A Very Exciting Delivery

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I had worked for a local parcel delivery company since leaving school at 18 six months ago and had a new address to deliver today. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. A woman opened the door.

“Hello I’m Nicole,” she said “looks like the delivery men are getting younger by the day.”

The young woman speaking looked about 25, was of average height about 5′ 4″ Brown hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a black business suit and trousers with her shoulder length hair hanging loose. Her sombre attire concealed much of her body, but her face was very pretty, and even the thick jacket of her suit could not conceal what looked like a very impressive chest. As a tit man I found her very attractive. She smiled, as she looked me up and down, I tried to keep calm.

I told her I had a package for this address. She gestured for me to step inside. I followed her into her home. She stopped next to a coffee table and leaned over to look through her purse. As she bent over I got a better look at her backside and was very impressed with what I saw. Even with her trousers on her ass looked great especially as the fabric pulled tight against her firm buttocks. There was no sign of a visible panty line, which suggested she wore a thong. As she stood up, I did as well, trying to avoid her seeing me check her out.

She handed me a twenty pound note. I told her that I didn’t have enough change.

“That’s your tip,” she said. “I really needed this parcel today.”

She looked me up and down again and said “are you free for the day?”

I nodded

“How would you like to earn another fifty pounds?”

I nodded again and asked her what I would have to do. She told me she was a fashion photographer. She had work to finish and she could use someone to model for her. I told her I wasn’t a model, and I had never done anything like that.

She said it didn’t matter.

“All I need is an attractive young man for some photography work for some new designs. I am sure you have the necessary equipment.”

She raised her eyebrows and smiled suggestively. She asked me to pick up the package and follow her to her studio in the back of the house where she did her work. There were pictures of men and women all in various kinds of clothes. She took to package from me and tore it open. Taking the contents out she handed them to me.

“Here put this on,” she said.

I took the cloth; it was very soft and silky. When I shook it out, I realised I was holding a pair of loose silk boxer shorts. I looked at her and she started laughing.

“I forgot to tell you it is underwear I am photographing today,” she said. “If you are feeling a little embarrassed you can change behind the screen.”

I went behind the screen and slipped out of my clothes, and I put the boxers on. When I came out she smiled brightly.

“It is getting a bit hot in here though I suppose not for you considering your attire,” she laughed. “I think I will take my jacket off. You don’t mind do you?”

Without waiting for me to respond she slipped off her black jacket. As she hung it over a chair I almost fainted then and there. I had though she was busty before when she had her jacket on, but the size of her breasts was truly staggering. They were the biggest I had ever seen, even in big boob porn films. Her tight white blouse could barely contain them and her creamy white boob meat spilled out of the top where she had left the first 3 buttons undone. To be honest this may have been out of necessity as I doubted she would have been able to get them to button anyway. Further down where the blouse was straining to shut I could catch the edge of a white push up bra forcing her huge melons into the most impressive cleavage I had ever seen. My jaw almost hit the floor as I stood there dumbly.

“Those look good on you,” she said smiling, and lifted her camera.

She began snapping pictures rapidly, moving all the way round me, but staying a good 6 feet away. Every so often she would ask me to move my arms or legs into different poses. After 5 minutes of this she stopped and gazed quizzically at the boxers.

“Are those comfortable?” she asked.

I told her they were OK but felt a bit loose. She smiled and said the next pair would fit better. She handed me another pair and told me to go change.

This time the boxers were white with black and blue stripes. As I pulled off the first pair my hand grazed my cock and I felt it begin to harden. I so needed to masturbate then and there, but knew I couldn’t. It felt horribly frustrating, but I willed my penis soft again and quickly pulled on the new boxers. These were a much tighter fit than the first pair and pulled tight against my buttocks. At the front I had to push my penis down between by legs to squeeze it in, and when I looked down the shape of both it and my balls was very obvious. I knew an erection in this pair of boxers would be instantly noticed, which made me even more nervous. As I tentatively stepped out from behind the screen, she nodded and motioned me into casino şirketleri the middle of the room.

