Best Ever Erotic Halloween Party

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Best Ever Erotic Halloween Costume Party
A short story by Romantic1

* * * * *

The pleasure of your company is requested at the
Best Ever Erotic Halloween Costume Party
October 31
8:00 p.m. to the following noon
The Stevens Estate
33 Goodings Road
Dillon, Massachusetts
RSVP by enclosed envelope
Please bring at least one horny guest
Bring ‘Clean’ papers. Viagra and condoms available
Donation to Children’s Fund $500 pp at door

* * * * *

Just reading the engraved invitation made my pants tighten in my groin. A small reply card with a pre-addressed stamped envelope to Jane Whitmore sat beside the embossed Crane’s stationery envelope I’d just opened. This was a ‘high end’ invitation. To RSVP, I needed to indicate the number of males and females I would arrive with. I’d planned to give my friend Jane two-thousand dollars for her favorite charity anyway, so the request for a donation to attend this gala bash wasn’t out of line for what I’d been thinking.

Danielle was the girlfriend of my friend Brad – a playboy friend of mine on the west coast who was almost a generation older than Dani, and eight years older than me. I’d met Brad when I did interior design work for one of his movie star clients; he was their agent. Subsequently, I designed Brad’s bachelor pad and turned it into the ultimate seduction pit. A few years later when I went back to LA on some referral design work, I met Dani and was taken by her intriguing mix of innocence and sophistication, of good girl and bad girl, of risk taker and timid soul, and of spiritual angel and hedonist.

Danielle’s mother Michelle, who I never met, sent Dani to live with Brad and get indoctrinated in the ways of playboy and the sophisticated LA scene. She also went to college there. Brad became charmed by Danielle, and she with him. Although they both dated others occasionally, they were mostly a couple. That said, Brad confessed to me several times that he still loved her mother Michelle – a serious relationship he’d had a decade earlier when she’d had to move away to tend to ailing parents and take over a clinic her doctor father had started. I’d seen Brad and Dani a half-dozen times since, whenever I was in the LA area, usually for a week at a time.

Danielle looked like Kate Upton and stood out as one of the hottest women I’d ever met. On one of my west coast visits, at Brad’s invitation, and with Danielle’s approval, I became the other male in her first threesome; an event she relished and that we repeated frequently whenever I was in LA. I was only the second man she’d made love with, and I too succumbed to her charms.

Dani had completed her bachelor’s at UCLA, while distinguishing herself at the West Hollywood annex of the Lee Stasberg Theater and Film Institute. She’d become an accomplished actress, singer, dancer, and model, but her on stage skills were untried in all but academic settings. After some searching, Dani had landed a part in a Christmas Season play that would run in Boston, a play called ‘The Christmas Present.’ She had the lead role, and the pay was superb given her inexperience in professional theater. The run was limited – from the Friday before Thanksgiving until a week after New Years. The good news for me was that Dani asked to stay with me while in Boston. My Cambridge apartment was a few subway stops from her theater. Dani arrived October first; the same day I got the party invitation.

After a joyful greeting at the airport, I brought Dani home with a small mountain of luggage. She proved to be as bubbly, affectionate, and loving as she had been during the weeks I’d stayed with Brad and her in LA. My apartment had a guest room, and Dani moved her luggage in filling the bed with piles of clothing.

I had just started to think about bedtime, when Danielle appeared in my bedroom. She was nude, freshly scrubbed, smelled like jasmine, and looked like the angel I knew she was. She walked seductively across my bedroom and slid in next to my own naked body.

I said, “I thought you’d want your own room.”

Dani put her arms around my neck, gave me a kiss that would melt steel, and told me, “I plan to stay in your bed – with you, silly. One of the reasons I came for this play was to be with you. I want to be with you, making love with you, and having you impress me again with your lovemaking skills. How’s that?”

‘That’ was fine with me, and I think my grin wrapped all the way around my head. Danielle and I seduced each other and made love until exhaustion claimed each of us.

The next day, Dani saw the Halloween Party invitation that Jane Whitmore had sent sitting on the kitchen counter. Dani asked, “What’ll this party be like? The word ‘Erotic’ makes it sound really sexy.”

