Alice from Next Door

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This story is and was inspired by the events that happened in my life. I’m trying to tell it from different perspectives so I’m sorry if I don’t really have the perfect execution for that so bear with me and the story. I know it’s a long story, but I hope it’s worth the read.

All characters in the story are eighteen and older and their names have been changed out of respect for them. This is my first story so I would and will appreciate any feedback you have for me. Sorry if this is a slow starter. Thanks for reading!


It was a hot Wednesday in sunny California. It was nearing the end of her last year in high school and she could only smile as she was almost done with the most uneventful years of her life. Her name was Alice, a petite brunette with a nice figure that she was sure caught the eyes of her classmates every so often. The last four years were uneventful in the sense that she didn’t really “get any” as her friends nicely put it out there. They were surprised that with a figure like hers she couldn’t really get anyone to ask her out. They’d said that she was much too focused on her studies and used that as an excuse to not invite her to the many parties/events that they’d attended.

She’d just left the campus and was on her way to her friend, Chelsea’s house. She and her friends all agreed to meet at her place after school. It was in the mid 80’s and she just sat in contentment as she could feel the AC working its magic.

She passed the park and turned right at the street and found herself come into view as her friends were watching her park into place. She could see Chelsea, whose figure and shapely breasts refueled her small pangs of jealousy for her. She was 5’7 and had rich blonde hair that she spent so much time to style and really made it work. Chelsea could get the attention of anyone with just the bat of her eyelashes; her figure only added on to the overwhelming control she has over all the guys that she laid her eyes on. Alice couldn’t believe her friend had D cups and a nice, toned butt. Her outfit only accentuated her curves; she was wearing a loose tanktop and a skirt that did nothing to hide her “assets” as she liked to call them. Jenny followed, she was a small blonde at 5’3 with small, perky breasts (she was she she was a B cup) that she was not shy to show off. She had a bikini top on and her shorts from soccer practice on. The last of their group, Tara walked out of their friend’s home. Tara was her favorite. She had a very nice figure that she kept hidden. They shared a kinship in the sense that they didn’t like to show themselves off. She had a shirt of her favorite band on with some khaki shorts.

They all came out and hugged her and asked how she was doing. “I’m fine.” Alice said and as she tried to continue, Chelsea interrupted her. “I can’t wait to finish this shitty school year and really cut loose!” she practically screamed. Chelsea loved to be the center of attention; it was as if she craved to have all eyes on her, regardless of who they belonged to. Jenny just followed suit and cheered with Chelsea. Tara was the quiet one, but she looked like she was enjoying herself being a part of the group.

Chelsea led them all up to her room and they all piled in to find out what the plan was for today. “So, what’s the deal? Why bring us here?” asked Alice. It was nearly 4 pm and she just wanted to head home for the day. The only reason she came here was because Chelsea practically begged her to get here ASAP. She just smiled at her friends and she shushed them and their questions. “Ssshhh. It’s almost time.” She motioned to the window and they all came over to see just what the hell she was talking about. They looked out her window to the house she was pointing at. Soon, the front door opened and a young man came out dressed in a tight, white shirt with basketball shorts.

Chelsea just sighed as he started stretching, unknowing of the show he was putting on for the girls. Alice held her breath. He had brown skin, a nice, short haircut, and he looked to be in good shape. Not really her type, but there was an air about him that had her interested. He finished his stretches and soon ran off towards the park that was just down the street.

Jenny cut the silence with, “Ooookkayyy? Who is that fine, young man and how come you’ve never brought him up until now?” Her eyes weren’t the only ones looking at Chelsea expectantly. She blushed which Alice had to admit happened rarely. Oh my God..She was serious about him?! Most of the guys Chelsea had her eyes on were just flings or just went in and out her life. Alice couldn’t believe she was seeing Chelsea like this.

“He moved in with his family maybe a month ago? I never really saw him move out and about until I noticed something out of my window two weeks ago. He was shirtless and was doing yardwork and my eyes locked on him. I couldn’t stop staring…” Her blushing continued.

Tara cut in and just asked her why she brought them along for the peepshow. She was trying hard to contain casino şirketleri her laughter.

