Arbretia – The Crown Prince

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This story contains elements of mother/son incest, BDSM and other deviant issues. If these are likely to offend you, please read no further.

All characters are aged eighteen or older, and the story is entirely the product of my fevered imagination. However, I would like to acknowledge the assistance and support of my long-time editor and friend, Hatsuda.


Queen Carolyne of Arbretia admired herself in the mirror. She admired her firm body, kept in shape through rigorous activity, now encased in a revealing silk gown. At thirty-five, she was in perfect shape, a trophy for her ageing husband, King Philip the Sixth, monarch of the Dragon Throne of Arbretia, but now aged eighty-five and in deteriorating health.

Carolyne was above medium height with deep, well formed breasts that showed no tendency to sag and her wide hips framed a curvy bottom. She had long thick, fine blonde hair down to her shoulder blades and china blue eyes

Carolyne knew that her husband had little time left to him, and, as dowager, her position was uncertain. It was the custom for attractive widows for who there were no fixed financial support to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Carolyne’s future would depend entirely on whether her son would be prepared to support her, and she was by no means certain that this would be the case.

She remembered that Philip had not taken her for several years, and the sexual pressure had built to the point where she had to relieve herself regularly. But this was no substitute, she thought, for being plundered by a big, hard cock.

“Admiring yourself, mother?” came the voice of her son, Crown Prince Alexis. “But there is a lot to admire, isn’t there?” Alexis was now eighteen, a tall, beautiful young man, a true Adonis, thought Carolyne. And admired in court as a warrior. Even as young as he was, he had led two expeditionary forces to outlying parts of the kingdom, successfully putting down insurrections.

Carolyne loved her son in her own way, but was growing a little uncertain as he developed some worrying characteristics. She knew for a fact that, even at his early age, he had impregnated two ladies of the court; Lady Eloise, wife of the champion knight, Sir Hubert of Grange, rendered impotent in battle, and Lady Florence, widow of Sir Richard de Clancy. Neither lady had the slightest objection; bearing the child of the Crown Prince was deemed a signal honour. And it was rumoured that Alexis had also fathered children by palace maids.

More worrying to Carolyne was Alexis’ growing closeness with Baron Porteous, the Lord High Chancellor, the power behind Philip’s throne, and now the de facto ruler in Philip’s declining years. Carolyne believed Porteous to be totally corrupt, and tried to warn Alexis away from him, but her son simply laughed and ignored his mother’s concerns.

Carolyne blushed at her son’s frank assessment of her beauty, and invited him into her chamber. “So, how are you spending your time now, my son?” she enquired. “I do hope you are not preying on more ladies of the court.”

“Mother, preying is such a loaded word. Neither of my previous ‘conquests’ you might say, had the slightest objection to my attentions. In fact they both encouraged me in the frankest possible terms. Lady Eloise begged me to fuck her hard and ruthlessly. Lady Florence told me it had been so long since she had had a cock in her cunt that she was almost dying for me to take her.”

Her son’s vulgar descriptions shocked the rather prudish Carolyne, and she told him, “Alexis, these are two important ladies in our kingdom. How can you talk like that about them?”

“Mother, I am simply reporting what they said. They begged me for sex in most graphic terms, although I suppose you may find this hard to believe.”

Carolyne blushed but said no more and Alexis left with an unpleasant smile on his face. ‘Your turn will come, mother, and I’ll have you begging me to fuck you before long’, he thought.

Alexis made his way to Baron Porteous’ chamber. “Ah, Alexis, I trust I find you well?” The baron sounded affable, but he was not totally comfortable with the heir to the throne. Corruption recognised corruption, and Porteous was at a disadvantage with Alexis, who had obtained incontrovertible evidence of the Lord Chancellor’s dishonesty.

“I understand that the negotiations for my betrothal to Princess Persephone of Caltrania are now almost complete?” the Crown Prince asked.

“That is so, your Royal Highness. There are just one or two procedural matters to complete and then an announcement will be made.”

“Excellent, Porteous. I understand she is a beautiful young woman—and highly compliant, having been trained in the austere court of Caltrania?”

“So I believe, your Royal Highness.”

