A True Affair with Friend’s Mom

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Hi! Guys my name is Saket, 19 years old from Bangalore. It all happened some time ago, when I was having a very close friend whose name was Raja. We were very close to each other and studied in the same school. We use to get along very nicely both in school and after school.

We used to study, play, watch movies and do all naughty stuffs that boys do.

We were so close that we don’t like any other boy to get between us, we tend to live and enjoy life with each other and our life was quite within both of us.

Our houses were only 2kms away and both our mom’s were good friends. But his father does not live with them. He took divorce from her wife. I just can’t understand, what the hell he was thinking to leave, such a beautiful sexy wife.

Now coming straight, we were quite naughty guys and we always looked for women in her late 30’s or 40’s rather looking gals of our age. That doesn’t mean we were not attracted towards girls but it was just that we were having an ultimate passion for older babes. We use to see porno movies, but never masturbated in front of each other and that was the only the shame we were left with in our friendship. Otherwise we were quite horny and always dying to have sex with sweet older ladies. When we walked across the streets, our eyes always hunt for sexy moms and aunts. We were quite frank and use to share our fantasies with each other, and his fantasy was Mrs. Sudha, our school teacher.

Mrs. Sudha was quite a sexy old piece and we both liked her, she was in her mid 40’s. She was dream girl of dozens of boys in our school, and she was aware of that.

That’s why she used to tease boys, by wearing low cut blouses, and quite often she doesn’t wear any bras under the blouse. But I was not attracted towards Mrs. Sudha, because I was having my own fantasy and that was Rajas Mom.

That was something I never told Raja, nor got the confidence to give even a hint about her. But I was quite sure that if by mistake, ever tries to tell him about having horny thoughts for his mom, than he will never talk to me again and at the same time I don’t want to loose him either. I was in a dilemma, on one hand I loved his mom and wanted to fuck her badly and on the other if Raja knows about this than I would possibly loose dearest friend. So I decided to keep quite and continue to leave as we were.

I use to leave with him in his house more than he with me in my house. This was because his mother doesn’t like to leave all alone in the house even after we return from school. After all she was leaving a life of divorced women. That’s why I use to spend most the time studying, playing and watching TV at Raja’s house rather than mine.

But I was having some naughty thoughts, and that was “having sex with Raja’s mom”!!

BUT HOW??? THAT WAS THE QUESTION IN FRONT OF ME!!! And I got the answer very soon, which comes by all surprise.

One night after hanging out with Raja, I was told by my parents that they will be out of town for a marriage and will be returning in 2 or 3 days.

They asked me to company them, but I refused as I was having weekly tests at school.

So my mother told me to leave with Raja and quickly made a call to Raja’s mother.

Raja’s mother readily agreed to it. Next day after my school I headed with Raja to his house. When we were about to enter the house I was quite amazed to see his mom dressed in a quite different manner. She was wearing a low cut blouse and her flap was not covering her huge tit’s, rather it was worn out, the sight at that time was so pretty that my eyes were starring at her tit’s which were trying to pope out from her bulky chest.

Raja’s mom was a fashionable lady in her late forties and till now. She is very fair, has long black hair and big deer like eyes. Purnima (Raja’s mother) makes herself more beautiful by make-upping in a rather casual fashion-not too obvious, but very attractive. She is not very flat, but a little bumpy. There was even a layer of fat which gathered all the sweat from her upper body. It is normal for an Indian lady to have a layer of fat or two at her belly, which is very sexy at times. Raja caught me noticing at her boobs and immediately he holds my hand and asked me to come inside. I was afraid that he would scold me for starring at his mom boobs in a horny manner, but he threw his bag on to couch and headed towards the toilet without asking me to sit.

I noticed that he was angry with me, and just after few seconds his mother stepped inside and hugged me tightly and told me to sit. While she was hugging me, her lovely bare fatty tits were touching my chest which made me even hornier, which result me to grab one of her tits. As I grabbed her boob and massaged them, she continued to hug me even more tightly and told me to stop it by saying “YOU NAUGHTY BOY”!!!

She asked me to leave her heavy weight tits but I continue to run my hands on her sweet globes. After few seconds of unpredictable excitement and pleasure, I heard Raja calling his mom and bedava bahis quickly let her go off, but it was too late and he saw us.