I chortled, “Dani, I know the hostess. She loves sex, and I’m certain she has this event planned as the orgy of the year. We don’t have to go unless you want to get into that kind of thing.”

She canlı bahis asked, “What’s ‘that kind of thing’ mean? Sex with other people?”

I grimaced, “Yeah, lots and lots of it. It’ll be a fuckfest – indiscriminate screwing with anybody that looks interesting – men or women. The line about ‘clean papers, Viagra, and condoms’ indicates that the primary party activity will be fucking.” In my mid-twenties, I would have been all over that invitation and party with unbridled eagerness; now, a decade later, I thought about whether all the indiscriminate fucking would be over the top for me. Sure, I liked sex; no, I loved sex, in large quantities; but, the concentrated dose the party suggested might have even become too much for me.

Dani pondered the invitation for a minute. She broke into a coy smile. “I’ve never been to anything like this. Don’t you think everyone should attend a real orgy at least once in their lives? I think I’d like to go. Will you take me?”

After thinking a moment, I decided, “Dani, I’ve never been to something this outrageous either, and yes, I’ll take you – but you have to go into it with your eyes open. You’re a very pretty and ripe young girl. Every male there is going to want to have a turn at you – sometimes in groups and sometimes alone. Heck, some of the women there will want a turn with you!”

Lest I get myself in deep trouble for leading their girlfriend and daughter astray in the paths of the devil, I suggested that she might like to talk to her Brad and her mother about her party plans before I responded. I told her I’d put her in touch with Jane, the hostess for the event, so she could be properly informed. She thought those to be a good ideas. Brad would have been a star performer at the party. Dani explained that her mother was pretty permissive and would have also wanted an invitation to attend.

* * * * *

Dani and I were lying in bed two nights later after an energetic bout of love making when she asked me an intriguing question. “Jim, if I hadn’t come to Boston, who would you take to the Halloween Party?”

I wasn’t embarrassed answering because we knew we both had active social lives besides the temporary one we’d just formed. We weren’t even sure that our relationship would survive in any meaningful form other than good friends beyond mid-January when Dani went back to the west coast to be with Brad.

I responded with a chuckle, “I’d probably have called one or two friends – Melissa or Heather. I think they’d like this kind of thing. They both enjoy group sex situations, including down right wanton fucking. I would have taken one or both of them.”

“Tell me about each of them. Maybe they should come with us. The more the merrier, right?”

I wondered briefly if I could survive having three horny women in my bed. I decided I’d like to try, but then put that idea aside as pure fantasy.

I started to describe Melissa to Dani. “Melissa – or the Pixie, as many call her – lives outside Columbus with her husband Doug – and Katie – another woman, in a comfortable threesome. Doug fathered two children with each woman. I met Mel through my interior design and architecture work, and subsequently have had a series of beautiful and sexy moments together with her whenever we saw each other. She does decorating and design work for the company Doug works for; and she and Katie are working on a design software program that is pretty unique.”

“Mel is five feet tall and weighs about a hundred very shapely pounds soaking wet, with legs that turn an eye, a cute little butt that catches your attention, a striking face, a perky nose and pleasant mouth that invites kisses, angular cheeks with smiling eyes, long blond hair that she often pulls back into a sexy ponytail, and a set of natural breasts that can only be described by one word – spectacular. Putting it another way, she’s stacked!”

Dani laughed and nudged me to continue talking about Mel. “The Pixie is a nonconformist, and gets a charge by breaking as many rules as she can when it comes to sex, relationships, and social mores. She figures out what ‘normal’ is, and tries to do the opposite. Doug is pretty conservative, yet she talked him into living in a ménage-a-trois. He also tolerates her outside relationships, although she often involves Katie and him in them to some degree. Mel is perpetually horny and a delight to be with. She’s creative and sexually inventive, even kinky from time to time.”

“By the way, Doug’s sister does porn films along with her husband and some neighbors. They’ve started to make some ‘legit’ films, but there’s that background in the family. Mel told me she wants to act in one of the X-rated films getting the living daylights fucked out of her on camera. I think when she told me that, I volunteered to act opposite her. Mel has had sex with her sister, brother-in-law, all their neighbors, and … everybody.”

