Benefits Advisor

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What Happens After I Meet my Benefits Advisor, Who Thinks I am a Refreshing and Articulate Change Having Been Used to the Usual Monosyllabic Cattle She Deals With Day In and Day Out, In a City Bar, Ply Her With Drinks and Subtle Flattery, Get Her Back to Mine, and Ply Her With More Red Wine

We start 69ing, me on my back and her laid over me. She hasn’t taken her blouse off, so her tits are still squeezed together and pressed against my chest. I’m naked apart from my socks. I get a bit bored / overwhelmed with the taste of her after a while, and although her dick sucking is energetic it’s not very deep, so to liven things up I start playing with the brown arsehole above my face. I begin by gently prodding my finger at it, working the tip in, and I get her loose enough to work one in, then another. By the time I get a third in she is practically howling, grabbing my leg with both hands and twisting. Her hands pull at the hairs on my calves. I almost say ‘Ouch.’

I manage to shift my face slightly, so I can look down and see her face. She’s bursa escort red and sweating, hair plastered to her face. She is groaning, eyes closed, looking out of it. She is no longer sucking my cock, which is instead simply resting against her cheek. To wake her up I work my fingers deeper into backside. My three fingers, squeezed together, are in her up to the knuckle. I begin prising my fingers apart, opening her arse up further. She is practically yelping. One of her hands comes round and grabs my wrist. Whether she wants me to speed up or slow down I don’t know, but I give her rectum one last savage delve before pulling my fingers out. Her ring of muscle sucks on my fingers as I do so. Her grip on my calf intensifies to that of a vice as I slip out of her, and her loud gasp suggests she is terrified of shitting herself. She doesn’t, but my three fingers are coated in a thin brown butter.

She tries to collapse on top of me, exhausted, but I’m having none of it. I slide out from underneath her, and she slumps belly-down on the mattress. She is bursa escort bayan spasming. I squat over her, my dick jutting out in the air, and because she’s just had three fingers up her getting my cock up her arse is about as easy as if I’d tried her cunt. I arse fuck her for a while. Her sweaty face is pressed into the pillow, which looks good, so with my clean hand I grab the hair at the back of her head and press her face even further down. I’m telling her to bite the pillow, but can hardly tell if she does or not. I wipe the traces of shit on my other hand on one of her fleshy buttocks.

I come in her rectum and roll off, exhausted. My dick begins to wilt immediately. I’m lying on my back, gasping. She is pretty quiet, just lying there with her eyes closed and mouth slightly open. She doesn’t look at peace: she looks like she’s had a fucking good dicking, and won’t be able to walk straight for a couple of days.

I go the bathroom. I don’t bother dressing. I wash my hands thoroughly – I don’t mind traces of female shit if I’ve been escort bursa in their arse, but I chew my nails a lot, and don’t want to catch anything – and peel my foreskin back to check the underneath. It seems pretty clean, so I leave it. I put my head down to the cold tap, and gargle with a mouthful of water. I go back into my room.

Jane is sort of sitting up. She is so flushed and messed up, eyes red and puffy, she looks like she’s been puking up all night or something. She looks pretty dazed. Sitting there, blouse still on but crumpled, legs and arse bare, hair a chaotic mess, I look down to see myself hard again.

‘Fucking hell,’ I say, delighted. Deciding to make the most of it, I go and stand in front of her and begin wanking over her face. She seems too out of it to really care. She just gazes out into nowhere. Incredibly passive. With my free hand I turn her head in my direction and get her to open her mouth. I look down at her tongue and teeth and shoot the dregs of the spunk that aren’t already in Jane’s arse into her mouth. This seems to wake her up, and she coughs, hands flying to her face. She manages to rise from the bed, and staggers ungainly to the bathroom. I lay on my back on my bed and put my hands behind my head, and think of the day I’ve got tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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