A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 09

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Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker for editing this story.

This story is about incestuous relationships. All the characters are age 18, or more.

To better understand this story, you may want to read the previous chapters.

Michelle thought she would be home about two o’clock. She planned on getting lunch at a drive through and eating on the way. She thought as she drove. It had been an exciting weekend. Exhilarating. Her whole body felt alive. Every cell was energized.

She knew she had found something. A new love with her family. She wanted to share her discovery with her husband and, by extension, his mother. She liked Rachel. If Mike wanted to love her, then she would, too.

She made plans as she drove. She called Mike on her cell phone when she stopped for gas. “I’ll be home about two,” she told him. “I hope you’ll be there to make love with me.”

Mike replied, “I’ll be here, Honey, and waiting.”

She thought she would visit Rachel the next day. Strike while the iron is hot, she thought. Besides, she didn’t want anything to change her mind. The longer she waited, the more likely it would be.

She thought about Rachel. She was an attractive woman, not beautiful. She was friendly and outgoing. Slightly overweight, about like her aunt, Mary. She had never seen any indication that Rachel would be interested in a woman. She would have to tread carefully.

Her thoughts of her aunt, Mary, got her thinking about the all-girl meeting her mother was planning to set up.

“I think I’ll try to get some more information on the subject,” she thought.

She thought fondly about her parents. They had been in her dreams for years, just as she had told them. Now the dreams, some of them, had come true. There were still her aunts, and David, and Rachel, and Diane. Diane, her little sister. How do I ask her about the dreams? She wondered. Diane is such a prude.

Michelle parked in their garage. She looked at her watch. It was just a little after two. That had been a good guess. The door from the garage led to the kitchen.

She entered and called out, “Hello, I’m home.”

“In here,” Mike called from the living room. He appeared at the door wearing a robe. He held his arms out to her and they rushed together. With hugs and hot kisses, they greeted each other.

“Why don’t you get my stuff out of the car while I change, Mike?”

“Ok, don’t be too long.”

In their bedroom, Michelle stripped off her traveling clothes. She was going to change her panties, but stopped. Mike liked the scent, especially since she had been horny on the drive home. They were soaked with her juices. She was just putting on a robe from the closet when Mike came in with one of her bags.

“I’ll bathe later,” she said holding out her arms to him.

Mike didn’t know what had happened on Michelle’s visit to her parent’s, but whatever it was he was all for it. Michelle had left home angry and disgusted with him. She had found out that he and his mother were lovers, it had upset her badly. So he was surprised when she called him a few days later to tell him she loved him and that she didn’t care if the affair with his mother continued.

He talked to his mother about it. She was overjoyed, too. Rachel wanted Mike for a lover, but she wanted Mike and Michelle’s marriage to succeed. If she had to leave Mike and move away, she was willing to do so. But she didn’t want to.

Mike and Michelle embraced. She led him to the bed and sat on the edge. He slid to his knees before her. She untied the sash on her robe and let it fall open. Mike pressed his head against her mound, just above the panties. The feel of her flesh delighted him. He thought he had lost her.

He delighted, too, in her fragrance. The scents of traveling, of sweat, the juices of lust, a tiny trace of piss. He let his head slide lower to rest his nose in her slit, through her panties. He savored the aroma; the bouquet of a woman he loved.

His tongue flicked out to lick at the panties. To taste the scents, the flavors. Michelle pushed at the elastic of her panties. He reached to pull them down as she lifted her hips. He pulled them over her feet and tossed them aside.

Mike looked at his wife. Her open robe was a background for her lovely body. He lowered his head to her pussy, dove into her, to lick, to suck, to make her cum. He was in ecstasy as her body reacted to his tongue and lips. Her legs over his shoulders, squeezed him. Her heels on his back, pressed him closer. Her hands on his head were gentle but urgent.

Mike was so hard he hurt. Michelle was cumming on his face, her juices flowed from her aroused pussy. Mike stood and fell on top of her. His throbbing cock found her eager pussy. Her legs clasped him. Her arms drew him to her face. Her mouth open, they shared wet, hot, kisses that included exploring tongues. She sucked at her juices on his face. She tasted herself. She loved it. She loved him.