I felt more exposed now, then I ever felt before in my life. She walked around behind he reached down and adjusted the waistband. I could feel my cock getting hard and willed it to stay soft for all I was worth. She leaned towards me and I could see her boobs clearly down her shirt. I was rapidly loosing control and felt my cock begin to twitch. She reached over and picked up the camera from the table, moving much closer this time, about 3 feet away. She started snapping pictures of me from the back first, getting close ups of my buttocks squeezed into the tight boxers. Then she came round the front and started taking pictures of the front, with close ups of the crotch. I felt very nervous as I fought to stave off an erection, and this must have come across in my body language, as she stopped taking pictures and stepped back.

“You look a little nervous,” she said

“I am sorry,” I stuttered “I have never done anything like this before.”

“Hmmm,” she said thoughtfully. Then she snapped her fingers. “I know It is probably hard for you to relax when you are being photographed by a fully clothed woman. Subconsciously you feel submissive and it is affecting your posture. I know just how to deal with that.”

Without any more words she reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse. As soon as a couple of the buttons were undone her huge, voluptuous, bra encased melons burst out. She quickly undid the rest of the buttons, shrugged the blouse off and threw it to one side. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her now even will all my willpower I had to feast my eyes on those magnificent mammeries. The bra was a sheer white underwired demi-push up bra, which looked at least a couple of sizes too small for her. The cups plunged right down the front forcing most of her creamy white tit meat out the top and only just covered her areolas. I was sure I could see the outline of her nipples against the sheer fabric and they looked pretty hard as well. She smiled sexily, licked her lips and bent over causing her tits to fall forward under their massive weight.

The shoulder straps of the flimsy push up bra struggled to hold them up and I could see the straps cut into her shoulders. I though for a second the straps might burst!

Then she reached down and undid the buttons holding her trousers up. They dropped to the floor and she stepped out. I could now see her knockout legs. She was wearing a bra matching very brief white thong over her pussy. The side panels were little most than thin straps and the material was as thin and sheer as the cups of her bra. Any control I had over my cock evaporated at the sight of those tits crammed into the white push up bra, and the very brief thong covering her sweet pussy. My cock swelled and pushed against the thin cotton of the boxers, still I somehow managed to stop myself short of a full erection. She sat back and gently rubbed her thighs staring directly at my groin.

“That is a bit better more like the size I wanted,” she said contentedly and started snapping more pictures. “You see, we sell a lot of male underwear to women for their boyfriends and husbands. We have found when I photograph a well equipped man we get more sales.”

She bent over to get a close up picture of the boxers as they pulled up under my balls. Once again full the weight of her tits fell on the flimsy underwired cups of the bra and the shoulder straps pulled tight against her flesh. She snapped a couple of pictures and then stood up quickly with a look of mild pain on her face.

She arched her back slightly forcing her massive chest forwards. The cups strained against her tits and more creamy white boob meat was forced up and out of the cups. The edges of her areola were now definitely visible and my cock began to harder again, there was nothing I could do this time. Then she reached up and cupped her huge breasts in the bra.

“This damn bra has been giving me problems all day,” she said. “I have such difficulties getting one to fit me correctly that still looks good. I love wearing sexy underwear underneath my work clothes but when you are blessed with a figure like mine getting the right bra is so difficult. This one is really a little small for me. I am sure you can see that.”

All I could do was nod.

“Yes I noticed you trying to avoid looking at my chest earlier. Still you can’t help yourself now can you?” she laughed, staring at my hardening cock in the tight boxers.

She snapped a few more pictured, bending over so get a better angle with the camera. He bosom falling forward again under the huge weight. Then she stood up sharply with a look of mild discomfort on her face.

“Sorry I have to adjust this. It is digging in too much.” She moaned and reached in to the left cup of the bra pressing down slightly.

That was it for the straining fabric of the demi push up bra, the extra pressure of her hand burst the elastic at the edge of the cup and her left breast flopped casino firmaları out.