Dani said with a touch of wonder, “She sounds like fun.” I was gradually bahis siteleri learning that Dani had a similar streak in her like Mel. The whole idea of group sex at the Halloween Party was growing on Dani by the minute and it seemed to make her hornier, if that were possible.

“Oh, she is fun; the whole family is. She’d like the party and all the sex. She’d be in the spirit of things before, during, and after. Hell, we’d probably have to restrain her.”

“Does she only do this when she’s drunk or stoned or something?”

“Oh, no. She’s a very moderate drinker, and doesn’t do drugs at all. The whole crowd that’ll be at this party is pretty sane – well, except for being over-sexed, but knowing me you’ve probably figured that out.”

Dani sat up, crossing her legs Indian style; an act that put her wet pussy on bold display only eighteen inches from my hungry mouth and within easy reach of my curious fingers. I started to diddle her clit as we talked. Dani got an ethereal look on her face for a minute.

Dani said in a dreamy voice, “Now, tell me about Heather.”

I started to reminisce about Heather. “Well, Heather lives in Oklahoma City with her boyfriend – a guy named Matt, I think, and she’s another nonconformist that doesn’t want a traditional monogamous relationship. She’s a nymphomaniac – a genuine, dyed in the wool, woman with hypersexuality – a compulsive and addictive desire for sex every minute of every day. Heather looks like Charlize Theron with boobs – nice natural ones like the Pixie. She’s beautiful, blond, loaded with sex appeal, and legs that never stop. Heather has an IQ of 160. When she can curb her desires she’s a successful independent foreign currency trader – works out of their home and makes a ton of money.”

“How’d you meet?”

“Heather and I were an item in college, and we’ve stayed in touch. We’ve visited each other more in some years than others.”

“And fucked?”

“Of course.”


“Been on the verge with her a few times, but when one of us was ready the other wasn’t, so we’d end up ‘just friends with benefits’ until the next time. At this point, I wouldn’t want to be the cause of her split with her boyfriend, but from what I hear they’re not any more serious than comfortably living together.”

Dani said thoughtfully, “I think you ought to invite both. I’d like to meet them; you’d like to fuck each of them again, no doubt; and they both seem to have the personalities that would enjoy this kind of party.” I sensed a certain enthusiasm in her voice.

I said tentatively, “They’re both bisexual and they’d probably want to stay here with us. Does that bother you?” I was still learning Danielle’s boundaries; we’d never talked about her being with a woman in any situation.

Dani thought for a moment. As she did, I rearranged her legs and brought my mouth to her sodden pussy. She gave a little moan of happiness as my tongue made contact with her slit. I loved how Dani tasted, and she liked anything I seemed to do to her.

Eventually, Dani told me a couple of interesting things: “I’ve never been with a woman – just two guys – you and Brad. I think it’d be interesting to try – real interesting and fun.”

I came up for air and added, “Well, maybe I should have mentioned this earlier, but this Halloween Party will probably have a lot of girl-on-girl action too. We guys will need our recovery time, and some activity needs to fill the void besides bobbing for apples.”

I went back to lapping at Danielle’s pussy, driving a few digits into her cunt, and bringing her to a warm and wooly orgasm.

* * * * *

Danielle and I called Jane Whitmore a few days later to introduce Dani and get more details about the party. Jane was a fuck buddy, and we often honored each other’s booty calls.

We learned that the Stevens Estate had two-dozen bedrooms over the main function rooms – each with a king-size bed. There’d be a band at the party until midnight and then a DJ through the night. Open bars would be open around the clock, copious hors d’oeuvres all night and a full breakfast would be served too. Jane had invited forty people to attend, expecting a few turndowns but that those accepting would bring one or two others, probably of the opposite sex. Overall, she expected around eighty people, with about fifty staying the entire night and into the next morning. Jane admitted to having fucked each of the people she invited – male and female, and hoped she would again at the party. Jane was my kind of person – a beautiful ‘ethical slut.’

I thanked Jane for the information, and passed the phone entirely over to Danielle so she could ask some more intimate questions without being embarrassed. Later, Dani told me her questions dealt with where people had sex besides the bedrooms, how people cleaned up after sex if they were drippy, whether it was OK to go bareback, whether girls could invite guys to have sex, whether costume nudity was acceptable, bahis şirketleri were there ‘safe words,’ could she bring some sex toys to share, and more.

