An Electrical Experience

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It was a day like any other at least that was what Jim thought. Little did he know that his girlfriend had a few surprises for him as he found out later that night. Allison was an Engineering grad student whose mind had a tendency to wander toward the unusual side. She was designing a special surprise for Jim for those increasingly often short sex episodes. This new device would surely teach him a lesson.

She had him over to her place for their Friday night passion and Jim was none the wiser. Allison caught him off guard as she jumped into his arms wearing nothing but a tiny white thong that was now see through because of her wetness. He carried her up her bed where Alison became extremely aggressive just as Jim liked. She tied each arm to the bed posts and his legs in the like manner. She began to slowly go down on his massive cock that cruelly short-changed her orgasm deprived pussy time after time. She sucked him clean of his oozing pre-cum as he moaned for more.

All of a sudden she stopped and asked if he wanted the most intense orgasm of his life? His eyes lit up as he nodded encouragingly. Allison grabbed her little box that she hid been developing and placed it on the bed. Next, she connected two wires to the box. The fist wire had an bahis firmaları electrode with stickum that she placed just below his ass hole. She carefully massaged some electric conducting gel around the electrode for extra intense sensations.

The other wire was a little thicker at the end but still a basic wire. Before proceeding with the next step Allison blindfolded Jim to increase the wonder and surprise for Jim. Her real reason for doing this was because she thought Jim may want to chicken out. She lubed the wire up with the conducting get and carefully inserted it into Jim’s cock. He let out a scream but could not move as the restraints were too tight. She continued to push the wire in until there was just enough to wrap around Jim’s mushroom head. Now that she was all set up and Jim had calmed down it was time to start the real fun. She plugged her invention into the was and it purred as it began to charge.

Allison adjusted the levels as to give Jim a taste of things to come. Jim felt a light tingle shoot through his dripping cock, into his testicles as his sack tightened, into his prostate and out through his tense ass hole. After Jim began to enjoy this feeling Allison set the frequency so that it Jim’s cock and testicles in a rhythmic kaçak iddaa fusion.

She then turned up the juice as she watched Jim’s body rise off the bed in uniform with his over worked cock that jumped off his muscular abdomen. She let Jim use these levels to get himself off because she knew the real fun had yet to cum. Jim moaned and grunted intensely as he could hardly endure the massive spasms that his prostate was enduring. Cum sprayed out of his cock that was so engorged with blood that the sperm was painful as it passed from him.

As he finished cumming he was hoping that Allison was turn off this wonderful device and let him rejuvenate. Allison had other plans. She told him that this was about endurance and having multiple orgasms. Jim thought how his whole abdomen was already cramping from his last workout. He pleaded with her to let him rest but she only smiled and laughed. She began to increase the power again and Jim let out a loud grunt. He had never felt such a bliss as he approached another orgasm. His cock was so sensitive due to the last orgasm, yet it was hard as ever because of the electricity.

Allison force two more cum sessions out of him until his body could take no more. She reduced the power and removed the wire kaçak bahis that was in his cock. The wire was cum soaked and she began to lick it clean when she realized that Jim should learn what his cum tasted like. She slide the wire through his pursed lips and made quite a mess for him to lick up. Now that the wire was clean she wrapped it around the base of Jim’s dick. Jim could not believe she planned to make his withered prick do an more work.

Again she cranked up the power and Jim’s obedient cock stood painfully at attention. She adjusted to frequency again and let his cock become the massive phallus she had grown to appreciate. She then turned the power down as just keep this wonderful stage of arousal. Jim let out a couple sighs of relief, but it was to soon. Allison was overflowing with juices of her own.

She straddled Jim and began to ride Jim’s enlarged cock. The feeling was so intense Jim almost passed out. He came but minutes after she started fucking him. It was a dry orgasm because he had be previously pumped clean of all his juices. His cock was now being used as nothing but a warm dildo, because the electricity would not let his abused cock return to its soften state. Allison rode him for about three full hours until she had her fill.

The next morning she told him how she had the time of her life and the best sex ever. She promised him that when he trained himself to perform like that naturally she would let him use the box on her. Jim smirked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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