Alex’s Lessons Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Thanks again to kendo for editing. If you find something, it’s probably because he told me to fix it and I missed it… I’m blind sometimes. Enjoy the read and as always I look forward to your comments. He doesn’t edit my author notes, so blame all the errors here on me too. Thanks and have fun. ~ Red


The cameras flashed and Alex found her eyes wandering for a moment while she tried to block the yellow spots that danced behind her eyes. She had been modeling for a couple of months and she still had not gotten used to the blinding light of the camera flashes. Her mind drifted to the beginning of her career, a career that she was enjoying more and more each day. She remembered Diane, her first lover and Rita, her boss and second lover. Now she found herself spending more nights with May. She glanced over at the woman, Alex’s first true high profile modeling job had been with May, a day of shooting lipsticks, shadows and other various powders for the cosmetic line.

May caught Alex’s stare and winked, she had worked out for her and Alex to spend the evening alone and she was looking forward to it. It had taken a couple of weeks to pry Alex from Rita’s side, but now that she’d been with her for some time she was ready to move on to the next new thing coming out of the barrel of beautiful women. She knew it would not sit well with Alex, but this was life and this was how it worked in the business. You fucked hard, fast and never stood long dining at one particular table. She wondered how the small town girl was going to handle it and for a moment thought about not ending the fling. Then she caught sight of Sammy, the new girl on the block and almost creamed her panties just from looking at her pert nipples. “Nope… it is over tonight, unless…” May let the thought drop away and shivered over the new plan that was seeping into her.

Several hours passed before Alex was back at Tucker’s Agency and her smile lit up the room. “Hey Sheila,” she smiled to the pretty brunette who sat behind one of the several secretaries one had to go through in order to reach the office of Rita Tucker; everyone except Alex. Alex had walked right in and quickly went through all the “official red tape” of modeling and had her first important job her first day.

Sheila glanced up and waved to the raven-haired beauty. She was happy for the small town girl’s success, but she also knew that when they rose fast, they fell hard. She had never faced the cameras, but there were plenty of times when she saw those smiling faces not looking very happy with their lives. Usually it was when Rita ended a love affair, but so far, Alex was doing pretty well. The fact that Alex’s mom and the boss went to school together helped a lot to further the woman’s rising career. “Hi Alex, busy day today?”

“Not any more. I have the afternoon off, and I’m going shopping,” Alex’s smile was huge and she showed the pleasure of having the afternoon free to do her own thing. Her mother was coming into town next month and she was looking forward to seeing her. She had a lot to discuss with her, things that the letters to home were just not able to project meaningfully. “Mom’s coming into the city next month and I’m redecorating the spare bedroom for her.”

“Cool. If you need any help, let me know. My brother is a great decorator.”

“I didn’t know you had a brother.”

“Really? I thought you knew John was my brother,” the look of surprise was evident on the petite woman’s face. Her soft brown eyes looked confused when Alex only shrugged her shoulders and waited for Sheila to continue. “John, Rita’s driver. The man that chauffeurs you and her and everyone else of Rita Tucker importance around,” Sheila rolled her eyes when dawning finally showed in Alex’s eyes.

Alex grinned, “Okay. I know John then. I don’t think I’m his favorite person though.”

“John is a bit rough around the edges, but he’s a great designer. Just does the chauffeur thing to help make ends meet.” She pulled out a business card from her purse, “Here take this and if you decide you want him to help you out give him a buzz.”

Taking the card, she smiled her thanks and headed toward Rita’s office. “Is she busy Carl?” she asked Rita’s personnel secretary.

“Nope… been expecting you I believe. She just called Deb in there about five minutes ago. Go right on in.” Carl watched Alex open the door, pause and then shut it behind her. He heard the flick of the lock and felt his cock reacting to what his mind was conjuring up. “Some girls have all the luck,” he muttered to himself, stroked his growing member and went back to work.

Rita lay on the large conference table with Deb’s face buried in between the blonde trimmed pussy. The smell of sexual heat was already filling the air, bringing a drop of nectar to Alex’s thong covered cunt. “I’ve missed this,” she moaned as she began to remove the thin dress she wore. Her nipples were hard and she moved over to the canlı bahis conference table. Her hand snaked up Deb’s back, curling in her blonde hair and pulling it away from Rita’s cunt. Their lips met and tangled briefly, Alex washed the juices from her friend’s mouth then pulled a chair from under the table, climbed on top and was soon licking her boss’s pussy along with Deb.

