Becoming Anne Ch. 05

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She woke up in confusion, unsure of who she was and where she was. Opening her eyes, she recognised the bedroom, but she felt different. She was naked between the sheets, someone else’s arm wrapped around her, the air filled with a strange and musky scent. Slowly, she turned and saw the mass of dark blonde hair on the pillow beside her and recognised the soft features of the sleeping face it framed. Katrin, she remembered, and all of yesterday flooded back into her mind, along with her own name.

“Anne.” She murmured. “I’m Anne.” Her fingers moved to her neck, felt the softness of the collar wrapped around it. It was the only thing Katrin had allowed her to wear in bed, a reminder of her new status as a possession, not needing clothes to sleep in, while Katrin had put on a tight black vest and shorts to sleep in.

Anne nestled back into Katrin’s arms, feeling the young woman murmur in her sleep, moving closer and holding her tight. She happily lay there, enjoying the feeling of being claimed and protected by her lover until she felt Katrin stir and awaken.

“Good morning Anne.” Katrin murmured into her ear. “Is my girl awake and ready for the day?”

“Yes Miss.” Anne said, remembering what had been promised. The memory of Katrin fucking her in the bed last night still lingered in her body, and she knew she craved more of it.

“Good. You can start by having your shower, then preparing breakfast while I shower. You may wear a t-shirt to cover yourself while preparing it, but by the time I come down, the food will be prepared, and you will be kneeling naked by the table. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Good. Kiss me before you leave the bed.”

Anne eagerly rolled over and let Katrin pull them together for a slow and tender kiss, their bodies rubbing sensuously together before she pushed Anne away, giving her a playful smack on the bottom as she went.

Anne hurried about her tasks, remembering what Katrin had told her before she arrived about what breakfast she liked, cooking it quickly while she listened to the sounds from upstairs. She could hear Katrin leave the shower, then the bathroom as Anne began to bring everything together, hearing her in the bedroom, the sound of feet padding about as she dressed herself. As she left the bedroom and began to head down the stairs, Anne placed everything on the table, quickly removed the t-shirt she’d worn and knelt down beside the chair she’d pulled out for Katrin.

“Well done, Anne.” Katrin said. “I shan’t expect this every morning from you, but it’s good to know you have the ability to do it.”

“Thank you, Miss.” Anne replied, feeling happy to have pleased her again. She kept her head bowed, and could only see Katrin’s feet, clad in black leather heels, shining bright with a sharply pointed tall heel, her feet and calves bare.

“Look up, Anne. Do you like what you see?”

Anne slowly raised her head, her vision working up Katrin’s body, seeing the shapely calves and thighs before they disappeared beneath the edge of a tight black dress that clung to every part o Katrin’s body. It concealed and revealed at the same time, the soft curves it showed somehow almost as alluring as the real thing bahis firmaları beneath it, emphasising and defining every part of her body, so tight against her that Anne knew Katrin wore nothing beneath her.

Further up, she saw Katrin had lightly made-up her face, enough to draw out her features, the only distinctive feature were the same deep blood red they had been yesterday, her long damp hair loosely pinned behind her head.

“Yes, Miss. You’re beautiful.”

“I know.” Katrin said, smiling. “I can see it in your eyes. You still want to worship me, don’t you? Maybe I’ll let you do that tomorrow, if you please me today – and I haven’t forgotten that I owe you a punishment this morning.”

She sat down in the chair and began to eat, occasionally passing pieces of food to Anne for her to eat. She knew taking food like that, being treated like a pet, not even allowed to sit at the table with Katrin, was demeaning and humiliating, but it felt good to her. She knew that her place was to kneel in Katrin’s presence and that she accepted being treated as a pet or a toy because it kept her happy and pleased her.

“Are you looking forward to today, Anne?” Katrin asked. “Do you think you can take being fucked by me so many times?”

“Yes Miss, I am. I know I’ve never been fucked that many times before, but I want to try and do it for you.”

“I’ll make you into a good fuck toy by the end of the day. You enjoyed being fucked last night, didn’t you?”

“Oh yes, Miss, I did very much.”

“Good, though there’ll be a lot more variety today. There are many ways to fuck, and I expect you’ve not experienced many of them, no matter how much you’ve fantasised about it.”

“Yes Miss.”

“But first, we must deal with your punishment. It was only a small offence, but you looking when you weren’t supposed to spoiled the surprise I was hoping your first proper fuck would be.”

“I’m sorry, Miss, I didn’t mean to, I was just curious.”

“Yes, it was partly my fault for not instructing you properly, but you still displeased me, and we must teach you not to do that in future. Go upstairs to the bedroom and on the bed you’ll find the tool I’ll be punishing you with. Bring it back down here for me.”

“Yes, Miss.” Anne rose and left the room, feeling slightly fearful at Katrin’s describing something as a tool for punishing her, not knowing what it might be.

She saw it as she entered the bedroom. Lying across the crumpled sheets was a cane, a long, slim handled piece of wood, the sort of thing she’d heard about when she was in school as a myth of what bad girls were punished with before her time, and now it was going to be used to chastise her. Anne picked it up, looking at it, wondering how much it would hurt and where Katrin would strike her with it. That she could refuse to take it down to her and decide she didn’t want the punishment didn’t occur to her. She had displeased Katrin, and so she deserved to be punished however Katrin saw fit.

