Ancient Egypt: Love Between Women

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-Ancient Egypt-

Neferu was beautiful. She had golden tanned skin. Her hair was long and straight. It was dark brown, but it looked black. Her eyes were a radiant blue; a rarity in her time. She was thin, a reflection of the difficult life she had led. Food had often been a luxury she wasn’t awarded. Nevertheless, her breasts were proud and perky.

Neferu had been raised in the Queen’s palace, a servant nearly from the day she was born. Her mother was a servant also, and Neferu had spent nearly every year of her life residing in the servant’s quarters inside the palace. This was a place that might as well be called a prison. Servant’s were locked in their quarters at night and were forced to sleep on beds made of raised dirt and straw. There were clay pots alongside the wall for them to defecate in, and on the other side; pots of food.

In the earlier years of her life, her mother would fight the servant’s who crowded at the pots during feeding time. She would always salvage something for Neferu, even if it meant there was nothing for her. But her mother was killed when she was 9, and there was no one to take care of Neferu. Servant’s only watched out for themselves. It was the only option they had. Watching someone else’s back often left them starving, or sometimes… dead.

Neferu had survived the next few years by stealing food from the cooking area in the palace. She never took much for fear of being caught, but it was enough to keep her going.

When Neferu was 17, she was selected to go to work as one of the Queen’s personal servant’s. She was very lucky. The Queen had 5 servants, and they were all treated very well. The 5 girls shared one very large room, where they slept on lambskin mattresses, stuffed with wool. They even had woven quilts for cover. Twice a day they were fed leftovers from the daily feasts held at the palace.

Neferu liked the Queen a lot. The first day she worked for the Queen, she was asked to massage her feet. Normally Neferu found feet to be repulsive, as the servants she had lived with had scaly, blistered, dirty feet. But the Queen had very small, very dainty soft feet. She admired them quietly in her head as she kneeled in front of the Queen massaging them. She absentmindedly began to smile. The Queen took notice and spoke to her.

“My dear servant girl, why are you smiling this day?” She asked tenderly.

“Oh my Queen, I’m sorry, I was just thinking how beautiful your feet are.” She replied, looking up at the Queen.

The Queen saw Neferu’s eyes for the very first time. She gasped. She had seen only one man with eyes like that before.

“You should never apologize for smiling. Your smile is like the sun. Where might you have gotten such beautiful eyes?”

Neferu smiled brightly. “My Queen, my mother always told me that I was blessed, and that my eyes were a sign from the God’s that I was someone very important. I am supposed to do something great in my lifetime.”

The Queen smiled back. “I’m sure you will.” Her look became more serious. “Did you know your father?”

“No, my Queen, I didn’t. My mother said he was killed before I was born.” Neferu replied, looking suddenly depressed.

“Tell me, did your mother ever work as a servant anywhere else?” The Queen asked, placing a hand on Neferu’s cheek.

“Yes, my Queen. We were sold to this palace when I was three bahis firmaları by King Ramtatna from the North of here.”

“Yes, I know Ramtatna well. He is not a good man. Have you ever seen Ramtatna?” The Queen asked. It was now very clear to her that Ramtatna was Neferu’s father. The blue eyes aroused her suspicion, and Neferu had just confirmed it.

“No, I haven’t my Queen. Not since I was very young. I do not remember him well.”

Neferu replied.

“You should be so lucky. I’m happy you were sold here. You are much safer here.” The Queen told Neferu. Then she looked confused. “I’ve taken a liking to you. I don’t usually care for my servants so much, especially upon my first meeting with them.”

Neferu smiled again, her eyes glowing. “I am honored, my Queen. No one has ever liked me before.”

The Queen laughed, but then she realized that Neferu wasn’t joking. “So what is your name, young servant?”

“I am Neferu my Queen. My mother named me.” She explained, enthusiastically.

“I see. Your name means ‘Beautiful One.’” The Queen told Neferu, who was very excited. I shall call you Neferu from now on. You may call me Anruka.”

