A Strange Twist of Fate Ch. 02

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This story is a continuation of a previous story but it may be read as a stand-alone narrative.

Cathy bent down seizing her mother’s jaw and whispered, “Great, now we can get started training our very own lesbian slut.”

“You better meet me in the toilet!” Cathy ordered.

Hastily I removed the vaginal and anal dildos and not stopping to think I rushed to the bathroom and burst in. My daughter was sat or rather spread on the toilet naked apart from garter belt, stockings and high heels. Her eyes were closed and her legs wide open, two fingers buried deep in her cunt, masturbating! She was obviously pretty close to orgasm as I approach her.

Her eyes opened and she yelled, “Turn around mum!” I turned around immediately in front of her. I had very little idea what I was going to say or do. I was speechless, but hell, it was not as if I had never masturbated. Suddenly there was jerk on the belt of my skirt and I over balancing; I fell backwards on to the toilet seat between my daughter’s legs.

I uttered an apology, but in an instant a hand had shot between my open legs and her fingers entered my cunt. As I gasped, a second hand covered in her vaginal juices entered my mouth. As I tasted the cunt juices of my daughter her voice echoed in my ear, “Now you will be called Cum Slut from now on, CS in public, we cannot have Alison’s can we? You dirty bitch you just pissed on my hand! Well we are going to be here until you empty your bladder. Then you are going to clean my hand with your mouth and then your going to bring me to orgasm with your fingers, your tongue will be in my arse. Got it?”

In shock, I nodded.

She continued, “Now for you there will be no sitting on the toilet you will squat over it, but under no circumstance are you to let your arse touch the seat. In high heels that should not be a problem, in bare feet you will have to stand on the seat. Stand up Cum Slut.”

I stood, my head in turmoil, images and thoughts flashing through my mind.

“Squat Cum Slut.” She ordered picking up a riding crop as she moved away.

I found that the only way to do what she had ordered was to lift my skirt to my waist and place my feet some distance apart, bend forward positioning my arse over the bowl. Immediately I had adopted this position, Cathy stuck two fingers back into my cunt and said, “Piss”. I tried to explain that I did not want a piss. It was the shock of penetration that made me piss on her fingers. She laughed and removed her fingers, giving my cunt a hard flick with the riding crop. I was in agony, she laughed. She opened the bathroom cupboard and removed something; it was a black hood, which she roughly placed over my head. I knew better than to move as I heard her walk around the bathroom. She returned and roughly inserted what felt like a large butt plug in my arse.

The bathroom door opened and Jane asked if everything was alright. Cathy’s voice rang out, “Yes we are all right in here? Cum Slut enjoys a few toilet fetishes and she wants to help to me experiment. She will beg for them in due course, I’m sure.” Jane closed the door.

Cathy forced the riding crop on to my clit and held it there, I was paralysed, I dared not move. She was fiddling with the butt plug, then moved away, seconds later a stream of warm liquid rushed into my anus. It forced its way up expanding my bowels. Mercifully, the flow stopped just before the pain became intolerable. Cathy came over to me and forced her fingers into my cunt.

“Now” she said, “that little extra pressure should make it easy to piss yourself.”

She was right; piss flowed from me in seconds saturating her hand and wrist.

“Good” she said withdrawing her fingers, “Clean them, Cum Slut”.

With the urgency my bowels were demanding I licked and sucked the hand that she had forced under the hood. She was flicking my clit repeatedly with the riding crop, causing me to jump and squirm with pain until she was satisfied that her hand was clean.

I begged to be allowed to empty my bowels, but removing the hood she said, “Have you forgotten, my orgasm is next. The quicker, Cum Slut, you make me cum, the quicker I will remove the plug”. “Get on the floor. On your back!” she ordered and then sat over face said, “Lick my arse and finger your sweet daughter’s cunt”. I set to work with a rush, I had no thoughts that this was my daughter, no repulsion at the thought this was incest, the explosion building in my bowels had seen to that.

Cathy was using the riding crop to hit my rump as though I was a horse that she wanted to go faster, the pain in my thigh was almost unbearable, tears were streaming down my face. I used all my expertise but it seemed an eternity before her juices exploded on my hand and face.

“Clean me with your tongue!” she ordered, still flicking the crop on my arse and thighs.

