Amie’s Charm

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I. The Drain

Amie turned to close the wooden door to her rented room. As a traveling apprentice of the Scholar’s Guild she often made do with the barest accommodations; this backwater country inn was certainly no exception. The door was mounted on a sliding rail, unusual in her travels but stirring fond memories of a dairy farm near the Guild where she’d sometimes wander in her free time. She smiled as the door slid closed with a satisfying *thunk* and turned to face her room.

Immediately she noticed that the stone floor was of peculiar construction, angling down from all four corners towards a small drain in the center of the room. Atop a small table next to a generously-sized bed, she spotted a familiar-looking large metal bucket. Despite her curiosity, she couldn’t give her room much more thought, as a distracting pressure in her bosom had been building for hours into a more urgent problem. Two problems, really.

The roads in this remote southern kingdom had been treacherous and slick with rain, so she had not stopped even once to relieve herself since that morn. Her needy breasts now almost demanded her attention, swollen with nearly a full day’s burden of her delicious milk. She paced gingerly towards a full-length mirror mounted near the bed, taking the last few steps very slowly, her huge sensitive bosom bouncing lazily in her robe around her waist.

She sat on the edge of the bed to kick off her boots, then stood in her bare feet facing the mirror. Her milk-swollen breasts dominated her torso, entirely obscuring her hips and waist in her reflection. She grasped at the small silver charm dangling on a necklace just above her cleavage.


One week earlier, she had been sitting in the front row of Mistress Yvette’s lecture hall. She had developed a special affection for Yvette, whom she had long considered to be her favorite among the mistress scholars, and today she had been teasing her mistress by allowing her robe to fall open during class. She would wait to capture the mistress’ lascivious gaze, then slowly cross and uncross her long stocking-clad legs.

After the lecture had ended, Mistress Yvette, looking flushed, had pointed to a small tear in Amie’s stockings that revealed her bare skin — “Most unbecoming of an aspiring scholar,” the mistress had intoned — and demanded she accompany her to her private chambers.

Some time later, a sweaty and unkempt-looking Amie had staggered out of the mistress’ chambers with a few more holes in her stockings, much less milk in her breasts, and an unusual gift. The mistress had insistently pressed into her hands a bundle of cloth, which she had slowly unwrapped to reveal a small silver charm. The mistress had told her only that it contained powerful magic and urged her to bring it along on her travels, that she must keep it on her person at all times, and she mustn’t allow anyone else to touch it.

But there must have been something else, she recalled.

“There’s something else,” Mistress Yvette had said as Amie was leaving her chambers. “This is the liquid charm. Seek the glory of its wetness in the kingdom of Sweetwater.”


Amie bit her lower lip to quiet herself. She almost fully extended her arms, her fingertips now hovering just above the plainly obvious points of her erected nipples in the chest of her scholar’s robe. She grasped both turgid teats, thrilled at their hot firmness and immense size and how sublime they felt in her hands even through the soft fabric.

Suddenly the lower third of the mirror was covered with a fine spray of milky whiteness. Her knees shuddered at the delirious sensation of her uncontrolled lactation, amazed at the incredible pressure of her milk spraying through the fabric. She exerted no small degree of mental focus to regain control, her milky spray slowing to a trickle that continued to stain the inside of her robe. She flushed at the feel of hot milk dripping down her sensitive bare skin. Not yet, girls, she thought, but I’m nearly at my limit!

She frowned at herself in an unsoiled part of the mirror. The small silver charm on her necklace sparkled in the dim candlelight. Her brown curls tumbled down below her shoulders and her light blue robes indicated her rank and status as an apprentice of the Scholar’s Guild. Her robes had clearly been intended for a much more petite girl, though, and on her busty figure the cloth didn’t even extend as far as her knees, leaving her toned calves and thighs mostly exposed.

Not that she’d inspire much scholarly respect right now with such embarrassingly large wet spots around her nipples, and showing so much leg too, she thought. Her frown slowly turned to a smile. If only Sister Katryn could see me now!

She knew this to be her unique milky affliction. Despite the occasional burden, she couldn’t help but admit she loved her milk and the carnal need it seemed to inspire in others. Even the mistress scholars of the Guild couldn’t canlı bahis şirketleri seem to help themselves around her, but she could still sense their disapproval, for her marvelously prolific milk was a mystery they could not explain by citing a passage from one of the tomes in the Great Library.

