it.”

Sarah, fearing that I was about to call the whole thing off said, “No. Don’t touch it.” Then she sauntered sexily up to me, effectively backing me up to it. She whispered, “Just put it between your legs again. That looked hot.”

This time she backed me into it. I felt it slide past my cheeks and back under my balls. I looked down and it stuck out about 3 inches from between my legs. My own hard cock was tenting my shorts but was pushed to the side. Sarah and Mel both came near me and looked down at our cocks.

“Now what?” Mel asked.

“I have an idea,” Sarah said. “I’m gonna give him a lapdance.”

“Me?” I gulped.

“No, silly. That guy. Don’t move.”

And with that she turned around and pulled her shorts down exposing an amazing ass covered in pink satin panties. She then backed to my crotch and started to rub her ass up and down. It was torture. She was rubbing the head of the guys cock on her ass while just inches from my hard cock. This was also causing his cock to rub on my balls and taint. I was not going to last long. Sarah said

that she didn’t want him to cum on her panties. Mel leaned to my ear and whispered, “Quick. Give me your shirt.”

With out a thought I peeled it off and gave it to her. She reached down and covered his cock with it and rubbed it on his head. I felt him jerk and he sprayed cum into my shirt. When he was done, Mel took my shirt and rubbed it on my bulge covering my shorts with his cum.

“Oops. Looks like you’re stuck with another problem we have. Covered in cum.” She and Sarah giggled at that while Sarah pulled her shorts back on.

This left me with a predicament. I now had no shirt and now that my shorts were also covered in his cum I didn’t want them anymore. The girls saw my frustration.

“You know, you could just take those shorts off and I can throw them away. Unless you want to wear some guys cum all night,” Sarah laughed. Just then the token was spent and the monitor went black leaving us in the dark. I took the opportunity to pull the shorts down so the cum wasn’t touching me. Sarah repeated, “Go ahead and take those off and I’ll get the suit we bought you to change into. It’s dark. We wont see.” Reluctantly, I peeled my shorts off and handed them to her. I was now completely naked and she had all of my clothes.

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