Debbie was standing at the end of the table enjoying the trimmed hairs of Rita’s sex when Alex came in, now she went back to work pleasuring her boss and licking Alex’s tongue in the process. She could hear the slurping sounds of Rita working on Alex’s bald cunt and she shivered over the thought of being the first one in Rita’s employment to drink from the raven Goddess’s sex.

Rita felt the dual battle on her pussy, moaned and gasped as both Deb and Alex took her swollen, juice-covered sex and began to lap at her flesh. Her muscles contracted and released pushing more nectar from deep within. She used her tongue to run its course up and down the bald mound that was in front of her. Lifting her head she began to rain small bites over the lush lips that smelled of a musky perfume that Rita not only wanted to wear but to feast upon as well.

As she continued to taste the juices that were flowing from Rita’s cunt, Alex would mingle her tongue with Deb’s. Her hand lifted and she placed all her weight on the one that stayed on the table. She then toyed with Debbie’s hair, twisting and pulling it, eventually ramming it into the delicious cunt they were sharing. While she lapped over Rita’s clit, she took in Deb’s tongue seeking the warm hole that the honey was sliding from. Her body was grinding itself against the hot tongue that was mimicking the movements of the one below. Alex moaned into Rita’s cunt as she felt Rita use her fingers to pinch her clit, while ramming her tongue inside the soaked cavern of her sex.

Deb moved her tongue around the outer edge of Rita’s pussy before finally pressing it into the steamy hole. She pulled the moistness out, drank it and sometimes moved her head away to let Alex feast. As her own juices began running down her leg she grabbed a dildo from a chair next to her. Her eyes met Alex’s and she left the pussy for a moment, letting the brown eyed beauty have more of Rita’s hot flesh. Deb pushed the artificial cock into herself several times, slowly at first then building up the tempo. She fucked her pussy while Rita’s cunt was opening up for Alex’s mouth. Her eyes were glazing as she forced herself to grab the chair and sit down. Quickly she scooted back to the desk, shifted forward in her seat and began to fuck herself even faster while Rita bucked against Alex’s mouth.

Rita felt the loss of Deb’s tongue, knew she had finally given up on ignoring her body, and was probably now using the cock toy. She did not mind, she had what she wanted right in front of her. Rita’s fingers opened up Alex’s hole wide and soon she was fucking the tight center with deep strokes and using her fingers to massage the swollen lips, bring moans from Alex that vibrated across her pussy. She shook each time she felt Alex bite then fuck her with her tongue, then bite again. Her hips lifted high and she growled deeply as she hoisted her head up more and buried her face into Alex’s pussy. Rubbing the young eighteen-year-old cunt back and forth with her face, she was soon covered in juice, knowing she would leave it to dry so she could smell the heady fragrance all day.

Alex felt Rita move from tongue fucking to face fucking. Each roll of her boss’ nose would ram against her clit and every long sweep of her chin and tongue would bring a shiver to her body. It wasn’t long before she was using three digits on Rita’s pussy and ramming her tongue and teeth across the sloppy clit that smelled sweeter with each passing second. Her eyes connected with Deb’s hands that were teasing her clit while ramming the dildo into her bald pussy. Alex lifted her head, whimpered at Debbie then felt the cock being shoved into her mouth. She drank the juices of Debbie’s pussy off the fake rod, and then returned to fucking Rita. Soon the women were gasping and moaning, each one covering something or someone with come.

Debbie impaled the device into her hot hole, scraped the hard tip over the sides of her cunt and screamed a shattering release of passion as she came. Her juices flowed thick and fast as they traveled from deep within her to cover the welcomed appendage that she was thrusting in and out of her. She pulled her clit, twisted it hard and shuddered violently as she sent more fluids flying over her toy, pussy, thighs as well as the chair. “Oh fuck…,” she grunted as the rolling waves of lust rammed freely. Her eyes were barely open when she saw Rita’s come shoot from her cunt and cover Alex’s face.