Once she was satisfied she was clean, she stood. I got on my hands and knees, cunt juice dripping from my face and mouth when she bent canlı bahis şirketleri down and said, “This intimate moment will be our little secret”.

Cathy said, “Squat like I taught you, Cum Slut”.

I positioned myself legs spread, arse over the toilet bowl awaiting the removal of the butt plug.

“Hang on” cried Cathy and she ran out. She returned seconds later with a digital movie camera. She looked at me and said, “I film everything for posterity and the internet.”

Cathy moved to my side and reached towards my arse, she gave the butt plug a small tug and it shot out followed by a stream of water stained brown with small lumps of shit in it. It was the ultimate humiliation, my arse; legs and the toilet were splattered with the stained enema fluid. I burst into hysterical tears but my tormentor ignored my suffering and laughed at me while continuing to film.

As I finished spurting the last of the enema fluid from my arse, she moved to the door and as it closed, Cathy said, “Clean up this place, you as well, Cum Slut. You can sleep now but remember your new life has only just begun. “

Alone in the bathroom I looked around, I cleaned myself then I set to work diligently cleaning the bathroom. As I normally did when faced with a boring repetitive task, I let my thoughts wander; usually I thought of my latest sexual encounter and today was no different. What was different was that normally I let my imagination run riot in order to masturbate, but today I seriously contemplated the events of the last twelve or so hours.

What, I thought would my daughters do if I simply refused to participate in their schemes. Surely they would not hand me over to the authorities or hold me prisoner and use me anyway. Then there was the biggest question of all: did I want out? My mind seemed to scream, of course, you want out, think of the beating you got; your arse is now almost totally black and blue. Think of the anal fisting and the use of your head as a dildo support. Think of the enema and that fucking riding crop you just endured and there will be much more to come. The girls are fetish freaks, at least one, maybe both have an anal fetish, they enjoy inflicting severe pain, and they relish mind games to humiliate and control. What is going to happen next? My mind was in chaos as thoughts went round and round in my head.

Having finished my cleaning I contemplated the best way to get out of this situation. Feeling dreadfully tender, sweaty and still distressed in those clothes that were ‘a fraction’, I decided to have another shower to rid the last remnants of the nights activities still staining me both physically and mentally. I began to shed my soiled clothes and removed my top and bra. I unbuttoned my skirt, letting it fall to the floor, and I found myself paralysed. I just stood there in utter astonishment, so much fluid had obviously gushed from my cunt. My vaginal fluid had saturated the insides of my thighs and stockings, my clit was hard and my cunt was swollen and demanding attention. My considered arguments for ending my enslavement evaporated in that instant, I must have a craving for being dominated and I must love it.

I thought well that is it, I am their slave! I might as well enjoy it. I entered the shower still in my stockings and high heels which remained locked around my ankles. Rather amused at my predicament I began to shower and started to fantasize what could be in store for me. Random sexual fantasies sprang into my mind but as I continued to fantasize, my dreams became darker until they became a nightmare. I never considered myself knowledgeable of sexual deviations but I started to panic as thoughts of prostitution, drug use and even necrophilia swirled in my brain. For the second time that morning, I sank into the corner of the shower and cried. I was trapped!

As the bathroom door opened, Jane said, “Where are you mum, er, cum slut? We told you to get some sleep.” I was still huddled in a corner of the shower hysterically crying, babbling words such as forced prostitution, rape, body modification and torture. As Jane saw and heard me, she fell silent, looking down on her cowering mother who she had helped enslaved.

“Come on, mum” she said tenderly, “Let’s get you to bed”. She stopped the shower and half lifted me to my feet, handed me a towel and bent down to unlock and remove my stilettos and stockings. She took a second towel dried my tears and then began drying my body, spending an inordinate amount of time on my breasts.

“You are so beautiful” she said and began half carrying me to my bedroom.

“Where are you taking her, we were going to put her in …” Cathy’s called from the kitchen but Jane shouted, “Shut up, we got a problem.” Footsteps hurried towards us but stopped when they saw my distressed state and then moved quickly forward to assist me. Jane helped me take two sleeping pills and as I became drowsy, I heard Cathy repeating over and over “We never meant this, will she be canlı kaçak iddaa alright, we never meant this” until I heard Jane say “OK, she will be fine now, but obviously she is not as strong or secure as we thought. I think we better revise our plans, I think we went far too far, discussion time, dining room now!” I was vaguely aware of my daughters leaving and the door closing softly before falling into a deep peaceful sleep.