“Good. Now is the time for me to request your co-operation in accordance with our agreement. Nothing arduous, I assure you, it is simply that I shall make my mother my sex slave. She will be totally submissive to me, and I shall take casino şirketleri great pleasure in training her for that purpose. I simply require you to take no action that will jeopardise my plan, and keep this matter concealed from my father. I have the unquestioned loyalty of my personal guards, and of several ladies of the court who have pledged themselves directly to me.”

“I understand, sir, and I shall ensure that your training will be a confidential matter limited entirely to you. I have no doubt that Queen Carolyne will become a highly satisfying submissive for you.”

“I understand that the widowed Lady Florence de Clancy is due to be offered for auction, although she will bring my bastard with her. I also know that she is pining for someone to keep her bed warm. She is a delicious piece, and I believe she would fetch a good price at auction. Should you be interested, however, I can arrange it so that no auction will take place on the grounds of a prior offer from, shall we say, ‘a powerful nobleman’. I have no doubt that Lady Florence would not be averse to a match with the powerful Baron Porteous, if this stirs you to some enthusiasm.”

“Your royal highness, I have watched Lady Florence from afar and was prepared to bid at the auction, although I realised it would cost dearly.”

“Think no more of it, my dear Baron. Lady Florence shall be with you in a few days. And I have no doubt she will be delighted to become the property of a powerful man such as yourself, and be spared the uncertainty of the auction.”

As the Crown Prince left, Porteous shook his head. He was not surprised at what Alexis had proposed, but he also realised the depths of depravity into which the young man was prepared to descend. He was also mildly irritated at being offered one of the Crown Prince’s “cast offs”, but he also knew that the Lady Florence was both beautiful and very enthusiastic in bed.

Two weeks later, Alexis summoned his mother to his chamber, an unusual move but not wholly unknown.

“Yes, Alexis; what is the reason for this summons?’ she asked in a slightly irritated voice.

“Ah yes, mother, the time has come for us to adjust our relationship.”

Carolyne’s finely sculpted eyebrow raised, showing her doubt and uncertainty.

“I am anxious to avoid you being subjected to the indignities of the auction after the king’s death. I have therefore decided that from here on, I should own you. You will submit yourself to me as my sex slave. Please do not argue or I shall be forced to punish you.”

At first, Carolyne was struck dumb, but then erupted in fury. “You foul pig. I shall certainly do no such thing, and as soon as I leave here, your father shall be informed. I am the Queen of Arbretia and demand that I be respected as such.”

She turned to leave, but Alexis moved more quickly and locked the door. “No, mother, you are not going anywhere. Now, remove all your clothes so that I can get a better view of your delicious body.”

“Never. Now let me leave or I shall call the guard.”

“I don’t think so, mother. The guards on this door are my trusted personal guard. They obey me unto death, and are richly rewarded for doing so. Now, clothes off, or I shall cut them off.”

“Alexis, this is both absurd and totally obscene. How can you do this to me; I am your mother, for god’s sake. How can you treat me this way—haven’t I been a good mother to you?

“A mere accident of biology, your majesty,” Alexis’ sarcasm was almost tangible. “And as to being a good mother, you palmed me off to a series of nursemaids and tutors, and I hardly saw you. Now you claim to have been a good mother. I don’t think so. Now is the time for you to repent; you will crawl across the floor, naked, on your hands and knees and beg me to fuck you. Now, will you do what I demand voluntarily, or shall I make it happen?”

“No, never, you demon spawn. Do your worst.”

“Thank you, mother—I rather enjoy a little resistance from my women. I well remember a little episode with the Countess of Richmond. She fought like a tigress, attempting to prevent me from taking her as I wished. In the end I had to tie her to the bed, face down with her bottom perfectly placed for me to ravish her. Her screams of fury rapidly changed to cries of ecstasy as I mounted her and took her without mercy. The dear countess can’t get enough of me; I still see her occasionally, and she is most accommodating.”

The queen looked horror-struck. “Not Lady Fiona Richmond? But she’s a pillar of our society, devout and devoted to her family. Surely you must be pretending?”

“Oh no, mother. She is a delicate morsel and has the most amazingly sensitive tits. Such beautiful handfuls—a little pulling, a little squeezing, a little biting and she has a thunderous orgasm. Something I doubt the count will be aware of.”

“This is dreadful, you fiend. And you are to be betrothed to Princess Persephone of Caltrania, so your depredations must stop.”

“Oh no, mother, I am casino firmaları sure Princess Persephone will be most accommodating.”