She recovered from that position and quickly run towards Raja and hugged him so as to make him feel that it was a routine hug, not the special one, which I just delivered to her.

While she was heading towards the kitchen, she passed me a smile, it was not a usual smile rather it was a naughty one. That smile was a clear cut message for me that she liked it, what I did to her. But my poor friend Raja didn’t noticed this incident at all.

I was completely stunned about the situation, in which I have trapped myself in.

A bag full of questions were creeping in my mind, for instances, “Did she liked me holding and fondling her breast”?? Or “Will she be telling her son, about me and asking him to throw me out of there house”???? I was completely frozen after what just happened between me and my best friend’s mom, though I liked it, but at the same time I was quite afraid of facing her. After taking lunch, Raja told me that he will be sleeping for an hour because tomorrow we were having an important class, and after that we will study for upcoming test?? But I was not paying any attention to what he was saying to me. However I managed to reach my room, and lay down on the bed, looking at my hard throbbing cock inside my boxers. I then thought that this would be the best time for me to have a quick jerk and empty my balls which was all due to Raja’s mom. I locked the door from inside, but just when I was closing the door, some nasty thoughts came into my mind, and I thought that I should leave the door open, while I masturbate myself. So I unlocked the door, and hoping that Raja’s mom would come and catches me masturbating. This is what I was hoping for!!

So I started to slide my pants down and let my cock feel the air. I was surprised to see my boner, it was huge and I could sense that it was far bigger and fattier as it uses to be.

I however controlled my ego and started to masturbate and waiting for Rajas mom to catch me spanking!! After 5 minutes of beating my meat I heard the door opening very slowly. I managed to lie down fully on the bed with my hard cock pointing toward the door. Just then what I saw was amazing!! I saw Raja’s mom standing right in front of me and starring at my 8 inches cock, with no shame I started to take her name and continued to jerk as fast as I could, pretending as if I am not aware of her presence in my room.

As I opened my eyes to see what was going on her mind, she immediately stepped towards me, and took hold of my cock in her warm and soft hands and started to play with it, after few seconds of pleasure we heard my raja’s voice coming from the hall asking for something. She immediately leaved me half-naked, so that Raja could not catch us. At that moment I thought that this would be my golden opportunity to take chance at Rajas mom.

Just then, I stood up and decided to fuck her, because I was not able to control any more. I started to proceed towards her room which was adjacent to Rajas room! When I was going towards her room, I checked if Raja was in a good sleep or not.

I opened the door and found Raja was fast asleep, this encouraged me further. I headed towards her room and stepped inside. Raja’s mom was stunned to see me, as she was not expecting me so early. I was in my boxer with no underwear and my fat cock was pointing straight towards her. I quickly closed the door from inside and moved towards her, she first told me stop and leave the room, but while she was prompting me to do so, I quickly grabbed her from behind and tickled her to the king sized bed.

She told me to stop, but I was now totally out of control. I couldn’t control my urges any more to fuck her. I then grabbed one of her huge breast which was so big and enormous in size that I couldn’t able to hold them properly. She continued to push me away from her and asking me stops. She told me, that this is not right, as she is like my mom. But I was not paying any attention to her thoughts. I immediately kissed her on her lips and continued as hard as I can.

We kissed for at least 2 minutes and the kisses were not an ordinary one. She was biting my lips and at the same time, she was whispering in my ears “Oh Saket, please let this go off….. Please leave me….. Please don’t do this to me!!!! This is not right, we should not do this, I am like your mother, I am your friend’s mom”

“Please let me off you!! Please son!!! Please son!! Oh son!! Please stop it, it’s not good”

I was not listening to her and continued to do my business!! While I was kissing her and playing with her huge breast, I slide my boxers off my thighs and quickly took her right hand and placed on top of my fat cock. As soon as her palm gripped my 8 inches shaft, I let out a loud moan and she too. But she immediately took her hand off my penis and told me that this is not right, we should not do this …!!!

But bedava bonus I again took her soft and warm hand and placed her palm on my cock.

She again protested for a while and again told me to stop son! This is not right!

It is going out of our hands, we should not do this, this is enough, please leave me, please Saket , please Saket!!!!

