All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 04

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As Mallory and Jess were finishing their sexual encounter upstairs, in the downstairs guest room, Jill and Candace were fast asleep. The drinking from earlier in the evening had worn them out, and they had gone straight to sleep without their usual love making.

After a few hours of rest, though, Candace was beginning to stir. She rolled into her sister, snuggling into her chest.

Jill moaned unconsciously as she felt her sister’s warm breath on her exposed breast. Both girls automatically curled their arms around one another, pulling their naked bodies in to each other.

Candace rubbed her face into the soft tit flesh beneath her, and her lips grazed against Jill’s hardening nipple. Still sleeping, she reached for the nipple with her lips, and started sucking and licking at it. Jill moaned again, louder this time, and pulled her sister’s head harder against her chest.

Both girls were quickly getting hotter now, their hands drifting over each other’s bodies. They slowly started to wake up, their hands groping harder into each other’s flesh.

Candace’s lips kissed up her sister’s body, until they collided with Jill’s. The two were instantly kissing passionately, now fully awake, the younger girl rolling on top so they could grind their heated bodies together.

After heatedly making out and groping for several minutes, Jill tore her lips from her sister’s causing Candace to whimper.

“69. Now.” she whispered.

Candace nodded eargerly, scrambling around and diving into her sister’s swampy opening.

Jill groaned, pulling Candace’s hips down hard, and pushing her tongue between her hot pussy lips.

The sounds of girl sex were once again beginning to drift into Mallory’s bedroom. Lizzie, now alone in her sister’s bed, was having the dirtiest dreams all night. She groaned as she imagined tits and pussies, the images and sounds of lesbian love making in her mind sending electric feelings through her young body.

And then, her eyes fluttered open, and she realized there actually were sounds of lesbian lovemaking, coming through the wall yet again!

She glanced over to the pillow beside her, and saw that she was once again alone. Another passionate cry suddenly drifted through the wall, and she moaned, pushing her hand once again into her panties, and finding her pussy already dripping.

The effects of the wine from earlier that evening still hadn’t completely worn off, and Lizzie was feeling more uninhibited than usual. She decided she couldn’t just listen and masturbate any more, not tonight. With a determined groan, she pushed herself from the bed, pulling her t-shirt off as she walked to the door.

Out in the hall, she paused outside the guest room door for the briefest of moments, before barging in.

Freezing in the doorway, her eyes widened as the sight of her naked cousins, grinding their pussies into each other’s faces, overwhelmed her.

Gasping for air, Candace threw her head back, looking at her cousin standing in the doorway in only her panties. Shocked by the intrusion and still a little tipsy, she couldn’t quite process the situation for a few seconds.

Noticing her sister had stopped pleasuring her, Jill twisted her head around, noticing Lizzie for the first time as well. While Candace was confused by the interruption, however, Jill understood immediately.

Her eyes smouldering, she pushed Candace off and marched to the doorway, grabbing her younger cousin and kissing her passionately.

Lizzie was shocked at first, but quickly melted into her cousin’s embrace, reaching out to fondle her naked flesh as she kissed back with equal passion.

Candace blinked, her confusion clearing, and found the sight of her sister and cousin kissing an incredible turn on. She leapt from the bed too, pulling Lizzie away from her sister and planting her own lips firmly on her cousin’s. Lizzie immediately returned Candace’s kiss too, and moaned as she felt two sets of hands pawing at her body.

Behind casino şirketleri her, Jill was working the trembling girl’s panties down over her ass, and slipping her hands between her thighs. Lizzie’s legs gave out briefly as Jill’s fingers made contact with her pussy, and together the sisters brought her to bed with them.

Lizzie laid on her back, and Candace climbed on top of her, straddling her stomach and resuming their intense kiss. Lizzie reached up, kneading her cousin’s young breasts, and the two panted against each other’s mouths.

Jill was pushing her cousin’s legs open, and Lizzie could feel her fingers once again at her pussy’s entrance. They slid around in her wetness, before plunging inside.

Lizzie squealed, pushing her hips down against the invading fingers, and then cried out against Candace’s mouth as she felt her older cousin’s tongue on her clit.

Together, the sisters worked hard to make their cousin’s first lesbian experience a memorable one. Jill had worked three fingers into Lizzie’s gushing pussy now, and was pumping furiously as she slurped up her juices.

Candace was grinding her own cunt against the softness of her cousin’s stomach. She sat up, sliding herself along Lizzie’s torso, until she was hovering over her face. She looked down into her cousin’s eyes, and saw the hunger in them.

