A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 08

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“How are you feeling?” Zabi asked as she placed the glass of fruit juice on the bedside table.

“Like I’m dying.” Alex replied. “Are you sure I haven’t caught malaria?”

Zabina sat on the edge of the bed and tenderly felt the temprature of Alex’s head. The fever had dropped off a great deal over night, and truth be told she had been a little worried about just how hot Alex had become. There had been a bout of forty eight hour flu going around and Zabi was fairly sure Alex had caught it. Although Alex was convinced she had either malaria or pneumonic plague.

As normal when she was ill, Zabi had sat up all night comforting the distressed Alex. It wasn’t that Alex didn’t cope well with illness, the words ‘totally impossible’ would be Zabi’s choice.

Zabi was fairly sure Alex was far better than she was letting on and had concocted a cunning plan to get her back on her feet sooner rather than later.

“Yes I am very sure you haven’t got malaria. It’s a flu virus. You’ll be back to your normal self in a day or so.” Zabi reassured.

“Well I’m sure its malaria and I’ll be lucky if I’m still alive in a day or so.” Alex retorted pouting.

Zabi sighed. Alex was possibly the worst patient in the world. What she needed was an incentive to get better.

An idea formed in her mind and Zabina grinned happily. It may not get Alex back on her feet quicker, but it would be fun trying.


A full day had passed since the idea had come to Zabi. A full day for her to prepare her plan.

Phase one.

Steam lifted off the bowl of her special chicken soup. Made to a secret recipe handed down through the generations of Vitelli women. That was what she had told Alex. Actually it was out of a tin and Zabi just added a sprinkle of pereroncino an Italian pepper made from diavoletti chilies.

“I made you some of your favorite soup.” Zabi announced as she approached the recumbent Alex.

An expression of joy crossed Alex’s face. “That’s so lovely of you, and just what I need to make me feel better.”

Zabi placed the tray on a stool while she helped Alex in to a sitting position. A crisp white napkin was then placed on ‘dying’ Alex’s chest to catch any spills. Then Zabi positioned the tray on the bed.

“No let me do it.” Zabi insisted as Alex reached for the spoon. “Save your strength.”

Proficiently Zabina took the spoon and lifted a helping of soup out of the bowl. A delicate blow cooled the surface of the soup a little before spoon made its way to Alex’s mouth and fed the spicy hot soup in. Another napkin followed the spoonful to gently dab away any escaped moisture.

The spoon dipped in to the bowl again and the entire procedure was repeated.

Zabi was fully aware that the feeding was making Alex a little hot. Not only from the delicious soup but from the extremely sensuous way Zabi was feeding her. There was nothing erogenous about the touching, but Zabi was sure the actions in themselves were beginning to make her feel a little flustered.

“Would you like some juice?”

Alex nodded beads of perspiration forming on her brow.

Zabina cupped the glass on top of the napkin and lifted it to Alex’s lips, allowing her a short drink. A tiny amount of juice escaped to run down her chin.

Very softly Zabina dabbed the miniscule amount of liquid off Alex’s chin, then continued the action down her neck, and on to where the drip had come to a rest just above the top of Alex’s night shirt.

The napkin brushed against skin as softly as Zabi could manage, ensuring that it slipped slightly under the cotton of the shirt.

Alex gave a little gasp as the napkin tenderly brushed her skin.

With a slight smile Zabina continued the feeding. Once the bowl was finished Zabi placed the items back on the tray.

“Did you manage to email those images off to that web company?” Zabi inquired innocently.

“Crap.” Alex swore. She had been working on some designs for a web designer that contracted out some of the artwork to Alex. She had done all the work involved, but with the onset of her illness she had forgotten to email the files back.

“You just stay there.” Zabi said as she gently pushed Alex back on to the piled pillows. “I’ll get your laptop and you can talk me through what to do.”

“Thank you babe.” Alex replied grateful for the offered help.

Phase two.

Zabi returned the tray to the kitchen then hurried to the spare room where she had the next step of her plan ready to go.

She quickly slipped out of her shirt and shorts. Underwear had intentionally been left off to make for a quicker change.

Next she dressed in an old business suit. An outfit she had worn to charm a restaurant critic when the Casa Vitelli had first opened. It was going to be a little tight now but that would serve her purpose even better.

