Au Natural Mothers

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Anna’s heart was in her mouth as she stood in front of Candy’s door. She knew it was silly but she feared that Candy would tell her to go away. Her life seemed so different after meeting Anna again, there was something about being with her that made her feel so alive and excited. After leaving Candy that last time she had gone home and when her baby had cried she had been able to breastfeed him without any difficulty. Even better he had gone to sleep without a problem and she had been able to seduce her husband as she had been told to by Candy he had responded very quickly. When he had thrust his cock into her cunt she had almost passed out with the pleasure but even as he was fucking her she was thinking of Candy’s lips at her breasts and how she had fed on her sweet milk.

When her husband had slipped off into a deep sleep Anna still excited had masturbated again thinking of Candy and what she had done to her and what she promised to do to her today. She had cum powerfully again and again as she imagined the woman sucking milk from her breasts and then sucking her cum from her cunt. It was all she could do to stop herself from screaming with the pleasure and Anna had passed into an exhausted but pleasing sleep at the end of her play.

Now she was back and it seemed to be a dream and she feared that with the knock on the door the delicious dream would end. Somehow her hand moved and she pressed the doorbell. There seemed to be an eternity before she heard someone walking towards the door. It opened and Candy stood in doorway a smile on her face and a look of lust in her eyes. Then she had her arms wrapped about Anna’s waist as she dragged the woman and pram into her house.

“Anna just the person I was thinking of, do come in and you must tell me everything that you did last night. That is of course after we have fed and enjoyed some sweet milk,” Candy said.

Anna overcome by the happy welcome found that she could not say anything as she was guided into the house. She saw that Candy was wearing only a t-shirt that seemed a size too large and a tennis skirt that allowed Anna to admire Candy’s tanned legs that seemed to be so muscular and beautiful. Anna found herself imagining that she was kissing each of Candy’s toes and worshipping each inch of the woman’s skin as she peeked beneath the short skirt and hoping that she did not wear any panties.

Taking up her own child Candy brushed back her sun-streaked hair and pulled up her t-shirt and with practised ease she held the baby to her breast allowing it to feed to its heart’s content. The sight of the child feeding sent a shiver of jealousy through Anna’s body that she wondered at before she found herself watching the breast as the milk was drained from that most perfect of containers.

“Come on Anna give him a feed otherwise we will never have any time for our enjoyments,” Candy said authoritatively.

Startled Anna quickly did as Candy told her feeling her body grow aroused as the experience of having her breast drained by her son. Though it was her son who was feeding from her she imagined it as being Candy and that aroused her even further. She felt her panties grow wet with the juice that was escaping from her hot cunt. Then her breast swung free as the baby released it and she quickly covered it up and burped the well-fed child.

After eating the dozy babies were placed in their bassinets and left to sleep.

“There we should have a couple of hours to ourselves. I love that time when I can think don’t you?” Candy said. Before Anna said anything Candy continued,” You seem to be feeding well and he is sleeping bahis firmaları better I would say.”

“Yes he is…..” Anna found that she couldn’t say anything else and the other woman feeling the confusion in the other woman smiled and led her back to the living room.

“It’s so hot today, don’t you feel hot in that stuff,” Candy said as she indicated Anna’s shirt and jeans.

“It is hot…..” Anna said.

“I told you so, off with those silly things. After all we are friends and we don’t need to be modest with each other,” as she spoke Candy pulled Anna’s shirt over her head and then undoing her jeans which she swept down her legs without a question leaving Anna standing in the room naked except for the maternity bra and her black thong panties.

Almost naked Candy held her by the arms and looked into Anna’s eyes and smiled.

“That’s better isn’t it,” Candy remarked.

Releasing the woman she stroked her naked ass framed by the woman’s hips. Anna felt her excitement rising even further as a finger traced its path over Anna’s stomach and then to the edge of her bra. She waited for Candy to take her bra off and drink from her milky breasts. The thought of the woman’s lips pressed to her breasts sent a delighted thrill through her body and she bit her lip hard as she waited. Yet she did not touch her breast and Candy looked into her eyes and whispered.

