After the Show

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Roger and I used to go the “Roadhouse”, a club on the edge of town. It offered strip shows and lap dances by the strippers, Customers sat at tables around the runway where strippers did their thing.

Strippers worked the crowd after a performance, offering lap dances to customers.

Like most guys, Roger got a kick out of seeing a woman getting a lap dance from a female stripper. I’d never understood why guys think that’s so hot, until a stripper named Ginger gave me a private lap dance one night when he wasn’t there.

It happened this way:

Before Roger left for one of his two-week runs with the truck to the West Coast, we were having a drink at our usual table close to the stage when the M.C. announced a new stripper, Ginger.

Out came a lovely redhead, moving with grace and shaking her body for the gang. Then she started to peel off her bra, very slowly. Guys encouraged her with the usual yell “Take it off!” As Ginger took her bra off, she winked at me and Roger. He whooped it up.

I just enjoyed her body, and the arrogant way she showed her body to the crowd,like saying “Look me over – you won’t find anything better.”

After circling the stage bare-breasted, Ginger teased the crowd by reaching for her brief bottom, as if to take that off. The crowd got even noisier, with all of us telling her to “take it off.” Somewhat to my surprise, I’d joined in the noise. She really turned me on.

I hadn’t had sex with a woman before, but the thought came to me that it might be a great experience.

Finally she removed the bottom. She wasn’t naked, but very close to it. Ginger had on a skimpy thong which covered very little. It’s the law around here that all-nude performances are illegal. Too bad, I thought,

When Ginger came to our table, Roger pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and pointed to me.

“Ginger, give a lap dance to Sharon. She’ll love it.”

Ginger took the money and leaned over me, with her boobs very close to my face. I thought about kissing her breasts but refrained from that. She was close enough that my nostrils were filled with the scent of her sweaty body.

Then she gave me a lap dance, while the guys made noise.

Ginger turned and lowered herself onto my lap. She moved up and down, and bent her head so that her hair covered my upturned face. She kissed my lips. I felt her hot body moving against mine as we kissed. It seemed to go on forever.

Then she stepped away from me and went on to other tables. . When we drove home, Roger said, “You’re quiet. Anything on your mind?”

I lied to him, saying, “Nothing special.”

Ginger and her body were on my mind. I’d never felt that way about anyone else, woman or man.

After güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Roger left on his trip, I went to the Roadhouse one night on my own.

The waitress Ellen said to me, “Where’s Roger?”

“He’s away for two weeks. Can I have a table up front?”

“Sure,” she said, and led me to table alongside the stage.

I ordered a drink and watched a succession of strippers. I wondered what had happened to her, until Ginger appeared.

She looked as sexy as before. I sat back and enjoyed the strip show she put on. What a hot woman!

Ginger spotted me at ringside and winked at me as she took her clothes off.

After the show, Ginger came up to my table.

“Hi, Sharon. All alone?”

“Yes, I’m on my own tonight. I came especially to see you.”

“Thanks,” she said. “How about a lap dance?”

“Please,” I responded, not being able to say how much I wanted her hot body close to mine. But I was sure she knew how I felt.

“This is my last show for tonight,” she said. “Meet me in the Skylounge upstairs, and I’ll give you a private lap dance. It won’t cost you much. Nick, who runs the place, is a friend of mine.”

The Skylounge was a room upstairs where performers gave private lap dances for patrons. I’d never been there, but knew about it.

What the hell, I figured — go for it, with a hot lady.

“OK, I’ll meet you there in ten minutes.”

I paid the check and climbed stairs at the back of the house to the Skylounge.

The lights were low, but I could see recliner chairs in which men leaned back while strippers who wore only thongs rubbed themselves all over the men.

A guy came up to me and said, “Can I help you?”

Before I could answer, Ginger said, “She’s with me, Nick – a special friend.”

I hadn’t seen her climbing the stairs, but she was right behind me.

I got nervous – what the hell was I doing up there, with a stripper!

She led me to a chair and said “Lean back, honey. I’m going to show you a good time.”

She proceeded to rub her body on mine, as she gave me a lap dance.

I was lost in a daze as her body rose and fell against mine. My pussy was getting wet, and I was breathing hard.

Then she whispered to me, “You’re not supposed to touch me, but Nick won’t say anything if you do.”

I touched her breasts as she gyrated in my lap.

“That’s the way I like it,” she said. “Kiss my neck.”

I touched her breasts and kissed her neck, as she continued to move her body over mine. I hoped it would never end.

Then I put a finger under her thong, into her cunt.

Ginger gasped and held me tight. “Jesus, that feels good!”

After güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fifteen minutes of the most intense sexual experience of my life, she said, “I’m off in ten minutes and going home. Meet me at the back door, the one that leads to the parking lot. You’re going home with me.”

In the parking lot she asked which car was mine. When I pointed to it, she said, “I’ll pull my car out first and wait for you to get behind me. Follow me in your car.”

It was a slow ride at night, through streets in Jersey. Ginger must have been watching my car in her rear-view mirror, because she made it easy for me to follow her car. She slowed down whenever I got too far behind her.

Finally she pulled her car into a driveway of a small house, and I pulled up behind her.

She came up my car door and said, “Give me your hand; it’s very dark here.”

She led me by the hand to a door and unlocked it. Then Ginger clicked a switch and I saw a small living room. She led me inside and pointed to a sideboard containing bottles of booze and glasses.

“Fix yourself something,” she said. “I need a shower after a night of sweating and stage makeup. I’ll be back in a little while.”

Then she took off her clothes casually, including the thong, and dropped them on the floor.

She was pretty cool about that, not surprising for a stripper. But I wasn’t cool about the way she dropped her clothes and showed me her body. I was hot as could be!

She opened what must have been the door to a bathroom, not bothering to see how I reacted to her naked body, then she disappeared into the bathroom.

What else could I do, while waiting for her to get back? I filled a glass with Scotch and a few ice cubes, then sat down and waited for her to return. I was wound up tight, thinking about her ass and tits, and the way she’d kissed me earlier that evening.

She came into the living room after a short time, wrapped in a large white towel.

“That feels great,” she said. “Are you OK, Sharon?”

“I’m OK, Ginger, except that I’m horny as can be. Are we going to just talk, or get it on?”

“We’re going to get it on. By the way, Ginger is my stage name, My real name is Alice.”

She removed the towel and let me to a small bedroom, barely big enough for a king-size bed. I was following a naked woman into a bedroom as if I did that every day!

What a beautiful ass, I thought, as I followed her.

She jumped into the bed and invited me to join her.

“Take your clothes off and come here, beside me. “

I removed all my clothes, aware that Alice was watching me intently. It was strange feeling to strip for a stripper.

“Very nice, ” she güvenilir bahis şirketleri said. “Come on in.”

I lay down next to her, and we kissed. Then she turned around, so that I was staring at her pussy, and she was looking at mine. I’d never eaten any woman’s pussy before, and here I was staring at one. What the hell to do? That sounds stupid now, but that’s the way I felt the first time with Alice.

She made it easy for me. Alice used her tongue on my pussy. As I opened my thighs in response, she licked my outer pussy lips and found my slit with her tongue.

Then she got on top of me, instead of lying side-by-side. I felt dominated, almost like being fucked by Roger, but a very different feeling, to have a woman on top of me. I loved it!

I explored her pussy with my tongue. I wasn’t sure where her body ended and mine began, We were joined together in one intimate embrace. I was lost in what seemed like a sexual dream until she said, “Put your legs over my shoulders.”


“Just do it, put your legs over my shoulders.”

I raised my legs and put them over her shoulders. Her face was as close as possible to my innermost parts. Then she followed my perineum, the path between my asshole and clit, with her tongue. The perineum is loaded with nerve endings. It’s the most sensitive place on a woman’s body. I didn’t know that at the time, just that it was the most erotic experience of my life.

She ate me, and I ate her in return. Then we did it again.

I was in Heaven, it seemed, with a stripper named Alice

We finally fell asleep, in each other’s arms. I woke in the morning to find that she wasn’t in bed with me. “Ready for breakfast?” she asked, from another room.

I walked into the living room, still naked. Alice came from what must have been the kitchen. She wore a robe and carried a tray loaded with coffee, rolls, and jam.

I patted the living room couch, saying “Put the tray down here, Alice dear.”

As we ate the rolls, Alice reached over spread jam on my nipples.

What’s happening?” I asked.

“It’s a concentration test. I want to see if you continue eating as I suck on your nipples.”

I continued eating rolls, but not for long. I was so turned on that I opened her robe and used my tongue on her pussy.

She laughed and said, “You lost your concentration. We’ll run the test over again, until you keep eating rolls as I suck on your nipples.”

It was a long and intense morning, filled with fun as well as sex.

Since that morning, we’ve become a couple. I moved in with her in Jersey and gave up my apartment in New York.

She still strips.

Sometimes I’m jealous of other women for whom she strips, for the money.

But she goes home with me after every show, for a very special performance at our place.

Life doesn’t get much better than that.

* * * * * * *

Copyright 2005 by Lesly Sloan. This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author.

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