A Mole in the House Ch. 02

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*~*~*~*~* THE PLAN *~*~*~*~*

From Lawrence’s car came the three laptop computers that he plugged into my over size flat screen. He also brought in two 30″ monitors. It took him over an hour to get everything set up and tweaked before he turned the center computer on showing me an organizational chart of the ‘agency’ we worked for.

There wasn’t much I could say about the outfit we worked for. When I was recruited out of the Navy I was told at first that I would be working for the CIA but was shuffled into one of those stereotypical dark rooms in a warehouse style building on the outskirts of the Langley compound where a mysterious voice spoke to me from…well to be honest I didn’t know where. He told me he handpicked me to work for this underground arm of the CIA and that if I accepted the job my life as I knew it would cease to exist.

“Everyone that comes to work for me assumes a new identity. The identity you will fill will be Aaron Mitchell. An entire background for you has been created and it will be your responsibility to memorize it and become it.” He spoke for hours about the history of his ‘company’, the accomplishments and what my role would be. He stressed that protecting his assets, the employees, was foremost and that only he knew the true identity of every person that worked for him. In the eleven years I had worked for him I never knew a name I could call him and like everyone else he was just known as ‘the old man’. No one ever saw his face and other the interview he rarely spoke to us again. It was also a given that amongst ourselves we were not allowed to speak about him or anything he might have told us.

The set up was basic. For every five field people there was one handler, one computer geek and one admin. My handler’s name was Brian Foster. I did not know the name of his other assets he handled. The information Lawrence was showing me let me know there were ten handlers. That put thirty people in the office that were potential moles, plus Lawrence who wasn’t assigned to a team.

The field assets were all only given enough information to get their jobs done. On the rare occasion I was ‘in the office’ for a few days I spent time with my team but knew very little about anyone else that worked there. It was very rare that two field people from the same team were in the office at the same time. The less we knew about the people we worked with the better it was for all of us. We didn’t socialize in or out of work. It was also prohibited for anyone to date anyone from the office.

I wondered what our leader would say if he saw Lawrence and I hours earlier.

“Have you ever met him?” I asked out of the blue. Lawrence was shocked that I would even ask a question like that but in the end he shook his head that he hadn’t. For a fleeting moment I wondered if he was telling the complete truth.

“Why do you think he picked you and me for this job?”

Lawrence shrugged, I knew he was uncomfortable talking about this but we had already broken so many rules what was the difference if we spoke about this. “He and I have always had this strange discourse between us. I’ve always only ever reported to him.” He looked at me and for the first time ever bared the truth about his position. “I’m the only person who has ever just worked solely for him. He brought me in to insure the integrity of our operations. To make us as impenetrable as possible…I also…well I also follow every operation that is in play.”

“You are a security department of one.” I said.

“Yes, something along those lines. I also fill the role of Internal Affairs – another department of one. And lately I’ve become somewhat of the company’s historian. Our leader feels that if document every operation we can learn from what we’ve done.”

“So you know pretty much everything that is happening. That is a good thing. Now why me?” I asked.

“He let me pick who I wanted to work with. I’ve viewed everyone’s file and out of everyone I felt like I could trust you the most. You are concise and almost compulsive about how you approach things. Just like last night. You refused to overburden your mind to prevent mistakes from happening. Plus your eidetic memory is more valuable than brute or brawn. This operation will mean the life or death of our agency. If we fail to find the mole he is going to shut the whole thing down.”

“How much time do we have?”

“He’s given me a maximum of forty-five days before he’s going to pull the plug.”

I whistled between my teeth. That wasn’t a whole lot of time to root out a mole. I think I knew going into this thing it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, I just never expected to be tied down to such a tight time frame.

“Okay…let’s hit it then.” I sat back against the couch and listened as Lawrence gave me an overview of everyone we were going to come into contact with. I was shocked by the amount of personal information he had on all the faces on the screen. Luckily I had an infallible memory and as soon as he told me something I committed it to the storage department canlı bahis şirketleri in my brain.

“What did you know about me before this morning?” I asked.

