Awakening Ch. 01

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I was out on the piss with my sister and her friends one night in October. I hadn’t had such an exciting life, the nerdy girl at school, never had a boyfriend before, never really had the time in between college and work, it had never really bothered me, you don’t miss what you don’t know.

I was on my second Vodka and coke when he walked in. I was 21, and I later found out he was 19, Mat Bridle, sexy as fuck!

He sauntered in and said hey to the group and sat down next to my sister, Emma, she gave me a sly wink.

“Mat this is my little sister, Lucy.” She said. He turned to me and gave me half a smile. My breath caught in my chest.

“Hey sexy! How come I have never met you before?” He asked.

“Oh I live in Ireland, I came over yesterday for two weeks.” I replied.

“I see, an Irish girl, huh?” he asked.

“No, I’m not Irish!” I stated, “I was born here, and I lived here until I was sixteen, so that makes me English.”

“Yeah…yeah…whatever you say, do you want another drink, Irish?”

“Erm…yeah…okay.” I answered.

He went up to the bar to get the drinks and my sister turned to me “He’s cute isn’t he! Do you like him?”

“Hell yeah, he is so sexy!” I answered. Just then I felt a hand on the bare skin of my back, I turned expecting to see Mat back next to me. Instead I was greeted by a guy who was old enough to be my granddad.

“Hey pretty young thing, where have you been hiding all my life?” he slurred.

“Well for the first 50 years I was just a twinkle in my daddy’s eye” I said sarcastically.

“You wanna date a real man?” he leered.

“If by ‘real’ you mean ‘old’ then no. Besides my boyfriend wouldn’t like that!” I said.

“I don’t see no boyfriend.” he said as he ran his hand up my thigh.

“That would be me nobjockey.” Mat replied as he sat beside me, putting the drinks on the table, then wrapping his arm around me.

I breathed deep, partly because I was glad he came back when he did, but mostly because of the jolt of electricity that ran through my body when his hand made contact with my skin.

The old guy walked off looking for another girl to hit on.

“I have to go meet Martin,” my sister said, “we will be back in about an hour.” She headed for the door, turned back to me and mouthed “Have fun!”

I turned back to Mat, who still had his arm around me, “So how did you meet Emma?” I asked.

“I am much more interested in talking about you than your older sister.” he said. casino şirketleri


Six vodka and cokes later he knew everything there was to know about me and I had gathered a little information about him. We moved to the bar and decided to do some shots. Three red after shocks later he was ready for a smoke.

I followed him outside and we walked a little way down the road. He lit up and offered me one. “I don’t smoke.” I said.

“So, Irish, are you glad you came out?” he asked.

“I’m not fucking Irish!” I said as I pushed him away softly, he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer and kissed me so passionately. I didn’t realize how much I wanted him until that moment. I was hungry for his kiss, his touch. I had to go further.

“Let’s go for a walk.” he said.

We walked further round the village and ended up behind a supermarket. There was not a soul in sight. He threw his cigarette away and leaned down to kiss me again. He manoeuvred me backwards so I was up against a wall. His tongue was exploring my mouth and I was massaging his tongue with mine. His hands moved down my body and he groped my butt pushing his hardening dick closer to me making me shiver. His other hand moved underneath my shirt and he started twisting my nipple. He lifted my skirt a little and hooked his finger around my panties pulling them down. “I…have…never…before” I said between breaths. “Do you want to?” he asked as he kissed my neck. “Yes, I do.” With that his hand moved to my pussy, he stroked his finger across my clit, making me moan in pleasure. He stroked faster and faster until I started shuddering then his hand moved further down and he pushed a finger up inside my cunt. I all but screamed as he hit my g-spot.

“Yeah, that’s it make some noise for me.” he whispered.

He continued finger fucking me as he sucked on my tongue. Too soon enough I couldn’t take any more and my breathing became faster and shallower.

“Oh…my…god! I’m coming! Aaahhh!” I squealed.

“Mmmm you make me so fucking horny when you come.” Mat said.

I could feel his dick as hard as a rock against the bottom of my stomach. I moved my hand down and started stroking it through his jeans. I turned us around so he was against the wall, I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down a little, pulling his boxers down at the same time. I looked him deep in the eyes and slowly sank down to my knees. I moved closer and licked the drop of pre cum off the end of his cock. It tasted casino firmaları like nothing I had ever tasted before, I was addicted to the taste immediately. I moved forward and took the head in my mouth, slowly moving further down the shaft.

