Accidentally Screwing my Mom Pt. 03

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Holy crap! I must be living in heaven or something!

Right in the middle of screwing my mom again over the back of the sofa, there was a buzz at the door. Deep inside moms wet vagina I immediately stopped pounding on her. But the strangest thing in the world happened. As I started to pull out, mom reached back and grabbed my wrists to pull me back into her. For some reason, she didn’t want me to stop.

If mom was so wanton for my hard cock, I sure as hell wasn’t gonna stop, so I just kept on banging away at her. Mom looked super hot bent over the back of the sofa, her beautiful breasts dangling and jangling below. My hands cupping and feeling them. But as I forgot about the door buzzer, and I ploughed into her, harder and harder, I got the shock of my life.

Bending over the back of her and hugging onto her while I bucked inside her, like a dog on the back of a bitch, I nuzzled my head up behind hers. I was even tempted to talk to her while I screwed her. But of course, that was our main unsaid rule. It was as if this were never happening. Because mom was mom, and this was incest, the most taboo thing in the world.

If I could break the rule, maybe I’d say something like, “mom I love fucking you so much, you’re so hot, you make my cock so hard and so wet. Fucking you is the best feeling in the world ever. Thanks, mom.”

But of course. I could never say anything like that, I could never say anything to her at all.

“Hey Sis, how’s it going?” A familiar voice said.

Bolting upright mid-fuck, I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes!

“Nothing much, just lounging around the house,” mom replied.

“What the fuck!” I thought. I was banging her hard from behind over the back of the sofa. I wouldn’t call that lounging around!

“Where’s Mikey?” Moms younger sister asked. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that I was right next to her my cock deep in her sisters’ vagina.

“I think he’s upstairs in his room. I guess he’s doing homework or something. Or maybe dreaming about pretty girls,” she giggled.

“Oh he’s such a hottie, he must have a lot of girlfriends already. And he has such a great body too, he works out a lot, doesn’t he. I guess the girls must love him for it.” Moms sis smiled.

“Oh yeah, he’s a real powerful kid, his fingers are so muscular they must be bigger than most men’s cocks,” she said, setting the pair off in synchronised laughter.

“I would casino şirketleri love to have one of those cock sized fingers slid deep inside my vagina right now,” my aunt admitted.

Holy crap! Now it all made sense, it was a setup. The ring at the door, the fact that right now it was just gone twelve. Mom and her sis must have talked about what we were doing and planned this whole thing out.

“Oh boy, if Mikey wasn’t my son, I’d have his cock deep in my pussy right now, ready to fuck me into oblivion,” mom said.

Realising what was happening I started to pound her up to full speed again.

Wow! I was feeling so horny right now. I was fucking my mom and right next to her, her sister was demanding I do the same to her too. And both of them were pretending I wasn’t even there. They were pretending that this wasn’t even happening. Holy crap! I was in heaven for sure.

I didn’t need any more hints. As soon as I was up to speed on what was going on, I was back to fucking mom as hard as ever, maybe even harder, coz I sure was turned on.

Moms sis was just a little younger than her, but always wore hot teeny style clothes, and right now, that meant a tiny red boob tube thing, and shit, she wasn’t even wearing a bra. Down below, she was wearing ripped jean shorts that made me realise she either wasn’t wearing any underwear, or she had a tiny g-string on. But shit, I didn’t care what she had on underneath. Reaching my hand around her front I unfastened her button and zipper and pulled those scanty little things down ASAP. Oh, boy! Her ass was nice, and nope, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Moving my hand around to get a good feel of her ass, I didn’t stay there long, before sliding down to her sopping wet pussy. Wow, she was super hot and ready for me. This was gonna be amazing. Within a flash and my ‘cock sized finger’ was buried deep inside moms sisters gushing vagina. All the while my hot hard pistol was ploughing mum like she hadn’t been filled in years.

“I’m sure all the girls at school love to see him stripped naked, his massive cock ready to fill them up with his teenage youth and teach them the treasures of sex,” mom laughed as I pounded on both her pussy with my cock and my aunts pussy with my cock-finger.

“Of course, I’m sure those young teen girls date him in pairs because one probably isn’t enough for him,” aunty laughed. “I guess there must always be squabbles about casino firmaları who gets his cock though. If we were still at school and sharing him, we’d be pretty competitive about getting the lions share.”

