Adam’s Family Ch. 03

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Author’s Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

This tale is a follow-up to my four part story “Adam’s Aunt.” I recommend reading it first, but you can certainly just start right here, as this tale is meant to stand alone. As with that tale, this one is built more on lust than love, which is the norm in my other taboo tales. I’ll come back to those romantical type tales eventually, but I’m fighting writer’s block right now, and I needed to write some smut to try to break up that logjam.

This is a seven part story, and all seven were submitted on the same day, so they should come out one a day.


Christine walked a little gingerly as she crossed the airport to await her niece. She’d added quite a bit to Becky’s cash flow with numerous private shows, and had the opportunity to watch Dan come several times as well, thanks to the camera she bought for him. Angie and Adam had also joined in the numerous internet trysts, which always seemed to follow phone calls and emails to catch up with each other.

After plenty of time to recover, Christine had asked Adam to take her ass again, finding far greater endurance the second time around. Though she still felt a little tender a day later, she felt ready to take him and his cousin at the same time once Dan arrived.

Becky’s fiery red hair stood out from the crowd as she walked through the terminal, bringing a smile to Christine’s lips and a surge of wetness between her legs. The tight t-shirt Becky wore without a bra likewise stood out — way out — once the redhead emerged from the tight press of the hallway into the open area where Christine awaited.

Aunt and niece both let out a purr into each other’s ears as they hugged, their breasts pressing together with quite intentional pressure. When they parted, Christine noticed a young man with a look of startled fascination on his face staring at Becky. She saw him as well, and blew him a kiss before waving to him.

“Someone you know?” Christine asked as both women started toward the carousel to wait for Becky’s luggage.

“Not until on the plane — but he knew me. He didn’t think I heard him whispering, but he recognized me from online. I’ll tell you when we get out of here.”

“Well, well,” Christine laughed.

Becky laughed with her aunt and said, “It’s happened a couple of times.”

“We’ll go have a bite to eat once we get your bags. Dan’s plane won’t be in for about two hours.”

“I can’t wait to see him,” Becky sighed.

“Not much longer,” Christine promised.

With Becky’s luggage in tow, the pair soon reached Christine’s car. “Do you want to go out to get something to eat, or just head back into one of the airport restaurants?” Christine asked.

“Here is fine. I don’t want to miss it when he gets off the plane.” Becky looked around for a moment and grinned mischievously. She signaled for her aunt to lean in close, and then said, “When I realized that guy had recognized me, I waited a while to see if he’d say anything. He got up and went to the bathroom, and I decided to meet him on the way back. He looked like he was about to have a heart attack when we met in the aisle.”

“I wonder why,” Christine quietly chuckled.

“I asked him why he was staring, and he said he thought he knew me from somewhere. Then he screwed up his courage and asked me if I was Cynthia. I laughed and winked, but didn’t really answer him. I went ahead to the bathroom, wondering if he’d went in there to jack off. I started getting wet thinking about it, so I decided to give him a surprise.

“I rubbed my panties up into me until they were nice and sticky, and then took them off. As soon as I tinkled, I wadded them up and hid them in my hand. When I passed his seat, I leaned in and whispered that I had a present for him. Then I stuck my panties between his legs and walked off. He went back into the bathroom a few minutes later.”

“Oh my,” Christine laughed. “So, you’re not wearing panties?”


“We’ll just see about that,” Christine said in a breathless whisper as she slipped her hand beneath Becky’s skirt. She let out a moan as her fingers found her niece’s folds.

“Mmm — any more of that, and we aren’t going to get anything to eat — and we’re probably going to get arrested.”

Christine brought her finger to her lips and sucked Becky’s juices from it with a shiver. “I think it would almost be worth it.”

“You’ll just want it more if you have to wait.”


“It’s my job,” Becky laughed, and then walked back toward the terminal, her bottom swaying in an exaggerated, sexy dance.

Christine followed, thinking that this was going to be a long couple of hours.

The conversation actually steered away from sex over Starbucks and a salad, turning toward Christine filling in gaps of family history. The two hours passed far quicker than either woman would casino şirketleri have imagined during that chat, save for the last few minutes of waiting outside security for Dan’s flight to empty out.