As she returned to the kitchen with the cane, she noticed that Katrin had cleared everything from the table, leaving it completely bare, rearranging the chairs around it so that one part of it was completely open kaçak iddaa too. “Thank you, Anne.” She said, taking the cane from her and flexing it in her hands. “Lean over the table and grip the sides with your hands while spreading your legs apart as far as you can.”

Anne did as commanded, feeling her breasts squash against the cool wood of the table. Sidestepping, she moved her legs far apart, the sturdy table supporting her, her hands gripping the curved edge tightly. Katrin moved to stand behind her, stroking the cane along the inside of her thighs.

“Wider.” She said. “You can spread more than that for me.”

Anne gripped the edge tighter as she she moved her legs further apart, feeling her muscles stretch as she forced herself apart.

“More.” Katrin said, the cane still rubbing her legs, stroking up and down on one side then the other. Anne pushed herself further in response, until her muscles were nearly screaming at her with the effort needed.

There was a sudden whishing noise in the air, once, then twice, and Anne felt a sudden sting in her thighs, reflexively yelping with the pain as Katrin’s cane stung once against each of her thighs. “I told you to spread your legs as far apart as you could, didn’t I? Not as far apart as you feel like doing before it hurts a little.”

“Yes Miss.” Anne replied.

“This is why I had you train yourself before you could meet me. Before you met me, your body would not be capable of this. Now you can endure more, and that means you will also experience more pleasure. What have I told you?”

“There is no true pleasure without pain, Miss.”

“Correct. And the pain you receive as punishment is a reminder that your duty is to please me.”

Anne heard her step to one side, then the sound of the cane swishing through the air above her. She braced herself for its impact upon her flesh, expecting it to break upon the curves of her rear, now so openly displayed at the end of the table, but none came. Instead, Katrin teased her with it, saying nothing as the wood split the air above Anne, her skin only feeling the passing of the air disturbed by it as it passed by. The only pain came from her thighs, stretched out and straining at the limit, a thin red line of pain from where the cane had landed reminding her of her failure to follow the instruction she had been given.

Then it landed with a sudden sting across both her cheeks. Anne heard the sound of contact first, a sharp crack as it dug into her cheeks, then the pain followed it, nerves tingling and making her gasp. She looked straight ahead, feeling the cane rub slowly along the line of pain it had created before Katrin withdrew it, then brought it back down twice in quick succession, one line above and one line below the original. Anne gasped, her hands gripping the edge of the table.

“Three strokes will suffice for a minor infraction.” Katrin said. “But there will be more if you displease me again, and I have other ways to punish you that will hurt even more. This is what you want, isn’t it Anne?”

“Yes Miss, it is. Thank you for showing me this and teaching me when I’ve been wrong.”

“Good.” Katrin said, the cane still rubbing over Anne’s bare kaçak bahis cheeks. “And you know enough to thank me for your punishment. You know your place.” Anne felt the cane linger over her rear and thighs, then tracing further down over her calves. Katrin leant forward over her outstretched body, the fingers of her free hand parting Anne’s hair so it fell beside her neck, leaving space for Katrin’s lips to kiss the nape of it, just below the collar. They were soft, warm and tender, making Anne feel good, the pain in her body subsiding as she felt the kiss upon her.

There was a clatter from the floor as the cane dropped onto it, but Anne barely noticed it, her concentration instead focused on the soft kisses Katrin was placing on her spine, the feel of her fingers as they traced the path of the stretched muscles in Anne’s thighs and shoulders. Anne could feel the strain in her body as she stretched out across the table, but she knew her body could take it for longer than she’d ever dreamt of a few months ago, thanks to all the gym sessions Katrin had urged her to take. That was when she’d started looking in the mirror and seen Anne looking back at her. Only fleeting glances at first, still buried beneath the dullness of Michelle, but slowly becoming more visible, making herself ready for Katrin to claim her.

Katrin’s fingers slid up her thighs, then with one swift movement, two of them slid inside her, Anne’s wet pussy accepting them eagerly. She felt them moving slowly in and out of her, and felt the urge to rock with them, but her fully stretched body couldn’t manage that, leaving her entirely under Katrin’s control. She said nothing, her lips continuing to kiss up and down Anne’s spine, fingers slowly moving in and out of her. Anne closed her eyes, letting herself focus on the sensations and the way they mixed together, still feeling the strain and stretch in her limbs, the lines of pain on her thighs, but all that was rapidly buried beneath the soft kisses on her back and the delicious way Katrin’s fingers moved in and out of her. With each thrust they went slightly deeper and stayed slightly longer inside her, Katrin twisting and moving them to explore within her, each movement sending another warm wave of pleasure through Anne’s body.

Her body was soon raging with pleasure, centred on the movement of Katrin’s fingers inside her, but added to by everything else – the feel of her breasts pressed against the table, the strain in her limbs, the softness of Katrin’s lips as they explored her back. Anne lost all sensation of time, letting herself be nothing more than the sensations that roamed through her. This was like nothing she’d ever felt before, not even yesterday with Katrin, as though she was floating above herself, aware of all the sensations but using them to rise.

Then she felt Katrin move her hand, pulling it back until just her fingertips rested inside Anne’s folds. A new sensation came then, something pressing between her ass cheeks that she son recognised as Katrin’s thumb, the pad of it pressing against her rose, making her first shudder and then gasp as it began to rub her while the fingers slipped deeply inside her. Anne moved more, pushing up on her toes as she gripped the edges of the table, the unstoppable rush of an orgasm burning through her, as Katrin kept her hand there, teasing and exploring while Anne cried and moaned in pleasure, completely lost to the younger woman’s touch.

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