“Ah that is so much better,” she groaned and then lifted the breast to her mouth and sucked on the large erect nipple. She arched her back again which caused extra pressure on the right cup and it too burst spectacularly at the shoulder strap causing her right breast to fall out also.

“Oh dear looks like I need another new bra. This is the 5th one I have burst,” she said, not sounding particularly disappointed. “I might as well take it off now.”

Then she reached round behind her back and unclasped the catch of the torn bra. It dropped to the floor giving me an unrestricted view of her naked breasts and nipples. They sagged due to their sheer size but that was something I loved with big boobs as it convinced me they were 100% natural. Her dusky brown areolas were full visible now, and her nipples were obviously fully erect. They were definitely the biggest tits I had ever seem. Any tit man would be unable to stay soft at that and I was not exception. My cock reared up to its full 7 inches and I felt sure it would burst out of the thin cotton boxers. She bent down and looked closely at the straining boxers

“Hmm,” she said. “That did it, much more like what I am after. You are definitely the biggest model I have had yet. Lets get some more pictures.”

She snapped a couple more before running out of film.

“Excuse me a second I just need to reload. Don’t you get soft on me now,” she laughed.

Not much fear of that! She turned round and picked up a roll of film from the coffee table. As she bent over I got a great view of her firm creamy white buttocks left completely uncovered but her flimsy thong, as well as her huge naked tits dangling near the floor under the effects of gravity. I felt another twitch from my cock and the front of the boxers started to get moist with pre-cum. She reloaded, then turned round and snapped a few close up pics of my cock straining in the boxers.

“You look a little moist here,” she said pointing to the damp patch on the boxers.

Indeed she looked a little moist herself as the front of her thong was getting damp, and I could now see the dark patch of her pubic hair through it, as well as what looked like an erect clitoris.

“That reminds me I want to get some pictures of the boxers when wet. Always sells a few pairs with a wet look picture in the catalouge.” She stepped back and beckoned me through the door to the next room.

I was so captivated by this woman I would follow her anywhere, but as I stepped through the door I found myself in a large stand up shower room. She turned the water on and we were both immediately soaked. Both my boxers and her thong became drenched under the deluge. Her hair was also sopping wet and she looked so sexy as the water ran down her throat onto those titanic tits that I almost started masturbating right there.

“Lets get some more pics,” she smiled and started snapping away.

The water had caused my boxers to go almost completely transparent and she got me to bend over so she could photograph my buttocks now clearly visible. Then she got me to bend back so my erect cock and balls were pressed even tighter against the fabric. The helmet of my cock was now clearly visible in this pose and she got several pictures of this. However it was not only my boxers that had got wet, her thong was also now sopping and had also gone nearly transparent. I could not clearly see her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair as well as her pussy lips and erect clit throught the tight sheer fabric. I was sure I saw her lightly rub her pussy through the wet thong a couple of times between pictures, which gave me a bit of confidence that she was enjoying this as well. She smiled up at me again.

“You have done very well but I just feel you could do a little more for me with the right stimulation.”

I almost fainted as she reached out and began slowly stroking my cock through the boxers. After a few strokes my already fully hard cock seemed to increase in size even more. I had never been this hard or big before and felt I was about to cum. The thin elastic of the boxers waistband could no longer cope and finally burst leaving the head of my cock sticking out the top of the boxers.

“That is it,” she said triumphantly and with her other hand took at least 20 pictures of the helmet of my cock sticking out of the waistband of the boxers. I looked down her body and was now positive that she was rubbing her aching pussy and clit through the thin wet barrier of her thong, it appeared she was loosing control as much as I was

She continued to stroke my cock through the boxers, as she stroked she started pulling down the front revealing more of my cock. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking harder. At the same time she snapped a few pics of my almost fully revealed cock, this was going to be some underwear catalogue!

“I can’t get you excited and not do nothing about it now can I,” she laughed.