She beamed with pride knowing that even the Grand Archivist herself couldn’t measure up to the stupendous size of Amie’s milk-swollen breasts, which could project nearly to her hands with arms outstretched and hang below her waist when engorged as much as she knew herself to be at present.

Her fellow apprentices, for their part, envied the outsize attention rendered upon her even as they found it hard to resist her generous spirit, loving touch, and her more personal charms. She had spent many nights at the Guild enthusiastically sharing her gifts with the younger girls as they tried to induce similar effects in themselves, often with her hot milk as the principal ingredient of some magical cantrip. She was happy to oblige those efforts and indulge herself at the same time, for there was little she enjoyed more than easing her milky burden while sharing with a girl at her dripping nipples.

Lost in her own reflection in the mirror, she fondly recalled one such night at the Guild only one week prior, on the eve of her departure to the southern kingdom of Sweetwater.


Sister Katryn, a first-year scholar with fiery red hair who within her first week at the Guild became quite smitten with Amie, had been reclining next to Amie in the gardens just outside the Guild. Atop their discarded robes, the two girls shivered together for a moment from the gentle lick of an early evening breeze across their nude bodies. Kat was sucking noisily at Amie’s right nipple, and she could see only the top of Kat’s beautiful red curls over the generous curve of her swollen breast.

Kat gulped and swallowed Amie’s delicious milk for long idle minutes, now and then taking short breaks to leave quick loving kisses all around Amie’s chest. Amie’s substantial breasts were gradually covered in a fine sheen of their own effusive production.

She reveled in sharing such intimate closeness with the younger girl.

“You’re so beautiful, Kat! I love your mouth on my nipples.” She used both hands to squeeze a small area of her huge right breast and heard Kat’s surprised moan around her teat, briefly overwhelmed by the sudden increase in flow.

She couldn’t help but chuckle. “Drink all you like, my sweet Kat,” she gushed. “There’s so much and it’s all for you.”

Kat was always such a generous lover, and on this occasion she clearly felt the need to demonstrate her thanks to Amie even as she expressed Amie’s delicious milk.

Kat had started slowly but firmly twisting her shoulders even as she continued to suckle on Amie’s nipple, sliding her own not insubstantial bosom back and forth across her girlfriend’s nude abdomen and groin. Amie couldn’t help but giggle as Kat’s hardened nubs tickled her just so, then moaned with the raw erotic sensuality of feeling them drag across her bare pussy.

Kat’s nipples had always been extremely pronounced, quick to harden and often betraying her arousal at the most inopportune moments. Her unruly nubs towered above her breasts, slippery with Amie’s milk. Her teats had become intimately familiar to Amie, objects of fascination to her loving hands and mouth. She knew just where Amie wanted her, and she shifted her weight to achieve one of their favorite positions together.

“Oh, Kat!” Amie wailed. Kat’s teat had suddenly found itself trapped between the folds of Amie’s pussy. Amie thrilled at the sensation, feeling a cloudy haze of arousal blanket her mind.

Amie urged her on, whispering, “Yes! Give me your nipple! I want it in my pussy!”

Kat grinned to herself around Amie’s nipple in her mouth and twisted, leaned, and shuffled forward until she had slipped her teat firmly inside Amie’s pussy. She moved both hands below her breasts, lifting and rubbing one nipple along the inside of Amie’s bare thigh and the other in lazy circles up and down Amie’s lower lips. Her spectacularly erect teats were lubricated by a heady mixture of Amie’s milk and the juicy production of Amie’s pussy, dripping along her breasts and down her body.

Several long minutes later Kat had raised her head from Amie’s right nipple, her red hair damp and matted with Amie’s milk and their shared exertions. Amie’s mind was foggy with arousal and it took her a few moments to realize that Kat was leaning in close, looking expectantly at her with a curious close-lipped smile. A small rivulet of milk escaped Kat’s lips, running down her chin and dropping onto the expanse of Amie’s breasts, splattering little white droplets onto them both.

Amie sighed, blinking slowly in her aroused daze, then smiled back at her friend.

“Kat my love –” she started, but Kat had at once pressed her lips to Amie’s. canlı kaçak iddaa Kat parted her lips and flooded Amie’s mouth with her own milk. Amie never seemed to tire of the taste, and she happily shared a long loving kiss with Kat, passing the milk back and forth until they had swallowed her bounty between them.