Becky’s gasp indicated that she saw Dan before Christine did. Glancing at the redhead and following her eyes, she soon recognized her nephew amongst the passengers coming down the aisle. Christine could see the nervous energy building up in her niece, trying to send her running past the security line toward her brother. She kept her instincts in check, and fell upon him with a delighted squeal as soon as he passed out of the secure zone.

“I missed you so much,” she finally declared after nearly bowling him over.

“Me too, Becca. Hey, Aunt Christine,”

“Hey, Dan. Let’s go get your bags and get out of here.”

“Uh huh,” Becky added with just a hint of suggestion in her voice.

Seeing the hunger in her niece’s eyes, she tugged on the redhead’s arm and whispered in her ear, “You’ll just want it more if you have to wait.”

Becky blew a raspberry at her aunt, but laughed and took her brother’s hand to lead him toward the baggage carousel. His luggage dropped down in the first few bags, and the three were soon on their way to the car.

Christine knew that something was up when Becky leaned into the trunk almost as soon as it opened to say, “Let me move my stuff around to make some more room.”

Somehow, Christine managed to keep from chuckling as her niece quite purposely bent right in front of her brother, letting her short skirt ride up to reveal the lack of panties beneath. He most certainly noticed, and let out an aroused chuckle when his sister dropped all pretenses and jiggled her bottom while giving him a sultry grin over her shoulder.

“So, does somebody want to ride shotgun, or do you both want to sit in the back?”

Becky answered almost before her aunt finished speaking, “We’ll ride in the back.”

Something in her voice told both Dan and Christine that the trip was rapidly developing some interesting potential.

The car pulled out into the final rosy glow of sunset, Christine having a difficult time watching the road as her niece and nephew engaged in increasingly passionate kisses. She could see Dan’s hand beneath Becky’s t-shirt, and had little doubt about where Becky’s hand was.

Christine cursed the seat obstructing her view in the rear view mirror a few minutes later when she heard Becky gasp, and then both siblings let out a moan. The slow pumping motion of her niece’s arm revealed what Becky was doing, but Christine was disappointed that she couldn’t see more.

“It’s been too long,” Becky said in a sultry, near whisper.

“God, that feels good,” Dan groaned.

“Mmm hmm,” Becky moaned in reply, and then leaned down into his lap.

Dan stiffened as his sister lapped his full length, ending with several flicks of her tongue over the swollen head of his cock. A sharp hiss, bordering on a groan, burst from his lips as his cock slipped between hers.

Christine edged up her speed and reached between her legs to tease her need as she glanced in the mirror to see Dan tugging upward on his sister’s shirt, exposing her bountiful breasts to his hands. Becky moaned around him, bobbing her head faster over his stiff organ.

“Ah! Oh, Becca.”

His sister released him with a slurp and chuckled, “I’ve learned a few tricks.” She didn’t wait for a response, but instead sucked him back in, almost all the way to the root.

Dan fisted his hand in his sister’s hair. She sucked him hard for two strokes, resisting the pressure of his hand, and then deepthroated him again. She swallowed around him, causing him to let out a sharp groan.

The pace of his breathing, the insistent pressure of his hand, and the thick tang of his pre-cum in her mouth let Becky know he was close. She sucked him hard and fast, eager to taste his cum again, after so long.

Dan groaned, the sound long, drawn out, and growing in volume. Then, his throat closed for an instant as he reached his peak, and the rest of his breath exploded from him in a growl.

Becky squealed around his cock as he filled her mouth with cream, though she nearly choked for doing so. She swallowed, the effort leaving just enough room for his next spurt to fill her mouth again.

Her fingers rubbing fast beneath her skirt over her wet panties, Christine pouted, “No fair. I want a taste too.”

Dan pulsed a final time in Becky’s mouth, not enough to fill it, but certainly enough to share with her aunt. She sat up, pulling her shirt back down, and scooted to the front of the seat. She then leaned forward and half-stood, her head against the roof of the car.

Keeping one eye on the road, Christine turned her head and tilted it up, parting her lips as Becky moved in to kiss her. Christine moaned deep in her throat as her nephew’s cum dribbled from Becky’s lips into her mouth. Their tongues danced over each other for a moment, and then Christine casino firmaları turned away to concentrate on the road, savoring the bittersweet treat in her mouth.

“He tastes good, doesn’t he?” Becky purred as she sat back down.

“Mmm hmm,” Christine moaned in response, unwilling to swallow just yet.