“Oh…fuck! That feels so good, have you done this before?” he asked as he looked down at me. I shook my head infinitesimally.

“You’re a fucking natural” he said.

I moved back up the shaft and swirled my tongue around the head, before moving down again. It hit the back of my throat and made me gag, I pulled back.

“Don’t worry just swallow.” Mat coached.

I tried again and this time when it hit the back of my throat I swallowed and it was amazing, I didn’t choke.

“FUCK!!” He yelled, “You have all 8 inches in”

I took the encouragement and kept up a steady rhythm, I never imagined deep throating anyone, but the sounds he started making were enough to make me think it was worth it. I picked up the pace and sucked harder.

“I’m gonna come in your mouth, Lucy, let me pull out if you are unsure.”

Fuck that I wanted the reward! I kept up the sucking and I felt his balls tighten.

“Unh, FUCK ME!” Mat yelled.

I kept sucking as he unloaded his cream into my mouth, I swallowed when my mouth was full and made sure to catch every drop as he squirted more and more into my mouth.

I stood up and he looked me deep in my eyes, “I can’t believe you swallowed it all.”

“I couldn’t bear to waste any, you tasted so good.” I replied breathless.

He kissed me long and hard, “Lets go back to my place, I want you, all of you!”

“I want you too. But you will have to go easy on me.” I whispered.

“Of course I will, don’t worry you will enjoy it.” he reassured me.

I got myself dressed properly and he did the same. We walked the short distance to his house while I text my sister to say not to bother looking for me, I would see her tomorrow.

We reached his flat and headed up the stairs, he opened the door and led the way through to the bedroom. I was so horny I couldn’t wait I locked my mouth over his and he pushed me back onto the bed. He pulled my top off and unhooked my bra, “I have been thinking about sucking on these tits all night.” he confessed.

I felt the moist tongue glide over my nipple and then he started sucking on my tit. It felt so good. I unzipped his jeans again and we undressed each other as we kissed each other hungrily. I started stroking his cock güvenilir casino back to full hardness. He moved his hand to my pussy, “Lucy by name, juicy by nature huh.” he laughed “I want to taste you so badly” he whispered.

He moved down my body licking and kissing my skin as he moved closer to my pussy. He spread my legs and buried his face into my cunt, licking my clit and sending me wild, he moved his tongue further down and pushed it inside my hole. It felt amazing he moved his tongue around lapping up all my juices. He moved his tongue back to my clit and sucked and nibbled on it as I felt his finger push up into me. He pulled it back and then inserted a second finger and finger fucked me as he pleasured my clit. It didn’t take very long before I was moaning and writhing in pleasure. “I want you NOW!” I yelled.

Not one to disappoint he moved back up my body, he reached over and pulled a condom out of his drawer and slipped it on his rock hard cock. He lifted my legs and leaned over me kissing me hard and stroking his cock along my slit. I felt him push into me hard and fast, I screamed in pain and a tear escaped from my eyes. He didn’t move letting me get used to the intruder in my body. He kissed me deep until I gave him the nod that I was okay and ready to start moving. He pulled out of me slowly and then pushed back into me, it hurt but not as much as the first time.

He kept the slow steady pace going until the pain dulled down, “Faster,” I breathed.

“You’re sure?” he asked.

“Yes, I want it faster and harder.” I replied.

He started pounding in and out of my cunt and I could hear our bodies slapping together when he reached full penetration.

“Fuck you are so tight! I have never had anything so good in my life” he yelled.

“Mmmm you’re so good Mat, don’t stop.” I yelled back.

I was close to coming after a couple more minutes of his pounding, “Aaaah unh!” I yelled as I came, he didn’t stop just rode me through my orgasm. When I had recovered we rolled over so I was on top. I continued the speed as I bounced on top of his cock.

“Fuck! You are so sexy, your tits are amazing when they bounce.” he said as he grabbed them, massaging them as I rode him hard. “I’m gonna cum again!” I yelled.

“Fuck I’m close Lucy! Don’t stop! Unh!”

He shuddered and held me upright as we both came hard. I collapsed on top of him when I finished milking his cock. “OH MY GOD! That was amazing!” I yelled.

“That was the best fuck I have ever had!” Mat said before kissing me sensually.

“When did you say you go back to Ireland?” he asked.

“In 2 weeks!” I replied.

“Will I see you again in that time?”

“That depends…are you free tomorrow?” I laughed.

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