“Oh God Alex!” Rita’s voice filled the air mixing with Debbie’s scream and Alex’s groans. She felt each thrust of Alex’s fingers scraping against her and she pushed bahis siteleri herself up higher, forcing her pussy into Alex’s face even more. She came hard over her lover, and continued to ride up and down on Alex’s cunt. As she came, Alex plowed hard and bit the swollen clit, rolling it with her teeth then pushing it with her tongue. Her hole was invaded with fingers that gathered her come from its home and forced it out into the chilling air, only to be devoured by the warm pink tongue that had made her shake with liquid fire rolling through her. “Alex… Jesus Christ, oh fuck,” she continued riding the orgasmic high as Alex continued to drink what she was craving the most, her boss’ come.

She chuckled softly and dove back into the come soaked pussy that was quivering before her. Her own release quickly followed Rita’s and Debbie’s. Rita tore into her clit, biting, twisting and pulling it. Alex’s cry of both pain and pleasure ripped through her, as did her climax. She gasped into the warm cunt that was full of honey, only to lift her face from it and yell out, “Oh my God!” Alex squirted her juice over Rita’s face and she heard the soft, hungry “Yes” come from her boss. She felt the swirling tongue, the hard teeth, and the questing digits expel her fluids from her sex until she too was withering in passion-filled frenzy. Alex drank deep the syrup that Rita had emptied as her body quaked violently around Rita’s face.

It wasn’t long before the three women were sprawled out around the room. Debbie managed to drop the fake cock and stay in the chair; her arms to her sides, legs spread and well used pussy open for inspection. Rita stayed on the table, her breathing hard, unsteady and her body occasionally shivering with little orgasmic waves. Alex was lying on the sofa, one hand dropped to the floor, the other over her perky nipples, and her body tingling everywhere.

There was a clicking sound bringing all three women’s attention to the door. “Yes, Carl?” Rita asked, but refusing to rise from her position.

“Just checking in to tell you that your 2:00 meeting will be here in an hour,” he glanced at the woman, smelled the air, and grinned wide. “Enjoyed your lunch boss?” he chuckled then shut the door on the fit of giggles that suddenly erupted from the naked beauties lips. Carl locked the door behind him and went back to his desk. “Yep… all the luck,” he wondered how much he would have to pay to get what was in that office into his bed. He laughed at his thoughts, knowing that Rita and Deb were strictly for the ladies, but Alex… he wasn’t too sure about. Carl went back to work, trying hard not to think of the cock that was throbbing in his pants.


Alex left the agency and headed to her apartment. She still wore the fragrance of Rita and could still taste both her boss’ come as well as the juices from Deb that she’d sucked off the dildo. As she rode in the back of Rita’s car, her eyes went to the rear view mirror and she caught John’s stare. “I didn’t know Sheila was your sister,” she stated quietly. She wasn’t sure about John. Sometimes he came across kind, other times a bit brash and annoying. Today she wasn’t quite sure how he’d be.

His eyes flickered between hers and the road and he shrugged his shoulders. “Never came up I guess. Why did it today?” he asked curious as to why Sheila and his relationship had been spoken about. He didn’t really like his personnel life out in the open for Rita and her groupies to discuss, but Sheila wouldn’t have divulged their relationship if she hadn’t had a reason.

Alex smiled softly and pushed her self toward the front of the seat. The Lincoln Town Car was comfortable and large so she was pretty comfy where she was but wanted to be one on one with John. She surprised him and herself when she lifted her ass off the seat and swung one leg over the front seat then the other to plop herself down beside him in the passenger seat. “There that’s better,” she said, taking a chance he was in a friendly mood.

John chuckled and shook his head in disbelief. “Welcome to the middle class side of the car,” he winked at her and smiled. He could smell the scent of sex on her and his body reacted normally, and tried to ignore it. He was good at that, ignoring sex. He’d been with Rita for a while now and the scent was mind numbing at times, but he’d also grown immune to it unless he found the woman especially interesting. As he felt his pants begin to tighten he realized he’d found the woman next to him very interesting. “So… Sheila discussed her big brother with you. What pray tell was the reason to grace your lovely ears with my name?”