“If you want to know if I knew you were sleeping with the General the answer is no, I didn’t. But…” he paused with that ethical debate that was going on within him before going on, “I did know that you appreciated a good looking man and…well a cursory search of your townhouse turned up some…um…well, you know what we found.”

“You found my porn stash.” I said shrugging. I knew that I had no privacy in my Aaron Mitchell life and maybe I was looking for an excuse to take my life to the next step. I really didn’t care. At that very moment I was more than content with my sexual preference…very much indeed. “I think it’s time to take a union break.” I said feeling a nice stirring in my shorts.

“Food?” He asked. I simply shook my head letting him know that food was the furthest thing from my mind.

“This is going to be a team building exercise.” I said standing up. “It is going to test the amount of trust we have for each other. Do you trust me?”” I looked at him and waited for his answer.

“Explicitly.” He answered almost immediately.

“Good. Take your clothes off and come with me.”

He stood and took the only piece of clothing he was waering off, his shorts, and followed me into the kitchen. It was strange, I had owned my little house in Fredericksburg for close to seven years and in all those years I had never had sex in it. I had fantasized about it…and now I was about to make one of those fantasies come true. I shed my shorts and directed Lawrence to stand by the sink with his back to me.

“Do you like it gentle or rough?” I asked him, the same question he had asked me earlier. I was standing right behind him, my hard cock wedged along the crack of his ass.

“Yes.” He answered. I knew he was smiling as I placed the palm of my hand on his back, took a step away from him and bent him over at his waist.

“First we’ll start with how much I think I know you. I’ve debated back and forth in my mind how I wanted to take you the first time,” I whispered in a low husky voice, “Should I be gentle, or should I take you with the force of a beast – something I instinctively know you’ll enjoy…” I took his hands and had him spread his ass cheeks for me. His chest was lying comfortably on the counter. “I decided to take you the way you want to be taken…” I took a step towards him and pressed my cock to his hole. Lawrence was practically panting with anticipation.

“Another thing we both have to learn is to respect each other’s limits. We have to build the trust between us. So, if you don’t like anything I do all you have to do is say ‘stop’ and I will stop…” I felt him opening up to me and knew he was ready.

In one fluid motion I shoved my cock deep to the root into his ass. Lawrence let out a scream, not of pain but of encouragement as he pushed his ass back against me. He immediately started begging me to fuck him in a voice I had never heard from him. He had suddenly shed the boyish imagery and had become this beautiful man that needed to be fucked – by me.

I held myself deep inside of him, letting him feel the fullness I was affording him before I pulled back out again. He whimpered, but I think he knew as well as I did that he wouldn’t be empty for long. A five count later I pounded back into him, feeling the incredible hotness and tightness of his ass.

“It’s okay?” I asked. He shook his head that it was and mumbled in a voice so low I could barely hear to have my way with him.

“You are not to cum…” I whispered in his ear.

“If you cum I will pull out of you and you won’t feel my glorious orgasm deep in your ass…do I make myself clear?” He shook his head that he did. “I’m going to be very rough …you have to let me know if it’s too much…” My tone was gentler, laced with concern. I didn’t want to hurt him, ever, but I wanted him to feel the greatest satisfaction from the fucking I was about to give him.

I started slowly, stroking in and out, feeling his every reaction to my cock. When I was deep inside of him he tried to hold me there, but then relaxed when I pulled back. Ever so slowly I began picking up the pace, alternating between long deep strokes and short hard strokes. When I knew he was ready I moved my hands down to his hips and grabbed him roughly and told him to hold on. He opened to me, encouraging me, as I pounded mercilessly in and out of him. His loud moans and begging egged me on as I viciously fucked his ass. Sweat covered both of our bodies as I felt the first stirring of my orgasm and I knew I was going to reward him with an extra special large load any moment. Somehow he knew it also as slapped his back against me and willed me to cum. I wrapped my arms around him and took two more forceful strokes until my cock swelled and erupted in him. Both our bodies shook from the force of my orgasm as I continued pulsing deep inside of him.

“Oh canlı kaçak iddaa fuck you feel so fucking good,” I panted clinging to him refusing to let him go. Lawrence remained silent just breathing hard, eyes shut like he was savoring every sensation I had imparted on him. “Did I fuck you silent?” I said kissing his neck.

