A Night with Ling

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I am hungry for someone who can ignite a fire within me, someone whose touch can make my skin burn. I want skilled hands and a strong body to take hold of me and make me feel something new. I want to be satisfied selfishly; I want my thirst for an extreme height of passion quenched. Making love is never new or different and it doesn’t leave me breathless. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place…

I am Victoria, a single, Senior Partner Attorney at a very successful firm in a busy city. I lead a very hectic life. It seems like I never have time for myself.

Today started like most days and was in fact pretty ordinary. It is my birthday, though I hardly had time to acknowledge it. I was still working in my office around 10 pm when my secretary, Ling came in with a small cake and a bottle of wine to wish me happy birthday. She is so sweet. We had a glass of wine and she said quietly, “This is no place to spend your birthday.”

“I just had a lot of work to do, besides, it’s just another day.” I said.

“Perhaps you would like to come to my place, I could fix you a late birthday supper.”

I considered her offer for a moment and decided I’d like that. I accepted and we were off.

When we arrived I was surprised to find such an incredible atmosphere. I walked from the busy hub of the city into what seemed like an exotic garden in an oriental setting. She turned on some soft oriental music. The air was moist and warm and sweet. The lights were a comfortable yellow glow. Ling asked me to make myself comfortable while she excused herself for a minute. She returned a few moments later. She is an exotic beauty. She had let her long hair down and it now fell seductively around her shoulders over her creamy skin. She was dressed in a white dress that hung from thin straps over delicate shoulders and it clung to her rather large breasts then fell in flowing folds of silk to the floor.

We chatted while she prepared a delicious meal. We had several more glasses of wine as we ate. She told me that when she was not working for me, she worked as a masseuse out of her home. Then she had an idea.

“Would you like a massage? It’ll be my gift to you.

That sounded wonderful so I accepted.

She led me into a small room that was similar to her living room. It was a little darker and the scent of tropical flowers was heavy in the air. It had an interesting looking table in its center. bahis firmaları The table was covered in a soft cotton sheet and from it hung strands of red silk ribbon on all of its sides. She asked me to undress completely, lie on the table face down and cover myself with a sheet.

I did as she asked and already as I waited for her to return, I began to relax. When she entered the room she approached me with a small piece of black silk. She explained that it is easier to relax with closed eyes as she tied the silk over my eyes. She began to massage me with warm oil in slow sweeping motions down my back. Her hands were so skilled and I melted beneath them. When she reached my feet, she asked me to turn over.

She explained that while on their backs, some people have gotten so relaxed that they have rolled off of the table, so she began to tie my wrists to the table with the silk ribbons that hung at the sides. I thought this was pretty strange but I had no reason to distrust her, so I went along with it. She tied a ribbon around my waist and more around my ankles. I was comfortable, but I was a little nervous because I couldn’t really move. She began to massage my arms with a powerfully fragrant oil. I felt light headed and sort of tingly and I wondered if I had had a little too much wine. She worked her way down my arms and as she reached my shoulders she slipped the sheet off of me. I was naked then, tied to a table and strangely enough, I didn’t care. I could only think of how incredible I was feeling; my body was relaxed and warm and tingly.

With my eyes closed and covered, I thought about the beautiful woman whose hands roamed freely over my body. She had not touched any of my private places so far, but I couldn’t help but be a little turned on. I have never thought of a woman romantically before, but this woman who had complete control over me now was causing me to imagine something incredible. As my mind wandered into impossible places, my nipples began to get hard. She asked how I was feeling and in a dreamy voice I answered, “Blissful.” I was very turned on. She spoke softly to me, she seemed unreal as I listened, “I can read your body, and I can give you what you have been missing.”

The scent of the oil and the flowers in the room swam through me, I felt strange and dreamy and I was consumed by the sound of her voice. I heard myself saying, “Please…”

She began to massage my breasts kaçak iddaa and then to kiss them lightly. A trail of fire blazed across my skin where she left kisses. Her lips were so soft and wet and warm. As she leaned over me I felt her silk covered breast brush against mine. I thrill rushed over me, a woman was pleasuring me and I wanted her badly.