The charcoal grey skirt was fairly short and extremely tight. She had to take a breath to get it to fasten, but it hugged her hips and backside perfectly.

Next bets10 the matching jacket. This was supposed to be worn with a blouse, but for this special occasion there would be nothing but her flesh underneath. It was cut fairly narrow at the waist and the double breasted design pushed her chest upwards to show a lot of cleavage and only just cover her nipples.

Finally she slipped on a pair of black heels. Not too high, just enough to accent her stance and to add the finishing touches to the outfit. As a final polish she put a pair of black rimmed glasses on. The lenses weren’t ground so they were purely for show, but they did make her look like a very sexy sectary.

She glanced at herself in the mirror.

“Smoking.” She complimented the reflection. If this didn’t stir feelings in Alex, then maybe she was dying, she thought.

Zabina walked back in to the bedroom, ensuring her heels clicked nicely on the tiled floor. Alex’s laptop clutched tightly to her chest. Loving how the material rubbed against her naked flesh. If it wasn’t doing anything for Alex, it certainly was for Zabina.

Alex’s eyes widened when she saw how Zabi was dressed.

“Special occasion?” She managed to croak.

Positioning a chair by the side of the bed Zabina sat down, purposely allowing the tight skirt to ride further up her thighs.

“Not really.” She replied. “I just thought if I was going to be your sectary I may as well look the part.”

Alex took a hurried gulp of juice.

Zabina shifted slightly in the chair allowing her skirt to ride up a little further, then with her legs pressed tightly together she placed the laptop on her knees. Ensuring she arched her back slightly to push her breasts out a little and make the top button of her jacket strain slightly.

A second gulp of juice followed the first.

“Now Miss Rowe where would you like me to start?” Zabi asked suggestively as she switched the laptop on.

As the email was dictated, Zabina could feel Alex’s gaze running over her body, without making any eye contact she absently reached up and undid the top button of her jacket letting out a deep breath as she did, to mimic feeling more comfortable. Of course what Alex didn’t know was, Zabi had switched on the webcam fitted in to the laptop, so that she could see exactly how much cleavage she was showing. Although with the top button undone it was more like how much nipple she was showing.

Zabi risked a glance towards Alex and noted with satisfaction that her mouth was hanging slightly open and her breathing had gone a little shallower. A very good sign the plan was working and Alex was becoming aroused.

The next part of phase two was going to be fun.

“So where did you save the files?” Zabi asked in pretend confusion.

Alex’s attention drifted away from Zabina’s breasts and back to her face. “Oh. Erm, they are on a flash drive on my desk.”

“Ah. No problem.” Zabi replied smiling. “I’ll just go and get it.”

Leaning forward she bent at the waist to place the laptop on the floor and allowing gravity to aid her breasts in their bid to escape the confines of the jacket.

There were two slight moans.

One from Zabina as sensitive nipples brushed across the material of her jacket and out in to the open.

And one from Alex as she watched the scene unfold.

As she straightened, Zabi performed a rehearsed trick and pushed her bare bosoms back in to the jacket. The entire movement would have suited a burlesque show.

Zabina stood and smoothed the skirt back down her thighs, pushing her bottom out as she did so, then walked briskly out of the room allowing her heels to click as she went.

Once out of sight, she took a minute to lean against a wall and take a breather. She always loved how wearing clothes in an erotic way could be more arousing than wearing nothing at all. She knew that not only did it work on a visual aspect, but she could also revel in the feel of the material as it was in permanent contact with so many erogenous zones. She fully understood why Alex loved to feel her naked skin against Zabina’s leather coat.

Taking another deep breath Zabi slipped the flash drive from her pocket and walked back in to the room. This time she took slightly longer strides, this had the double effect of making her breasts bounce a little more and ensured her skirt would slide up her thighs. The higher the skirt slid the longer the stride became.

By the time she reached the chair her nipples were peeking out again and the skirt was a bare few inches below showing that had no underwear on.

She returned to sitting without smoothing the skirt down, allowing it to shift another inch higher. Then repeated the bending down trick to retrieve the laptop.

After a few minutes of attaching files to the email whilst under the longing gaze of Alex, Zabina clicked ‘send’ on the email and smiled at the flustered Alex.