The queen shuddered at the thought of the sweet and gentle Persephone being exposed to this suddenly revealed monster, but she took no action. She had her own concerns to focus on.

“Alexis, if you do not release me, my maid will become worried and start a search.”

“Ah yes, Mistress Quiggin.” He went to the door and instructed the sergeant of the guard, “Arrange for Alice Quiggin to be brought here immediately.”

As Alice entered the Crown Prince’s apartment, the queen screamed to her, “Oh thank god you’re here, Alice. My son has lost his mind and wants to take me as his slave. You must help me …”

But Alice Quiggin looked directly at Alexis who nodded. “I don’t think so, mother. Mistress Quiggin is here to help me, not you.”

So saying, he grabbed his mother and dragged her to a high ended couch. “Take her left arm, Alice, and bind her wrist to the base of the couch while I deal with the right.”

Queen Carolyne screamed in rage and terror, but she was soon immobilised, bent over the end of the couch. Alexis flipped up her dress to show her smoothly rounded globes under her silken underwear.

“Alice, you dress her majesty, don’t you? Would you now like to remove her underwear?”

Alice hurried to comply and they were both rewarded by the sight of Carolyne’s luscious globes, an alabaster delight.

“Now, mother, you will be taught a lesson in obedience.” Alexis approached his mother and swinging his arm high into the air, brought his hand down forcefully on her unprotected bottom. Carolyne screamed with the pain as her son lashed hard at this tempting target, placing and timing each strike for maximum effect. He knew that his mother would be in agony over this persistent beating.

Before he was halfway through, his mother was begging and pleading for mercy, but Alexis continued until she was a blubbering mess. Then he turned to Alice. “I know you have had some trouble with her majesty, Alice—would you like to deliver a few strokes?

“Oh yes, your royal highness, it would give me great pleasure,” and Alexis handed her a supple leather paddle which she grabbed enthusiastically and slammed it into Carolyne’s bottom. “There you go, you snooty bitch, a payment for your stuck-up attitude towards me.”

Alexis smiled his agreement, and then gave Alice the rest of her payment and a safe passage pass as agreed. After Alice left, Alexis resumed his spanking until his own hand was sore.

“Are you ready to obey me now, mother?”

She nodded, sobbing her agreement.

“Very well. Now listen carefully. You will apologise for your disobedience and thank me for correcting you. You will then remove all your clothes. Understood?”

The Queen nodded again.

Alexis untied her hands and waited, picking up the discarded paddle.

“I am s … sorry I did … didn’t … obey you, Alexis,” Queen Carolyne stumbled over her words, her humiliation almost getting the better of her. “Can you please forgive me?” When Alexis started to flick the paddle against his thigh, she blanched and added, “Oh and thank you for disciplining me, sir.”

“Thank you for reminding me, mother. You will now always refer to me as Sir unless there are others present, when you may call me by my first name. Do you understand, Carolyne?”

“Yes…Sir,” she responded.

“Now then, remove your clothes.”

“Yes Sir,” Carolyne said, hurrying to undo buttons and bows, and then slowly peeling away each garment until she stood naked, with one arm across her breast and one hand in front of her crotch.

“Never cover yourself in front of me, mother. Now link your hands behind your head, back straight, shoulders back and feet apart.””

Carolyne obeyed these demeaning commands, and in so doing, displayed her beautiful body in its entirety. Her breasts jutted forward, with puffy areolas surrounding rosy nipples which stood out, pointing directly at her master as if begging to be handled. Her slim waist flared to a delicious round bottom which tapered to long, perfectly shaped legs and small, delicate feet. Alexis knew he had never seen such a delightful specimen of femininity.

Alexis could scarcely control his excitement. “Turn slowly, so I can fully appreciate the treasures of your bottom.” he ordered. She turned gracefully and Alexis reflected on how effective a simple spanking had been on his beautiful mother.

“Come here, mother, I am going to play with your body.”

She moved close to him, closing her eyes. This brought hard slaps across her breasts, causing her to scream with the added pain.

“Don’t close your eyes while I play with you. I want you to see what is happening.”

Carolyne stared at her son’s face as his hands fastened onto her sweet firm tits. He took each nipple between a thumb and finger, twisting and pulling them away from her body. She squealed güvenilir casino with the pain, but Alexis caught a suggestion of erotic pleasure as he handled her.