He couldn’t hold back. He exploded into her. He filled her bahis firmaları eager cunt with his cum. He thrust into her until he was too soft to continue. She kept him on top of her. Her arms and legs held him.

When at last she released him, he reluctantly rolled off her to lay by her side. Michelle snuggled up to him. She was feeling satisfied, as was Mike. They held each other and dozed off.

Mike woke first. It was late afternoon, nearing dinner time. He slipped out of bed, trying not to disturb Michelle. He went to the kitchen to start dinner. His mother had made a casserole for him. He got it from the refrigerator and put it in the oven to warm.

He went back to the bedroom to lie down again with Michelle. He leaned over her. He licked at her mound. Her thighs. Tasted the juices coating her thighs. Her juices. His cum. In her sleep, she opened her legs to him. She mumbled in her sleep but he could not understand her.

Michelle woke to feel him at her pussy. She pulled at his hip wanting his cock. Wanting him to eat her. Wanting to eat him. He came to her turning his body so they could reach each other’s sex. To suck. To lick. To make each other cum. Michelle came, and came again. Mike filled her mouth with thick, creamy, cum. He turned back to face her and they kissed. The cum mixed with her juices that he held in his mouth.

They laid next to each other. Mike told her he had dinner heating. Michelle suddenly realized she was hungry. They put their bathrobes on and went to the kitchen.

Over dinner, Mike asked, “What happened Michelle? You left here angry and ready to leave me, then everything changed.”

“It’s a little involved, Mike. But, first, I realized I love you.” She paused. “I told Mom and Dad what the problem was. That you and your mom are lovers.” Mike turned red at that, and a little angry. “Mike, I was very upset. Please don’t get angry until I finish. If I hadn’t told them, I never would have known what to do.

“They weren’t as upset as I thought they would be. They took me to talk to someone. Someone I have known my whole life. It is a woman and her son. They have an incestuous relationship and are very much in love.

“I realized that you could love your mother like that and still love me, too. That’s when I called you.”

Michelle did not mention the incestuous loving she had with her parents. It wasn’t time for that yet.

After dinner, Michelle said she was going to take a shower.

“Please wait until morning,” Mike said. “I think you smell nice. Like sex. It is very erotic.”

Michelle thought about her aunt, Mary, who loved the fragrance of past sex. She agreed. They sat on the couch together talking. Mike asked about the mother-son relationship she had told him about.

“I can’t tell you much. It is a private affair between the two of them. I will say that I was very surprised to learn about it. Why don’t you tell me a little about your affair with your mother?” Michelle asked him.

“It goes back to when I was eighteen,” Mike said. “I accidentally caught Mom using a vibrator. It made me so hot I went to my room to jerk off. She followed me, trying to explain. The rest is history.

“Like the pair you told me about, we are in love. But I love you more. It will end with Mom, if you want it to.”

“No,” Michelle said. “I need to think about it. Don’t shut your mother out. I learned a lot while I was visiting my parents. We can come up with a solution.”

They went back to bed. Mike laid with his face at her fragrant cunt. His tongue licked at the swollen petals of her inner lips. Orgasms tore through her.

“Fuck me,” he heard.

Mike rose to lay on top of her. She liked it when he rose from eating her to lie on top and push his big cock into her pussy. She was always ready when he did it. Primed, ready to cum, from his sucking and licking. He would be extra hard, too. The excitement of eating her made him even more aroused.

His hard cock felt good in her. Stretched the walls of her pussy. Filled it.

“It’s almost the same as Daddy’s,” she thought. That was good, the two cocks she wanted the most were the same size, and just right for her.

She was cumming hard when she felt him tense and thrust hard into her. His cum gushed into her cunt. She squeezed her pussy on him. Milked him. Held him tightly on top of herself.

Afterwards, they laid together to sleep. She woke first, before the alarm went off. It was a Monday. Mike had to work. She got up and went to the kitchen to start the coffee. Then Michelle went to the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth. She would shower together with Mike.

She went back to the bedroom to sit on the edge of the bed. She inhaled the scent of loving from last night and yesterday afternoon.

“I could get to like the scent,” she thought. “Just like Aunt Mary.” The fragrance reminded her. It had been a great day and night. A beautiful continuation of her days with Mom and Dad.