My telephone calls to the Pixie and Heather resulted in two more women exceptionally excited about the party and eager to attend. We talked about travel logistics to get them to Massachusetts a day or two before the big event. I made sure they each knew about each other and about Dani; I didn’t want any awkward moments on my doorstep – or worse, in my bed. The knowledge about other women in my life who would be in my bed and at the Party only seemed to sweeten the deal for them. They promised to arrive horny and ready for anything – the same words Danielle used.

* * * * *

A week later, I got a few calls as the women started to think about what they’d wear for costumes. Far from an expert on costumes, I put them in touch with each other so they could talk about how much skin to show, how slutty to look, what character to become, and what image they wanted to project. I did recommend they make sure any costume was an ‘easy off-easy on’ so they could partake of the full spirit of the party – have sex and get redressed without a lot of lost time. While the thought made them laugh, they agreed that they’d work with that as one premise for what they wore.

Not surprisingly, the Pixie decided to come as … a pixie. Before she came, she created a little green pixie suit, some pointy ears, a floppy green pointed hat, nifty shoes with pointy toes that matched, and some other paraphernalia to complete her outfit. She sent us an iPhone photo in her costume, and she looked cute … and fuckable. The outfit emphasized her fantastic breasts, and I wondered whether she wore anything under the short pixie skirt.

In the same genre, Danielle decided to dress as an angel. She found a costume store, bought some durable white fuzzy wings, a similar halo headband, and a few other pieces of lingerie. She also found some shoes she promised I’d like at a consignment store.

Heather told us she’d decided to be Little Red Riding Hood. She didn’t tell us much about the costume other than it had thigh high stockings, a short red skirt, a lacy bodice, a red cape, and matching red shoes. I imagined how the traffic-stopping capability of this woman would translate into a bevy of horny men following her around all night long at the party with their tongues lolling out the side of their mouths and hard dicks aimed at her talented pussy.

I opted for a Roman toga with a red sash, sandals, and a laurel wreath on my head. I didn’t expect it to win any awards, but it would be comfortable and fit my ‘easy off-easy on’ requirement.

Regardless of what my three beautiful dates wore, they would be the most sought after women at the party. They were the hottest women in the country and would be desired by men and women alike. I could hardly wait. I sent the invitation reply card to Jane indicating attendance for the four of us. I also enclosed the check for her charity and to help defray party expenses too.

* * * * *

Three days before Halloween, I got home late from a client meeting going over some house plans. Danielle sat in the almost dark apartment looking out the window. She seemed pensive, and had obviously been sitting in one position a long time.

I went and kissed her forehead, “Hi. Everything all right?” I put my arm around her in a supportive gesture, because her body language indicated that something was not all right.

Dani said in a puzzled tone, “I’m not sure. This afternoon during a break at rehearsals I talked to Brad in LA and then my Mom in Iowa to say hello, to tell them about what we’ve been up to, and to mention the party to them. I didn’t want to ask permission about the party, but I also didn’t want them not to know what mischief we had planned.”

I guessed, “They don’t like the idea of the party, right?”

“Oh, no. They barely mentioned it after I told them about it. I think they’re fine with it and even wished they were here to attend. They each laughed and said it sounded like fun. They also told me to let my hair down and have a ball. No, something else is going on with each of them … and neither is sharing.”

“Does that worry you?”

“I don’t know; I don’t think so. I want both of them to be happy, and I know they feel the same way about me. I told Brad to date and fuck his brains out, and I’ve often told my Mom the same thing. Maybe she got serious about someone.” Dani thought for a few minutes, and I gave her space to process her thoughts as I held her. Finally she said, “I guess when either of them are willing to say something more to me, they will.”

With that, Danielle shrugged, stood up and flowed into my arms in the sexy welcome home routine that was rapidly making my heart do flip flops over her on a daily basis.

* * * * *

Two days before Halloween, Danielle came home from rehearsals for her play and found Pixie and me in bed fucking for the third time since she’d arrived about noon. Despite the potential awkwardness of the situation, I withdrew from the Pixie’s pussy, and introduced the two women.

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