“Are you a good girl Anna?”

Anna looked into Candy’s face and wondered what to say then she remembered what had been said at the last time they had been together and she dropped her head and said slowly,” No Miss my fanny is not clean it has hair over it. Also I want suck on your breast, will you let me have some milk, please Miss.”

Candy’s eyes flamed with lust and she reached behind Anna to release her bra so that the milk laden teats hardened as the cooler air touched them. Then with practised ease she slipped her t-shirt over her head and her skirt to the floor. Then she shrugged off her bra so that her breasts were also free and remained standing in front of Anna dressed only in a pair of white briefs that hugged her cunt and ass cheeks. Anna saw that the woman’s panties were wet at the crotch and she was thrilled as she knew that Candy wanted her as much as she wanted Candy.

Candy looked into Anna’s eyes as she took a nipple between her thumb and finger and squeezing gently felt the milk gather at the tip.

“I’m so hungry, you must tell me what you did last night as I drink from you Anna,” then without any further talk she sat on the couch and lay Anna along side her and leaning over her body latched onto the breast that she saw thrusting into the air. Sucking slowly she felt the woman squirm as the breast milk began to flow into Candy’s mouth and as her body began to burn. Anna’s fingers quickly found their way to the band of her thong and pulling it aside began to rub her swollen clit and lips.

As she felt the milk being drained from her body Anna rubbed harder at her clit and thrust two fingers deeply into her cunt frigging herself vigorously until she reached that place she wanted. The place where her body was wracked with the excruciating feel of orgasm. Gasping and writhing Candy sucked even harder enjoying the feel of the woman’s passion against her skin. Finally the milk stopped and wiping a drop of milk from the corner of her lips lifted her head and holding Anna’s head in her hands she pulled Anna’s lips to her own breast and the woman began to hungrily suck at the teat which squirted milk into her mouth.

As Anna drank Candy’s milk Candy’s cunt burnt with a flame that she kaçak iddaa could not douse though even the sucking made her cum more than once. Slowly the flow of milk slowed and then stopped. Panting both women rose from the cum stained couch and Candy took Anna by the hand and led her to the bathroom that she had prepared for Anna’s shaving. Sitting the woman on the bidet she told the submissive woman to wash herself thoroughly so that her fanny could be properly cleaned.

“You know Anna you were not a good girl since you didn’t tell me what you did last night. Still I will forgive you since we were otherwise engaged,” Candy said as she prepared her razor and shaving cream. She saw that Anna was playing with her clit as she let the warm water wash over her cunt.

“Now stop that you naughty girl and tell me what you did,” Candy said as she led Anna to the chair she had in the middle of the room. Making the girl sit she then opened the woman’s legs so that her cunt was completely exposed. Bringing her forward so that her buttocks barely touched the chair she left the excited woman even more exposed and vulnerable.

Anna shuddered as she felt Candy’s fingers comb through the dark hair that hid the swollen lips beneath it, lips soaked with her juices and cum. Candy gave a lock a quick tug that surprised the woman and then she realised that she was to say what happened last night as she was shaved.

“I had my mother babysit my son and prepared one of Bob’s favourite dinners last night. As I thought of him I couldn’t forget the feel of your lips as you sucked my milk out of my tits. Oh Candy it was so good. So I got dressed in my most sexy way, that was a figure hugging black dress and I didn’t wear any underwear. It surprised him that I was really dressed up and then when for desert I knelt in front of him and unzipped his fly,” Anna shuddered as Candy’s fingers touched her wet cunt lips.

“Then when I took his cock into my mouth he virtually blew a load straight away. So I cleaned him up and we went to bed. My fingers were shaking when I took my clothes off and we were in bed together. When he joined me I wanted you there so that you could touch me and make me do things that I never can do,” Anna stopped a short time as she felt the cold metal of scissors touch her skin as Candy cropped her pubic hair, somehow she continued as she was shorn.

” He tried so hard and he sucked on my tits which made me so hot since he drank some of my milk and when he kissed me I tasted my milk on his lips and that made me so aroused. When he slipped his cock into me I came with just being filled with it. Ohhhh,” Anna groaned as Candy applied lather to Anna’s cunt.