I than quickly pressed one of her huge tits and with no other alternative I kissed her hard this time on her lips, and again took her soft hands and placed on my cock.

This time she could not free her hands from my cock as I tightly held her hands.

After few seconds of her protest she, took full control on my cock and started to slide back and forth along my huge 8 inches shaft, my foreskin was now started to fold and roll back on my cocks head and she was running her palm on my sensitive inner shell.

I loved the way she was caressing and playing with my boner. By now I was confident enough that she would not stop from here onwards and I let my mouth from her lips and started to open her bras from behind. She again, asked me stop, and told me that, if Raja knows about this than she could never able to face him. But I continued to do what I was doing and paid no attention to what she was saying. I told her that Raja is sound asleep and would not know about this at all and asked her to relax and enjoy the love which I was making to her. I than took “one of her soft, huge and fatty bare naked breast in my hands and started to fondle and play with them”. She was moaning quite heavily and was enjoying too and with that I took one of her nipples in my mouth and started to suckle them like a hungry child. She was nursing me like an infant and I could feel her sweet warm milk flowing from her breast veins to my mouth. Her breast was so big and fat that I was not able to take her soft tits in my mouth, but however I succeed to suckle one breast and played with other simultaneously. While I was sucking her breast she continued to play with my cock, with her one hand caressing my head from behind, as I continued to suck her tits more harshly and hungrily like a child and enjoying the pleasure I was getting from her.

She told me “Ouch Saket, uuuummm…uuuummmm Saket, please stop it now son, this is enough, otherwise I will not be able to stop from here on”

I told her that this is what I wanted from her, I want her badly and I loved her very much and would like to make love with her just like her husband used to do with her.

Please aunty!! Please aunty!! Let me fuck you aunty, you are just too much for me, with that I again took her whole heavy milk full breast in my mouth and again she let out a huge moan of pleasure!!! She than smiled at me and told me “OH OH OH SON, YOU WANTED ME SO BADLY THEN I WILL LET YOU DO THIS, BUT KEEP THIS AS A SECRET SON”!!! DON’T TELL ANYBODY ABOUT THIS!!!

Otherwise I will not be able to face anybody, I promised her!

We both laughed seeing in each other eyes and she again took my meat in her soft hands.

She told me to suck her breast like a hungry child, as harsh as I can.

She took her left breast in her hands and guided it toward my mouth, and then she with her soft hands opened my lips and stuck her nipple into my mouth, as if she was breast feeding her child and asked me to suck. While she was teaching me to suck her tits, raja’s mother at the same time started to play with my hard on cock. The feeling of her soft and warm hands on my shaft was just incredible and her breast in my mouth was also making me mad as I suckle each tit, one by one which was full of sweet milk!!

After playing with her huge, heavy and milk full breast she demanded my cock in her mouth. I then released her soft hands from my cock and directed it towards her mouth.

While my cock was straight in front of her mouth, she closed her eyes in shame, she looked even more beautiful and I slowly pushed my 8 inches boner in her warm mouth.

The feeling was just incredible and unexplainable! I let out a loud moan, but to avoid my sound reaching to her sons ears she closed my mouth with her hands.

I again started to play with her tits and she started to moan but couldn’t as my hard cock was in her mouth. After few minutes of sucking my cock and fingering her cunt, I asked her to stop sucking my penis as I was about to cum. I wanted my cock inside her pussy. But she doesn’t let my cock out of her mouth. She started to suck even harder and I was begging her to stop, however I managed to take my cock out of her mouth and quickly rub my red headed foreskin of cock against her bare tits. After a great deal of sucking my long shaft and balls filled of juices, I demanded my cock inside her pussy. She looked at the watch and told me that Raja would be up now and he will catch us.

This time I pleaded, and told her that I haven’t tasted any pussy yet and I am dying to have her pussy badly. She smiled at me and kissed me on my cheeks and gives the permission to deneme bonusu do what I want to do with her. She told me to do whatever I want to do with her pussy, but she said to make it fast as Raja would wake up at any moment!!!

I quickly took the position and climbed on her. Then I asked her where to begin from!!

It was an obvious question for her, because till now I was a virgin and haven’t tasted any pussy. She again smiled and told me “u poor child, let me take care of this”.