“Hey! Don’t poke fun!! I know you were all staring too!” They all nodded in agreement. Alice was surprised at that. Their tastes varied, but for this man they all felt that he was very good looking. Soon Chelsea looked over her friends and they knew she had a plan. She stared over at Alice and noticed that she was still staring at the mystery man and said, “Look, it’s been some time and we all think that you should do it. It’s time to lose your V-Card.”

Alice was stunned. Sure, she had crushes and liked boys and she knew that she wanted to do it; who doesn’t? But she never really gave it much thought. She wasn’t and didn’t feel pressured to “do it” until now. She just had her mouth open and couldn’t find the words she wanted to say.

Jenny took over. “Look, we think it’d be best for you to just let go and have fun. Even if it’s with a guy you don’t know. It is and will be an experience. You just turned 18 and we think it’s time you cut loose!”

Alice just stayed quiet. How could they do this to her? Why? She wanted to go home now more than ever. Sure, he was good looking and there was an air about him; but they couldn’t expect her to just walk up to him and ask him to do her could they?

“You can’t expect me to just walk up to him and ask him for sex. Who does that? He’ll think I’m a slut!” Alice just looked at her friends as smiles began to grow on their faces.

Chelsea just looked at her with a big grin and said, “That’s exactly what we want you to do. And if you don’t go over there right now, I’m going to text Jake that you want to meet up with him this Friday and that you’ll do anything to get in bed with him.”

No! Not Jake! He had a thing for her that she knew was only superficial. She saw him look at her and shuddered at the thought of ever coming close to him.

“Alright. I’ll do it. But what do I do? I’ve never really done anything close to this..I’ve never even gone out of my way to talk to a guy!” She was close to crying now.

Her friends all looked at her. Then Jenny chimed in, “Look, just ask him out or something and on the planned day you jump his bones! Done and done!”

Tara was quiet, she knew not to interfere but could only feel bad as the other two were pretty much forcing Alice to be someone she was not. She couldn’t go against them so she stayed quiet. She just looked at Alice and encouraged her, “Look, you’re really pretty and have a great figure! Why wouldn’t he or any guy want to go out with you?!”

To Alice’s chagrin, Tara’s words of encouragement only added fuel to the fire as Jenny and Chelsea started cheering. Alice just swallowed away her anxiety and insecurities. Maybe they were right?

They were. It’s time I live some.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

The room filled with cheers and she borrowed a shirt from Chelsea that she knew would really stick close to her and show off her C cup breasts. She also grabbed some tight fitting shorts as well and made her way outside. She was surprised to see him gone. She went upstairs and told her friends that he was gone. Right as they all looked disappointed, Tara’s eyes lit up as she saw him running back down the street. “He’s on his way home! Run! Go get him!”

Alice almost fell on her way down the stairs and ran outside to try and meet up with the mystery man. He was close and as she ran out to his driveway, BAM!

He definitely wasn’t expecting to run into a girl, let alone anyone on his run home. It’d been a long day and he wasn’t paying attention on his run. Sadly, he pretty much tackled the girl who was running as well as she ran into view and they ended up colliding. She was sprawled on the floor and he wasn’t in good shape either.

He got up and as he did, their eyes met. She had beautiful hazel eyes. She was blushing and trying to apologize but all he could do was just offer his hand to her. She blushed and grabbed onto his hand and let him help her up.

“I’m so sorry about blocking your way! I just wanted to…talk with you?” Alice felt awkward; she was out of her element here and she was horrible at flirting. It was easier said than done. But his eyes were on her and she could feel a tingling sensation.

Soon he started to blush as he tried to apologize too, “No, I should be sorry! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and I hit you. I hope you can forgive me. Is there anything I could do to make it up to you?”

She thought that this was the perfect opportunity. “Maybe I’d forgive you more if you’d go out with me some time?” She was startled to know that she actually wanted something out of this. If she was going to jump anyone’s bones, it’d be him. Not Jake.

“Oh! Um..sure, I’d love to take you out sometime! When’s a good time for you?” He practically stammered that out, but was glad that he was able to get it out his system.

“How about tonight at 7? You can pick me up here if that’s fine?” she pointed to her casino firmaları friend’s house and he just smiled and nodded.