“Oh, yes my Queen!” Neferu replied.

“Anruka.” The Queen corrected.

The massage had gone on far too long and the Queen’s feet were going numb. She dismissed Neferu, and then laid down for a nap. Neferu returned to her new room very excited.

Neferu went immediately to her bed and sat down. There was a large plate of food sitting at the foot of the bed for her, and it was still warm. She took up her plate and smiled through her meal. Upon finishing, she noticed that the 3 girls in the room with her were staring at her. She looked at them innocently and wide-eyed, wondering why they were staring.

“I heard the Queen likes you.” One of the girls said.

“Yes, she has told me so.” Neferu replied happily.

“Well aren’t you just special? At least now the Queen is going to have someone new to practice her sick ways with.” The girl replied, cockily.

“What do you mean?” Neferu asked.

“The Queen likes to make love to women. You better watch out. She’s going to be making love to you next.” The girl said, and laughed.

Neferu was quiet. She wondered if what the girl said was true.


The girls had all turned on their sides and settled in to sleep. Neferu sat up, still wide awake. She was thinking about what they had said. It couldn’t be true. The King would have sent his guards to kill her, unless maybe he didn’t know. How could he not know about something like that? Surely there would have been rumors that made their way back to him.

She decided it wasn’t true, but then she questioned her decision some more. “Why is it any of my business, anyway?” She thought. “The Queen is a nice woman and whatever she wants to do, well that’s just her business.”

But then she started seriously thinking about it. She imagined walking in on the Queen with one of the other servant girls. The Queen would be lying on her back in her luxurious bed, her legs spread wide. The servant would be on her knees, with her head between the Queen’s legs, licking at the Queen’s pleasure zone.

She could feel her body temperature rising, and her breathing deepened. She came to the full realization that she was kaçak iddaa attracted to the Queen, and she hoped the rumor was true.

Just then, the Queen came in the room. “Oh, Neferu, you’re still awake.” She whispered. “I was wondering if you would make me a bath.”

“I’d be honored to, Anruka.” Neferu replied quietly. She carefully got out of bed and followed the Queen to her bath.

She found that one of the stronger male servant’s had already perfected the water temperature and poured it into the tub. She didn’t see that there was much left for her to do. She stood in front of the tub and the Queen went and locked the door. She turned and looked at the Queen. Anruka was wearing a very thin golden gown, which was perfectly see- through in the right light. This was the right light. Her nipples were erect and pushing at the surface of the gown. Neferu admired this briefly before the Queen pulled the gown over her head and removed it entirely.

Neferu stared in silence as Anruka walked over to her, completely naked. Anruka’s body was amazing. She had plump breasts, and a plump bottom. Her thighs were thick as well as her arms, but not thick enough to be considered heavy. Her stomach was flat and muscular. She may have been a perfect 36” 24” 36”. What was clear was that she was absolutely gorgeous. This was something which Neferu was now painfully aware of.

“I’m sure my servants have told you plenty about me. Have you been told that I make love to women?” Anruka asked.

“Yes, I have Anruka. The girl with yellow hair told me this.” Neferu replied.

Anruka smiled. “How do you feel about what you’ve heard, Beautiful One?”

Anruka took Neferu’s hand and stepped into the tub holding it. Anruka was now seated in the tub and Neferu was standing beside it.

“I didn’t know if it was true, but I decided it was all your business. You are the Queen, you should be able to make love to whoever you want and it’s nobody else’s business.”

Neferu replied.

“What about you, Neferu? Who do you make love to?” Anruka asked.

“I have never made love to anyone.” Neferu replied.


“I have never desired anyone before.” She replied, realizing she had. She desired the Queen right now.

“You’ve never desired anyone at all? Never a man or a woman? Ever?” The Queen asked, very surprised.

“I’m sorry, Anruka. Yes, I have. Today, I have felt desire for the first time. Is it wrong?” she asked.