“God, I’m so wet,” Becky gasped. She sat back, flipped up her skirt, and parted her legs, giving clear evidence of her claim to even her aunt, looking indirectly through the rear view mirror.

Christine finally swallowed with a lick of her lips as she heard Dan’s seatbelt click open. Becky lifted her right leg and braced it against the passenger seat, parting her legs wide enough to give her brother access.

Dan attacked her pussy with carnivorous hunger, not even bothering to put away his softening, slick cock. “Ooo,” Becky moaned sensually, and looked up into the rear view mirror to grin at her aunt as she wiggled her hips beneath his tongue.

“Good?” Christine asked. She reluctantly pulled her fingers from between her legs, as she was edging toward climax, and didn’t think it would be a good idea to do so while driving.

“Oh yeah,” she chuckled, shivering from his darting tongue. “He’s learned a few tricks too.”

Dan lapped and sucked, drinking up his sister’s juices. He stabbed his tongue up under her hood just as a semi rolled up next to the car to pass. The truck ceased accelerating, dropping back until the passenger window of the semi lined up with the car. Christine and Becky both knew what that meant before they looked up to see the man in the passenger seat leering with a complete lack of shame.

Her brother’s tongue driving her toward her peak, Becky let a crooked grin spread across her face. She pulled up her shirt, freeing her heavy breasts, and cupped the globes in her hands. She looked directly up at the man in the semi above, licking her lips and putting her hand on the back of her brother’s head.

Christine laughed and held up one hand next to her face as she continued to drive, looking into the mirror to enjoy the show whenever she could. Her niece was moaning and twitching, her breaths coming in pants. Having watched the redhead come several times, Christine knew that Becky was on the edge.

Becky screamed, her back arching and her head slamming back into the seat behind her. She pressed Dan’s face hard against her, lurching from the jolts of ecstasy shooting through her body. He let out a satisfied groan, sucking her clit hard and drawing another yelp from her.

Becky finally pushed him away with a nearly chocked gasp. Christine immediately said, “Your turn. I get a taste of her too.”

Dan repeated his sister’s maneuver, and Christine once again watched the road with one eye as she lapped Becky’s juices from his chin, and then gave him a quick kiss. The sound of the semi’s roaring engine let her know that they still had an audience, but she didn’t care.

Dan only noticed when the semi’s horn blew, startling all three of them. He turned to see the trucker giving him a thumbs-up. Christine glanced over as she hit her exit, seeing the disappointment in the man’s face as her car merged away from the truck. She looked in the mirror to see her niece waving goodbye, her legs still spread wide and her pussy glistening with a combination of her wetness and her brother’s saliva.

“God, that was hot,” Becky gasped as she pulled her shirt back down and tugged at her skirt. “You’ve gotten even better at that, and I loved having someone watch.”

“Damn, you taste good,” Dan sighed as he sat back down, finally maneuvering his flaccid manhood back into his jeans.

“How much farther?” Becky asked.

“About ten minutes,” Christine answered, her sex screaming for attention.

“Too long,” the redhead pouted.

“Uh huh,” Christine agreed as she watched the siblings share a long kiss. A few minutes later, she reached for her cellphone when it rang. She put it on speaker and answered, “Hello?”

“Hey, Aunt Christine. Did they make it in okay?” Adam asked.

“Mmm hmm. You somewhere safe?”


“Good. Becky just finished coming all over his face, after she sucked him dry, of course. We’re almost home, and the trucker that was riding along side us watching is probably trying to find a way to get back to the exit we took.”

“Hi, Adam,” Becky said in languid tones, her fingers beneath her skirt and rubbing her still quivering sex.

“Hey Becky,” Adam laughed. “Heyas, Danbru.”

“Heyas, Adamant.”

“We’re almost home now,” Christine informed her nephew on the phone.

“I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon.” The excitement in Adam’s voice couldn’t be missed.

“Can’t wait,” Christine responded.

“Me either,” Becky moaned.

“Gotta go. Mom just came in downstairs.”

“See you tomorrow, then.”

“Tomorrow. Bye.”

Christine disconnected the call and then said, “Don’t worry, Dan. You won’t get left out. I’m flying all of us up to see Angie before you güvenilir casino both leave. She has a sexy roommate, too.”

“Cool,” he chuckled.

Becky let out a low whistle as Christine slowed down a few minutes later. “Wow, nice neighborhood.”