Amie felt a moment of great affection for her friend and inserted her tongue deep into Kat’s mouth, feeling Kat sucking and releasing it in much the same way she had so lovingly sucked on Amie’s nipple only moments before. Amie thrilled as she reciprocated, wrapping her lips around Kat’s tongue and happily sucking it into her own mouth as their shared passions grew ever more intense.

Amie found herself staring lovingly into Kat’s dark green eyes even as their tongues continued to writhe together in a sloppy kiss. She was in a happy daze, her mind in the clouds; something about sharing her gifts with someone close to her made her feel all tingly and woozy. She was distracted by the younger girl’s beauty and didn’t notice at first that Kat was reaching for something on her chest.

Suddenly, a biting sense of dread made her snap back to reality.

Looking down with surprise, she yelled “Kat, NO!” and recoiled, but it was too late – Kat had grasped between her fingers the small charm on Amie’s silver necklace.

A sudden flash of yellow light emerged from between Kat’s probing fingers and a powerful magical discharge knocked them both flat on the ground. Amie leapt to her knees and nearly fell on top of Katryn, finding the younger girl uninjured but shellshocked. A faint crackling of static electricity in her ears confirmed that the charm’s magic had taken hold of Kat. She could see now why the charm had come with Mistress Yvette’s warning.

She felt a chill but not from the early evening breeze, nor from the rapidly cooling saliva all over her milky breasts. It was almost as if the heat was being drawn out of the air all around her… but to where? She reached out and gently rubbed the side of one of Kat’s supple teats, feeling small jolts of electric potential leaping from Kat’s skin to hers, and eliciting a low moan from Kat. She pondered for a moment. Could this be part of the charm’s magic?

Kat blinked rapidly, breathing heavily, as she felt a curious pleasurable sensation in her chest. Both girls watched in amazement as her immense nipples stretched fully erect, then lengthened even further beyond their previous maximum size, and Amie knew the charm’s magic was pulsing through them.

Kat’s rosy pink nipples stretched, engorged hot and taut, until they had achieved a stupendous new length, poking more than two inches into the air above her breasts. Amie was shocked at the size contrast from only a moment earlier, observing that those huge teats seemed out of place on her chest – they clearly belonged on the breasts of a much larger girl.

Kat gasped, “Amie, it feels so good!” and Amie couldn’t resist, leaning in to lick along one of her girlfriend’s newly-grown nips from base to tip, seeing Kat shiver in response.

Kat was looking rapidly between her own surging chest and Amie, her eyes pleading.

“Amie, what’s happening to… to my breasts?” Kat bit her lower lip, riding waves of magical ecstasy.

Amie’s eyes widened as Kat’s breasts began to swell larger, gradually spreading to cover the reclining girl’s nude midriff and stomach, but remaining magically perky and firm despite their incredible masses. Kat was clearly overwhelmed with magical pleasure and Amie watched her as she squirmed in delight, occasionally helping her along by licking along her swelling breast.

Barely a minute later, Kat’s chest had matched, then surpassed, the size of Amie’s milk-swollen mammaries. Her new breasts seemed to defy gravity, stretching upwards into the evening sky, towering impossibly tall above her. Amie smiled at Kat over the sizable hills of her own milky bosom, then leaned in close to press their chests tightly together. The chilly evening air around them now felt much warmer.

Amie pondered, twisting the small charm on her necklace between her delicate fingers. Mistress Yvette had told her that the charm’s effects were only temporary, but not so temporary that Kat wouldn’t have time to enjoy its effects for at least a day, even if that would be after Amie’s early departure the next morning. She bent over to brush Kat’s sweaty, milk-sogged hair out of her pretty face and saw a contented smile on her lips, then leaned in to plant a small wet kiss on her mouth.

A minute later they were holding hands, giggling as they ran through the halls of the Guild towards the dormitory, their scholarly robes wrapped haphazardly around their expansive bosoms. The weight and bulk of her breasts was new to Kat, but with Amie’s loving assistance and firm grip, she had returned safely to her room. Kat seemed to fall asleep moments after her head hit her pillow.

“Rest well, Kat my canlı kaçak bahis love,” sighed Amie. “Dream of large women.”