Then she realized something, she was going out with a guy and she didn’t even know his name! She didn’t give out her name either! Shit! She quickly tried to introduce herself. “I’m Alice, by the way. It’s nice to meet you…”

“Jerrid. My name’s Jerrid. And it’s nice to meet you too.” He was smiling and she felt like her legs were going to give out seeing his dazzling smile and dimples.

“I’ll see you at 7 then?”

It was her turn to smile and nod.

“Great! I’ll treat you to dinner and a movie. How’s that sound?”

It sounded perfect. But she didn’t want to sound too desperate.

“That’s fine with me.” She tried to smile as sexily as possible and his eyes went wide and he just smiled back at her.

He went inside his house and she ran back into Chelsea’s to share the news. “OH MY GOD!” and “YAY!!” was all she heard as she told them she was going out with the boy across from Chelsea. They helped her pick out a nice outfit, a tight fitting skirt and top that went great with it and they did her hair and made her look amazing. Soon, it was 6:45 and her nerves were making her go insane. 6:59 and Chelsea’s doorbell rang and squealing ensued.

She made her way to the door to find him in slacks, a nice form-fitting black dress shirt and a nice jacket to boot. He smiled and blushed and so did she. Her friends were camping out on the stairs to try and get a good look at him. He held his hand out and took ahold of hers and led her over to his place only to bring her inside.

She was quiet and wide-eyed. She assumed they were going out and this was moving way too fast. She wasn’t prepared. She was freaking out. Up until he led them into the kitchen and she saw the table had candles and plates all set with food that smelled delicious!

He looked over at her with that smile of his and pulled her chair out. As she took a seat, he said, “I hope you don’t mind having dinner here; it was so last minute that the place I wanted to have dinner at was full and I couldn’t make a reservation.”

He was blushing and embarrassed and she just smiled and made sure to tell him that this was just fine and that she appreciated what he was doing for her.

She looked at the food and was perplexed as to what she was looking at. It smelled amazing, but she didn’t know what it was.

He saw her and smiled. “I hope you like chicken. I made some adobo; it’s a filipino dish my mom made and since tonight’s special, I knew it was time to bust it out. Just cut up the chicken and mix the sauce with the rice. Trust me, it’ll taste amazing all at once. If you don’t like it, I promise I won’t take it personally and we can just order pizza. Is that okay?”

She couldn’t help but smile and made her best attempt to try this “adobo.”

She cut up the chicken, grabbed some sauce and poured in on the rice. She mixed it all and grabbed a spoonful. She closed her mouth over the spoonful and did her best to take it all in.

“It’s delicious!” she couldn’t help herself and just dug right in.

He was smiling at the success of the dish and they finished quickly.

“So now that dinners done, what’s the plan for the movie?” she asked, hoping that the evening wasn’t going to end after all this.

“Well, I got some movies we could put up on the TV if that’s to your liking my lady?” he had this funny look on his face and she couldn’t help but laugh and nod her approval.

He picked a rom-com and led her to the living room (he called it the sala) and soon she was cuddling up to him hoping that this moment would last forever. She barely knew the guy, but she’d had an enjoyable evening thus far. His hand grazed over her thigh and her face reddened.

She looked up and he looked back with eyes wide.

“Oh man! I didn’t mean to do that, I’m so sorry!” he tried to get up but she grabbed onto him and pulled him back on the couch.

“No, it’s fine. I like it when you touch me…I” she trailed off as she knew she’d gone too far.

The last time she tried to confess her feelings for a boy, he just laughed at her and got everyone to join in. Tears filled her eyes at the memory.

“Well, that’s good news. Because I like you too.” he couldn’t help but blush at what he admitted.

She just looked into his eyes and edged closer to his face. Their noses touched. He smiled and brought his mouth over to hers. It was a quick peck to try and test the waters. She didn’t even know this man, but it didn’t matter. Now was the time to be daring.

She pushed her face into his and she could feel the heat of them reaching out for the other. He grabbed onto her face and tried out some tongue. She liked it thankfully. She brought her tongue in too. They were smacking face and it was as if nothing else mattered.

