A Tragic Event Ch. 02

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Eric stirred slightly, and his eyes popped open, and stared directly at the clock. It read two-thirty AM. He rolled over and groaned, a strong urge to urinate was what he had guessed had woken him up, he tried to ignore it but eventually it got the better of him and stumbled into the bathroom.

After flushing the toilet, he headed back to his bed to settle in again for the night. He stopped in front of the full-body mirror. He was tall, about 6’2 with short blonde hair, muscular legs thick with blonde curls, a flat stomach, but in no way muscular, the same went for his chest, which had small tufts of blonde hair growing on it. A distanced glimpse of his naked body would probably cause the viewer to snigger at the thought of a 19 year old with absolutely no hair. He flexed his arm, causing him to explode in a fit of laughter before crawling back into bed. A noise drew his attention toward the landing. His sister stood in a very short blue lace nightdress, almost see through in the limited light, her nipples poked through the material and he swore he could see her shaved pussy. He shook his head, trying to pass it off as a wonderful dream until she said something he heard very clearly.

“I couldn’t sleep, I keep dreaming about Cameron…” She said softly… he sat up and patted the bed next to him, Gabby moved slowly over to the bed and sat down next to him, he laid down on his side facing her and she did the same. He pictured her eating her hamburger earlier that night, she had looked at it thoughtfully and then looked up at him, blushing every time he caught her eye. He had just brushed it off, but now, with her here in his bed, he started to second guess himself. She rested her hand on his thigh and stared into his eyes. As he looked it felt like his eyes sucked him into a beautiful universe full of stars. Every one of those stars exploded into a splendid super nova as she leaned forward and brushed her lips to his.

“I just want to say thank you, big brother, he could have killed me if you hadn’t shown up…” Eric reached over and pulled her close to him, realizing what a mistake that was, as his cock was pitching a rather good sized tent in his boxer shorts.

“That’s okay, nobody fucks my little sister without my consent, and especially without hers.” he said, smiling, nervously, hoping she hadn’t noticed his hard member which was now twitching against her stomach. She giggled, moving closer to him, wrapping her arm all the way around his back. Suddenly her hips lurched back a little as his cock gave a particularly large twitch. Her hand flew down to his member and her fingers wrapped bahis firmaları around it’s head.

“What is this? ” She asked knowingly, ” Did I do this?” Eric blushed and looked away from her. She slowly began stroking the head through his boxers. “Well, we can’t have this if I’m sleeping here tonight.” She said, hooking her thumbs into the band of his boxers. She tugged and he lifted off his hips, allowing her to pull his boxers down to his ankles. His cock sprang out and smacked her lightly on the stomach before she could get her hand on it again. Her hand trailed up his naked thigh, her fingernail sending shivers directly to the head of his prick. Her slender fingers encased his cock. “Oh my, it’s so big!” She said surprised. It wasn’t entirely un-true, he was endowed with about six inches when left un-stimulated, it grew to about eight and a half at full mast. She started stroke it slowly, deliberately stroking down to the base and then clear up to the tip of the head. When he started oozing pre-cum, she rubbed it up and down his cock. She moved quickly, before he could stop her and gave his cock a kiss on the head, pursing her lips she looked up at him, the shock on his face catching her by surprise.

“Please don’t tell me that you haven’t wanted this just as much as I have…” she said, he was speechless, because he had. Countless nights he had spent right here in this bed, imagining this moment and jerking-off. He didn’t say anything and she giggle, pursing her lips against the head of his cock. With a loud slurping noise she sucked hard on his cock, allowing the pressure to carry her mouth down over the head and to the base, he felt her swallow, trying to avoid gagging. She bobbed up and down on his cock a couple of times before he nudged her hips with his hand, motioning for her to straddle his chest, putting her dripping pussy right over his mouth. Sitting up, he drilled directly into her hole with his tongue, she moaned, sending shocks up and down his cock, he felt his balls tighten and cringed slightly, not wanting to come in her mouth and not wanting to come so quickly.