“This old place?” Christine said in an exaggerated Southern accent. “Should be there in a couple of minutes now.”

Christine parked the car and then turned to see her niece and nephew once more kissing ardently. “I was thinking we could just leave the bags for now, unless you really think you’ll need clothes any time soon.”

Becky shook her head and let out an excited “Nuh uh.”

Christine laughed and then got out of the car to let them in the house. The door had barely closed before Becky pulled off her top and kicked off one of her shoes. Christine rapidly followed suit, and both women were soon naked, with Dan drinking in the sight as they locked lips in a hungry kiss.

Becky’s hands roamed over her aunt’s body, even as Christine’s did the same. Their tongues slipped over each other as they kissed, their need revealed in their passion. Finally, Christine pulled away slightly and turned to Dan. She asked, “Aren’t you a little overdressed?” When he laughed, she tugged her niece toward the bedroom.

Dan followed, doing his best to shed his clothing along the way. He was still wearing his unbuttoned jeans and one sock by the time he reached the bedroom, but dropped the last of his clothing as his sister and aunt fell into the bed.

Becky slipped her hand between Christine’s thighs and said, “It’s been a while since I went down on some hot pussy.” She pressed her fingers between her aunt’s nether lips, causing Christine to stiffen and moan. “Besides, you’re the only one who hasn’t got to come yet since we got here.”

“No argument from me,” Christine said with a grin as she rolled over onto her back. Becky moved with her, falling into the V of her legs almost as soon as Christine parted them.

Becky stared up into her aunt’s eyes, using every trick of the trade she knew to make the dark-haired woman want her. Her movements were carefully orchestrated, and her touches mere teases. She kissed her aunt’s legs and thighs, frequently drawing close enough for her hot breath to kiss Christine’s nether lips, but never actually touching them.

Christine tensed in anticipation and drew in a deep breath as her niece looked up into her eyes. Becky licked her lips and moved tantalizingly close to where Christine wanted her. The redhead leaned in slowly, letting her breath caress her aunt’s folds three times, and then suddenly shifted her approach to kiss over the little patch of hair on Christine’s mound.

Christine let out a little moan of disappointment as her niece placed another kiss a little higher, but smiled when the trail of kisses led somewhere else interesting. Becky sucked her aunt’s right nipple between her lips and flicked it with her tongue.

Becky straddled her aunt’s leg, rubbing her wet folds over it as she sucked and nibbled on the stiff bud between her lips. Christine did her best to satisfy the need between her legs in much the same way, but her niece devilishly defeated her efforts at every turn. The redhead sucked her aunt’s nipple hard, pulling it upward and then letting it snap free of her lips. She then edged forward to dangle her pendulous breasts above her aunt’s face.

Christine took the hint, and accepted the opportunity. Becky’s knee now rested right between her aunt’s legs, in perfect position for Christine to rub her folds against it with heated friction. At the same time, she cupped her niece’s heavy breasts in her hands and pushed them together, giving her easy access to both pinky-tip sized nipples.

The mattress shifted, and Christine glanced over from her efforts to see Dan lying down on the bed where he could watch. “You like?” She asked, the sound distorted because she was still flicking her tongue over her niece’s right nipple.

“Oh yeah,” Dan answered with a lusty smile.

“Me too,” Becky moaned. She then let out a yelp as her aunt nibbled on the stiff bud between her lips.

With a sexy growl, Christine let her niece’s nipple free.

Becky straightened her arms and asked, “Was that a hint?”

A nod of her head and a thrust of her hips against the redhead’s leg answered that question.

Becky sat up and dragged her wide-splayed fingers down Christine’s chest, ending the journey by framing her aunt’s sex with her hands. Christine once again spread her legs wide as her niece scooted back, and then gasped as the redhead struck like a snake.

Dan moved again to attain a better vantage on his sister lapping his aunt. He’d seen Becky with another woman before, but not having miles of wires carrying the sight over the internet made the act infinitely more exciting. He could smell his aunt’s arousal, and clearly hear the soft sounds of his sister’s tongue.

Becky aggressively licked her aunt’s folds with strong pressure, moaning from the taste and scent. Christine wriggled and cooed beneath her, already building toward a peak. The redhead sucked her aunt’s nether lips, wiggling her head back and forth at the same time, and then stabbed her tongue in deep.

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