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It seems like yesterday that my daughter started school, but it was twelve long years ago and she was now an eighteen year old honor student in her senior year of high school. Her mother had died when she was thirteen and I retired from my position as the CEO of a computer software giant so I could spend the time with her that I was sure she would need.

My name is Adam Johnson and I was forty-two on my last birthday. I am a fairly hefty man standing at five foot nine inches and weighing in at 190 pounds. I don’t work out very much, but I have kept myself in decent shape. I drink socially and have never smoked tobacco. When my wife Beth was alive, she and I had many a happy night full of love making. Eve was the product of one of those nights and was the pride and joy of our lives. It was a very difficult delivery and Beth was told that she could never have another child. Since Eve fulfilled our every hope and desire, we had no need to have another child and lavished Eve with everything we thought she needed.

My wife’s untimely death from a tragic automobile accident had made my daughter, Eve, and I very close, closer than most fathers and their daughters, I suppose, but all we had was each other. Eve shared all her growing pains with me, all her disappointments with the boys and all the juicy gossip about the head cheerleader and her many boyfriends. To hear Eve tell it, the girl was the slut of the entire county. My own sexual experiences since Beth’s death were restricted to visiting porn sites and having Minnie and her four daughters play with my dick until I shot off into a ready tissue. I did not date, not that I was still grieving Beth, but because nobody of the opposite sex that I came across interested me in the least.

Somewhere along the way Eve and I found time to talk about the birds and the bees. I found time to take her to the mall so she could pick out her own bras and panties–and I never told her what style she could or could not wear, trusting her to be sensible. I usually wandered off around the mall looking at what she would call “boy things” in her light hearted manner that she always used when she thought I was being silly about something. I thought she should have some privacy while picking out those intimate little pieces of frills that girls like to dress themselves in.

Somehow, along the I lost track of the fact that Eve was growing into a young lady. I suppose that has to do with the fact that she was and will always be “my little girl.” Anyway, because of my blinders, what happened on my forty-second birthday came as a total surprise to me.

My birthday that year was on a Saturday and Saturdays are the days I play my weekly round of golf with three of my old war buddies. None of us are very good at golf, but we enjoy ourselves and that’s what the games is supposed to be about, isn’t it? Anyway, I think they let me win to celebrate my birthday and celebrate we did at the 19th hole. I got pretty smashed by the time I was expected for dinner, a dinner I knew Eve was preparing. I switched to black coffee, but coffee will not sober a drunk up, it’ll just make him an alert drunk. Joe took me home and promised to pick me up in the morning to come back after my car. Joe was good about things like that. He didn’t drink due to diabetes and could be relied upon to be the designated driver.

When Joe got me to the front door, Eve opened it and I could see the pain in her eyes as she looked at me in my drunken state. Joe told her something about not going too hard on me and she nodded her head. As we passed the dining room on our way upstairs, I saw the candles lit and the silver shining at each place setting. I felt like the irresponsible heel that I was, but Eve just helped me up the stairs. She had seen me pretty well plastered before, but I don’t get drunk often and she knew it.

Eve sat me down on the bed and pulled my shirt over my head and undid my belt and trousers. Reaching down she pulled off my shoes and socks and then dragged my pants off of me, laying them over the back of a chair. I was left in my briefs and she pulled me back onto my feet and pointed me in the direction of the shower. I stepped in and she turned the water on cold and shocked me back to some semblance of sobriety.

“Now, when you get done sobering up, get dressed and come down to your birthday supper.” I noticed that it was not a request but a demand and Eve had never demanded anything of me before. I numbly nodded my head as I stood there under the cold shower. The water was turning my briefs damn near transparent and I caught Eve staring at my cock as I stood there.

She quickly turned and left casino oyna the bathroom and I could hear her making her way back downstairs. I quickly dried and found new underwear and dressed in a pair of slacks and a golf shirt. Then I slipped my feet into my slippers and trotted deftly down the stairs. I didn’t see Eve in the dining room where the candles were still lit and looked for her in the kitchen. That’s where I found her sobbing quietly by the stove as she stirred part of our supper.

As I entered the room, I saw her dab her eyes on her apron and then she turned around with a smile on her face. “Happy birthday, Daddy. Dinner will be ready by the time you open and pour the wine.”

I went to the table and opened the wine, a lovely Pinot Noir to go with our entree of Beef Wellington. By the time I was done pouring our wine, Eve had finished putting her lovely dinner on the table and had removed the apron. She was dressed in a very sexy, revealing dress that left little of her charms to the imagination. Her tits were obviously bra-free under the tight bodice and I saw no panty line under the tight fabric at her hips as she sat down beside me. I was beginning to develop some thoughts about my own daughter that I hadn’t had toward any woman in a long time and admonished myself for thinking about her that way.

From time to time during the meal, a meal that Eve had obviously planned and executed with pride and love, she would lean over to reach for something and “accidentally” rub her firm breast against my arm. Despite my earlier misgivings, my cock began to rise and I tried to think about something else, but every time I had succeeded in lowering my hardened dick to a non-erect state, Eve would rub her tit against me again. As time passed, I could actually feel her nipples as she rubbed against me. And then it struck me…these were no accidents, Eve was trying to seduce me.