“That’s true, you always wanted my boyfriends didn’t you,” Mom teased.

“But you never let me have any of them,” aunty said, toying with her.

“What about Trevor?” Mom hit back.

“Oh yeah!” Aunty gasped, “I’d forgot about Trevor. But he always used to fuck you longer and harder than me, that wasn’t fair. You got to have more of his cock than me,” she said, offended.

“Hmm! Well maybe there’s some way I can make that up to you,” mom said, pretending to think.

I didn’t need another hint, I pulled my cock out of my mom, and my finger out of my aunt at the same time. Moving over, I slammed myself deep inside my aunts’ vagina and started fucking her like a superhero. My cock-finger meanwhile slid in my mom.

It was the craziest thing sharing my mom and her sister while they did guy-chat.

“I just wish I were able to let you have Mikey, I’m sure he’d love to pound on your pretty little pussy. And I’m sure it would be a great exercise for him. It would help him keep in shape. And teenage boys need to build up their cock muscles you know.” Mom said, all the while my cock muscles already getting a great training inside my aunt.

“Yeah, that’s true. Do you think those young girls at his school love him in their asses too?” She asked.

“Oh, sure they do,” mom assured her. “Every girl loves a good hard young cock in her tight ass. Hell, if I were a teenager again and not his mom, I’d let him fuck me hard in the ass in the blink of an eye. How about you sis?” Mom asked.

“Of course I would. I doubt that there’s a girl that wouldn’t love to have his huge thick glistening cock smashing in and out of her tight little pretty ass,” Aunty assured her. Reaching down on the sofa into her handbag she proceeded to pull out some lubricant.

“I hear this is what all the schoolboys are using on their girlfriends these days. It’s supposed to allow them to slide in with ease and take away a ton of the pain. Hell, if I were a teen again I’d recommend this to my boyfriend.”

Holy crap. All I could think about was what mom and her sis must have been like when they were in school. Taking the lubricant from off the sofa where my aunt threw it, I pulled myself out of her, rubbed güvenilir casino some on my thick member, and then rubbed some into my aunts’ ass before preparing her with a probing finger. Then I slid my cock all the way inside her ass as she gasped in that sexy mix of pleasure and pain that always accompanies a good ass-fucking.

Fucking my aunts’ ass, I lubed up another finger and got mom prepared too. This was going to be a master and two slaves adventure, and the prize would be to see who would have my cum filling their ass first.

I figured it was only fair that they got an equal share of my hard teenage cock, so I took out my phone and timed them for a minute each. As soon as the alarm went off at the one minute mark I pulled out and slammed myself into the other asshole. After a while of swapping between my mom and her sis, I was ready to shoot my load. Because I’d never had my aunt before, I was kinda hoping she would be the winner of this competition. But I really wanted to let fate play it’s card out.

Fucking my moms hot, sexy body was amazing, her tight ass squeezed around my cock, then the alarm went off, and I slammed back into my aunt. Was this gonna be the one? I was getting close. So close. Looking down at the phone on the sofa, and the time was again running out. Then, as it was looking sure I would swap back to my mom, and she would get filled with my cum, my aunt played the proverbial Ace up her ass!

“Sis,”, she asked mom, “do you remember who won when we were in school and you let me fuck Mikey’s dad over the back of the sofa at his grandparents’ house?”

Hearing that mom had shared dad with her sis was a real shock, but it was also a real turn on too. And that was her intention.

“How could I forget?” Mom stated. “You wanted him so bad you let him fuck you in the ass for the first time. Up until then, we’d never even thought about that kinda thing. I nearly lost him to you because of that. For weeks afterwards, he would always be begging to let me do it with him, and tell me how hot it was shooting his cum in your ass and filling you up like that. He loved watching it drop out of your ass onto the floor afterwards. It was because of that, that I eventually had to give in to him, and eventually, he couldn’t get enough of my tight teenage ass. He used to fuck me like a dog two or three times a day. And all because of you sis.”

Then, the alarm went off, but just as I was making the swap, my cock pulling out of my aunt, I shot almost everything I had up her ass. My cock halfway out of her, half my cum filling up her ass, while the rest sprayed over my moms.

Oh boy, I thought. I love my family!

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