A New Twist

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I slowly awoke, driven by the most beautiful sensations, totally nude in a bed that was becoming my home away from home. Lying naked between my two lovers, my mind was a blur after a night of drinking and debauchery. But the awareness of my true love Rick’s tongue running wet circles around my love canal, spreading my cheeks as he inserted it in and out with rapier thrusts brought me to my senses. I now realized it was morning and I was about to spend another glorious day in heaven.

The sun was shining thru the bedroom window on what appeared to be an unseasonably warm November day and I felt I was the luckiest guy in the world. I was in the middle of a king sized bed, still wrapped around Ken on one side of me while Rick woke me up by the greatest way imaginable.

I couldn’t help but groan as the pace of the tongue fucking slowly picked up and my body was instantly aroused again. I started pushing back to meet his thrusts and my cock, which often is hard in the morning, this day rose to attention, as hard as a block of mahogany.

As I moaned to Rick, he pushed deeper and I begged him not to stop. Meanwhile, reaching down, I found still sleeping Ken’s cock and slowly caressed it as it little by little came to life. My own cock was pressed upward between Ken’s butt cheeks and as his cock grew he started to waken as I had done only minutes before.

Needing something in my mouth, I started kissing Ken’s neck and ear as the feeling of Rick’s fabulous tongue continued to drive me to extraordinary heights of passion. Meanwhile, he slipped one hand between my legs and caressed my cock in a loving manner driving me to yell, “Rick, fuck me, please fuck me now.”

I am sure there was still a little lube in me from the night before, but despite Rick’s excellent rimming, I knew I was still quite tight. Tight, yet ready and willing to take his rather large pole into the hilt.

Rick, being the considerate lover he is, eased his weapon slowly into me as I pushed back to meet each ever-deepening thrust. Meanwhile,with each shove forward, my cock was jabbing Ken’s beautiful little ass as my pre-cum lubricated the space between his cheeks.

Now, it should be noted, I had never fucked a man with my cock before. I came to realize I am strictly a bottom, but Ken goes both ways, and he was pushing back at me as Rick’s driving force drove me into him. He evidently wanted me inside him. I had no time to ponder what was about to happen, how could I in the ecstatic state I was in?

Ken reached back and guided my glistening cock into his waiting man hole. He pushed back to meet me as Rick pushed forward and it felt like fireworks went off as I bottomed out on Ken as Rick did the same to me.

Without thinking, I grabbed Ken by his cheeks and started thrusting, fucking him as hard as he often has done to me. Rick was doing the same to me. We didn’t have a perfect rhythm at first but the sensations were a mixed bag euphoria and I felt like an animal in heat, just driving for release.

I don’t know which side of me had more sensations. Rick’s cock soon was hitting my g-spot and I felt like I could explode at any second. At the same time Ken’s tight ass fit my screaming cock like a glove, and I could feel it growing as I continued to pound it as deep into him as I could.

At first Rick would slam into me and I would follow by slamming into Ken. Rick would rear back and I would do the same, then we’d do canlı bahis it again. Though the feelings were amazing, it was a little awkward. Finally we got the right rhythm. Rick would push forward, driving me deep into Ken, as Ken would push back, deep into me. Here it was, the perfect cadence, with my lovers attacking me from both sides at once.

What a wonderful,new experience I was having! Twenty minutes before I was sound asleep and now I was fucking a man for the first time while at the same time, my ass was being slammed by a huge cock. I began urging both my men to “fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop, oh god, fuck me.” I felt I could cum out of my man pussy and I said, “Rick, you’re gonna make me cum.” I felt all the tensions building up as Rick thrust faster and faster, and Ken reciprocated by pushing back.

This heavenly ecstasy couldn’t last long! Rick screeched out, “Here I cum,” as I felt my orgasm burst. I felt Rick’s throbbing dick planting its seed deep in my ass as I exploded again and again into the deepest regions of Ken’s pussy.