“No! Desire is a wonderful thing! It leads to pleasures you can’t even imagine until you have experienced them. You must act on your desire, Neferu. Let yourself do what you feel you need to.”

Neferu appeared to be in deep thought. She looked at Anruka, and then she pulled her new white silk gown off. Anruka smiled at her. She climbed in the tub with Anruka, and then as if she was possessed, she went for exactly what she wanted. She made her way between Anruka’s knees in the tub and leaned across her chest very smoothly. She took Anruka in a kiss. Her very first kiss ever, but she handled it beautifully. Her passion was mad for Anruka. Anruka’s breathing quickened, and kissing became too suffocating for her. Neferu moved down to Anruka’s neck, and started sucking firmly. Anruka sighed and tried to gyrate herself against the leg Neferu had between hers.

Neferu was incredibly aroused. Here she was, kaçak bahis a poor servant, pleasuring this beautiful Queen. Someone so completely gorgeous and powerful is so desperate with desire for her that she’s fucking herself against her leg.

Neferu traced her fingers down between Anruka’s legs and began rubbing her clit. Anruka was asking for more. Neferu stuck her fingers inside Neferu and began thrusting, all the while working her clit with her thumb. She was sucking Anruka’s nipples now, and Anruka was enjoying every bit of it. She was fucking Neferu’s hand back, and she was rising rapidly to a climax. Neferu kissed Anruka again, and as their tongues caressed each other, Anruka came.

Worn out, Neferu collapsed on top of Anruka, and they lay there in silence for several minutes, regaining energy.

“Are you ready to feel what you’ve made me feel, Neferu?” Anruka asked, when recovered.

Neferu grinned and nodded excitedly.

They both sat up in the tub, and Anruka turned Neferu to make her back face her. She straddled Neferu from behind and began massaging her shoulders. This was the first time anyone had ever given her a massage. She wanted to cry. The Queen was giving her a massage. She rubbed down her back. It felt amazing to Neferu. Anruka leaned in and kissed the back of her neck, then gently sucked. She kissed her ears, breathing softly into them. Feeling the hot breath in her ear, she felt hot waves spread throughout her body, settling and resonating inside her vagina. Anruka’s hand began massaging Neferu’s breasts, and her kisses trailed slowly down her spine. Neferu got on her knees and Anruka continued kissing all the way down her spine, to the top of her rear.

Neferu thought Anruka would stop there, but she was wrong. Anruka slid her tongue down the middle and circled Neferu’s hole. Neferu nearly collapsed. It was definitely like nothing she had ever felt before. She traced her tongue down even more, and thrust it in and out of Neferu’s vagina a few times, before settling in on licking her clit. Neferu was experiencing so much pleasure that she was finding it extremely difficult to hold herself up any longer. Anruka licked and sucked at her clit until Neferu thought she would explode, and then some. Anruka slid her tongue back up to Neferu’s ass, and then back down to her clit one last time, and Neferu CAME. Quite loudly!

She turned and hugged Anruka and Anruka hugged her back. The embrace lasted a while, and then Anruka broke and stared into Neferu’s eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes.

“This is only for you, Beautiful One. You’re the only one I will do this with.” Anruka told Neferu.

“It is okay, my Queen. Anruka. You can have anyone you want, I am just your servant. I promise I don’t mind.”

“You are not just my servant! You are my lover, now! I want you to care who I’m with, I want you to be jealous of the other servants. I love you, you see. You are my equal, not my servant. Do not think that I can make love to whoever I want just because I am Queen. I devote myself to you, now. You are the marked one, the one meant for me. It’s your eyes. They tell me.”

“I am to be your equal? You love me? My Queen you are talking crazy. It is I who loves you. A Queen can not love her servant.”

“A Queen can not make love to women, either. But I do. Just as I love you. You will have to get used to this. You are to sleep with me every night, now. Attend every event with me. You will have your own beautiful gowns, and your own servants. You will be my equal. You shall see.”

-The end-

Continued upon request only.

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