Basement Playtoy

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The light from the top of the stairs spilled down onto my bare, pale legs. I hadn’t seen the light of day in so long. My skin seemed whiter than a ghost, but I didn’t mind. He didn’t mind.

I was pale. Short. I think 5’1″, last time he checked. I weighed a pathetic 98 lbs. My breasts were rounded to perfection he claimed and he often liked to grab at my full bottom.

My clothes were usually torn. He liked tearing them off. He got angry when I took too long to undress for him, so he decided it would be easier that way. However, he sometimes bought me new clothing. Usually a very sort leather skirt and a low-cut, dip top. He didn’t like me to wear a bra and preferred me in panties.

I had to cover my eyes as I stared up at his figure in the light. The hall light. I’d seen it a few times when he took me upstairs. It was blinding. But then again, I lived in the darkness of his basement with only a small lamp that let me see.

Slowly, I heard his heavy footsteps descend the stairs. I smiled. Delighted and eager, I scurried to greet him, shadowing my eyes with my hands. Because my small fingers blocked my site, I simply walked towards the footsteps and gasped as I felt myself walk into his chest.

“Master!” I cried happily.

I could almost hear him smile. Ohhhh, that smile…

“Hello, my little cum slut,” he greeted sweetly.

Then he leaned down and kissed my lips firmly. He had just shaved, I smelled his after shave. And his mouth tasted of mint. I closed my eyes and delved into the kiss. His tongue was probing into my mouth and his hands slid down my sides, to my back. One made it’s way to my bottom and gripped one cheek, causing me to jump forward.

“Mmmm, look at you,” he taunted. “You’re all ready for me, aren’t you? You’re aching for it and I’ve bearly touched you.”

I nodded eagerly. “Oh, yes I am. I’m always ready for you, Master,” I said. And it was true. I knew his smell, the way he walked, his voice, his touch. And all of them made my heart melt and made my crotch throb.

He smirked and pushed my shoulders forcefully, causing me to tumble to the ground. I cried out as I hit the cold hard floor. I sat there, staring up at him. I watched tentatively as he reached up, unbuttoning his trousers. He slowly bahis firmaları pulled the zipper down and with it fell my jaw. I knew what was coming and I couldn’t wait.

I felt the tension rise in my chest as he reached in, pulling out his throbbing cock. It stood out seven inches long, two inches wide. The tip was doused in precum and I licked my lips, desperate to taste him. He wrapped his hand around the base and stroked up and down, so slowly. I reached down to rub myself, too, and he shouted.

“No! You’re not allowed to touch, you little whore. Not until I say so,” he barked, angrily at me.

I nodded, and regrettably pulled my hand away. I watched as his hand glided up and down his desirable member with such grace. I was aching to touch him. To wrap my hands around him. To pull his throbbing head into my mouth and suck it until he exploded against my tongue. Like he’d done for me so many times in the past. Mmmmm, and I loved it.

He moaned softly and reached up with his other hand, rubbing his tummy. I saw, in his eyes, he was getting so much pleasure from it. I wanted to pleasure him. I needed to. I felt myself aching, throbbing just to touch him and make him climax. I boldly spoke up, while staring at the tip of his cockhead.

“Oh, Master… please… let me do that for you…” I said quietly, hoping he’d accept my offer.

He smiled down at me and began his teasing. “Oh, you’d love that, wouldn’t you? If you could just pull him into your mouth. Tell me how much you want it. Tell me what you are. And maybe I’ll let you play with him.”

I cooed his orders softly. Wanting, needing him now. “I want it so so bad, Master. I’m aching for it. Please, please give me your cum. I’ll suck him so well for you. I’m your dirty little cum slut. And I want your cum so bad.”

I watched him pick up his pace as I spoke those teasing words. I started panting myself while watching him, feeling myself getting such deepand erotic pleasure from it. I imagined him, mashing it against my lips until I was allowed to pull it into my mouth. I felt my pussy oozing as I thought of swirling my tongue around his tip, sucking so eagerly on his head. Pulling it in and out slowly. Mmmm and-

“Ohhh, yeah,” he groand, interrupting my thoughts. But I kaçak iddaa didn’t mine at all. “I know you would. Mmmmmmmm, wouldn’t you love to suck on him? Feel me explode hard against your cheek and spurt to the back of your throat? I’m gonna fuck that pretty face of yours. And I’m gonna cum all over it, too.”