“Good, is it, mother? Now, let’s check on just how good.” So saying, he stroked down over her stomach and worked a finger through her downy hair and along her pussy.

“Well, well, would you look at that,” he said to his mother. “You’re really wet down there; you seem to be getting excited by your son’s treatment. Quite worked up, aren’t you?” and he removed his finger from her slit, telling her to lick it clean. “Tastes good, too, doesn’t it?”

Carolyne had never felt so ashamed or humiliated in her whole life and she remained silent until Alexis barked, “I asked you a question, slut.”

“Yes Sir,” she mumbled, shocked both by the experience of tasting her own juices but also by her increasing arousal.

Alexis continued moving his hands over her body, stroking, exploring, pinching, slapping and Carolyne became increasingly tense. She flushed a bright deep red and her breathing became rapid and shallow. Alexis understood that his father would never have taken Carolyne to this place and he revelled in the power he had over his mother.

“Excellent, mother, now you will remove my cock from my pants and suck it until I cum in your mouth.”

“Oh god, no … I’ve never done anything like that. Please …” She hesitated; this was both unexpected and frightening.

“You are not here to question my orders; you are here to obey them. Clearly you have not learned the lesson of obedience. Back over the couch with your bottom held high.

“No, no, please not again” Carolyne pleaded. She started to panic and her voice became hysterical. “Please, Alexis, no more; I’ll be good. I’ll do anything you want, I’ll be anything you want only I beg you not to thrash me again.”

Alexis knew he needed his mother to have no doubt whatsoever about her new role, and he needed to ensure that this was burned into her brain. He tied her down again, and using the paddle this time, Alexis struck his mother across first the right buttock and then the left.

If his hands had been bad, the paddle was ten times worse. A pain like fire spread across her bottom and she wriggled and writhed to try to avoid it. “Please, I beg you, no more, please have mercy,” she sobbed and screamed. “I promise I will obey you; you don’t need to punish me any more.”

However, Alexis had not yet finished, and was determined to show his mother no mercy and stamp his authority firmly over her body. He lashed both cheeks and the soft insides of her thighs.

Her screams and shrieks of pain became an incoherent sobbing until Alexis decided that she would probably have learned her lesson.

“Would you like some more, mother, or is this enough?”

“Oh god, enough, please, Sir, no more.”

He untied his mother from the end of the couch and had her stand facing him. “Very well. Now, as you did before, you shall thank me for providing you with the discipline that you so clearly needed.”

She nodded. “And you will apologise for your poor obedience,” he continued. “You had better make it convincing, or you can expect more kisses from the paddle. ”

She hesitated, unsure what needed to be said, but Alexis was in no mood for delay.

“Now,” he shouted, striking her with the paddle across her left tit.

“No, no more, I beg you Sir. Please don’t strike me again.” Walking around to stand in front of her, Alexis held the paddle out to her and instructed her to kiss it, and to thank him for her punishment. Between sobs, she managed to whimper, “Thank…you…for…my…punishment, Sir. Thank you for correcting me.”

“Now the apology,” said her son, raising the paddle. “And persuade me that you really mean it.”

Carolyne took a deep breath. “I am sorry that I have disappointed you, Sir but I have never been a servant in the past. Now I know I must serve you as my master. But please give me another chance. Please let me prove that I can obey your commands.”

“Well that’s as maybe, mother. Let me put you to the test. Ask me to play with your juicy cunt, you incestuous slut.”

The Queen had never been exposed to such language, and if anyone had used such words in her presence, that person would surely have been punished. She had certainly never used such language herself—but the idea of asking her son to feel her private parts, and the suggestion that she was a … a slut, had a strange effect on her. She felt her body become heated, stemming from her crotch, but she almost physically resisted this degradation, this humiliation contained in her own son’s words.

Carolyne felt herself caught in a trap. If she accepted her son’s demands, she would brand herself as the worst kind of slut. If she refused, she would be beaten again.

She whimpered, “Please sir, can I ask you to wait …”

Too late. Alexis was in no mood for prevarication, and he again lashed out at his naked mother, paddling her hard against her glowing bottom.

“You don’t seem to understand these simple rules, mother. When I give you an order, you obey immediately and don’t question my instructions. Failure to obey or even to delay will result in severe punishment.”

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