A Strong Family Bond Ch. 01

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A mother’s love is an amazing thing. The sheer insane amount of love a mother can have for her child or her children outranks any other love known to man. That same love that will drive a mother to do absolutely anything to protect her children. That is the beauty of life that cannot be found elsewhere. And for Cynthia Mathers, that was the greatest truth. When she was young, Cynthia always dreamed of being a mother. Dreamed of having her own child to love and nurture until the day she died. With this in mind, she did anything and everything she could once she was of the age of consent to try and conceive a child. She tried and tried with many different men to get pregnant, but none of them were able to give her what she desired. Not until she met her future baby daddy.

Cynthia had found the man of her dreams one cold winter day in November. She had been out grocery shopping to prepare for Thanksgiving when she met her Prince Charming. He was working as the butcher at the time, and Cynthia knew at first site that he was the one. Several dates later and things began to move quickly, and before she knew it, Cynthia had become pregnant with her lover’s child at 18. She was ever so delighted to finally have her wish. So one could imagine how incredibly elated she was to discover she was going to have twins.

Nine months later, she delivered two healthy baby girls. But calling them girls felt like a stretch to their father. Cynthia had given birth to two identical canlı bahis şirketleri twins, both with an unusual situation. The twins had been born with both a penis and a vagina. The doctor tried to assure them that this was a rare, but not life threatening defect. They would both be considered females and their body would identify them as female, but having the second genitalia could possibly cause some confusion later in life.

Worrying about whether or not they could have children of their, Cynthia asked if it affected their reproductive system, to which the doctor could not confirm. It was random whether hermaphrodites were sterile or fertile. A relieved Cynthia decided that despite her daughters having male and female genitalia, they were her daughters and she would love them forever. Her lover, however, despised the thought of his child being so “deformed”, as he called, and left Cynthia there, at the hospital, never to return.

Cynthia was distraught at both his harsh words and actions, unable to comprehend how he could let such a small thing dictate his love for his children. And so Cynthia had left the hospital with no one to be a father to her daughters. Seeing her predicament, Cynthia’s older sister, Anna, decided to try and help her sister raise her two children. And the two reared Cynthia’s beautiful little girls, doing their best to make them feel loved and secure with their bodies and try to explain to them what it meant.

And canlı kaçak iddaa 18 years later, Cynthia knew it was only a matter of time before her daughters would leave her to begin their lives. But she feared for her girls as Maria and Alyssa’s unusual situation was most likely going to be a serious issue for their love lives. Cynthia didn’t want either Maria or Alyssa to suffer because of the genetic cards they were dealt. And so, she came up with an idea to help her daughters and keep them close to her. But it was a taboo and forbidden idea. She convinced herself it was for her daughters benefit, and that made it understandable.

It was a lovely summer afternoon. Maria and Alyssa had turned 18 a month prior and were getting ready to go to college. Despite coming from the same zygote, the twins had different hair and eye colour. Maria had ginger hair and blue eyes like her grandmother, but Alyssa had blonde hair and green eyes like Cynthia. The twins shared in their mother’s gene pool quite a bit, both having the same sized D cup breasts while Cynthia had DD cup breasts.

Maria was outside relaxing on a blanket, sunbathing, while Alyssa was sitting high up on a shaded branch of a tree, reading a book. Maria was wearing a lovely mint green bikini with a crossing strap design to cover the breasts, and Alyssa was dressed in a thin pink tank top, cut off denim shorts, and a pair of green Chucks. The glass door slid open with Cynthia standing in the canlı kaçak bahis door way dressed in pink spaghetti strap sundress with white polka dots on it, stomach-length blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.

“Alyssa! Maria! We need to talk, please come inside.” Cynthia shouted to her daughters. Maria looked up and got up off the blanket, Alyssa skillfully jumping down from the branch she was on, hitting the ground and rolling. She brushed the dirt and leaves off her from her dramatic leaving of the tree and followed Maria inside as the three girls sat down in the living room. The ceiling fan spun above them, keeping the room cooled on the hot summer day. It was Maria who broke the brief silence that followed the three sitting down.

“So, is something wrong, Mom? You seem a bit worried.” She asked.

“In a way, yes.” Cynthia responded as thought of a way to best put what she was about to say.

“Girls, I know you’ve…struggled with the confusion of having both genitalia, and how hard it has been for you. And, I know you two have felt like it will be impossible for someone to love you intimately.” She paused.

“I’ve been thinking and, you two are adults know, and soon you’ll be leaving for college. Then, in a few years you’ll be starting your lives and independent women. But I’m worried that you might find somebody you like who won’t be able to reciprocate your feelings due to your situation. I don’t want you to feel that kind of rejection, so I came up with a solution. You two are old enough to make your own choices in life. So, if you would like to, at any time you feel it would be okay, I am willing to help you…with sex.” She finished, looking at her daughters’ faces to see their reactions.

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