“Well that’s all done.” She said innocuously. “Would you like some more juice?”

A bets10 giriş tiny spark of pity flared in Zabina’s heart as she saw the despairing look on her lover’s face. Fleetingly she wondered if she should abandon phase three and go straight to phase four. Then she smiled again, realising phase four would be far more enjoyable if she carried on as planned.

Alex licked her lips and nodded weakly. Unable to tear her eyes off the sexy figure sitting next to her.

Zabina smiled happily clutched the laptop back to her chest and strode out of the room feeling the hem of her skirt finally expose the lower part of her behind.

Phase three.

Zabi returned to the spare room and carefully removed the suit. She had to admit it had felt very sexy wearing it and it was certainly going to be something she did again. Maybe they could go out somewhere and she could let more and more flesh become visible throughout the evening.

She sighed as her own arousal began to level off. This was fun but she had to admit, it wasn’t as much fun as when Alex was joining in. Zabina wasn’t sure what was more enjoyable, putting herself on show for Alex or talking Alex in to a situation where the roles were reversed.

“Let’s just hope that this plane works and she is back to her old self sooner rather than later.” She told herself as she pulled the small heart shaped apron on.

She had worn this thin lacy item for Alex on their first morning together. It was actually part of the waitress uniform from the Ascension Club. Although uniform was possibly going a little far with the description.

She stepped in to the bedroom “It looks as though we’re out of juice, so I’m going to go to the store and get some more.”

Alex’s eyebrows nearly vanished in to her hairline.

“Are you going dressed like that?”

Looking down as if she had only just realised what she was wearing Zabina gave a small laugh. “Good point I’d better put something on.”

Zabina lifted her leather coat off the back of a chair and slipped it over her shoulders. As always the feel of the lining against her skin took her breath away.

“There much better.” She said as she fastened the belt around her waist not even bothering to do the buttons up.

“You can’t be seriously going out like that?” Alex asked hoarsely.

This was the crux of this phase. Zabina had indeed been out wearing less than this on occasions, but that had always been somewhere ‘safe’ and at nighttime where the darkness hid a multitude of sins. Going out in the daylight, wearing just the coat and the tiny apron, that barely covered anything, was a very risky idea. Even by their standards.

“Why not?” Zabi questioned with a raised eyebrow. “It’s only across the way.”

She leant forward and placed a kiss on Alex’s forehead, allowing the top of the coat to open slightly and give the stricken woman a very good view of what was beneath.

“Back in a few minutes.”

There was a swirl of black leather and Zabina clicked her way out of the bedroom and then out of the apartment.

Once she was on the stairway down to the street she paused to catch her breath. She seriously hadn’t allowed for just how aroused she was getting from the slightly risky plan. Her nipples were now like bullets and extremely sensitive as the lining of the coat moved over the very thin material that scantly covered her breasts. She could already feel the dampness between her legs as she tried to slow her breathing.

“Focus Zabina.” She told herself, before pulling her phone from the coat pocket. Thumbs flew across the keypad.


If you switch the TV on to channel 00 you can watch to see that I get back ok.

? Zabi.

Part of her planning had been to re align one of the CCTV cameras so it pointed downwards to the sidewalk outside their apartment and the small grocery store across from them.

Her phone buzzed in reply.


I think you are mad. But so sexy. I can see the store, but not you.


“Show time.” Zabi said to herself as she stepped out of the stairwell and in to full view of the passersby. She turned and gave a sassy wave to the camera.

Her phone buzzed again.

I can see you. Mad sexy bitch. ?

Zabina smiled again and parted the top of her coat slightly to show off a little more flesh. She counted to ten to ensure Alex had seen the slight adjustment the spun and crossed to the store.

As she walked Zabina could feel the belt loosen slightly and blood rushed to her head. Nervously she pulled the belt a little tighter wishing she hadn’t been so blasé about fastening the buttons. She settled for thrusting her hands in the coat pockets and walking a little slower.

She reached the doors to the store without any further issues and paused momentarily for the automatic door to slide open.

She removed her hands from her pockets and gave the belt another reassuring tug. Opening the chiller door she took a severe intake of bets10 güvenilir mi breath as the cold air drifted across her skin. Taking a moment to steady herself, she then removed three cartons of fresh juice from a chiller and held them against her chest. The coolness of the cartons cut through her coat like a knife and she gave another sharp intake of breath.