“Please no,” güvenilir casino I gasped. I leaned over and kissed her and while we were kissing she freed my penis pulling the boxers fully down and released my aching balls. She snapped another few pics of my fully naked penis before putting the camera down. Then she began giving me a full handjob. Her hand was slow and deliberate. I felt it was time for me to do something, so I reached down and took her huge creamy melons in my hands, I could barely hold their full weight! I began to suck on her nipples gently at first but with more vigour as she started to moan with pleasure. She stopped rubbing my cock and reached for her tits pushing them up into my mouth.

“Suck on my nipples,” she gasped. “They are so sensitive, and you are so good at it.”

This gave me more confidence and I began to lightly bite her nipples which now stood out like pencil erasers. I looked down and could see her right hand was now buried deep in her thong rubbing her clit with an animal like aggression. She started to shudder and for a moment I thought she was going to cum, but then she pulled away.

“Turnabout is fair play. Do you want me to suck that lovely cock?” she asked ever so charmingly.

I nodded dumbly and rolled over on my back to prepare for her service. She gently licked the head of my raging erection. She played with my balls and delicately circled her tongue around my head. She taunted me with her tongue and sweet blue eyes until I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her head and pushed it down onto my cock.

She began sucking my cock in earnest and with only a little encouragement she was bobbing her head up and down on my rock hard prick

“That feels great,” I gasped. The entire time she still looked up at me with a seductive look that drove me crazy with lust. I was close to cumming when she stopped.

“This cock is just too good to suck. I need to feel it in my pussy.”

There was nothing I wanted more, but some vestige of common sense made me ask her.

“Are you on the pill?”

She shook her head with an irritated look on her face.

“I have a condom,” I said and quickly went to get it, glad I had one just in case this opportunity arose.

As I returned I found she had pulled the gusset of her thong to one side and was rubbing her clit with both hands frantically.

“Hurry up please,” she moaned as I opened up the condom. She licked her lips and gave me a face that I would die to cum on. “Do you really want to use that?” she asked nodding at the condom.

I nodded and rolled the condom on. I kneed on the shower floor in front of her.

“I’ve never done this before,” I said.

“You’re a virgin?” She looked surprised.


“Here let me help you,” She said. “First you have got to help me with this thong.”

She moved my hand to the waistband of the flimsy thong “It is just so tight” she moaned. “My pussy needs to be free, rip it off.”

With all my strength I pulled hard on the waist band of the thong and it burst open revealing her pussy in all its glory. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and the folds of her pussy were already red with the stimulation she had given them earlier. Her clitoris looked huge, bigger than anything I had seen in a porno, and seemed to be throbbing as much as my penis was.

“Do you like my pussy baby?” she said seductively.

All I could do was nod

“Then get in it.”

She grabbed my dick and guided it inside her glorious pussy. She was very tight, and dripping wet. I slid my virgin cock all the way inside her. As my length went fully inside her, those sexy blue eyes got very wide and she gasped loudly. Slowly, I slid my dick out then all the way back in… Once… Twice… Three times… Four… Five…

I reached up and began massaging her enormous creamy white tits while she moaned sucking on her erect nipples again. We built up a rhythm and before very long I felt very close to cumming

“I think I am going to cum Nicole,” I shouted loudly. Suddenly she stopped moving against me and pulled away, leaving my cock hanging in mid air.

“What is wrong?” I gasped as the pleasure of my imminent orgasm began to subside.

“This is,” she said. Before I could stop her she reached down and with both hands quickly slid the condom right off my erect penis, before ripping the end off it with her nails.

I didn’t have another one and could only look at her in amazment.

“Don’t worry lover,” she cooed. “For your first time you just have to do it bareback. It just feels so much better than with a condom for both of us. You just have to withdraw when you are about to cum and there won’t be any problems, OK. You can do that can’t you?”

I was not sure at all, but the sight of her naked breasts and pussy were too much, and my cock was too hard to stop now. She took my silence as a yes and grabbed my cock again guiding me inside once more. She was right enough, it felt much better without the condom, she seemed even warmed and wetter than before, and I could feel every ridge and bump of her vaginal walls as well as the firm pressure against her cervix on the upstroke. After a few strokes of this I felt my orgasm begin again and pulled back

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