I couldn’t help but whimper as he spoke of such threatening actions. Master knew that was one of my deepest fantasies. To have him cum all over my face and in my mouth. He’d done it many times in the past and I loved it more and more every time.

“Mmmmm, yes please, Master. Let me suck on him until you cum. Please, I want to so bad.” I was speaking, no longer for myself, but for my burning desire that had again taken control of me. And I could hear it in his panting and moaning he loved this desire, as well.

“Ohhhh, yeah. Come and get him, then. He’s close for you, my little cum whore. Come milk him for every drop, you dirty little slut.”

Quickly, I crawled over to him. I was on my knees in front of him. I wrapped my small hands around his thick, hard, aching member. I could feel it twitch in my hand. He was happy to see me. I pressed my tongue against the tip, against the slit. Then, slowly, I slid my lips around him and listened to Master gasp. I moaned against him, which brought heavier panting.

I adjusted myself so I was sitting on the heal of my foot. It was rubbing against my clit and I moaned with such ecstasy. His cock in my mouth and pressure to my clit was nearly an unbearable combination. He was pleased that I was pleased. I could tell in his smile when I looked up into his eyes.

Master reached down and stroked my head as I sucked so eagerly on the head of his member. I sucked it while pulling my lips from it, making a sucking sound, and then I sucked it back into my mouth. I stroked the base of his cock quickly, moaning with an unbearable combination of emotions and pleasures as I felt him twitch inside my mouth.

Master gripped my hair tightly and started pulling my head up and down his cock faster. He cried out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Here it comes, baby! Mmmmmmm, lick it all up, you little slut. That’s it. Ohhhh! OH! Oh, here it comes, get ready for it, you whore! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

He gasped and I moaned and kaçak bahis cried out as I felt a strong spurt of cum against my tongue. I gagged on the load and pulled it from my mouth, but he wasn’t done. He spurted against my lips, cheeks and chin and kept moaning as he did so. I moaned, too. I felt so dirty. So wet. I was about to cum, too.

Master shoved my face back against his cock and ordered, “Suck it all up, you little slut. Mmmmm, get it all out. And swallow it all up.”

I nodded lightly and kept sucking. I squeezed my hand along his member as I do so. All along, I’d been giving myself pleasure. My foot has rubbing against my clit and I felt my own orgasm start to build. I sucked harder on his cock, causing him to gasp. I started bucking my hips as I felt the build up and he laughed because he knew what was happening.

Master started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my cum-covered little face. I gasped and cried out loudly as I felt a tight, sudden contraction. Over and over, my pussy contracted and relaxed, causing my muscles to tighten. I moaned against his cock until finally my orgasm lessened, and drew to a close.

Master pulled his cock from my mouth and shoved it back into his boxers. He pulled up his zipper and buttoned his trousers. I stayed on my knees, leaning down, propped on my arms. Master knelt in front of me and kissed my cheek, above where he came. I looked up at him and smiled happily. He gave my hair a quick stroke and said “Wash your face. If you’re clean when I come back, you can come upstairs to my room for the night.”

With that, he stood and walked towards the stairs. The light was no longer blinding. I’d grown used to it in the short while Master was teasing me. He was midway up the stairs and I called, “Master!”

He turned to me, a questioning look on his face, worried almost. How wanted I felt when he worried about me.

I smiled softly and said quietly, “I… I love you.”

He smiled softly as well and mouthed a kiss. Followed back a soft, heart-warming, “I love you, too, my little pet. Wash up and take a nap. I’ll see you shortly.” And with that, he walked the rest of the way up, closing the door behind him.

I smiled and crawled over to the mattress on the floor. I rested my head on the pillow and closed my eyes, smiling contently. Soon I’d wake up to the feeling of Master shoving his cock between my pussylips.

The sooner you get to sleep, I told myself, the sooner he can sneak up on you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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