Best Friends

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It wasn’t the first time Lindsey had announced she was done with men. Lindsey understood it was just a cry of pain as did her friends but at least for a little while she did mean it. Her best friend Trish insisted they get out for a night on the town. Translated that meant Trish wanted to visit one of the local meat markets and pine for hot guys. Trish had said, “We’re single, twenty-four and gorgeous. Let’s make them beg!” Lindsey was a tall lanky blonde with beautiful eyes, a killer smile but a boyish figure. Trish, on the other hand, was of average height, slightly overweight, a face full of freckles and a lush figure that she usually hid beneath bulky clothing. Her vibrant personality had made her “one of the guys” in high school and a friend to everyone but really close to no one save Lindsey. In their senior year while Lindsey had garnered the female lead in the school play Trish was out of sight painting scenery and put together props. It was her high energy and willingness to excel that had made it one of the best sets the school had ever known but still she toiled in relative obscurity a role she both loved and hated.

The truth was where Lindsey was really good looking but not “runway beautiful,” as she liked to say, Trish was very average looking and secretly desired Lindsey’s cast offs. She actually confided that in Lindsey once but Lindsey hadn’t believed her telling her she could have any guy she wanted. Lindsey wasn’t wrong either because in truth Trish had a bubbly infectious personality that her self image didn’t keep up with. While Trish had had a single steady boyfriend during her high school career Lindsey had had a series of short passionate affairs. She was a popular cheer leader, running up to the home coming queen and a pretty good student as well. Both women were honor students in high school and college and while Lindsey saw them as equals Trish did not.

So the two young women spent the evening drinking and carousing at a place called The Loft. Trish pointed out at least a half dozen young men she said she wanted to take home with her but Lindsey, still in a funk from her most recent breakup, showed little interest. They called it an evening very early and were back at Trish’s apartment just after eleven. Lindsey would have gone straight home after dropping Trish off but Trish had told her she wanted to show her some online pictures from the latest “Project Runway” show and since it was a show both women really enjoyed Lindsey agreed.

Trish’s computer was in her bedroom. The two friends looked at the television show’s most recent pictures and chatted about which designers they loved and which they hated. After a while Trish showed Lindsey a picture of a guy on an online dating site she really liked and asked her opinion of him. On line dating was something new to Lindsey so Trish explained it to her. Then she showed her the web camera she used to take pictures of herself and post. Lindsey listened with great interest as Trish explained it all then Trish showed her how she took pictures with it.

Trish took a couple of nice pictures and then started goofing around. She made faces first and then took a couple of “sexy” pictures which were just of her smiling and leaning over showing some cleavage which she had a lot of.

Then Trish said, “Oh, and look, I can make movies too” and she set her web cam on its movie setting. At first Trish stood and did a bit of a sexy dance and then played it back for Lindsey. Then she started it again. This time when she got up she put her arms around Lindsey’s neck and entreated her to get up and dance with her.

“Oh come on,” Trish whined.

“I really don’t want to,” Lindsey countered.

“Okay,” Trish replied finally and then leaned forward and kissed Lindsey on her lips. It was a quick kiss and caught Lindsey by surprise. Trish was unsure of how her friend would respond but had left her arms around Lindsey’s neck just the same. Trish was looking directly into Lindsey’s eyes. She had quickly gone for her giggly usual self to a much more serious mood and when Lindsey didn’t respond at all she leaned in and kissed her again, this time a little longer. Again they just stared at each other neither knowing quite what to say.

Finally Trish said returning to her bubbly self, “Okay, let’s see what it looks like.” She sat back down and ran the short video. “Pretty hot huh?” Trish said looking for acceptance from Lindsey and hoping she hadn’t alienated her friend.

Lindsey looked at Trish dead seriously and said, “No! I’m no lez like you are!” She just stared intently at Trish canlı bahis for a few moments without changing her expression and then quickly reached out and squeezed Trish’s rather large breasts and said, “but for you I’ll go lez.” They both laughed.

They kidded each other about it for a few moments and then Trish asked, “So have you ever done it with a girl?”

