A Very Hands-On Meeting

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Marie was a beautiful young French woman with almond-shaped, sapphire blue eyes with thick black lashes and she had volumes of thick curly dark brown hair.. on her head, that is. Everywhere else was shaved smooth. She was small, about 5ft 3, but had a perfect figure, 32C breasts, flat stomach and toned, legs to die for. Guys everywhere turned their heads to look at her. She could have any guy in her bed with a snap of her fingers.. apart from the one she really wanted – the director of a local project, a man named Roman. And now, as she sat at a table surrounded by 7 other people, trying hard not to show how nervous she was, it was him she was waiting to see.

For a moment she wondered if she had tried too hard, looking down at her tiny black and red ruffled dress and 6 inch black patent heels. She then smiled to herself, realising that the greasy-haired boy next to her was staring, goggle-eyed at her pale white legs. She scrunched her hair and smiled at the woman across from her, the woman smiled back, unaware that Marie was simply practising her megawatt smile for when he arrived. Which was at that exact moment.

Marie looked up at him, into his golden-green eyes, and pulled out the seat next to her. “Sit next to me..” she said. Her husky yet sweet and feminine voice was almost a whisper. Her French accent added a sexiness to any sentence she spoke. He stared into her eyes for a few seconds – he had never realised how beautiful she was. Although he was 31 years older than the 19-year-old Marie, and looked his age, with visible lines on his face and grey hair, she felt a stir in her groin as they held eye contact. He sat down next to her and kissed her cheek, she turned her head so her lips touched his. Angie, the stern looking redhead holding the meeting, cleared her throat loudly and they finally broke eye contact. Marie did not mind, though, she knew she was finally going to get her man.

Neither Marie nor Roman paid much attention to what Angie said next, though they were no longer looking at each other with their eyes, they could not stop their minds from racing. She smiled to herself, knowing that she had won him over. He wondered whether the beautiful young mademoiselle could really be interested in a guy like him. His question was soon answered when a pale, slender hand with painted red nails creeped onto his knee.. then moved casino şirketleri up.. and up.. until Marie had her hand over his crotch. Once she saw that there was no resistance from him, she pressed down and rocked her hand back and forth, he made no effort to stop her and soon she could feel a large bulge pressing from inside of his pants. She unzipped his fly and slipped 2 fingers in and began rubbing him softly, she could feel the heat of his pulsating cock through his boxer shorts. He sighed softly, then disguised it by pretending to yawn. Unlike everyone else, Marie wasn’t fooled. She pressed slightly more firmly, and at this point he moved her hand away. She grabbed hold of his hand and guided it up her leg until it touched the high hemline of her dress. To her delight, he did not stop there. He slipped his hand between her thighs, under her lacy thong and began to rub her clit in small, circular motions. Occasionally he slipped a finger inside her dripping wet pussy and she had to stop herself from moaning. She felt her erect nipples pressing against her lace bra, and her thighs becoming wet with her juices. She wanted him so fucking badly..

Roman continued to gently rub and roll Marie’s clit until she came. She jerked and shook, and had to bite her lip to stop herself from screaming out loud. “Shiver in my spine”, she shrugged. She couldn’t take it any more, she needed Roman’s big hard rod inside her. She excused herself and left the room towards the bathrooms, throwing a suggestive glance to Roman. She knew it wouldn’t be long until he followed her out, but neither of them wanted to make it obvious.

Marie did not enter the bathroom, but stood outside, slouched backwards slightly against the wall, looking more like a glamour model than an observer at a council meeting. After all, she had only gone to get one thing, and she was about to get him. About 5 minutes later, the door opened and Roman walked through. Marie opened the mens’ toilets and dragged Roman inside. She backed him into a cubicle and locked the door, then suddenly he had her pinned against the wall, kissing her hungrily, desperately. He gyrated his hips against her, and she bucked forward in response. She fumbled at his trousers until she had unbuckled his belt and undone the zip and button, and let them fall to the floor. She pushed him back, and got on her knees.