I lie there on her table blindfolded and tied as she poured hot oil across each one of my breasts, then down between them and further down my navel and finally, she poured the hot oil between my thighs. She spread my lips and slowly poured over them. Her delicate hands moved over my body following her trail of heat. Her hands glided through the oil over my body. As she caressed her way down she spread my legs, I could feel her breath on my thighs and then her lips.

I held my breath as I felt her kisses and her tongue darting into my secret place. She licked my lips lightly, running her tongue up and down, stopping briefly over my little rosebud as her tongue danced over it sending a shiver of pleasure deep within me. I felt so fully possessed by her. The red silk ribbons that held me securely added to her possession. She spread my thighs further, never letting her lips leave my wetness. She slipped her finger inside as she began to suck on my rosebud faster. I was overcome. This beautiful woman was giving me exactly what I needed and as I thought of her I wanted to kiss her and touch her. I could feel a climax building inside of me but I was not ready for this delicious encounter to be over.

“Ling, please, let me kiss you, remove my blindfold, please.”

She stopped then. I felt her lips on mine, wet and delicious. She loosened my blindfold and kissed me softly and stepped back from the table. Slowly, she let the straps of her dress fall from her shoulders and as she unzipped the back of her dress it fell in a rush of silk to the floor. She was beautiful. She walked to the end of the table that I was still tied to and climbed onto me, letting the tips of her perky round nipples brush against the length of my body as she made her way across me to rest her breasts against mine.

Our eyes met, hers were beautiful and deep. Her lips pressed against mine and her tongue parted my lips. As we kissed I felt the ribbons around my wrists loosen and fall. I found her breasts and ran my hands over them. I wanted to touch every part of her. Her skin was kaçak bahis so soft. She slipped down from the table, untied the rest of the ribbons and led me into her bedroom.

Her room was even more beautiful that the others that I had been in so far. Her bed consumed most of the center of the room. It was round and it was dressed in lavish dark silk linens with lots of pillows. She walked ahead of me and I watched every step in awe of her slender, curvaceous body. She sank into her bed and I followed.

I curled up with her and kissed her neck. I kissed her softly, taking in her scent and the sweetness of her skin. I planted kisses down her neck and between her breasts. My cheek brushed against them. I kissed all around them as I held them in my hand. I was lost, she was sighing softly as she ran her hands down my back. I licked her perfect nipples in circles and sucked them gently. I wanted to taste her sweetness. She breathed heavier as I kissed a trail down below her navel and ran my fingers lightly over her pussy. With my tongue, I parted her wet lips and licked her slowly. She moaned as I licked her faster and flipped my tongue across her little rosebud. I ran my hands up and down the length of her inner thighs and then slipped a finger inside of her. She was so soft and wet. I licked her and fucked her with my hands the way she had done to me and I could feel a climax beginning to build in her. She moaned louder and whispered my name as she started to orgasm. I could feel her pulsing and squeezing my fingers as they fucked her.

When she caught her breath, she kissed me fiercely and rubbed her hands over my secret place. Then she leaned over her bed and took a vibrator out of her cupboard. She started licking my pussy. She turned her vibrator on and rubbed it over my rosebud. I felt a thrill rush through me as she slipped her fingers inside me. She fucked me slowly with them while the vibrator worked its magic. I could feel my orgasm starting to build and I moaned louder. She took one of her slippery wet fingers and played with my other opening. No one has ever done that before and it surprised me but it felt awesome. She overwhelmed me. She slid her vibrator down into my pussy and licked my rosebud furiously and slipped a finger inside my other place and I went over the edge. Orgasm pulsed through me. My whole body was consumed. I moaned loudly and cried out her name as it built to a height that I have never known. Then she kissed me and led me into her restroom where she ran a bubble bath for two and I thought to myself, “Who knew? I was looking in the wrong place to find new heights and a blaze of passion and pleasure.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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