Over coffee and brandy, I tried to broach the subject. “Ah, Eve. I have something I have to ask you.”

“Sure, Daddy, what is it?”

“Well, it’s a question that I’m having a hard time with. Fuck it!” Eve’s faced reddened for just a second. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Yes, I am. Dinner was only the first part of your birthday present.”


“Yes, Daddy. I’m the second part. I am yours to do as you want with tonight.”

“What? Why would you offer yourself to your old man?”

“Because I love you and want to give myself to you.”

“You do realize, Eve, that what you are talking about is incest.”

“Yes, I know that, but I still want you to have me and I want to have you not only as a father but as a lover who will share my bed.”

“How long have you felt this way?”

“Since I had my first period and we had the birds and the bees talk together.”

“What did I do wrong to make you think like this?”

“You did nothing wrong, Daddy, except to love me as much as I love you.”

“But until tonight I had never thought of you in a sexual way.”

“I know. That’s why I bought this dress to wear tonight.” With that Eve stood up and pulled her dress over her head revealing her lovely body that I hadn’t seen since she was old enough to bathe herself.

I drew a sharp breath as the beauty of her natural red-haired mound was exposed to my gaze and then my eyes wandered up to feast on her two firm, I later learned C-cup, breasts with their nipples surrounded by half-dollar sized areolae. My God, I thought, my daughter is a beautiful woman and I have never noticed the changes that made her that way. My prick rose in my pants making a bulge that attracted Eve’s eyes as mine were attracted to her lovely tits and vagina.

“Eve….” I started to protest.

“Hush. Let me give you your second present of the night.” Eve’s mouth closed over mine before I could reply. Her hands found the button on my slacks and loosened them. When she stood me up to remove my shirt, my slacks fell to the floor leaving me in my briefs. Eve bent over and pushed my shorts to the floor. As she rose, my hardened prick brushed against her lips. She stopped for a moment moving her head back so she could see my erect penis.

“So this is what a penis looks like hard? I never thought it would look so nice or feel so soft even when it’s hard. It actually looks good enough to eat.” With that, her mouth closed over the head of my cock. I groaned with the feelings running from the tip of my cock to my brain. “Daddy what does a man taste like when he spurts his seed?”

“I don’t know,” I lied. I had actually tasted some of my own cum after I shot my load into the tissue one night and had gotten some on my slot oyna hand.

“Well, I’m going to find out. I’ve wondered about this for a long time and I’m going to try. If I do anything wrong, just let me know.”

I watched my daughter as her mouth slid almost halfway down my rather long spear of flesh. She was careful not to use her teeth and she really used her tongue, swirling it around my cock in first one direction and then the other, like a pendulum on viagra. Eve used her hands as well cupping my balls with one of them and using the other on the length of cock she couldn’t get into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down and I felt my cum rising from my balls.

“Uh, Eve, I’m–I’m about to…to shoot…shoot my cum into your…your mouth. Aaaaarrrrrgggh!”

I will give my daughter credit, she tried desperately to swallow the large load of cum that I shot into her greedy sucking little mouth, but had to let some escape. She quickly slurped the escaped cum off my cock and sat back smacking her lips.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Daddy, that was awesome. It tastes pretty good.” She rose from her knees and came up to me engaging my mouth with hers, her tongue pressing its way into my mouth where it deposited the lingering taste of my cum onto my tongue. Despite the very recent emptying of my balls, my cock stayed more than half erect. “My turn, Princess. Let’s go to the bedroom where we can both be more comfortable.” I guided her to the bedroom and she laid back on the bed exposing her lovely sex to my feasting eyes. From the tips of her toes to the top of her head, Eve was perfection itself. Even laying on her back her firm tits stood out from her chest. I laid down beside her and captured a nipple in my hungry mouth. Her hand went to my cock and within seconds it was ready for more fun and adventure.

This time I categorically wanted to fuck my daughter, but I also wanted her ready to receive my stiff cock. With that in mind, I started kissing my way from her tits to her cunt. My tongue parted her lips and found her clit which was just starting to poke its way out of the folds in which it was hidden. Eve’s snatch tasted divinely good and I worshipped at the altar of her womanhood until she started squirming on the bed. I looked up over her flaming red pussy hair and watched as she tweaked and squeezed her tits. Her hands dropped to my head and held it in place as she stiffened. Eve tried to grind my face into her pussy as she released some delicious girl juice from deep inside her body. As the spasm past, she fell limply back on the bed releasing my head as she did.

I concentrated my attack on her now very erect clit, a clit that had to be the longest clit I had ever seen. It stood out at least a half of an inch from the surrounding folds of her pussy. As I attacked her clit with my tongue and lips, I pushed two fingers into her love box. I wasn’t in very far before I ran into an obstacle. My Eve was a virgin.

“Daddy, it’s OK. I want you to do this. I want to be yours now and forever. I want your baby.”

I couldn’t believe what my daughter was telling me…that she actually wanted me to take her maidenhead…that she actually wanted me to commit this act of incest and plant my seed in her fertile womb. That she actually wanted my baby was an even bigger surprise and I removed my face from the valley between her legs and looked up at her face. She was smiling at me with a twinkle in her eye.