Lizzie grabbed her cousin by the ass, pulling her down hard to her hungry lips. She slurped the girls throbbing clit into her mouth, sucking and licking passionately.

Candace squealed, throwing her head back and grinding herself hard into Lizzie’s face. The bed shook as the three young women sucked and fucked each other, until neither Lizzie or Candace could hold out any longer.

Candace’s thighs squeezed tightly around Lizzie’s head as she came hard all over her face. At the same time, Lizzie’s hips shot up into the air, and Jill had to hold her tightly even as she pistoned her fingers in the spasming opening as fast as she could.

Both girls screamed out their orgasms, writhing against each other, before collapsing to the bed.

Candace rolled from her cousin, completely exhausted, but Lizzie was ready for more.

She leapt at Jill, pulling her to the mattress and kissing her wetly, the combination of Candace’s and her own juices mixing in their open mouths. Lizzie roughly moved down her big cousin’s body, groping and sucking at every inch of flesh until she dove wantonly into her gash.

Candace watched from behind Lizzie as her cousin pleasured her sister. The sight of Lizzie’s upturned ass was quickly causing Candace’s arousal to resurface, and she pulled herself up from the bed, climbing behind her cousin and shoving a wet tongue into her winking anal opening.

Lizzie shrieked in surprise, whipping her head back to look at her cousin, then laughing in surprised ecstasy as Candace winked from between her butt cheeks.

A desperate Jill was reaching for Lizzie’s face, begging her to go back to eating her pussy. Liz happily obliged, shoving two fingers into Jill’s drooling cunt and sucking hard on her hard little clitty. Jill pushed her cousin’s face harder against her mound, scraping it back and forth against her.

Soon, the intensity was too much, and she screamed in orgasm, her head lolling over the foot of the bed, her thighs wrapped tightly around Lizzie’s face.

When she finally released her cousin, Lizzie had to pull herself up on her hands, gasping for breath. Candace’s tongue was doing glorious things to her backside, and her body was covered in a sheen of sweat. She ground herself back against Candace’s face.

As she licked Lizzie’s ass clean, Candace brought her hand up to rub roughly at the girl’s pussy. The combined feelings in her pussy and ass sent Lizzie hurdling over the edge, and she called out Candace’s name desperately as her second orgasm overtook her.

Candace continued to masturbate her cousin through to the end of her orgasm, before Lizzie collapsed again, on casino firmaları Jill’s prone body. The two girls lay panting for several long minutes in that position.

Candace, her arousal burning through her pussy, sat back against the pillows and started to masturbate. Her whimpers and groans brought the exhausted girls back to reality, and they looked back at their cousin/sister.

Struggling with exhaustion, they pulled themselves up, crawling to Candace’s writhing body. Lizzie replaced Candace’s hand with her own, and Jill placed her hand over Liz’s. Together, the girls masturbated their lover, leaning against her body and kissing her neck and chest lovingly.

Candace grabbed Lizzie by the neck, kissing her ferociously while thrusting her chest hard against Jill’s sucking lips.

Candace gasped and whimpered, her body twitching under her relatives’ busy hands, until she squeaked out her own final orgasm. She fell back into the pillows, her hips still rotating against the gentle ministrations between her legs.

The three girls finally started to slow their movements, their sexual appetites finally sated. Too exhausted even to arrange themselves under the covers, all three girls, leaning into each other, drifted into unconsciousness.


Lizzie woke up early the next morning, looking down at her naked cousins as they cuddled in their sleep. She smiled, then looked behind her gasping as she saw that the bedroom door was still wide open.

She quickly got out of bed, pulling her sweaty night clothes back over her body, and left the room, closing the door quietly.

She took a few seconds to calm her breathing, giggled to herself quietly at the naughty secret she now shared with her cousins, and turned around, promptly running into her sister as she crept down the stairs.

“H-hi! Where are you coming from?” Liz asked innocently.

“Um… I was just getting a glass of water before I got ready to shower.” Mallory lied, her eyes shifting away from her sister’s.

The two girls were quiet for an awkward beat, then Mal asked her sister:

“Why were you standing in front of the guest room door?”

“Uhh.. Well… I wanted to ask Candace if I could borrow her brush, but she’s still asleep I think.” Lizzie stammered, her fingers fumbling with the hem of her t-shirt.

Neither girl questioned her sister’s obvious lie, and neither girl brought up the fact that neither of them had spent the night where they were supposed to.

With an awkward “Well, we’d better get ready!” Mal pushed past her sister and into her bedroom.

Lizzie gulped in a breath, then padded to the downstairs bathroom to freshen up and wash the dried pussy juice from her face.