“Done what?”

“You know,” Trish replied awkwardly, “it” she said with emphasis.

“You mean had sex?”


“No!” Lindsey replied holding onto the word for a long time. “Trish you are such a slut!”

“I wish!” She replied, “but I would be if I looked like you!”

“You sound like my brother.” Lindsey responded.

“What do you mean?”

“He calls me a carpenter’s dream. Flat as a board,” she said running her hands down her body, “and easy to nail.”

“Don’t say that Linds, you are not easy!”

“Maybe not but I am flat. God I wish I had your tits.”

“And I wish I had your face.”

“Yeah well, guys always seem to lose interest after they see me naked. They all seem to want a girl with tits like yours.”

“I do have nice tits don’t I.” Trish said cupping her breasts and lifting them up.” She leaned forward and while pushing them up jiggled them in Lindsey’s face.

In what she thought was keeping with the moment Lindsey buried her face in Trish’s breasts and rubbed her face over them a couple of times. When she pulled away and looked at Trish instead of seeing the joking face she was used to she saw something quite different. Trish surprised Lindsey by kissing her and not a short kiss like she had done before but a long one that had a lot of feeling behind it that wasn’t lost on Lindsey.

Still very unsure of herself Trish didn’t hold the kiss for nearly as long as she wanted. When she looked into Lindsey’s eyes again she was uncertain of what she saw.

“So does this mean I’m officially a lesbo?” Lindsey asked.

“No!” Trish replied strongly.

Then in a little less assured way Lindsey asked, “Does it mean you are?”

Trish was a little taken back by her friend’s question but honesty like this wasn’t new to either one of them.

“No,” Trish replied, “I like boys too.”

“You mean you’ve done this with a girl before?”

Trish replied slowly, “Well yeah, a long time ago.”

“Who was it?” Lindsey asked in her best gossip voice. She really wanted to know but she also realized how very personal it was.

Trish bit her lip and then replied, “Susie Miller.”

“Susie Miller! You mean Goth Girl? Oh you tramp you! When?”

“It was a long time ago when we were still in high school and we really didn’t do much, just kissing and stuff but no real sex.”

Lindsey wanted to pursue this some more but feared she’d cross a boundary if she did. So instead she asked, “So you like this sort of thing.”

Haltingly Trish replied, “Well yeah, I guess.” She paused thoughtfully and then asked, “Do you?”

Even though she should have expected the question Lindsey hadn’t but surprised herself by quickly answering softly, “yes.” It was almost as if she were embarrassed by this new truth she’d discovered about herself.

Suddenly everything changed between the two young women and they both knew it. Then Trish asked, “So do you want to try it again.”

“I guess,” Lindsey replied after a couple of seconds.

Trish leaned in and kissed her friend. The kiss was short but was quickly followed by another and then another each lasting just a little longer than the one before it. As the awkwardness of kissing while sitting in chairs became obvious to both they silently moved to the bed where they continued their kissing exploration. Trish secretly feared her friend would suddenly decide she hated it all and run off. Lindsey, however, silently questioned her own sexuality. At first their kisses where all lips but it was Lindsey who finally pressed her tongue into her friend’s mouth. She did it at a moment she was lost in her own feelings and was reacting as she had with any of her boyfriends. This added passion to their kisses and suddenly the two women were wrapped up in each other’s arms, kissing, touching, caressing. Lindsey had pressed her hand to Trish’s full breasts and Trish had pushed her hand between Lindsey’s legs and sought out her sex. When Trish’s hand first touched her pussy Lindsey gasped and then quickly collecting herself continued kissing Trish.

They each knew they were venturing into unknown territory but they also each felt like they could no longer help themselves nor did bahis siteleri they desire to. It occurred to Lindsey in the middle of their passion that even though they had known each other since the first grade she now saw Trish in an entirely different way. And even though she’d seen Trish naked a thousand times at least, even as an adult, she suddenly felt the desire to see her naked here and now and it felt like it was for the first time.

