A Night at the Pharmacy

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Mercy has been in a loving relationship with Pharah for some time now. The couple is happy with each other, but when the wish for a kid grows stronger and stronger, the swiss doctor decides to take some drastic measures…

This story contains dick growth, futa x female and impregnation. This is my very first story, so some feedback would be nice, enjoy!

“Are you sure you don’t want to think about it again, Angela?” Fareeha Amari, codename ‘Pharah’ tried to reason with her girlfriend, “Think about the little kid we could make happy. You would be a great parent, I am sure of that. You are the most caring person I know!”

“No, I don’t want to adopt. I know that the Omnic War created many orphans around the world and we could help to ease the suffering a bit, but I am just not… sure about this, ok? And besides, the debriefing room is hardly the place to talk about something like this!” Angela Ziegler, codename ‘Mercy’, wasn’t in the mood for discussing this delicate topic at the moment.

Pharah knew that there had to be more to this than Mercy was letting her know. They had been a loving couple for years now, but the subject of eventually having kids together was beginning to put a strain on their relationship. Pharah was sure that they would be great parents to any kid, but for some unknown reason, Mercy always tried to change the subject when the topic of adoption was brought up.

“Angela, you know that I love you. I can still remember the day when you asked me out on our first date. I thought my heart would jump out of my chest that day! You know that you can trust me and whatever it may be that’s bothering you, you can tell me. I will always be your ‘Liebling’!” Pharah was smiling at her, Mercy once again being reminded of why she fell in love with this strong woman. She was right! Pharah deserved to know what was going on inside of her.

Taking a deep breath, Mercy began to speak, “You are right, Fareeha. I will tell you what’s going on. But… not right now, please! Meet me tomorrow after work hours at my laboratory, then we can talk in private. It’s gonna be a date, ok? So you better pick something more casual to wear. Maybe something sexy? No body armor allowed this time~! Although that doesn’t mean you don’t look absolutely stunning in your gear…” Mercy smiled and winked at her beloved Egyptian, making her blush in the process, “H-hey, I don’t wear that suit just to impress you, you know? …But I will be there, ma amar~!” The couple parted ways, right after sharing a loving kiss.

‘So this is it, then… time to reveal the truth!’ Mercy was lost in her thoughts. After collecting herself again, she was hurrying over to her laboratory. She still had a lot of preparations to do…

Mercy was nervous. The moment of Pharah’s arrival drew closer and closer and she still hadn’t decided on a clear plan how on to tell her soulmate about her innermost secret. All she could hope for was that Pharah would somehow understand… She tried to distract herself by preparing dinner and deciding on an outfit for the night. In the end, she had picked out a black dress with a short skirt and black high heels. She also put on her favourite white lab coat, which she loosely threw over her shoulders. After dinner preparations were complete, she finished fixing her make-up and put her hair to a ponytail, her prefered hairstyle. After some more time had passed, the doorbell rang and a slight feeling of panic spread through her body. ‘Calm down, Angela! No turning back now!’ she told herself while running over to the entrance to her personal laboratory and opening the door with somewhat shaky hands. Her lovely Fareeha had arrived! “Good evening, Angela. I hope that my outfit is to your liking?”

Pharah looked absolutely stunning! Apparently her idea of a ‘sexy’ outfit was putting on a white tank top that was clinging to her toned body, a brown leather pilot jacket and tight, blue jeans. She also wore an amulet with the Eye Of Horus around her neck, one of the first presents Mercy ever gave to her.

Mercy could feel butterflies in her stomach at the sight of her lover in that amazing outfit. It even made her pussy tingle, a damp spot already forming in her panties. She could have ravaged her partner right then and there, but that had to wait for later… Pharah usually had this effect on her, her sexy dark skin, toned body and raven black hair were always the pinnacle of exotic sexiness for the Swiss doctor.

“Goddammit, you look so cool…”, was all that she could bring herself to say, almost fawning right then and there for her Egyptian lover.

“I could say the same about you! That dress looks really sexy on you. I dig the combination with the coat. Is that the new style in Zürich?”