I awoke slowly and turned my head to the bedside alarm clock it just after three in the morning, I had slept soundly for over 15 hours. Aching all over, I slipped out of bed with the intention of making a coffee and determined to rationalise the events of the last day. In order not to wake my daughters I did not put on a light, opening the door to the hall as quietly as I could.

To my surprise, there was a light on in the kitchen and dining rooms. As I crept toward the light, I heard Jane say, “OK lets not have a repeat of yesterday, who is to blame is irrelevant, its history that we both fucked up, hell did we fuck up. We need to decide how to apologise and make it up to mum. What the fuck are we going to say and do?”

An interminable silence fell, neither one having an answer. Eventually Cathy said between sobs, “Maybe if we say we are sorry and then never mention it again. We will destroy everything, movies, toys, clothing the lot. I mean we are really sorry.” Silence fell again as though their collective opinion was that Cathy’s solution was totally inadequate to repair the damage.

Still hidden in the shadows I decided it was time to announce my presence, in a loud clear voice, which shocked me as well as the girls, I said, “What you have forgotten is that a woman like myself gives herself unreservedly to the one she loves unconditionally, no force or blackmail is necessary. I suppose though, it a prerequisite of giving my love in the first place that I know the one I love will not permanently injure or harm me. There are limits and the one we love never breaks them.”

Jane and Cathy leapt from the table and began hugging and kissing me. We made our way to the table and sat down in silence.

Cathy broke the silence first asking, “What happened with you and dad?”

Jane angrily retorted, “Fuck Cathy! Not now.”

I calmly turned and said, “The answer to that question will have to wait!”

Each of my daughters was looking at me, it was apparent each was overflowing with questions. I realised that it was their actions, their fantasies, and their desires, which were important. At this moment the whole thing was too ambiguous, if I were to be their submissive I did not know the limits of their fantasies, if I refused how would I feel, what would they do? I knew I would eventually become desperate for just the kind of relationship they seemed to be offering or parts of it anyway. It was obvious I should ask! I thought that saying to two distressed teenagers, “Tell me your intimate fantasies!” was not going to work. Now I had the upper hand, so I thought, why not use it.

“Cathy go to your bedroom now! Jane stay where you are” I said sternly. I could not help be amused at their reaction, after years of begging, screaming and threatening them to get them to do the smallest thing; I could not believe the speed at which they obeyed.

I walked up to Jane and said simply, “Masturbate”. She looked shocked.

“Open your legs and fucking masturbate, you do know how, don’t you.” I said with a good imitation of anger.

She did as she was told and opened her legs, pushed her mini skirt and panties to the side and started rubbing her clit.

“Now” I said, “tell me what you are fantasizing about.”

“Nothing” she replied.

I bent over and passionately kissed her on the lips, pushing my tongue as far down her throat as I could.

She looked up at me and said quietly “You, it’s always you”.

“What about me?” I asked.

“I dream” she began, and after a long pause, “of tying you to the bed. We are dressed sexily in high heels, stockings, very short skirts, and open top. I want to make you lose control and have multiple orgasms. I am rubbing your clit, you are dripping with juices, I am sucking your cunt, you are writhing with pleasure, I am going to make you explode. I roll you over and spank your arse, I stick my thumb in your arse and two fingers in your cunt, I’m spanking and pumping you at the same time. You are losing control; the pain and pleasure are too much”. As she herself lost control, she screamed, “That’s it cum like you have never cum before, all over me, all over yourself! Yes, you lick it up, lick my cunt, and take my squirting juice. Ahhh.” As her orgasm climaxed she went rigid and shook with pleasure. As the orgasm receded, she was silent, red faced with exertion and embarrassment. She looked at the floor.

I knew she would have many questions, but paramount amongst them I knew was wether or not such a fantasy was disgusting to me. I did not say canlı kaçak bahis a word I just looked at her. She flushed bright red as I took her hand and held it; I opened my legs very slightly and placed her hand on my saturated vagina. As realisation dawned, her face exploded with joy, my cunt said I had enjoyed the fantasy. I bent down to kiss her but this time she passionately kissed me forcing her tongue in my mouth and exploring my mouth and sucking my tongue.