He started to unbutton his shirt and she was starting to unzip her top when he stopped. He smiled güvenilir casino at her and brought his hands on her top and she brought her hands to his and they undid the zipper and buttons.

She could see and feel the muscles on his chest and his abs didn’t look too bad either. He could only stare as her C cups poured out and her lacy bra just made them look even better. She was self conscious of her breast and she looked up at him hoping he’d say something to break the silence.

He smiled and said, “You’re beautiful!”

She smiled back and they went back to sucking face. Their tongues interlaced together and they couldn’t bring themselves to separate. He grabbed her ass and she progressively moved her hands down his chest to his crotch. She yelped when she felt the bulge that she failed to notice.

His face was red and he pulled her onto him and they were at it again. Only this time he started at the zipper of her skirt. She reached for his belt and to his amusement couldn’t find the right way to get it off. He laughed as they kissed and that alone made her feel right at home. It was if his laugh alone obliterated the jitters she felt. Everyone of her insecurities flew out of her and she couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Alright, let’s compromise. I’ll get the belt and you get the zipper. Deal?” he had this look in his eyes that was playful but hoping at the same time. It was adorable. She nodded and kissed his nose as they went to work.

Soon she was just in her bra and panties and he was just in boxers. He could only beam at her and he just pulled her close to him in a hug that she desperately needed. She knew this would be special.

But she realized she was still hit by her nerves and was trembling.

He released the hug, looked her deep into her eyes said, “Look, I know this is moving fast. We just met and here we are. I understand if you want to stop and just keep things as they are. I completely understand. I just want you to be happy. I don’t want to do something you or I would regret.”

His dark, brown eyes just melted her on the spot. The need in them and the desire she felt from him sent her to cloud 9! It was an amazing feeling.

She just shook her head and put her head on his chest hearing his erratic heartbeat. He was as nervous as she was! She smiled and said, “I think I’m ready. I want you.”

That was all he needed to hear. He picked her up and carried her straight to his room and carefully placed her on his bed. He crept over and started reaching for her thighs. Her moans were something else, and he just continued on. Her hands gripped the sheets as he made his way to her pussy and he saw the wet spot that started to show on her panties.

She was blushing and she looked at him with such a look that drove him insane. He went to work. The put his tongue over her panties and she went wild. He pushed them to the side and started licking as much as he could all the while sliding his fingers up and down her slit.

“OHH, OHHH, YESS KEEP GOING PLEASE DON’T STOP!! JERRID!” was all that she could get out of her mouth.

She’d masturbated numerous times but it never felt like this or this good. He knew what he was doing. She could only moan in appreciation of his efforts as her brought her to climax.

“YEESSS, YEESSS, OH GOD!” she cried out.

He was smiling as she came back to earth from the orgasm he just gave her. She was surprised she was so loud, and wet, and blushed. She looked at him and noticed the bulge in his boxers.

She reached over and he shuddered. Apparently the tip of his cock was sensitive.

“I may not be good at this, but I’d like to try for you. Is that okay?” the innocent look in her eyes only added fuel to the fire. He just nodded and hoped he wouldn’t blow too soon. She reached out and pulled his boxers down to see his full length. It was at least 7-8 inches and its girth was good too. She was surprised at the size and wondered if it’d even fit inside her.

She placed her tongue on the tip and was surprised at the taste and feel of it. She liked it. She continued down his shaft and reached his balls. He trembled at her touch and moaned. She loved seeing his reactions and the pleasure he was getting from this. She loved how wet she was. It was so dirty.

“Alice, I’m getting close; just wanted to-” he let out a guttural noise as she tried to take him whole in her mouth.

“FUCK! How’d you do that? That felt AMAZING!!” he was inbetween moans now and was losing the good fight.

She smiled as the moaning intensified and she was preparing herself to take it all then and there.


The force of it alone almost made her gag but she was determined. The act alone got her so wet.

As soon as he was spent he flopped back on the bed and let out a content sigh. She followed suit and nestled next to him. She rested her head on his chest, so she could hear his heartbeat. She was smiling and couldn’t believe what was happening to her.

She looked up at him and noticed was smiling too. He was bringing his fingers up and down her back and she let out a moan as he reached her ass and gave a gentle squeeze. That was enough to bring him back to life.

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