Alex Is The Guy For Me Now

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Alex is the guy for me now.

One of the richest episodes in my life was when I met Alex. I guess before that I had never realised just how good a one sex relationship could be.

For a while I joined a group of guys doing the Batchelorette’s parties which was quite an enjoyable period, pleasing all those single party girls who were just there to let themselves go -and boy!, didn’t they just!

The main attribution to qualify for a group called the Beefcakes was to have a larger than normal Willy to make the girls sigh – and being a good eight inches with a good girth I thought I’d give it a go. I was immediately accepted and shared the absolute delight of entertaining a multitude of very excited and enthused women who literally took turns to suck me, it was so good and thrilling to see how different girls tackled it and one night I must have been sucked at least twenty times.

For the shy ones who you knew really wanted to give it a try but were embarrassed about being seen doing it, we donned a huge bath towel, swinging it around and swaying our hips and letting the shy ones hide behind it whilst they took a sample, that was good too, knowing the ones who had never done it before and coaxing them with delicate movements and jerks to entice them. Some would experiment first by just rubbing their cheeks against it, eventually finding bahis firmaları the courage to take it into their mouths; at first gingerly but soon getting used to the idea, and giving the most delightfully invigorating oral sensation with a spirited deep sucking.

But one thing the job made me realise; is my sexual leaning, because although I was thoroughly enjoying something I was getting paid for, I could never go the whole hog, like some of the other guys were doing, I knew, when discovering I never wanted to cum with the girls’ sucking me, I realised then I was the other way inclined, so meeting Alex was my domain and to say I was attracted to him immediately I met him in the cinema was an understatement.

We started dating almost at once, it was like magic, we just knew we were hot for each other, the way he looked me up and down was very pleasing and the next thing we were in his home doing all the things gay guys do.

I told him how it was doing the Batchlorette rounds and it didn’t take him long to see why I qualified in having all the right credentials!

“Wow I am going to enjoy you more than any of those girls did, Pete” Alex announced as I felt the thrill of his finger tips exploring and squeezing me. It was simply heaven and I found myself opening wide for his pleasure after we’d both duly stripped, I laid fully kaçak iddaa back outstretched on the bed, opening wide, bending my knees and revealing all.

Seeing his face flush was a real treat and then to feel his mouth start to lick and suck me, starting on the inside of my thighs as his fingers balled me, then gradually working down towards my crotch ,made my heartbeat go crazy- I was soon all hard cock for him and he wasted no time in sucking me. And the way he sucked was divine, I closed my eyes to relish the moment and felt his tongue wrap around my knob and prod my p-hole.

Opening my eyes to see how he was making me feel so good I could see he was in his own world and thoroughly enjoying me to the hilt, at one time he almost seemed to take all of my eight inches deep throat and I heard him gag, but he was a glut for punishment and it felt like he was trying to eat me.

Like he read my mind he twisted around to lay on his side but still constantly sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow – and there was the butt I so wanted, there presented to me like that, pushing it out, presenting it to me and I could not resist a hearty feel of those gorgeous tight round cheeks.

Feeling his suck grow more intense I did what I wanted to do, slapped that ass to watch it flush and then stretch it open to see that so inviting brown hole kaçak bahis between; and just below, his ripe firm balls appearing like ready to eat plums, and his cock too, it was all just waiting to be caressed and I was soon going for it hook, line and sinker. Nice fuckable ass, nice cock and nice balls and I was raring to go, to get the feel of that asshole wrapping around my cock as I fucked him rough.

We didn’t talk much, except the occasional expletives to compliment the act – but the moans and groans were in plenty when I went down on him and got a fill of that cock in my mouth, earthy, pungent and salty it was and soon we were both thrilling in the delight of perfect mutual oral exploration.

But now was the time to take his ass. I felt the intensive throb in my groin, indication that it was time for rockets away – I grabbed his thighs and beckoned for him to take position, to just lean it over the edge of the bed and let me do the rest, I looked down and saw my cock ready to explode, I rubbed some lube into his hole, stretched his ass cheeks wide open as I placed my cock- head in place and started to press. Alex gulped and yelled ‘yes!” and helped me inside by moving his hips, his ass was lovely and he was so warm inside – as I soon got my cock deep up inside him to give him a good riveting as we got into the rhythm of a real strong and rough fucking mode.

His fuck was always good and I felt so good afterwards,, feeling us both reach that climax was the perfect way to end a good afternoon’s bonding – we were now an item and I could not do without Alex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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