At the Villa Ch. 13

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Chapter13. Lydia’s Day


“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”

After they visited the wine cellar and roamed through parts of the garden picking stuff for salad and some fruit, they started the barbeque. First they started the fire and let it heat slowly. Hera had said, that today it was going to be a fish day. She had prepared some sea bass and octopus.

Sam noticed that Hera had become a little excited as she was frequently looking at the electric clock, which was hanging on the kitchen wall. He thought that yes, there were going to be some surprises. And sure it was, as the horn of a car was heard, outside the gate.

‘Sam, put a towel round your hips and quickly go and open the big door. Sam be quick; please.’ Hera very excitedly ordered.

It was already after midday. Sam done as he was told and as the door opened he saw a nearly brand new Alpha Romeo which drove through, with two female occupants, one of them in the driver’s seat. Sam closed the farm gate as quickly as he had opened it and walked towards the passenger side of the parked car.

He opened the door and extended his right hand to the young lady, who Sam immediately fancied. He quickly realized why these two women were here, and so the blood immediately started flooding his manhood. As she took his hand, Sam was elated as he helped that beauty out of the car. Her beautiful black eyes were totally focused on Sam’s handsome face.

‘I am Elena and you… must be Sam?’ The young lady asked.

‘It’s an honour to be introduced; to such beauty.’ Sam answered as he lifted her hand and kissed the back. Shocks of excitement went through both bodies as they continued to devour each other, with their own eyes.

But, Sam started to feel a little embarrassed as his hard dick was witness enough of the sexual tension building between them. Elena was not that distracted, though she had noticed what was happening behind the tented towel. The thought that Sam had liked what was infront of him was enough evidence, and as a matter of fact, she was incredibly delighted, not to mention that per pussy was as excited.

After the driver alighted out of the driver’s seat she walked towards Sam who was still lost; one, with the embarrassment and two, he was evaluating what was about to happen, especially with Elena, whose hand he was still holding.

As the driver got close enough, she introduced herself. ‘Hi, you must be Sam; I am Hera’s cousin, Stella. Hera told me a lot about you Sam; but the description does not justify at what, now I am looking at. You are much more handsome than Hera’s description.’

‘Thanks for the compliment.’ Sam thanked Stella, but he was more embarrassed than before as he was surrounded by two women which were generations apart, both evaluating what was pushing the towel forward.

Elena was only about 5′. 2″ tall, but her legs looked much taller compared to her torso, which was rather short.

‘Sam.’ Stella called. He was still stunned as his mind and his eyes were still evaluating the young lady’s potential access to her intimate parts.

‘Yes Stella. Sorry, I was thinking something else?’ He excused himself.

She gave him a look, but not a nice one. ‘I must wonder what that dream was about.’

The girl’s face blushed while Sam gave Stella a naughty smile.

‘We are here as Hera’s guests; and she promised us, that we are going home more than satisfied…’ Stella explained their mission at the farmhouse, ending with a seductive smile.

‘Stella, that’s a very interesting statement. I must say I’m surprised, as although I knew nothing about what you have just said; and if so, I’m sure I will honour your expectations.’

Sam’s already hard cock jumped and felt ready beyond his expectations. He even was wondering if the young lady was still a virgin; or not. Thinking so, his already hard dick swelled to unreasonable proportions. Could it be possible that was going to enjoy a fourth virgin, within twenty four hours? Sam asked himself. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, he thought.

Stella alerted Elena and walked through the building to the back were Hera was preparing lunch. Sam, very anxious to know the outcome; followed behind. The women as they met, hugged each other and complimented each other, not to mention the small talk. Sam was just standing there waiting anxiously dreaming about who will be the first he was going to make love to, out of the latest arrivals.

‘Sam, I think you had already got acquainted with my cousin and my niece.’ Hera assumed as she was waiting for his reaction. casino şirketleri Her eyes were watching him like a hawk. He tried to hide his feelings as she continued. ‘Take Stella with you. The rest should be easy; and I’m sure she’s as prepared as much as you are.’ She explained while Sam’s face blushed.

