A Luring Visit Ch. 1

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I’ve been in town for 2 days. Driving around in a rented sleek black Saab, talking to you on my cell phone. Only you have no idea I am on the east coast. I watch you park your car, turn the engine off. I drive past you- around the corner and back again. Parking 100 feet away from you. With our cars facing each other. I turn off the car.

Still talking to you. I look out the window despite the warm air, the sky is turning dark, threatening rain. I get out of the car. Smoothing my long black skirt down over black thigh highs…the wind catches the inverted v slit between my legs. While talking to you I close in on the distance between us. Your still inside you car. Only now- you notice woman standing in the street 50 feet before you. The flash of her stockings, bare thigh. She’s talking on the phone. The wind picks up her hair behind her, she shuffles her weight to one high heeled foot, one hip ever so slightly thrust out. From behind her dark glasses you can feel her eyes on you. I stand there…smelling the air, I can taste the coming rains. The earth calling.

Our conversation slows a bit. You can’t concentrate, your watching the woman before you. You can tell here, the way she is canlı bahis dressed, she doesn’t belong here, not on this street. You ask me if you can call me back, I say sure, chuckling to myself. I watch as you get out of your car, your eyes never leaving the woman, the first drops fall from the sky. Just then the woman in the street lifts her face to the opening skies. With her head back, her long hair dancing behind her. Drops of rain slide down the curve of her cheek. You say goodbye to me as you see the woman flick her phone shut. You stop in your tracks, your eyes open a little more. A sudden familiarity flows over you. Images crash through your head like a rushing freight train. Endless letters shared. Secret midnight calls.

The ripples of her laughter. The intensity of her moans. Her purr when she call out your name. The smile on her face now with her eyes closed to the feverish rain. You’ve seen this smile before. A thousand times before you had pulled it up first your on computer. Then by memory. I lift my head up now, taking the sunglass from my eyes. I smile up at you. Always smiling whenever you are near, however near it may be. I stand patiently as your eyes, pools of liquid amber bahis siteleri take me in. Your eyes linger over my soaked silk white blouse, material clinging to my breast, dark berry colored nipples nudging through. Without uttering a single word your arm reaching out to me, grasping me around the waist, pulling me near. Pressed up against your chest, I feel you bury your face in my hair. Inhaling my sweet scent. Your tongue licking the rain from my neck in slow, calculated strokes.

Reaching for my hand, you pull me down the street, past an abandoned steel factory building and into a near by ally. The streets are empty and the sky is growing precarious. Pressing back against the brick wall, I wince slightly as the coarse sharp edges cut into my bare shoulders. Your hands cup around my arms, you pull away looking into my eyes. Exhaling, I smile up at you. My breath coming quick. My eyes never leaving yours. Your thumb traces the outline of my parted lips. You smile at me, finally. I see your smile. Reaching to brush away a strand of wet hair from my cheek, your body grazes mine. Your lips not quite touching mine. Breathing my air. Tasting the essence of my inner most sensual thoughts with bahis şirketleri your breath.

“You’re here,” You whisper…more of question then a statement. Your hand slides through the opening in my skirt. Gripping a naked thigh, rising up my hip, to find it bare. You pull away briefly chuckling, before your mouth fixes on my collarbone, your lips leaving little butterfly kisses along my chest. Reaching down between us, I fumble for the buttons on your jeans. The rain thundering down now, drenching us. With my head rocked back against the brick wall I reach into your pants wrapping my hand around your cock. Firm grasp. Slow strokes.

Oh how I have imagined this a thousand times over in my mind. You tear away at my blouse, sending tiny pearl buttons sailing to the cement. Taking one nipple in your mouth, milking on it, sucking, teasing me mercilessly until I gasp, arching my back, pulling your jeans down and then ripping way at the slit in the front of my skirt with my own hands. My eyes lost in a stormy medley of lustful rage.

“Mmm…hahaha…no darling. Not here, not like this. Not this time,” I hear you say. Buttoning up your jeans, we run out of the alleyway and hop my car. The windows steaming from the moisture brought with us. Gripping the ends of my blouse together in a loose knot just under my breasts, I start the car up, pulling out into the late afternoon traffic.

To Be Continued…

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