“Mmmm..hmmm…” He moaned nodding his head. “I never knew it could be like this…so good…so fucking good…” He sighed as he pulled my hand to his mouth and sucked lightly on my fingers.

“I’m thirsty…and I know exactly what I want to drink…” I said pulling myself gently from him. Lawrence groaned from the loss of fullness and turned in my arms.

“What do you want?”

“You.” I said kissing his lips lightly. His mouth opened and the kiss suddenly deepened. Lawrence’s tongue seemed desperate to connect to mine as he pressed his body tighter to mine.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get enough of you.” he said abruptly breaking the kiss. “Sadly I think you were right when you said we shouldn’t be doing this…because the more you touch me the more I want you and this isn’t just a sport fuck…this is something very real.”

“It’s too late to take it back.” I said running my hands down his irresistible body. When I reached his cock I took it in my hands and squeezed him letting him know that I wasn’t done. “But you are right, this is something real and for the first time in my life I’m not going to run or back away. It is what it is and if we have to cross hurdles or change our lives to accommodate it then so be it. I’m not going anywhere Lawrence, so get used to it.” I dropped to my knees and sucked him in my mouth and once again we were lost in each other.


We ate Chinese that night. I was a typical bachelor and mainly relied on take out to sustain myself. It also gave me an excuse to get out of the house for a little while. We spent the afternoon alternating between throwing out ideas how to proceed and exhausting our sexual desires for each other.

Lawrence definitely was an idea man, the only problem was that he didn’t have real world experience and within minutes of proposing an idea I was right there shooting it down and tearing it apart. The biggest problem we faced was the lack of time to take any plan we might come up with.

My operation with the General took six months to set up. I lived and breathed the Ivan role all over Europe before setting foot in Syria. Background checks on Ivan went deep, only because we had the time to set them up. Now we were being asked to set an operation in play in three days with no mark in mind and nothing solid to grasp onto. The strange thing was that between Lawrence and me, I knew we could do it.

“Okay…” I said with a mouth full of food. “This is the way I see it. We need to apply the KISS method to this thing.”


“Keep It Simple Stupid.” I said. “We don’t try and build any elaborate background on me, no drug problem, no gambling problem – we know anyone with a modicum of intelligence will see right through it. Especially the computer geeks we employ. I know you are better than they are, but they still can find holes. What we do is build on what just happened – the General’s death.”

“I’m listening.” He said. His chopsticks went down as he started to build additions onto my plan.

“I’m sure you can create a bank account in…what the Cayman’s? Switzerland? Maybe even Dubai. Someplace Muslim factions might use to funnel money and that isn’t easily hackable, but with some extra work can be. Make it ‘appear’ that my character Ivan, and thus me, was on the take.

Sport me some expensive clothes maybe even a Rolex watch engraved by the General. If you have any contacts in Russia have them put some stuff in Ivan’s apartment. We kept the apartment just in case we ever wanted to reactive him and with the right cajoling we can steer someone there. Maybe some expensive books or artwork, you know subtle things. Of course I’ll deny everything. Then we’ll let everything about how I got to the General come out. I can be publically disgraced laying the bait for the mole. I think the worse we can make me appear the more attractive I’ll be to the mole.”

“What if he doesn’t bite?”

“He’ll bite. I’m too valuable an asset to be ignored. I’ve traveled the world, I have contacts everywhere and I’m going to be really PISSED that I was treated the way I was. An asset doesn’t turn rogue over time they turn rogue at the flip of a switch.”

Lawrence nodded his agreement. “Will you be in danger?”

I didn’t want to worry him, but I wasn’t going to sugar coat it either. “Yes, there is going to be a certain level of danger. They are going to want to test me and if I fail…well you know. I thrive on danger Lawrence it’s how I perform the best. That’s what makes me good at my job.”

We were quiet for a long time. Lawrence excused himself to use the bathroom while I cleaned up the containers of Chinese food. Back in the living room I stared at the large flat screen, at the players canlı kaçak bahis of the game. I wanted to know each person intimately before we went into this thing. I didn’t want any surprises come Monday.

“What do you think?” He asked when he returned.