“Eve, are you sure about this?”

“Yes, I am very sure. Do it! Fuck me now!”

I climbed up between her legs and my cock bumped into her pouting lips as it strove to find the entrance to her body. She reached down and grasped my dick pulling it and lining it up with her pussy’s opening and then scrunched down until my cock head hit her unbroken virginity.

“Last chance?”

“God damn it, Daddy. Fuck me.” With that she pushed even harder against my rigid pole of man meat and impaled herself on it. She shrieked as my cock tore through her cherry. I held myself rock still as her cunt walls adjusted to the size of my cock. When she finally started moving, I started moving my own hips slowly and gently. I looked down to where we were locked together and saw her blood smearing my prick as it slowly went in and out. Eve’s pussy started getting a little more slippery and our movements became a tad faster. Both of us were breathing much harder than we had been and I knew that she was feeling the joys of having an erect penis inside her tender young vagina.

“Eve, are you taking anything to keep from getting a baby?”

“No, Daddy–and I don’t want to even think about not having a baby. canlı casino siteleri I want you to make me pregnant. Do it tonight. Give me YOUR baby!” My cock twitched inside her cunt and seem to expand even more than it already was expanded. I started rocking my hips and Eve rocked back. Her moans were louder as I picked up speed until I was slamming the length of my cock into her on each thrust that I made.

The warm velvet glove surrounding my pistoning cock shrank and expanded as if it had a mind of its own. Eve’s hips were bucking as if there was no tomorrow and I had to do everything in the very next instant. Suddenly she screamed and her body went into violent spasms with her cunt clasping my cock in an encounter of the very closest kind. I held still until the tremors subsided and then started thrusting again. Her next orgasm came quickly and was even more violent than her first one had been. Again, I held still inside her waiting for her body to come down from its orgasmic high. When I started moving again this time, I knew that she was going to get my full load deep inside her womb and that it would not be very long before she was bathed in my life-giving hot sperm.

The third time was the charm. As her body started to spasm, I felt my hot creamy semen race through my cock and spray the insides of her womb with the true elixir of love. I collapsed barely holding my weight off her young body as she gasped and panted for breath. I rolled over beside her with my cock still buried to the hilt inside her pussy which was still giving off tremors as she returned to some semblance of a young girl.

“My God, Daddy, that was good. I’m glad I waited, but I wish I could have felt all this before now.”

“Eve, if you and I are going to fuck, you have to call me Adam and not Daddy. OK?”

“OK, Da…er Adam.”

“Now what’s this about wanting my baby?”

“I want to have your baby. I want to be your wife and live with you forever.”

“Eve, you’re my daughter. What will the neighbors say if your stomach starts to swell and you haven’t been dating? What we did was incest. Incest is considered immoral and illegal. We could both be in very bad trouble if the neighbors complain.”

“Why don’t we just move somewhere else where nobody knows us. I have your last name already. All we have to do is let people assume that you are my husband.”

“Well, I suppose that is a possibility.”

“Please, Da…Adam, please?”

“You know I can’t ever seem to say no to you, don’t you?”

“Does that mean that you’ll do it?”

“Well, I can look into finding a house somewhere far away from here. No promises that we’ll succeed, but we can try.” I realized that I had given into to Eve’s demands with a minimum of argument. The part of never being able to say no to Eve was only partly true. Inside, I found a new reason to be happy. Eve had already fulfilled one of my fantasies, that of me fucking her. My second fantasy was to be married to my own daughter, but I couldn’t let her know that.

As we lay there, my cock finally pulled away from her cunt lips and the semen I had deposited inside Eve’s hot pussy began to drip out. I bent my head down and started eating my cum from her hole. This caused Eve to moan and start humping my face as well as getting my cock headed toward another erection. Eve reached down and took my semi-rigid tool. She wrapped her hand around it and started pulling on it. She quickly moved around so she could take my cock into her mouth and almost swallowed me whole. As we performed our sixty-nine on each other, I could feel both of our bodies responding. When I had attained full erection, I pulled my cock away from Eve’s mouth and turned so that my prick was lined up with that lovely hole between her legs.

My dick penetrated through the naturally red bush and poked its way through the inner lips. Eve moved her hips and drew me deeper into her body by wrapping her legs around my hips. After a few minutes I lifted her legs to my shoulders and penetrated even deeper into her young pussy. Because of my earlier cum, the penetration was easy and my strokes grew more forceful and deeper with each thrust. In no time Eve was begging for me to fill her fuck hole with my hot creamy juices. It only took a half dozen more strokes before I obliged her and unloaded what had to have been the most cum I had shot at one time in the past ten years.

My cock softened and plopped from her hole with a distinct wet popping noise. We fell asleep together in the same bed for the first time. That was five years ago and we now live a thousand miles from the site of that first incestuous fuck and have a lovely pair of children, a boy and a girl, ages four and three. Eve called the boy Cain and I called the girl Naomi. Right now we are waiting to see if Eve is pregnant with my third child. If it’s a boy I think we’ll call him Abel.

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