She left before the alarm went off. When Mike came into kaçak iddaa the kitchen she was at the table drinking coffee.

“Good morning, Sweetheart,” she told him. She got him a cup of coffee as he sat.

“You look beautiful this morning,” Mike told her.

“It’s all the hormones you stirred up,” she replied.

They didn’t say much more until it was time for Mike to get ready for work. They showered together. They washed and then, with soft, fluffy, towels they dried each other. Michelle put on a bra and panties with a bathrobe. She waited in the kitchen for Mike to be ready. Then she kissed him goodbye.

Mike was an executive with a local firm. He was a bit young for his position, but he was quite good at it. He made a good salary and had a bright future.

When he had left, she dressed to visit her mother-in-law. She chose her outfit carefully. She wanted to look attractive and a little sexy, but not like she was flaunting herself.

She settled on a skirt and blouse. She thought about nylons, but decided against them. Her shoes were low heels. Her makeup was minimal, but expertly applied.

She called Rachel to let her know she was coming. It was ten o’clock when she pulled into the driveway. Rachel greeted her at the door. They normally would have hugged, but Rachel was uncertain. She didn’t offer a hug, but as soon as Michelle was in the door she held her arms out. Rachel was happy when she did, taking it as a good sign.

Rachel had coffee ready. She poured for both of them and they sat at the kitchen table sipping it.

“We have a lot to talk about,” Michelle started the conversation.

“I suppose I should apologize,” Rachel responded.

“I don’t think that’s necessary, Rachel. When I tell you everything you’ll see why.”

Rachel looked at Michelle without comment.

“To begin with, when I told my parents about you and my husband having an incestuous relationship they did not get upset. Instead, they took me to meet with a mother and son with the same kind of bond. They were very much in love.

“I realized that you must love each other, you and Mike. I realized, too, that I loved Mike too much to let him go because he loves you.”

Michelle paused then continued. “I told Mike that much. I didn’t tell him what I’m about to tell you. I will, eventually, but not just yet.

“You see, Rachel, I married into an incestuous family without knowing it. But, also without knowing it, I come from an incestuous family.”

Rachel’s mouth fell open. “You mean you and your father? Or mother?”

“Let me tell you about it, Rachel, so you have the facts. By the way, before I go any further, I must have your promise to say nothing about what I tell you. Not even to Mike. We can tell him when the time is right. Hopefully that will be quite soon.”

“I guess I can promise that,” Rachel said.

Michelle continued. “When I married Mike, there had not yet been any incest. In fact, it all started quite recently. My aunt, Mary, is who my parents took me to see. She and her son David were the first.

“My mother joined them after they had been lovers for a couple of months. Then at David’s graduation from college, my aunt Edith became part of the family incest group. That was only a few weeks ago.”

Michelle paused again, getting her thoughts organized.

“There is a characteristic that seems to be present in the women of my family, or at least most of them. That includes me.

“We have dreams, fantasies, about other members of our family. They are very realistic. They are about both sexes. I must admit the women outnumber the men, by quite a bit. We dream about making love with them.

“I guess, normally, dreaming about making love with women would be considered an indication of lesbian tendencies, but the only women that interest us are family members.”

Rachel was fascinated by Michelle’s story. She had no idea where it was leading, but she was certain it would be interesting.

“To continue about the incest. My father and mother had been watching porn together. Why is another story. My father suggested a threesome to my mother. Mother played dumb. She was already in a relationship with Mary, David, and Edith. She put my father off for a couple of weeks, then brought Edith home with her.

“She didn’t know it, but Daddy had already figured everything out. At least in general. They all had a wild weekend together. So now Daddy was part of the incest group. Edith wanted everyone to get together for an orgy, but the others didn’t want to move so fast.”

“About then is when I showed up with my sad tale. Mom took me to Aunt Mary. We had a long talk that completely changed my outlook. That’s when I called Mike and told him I loved him.”

“Then I made love with my mother. It was my first time with a woman. Later, my father. All three of us together, too. So you see, I am in the same position you and Mike are.”

Rachel sat, trying to digest everything. Her first thought was that Michelle had been unfaithful kaçak bahis to Mike. But then she realized that, considering everything, it was a ridiculous idea.

“I’m not sure where this leaves us,” she told Michelle, “except maybe that we are two wicked women.” She paused. “But I don’t feel wicked.”