She had refastened her robes closed around her still swollen breasts, bouncing and straining as she dashed through the dark halls of the Guild. She had to prepare for her departure to the kingdom of Sweetwater the next morning, and she didn’t stay long enough to see the tiny white droplets that had appeared on Kat’s hugely swollen nipples.


Amie had to admit that her milky condition had gotten her out of — and into! — more than one sticky situation in her studies at the Guild. But what good was it, she wondered, if it meant she had to spend long weeks separated from Katryn and the other scholars on remote assignments? Were the mistress scholars and the Grand Archivist really so embarrassed by her? What did Mistress Yvette expect her to find here in Sweetwater?

A sudden knock on the wooden door shattered her daydream and made her jump backwards in surprise. She slipped along the milk-slickened floor, falling over herself and ending up in a most unladylike position on the bed. She immediately sat up straight as a rail, a shot of adrenaline allowing unusually quick movements despite the massive weight of her engorged breasts, and she had barely finished calling out “Come in!” when the door quickly slid open.

A girl about her own age swept into the room and stared, tilting her head quizzically at Amie lying akimbo on the bed. Amie saw the girl was flushed red, breathing heavily with small beads of sweat at her brow. Her long legs were almost entirely exposed below a blessedly short skirt, and she noted with interest the girl’s high heeled shoes, held firm to her toes with thin strips of red leather, making echoing clicks on the stone floor as she paced delicately to the foot of the bed.

The girl’s straight brown hair curled slightly inwards at its tips near her shoulders, and her pronounced brown eyebrows gave her a severe, commanding air. Her lips bore some small remnant of a ruby red coloring, but most of it seemed to be smeared haphazardly around her mouth and in great red swaths onto her delicate cheeks, almost as if she had… Amie shook her head.

The girl’s ragged cloth shirt left her arms fully exposed, and Amie thrilled at the sight of her substantial breasts straining against the fabric, each impressive sphere easily outmatching the size of the girl’s head. The shirt seemed far too small for her, leaving the bottom curves of her breasts and most of her toned stomach on display under Amie’s rapt gaze. Her eyes ran along the girl’s trim and subtly muscled body. Amie wondered what kind of labor she performed at the inn in that outfit, although — for a moment her thoughts drifted to her own swollen breasts — there was one job in particular she had in mind.

She would usually be the one to take the initiative with her Guild sisters, but she now felt strangely subservient, stunned into silence before this dark beauty. The girl blushed and averted her eyes, looking demurely down at the floor.

Amie was floored by the girl’s beauty and found herself searching for words as a familiar foggy arousal clouded her mind. She could feel her milk insistently, involuntarily, inexorably increasing its flow from her thick nipples, her robes now well and truly soaked through with a small part of her full day’s production. Her outstretched arms hefted her milk-swollen chest towards the girl, struggling to form words, intimidated by the girl and inhibited by her own urgent need even as she tried to convey it.

The girl allowed her a few moments of stammering, then smiled and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Does Madam find the accommodations satisfactory?” she queried, but she didn’t wait for an answer.

Her dark brown eyes lowered to Amie’s chest and a sudden flash of recognition lit up her features. She stared unabashedly at Amie’s breasts, their hugely swollen forms and massively erected nipples now clearly outlined as they strained against the damp fabric of Amie’s robe.

The girl smirked at Amie, speaking now more assertively.

“Ah, perhaps Madam would enjoy our famed massages? I promise Madam will find it most… expressive.” At this, she quickly and none-too-subtly licked her lips.

Amie followed the girl’s eye line down to her own chest and turned bright red with embarrassment. Her hands leapt up to cover her chest but something stuck in her mind — how could this inn, in the middle of nowhere, be famed for anything at all? Why, it must be at least a half day’s travel to Sweetwater’s capital city —

“Would Madam allow me to remove her robes?” the girl, no longer panting but still flushed red, tittered in an almost sing-song voice. Amie fought through her own arousal to hear her. She was in another of her sensual dazes, feeling unable to focus on much beyond the insistent pressure of her milk and a burning need she now felt in her loins.

Again the girl didn’t wait for a reply. Her heels clicked on the stone floor as she stepped to the side of the bed nearest Amie. She took Amie’s hand and helped Amie to her feet on the stone floor, facing Amie towards the open door and taking a position just behind.

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