“Very funny… Come on in, I made dinner and prepared something to drink for us,” Mercy remarked, secretly knowing that this wasn’t the only thing she had prepared for the night…

The date took its course and the halkalı escort couple had a wonderful evening. They shared a nice meal at the kitchen table, complete with a bottle of white wine that they both managed to empty almost too easily. They had some interesting conversations together and shared some laughs, but they both knew that it was time to address the elephant in the room. Mercy actually had consumed the majority of the contents of the wine bottle in preparation for this, hoping to loosen her tongue and to give her the courage to speak more from the heart.

Pharah was the first one to speak up, “Angela, it’s been a lovely evening so far. But I think it’s time you finally tell me what’s going on, ma amar. We can’t go on like this.”

“You are right, Fareeha. I love you and I trust you.” Mercy was now looking straight into Pharah’s beautiful brown eyes and continued to speak, “I need to tell you about a side of me that you haven’t met yet. I don’t want you to think that I don’t want to have kids with you. In fact, I actually think that I want to be a parent even more than you! Fareeha, I…”


“I… I have…”

“Spit it out already!”

“I have an impregnation fetish!”

Silence was befalling the room after the verbal bomb that Mercy had just dropped.

“You have a what?”

“Let me explain. I noticed this kink about me around my early 20s. The thought of unprotected sex and getting utterly dominated and bred during lovemaking always felt so… right for me! I regularly masturbated to the thought of getting inseminated by a dominant partner, their seed swimming deep inside of me on my riskiest day, without any protection or contraception getting in the way! Furthermore, I deeply desired to be a mother of many kids someday, wanting to feel them grow in my womb. I wanted to walk around with a huge belly, everybody knowing that somebody seeded me with their offspring! I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what always got me off during sex with others.”

Mercy continued, “But then my life changed when I met a certain Egyptian woman and I soon realised that I had feelings for her. At that time my priorities changed,” Mercy was now holding Pharah’s hand, “I love you from the bottom of my heart, Fareeha. But when you started bringing up the topic of kids, all these old desires inside of me got re-awakened!” Mercy was now looking deep into the dark brown eyes of her lover, “Fareeha, what I want to tell you is that I want your baby! I want to start a family with you and be the mother of your child. Nothing would make me happier than to bring new life into this world with your help~!”

Pharah was taken aback by Mercy’s confession about her deepest secrets and she needed a moment to collect her thoughts and to respond, “Angela, I don’t know what to say… I admire your honesty, but there is a problem. I don’t know if you noticed yet, but… I am a woman. I can’t make you pregnant. I know I can be tomboyish at times, but I am kinda missing certain body parts to create a baby with you the natural way. Believe me, there is nothing I would rather do if I could!”

“That’s where my research comes into play, Liebling! I think I might have found a way to solve our ‘little problem’. Ever since you brought up the topic of having children, I’ve been focusing my studies on the development of a new kind of serum and I think that I’ve finally reached a breakthrough! That’s why I wanted you to tome tonight. I’m sure that I’ve found a way to make both our wishes become reality!”

Mercy pulled out a small vial filled with a strange, pink liquid out of her lab coat.

“This is what I have been working on. It’s a serum that, if injected into the body of a female, will let the recipient grow a natural phallus!”

“Excuse me? Did I hear that right? Do you mean if you inject somebody with that fluid, they will grow a penis?!”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I meant! I know it sounds silly and absurd, but I really think this little concoction will be solution to our problems! It will transform your clitoris into a working penis, and your body will be able to produce living sperm cells! Think about it, we could create a child together! It could have your beautiful black hair and my blue eyes that you love so much. I am truly sorry that I have kept you in the dark for so long, but I just couldn’t bring myself to talk to you about all this until my research was finished.”

“Angela, I need some time to think about this. This idea sounds really drastic, don’t you think? I know that I am usually the dominant part when it comes to our lovemaking, this is taking it to the next level,” Pharah was now looking at the small bottle in Mercy’s hand, “Will it feel… real?”

“Most certainly! It will just be like a natural extension of your body and… fully functional. The sperm is going to be created by two glands inside of your body. The only outer part that’s going to change is your clitoris. şişli escort And it’s just going to be temporary, the process can be easily reversed.”