As regards Elena;’ Hera continued; ‘she is still inexperienced and you two need more time together. You can become intimately acquainted with Elena sometime after lunch.’

Elena’s face blushed again, but inside she was very excited. Love juices were streaming down along her inner leg as had happened last night while she ended thinking and dreaming about what she was going to experience, when Sunday afternoon comes around. Stella also told her about her first time experience although it was not so encouraging, but it was not rather dull.

Stella did not have a happy marriage. In fact Sam found out that she had been separated for some years waiting for her divorce. Her sex life wasn’t something she had been proud off.

As they walked to the front, she did not feel so excited, as when she had introduced herself, when they first met. Sam got to her, put one hand around her neck and pressed her against him. Their lips met, but she felt the pain of her marriage, from which, even after more than five years had passed, the pain was still inside. ‘Was he to blame, or her?’ The question was never answered.

Sam realized that something was wrong. He continued hugging and caressing her slowly and became very gentle as he tried to diffuse the tension. He cuddled her slowly and softly. She let him kiss her softly. Stella was not the same one Sam had met a few minutes earlier. In fact, as they got through the front door of the house, Stella closed the door between the back and the front of the house, isolating them from what was happening at the back.

‘Stella… is there a problem?’ He looked at her face. There was a tear which had just dribbled out. He caressed her face smoothly and his lips got closer. He kissed her lightly and she tried to reciprocate. It was a rather short kiss.

‘Sorry Sam… Some moments in my life; they always come back. But it’s ok.’ She tried to explain.

‘If you don’t want to go with what was planned, we can just spend the time talking and no body should know; you know what I mean.’ Sam, in a way felt sorry of her.

‘No Sam… I mean yes, I want to go with it, want to do it. It’s been too long since the last time I had sex. I really could not remember when I had sex last and enjoyed it… but I like to try again.’

‘We can go slowly and if you feel you could not do it, we can stop.’

‘I’m just scarred Sam… I’m scarred it will be another disappointment.’

‘I don’t think you’ll disappoint, not this time. You just relax and let me guide you.’ Sam had a challenge and he wanted to find out if he could handle such a delicate situation.

For a start he helped her out of her clothes, but not all, only the blouse and the short skirt. Beneath those, there was the bra which was nicely filled with her average sized breasts. They were not so big but perfectly shaped and a thong, which covered very little and which she probably wore it on purpose, for the occasion.

Sam took her in his arms and laid her down on the bed, while he kept his lips pressed against hers. They let their feelings move more slowly as they became more acquainted. Stella was on her back and Sam on his stomach next to her. He was watching her every move, as he continued to caress her; trying to tame her down slowly, as he continued to initiate a fire into the cold blood inside her body. Their lips were still connected; he kept his hard steel rod away from touching her body. He wanted to get her mellowed, and wanting. He was becoming very confident, that in the end they will make great love.

Sam noticed that her eyes were closed. He watched for any reactions coming from Stella’s way, but felt disappointed when none were felt. Slowly he inserted his tongue between her lips. There was no objection and he felt her lips reacting. His right hand was roaming along the side of her upper part of her body, lightly massaging her smooth skin from her thigh up to, too close to her still covered breast.

Her tongue felt like being activated as Sam felt some movement, rather some reactions. Encouraged; his hand moved further upwards and roamed over one of her breasts while lightly, he massaged it as he turned the palm of his hand over it. He felt her nipple rather hard under the light material of her bra.

At the back of the house it was not the food that was cooking, but an interesting sex lesson was going on, between Hera and Elena. Hera described in more details how pleased she was with Sam, and what a great lover she made out of him. Elena became very excited and although a little sceptic, if she was ready, although she thought that there was the problem, that his organ felt too big. But naturally Hera convinced her that Sam knew casino firmaları very well how to handle such an interesting situation. The detailed conversation continued and both become more sexually excited. Hera naturally was still looking forward to at least another sexual encounter, if Sam was still capable, after the ladies would have departed as previously they had agreed.