Her laughter filled the air and she smiled back at him, thankful he was in a good mood. “She said to look you up if I needed help with decorating my mom’s bedroom. She’s coming up to the city next month and I want her room to look welcoming. Sheila said you were a decorator.” Alex took a moment to study the driver who had been relatively bahis şirketleri quiet and reserved to her over the last two months that she’d known him. His face was charming, somewhat boyish with a hint of mystery to him, a hint that only came out when he thought she wasn’t seeing him. She looked at his hands, strong and secure, looking as they commanded the vehicle. Her eyes were brought back to his face when he started speaking.

“I dabble in it. A hobby really. I take it she gave you a card so you’d think I was some big time wannabe?” he laughed at the knowing expression on her face. “Nope… she did the cards up herself. She thinks I want to wallow in my own business and all the headaches that go with it, so she gives out cards to friends who show an interest.”

“Oh, okay then, I’ll not bug you. I don’t want you to make it something you work at and not enjoy.” Alex twisted in her seat, remembered the belt and quickly fastened it in. “If you would drop me off up town, I want to pick up some paint and brushes before heading back to my place.”

John said nothing more, but let his mind wonder about Alex and her swift change from lesbian model to hometown girl. He could understand leaving your home to make a name for yourself, if that was what was important for you then go for it, but something told him that Alex might not be sure what she wanted. She seemed to thrive in the modeling world, but at times when she wasn’t looking, he’d see her features change when they passed a park, or a group of college groupies hanging out and shooting the breeze. He wondered what she’d be like away from Rita and the other women. “I’ve got a few projects I’m working on at home, so a trip downtown would work great for me as well.”

Once they arrived at the hardware store, it was apparent to Alex that John was going to help her with her project. They picked out paints, stencils, sponges as well as brushes and other miscellaneous items. Alex knew she’d be in need of some help figuring out how to use everything. “When do you want to do this?” he asked her as he loaded the trunk. “I’m free this weekend,” he looked back at her, slammed the lid down and waited.

“This weekend is free for me too. I have plans tonight with May then I’m open.”

“May Wilcox huh? I thought you two were an item now. Moved on to other fish in the sea?” John regretted his words the moment he saw her face fall. “Sorry, that wasn’t meant the way it came out,” he told her, touching her arm as an offering to reconnect with the bubbly personality he’d witnessed inside the store.

Alex looked down at her feet and shrugged off the feelings of hurt. “No biggie. I’m not blind; I know others feel the same way. Moving from one to another, but I’m not the only one that does it. I do like May though… a lot,” she told him, finally looking back into his eyes.

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me, I’m just the driver,” he winked then continued “And now the painter.”

They left together, each one lost in thought and soon John was depositing Alex at the front door of her apartment complex. “Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Alex replied as she assisted him with her purchases and they headed to her apartment.

“Usually the models move in with Rita, why didn’t you?” John wanted to know, he’d been curious ever since he’d seen her packing little suitcases for over nights, but never packing up the entire place and heading out. “Most of her… well, lovers move in with her.”

“I considered it, but everything was happening so fast, I decided I wasn’t ready yet.” She unlocked the door and together they moved the items to the room she was redoing for her mom. “Thanks John, I’ll see you this weekend.”

He waved goodbye and headed back to the car, checked his watch and quickly returned to pick up his boss and a woman by the name of Sammy. “Another one in the line of many,” he told himself, as he drove them to Rita’s favorite restaurant, one that Alex herself had enjoyed that first night in town.


Evening was approaching fast and Alex again looked at the time. She wondered why May hadn’t called or showed up yet, she was never late so it was with a shaky hand that she called up May’s house and reached her lover. “Huh?” the voice came over the receiver and Alex’s jaw dropped. She could make out the sounds of mating in the background, the moans of several people, the screams of “hurry up get off the fucking phone” came from somewhere down the line.

“May?” Alex asked feeling a bit queasy.

“Shit… sorry Alex I was planning on a bit of fun with you and Sammy but looks like Rita had other plans. “Bye doll… it was fun.”

The receiver buzzed in her ear for a while, before Alex came back around and hung up the phone. She sat down on her bed and felt words come back to slam her in the gut. “Moved on to other fish in the sea?” and “you and Sammy… Rita… plans… doll… it was fun.” They all rolled through her head and finally she understood how the modeling world worked. “Fine,” she told herself and squared her shoulders. She wiped the tears from her eyes, grabbed her coat, and made her way down to the hotel lobby.

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