Briefly she wished Alex were there with her and they could tease each other about what they could get up to. If only Alex knew that without her Zabina wasn’t quite as brave as she made out and that her reassuring presence pushed Zabina a little further every time.

A brief fantasy flashed through her mind of Alex wandering in to the shop behind her. Imagined lips kissed her neck as arms that weren’t there encircled her waist and pulling the belt undone. Her breathing sped up as she could almost feel the coat open and begin to slide off her shoulders.

“Are you alright Miss Vitelli?”

Zabina’s fantasy vanished in a puff of smoke as she dragged her attention to the elderly Mr. Gregory the store owner.

“Scusa. I was miles away.” Zabi apologised, smiling as the fleeting images floated around her mind.

“You look a little flushed.” He told her sounding concerned. “Although I’m not surprised wearing that heavy coat on a hot day like today.”

Feeling her face begin to burn under the older man’s scrutiny Zabi made a quick excuse. “No I think I may be coming down with this flu virus that is about.”

“Ah yes that makes sense.” He smiled then added as an afterthought. “I have just the thing for that, wait right there.” The septuagenarian instructed as he wandered off.

Feeling a little torn between wanting to get back to the safety of the apartment and not wanting to offend the elderly man, Zabina settled for waiting, the cartons still clasped to her chest, their coolness making her nipples ache.

“Here you are Miss Vitelli.” The owner said as he eventually returned holding a bottle of liquid. “If you get that lovely Miss Rowe to rub that on your back before you go to sleep you will soon be back to normal.”

“Grazie. Thank you Mr. Gregory. I’ll be sure to tell her.” An image of Alex massaging the liquid on to her back merged with the fantasy of her coat being removed in the store and Zabi gave a slight gasp.

“Do you want me to bag those for you?” He indicated the carton of juice.

Zabina was about to pass the juice over when she realised her belt had shifted slightly and the only thing that was keeping the coat together was the cartons of juice clasped to her breast.

“Actually I can manage as they are.” She replied a smile fixed to her face. “Can you put these on our account?” Zabi asked as she made her escape towards the door.

Once outside she took a step to one side, lent against the wall and inhaled deeply. Now all she had to do was cross the road and back to safety.

“Oh Miss Vitelli, you forgot your vapor rub.” Mr. Gregory called after her.

Zabi froze where she stood.

“Hear you are.” The man said politely as he wander over to her. “Shall I pop it in your coat pocket?”

Thankful, Zabina nodded still smiling.

Mr. Gregory took hold of Zabina’s coat pocket and proceeded to place the bottle in to it.

Unfortunately the pocket was a little too small for the bottle and as he tried to wrestle the bottle in Zabi could feel the belt coming further undone.

She clasped the cartons tighter to her chest trying hard not to let the coat open up any further than it already was.

“There we are.” The store owner finally said. “Now you get back home and have a warm bath.” He instructed and returned to his store.

‘More like a cold shower.’ Zabi thought as she finally escaped the store owner.

With a shrug to adjust the coat as much as she could. Zabi walked out across the road taking as short a step as possible. She could feel the loose coat slipping further apart with every step, exposing more of her thighs. Another few inches and it would slip past the point of no return and everything from the waist down would be visible.

Five paces to go and Zabina’s nerve went and she broke in to a longer stride.

Just as she stepped in to the stairwell fresh air hit the tops of her thighs as the coat opened all the way. Zabina halted, her heart was beating loudly against her ribcage. It had been a very close call, but she couldn’t have been better for Alex’s perspective.

She opened the door to the apartment and went in. First stop was to drop the juice in the kitchen and get Alex a nice glass full. Zabi noticed that her hands shook a little as she poured the juice out. That had certainly been a massive rush.

She walked in to the bedroom, with the coat open framing the tiny white apron that covered nothing.

Alex smiled weakly as Zabi sat on the bed next to her. “How did the shopping trip go?”

Flushing slightly Zabi replied. “Eventful, but it would have been nicer if you were there.”

“Well I had quite a good view from here.” Alex gestured to the TV and pressed a button on the remote.

The screen showed the door of the store for a few seconds then the perfect image of Zabi cartons of juice in her arms step out of the door and lean against the wall.

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