Mercy thought that the time had come to let in her partner on yet another secret, “Fareeha, there is another reason why I picked today for our date. I keep a close tab on my cycle, and today is my ‘dangerous day’, do you understand? The best time of the month to get pregnant! My ovaries probably already released a fertile egg, and it’s waiting for you, Liebling! If you are willing to try my serum, we could start making a family tonight!”

The more she thought about it, the more Pharah liked the idea. She trusted Mercy. Not just as a lover, but also as a doctor and as a scientist. She knew that her calculations would be correct and her medical knowledge had saved her life and the lives of the other Overwatch members on countless occasions.

“You know, Angela. That imagine of you with a swelling body, knowing that it’s my kid in there, that sounds really hot! Also, what woman wouldn’t want to know how it would be to have a cock between her legs? I’ll do it!”

Mercy’s heart was pounding in her chest, “Oh wow, I don’t know what to say!” Mercy jumped up from her chair and frantically hugged her lover who had just made her happy beyond belief! “Oh thank you, thank you, Fareeha! I don’t know what to say! Would you like to go to the bedroom to prepare?”

The couple was now leaving the dinner table and went straight to Mercy’s bedroom, where they both were in for a life changing night. Mercy hoped that her ‘science project’ would bear fruit and provide her lover with a virile dick to finally fulfill her innermost wishes! It wouldn’t be long now until they both would know if it worked…

Pharah was yet again the first one to break the silence, “So here we are, what do I have to do next?”

“Now, you undress yourself,” Mercy playfully cooed, “…On second thought, let me help you with that.” Even though this was technically a scientific experiment, there was no reason not to have a little fun with foreplay.

Mercy loosened Pharah’s belt, slowly pulling down her jeans. She sank down on the floor, kissing and licking the Egyptian’s toned and muscular legs on the way down. The feeling of being kissed sent shivers through Pharah’s body, turning her legs into mush and making it hard for her to stand. Mercy knew exactly where Pharah’s soft spots were, and she loved to abuse and exploit her knowledge! The next piece of clothing that had to go was her tanktop, which Pharah swiftly lifted over head, taking care of the white piece of fabric in an efficient manner. Taking of her necklace as well, Pharah was now standing in front of her lover in nothing but her black underwear.

“Hey, that’s a nice bra you are wearing!”

“Well, at least I wear one at all! I can already see that you are ‘happy to see me’, Pharah smirked, “You really rock that dress of yours, ma amar!”

Mercy was a very lucky woman indeed. Not many people had seen Pharah without her Raptora Suit, and she loved every time she had the chance to! Mercy considered herself to be a good looking woman, but Pharah’s body was playing in a whole different league. She had beautifully toned abs, a slim waist and nice, big boobs who filled out her D-cup bra nicely. The Egyptian beauty unclasped her bra now, letting her wonderful breasts loose. They were luscious, full and teardrop shaped and her dusky nipples were standing out like like two dark cherries on a cinnamon coloured cake.

“It really is a shame that your hot body is always hidden under that suit of yours, you know?”

“Heh, if you say so… Why don’t you think of it this way: You are only person special enough to make me drop my defenses~! But hey, there is one little piece left, isn’t there?”

And with that, Pharah was turning around and slowly pulled down her panties, bending down in the process and giving Mercy full view of her chocolate coloured bubble butt, which she was sensually shaking now.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Liking doesn’t even come close.” It took almost all of Mercy’s willpower not to jump Pharah as soon as she saw that round, full ass of hers. It basically screamed to be touched and grabbed! Mercy wanted nothing more than to sink her hands and face into this glorious piece of ass, but it still wasn’t time for that. Pharah turned around again and Mercy could see that her lover’s shaved, sensitive pussy was already glistening and wet with her female juices.

“Fareeha, I will ask one more time. Are you sure about going through with this?”

“Yes, I am sure, ma amar. Besides, the other members of Overwatch always say that I am the ‘man’ in our relationship anyway,” Pharah cheekily remarked.

“Haha, alright, Liebling, I will prepare the injection. The transformation shouldn’t hurt, but you might feel some temporal discomfort. I apologise in advance.”

Mercy was now sarıyer escort getting a small syringe out of her shelf next to the bed, and put the pink fluid from the vial inside. This was it, the moment of truth! She slowly approached Pharah, but the closer she came, the shakier her hands got. God, she was so nervous!