“I want you, mum, I need you, I love you.” she whispered.

“Soon” I replied.

“Send down Cathy and, please do not say a word, please Jane, or should I call you Mistress Jane?” I said.

She smiled broadly and said, “I wonder what her innermost fantasies will be? And no, somehow you calling me Mistress Jane does not turn me on.”

Jane smiling at Cathy said simply, “Mum wants you.”

Cathy approached apprehensively; she was ashen faced.

As she reached me, I said, “Take your jeans off and masturbate”.

She looked horrified.

“What” she yelled.

“You heard,” I yelled back.

She looked panic stricken, but started to remove her jeans and panties, as they cleared her feet I picked them up and felt the crutch of her panties. She was not in the least sexually excited. I stared at her menacingly and she slowly spread her legs and let her hand fall to her clit. Rubbing her clit very lightly, she said, “I’m not in the mood”.

“Pity that, you will be playing with yourself a long fucking time then. Because you are not leaving until you squirt all over this fucking floor.” I said angrily

“What are you thinking about” I asked.

“Nothing” came the reply.

“Bullshit” I yelled, “Speak to me, tell me what you would like to do to me”. I was convinced that Cathy was the sadistic one.

She had tears in her eyes and just stared at me, fear was hovering behind her eyes.

After a long pause Cathy said, “I imagine I am dominating a girl. You remember that day I went to the beach with Jane’s cheerleader friend. She fell asleep in the sand dunes. Well her bikini top was loose and I could see her nipples. Well, I blew on one of them just for fun and they both grew hard, so I reached out and pinched one of them a little. I played with her nipples pulling and pinching them. They got rock hard and they grew straight out. She moaned very sexily but as I continued to play with her nipples, her hand reach down to her pussy, I stopped her hand and I started playing with her pussy.

Well she was still asleep so I covered us up with a towel and handcuffed her arms behind her back. Then I,” she looked at me nervously before continuing “I stuck two fingers in her arse and I stuck my thumb in her cunt. It was great, I was so turned on, but she woke up, her complaining was getting louder so I slipped her bikini bottoms off and stuck them in her mouth to quieten her. The crutch of her bikini panties were saturated with her cunt juice, so I knew she was really enjoying being forced. She even seemed to like the taste of her cunt juice and started sucking on her panties. I stuck her head in my armpit, to stop her wriggling.

Then I started pumping my fingers and thumb in and out of her cunt and arse. I was sure she was ready to explode. Then I had an idea and I checked that no one was around and I slipped out of my bikini panties and sat on her face. I was so excited that I pissed myself all over her face. I wiped my piss up with my panties then stuck them in her mouth as well. I was now pumping her cunt with my fingers and she were frantically bucking and twisting, her cunt was so wet, her cum was running down her arse, lubricating it, so I stuck the neck of a drink bottle up her arse. I started pumping the drink bottle in and out of her arse, well it was about half-full of coke and the froth started going into her arse.

I could not stand it any longer so I took the panties out of her mouth and put my cunt on your face again. She started tonguing me, straight away. Her tonguing me made me cum big almost at once, my juices flowed all over her face, and I nearly screamed, but I didn’t. After I manage to wipe her face with her panties. I jumped off and pulled my fingers out from her cunt. I left the bottle in her arse to see what she would do. I took off the handcuffs and I watched as she pulled the coke bottle out of her arse, trying not to let me see, but I saw all the foaming coke come gushing out of her arse! I came again just watching the foam issuing from her arse.”

Cathy giggled, “She found her panties, felt them, they were saturated, she smelt them and then tasted them. While she were trying to figure out what to do I punched her cunt with my fist and told her this was out little secret or that punch would be nothing to what I do to her. I left her doubled over holding her cunt, crying like a baby!” When I finger myself I always think of something like that, just me forcing a girl.” Cathy finished her fantasy and ran back to her bedroom.

“Sorry I was listening. My sister is a real fucking bitch!” Jane said angrily.

“Always the nosey one.” I quipped.

“Inquisitive! Mum, inquisitive, sounds betters.”

Jane looked at me very seriously and said, “Mum masturbate now!”

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