When Lindsey broke her kiss with Trish and started to unbutton Trish’s blouse. Her friend silently watched as Lindsey’s fingers deftly removed the blouse and then the bra freeing her breasts. Lindsey realized she was looking at her friend sexually for the first time ever and as she gazed upon her breasts they had suddenly become objects of desire. It was then she gained a little insight into what guys saw in breasts. Lindsey reached out and tenderly fondled Trish’s breasts. Trish closed her eyes as Lindsey touched her and felt her desire welling up between her legs.

Then Trish said, “Let me see yours.” Lindsey immediately knew what Trish meant and quickly took off her own blouse and bra. She felt slightly embarrassed by her breasts but resisted the urge to cover them with her hands. Though Lindsey was barely an A cup Trish looked fondly upon her breasts and said, “they’re beautiful.”

“You mean that?” Lindsey asked in disbelief.

“Of course I do,” Trish replied. She leaned toward her friend and kissed her lovingly while her hand roamed over Lindsey’s small breasts. They kissed and caressed each other for a long time before Trish started to fumble with removing Lindsey’s slacks. Lindsey lifted her hips and pushed down her slacks and panties and then lay back naked with her eyes closed. Now that she knew Trish was looking at her sexually she found it difficult to recognize her own nudity. When she did open her eyes after a few seconds she saw Trish removing the rest of her clothing. Now that she was naked Lindsey surveyed Trish’s body, her eyes coming to rest on Trish’s pussy.

“You shaved it!” Lindsey said in surprise.

Trish grinned and said, “Yeah but that’s not all.” Lindsey didn’t understand what Trish meant but then saw her friend spread her legs and then with two fingers spread her pussy lips. That’s when she saw it, a small ring pierced the hood just about Trish’s clit.

“Wow! When did you do that?” Lindsey asked in surprise.

“About a year ago.”

“Can I touch it?”

“If you want.” Trish of course dearly hoped she wanted to and smiled when Lindsey’s hand went between her legs and lightly touched the ring. Trish moaned when Lindsey’ finger touched her clit and Lindsey found herself unexpectedly surprised by her friend’s wetness.

They started kissing again. Lindsey felt Trish’s hand between her legs caressing her pussy. Although guys had done this to her there was something very different in the way Trish touched her, something softer and far more erotic. Lindsey thought she was going to melt beneath Trish’s touch. Trish moved from kissing Lindsey to kissing her small breasts. Lindsey had always known how sensitive her breasts were and how nuzzling them made her immediately wet and very turned on. No woman, of course, had ever touched her this way and now that it was happening she realized that no man had come close to touching her the was Trish was. Trish’s touch seemed to have an electric quality about it that thrilled Lindsey but was also perfectly erotic. Lindsey felt a series of goose bumps form on her body as Trish continued to caress her.

Then Trish kissed each of Lindsey breasts, then down her stomach and finally to her pussy. A strange mix of fear and excitement hit Lindsey at the moment she realized Trish was about to put her mouth to her pussy. A small part of her said no to the idea but a much larger portion welcomed it and it was at that instant Lindsey felt a combination of Trish’s fingers and hot breath on her pussy lips. She’d never felt such a thing and it was exquisite. It was also at that moment she felt her heart filling with a hot love for her friend, a new sort of love she’d never known before.

Then Lindsey felt Trish’s tongue at the top of her pussy. Trish slowly ran her tongue down to Lindsey’s clit. When Lindsey felt the delicate touch of Trish’s tongue on the top of her clit she shuddered with excitement. A wave of lust rushed her body and she suddenly craved this new feeling. She moaned and writhed as Trish circled her clit with the tip of her tongue and then gently sucked it in with her lips.

When Lindsey let out a rather loud bahis şirketleri “Oh!” Trish stopped her ministrations and looked up at Lindsey and asked, “Did I hurt you?”

“God no!” Lindsey cried out. “I just can’t believe how good this feels. You know exactly how to touch me!”