“He pumped his cock in my cunt so often I think that it was one unending cum after another. I said it had been the best night of his life and he seemed to be so comforting after it but even then I wanted you to be there and your kisses and body next to mine,” Anna finished.

Anna did not say anything as Candy slid the razor over her lathered skin leaving lives of bare skin. Slowly the razor exposed Anna’s most intimate secrets between her legs. The white skin seemed so juvenile, so like a little girl. Candy opened the woman’s legs wide seeing her swollen lips and the juice that leaked from them. Slowly, softly and intimately she lathered the lips mixing lather with the sweet juice that was there already.

Skilfully using her fingers Candy pulled the skin allowing the razor to run over the sensitive skin. Anna shuddered as she felt the metal slip along the slippery flesh and it excited her even more because she also knew that kaçak bahis Candy was between her legs. Oh how she wanted the woman to kiss between her legs and lap at the full lips and her clit so that she could cum in the mouth that had so recently kissed her.

Anna felt the lather and the razor touching around her asshole exciting her even more since one of her deepest, darkest desires was to have her ass fucked. Anna imagined someone dominating would thrust a hard phallus deep into her bowels. Anna wondered did Candy know of this dark lust that she had when she felt Candy’s fingers exploring and testing her newly smooth skin for any missed hair follicles. Though not aimed at arousing Anna it did so driving out any other thought in her mind. Sighing the woman raised her head and reaching to one side she took a cloth that was damp and with it she wiped the remaining lather away from Anna’s skin.

“Hmm my dear your cunt looks so like a little girls so smooth and yet so arousing. Why don’t you touch it Anna? Touch the cunt of a good girl for me,” Candy said slyly.

Anna would have walked on hot coals had she been asked to and she felt so strange as she felt air on her bare skin between her legs. When she first touched the skin she felt an intense thrill rush through her body that continued as she explored her skin even more thoroughly. When she touched her hair naked lips she came with a short, sharp intensity that made her fingers thrust into her cunt.

As her fingers thrust frantically in and out of the hot flesh she felt hair and skin being thrust against her mouth.

“Lick my cunt Anna, be a good girl and lick my cunt as you masturbate,” Candy whispered to the woman.

Panting Anna opened her lips and pressed them against Candy’s nether lips, lips that were wet with sweet juice. Licking the juice from the lips she felt Candy’s hands holding her head to her cunt as she felt a small shudder shake through Candy’s body. As she felt the pleasure her own body writhed and arched as she thrust three fingers into her welcoming hole desperately seeking more pleasure from her own body.

Anna’s tongue thrust boldly between the lips above them and touched the blazing skin that lay within the entrance of Candy’s cunt. As she licked inside Candy’s cunt Anna felt Candy rubbing her cunt up and down over Anna’s open mouth dripping juice into her mouth and over her chin as the woman lapped up what Candy so willingly gave.

Arching her neck upwards Anna was able to get her tongue to touch the underside of the woman’s clit. Candy screamed with pleasure as the tongue rubbed hard against the nub that it had found. Anna’s fingers pumped even harder at her cunt and she felt her orgasm strike through her body and it made her even more insatiable in her kissing and licking of Candy’s cunt.

“Ohhhhh yess , yesssss. Yesssss, lick it, lick it,” Candy chanted as much to herself as to Anna.

Suddenly the sound of crying shattered the lust laden atmosphere and both women froze and grabbed what clothing they could as they rushed to their babies who were demanding their attention. Quickly the women fed and settled their children again but realised that their time together had to end.

Anna’s heart almost broke as she realised that she needed to go home. Candy smiled and took the woman’s hand and looked her in the eye with merriment in her own.

“Oh Anna you are coming back here aren’t you. We have so much left to do,” Candy lightly said, “So you come back here tomorrow and make sure that you keep up that blog of yours my dear.”

Saying that the woman helped Anna into her clothes and kissed her passionately as she wished her a fond farewell.

From the author: As before this story was inspired by Anna who has found her Candy and is very happy she tells me. May you have great times Anna with your Candy.

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