“I think I want to turn off all this technology. We now have the basic plan and taking a page from my rule book, we need to be well rested and alert. Tomorrow we will do a run through and see if we can find any holes in it.” Lawrence looked at time on the monitor. It wasn’t even eight in the evening.

“Do you have something in mind we can do?” He asked playfully.

“I’ve got tons of ideas…but I’d like to get out of the house for a little while, let off steam in another way.”

“As long as I don’t have to run fifteen miles I’m pretty much up for anything.” He didn’t even realize what he had said until after the words left his mouth. His face went bright red and I couldn’t help but let out a broad snicker.

“Oh I know that for sure.” I said and being the brazen person I was grabbed his crotch to find that in fact he was up for the occasion. “No running,” I conceded, “But it will be somewhat on the physical side.”

“I’m a wimp.” He said almost in a sad tone.

“You are the strongest man I know.” I answered him with total conviction. “Come on let’s get out of here.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the garage.

“Thank you.” He mumbled before we got to my car.

“For what?”

“For being so smart and tolerant and most of all for saying yes.”

“That was the easy part. The tough road is still ahead of us.” I ran my hand down his backside until I got to his ass and squeezed his ass cheeks firmly. I knew that if I didn’t let him go at that moment we would never leave the house. “You are so fucking irresistible, I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

“Back at you.” He whispered running his hands down my chest.

“Grrrr…” I growled not wanting to stop feeling him against me, “Get in the car…please.” I knew I was pleading with him because I didn’t have the strength to stop myself. Reluctantly he pulled away from me and got into my Mustang.

He didn’t ask where we were going. The minute we headed down the road his hand found his way to my thigh and was content to tease me the whole time we drove.

I pulled into the batting range a few minutes later. Lawrence was oddly silent. “Is this okay?” I asked.

“Yeah…sure…just not what I thought we’d be doing.”

“When I’m prepping for an operation I need to burn off physical energy. I run a lot but since I know you don’t like to run I thought maybe hitting a few balls would be okay.”

“Sure, it’s fine. It’s such a romantic thing to do on a first date.”

I burst out laughing. “I promise you a romantic date…after this whole mess is concluded. I will sweep you off your feet.”

“I will hold you to that promise.”

“You better.”

After a quick warm up we took our places in side-by-side batting cages. “Shall we make this evening more interesting.” He asked.

“What did you have in mind?”

“The batter who connects with the most balls gets to choose how the rest of the evening plays out.”

As much as I didn’t want my ego to get in the way I couldn’t help it when I looked over at the most non-athletic man I had met in a long time. But then I put myself in check and realized he wouldn’t have challenged me had he known that he could beat me…or would he?

“Is there something you want to tell me?” I asked.

“Nope, just challenging you, that’s all.” His grin all but gave him away so I decided to give in to him, win or lose I knew how the evening would end up and any way either of us chose to play it out of fine with me.

“You’re on.” I smiled letting him know that I knew exactly what he was thinking.

It came as no surprise to me that Lawrence was an extremely adapt hitter. His stance was near perfect, classical trained, and his eye for the ball conditioned. The only thing he lacked was the stamina to keep up with the pitching machine. In the end, after over a hundred balls and an hour and a half later I walked away victorious with a one point lead over him.

“I hope you are ready for the rest of evening.” I commented when we were back in the car.

“With you…I’m ready for anything.”

I reached over and laid my hand on his crotch. He was rock hard. I closed my eyes for a brief moment relishing the memory of his cock buried deep in my ass and the total nirvana I felt when he shot his load. For a fleeting moment I felt like taking him home and having him bury himself in my ass for the rest of the night. The only problem was that Lawrence wanted more. I could see it in his eyes and felt it in his every movement.

“Good. Now, for the rest of the evening, until we wake up tomorrow morning you are to do anything I tell you to do. You will not hesitate, you will just do it.”

“I will.” He answered me hypnotized by my words.

“You wear these baggy pants because you want to hide yourself away from people, am I correct?” He nodded that I was. “Our first stop is going to be to get you a pair of jeans that will show your true beauty off. I want the world to see you in all your glory and make people jealous that you have chosen me.”

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