Trish returned her mouth to Lindsey’s pussy and thought to herself how she was only doing exactly what she wanted for herself. And although Trish had fantasized about doing exactly this the other woman had never been Lindsey so this had a special quality to it she hadn’t considered. Trish deeply wanted to make Lindsey happy, to feel really good and she realized, to love her. She knew Lindsey loved her as a friend, that she’d always known, but this was a different sort of love and although she couldn’t quite categorize it she knew she had to have it.

Trish continued to lick Lindsey’s pussy and was really happy when Lindsey started responding by squirming beneath her touch. She could also hear Lindsey moaning and she knew Lindsey was approaching her orgasm. It was then Trish pushed first one finger into Lindsey and then two. Trish bent the tips of her fingers slightly once they were inside of Lindsey and massaged the little cushion there, the G spot as some called it. Lindsey’s response was immediate. She let out a series of short sharp “Oh!” and started to come. Realizing this Trish moved her fingers quickly in and out of Lindsey while she also continued to suck on Lindsey’s clit. As Lindsey pumped her hips up into Trish’s face and finger Trish felt the gush of Lindsey’s juices suddenly cover her. She also discovered that Lindsey was a screamer as she yelled out “oh fuck I’m coming!” again and again.

Trish didn’t stop even as Lindsey’s orgasm subsided. She was drinking in Lindsey’s musky scent and juices greedily. She wanted Lindsey as she’d never wanted anyone before. But then Lindsey said, “Oh Trish you’ve got to stop.”

Trish did stop but then asked, “Why?”

“Cause I don’t think I can take it anymore but that was wonderful!”

Trish moved up along side of Lindsey and lightly kissed her friend. Lindsey could smell and taste herself on her friend and surprised herself by liking it.

They lay there quietly for a few minutes wrapped in each other’s arms when Trish asked, “Will you do me?”

“I don’t know if I can,” Lindsey replied. But then seeing the disappointment on her friend’s face she continued, “but I’ll try.”

“You don’t have to,” Trish said a little dejectedly no.

“No, I want to.”

“Are you sure?”

Lindsey nodded in reply.

“Let’s try it this way then.” At first Lindsey didn’t know what she meant but then as Trish turned around so her face was next to Lindsey’s pussy and vice versa it became obvious. Trish didn’t wait for Lindsey to start as she quickly buried her face in Lindsey’s pussy again. As Lindsey looked at Trish’s bare pussy she realized the lack of hair made it more appealing to her so she tentatively moved her head between Trish’s legs and then touched her pussy with her lips. As soon as she came into contact with Trish she noted Trish stopped licking her pussy. Following Trish’s earlier lead Lindsey gently separated Trish’s pussy lips and ran her tongue slowly down her slit.

When she tasted Trish for the first time she was surprised that she found it both pleasant and appealing. Trish’s scent was also something of a turn on for her and she quickly abandoned all reticence she’d had and greedily devoured Trish’s pussy. At first Lindsey concentrated on licking Trish and noting her reactions. Trish responded strongly to the feel of her tongue on her clit and so Lindsey concentrated her efforts there. As she felt Trish beginning to grind her hips into her face Lindsey gently pressed a couple of her fingers into Trish and as her friend had done to her quickly engaged the inner portions of Trish’s pussy.

It didn’t take Trish long at all to start her orgasm and unlike Lindsey Trish engaged in a series of long drawn out “oh” as her orgasm came over her. Lindsey had become so intent on bringing her friend to orgasm that she surprised herself but suddenly coming herself. Trish literally gushed on Lindsey’s face and although she was surprised Lindsey drank in Trish.

When their orgasms had subsided Trish moved back around. She got on her hands and knees and held her body over Lindsey’s. Trish held her pendulous breasts over Lindsey’s face and the brushed them back and forth over her face a couple of times. “Guys love that for some reason.”

“I kinda like it too,” Lindsey confessed.

A little tired for them activity and the lateness of the hour Trish fell to Lindsey’s side and took her in her arms. Lindsey kissed Trish and then said very seriously, “I love you.”

Trish smiled and softly replied, “I love you too.”

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