Sam had not only taken her bra off and got well acquainted with those beautiful tits she had, but one of her nipples was already being rolled between his lips. The other was being manipulated by his left hand, while the right hand was massaging her pussy, although there was still resistance. Her legs were tightly closed together, and her labia were still covered with that flimsy coloured thong.

Sam was patiently waiting for her first moan to escape from between her lips. It would be the signal that he was pushing for. He started to push just one finger over her slit while his mouth and the other hand tried to squeeze her nipples and send some more signals to her hot sex chakra. It took some time, but slowly as he moved his hand away from her pussy, moving it slowly under her buttocks to massage her most erogenous areas. He thought this massage of her bare butts moving down towards her crack from behind, could facilitate Stella to start to break.

He worked harder on her behind, slowly moving the palm of his hand rather lightly, while it sent shivers as it closed on her smooth skin, especially around her crack. His lips went to hers and their kissing became a little deeper as the blood started to heat. His fingers rolled her nipple which became engorged, sending some pain as he pressed it a little harder. One of her hands went round his neck and she pressed him to her, jamming their lips against each others as her tongue crawled into his mouth. He knew she was breaking. He felt her legs opening and slowly started to manoeuvre his hand back towards the heating pussy.

He sucked on her tongue as his hand moved towards her vee. Rather lightly he pressed two fingers against her pussy with one of the fingers descended in the crack, between the walls of her wet pouty lips. The little patch of her thong became naturally wet, as it was pressed under the fingers. She started to moan as a hard squeeze of one of her nipples not only broke the ice but her body trembled. He realized that she liked it more than cuddling. Maybe she wanted some pain.

Their kissing became aggressive. His fingers pulled the thong to the side as she opened her legs wider. After massaging her clit he inserted them into her hot drenched vagina. Immediately he hit her, he pressed her clit which was already under his thumb. Being massaged from the inside and the outside, Stella’s body trembled as an orgasm took over her body. That was the moment when she exploded and became uncontrollable.

Sam pulled the towel away from around his torso, while he got on his knees and moved between her legs. While he watched the string of her thong jammed between the swollen lips, Stella opened her legs as wide as she could; giving Sam that fantastic scene he craved so much for. He moved the gusset to one side and jammed his mouth against her freshly shaven pussy, which tasted nothing more than the soap she washed it with.

She went wild; she cried and shouted as her sexual energy valve exploded and broke all limits. She became aggressive. The more Sam sucked on her pussy the more she cried and shouted, more than Xenia had done two days earlier. Her dormant sexual energy woke up and made a real woman in heat. She became so hot that she started to shout more and more.

‘Fuck me Sam, fuck me, fuck me.’ Stella cried.

Sam moved his mouth away as the opportunity was presented. He did not care to pull the thong away. He moved in position, took his hard as steel organ in his hand and in one thrust he sent it all the way deep inside her, jamming it against her womb. She lifted one of her legs, which she rested on his bum. She pressed hard pushing his hard cock as deep as it can deep inside until it pressed against her womb. Her body went wild. She immediately went into another orgasm which flowed into another as Sam kept pressing the bulbous head in the depth of her erupting volcano.

Her body was overtaken with those mind blowing orgasms. As she released the pressure of her foot from the back of his ass he fucked her like crazy. He banged his dick inside her in all directions until she begged him to stop. He tried to relax and as quick as he was very close to explode; he pulled his still hard cock all the way out of her burning pussy.

After a little rest he pressed it in deeper into her blazing furnace, once again. The volcano had been awakened. He kissed her deeply and with great affection after which, he pulled his cock out and left her to relax for a couple of minutes.

‘A couple of days ago I had a very hot woman; but she does not compare with you. You are a just one hot fucking woman.’ I said. güvenilir casino ‘Did you enjoy it?’

She gave me a seductive look. ‘Not even my ex, ever done such a thing to me. Thanks. Now I’m wondering; why Hera was so hot for you.’ Stella closed her eyes and tried to enjoy the aftermath. Her vaginal tube was empty, but I thought she was well satisfied at least for those moments.