“Oh, ” she moaned, sitting slightly back onto his face, “come in my mouth, big brother,” she bobbed down one more time and with a loud moan, he shot his load deep into her mouth. He felt her swallow again and again as he squirted time after time again. She sat back and began stroking as he ate her pussy liberally, his tongue all over the place, flashing quickly from her clit back to her hole and then again to her clit, sucking it between his teeth and nibbling slightly. She gasped and her whole body shuddered as she kaçak iddaa came all over his face, juices dripped from his chin into his chest hair as she worked his cock into salute again. Turning she planted a very long, sexy kiss on his lips, her tongue probing into his mouth and tasting all of her own juices. She sat down slowly in his lap, feeling his cock spread her lips… she lowered her self slowly into his cock, impaling herself fully before gyrating her hips to an in audible beat to anyone else but themselves. Eric swore their hearts were beating at the same time. Eric again, didn’t last very long after he buried his face between her perfect tits, kissing a sucking gently on the soft skin between them. They came at the same time, their mixed orgasms causing the bed to shake uncontrollably. She collapsed next to him, the room was thick with the scent of sex. Eric slowly began to fall asleep, but pushed himself to stay awake until she fell asleep, which was a very short time.

Eric awoke with a start, looking next to him on the bed, he started to have doubts that the wonderful experience the night before had actually happened. A glint of blue however caught his eye as he scanned back over his black sheets. He picked a piece of loose leaf paper off the bed, it had his sister’s handwriting on it.

“Meet me upstairs, my sexy big brother, I have a surprise for you.

– P.s. it really did happen.”

He got up slowly, sliding his feet into a pair of slippers after throwing a robe around himself and tying it at the waist. He shuffled upstairs and headed for the kitchen, the smell of pancakes, bacon, sausage and poached eggs leading him there. Gabby was in the kitchen, laying some pancakes on a plate.

“Mom and Dad called from Chicago,” Their parents had gone to Chicago for a show that their oldest daughter, who was now working on her master’s in psychology, had gotten them for their anniversary, tickets to see the musical “Hairspray” as on Broadway. On the condition that they came out and spent the week with her in her apartment just off campus. “They’re flight was delayed until the snow lets up, and the winds slow down, Dad says that could be days though…” She trailed off as she concentrated on pouring orange juice into a very elaborate looking drinking glass.

“Are they okay?” He asked as she set a plate of food and a glass of orange juice in front of him.

“Yeah, everyone is fine,” she said as she turned, wiggling her shapely ass in front of him and giggling before going to set up her own plate. “Jill’s there with them, the roads out to the airport are closed too…” She finished, kaçak bahis sitting across from Eric, giving him a sexy look, causing his cock to jump slightly. Eric’s eyes trailed to the clock hanging above the door way, it was early afternoon and he didn’t have to work today, so he had planned to catch up on his X-Box live time. But having a sexy sister at home might distract him from that, it was Saturday and she didn’t have to work either.

Breakfast was finished uneventfully, save the stray conversation and the occasional sexy wink from his sister.

“Listen, Gabby,” He started, “Don’t think I didn’t enjoy last night, I did immensely, but we are brother and sister, this is wrong.”

“So you are saying that two people who love each other can’t physically express themselves to each other.” She said calmly, she had obviously been trying to justify this in her own mind all morning.

“No, I’m not saying that, they can most definitely express themselves physically. It’s just…” he trailed off.

“Just what? Do you love me big brother?” She said getting up from her chair and circling the table to take Eric’s plate to the sink.

“Nothing, ” he said, surprised that he couldn’t come up with a legitimate retort to her statement. “I do love you little sister.” He said quietly. She finished her trek around the table and rather than picking up Eric’s plate, she set hers down on top of his and moved into his lap, sitting there and kissing him passionately. His finger’s trailed down her back, happily returning the kiss, their tongues probing in and out of each other’s mouths. Her hand worked vigorously at the not in his robe and was successful in just a few seconds. She spread apart the robe, revealing his now refreshed and rock hard member. She stroked it a couple of times before turning to face the table and sitting on his cock. She gyrated her hips and rocked up and down, clutching his cock with the muscles in her pussy. Moans escaped her throat with each downward thrust from her hips and he started to grunt with each thrust. A gentle slapping sound rang through the kitchen as their movements became much faster and harder. Eric stood, bending his sexy sister over the table, knocking the bottle of syrup over. He fucked her relentlessly, not slowing for a second, pounding his sister’s young bald pussy hard, his balls slapping against her clit. She let out a powerful scream as she came, soaking his cock in juices and causing his balls to tighten and him to shoot a thick load into her pussy. He fell over her, still inside her, resting on her back. His cock slowly becoming flaccid. As it did, he pulled away from her and let her stand up straight.

“Go get in the shower, my sexy brother, you smell like sex.” She said with a giggle. He laughed too and made his way to his downstairs bathroom.

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