She then asked me to climb on her and with that she spread her thighs apart and asked me to push my rod at her vaginal entrance!!! I did the same, but couldn’t manage to get my cock inside her sweet pussy. She again smiled and told me “oh my poor child let me help you” “She than took hold of my penis and guided it towards her cunt lips”

“She told me to push the cock inside with a force” “But I again failed to deliver the goods” “She than told me that you need to push your cock as hard as you can with a force, till it is buried deep inside her”

She once again helped me and with that she took my cock head and placed on wet pink lips of her pussy. Then she told me to push with her simultaneously, as it would be easy for me to enter in her with a simultaneous force from her side also.

“She then counted 1…2….3 and with last number 3, I rammed my huge cock inside her

Pussy and simultaneously she lowered her hips with a jerk, so that I can enter my meat this time with an ease”.

Oh yes Saket! She suddenly screamed throwing her head back against the pillow, reaching up and digging her nails into my back “Oh yes! Fuck me Son! Oh yes. Yes. Yes …….aah aah aaaah…… oh yeah..ram me son … aah aah aah .. Slam that big thing in me. Mmmmm! Shit! Ram me baby boy”!!

While I was ramming my dick in and out of her tight warm pussy at blinding speed I now bend forward and take her big, erect nipples in my mouth. Tasting the Sweetness and warmth she was providing me inside her. She let go and I kissed my way down to her big tits, sucking on first one then the other, she moaned as I suckled on her nipple.

“Oh yes baby. Boy ……suck auntie’s tits. Oh yes suck it baby!” First off I licked her nipples. When the breast was drained out, I automatically switched to the other. A gush of warm milk shot into my mouth as soon as my mouth clamped onto the nipples. The orgasms coming from my aunt were almost making my dick explode. I yell, looking down at my dick ramming in and out of her soft vaginal entrance, “I am gonna cum…..! I’m gonna cummmmmm aunty!!! Oh yeah aunty!!!….. I am gonna cummm this time!!….. Oh yeah aunty”!!!

It was quite incredible inside her. I had never imagined that there could be a place so warm, soft and comfortable. I began to move against her. We soon fell into a rhythm as our bodies slapped against each other and the motion of my cock moving forwards and backwards in the sheath of her pussy made a soft squelching sound. Her lovely smooth skin was hot against my body but so cool to touch and caress with my fingers. I found myself being transported to new heights of joy and pleasure. The friction of my cock head with the velvet soft walls of raja’s mom’s pussy released waves of sensations from deep inside me that, I had never known nor had ever even thought could exist. I rammed my cock in a mad frenzy deeper and deeper into her.

She too was beginning to enjoy herself hugely. She squealed as she lay impaled under my rock hard rod as I pounded away into her. Very soon the bed sheets were sodden with our sweat and love juices that mingled and ran together freely as our frantic bodies heaved against each other. She wrapped her legs around chest almost my armpits so her pussy walls could get a better purchase of my cock that now pumped her harder and harder still. She screamed as my cock entered deeper and deeper into her, but I was beyond caring. I had a fire raging in my loins that simply had to extinguish in the cool dark well of her body. I drove on harder and harder into her.

Finally, I felt my cock begin to swell up inside her. She must have felt it too for her screams became increasingly frantic and long drawn out. I felt my balls release the sperm inside them. They flooded into my cock and then gushed out in huge torrents into my aunt’s womb. I kept pumping and pumping till I was sure that each and every drop had been squeezed out of my balls and deposited in raja’s mother. The pace of my fucking decreased.

She screamed at me asking me to “Take it out Saket, please uuummmm take it out son!” She shouted, cupping her big tits, Aahhh,” I moan as I shoot cum all over her womb

Mmmmmm. Please Saket! Take it out, please don’t cum inside me, I will be pregnant, but it was too late as I emptied all my hot thick juices inside her.

As soon as I explode my semen’s inside her I collapsed onto her big tits, feeling my cum inside her warm silky pussy. “I love you,” raja’s mother finally said to me and I responded to her saying that I love her too.

We lay panting in each other’s arms for a long, long time as we kissed and caressed each other. I felt as if I was in some dream world. I could still not believe what had happened. Totally exhausted and quite overcome by it all, I fell asleep in her arms.

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