But no, she was not. ‘Fuck me again Sam?’ She moved and turned over on her stomach. Immediately she started lifting her ass to Sam’s hungry eyes, until she was on her knees. Sam did not need any invitation. He knew precisely what she wanted and exactly that what she was going to experience. He got close and started to lick her pussy from behind; naturally noticing that the taste of her sex juicy covered pussy had changed dramatically. From between those beautiful swollen lips, that exquisite taste and the aromatic smell the flowing juices became incredible.

Sam did not forget her little rosebud, which looked a rather darker shade. It looked very tempting and decided to also give it, a lick. He was also hoping he may have the possibility to test the reaction from the back door as it looked quite inviting. The problem was; that he did not know where the KY was stored. In any case, Stella may have loads of lubricant deep inside her pussy. It should be really enough to lubricate her awaiting asshole; Sam thought.

Stella moaned as her body continued to vibrate. Sam continued to suck not only her clit and between her soppy lips which included not only the entrance to her vagina, but also his tongue circled her rosebud, a few times. She quickly came again and as before her cries and shouting could be heard from a distance. Her body became wild and overwhelmed with sexual energy, which nearly hypnotized her.

‘Fuck me Sam, fuck me I said.’ She continued to cry and moan as her body continued to wriggle on the bed.

Sam shouted back. ‘Where do you want it?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘In which hole shall I stick it in?’ Sam shouted back.

‘Does it matter?’ She shouted back probably not knowing what answer she had cried.

Sam had not stopped sucking her ass hole. He had stuck two fingers in her vagina trying to collect as much natural lubricant as he could his on fingers. Stella was so wet that she hasn’t even stopped cumming while the juices never stopped flowing.

Sam did not ask anything except that he exchanged his hard dick with his fingers and filled again, her vagina. As he started to fuck her from behind while she was on all fours; he also stuck a finger up her ass. With the other hand, he searched for her breasts were he ended squeezing one of her nipples. That was the last knot she needed as it did not only send her over the moon, but probably also into the unknown.

Sam fucked her like crazy as she helped him pump her. He thrust forward and she shot backwards while her body was like a fireball; a total earthquake erupting inside her, without break. His finger was moving in and out of her ass waiting to insert a second one but it was not easy. Therefore, Sam decided otherwise. He pulled his finger out of her ass and as quick as a thunderbolt he had the head of his steel hard dick ready; so as Stella was pushing her ass backwards to meet his thrust, her rosebud jammed against his cock and in split second the hard cockhead was inside behind the sphincter.

An immediate cry of pain escaped Stella’s mouth but in a split second the steel hard purple mushroom head went deeper and deeper inside her ass. A little help from Sam, she had it all the way inside her anal tube.

‘Auuch, fuck you Sam! What the hell did you do?’ She cried as she felt the shock of pain. Her anal tube was unexpectedly stretched to limits unknown.

Sam did not answer, but he pulled his dick back, stopped before the entrance and pushed it back in. This time she did not push her ass back. Sam continued to fuck her ass slowly at first, but continued to increase the speed until Stella also joined in the anal action. After that first initial pain and shock, she relaxed and started to thrust back. It did not take long before she went wild again. He gave her a few more thrusts but she became so hot that she nearly passed out, and fell flat on her stomach with Sam’s dick hanging in the air. He did not cum, but sure when the virgin Elena comes for her share he was more than sure that he will fill her up. He knew that in the afternoon he was going to be very busy.

Naturally Hera was expected to have the last go.


‘Dad; that must had been a very hard morning, fucking Hera for so long and then Stella.’ Lydia commented as soon as I had stopped relating. Lydia stayed quite and we did not play of fuck except for the odd kiss. She was very excited about the way I had fucked Hera and later Stella.

‘Hera was crazy that morning. I had no idea what it was with her or what she had in her mind. The way she wanted me so much, was the same as when your mother was fucking me, when, later I realized that she got pregnant and produced such a nice young handsome lady.’ I answered.

‘Maybe, that was what she wanted? Did she ever contact you since that special Wednesday?’ Lydia asked.

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