“Angela, calm down! You need to be precise with that needle!”

“I know, I know! Phew…” She took a deep breath and placed the syringe on Pharah’s right arm, “This might hurt just for a moment and you should feel the changes momentarily.” Mercy was now pressing down the bolt inside of the syringe, the pink fluid now disappearing into Pharah’s bloodstream. And with that, the serum inside her body started doing its magic.

Pharah immediately felt the effect of the fluid she had just been injected with. It was a feeling like her body was struck by lightning and her blood started boiling, feeling like molten lava! These feelings inside of her body were way too intense for her to handle, her legs giving out and making her sink down to the floor.

“Fareeha! Oh no! Are you in pain?” Mercy tried to comfort her lover, but Pharah was spasming now, barely being able to control her own muscles. Temporal discomfort? Pharah would have laughed if she had been able to! All she could do now was holding on to her own body, her arms grabbing onto her torso. The next thing she felt was a rumbling inside her lower abdomen, as if two small objects were beginning to grow inside of her, slowly becoming larger and larger. Those had to be the inner testicular glands that Mercy was talking about earlier! But they felt so huge, as if two orbs the size of golfballs were slowly materialising inside of her body.

But those were not the only changes she was feeling. Her mind suddenly got bombarded with testosterone and her clitoris began to change, rapidly growing in length. It was a sensation as if a thousand needles had just pricked her cherry nub! “Hnngooooh!” Not being able to form coherent sentences anymore, Pharah tried to desperately hold onto her sanity, all the while Mercy could do nothing to help her, except sitting next to her partner and observing the whole ordeal.

Mercy felt incredibly guilty. Never would she have wanted for her lover to experience such pain! What a fool she had been, trying to create this serum, all to satisfy her selfish desire of getting impregnated by her? It all seemed so silly at this moment. Was this really worth it? All she could hope for now, was that Pharah would be able to hold on and endure the transformation process.

Pharah’s clit grew larger and thicker by the second, slowly changing shape, now taking the form of a circumcised penis. Her newly formed phallus was already larger than the penises of other men, dwarfing them in comparison. And there was still no end to these changes in sight! Yet another growth spurt hit her already massive cock and Pharah felt her skin getting tighter. What an otherworldly experience this was for her! She could already feel how the testosterone in her bloodstream was affecting her thoughts, letting her experience strange, unfamiliar feelings of male pride for her newest body part.

Slowly but surely, the muscle spasms receded and the new and improved Pharah could stand up again. Mercy couldn’t believe her eyes! Her love was now truly a sight to behold, an eight inch penis now standing up proudly between her muscular legs, right where her clitoris used to be. Any man would have been jealous of that perfect example of masculinity! Her experiment, although not without hiccups, seemed to have been a total success!

“Pharah, dear! I am so sorry that I caused you such pain. I was such a fool… How are you feeling, Liebling?”

“Don’t worry, Angela. I feel… amazing! This feeling of strength and virility! I feel like I could lift a small truck! But right now, all I want is to… touch this new tool you gifted me with!”

And with that, Pharah quickly put one hand around her new member, a shock flowing through the center of her body the moment her hand made contact with her newly formed organ. It wasn’t like anything she had ever experienced, as if her clitoris had its sensitivity raised tenfold! The touch alone made her penis swell another inch, increasing her desire to feel even better. Pharah had to restrain herself from furiously masturbating in front of her Swiss lover!

“Ahh, this is really intense! It’s still growing and getting harder! I don’t know if I can handle this, but… I like it!”

Even though Mercy was glad to hear that Pharah was alright, her eyes were focused on that giant penis in Pharah’s hand. This amazing, dark skinned phallus between the legs of her lover, standing upright like a monolith of pure masculinity, ready to provide pleasure to any female that so desired. The busty blonde was simply intoxicated with this new ‘toy” she helped create.

Mercy was in no way inexperienced with men. A lot of guys had been into her during her younger days and she had even shared the bed with some of them, but none of those wimps came even close to the length and girth of Pharah’s new cock! Pharah was already a skilled partner in the bedroom, but if the size of that thing was any indication, her experienced pussy would be in for a wild night!

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