I thrust again and again as Ken milked all the cum out of me, yet I still was spasming while Rick methodically continued to sow his seed into my fertile man hole. While looking at Ken’s beautiful ass, I reached around to grab his cock, which to my shock was still rock hard! Evidently he hadn’t cum and I worried I didn’t give him the same pleasure he had just given me.

I slowly eased out of his ass, now beautifully gapped, glistening with my cum surrounding the hole. I had a sudden urge to slam my face into it, eating his man hole as I swallowed up my own seed. What a beautiful ass! Tan and perfectly round, not a hair on his body and just too tasty to pass up.

I could have eaten him all morning, but my duty to his cock was what I had to obey. I rolled him over on his back and deep throated him, as my own cum mixed with all his pre-cum he’d been expelling. I knew he was close so I slowed down, putting him on edge for as long as I could.

Even though I had just been fucked royally, and already shot a huge load I was still totally turned on by the thought of making Ken explode in my mouth. I managed to garble out the words, “Fuck me, Ken, fuck my mouth, mmm, fuck me, give me your cum.” I guess that’s all he could take. He grabbed me by the ears as he expelled one of his massive shots of delicious nectar into my waiting mouth.

I rammed a couple of fingers into his still gapped ass as I slobbered all over his dick, swallowing as much cum as I could. He was pushing up with his hips to slam his cock deeper into my waiting mouth as his juices coated me with the perfect aperitif to a wonderful morning.

Ken pulled me over into a sixty-nine position as I continued to worship his dick. Although I was getting smaller, I still had great sensations as he took me into his mouth and we sucked each other and fingered each other’s cream filled holes.

After several minutes in this fantastic position, with his cum still coating my mouth and face, the sun now lighting up our room, we heard Rick call in that breakfast was ready. So intent on sucking off Ken, I hadn’t even noticed that Rick had gone off to the kitchen to make us a replenishing meal!

Reluctantly, Ken and I got up and went to the shower for a quick rinse. He lathered me up with soap as I did the same to him. Filling my ass with water from the shower nozzle, he cleaned out my bowels, adding soap bahis siteleri with his fingers and gave me an ass massage to die for! I did the same for him, then went down on my knees and gave his cock a washing before adoringly kissing and licking it till it started to rise again.

Well, we had to stop. Rick had made a breakfast of Canadian bacon and eggs, toast, juice and coffee and I knew I would need all those nutrients if I was going to make it thru what they had planned for the day.

We had breakfast sprinkled with small talk and Rick was most eager to have me tell him my thoughts on fucking Ken for the first time. I really didn’t know what to say. It did feel great, but I had already convinced myself I was strictly a bottom. Now I was wondering if I was just being selfish, making their cocks do all the work all the time.

I promised Ken that I would fuck him anytime he wanted, realizing now that many new positions would be open for exploring in our trysts. I was even getting aroused again, just thinking about it, but we finished our breakfast and got dressed. Rick had plans to take us to a new toy store that had recently opened and we decided to walk to it and burn off the breakfast.

It was a beautiful day outside, and after about a fifteen minute walk we arrived at a new two story building that was totally filled with clothes and toys of a sexual nature. After about thirty minutes in there, I was horny as hell, thinking of the time I could have with some of those toys. But today, Rick bought me three pairs of silk t-back shorts, along with some lubes and body oils, and Ken went way overboard, getting me a black vest and a pair of leather pants with the bottom missing. I wanted to buy them something also, but they would have no part of it, insisting these were for their pleasure as well as mine. At the check-out counter, Ken found a butt plug with a black horse hair tail that would complete my outfit.

We were having a great day, this was the first time we had been out in public in the daylight hours. I felt I had made the complete change over to my gay side. We walked back home holding hands and arms wrapped around each other not caring who saw me or what anyone thought. I just couldn’t wait to get back to the flat to continue our day.

In the elevator up to the flat I stood between my two men and reached back rubbing their cocks with either hand, noticing how they were rising faster than the lift was. By the eighteenth floor they were both rock hard and I was salivating like a dog in heat.