“Nor do I,” Michelle said. “Aunt Mary has a phrase for it. She says she feels deliciously slutty.”

“Now we have to talk about something delicate,” Michelle told her. “We both love Mike. We both want him for a lover. I suggest that you move in with us. Make us a three-way family. That would include you and I having a relationship.”

Michelle watched Rachel, her face calm, but her thoughts in a mess. Rachel looked back, her face looking scandalized at first. Then it smoothed out.

“You mentioned the dreams the women in your family have. Did you ever have dreams about me?”

“Yes, occasionally. But I’m very much in love. They aren’t as frequent when we love someone. You were in a few, though.”

“Tell me about them.”

“My dreams were like those many of my female relatives had. We would wake up dreaming we were with someone knowing we had made love, but not having dreamed of the actual act itself. The dreams got more explicit as they continued.”

“I don’t want to lose Mike,” Rachel said.

“If we don’t work together one of us, maybe both, will lose him,” Michelle told her mother-in-law.

“I’ve never made love with a woman,” Rachel said. “It will require some thought. Maybe a lot of thought.”

“We don’t have time for too much thinking,” Michelle told her. “Would you like to see what we are talking about? I have some videos.”

“You mean porn? I’ve never watched any. Never wanted to.”

“I think you should watch these,” Michelle said. “I picked them out special to show you. I watch once in a while with Mike, but we don’t do it often.”

“Ok. I’ll watch,” Rachel agreed. They went to the living room. Michelle loaded the first video. They sat on the couch to watch. There was a space of a couple of feet between them.

Rachel’s thoughts were a jumble. She didn’t want to lose Mike. She didn’t want his marriage to fail, either.

She had never thought seriously about making love with a woman. But she was now. She had to admit to herself that Michelle was a very attractive woman. One that she would be attracted to, if she was attracted to women. Then she had to ask herself, “What did I just think?”

The video started. It was quite well done. That is why Michelle had selected it. Rachel watched two nice-looking women making love. Doing to each other things that Rachel loved to have done to her. When it was over she thought, “That looked like more fun than I thought.”

Michelle loaded the other video. This one was about a threesome. Two women and a man. The man and one woman looked young. The other woman a bit older. She seemed to be teaching the younger ones. This one turned Rachel on more than the first one. She could feel her pussy reacting to the stirrings of lust.

It had an effect on Michelle, too. Her hand caressed Rachel’s thigh. Rachel’s hand was on top of Michelle’s, guiding her. Somehow, too, the space between them had closed. When the video was about half over, Michelle kissed Rachel softly but insistently.

After her first shock, Rachel found herself returning the kiss. It actually felt nice. They went back to watching the video. The younger woman sucked the man’s cock while the older woman ate the younger one’s pussy.

Rachel found her hand on her pussy. She looked at Michelle. Her skirt was pushed up and her hand was rubbing her slit through her panties. The video ended with everyone in a circle, each with their head at another’s sex. Eating and being eaten.

Rachel was almost speechless when the second video ended. After a couple of false starts she was able to say, “That was exciting.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” Michelle answered. “Let’s watch the first one again.”

“Ok,” Rachel responded.

Michelle put the video in the player and returned to the couch. This time, she sat closely to Rachel. Their hips touched. Rachel hit the remote button to start it.

This time around Rachel was able to pay more attention. She felt her juices starting to flow, soaking her panties. When Michelle pulled her head around for a kiss, she responded eagerly. They were soon playing with each other’s tits. Their thighs rubbed and they fingered each other’s pussy through their panties.

Michelle was hot too, but more restrained. She wasn’t sure how far she wanted to go without Mike.

“Whew!” she said as she broke off a hot kiss with Rachel. “That’s hot. Let’s take a break and talk.”

They shut off the video and went to the kitchen. Rachel started a pot of coffee.

Sitting at the table Rachel said, “I’ve never kissed a woman before.”

“I hadn’t either, until just the other day.” Michelle responded. “I think we know where we are going with this. With you and me and Mike. We need to think about how much further. Other family members is what I’m thinking about.”

“I think, you and I and Mike as a family sounds good,” Rachel mused. “My moving in with you sounds good. I don’t know about the rest of it.”

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