She casino firmaları pulled down his black silky boxer shorts and a huge cock sprang free, standing straight up against his stomach. It was 7 inches long but about 3 inches wide.. Marie sighed with anticipation, then pulled back the foreskin and licked the head. She swirled her tongue around the reddish-purple head, before boring her head down on it. The little French slut seemed to have no gag reflex, she took it ball deep and sucked it expertly with no more than the occasional splutter or single tear running down her porcelain cheek. Roman came within minutes, a hot thick load of spunk right into Marie’s waiting mouth. She swallowed it all, then stood up and removed her panties. Then she removed her dress and bra, and was standing there in nothing but her killer heels.

Her creamy skin and stunning figure literally took Roman’s breath. She laughed throatily and unbuttoned his shirt. His body was quite impressive for a man of his age. She removed his shirt and he stepped out of his shoes, and the trousers and pants that were round his ankles. Marie pulled him close and told him “Do whatever you want to me. I’m your bitch, baby.”

To Roman’s surprise, his cock was already growing hard again, it did not go unnoticed by his gorgeous young lover. She jerked him gently until he was fully hard again, then guided the head to the opening of her wet little snatch. She looked deep into his eyes and kissed him, biting his lip and pulling when she had finished. He could not wait any longer to fuck his little French vixen. He rammed his cock into her and grinded and pounded her against the wall, making her scream to the point he could her a vibrato in her voice. He slapped her across the face to stop her, and she looked at him stunned for a second before her knees buckled and she made a loud, low, guttural noise as the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced washed over her. As her little cunt contracted around his huge rod, Roman came too, filling his slut with cum.

After they both stopped convulsing in each other’s arms, Roman pulled his cock out of Marie. It was covered in both of their hot cum, he pushed her down and told her to lick it clean. Marie whimpered, she loved being dominated, and she had fantasized about being used as Roman’s little sex slave countless times. “Yes, my dear,” she smiled, güvenilir casino happily taking his still semi-hard cock into her mouth and licking and sucking until she had swallowed every drop of their combined juices.

As she stood up, he pushed her. “Did I give you permission to stand, Marie?” he snapped. Marie froze for a second before realizing he was playing with her, he was dominating her, just as she always wanted. She got back on her knees and looked up at him. “Stand, Marie.” he told her. She stood, her pussy soaking wet and fighting the urge to touch herself.

“You were a bad little slut,” he told her. He then bent her over so that she was resting her hands on the toilet seat. She knew what was coming. His first slap was quite light, the second she knew left a mark on her pale, pert little ass. She whimpered with pleasure and pain combined as Roman spanked her hard. Suddenly she felt his fingers in her pussy. Then another slap, harder, more aggressive than the ones before.

“You fucking loved it, didn’t you?” he growled. “You LIKED being treated like a little whore, didn’t you, Marie?” Marie whispered what sounded like a yes. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. “DIDN’T YOU?!” he shouted.

Overwhelmed by pleasure, pain, fear and passion all at once, Marie began to cry. “Y-yes, Roman,” she whined. “Yes, I loved it. Please make me your whore.” Roman smiled to himself. She had teased him for so long, she deserved this.. as a reward and a punishment all in one. His cock was already hard again, he pushed it into her from behind and fucked her without mercy, still spanking her. “Don’t ever stop fucking me..!” she begged.

“Too bad, slut. That’s exactly what I’m about to do,” he said, pulling out of her. She was so close to coming, she nearly started crying again when his cock left her with an audible pop. He wanked himself until he came in thick white ropes over Marie’s ass, then spanked her one more time. She looked as if she was going to cry again, and her thick eyeliner and mascara had already run. So Roman quickly got dressed, and after Marie reluctantly did the same, he stopped her putting on her panties. He then put his hand up her little dress and rubbed her clit furiously until she came to an amazing orgasm, then grabbed her and kissed her one last time before opening the toilet cubicle door. They both left to avoid te embarrassment of walking back into the meeting after obviously having fucked each other senseless.

Marie always found it hard to take anything in at meetings, but that was one she was never going to forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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