A Wet and Wild Dream

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Every day as I travel to work I see you, and every day you don’t notice the woman standing there, waiting for a cab, staring at your taut body, glistening with the sweat of a working man.

You’ve already started your day as I leave to start mine and everyday I see you take your shirt off and I see the toned six pack of Adonis.

But I sigh and move on to work and leave you to yours, hopefully the construction site will be around a while, along with you.

As I leave work one evening, a guy from the across the hall comes over, he’s trying to swagger and manly, but I just see lanky idiot in a suit.

“Hey, I’m Mark” he says, ” I was kinda wondering if you, erm, well fancied grabbing a drink with me, no pressure just, if you were interested, I thou…”

I look this prospective suitor up and down- he’ s nothing special, so I say no and arrive home to an empty flat and wish you were here with me now.

Later that night I regret turning down Marks offer- he may have hidden talents after, but I turn out the lights and try to sleep, ignoring that ache between my legs caused by thinking of you.

About thirty minutes later my door goes, I grumble and get up slowly, taking time to find my wrap, I don’t really want to open the door to some neighbour in my lingerie- it may look a tad desperate.

I open the door and you’re standing there! The guy of my mornings, there in a tight white tee-shirt and dusty pants- straight from a hard day’s work, I’m already wet at the thought of bahis firmaları you but I try to hide it.

“Hi” I say, “how can I help you?”

“Well it’s more a case of how I can help you miss.”

“see here, every morning I see you and every morning I can’t help thinking that maybe you have a problem that needs sorting, an itch shall we say that needs scratching, so I’ve come to help you”.

“Um, thanks, I think, err but I don’t understand I mean I wasn’t looking to poach you from work and get you to fix the apartment or anything really” I say laughing.

He steps up to me a scant inch between us and I swear you can see how turned on I am, you move to the side and rest your arm on the door; “well I think you know what I mean miss, when I say you’ve be staring at me everyday”

Oh shit, he’d noticed, “Oh sh, uh, sorry oh my god I didn’t mean to be ru….!”

You cut me off with a fierce kiss and push me back into the apartment slamming the door behind you and say “Hell miss I didn’t mind at all, but see you make me want to reach out and grab you, strip you and screw there and then on the sidewalk, but every day I see you walk away and that’s the problem I’ve come to solve, you’re gonna get a hard lesson right here and now”

You pick me up and carry me to the bedroom and over to the bed and stand there staring at me, I star to undo my wrap- I can’t believe my luck and I’m turned by just the thought of what my lesson will be.

You reach down and rip the cloth off me kaçak iddaa then rip you tee-shirt off and fling it to the floor, you lower yourself onto your knees between, my legs as I take in your rippling muscles and tight toned chest.

You grab my legs and tug me to the end of the bed and immediately plunge your fingers into my dripping pussy as yank my panties off with the other hand, I gasp as you stretch me wide, plunging hard and fast, chuckling at how wet I already am, but then you stop and lower your face to my glistening pussy and your tongue darts across my clit down to my eager c**t. Your tongue is skilled and I feel myself tighten as I’m about to come, but it’s too soon so I push up to kneel facing you, I undo your pant as wrap my hands around your throbbing cock, it’s thick and huge already as I take you deep into my mouth while stroking your balls.

“fuck that feels good miss, take it all in there baby sweet Jesus your hungry for cock aren’t you?”

“I want you to fuck me hard, fuck my tight pussy” I gasp, and I want it now!

Without further talk you stand-up and flip my on to my front and plunge your cock deep in my pussy, thrusting all the way in and fast, fucking me senseless, letting me feel the width of it deep in my cunt.

I’m close to Cumming but you stop thrusting suddenly and pull out, I’m about to protest when I see your not done yet, but your fuck me with your mouth again.

I can feel your tonguing probing me deep and hot, as your thumb roughly rubs my kaçak bahis clit, – I’m not going to last much longer and you know it. Next I feel you slide a finger up my ass as you continue to penetrate me with your tongue, you add another finger and gasp with the pain, but work through it as I feel an intense feeling from your double attack.

You stop and before I realise it, you thrust your huge cock into my ass and I scream with the pain of it, you pause and hold your cock in my while I get used to the feeling of my ripped ass, but not for long as you start o fuck me deep in my ass harder and harder until I hear your balls slapping against my pussy.

Your breath grows rapid and I know your close, I urge you go harder and faster- I’m close to; just as we reach it I lean back and tell you I want you to come in my ass, that does it and we both explode as our orgasm rock us and your hot cum squirts out deep inside me, we collapse onto the bed and lay there as your spent cock slips out my red ass.

“So, what’s your name Miss?”

I awoke with a start to the alarm and then remembered the night before, as I turn to see you the morning after I realise you’re not there, it was a dream just a dream, but it felt so real and I’m still wet; I get up and think if only it wasn’t all fantasy just as the door goes.

It’s you, standing there in a t-shirt and jeans as if I was still dreaming, but this time it’s for real.

“Hi there Miss, I’m from the construction crew across form here and I’m going around seeing if there have been any problems with the work for any resident here, can I get a minute of your time?”

“Sure thing, come in I’ll fix us a drink and then I’ll tell all about my hard problem”….

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