The rest of the day dripped with sexual tension in the household. All seven girls were watching and fantasizing about each other’s sexy bodies.

Tiff couldn’t seem to stop picturing Nikki and the way she had been fingering herself the night before.

Nikki was wondering about their youngest sister and her mystery lover they’d overheard in their aunt’s room.

Jess was still tingling from her passionate encounter with Mallory.

Mal was both relishing the memory of her night with Jess, and shamefully wondering about her own sexy sister.

Lizzie shuddered at the delightful memory of her torrid threesome with her cousins, and couldn’t stop wondering about Mal’s late night escapades.

Candace and Jill were both starting to look at their cousins with their once exclusive sexual hunger, unleashed by their sexy cousin the night before.

While some girls were more discrete about their growing incestuous urges, others were less apprehensive to explore.

While Candace took her turn in the downstairs shower, for instance, Lizzie decided to join her. She crept into the bathroom while no one else was downstairs.

Candace had her back to Lizzie as she climbed in, and squealed in surprise when the girl güvenilir casino wrapped her arms around her waist, cupping her wet titties. She turned to see who had joined her, and instantly moaned, twisting to pull her body closer, and the two began to make out furiously.

Hands slid down one another’s slick torsos, until each had a hand busily pumping it’s fingers between one another’s legs. The young cousins moaned into each other’s kisses as they brought each other to tremendous orgasms under the spray of the shower.

Later that afternoon, Mallory was reading in the living room when Jess walked in, sitting next to the older girl and snuggling close. She pulled a small knitted blanket from the back of the couch and draped it over their legs, smiling up at her cousin.

Mal smiled back, wrapping an arm around Jess lovingly, and the two stole a brief kiss before Mal went back to reading.

As the older girl read, however, Jess’s fingers crept along her thigh, sliding into the front of her leggings. Mal gasped, glancing wide eyed at her cousin as her pussy moistened around her touch.

Jess had just enough time to bring her cousin off before Jill and Tiffany walked into the room – Tiff with a suspicious look on her face as she observed her cuddling younger sister and cousin.

The girls’ mothers didn’t return home until late in the afternoon. When they pulled in, Mallory and Lizzie were the first to go out and greet them.

When their cousin Brittany climbed out of the car, their jaws dropped. Neither girl could believe how gorgeous their cousin had gotten, and their cheeks warmed as they each had their own private, inappropriate thoughts about the girl.

Mal was the first to shake herself out of it, approaching their cousin for a hug. By then the other girls were starting to emerge from the house, greeting their mothers and each in turn welcoming the youngest of their clan to the gathering.

Debra gathered them all in the kitchen.

“I’m afraid we’ve got some troubling news for all of you.” she started. “Last night we found Mike in an… unfortunate state when we got to his house. Brittany was trying to revive him, but he was out pretty good. We were forced to call an ambulance and admit him into a hospital.”

A wave of concerned murmurs rose from the girls, and Debra continued:

“The three of us are going back to the hospital tonight to be with Mike and make sure he detoxes successfully, but we wanted to bring Brittany back here first so the rest of you could look after her. We shouldn’t be more than a couple of days, but we’ll be spending our nights at a nearby hotel in the meantime, so you girls will be on your own for a bit longer.”

As Debra spoke, Brittany stayed quiet, staring blankly out the window.

“Will he be ok?” Jess asked, wrapping an arm around her baby cousin.

“Oh, yes, Sweetie, he just needs to get the alcohol out of his system, and have his big sisters lay some reality on him.” Laura replied as she folded her arms over her chest.

“Yes, everything will be fine with your uncle Mike. Please try not to let this ruin your holiday, girls.” Debra went on. “Brittany, sweetie, you can bunk with Jess for the next couple of nights in my bed. For now though, we’d better pack some things and get back to your father.”

She reached forward and tousled the girl’s hair, and the women went to pack some overnight bags. Within an hour, they were saying their goodbyes again, and the group of 8 young women watched them drive up the driveway and out of sight before turning back into the house.


That night, they did their best to distract their cousin’s thoughts with some fun and games.

It was another night of wine and music, and soon they were all enjoying themselves again, including Brittany, laughing and talking late into the night.

At 1 o’clock, many of the girls were still going strong, but Mal found her energy was running low, and excused herself to turn in for the night.

Watching her sister head for the stairs, Lizzie stood as well.

“Wait up, Sis, I’ll come to bed with you!” she said.

The other six waved goodnight to the two sisters and went back to their fun while Mal and Lizzie descended the stairs together.

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