We were barely in the door before I was on my knees frantically unbuckling two pairs of trousers, fighting to get their cocks into my mouth. I was full of energy again and had to have a mouthful of delicious cum to satisfy my needs. It didn’t take long before Ken was begging me to fuck him again and being hard again myself, I had to honor my recent promise to him. Almost, but not quite reluctantly, I got off my knees and Ken led us to the sofa as he got doggie-style on it, leaning over the back side where Rick’s hot and hard cock was waiting for his willing mouth.

Here was Ken, in one of my favorite positions, fervently sucking Rick as his bouncing ass beckoned me to impale him. Believing a little foreplay goes a long way, I bent forward and proceeded to rim and eat out his ass, loosening it up as he pushed back to meet my tongue thrusts. Reaching for some lube on the lamp table at my side, bahis şirketleri I greased my shaft with one hand while still devouring his luscious love hole.

Ken yelled out, “Fuck me Nick, fuck me good,” sounding just like I think I do in the same position, and it was time for me to fuck a man’s ass for the second time. I slowly slid my pole into Ken, back and forth, a little deeper each time till at last I had my balls slapping his. Holding him by s ass cheeks, I got into a steady rhythm with Rick and we proceeded to bounce him back and forth. But my cock was so aroused, and the sight of it riding in and out of Ken’s man hole was just too much for me to continue. In a matter of minutes, I yelled I was going to cum and both lads started ramming harder as I shot an enormous load deep into Ken’s love canal. As he squeezed every last drop out of me I realized what a wonderful fuck he was. I continued to thrust away till my cock slowly shrank and slid out of his cream covered hole, then beckoned Rick, who hadn’t come yet, to take my place.

Sliding onto the floor, I grabbed Ken’s neglected shaft and licked and kissed it as Rick shoved his cock in, sending Ken into a new dimension. He was panting and groaning as I took him deep into my mouth, sucking hard and twirling my tongue over his mushroom head. I knew he was going to cum soon and I was going crazy with anticipation.

I wanted a perfect finish to this session, and knew when Rick was going to cum, I would time it just right to finish off Ken. I moaned and groaned in unison with Ken as Rick said, “That’s it, baby, I’m almost there.” Feeling him pick up the pace, I squeezed Kens balls, sucked down on his head and Rick yelled, “Here I cum.” Ken shrieked, and I felt an enormous wave of cum fill my mouth as his pulsating cock expanded and subsided several times. What seemed like buckets of cum flowed down my throat, sloshed around my mouth and drooled out thru my lips onto my chin and upper chest.

God! The taste was incredible! Nothing I’ve ever had before was so delicious. I love cum, but this took the cake! I continued to suck Ken while savoring his heavenly deposit. I rolled it around in my mouth, giving my taste buds a treat I will never forget. I swallowed some, then scooped up a giant glob hanging from my chin to replace it.

The turn-on of eating this lovely cock and drinking all his succulent cum made me get hard again as I carried on devouring Ken. Rick eventually eased out of him, passionately kissing Ken but I couldn’t pull myself away until every last drop of this liquid gold was in my stomach. My throat was coated with thick, gooey cum, and the weapon that deposited it felt like something I had to worship forever.

We stayed on the sofa for some time, mainly because I didn’t want to let go of Ken’s cock, but eventually we got up and went for the shower and bath. The day was still early and I was told we were going to a club that night. I presumed there would be more adventures come evening and so was more than eager to get the ass massage and soothing body oils Rick was administering to my somewhat sore pussy.

So we had a few hours to rest and before drifting off to sleep, I contemplated how my life continued to change in little ways. In a little more than three months I went from a straight, though somewhat curious male, to a throughly gay cock whore always ready to please my two younger lovers. Though I will always consider myself a bottom, fucking my Ken in the ass was a joy that I now have experienced and am looking forward to doing again and again. Time will tell what happens next, but in a few hours, I am sure something new and wonderful is awaiting me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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